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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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for you a teenager gunned down in wilmington, reward leading to the victim's killer and how he is link to the 16 year-old girl died after that fight in the delaware high school bathroom. and a woman is tackled in the park, steps from the playground when police say the victim was diagnosis right before she was assaulted. more questions, still no word what brought down egyptair jet liner bound for cairo from paris with 66 people on board, why egypt's aviation minister says it may have been a terrorist attack. we will begin with some breaking news, sky fox live over an apartment fire in the northeast. officials say blames started just after 5:00 a.m. they were under control in 30 minutes. it is unclear if anyone was injured at this time. we do know this happened on the 100 block of byberry road, good day, everybody it is friday, 2016. you have information about that fire. >> byberry, up there in somerdale, it doesn't look like anybody is injured but
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there is a apartment complex. local detours, we will show it on the map. >> you know it well, where do you stump around as a little kid. >> i'm always stumping. >> mike and alex, they are headed to doylestown. we will have all kind of fun there from 7:00 to 10:00. >> you were just talking about it, sue serio, where are you? >> where is she. >> i'm already here. i'm in doylestown at the mercer museum one of the coolest places, we will show you, a little later on what it looks lick from the outside because it is a castle made of concrete, henry mercer opened this museum in 1916. so you do the math, it is their 100 anniversary and it is a beautiful collection from henry mercer of these preindustrial aged things and it is all, just the most eclectic collection. you will love it. we will show it the to you. but first lets talk about the
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weather because it is a ten out of zero. we have been anticipating this day every day this week. bus stop buddy is celebrating, bike to work day. he has his helmet on, safety first and also his shades, because that is what kind of day it will be. you will need your shades all day licensing with all that sunshine. our good day drive view to doylestown, forecast for here and we do hope you will just see us. it is around 50ish degrees. forty's in the suburbs. fifty-five by 8:00 and we will be in the lower 60's by the time we wrap up at 10:00 a.m. along i-95, it the will be about 76 degrees for a high temperature today, north and west, of the city, we will be in the 70's, few extra clouds, but plenty of sunshine south and east, with temperature, maybe heading to the shore of around 70 degrees, so just a little peak at all of the amazing things we have to look at here at mercer museum. we have plenty of people
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coming to visit us too to tell us about other stuff you can do in doylestown. it is a a beautiful day, bob kelly, hopefully folks are behaving on the roads. >> good morning. 6:03. we are seeing sun popping out. here we go sun glare on i-95 working your way from delaware county up toward philly international. scene of that fire we showed you a few moments ago is right here in the somerton section of the city, byberry and audubon, it is in that apartment complex there. so, watch for some fire activity. no major backups there. there is good news. we have a tractor trailer accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, at the valley forge interest change. it the is in one of the toll booths a tractor trailer income down one of the poles adjacent to one of the toll booths there so watch for delays in and out of the toll plaza. we will get down to doylestown, there what he go, state street today between main and pine, come on by and join us.
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very easy to find. jump off turnpike at willow grove interchange 611 takes you all the way up, bam right there in the heart of the doylestown or you can take that 202 expressway, that puts you you right there as well, state, between main and pine, major road right there in the heart of the doylestown. chris and lauren back to you. >> thanks very much. egyptian army spokesmen says that wreckage from the air flight 804 was found 180 miles from egypt's alexandria, this is as hunt for clues continues. >> as that jet liner crashed in the mediterranean sea, 66 people on board including three kid, there are no signs of survivors. officials say the plane swerved wildly in tonight before it came down halfway between greek island of crete and egypt's coastline as you can see from the animation. egyptian officials are suggesting terrorism is more likely cause for disappearance then mechanical failure but others caution don't jump to conclusions just yet. another air flight
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departed from charles degall airport, exactly 24 hours after the ill-fated flight 84 took off from that same airport. >> scary times. back here at home another teenager dead in delaware. >> unbelievable this time a 15 year-old was killed in the shooting, he is a student at the same high school where another teen died, after a fight in the bathroom. >> dave kinchen, is standing by in wilmington with more, hi there, dave report report hi lauren and chris. we are live outside howard high school where grief counselors will be here, yet again as another young life is lost to violence and a student, at this school, candles marked the area where unidentified 15 year-old boy was found, shot in the head, on the 900 block of clifford brown walk thursday afternoon, a few blocks from the school. now he was taken to the hospital where he had died, officials at the howard high school of technology confirmed last night that the victim was a ninth grader at the school.
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very same school where back in april 16 year-old amy joyner francis was beaten by three girls in the the bathroom and then later died, again, this is just last month. that faith was a case that is still being investigated and three classmates were charged in that case. they are out of the building. they have been out of the building ever sips this whole thing happened. as if the school hasn't been through enough, teachers overwhelmed with grief, students overwhelmed with grief and parents overwhelmed with grief. counselors back in the school, today, as the principal is sending a note out to the howard high school community asking for prayers yet again. >> yet again is right. all right dave, thank you you. 6:06. the reading police officer a accused of lying about what happened during a traffic stop turns himself in and was arraigned. prosecutors say that 27 year-old jesus santiago dejesus, pulled a woman over for failing to use a turn signal but prosecutors say that video shows her turn signal was on.
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d.a.'s office says officer then punched would the man to try to break her phone. an attorney says would the man assaulted santiago dejesus first. eagles still have two veteran players in the in mini camp mal conn jenkins tells us what he thinks with players not conforming. >> and then this. >> there were skeptics, critics at the time who criticized my decision. welshing they can come and meet the next president of the united states with me. >> donald trump in new jersey, rallying for chris christie how presumptive presidential nominee's appearance is helping governor big time. >> yes. >> big time
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you must be loving this, atlanta braves are in town. right the now, you know holes was in town, last night donald trump. overwhelming majority of the republican voters say their party leaders should get behind trump even if he enters the general election saddled with toxic favor ability
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rating as cord to go recent favor built. this comes as presumptive republican presidential nominee at information mentioned donald trump was in new jersey supporting the governor, chris christie at national guard armory rally in lawrenceville. >> it was to pay off christie's campaign debt. trump talked about repealing obama care and this is as the crowd paid $200 to get in. trump criticized companies like nabisco for moving jobs to mexico and used christie to make his point. >> i'm not eating oreos anymore, you know that. but neither is chris. you are not eating oreos anymore. don't feel bad for either of us. >> i mean are they really friend to take so many shots. >> unbelievable how he puts him down right to his face. >> trump has chosen christie to head the white house transition team if he wins the general election. it didn't come without problems. at least 100 people who oppose trump were right there set up near armory.
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one even carried a sign that read don't be duped by donald. >> i told you my oreo obsession is golden oreo. i don't like check late that much. golden, vanilla with the cream inside and get double stuffed. >> do you like white chocolate also. >> i like white chocolate. >> you like dark chocolate. >> nope. >> how about this uber, you like uber: it started testing self driving cars in public streets in pittsburgh. we are getting a ride in the future. bob, tell us about the ride around future. >> i could probably eat a pack of vanilla double stuff on the way in this morning. live look at the schuylkill expressway, disable fedex tractor trailer right at your conshohocken curve working your way around and we are starting to see sun glare, if you are looking for something to do this morning we have a spot for you, we will take you down to doylestown and how to get there as we join good day
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gang coming up next. ♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪
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♪ and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪
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♪ all right. of course we're sitting here this morning because mike and alex who normally sit here at 6:00 in the morning. they are hitting the road on the way to doylestown. >> we will check in with them because they are still headed there, mike and alex, where are you guys. >> we're on the road, we're
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off to our left, from the vehicle here is the willow grove naval air station. is bob kelly right there by the way. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> now how did you tell to us get to doylestown, from olde city. >> olde city, i told you to go west on the schuylkill, north on 476, and then get on the turnpike, and go east to willow grove and then north on 611, which is where you are right now. >> but jody, who is driving right now, jody, say hello. >> you let jody drive. >> yeah, shocking there we're still alive. here's the thing. years ago she was on the pennsylvania turnpike and she missed her exit, so ten years later she still won't get on the turnpike. so we went by bill cosby's house, we went by jody's middle school, we went by the mall where she used to make out with her boyfriend. >> what was his name. >> alex, how has it been. >> i cannot hear you from back
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there. >> she's in the back seat, with all of the equipment. >> there is jody's notes how to get to doyles town. >> mike, if you get lost you can always call from directions from that phone right next to you, to your left over your shoulder. >> old school phone, um. >> yes. >> order a pizza a or something. >> is that rotary or push button. >> that is push button, believe it the or not. have have you been talking about it. we're on our way. >> yes, at the top of the 7:00 . >> one of the biggest prizes. >> yes. >> now, start to think about this, is what the name of this whole series, eight weeks on the road. >> good day drive. >> good day drives you. >> okay. >> okay. >> it is a really good screwdriver is what we're giving away. >> we will check back with
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you. >> we will have have a drink in the morning. >> ask alex if the car seat is comfortable back there. >> tell her. >> oh, come on, seriously. >> coloring books back there. >> yes. >> elmo crackers. >> doylestown here we come. >> drive safely, jody. >> beautiful driving weather, look at that. >> we went over the directions five times yesterday. >> i said the way to go is the turnpike and up six is 11. >> lets get to driving weather and get to traffic in a minute. >> dave warren. >> sue. >> i see dave right there. >> sue, she's there already. >> i am already here, in doylestown, and this is like wherees, can you you see me. there is so much to look at, at the mercy season. hi. it is hanging from the
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ceiling. it is just awesome. you have to come out here. but in the the meantime, the drive here, indeed, it is great. we have temperatures that are in the 40's in or northern and western suburbs as we check philadelphia, where we're in the 50's and south and east of the city we're already in the 50's as well. yes, we are in beautiful bucks county, pennsylvania and doylestown, is where we are, you see there on the map. now we're talking about rain, tomorrow, as gorge as as it is today, when does it start is the question everybody is asking. probably by late morning is when it begins, and here's the seven day forecast, we will get... >> sue, we're having some trouble with your shot there. we will get back to you. i can tell you today is the best day of the next three. so get on out there, take your convertible to work day and maybe stop by doylestown on your way. good morning, everybody. 6:19. a live look at the schuylkill expressway, right at gulph mills here we have sun glare
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coming around the curve and a disable tandem fedex truck here off to the side. just look out there, jammo, i-95, northeast philly heavy from cottman in through girard avenue. getting down to doylestown here's where we are set up, state street between main and pine, coming from the city, your best bet get up to the turnpike exit at willow grove and take 611 north to take you right into the center of town or from say king of prussia use 202 and take 202 parkway, you an cannot miss it, state between main and pine. we will be there all morning long. location at somerton byberry and out one. we have a tractor trailer accident at turnpike valley forge toll booth causing delays. phillies tonight a 7:05. cold beer on a friday night, tight jeans that fit just right, zach brown band. >> that is from the song. >> there you go.
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>> lots of traffic later on tonight. chris and lauren back over toy. in south jersey police stepping up patrols at berlin park after an assault yesterday right at broad daylight. woman running along the trail around 9:00 in the morning when she says, a guy jumped, and, and, he helped a man escape. officers, and used dogs and helicopters to search for that helicopter. and steve keeley will have a live report from nine or ten minutes. two gay men beaten by a group in philadelphia lawsuit filed names the a being tokers kevin harrigan, catherine knott and philip williams. one victim suffered a fractured jaw and broken bone in the 2014 attack. the other, cuts and bruises. harrigan and williams pleaded guilty last year and were sentenced to probation. knott was quick of simple assault and serving five to ten months in yale. bill cosby paying huge for his legal costs, fighting criminal civil cases around the country. legal experts say the comedian is spending millions, on two dozen lawyers fighting
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defamation claims, sexual assault charges a and insurance disputes. the 78 year-old is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in norristown on tuesday and criminal case. the prosecutors say he drug and molested a temple university employee, in his montgomery county home, back in the year to 2004. eagles still have two veteran players still not the in mini camp, malcolm jenkins tells us what he thinks about players not showing up. but first your winning will lottery numbers good luck.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles still in the middle of the voluntary mini camp, two players not in the camp fletcher cox whose agent want a new contract for cox although fletcher still has a year remaining on his contract, darren sproles also not the in but has spoken to the head coach. doug pederson says he sees no problems with sproles joining the team for mandatory camp, now a tweet from sproles indicated no problem. how teammates look at these players that are missing. >> just like a player can get cut before his contract is up, teams have no loyalties necessarily to their players so when players make moves, it is all business. we don't go asking how or why they cut somebody or trade somebody so i won't ask somebody why they held out. >> well, i will. another good game by leader in the nl east. that work washington. they are up on matt harvey and the mets. with the bases loaded, a ruled
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double but should have been a error. washing continue on wins it nine-one over those new york mets. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. i'm dave kinchen in wilmington delaware where another teenager has died, a teen that went to the same high school as another teen who recently died from violence, we will have more details coming up after the break.
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good morning. developing for you a teenager gunned down in wilmington. reward leading to the victim's killer and how he is link to the 16 year-old girl who died after a delaware high school bathroom fight. plus woman is tackled in the park steps from the the playground where police say the victim was doing right before she was assaulted. calm night turned dangerous at florida intersection, incredible incident captured by traffic cameras, it is going to leave with you child, my goodness when we play the rest of the individual row. school lunch program has passed, how new legislation will mean more hunger, hungry kid in school. we will take a look at that. >> good day, it is friday may 20th, 2016. where are mike and alex. why aren't they sitting here? we have a good reason.
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they are heading to doylestown. they will check in with them. they are on the road, they are busy trying to get them. we don't want to to stop them too much. let's check in first with sue serio because she has our friday forecast and we hear it is a ten. >> it is a ten out of ten, yes, gorgeous day outside. we're having fun in the mercer museum. big announcement last night i will tell with you it next time here in doylestown, it is one of the jewels in the crown of things to see when you come to doylestown but lets get to that forecast because bus stop buddy is, beaming, because it is bike to work day, and he is taking the bus to school but he is celebrating, you can see him with the bike and helmet on. he loves to ride his bike. temperatures mostly in the 50's this morning. forty's to the north of us, and it is in the 30's, in the mount pocono this morning. pocono mountains. here in philadelphia it is 55 degrees. we are starting off good day drives new this very special place in bucks county, doylestown, and we should be,
6:31 am
in the 60's, probably in the next couple of hours starting off in the 50's in the city. but the forecast high for to daze is 76 degrees. if only we could keep those ten's for the weekend but that is not going to happen. we will talk about the weather changes that you need to necessity about especially for saturday coming up next time but as we go to bob kelly for traffic i wanted to let you know i was here first today at mercer museum. i got the to park my buggy in the very best spot right here, prime real estate. >> right there, looking good, sue. 6:31. it will be i great day every where especially in doylestown. we have to get the here first though. southbound i-95 we have an accident right in the construction zone, at cottman avenue. that is causing a jammo out of northeast philadelphia a. pack your shades, put that convertible i odn't an lets getting. getting do unto doylestown here's where we are set upright in the heart of the doylestown state street
6:32 am
between main and pine. heading to doylestown and connected to the turnpike at 611 take that north through warrington bam, pops you right at the front door. even 202 takes i right through heart of the doylestown. kelly drive is closed for vehicle traffic through tomorrow night. so morning rush hour coming in and out of the city, you'll need to use martin luther king drive because of the regatta take a look at the events. see mentioned events with the weekend, radnor hunt, italian festival in south philadelphia, rittenhouse row, we have kensington arts festival, may, fair in mayfair tomorrow and buddies at the wmmr they are having their barbecue over in camden, during the day tomorrow. so all eyes are on that forecast and today, as we mentioned, it is take your bike to work day. the this is not really my bike but this is what i had when i delivered evening bulletin back in the day with the banana seat. >> big handlebars, five speeds
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there, i had banana seat. this is the sissy bar, okay, so you put somebody on the back they could lean back and terrifying them. >> exactly. >> i delivered the evening bulletin after school, coming out obviate grade, get up to five speeds there, rip it, rap it and when it rain, i slid my paper into a bread bag and that ensure a little tip on friday. >> okay. >> back to you guys. >> thanks very much. >> another teenager dead in delaware, now wilmington is morning yet again. >> can you imagine being a student at that school and what has gone honoraries eventually. this time a 15 year-old was killed in the shooting, he is a student at that same high cool where another teen died after that fight in the the bathroom. dave kinchen is standing by yet again in wilmington for us, dave? >> reporter: chris, it is hard to imagine being a student here, hard to imagine being a student and teacher here.
6:34 am
certainly hard to imagine being a parent with students here at howard high school of technology, where grief counselors will be back on hand, as this community deals with yesterday another young life lost to violence. lets get to where this happen. can also marking a area where unidentified 15 year-old boy was found shot in the head in the 900 block of clifford brown walk thursday afternoon. he was taken to the hospital where he died. officials at howard high school of technology confirming the victim was a ninth grader, here at the school, the very same school, just as you mentioned just last month, 16 year-old amy joyner francis was beaten by three girls in the bathroom and died. about 90 minutes later. three classmates charged in that case, they are out of the building at this time and as students and parent. been through enough already the school's principal now asking for prayers, yet again but by the way, police have not released the identity of the the 15 year-old who lost his life and we do not the know the circumstances of that event. we're hoping to find out more
6:35 am
from investigators. in the meantime another sad, sad day, as school is set to start just a little bit the here in wilmington. back to you. >> what a sad school year. they are going to look back and they are look back on that year and say what a horrible senior year i had with what happened outside of class. >> so distracting. >> no doubt. >> shocking. >> dave, thank you. at 6:35. the hunt is on for a gunman responsible for a death of the 30 year-old man killed yesterday while citing in the car in grays ferry. police say someone fired several shots into that vehicle, thinks at twenty-sixth and dickinson street. the victim died at penn presbyterian medical center. a warning this morning after a brazen attack in a popular park in south jersey. >> a jogger, jumped right at broad daylight, luckily she for the him off and got away but so did the attacker. steve keeley is live where it happen at berlin park, steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, because it had happened at 9:15 with the sun up now people don't feel any safer because it the is daylight. we're right here along the white horse pike route 30 for
6:36 am
you follow thanks don't know this area, berlin park has a trail that runs through it, very safe park, very safe areas. police described this area as very safe. that is why before yesterday, this woman and many more never felt dangerous enough to run through the wooden with music playing in their ears but not anymore. he grabbed at her, grabbed her shirt. we don't necessity if she fell or was push to the ground but about her kicking and punching she was able to getaway from him. >> it is so close to home. the something we could every day. the just thinking bit, it is terrifying but it can happen to any of us. >> reporter: police here in berlin had help from four other departments nearby because they were hoping to seal off both part and neighborhood around it and she dropped her phone, 911 was not called until long after she ran back to her car and lock herself in and waited for the next person to show up and then 911 was finally called.
6:37 am
by then police say 40 minutes may have passed, after the 9:15 attack and that was too much of a head start. police and public have no description because he grabbed her from behind, she never saw him coming and never really got a good look like fighting him off n clothing, height, no weight no age no nothing other than a white guy with a scruff i face. very vague. >> that is extremely vague, steve, thank you. in chester county hunt continues for a driver who crash in the police car and took off. sky fox over the scene at the route three in willis town, township that was last night. investigators say the driver slammed in the cruiser and then got out, tried to runaway. police are searching through ridley creek state park for that person. the future is right now, uber started testing self driving cars in pittsburgh on public streets. >> what do you think of this, ride sharing company is using a hybrid ford fusion to collect mapping data and test self driving capabilities.
6:38 am
the cot says it chose to test in that city because of the different road types, traffic patterns and, of course, they get weather there in pittsburgh but testing could expand to tucson next because of of the partnership with the university of arizona's college of optical science. >> i'm not really with the self driving cars yet i'm in the ready. >> i'm freaked out by it. however have you seen people try to parallel park, yes. >> nightmare. >> it can help with you parking but i don't know fit want me to drive my entire route or route, however you say it. >> point/counter point here. what about all of the fatal incident we have had with drowsy drivers. >> no doubt, that is true, that is scary. >> it has happened on our area prom night, sadly so maybe that is way to get around that issue. >> true. >> yeah. >> tenants forced out of their homes after an apartment goes up in flames in camden. >> sky fox a at north 26th and crammer street last night. fire started inside the three story wood building around
6:39 am
6:30, quickly growing to three alarmed. rescuers pulled one man from that burning building, who was overcome by smoke, taken to the hospital, and it took three hours for crew toss get the blaze under control. they stayed on the scene throughout the night, watching for those hot spots. >> a lot the of fire flares, lot of fire flares, they would put one out and then they with break the windows out and then another one will come. it was a real bad one. when we first came, it looked like it had gotten better but then it got real bad. >> the roof eventually caved in and there were no other injuries. cause of the fire remains under investigation. house republicans passed a bill to reduce the number of free and reduced school lunches that bill will scale back number of schools that provide free lunches for students and roll back nutrition rules. championed by michelle obama. some schools explained these were too restrictive. opponents said it could mean that some kid will go hungry at lunch. >> i don't think that should ever happen, in this country. >> right.
6:40 am
>> these poor kids, they cannot folk fuss they are hungry. it is hard to focus as it is some kids look forward to school to have that meal. >> you are not kidding. >> a lot of times they go to school without breakfast. >> right. >> 6:40. airport security lines get much longer, the nation's leading airlines you any taking its fight on congress.
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that qualifies as early in the morning, we're live in doylestown. >> yes, we are. >> okay. we will get to that in just a minute. but first we have sad news to pass along. long time tv correspondent morley safer who retired a week ago after 52 years at cbs, well, he died yesterday at the age of 84, and the timing here is bizarre. >> yes, 60 minutes said good bye to safer last sunday honoring news man a fixture at the news magazine. it mark a close of the decades long career, morley safer who according to the program
6:44 am
had longest ever run on prime time television. >> what are the chances they had a big good bye and then a few days later he died. >> so sad. >> very sad. >> i loved his reports. his smile, he never seemed to take it too serious, himself too seriously even they he dealt with some important subjects. dead at the a age of 84. >> lots of tributes to him on twitter yesterday. >> there was his smile. >> okay. >> we will start with some weather and some traffic. >> we will get to bob kelly. >> i'm here. >> you were trying to figure that out. >> the gap band. >> the gap ban. >> yes. >> what happens, fedex truck. >> we have a little problem there. it has to be there overnight it may in the get there this morning. the disable tandem tractor trailer, here, right on the eastbound side of the schuylkill, right out of king
6:45 am
of prussia, coming around gulph mills curve here. it is off to the shoulder not bothering anybody but it attracts some attention and everybody hitting the brakes. plus we have some sun glare, every where on a friday morning. the here's live i-95 northbound heading up in toward the airport area. east on 422, pack your shades, it is take your convertible to workday. eastbound schuylkill about a 20 minute trip here, north on the freeway, coming in toward the city again, some sun glare, no accidents, just a beautiful start to the day. and getting down to doylestown, come on out and join to us day, mike and alex is on their way. sue is already there, state too street between main and pine right in the heart of the doylestown, you cannot mess it, we have the street blocked off, no complaints, we will just go around the block once or twice this morning. we are all out there to have some fun, looking to come out and joan i, right from the turnpike and that puts you there in the had heart of the doylestown. coming in and out of the city
6:46 am
to day we will say good morning and welcome everybody to in town for stotesbury regatta this weekend. the biggest high school regatta in the country. folks all over the u.s.a. here in philadelphia to row on the schuylkill river both today and tomorrow, you will want to use martin luther king drive, as your alternate, and all eyes are on that forecast, for not just the regatta but for all of the outdoor events. sue will have the complete forecast, coming in 15 seconds. the whole thing about the mercer museum is henry mercer's preindustrial revolution technology.
6:47 am
i was going to try to cook breakfast for everybody but darn it if i can figure out how to use this kitchen, it is technology, even before my time, so we will study on that while you study this forecast, because, the difference between the weather today and tomorrow is going to be amazing. we have got a perfect ten for today and then for tomorrow, well, not so much. we're talking about temperatures that are in the 50's in the city, we have 40's to the north and west of us and 30's in the poconos mountains. if you have allergy issues today it is not a great day especially troubling in our region, it is, tree pollen right now and mold spores that are outside. well, as we look at future cast and we kind of zoom into our area, the rain will start tomorrow, by noon at the latest, depending where you live and it really gets crank up late afternoon and evening when we see that heavy downpour, action, and some of
6:48 am
that could be olding up to an inch or more of rain before the day is through. it does taper off by sunday morning. some showers, a few left overs in the morning, mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon. let's put that alling the together, as we go from a ten today to a three tomorrow and then lose 20 degrees in that 24 hour period. seventy-six today. fifty-six tomorrow. 65 degrees on sunday. the as the sun comes back out and the best part as we told you yesterday as we get closer to the holiday weekend is the warming trend, and, in the 80's by wednesday and thursday of next week. so i found some technology for you, lauren johnson some hair cones from back, back, back in the day, i think would look pretty cool on you. get your hair done. >> yes. >> aren't they fun. >> i cannot see you there they are. >> i can't see you. >> so cool.
6:49 am
>> gorgeous. >> yes. >> look at how cute you look in your outfit this morning. >> sweet. >> we're going to have some more fun and we will show you this museum from the outside too. >> yes. >> can't wait. >> by the way, we have to get to this because it is a massive frozen food recall we want to you necessity about. this has gotten bigger, millions of packages of fruits and vegetables shipped throughout u.s., canada and mexico are being recalled. contaminated products from crf frozen foods has caused eight listeria link illnesses tane deaths. >> even worse, frozen foods bought as far back as 2014 can be contaminated. >> i got some in my freezer that is older than two years good berth check that. $1.1 billion plan to combat zika virus has cleared the senate. president obama is set to veto the house version which totaled half that amount.
6:50 am
zika a is spread by mosquitoes and can cause severe birth defects. more than 500 people in the u.s. have contracted that virus. all right. what is your next trip? you you fly every weekend. >> my mom told me yesterday, atlanta, and tsa line, two hours. >> what? >> as security lines get longer and longer, the finger of blame is growing too. nation's leading airlines feuding with the transportation security administration, they are taking on congress. >> take the train. get there faster. >> they say congress should reverse a 2013 decision that took away american $12 billion in passenger security features to reduce federal budget deficit. home land security secretary has join handful of senators in asking airlines to wave fees and checked bags. they say that with lead to fewer carry on bags for tsa to screen. >> that makes sense. i like that. you get up there and then everybody is freaking out, do i take off my shoes, what do i
6:51 am
take out, my lap top, 3-ounce containers, it the slows you down so much. i got so frustrated. i got tsa precheck. the it is so easy. don't remove your shoes, coat, anything, you just go through. >> you signed up on line to do that. >> yes. >> you you go in, take a picture, confirm some information, and it is like $85. it is a three-year deal. so most airports have tsa precheck line and it makes it the so easy. ten minutes in security instead of one hours. >> airports like o'hare in chicago which is always packed, and philly international is hit and miss it just depend on the time of the day. >> and era line. you could go for delta and they are short. american is long lines. >> always a headache. >> it is. >> it is graduation season and colleges are shelling out big bucks for big name students, at commencement. we just had the president here. >> i'll speak if someone signs me up president obama spoke at rutgers last week. the in the past, rutgers paid
6:52 am
35 grand for bill moyer to be the speaker. according to the ap, keen university paid 40 grand to each of the two speakers. universities that pay for celebrities so they cab impress donors. in the interest of the potential students. other colleges asked celebrities to deliver speeches for free. >> you went to that furhman. >> yes. >> furhman. >> is that right. >> do you have any recollection of who your speaker was. >> no but i will get back and speak at furhman if you want me to. >> yes. >> so pretty calm night turned dangerous that the florida intersection. the incredible incident captured by traffic cameras that will leave you with chills when we role this whole video for you.
6:53 am
pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:55 am
doylestown getting ready for launch of if day philadelphia in five minutes with mike and alex. >> what a warm welcome. >> that is nice. >> pull upright on time because they cannot stay out there playing all morning. >> it is a long way there. she was scared. she had had that big notebook. she was lost. missed an exit. probably most stressful morning. >> route 611 too has traffic jammos. >> they will be in the poconos. >> yes. >> i don't know where they are. >> police officer find himself on the other side of the the law, down in florida. >> here it is, take a look a high speed chase end in a wild
6:56 am
wreck, my goodness. >> yikes. >> the officer was going 90 miles an hour, ran a red light and crashed into another car. everyone in that crash survives. broken bones. officer had been pursuing a stolen car driven by a armed robbery suspect. he was ticketed the cop was for failing to obey traffic laws. >> that is hard to watch. >> luckily that is just injuries broken bones and a few scratches because it does not look good. >> can you imagine you are minding your business, light turns green, you just start driving and out of no where, the scene happens right there. >> man is that is so hard to watch. >> 6:56. developing a teen gunned town in wilmington reward leading to the victim's killer and how he is linked to the 16 year-old who died after a bathroom beat down. plus a woman is tackled at a park steps from the playground what police say victim was doing right before she was assaulted.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
a teen murdered on the the streets of wilmington delaware, what police say happened. how this death is connected to the girl who was killed in the fightin side of a high school bathroom. plus, joggers out there, beware. >> you don't think going for a run by yourself anything will
7:00 am
happen. it is really terrifying. >> how a woman was able to escape her attacker in an normally quiet park. and, no more, oreos? >> these are chris, you are not eating oreos anymore. >> what prompted this jab at chris christie from his good friend, donald trump. and good day, hits the road, we are in doylestown this morning, and in just a few minutes, we will reveal one of the biggest prizes we have ever given away, on this show. >> ♪ it will be big because today is a big day. we're here in doylestown. hi, doylestown. >> everybody say hello. >> we have shut down state street. so many people, he so many things going on.


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