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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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doylestown. >> yes, of course. >> with the school of rock, of course. >> yes. >> ♪ >> doylestown school of rock. >> yeah, rocking it out here. >> ♪ >> the school of rock. oh, my lord. >> yes. >> they are rocking it all right. >> school of rock. >> very cool.
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>> man. >> everybody is awake now. we have trashed this town. >> yes. >> that is how many of you people come up, we have filled up all of the trash can. >> all of the food, it is amazing. it is fun good we're having a great time. >> come over here. watch out, people, i'm coming through. >> are you by the way. >> i am i'm who are you. >> i'm nami man what is that. >> natural a lines on meant willal illness, we are here to promote walk tomorrow in fox hill for mental health advocacy. we want to end the silence. we go in middle and high school. we talk to teens about signs, symptoms, anti suicide. >> what is it. >> national alliance mental awareness, it is here and bruce gordon is mcing.
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>> that is all we need to know. >> thanks. >> do you want to see a weird poster? >> sure. >> what in the world is this? >> okay, kimberly what is going on are we doing this again. >> we are doing it again. >> get on the other side. >> start talking. >> this is not news that living in doylestown is a absolutely the best place in the world, am i right. >> yeah. >> in the each year we have a fantastic event. every year we raise money for a program, june 5th, mark your calendar. will alex we need to rang will you in there. we have jen fred. it is doylestown country club. >> june 5th. >> fancy pants. >> i love this poster. >> yes. >> the real deal. >> yes. >> it is here, thanks, mike. >> i see the man. hey, come on. you are live on tv.
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>> how are you. >> school of rock. >> yes. >> they are all across the country. >> yes good this is doylestown location. >> is it like the movie. >> kind of. >> no. >> it is or it isn't. >> it is a lot better than the movie. >> so how old are you guys, seriously. >> i just turn 17. >> you are a rock star. >> thank you. >> who are you. >> chris. >> i'm jake. >> cj. >> who all is in the band. >> are you in the band too. >> yes. >> i loved you in the partridge family. >> yes. >> who is this. >> rachel. >> are you in the band. >> i am are you in the band. >> i am what are you guys doing to perform do you go all over to perform. >> we play places like l a -- we play all over. >> do you have your driver's license. >> yes. >> watch out kids, we're coming through. >> people have been asking me on twitter all morning about this give away, this mazda.
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it is a cx9. i'll tell you, it looks kind of like, it is like the cs5 but it is big like that, okay. so you have been driving. you have been driving a year and a half or so. >> about a year. >> tell him how he can win it. >> you can get to fox and is there a big banner on there and you can see win a car, put in your information you can do it every single day and you can win a fancy car. we're talking brand new. they just finish making it. >> the cx9, yes. >> do you have a new car you are driving now. >> it is not particularly new, ten year-old car. >> we used to call that back in the day a beater. >> it is a little bit of the beater. >> you need a new one, mazda. >> yes. >> what do you want. >> i want to hug you. >> ah, hugs. >> watch out there you might get some paint on you you.
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>> this is getting better every day. >> fantastic. >> well, thanks for watching. >> yes. >> so nice for joining us. >> thank you, thank you. what is this? i have heard of this. come here. can you come over here. who can talk bit. come here, come here. does she know about have travis. >> thinks the niece of travis. hi. >> maggie is niece of travis manion killed in enemy fire in 2007. so his mom, janet started the travis mani on foundation that helps veterans, families of the fallen, and to, we help, we have a veteran services program and it survivors services program and we work with our nation's youth. >> based right here in doylestown good right here in doylestown.
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>> can i give you a hug. >> yeah. >> hugs all the way. >> we did a segment on this book. >> yes, travis's dad, wrote this book, brothers forever. story of travis naval academy roommate and it is their story of brothers forever. >> thanks for telling us about it. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> man, good looking people in doylestown. right, kimberly. >> let's just keep going down here, mike. >> we love you you too. >> i love how everybody is here. >> yes. >> how are you doing brother. >> i watch you you have day. >> good to see you. >> hey. >> no pictures please. >> okay. >> well, turnaround here. >> so who will take the picks tour. >> i love you you more.
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>> okay. >> mine now. >> let's go this way and see what else is going on. >> we're representing, the civil war round table. >> we have a museum right around the corner here on broad street. >> what were the years of the civil war. >> 1861 to 65. >> he is ready for you. >> yes. >> do you get a prize for that. >> you get to hug alex. >> i wouldn't mind to have a hug. >> come on over here. >> here we go. >> this is smart soccer. >> i'm too dumb to play. >> they have a big sports bar in doylestown.
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>> yes. >> stop it. >> yes. >> jenny lee stern with the pizza. >> it looks very nice good hi, santa. >> it is the north pole. >> santa here in doylestown. >> we're still going down. >> where did you get that t utu. >> what is that. >> a coffee shop rite down the street here. >> are you here. >> yes. >> mike, did you get any of the food we had over here, earlier. >> what is this. >> this is simply fresh. they have brought great fresh food for us. >> we have slim picking is here. >> there are a lot of people here. >> a lot of people here. >> and then, we will get the last two. >> yes. >> that is a cumquat.
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>> thanks so much simply fresh. >> it is simply fresh. >> you have it all over your teeth. >> what do we have here. >> look at this. >> what is this. >> hi there. >> come on. >> it is mr. taco's. >> oh, this is great. and what is this. >> i love it. >> hello. >> so, taco special. >> these look good. >> egg and cheese and this is a cheddar chile which is egg and cheese, sauteed onions and tortilla chips. always fresh made flowers tortillas every day. >> where are you located. >> right here behind us good hi there, very nice to meet you this looks so good. chipotle brownies. >> now that is different. >> yes. >> here we go.
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>> that is good. very good. >> i have a special young lady here, tell me about the person that we lost. >> we recently lost founder of the doylestown founder, he was a federal judge, in philadelphia, and his passing was doylestown and he would be so proud doylestown is receiving today. >> happy to do it. >> thank you so much for honoring his memory. >> you got it. >> thank you. >> hi, everybody. >> you need a kiss. >> could you you pardon us for a second. >> i love you. >> thank you. >> i watch you have morning. >> thank you. >> oh, we're back down here. >> hi. >> who are you. >> i am's... >> i'm's elsa. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> okay, jen, try to top that. >> come on, jen. >> i will top that, with the guy that we all fell in love with during this season of american idol. hi there. >> hi everybody. >> i'm dalton. >> you know this, we wanted you to win american idol. >> thank you very much. >> but number three sure isn't bad. >> no, not at all. >> talk to me a little bit about what your life has been like. it has only been a couple weeks since it has been over. you are touring. you are doing this school of rock gives back and schools of rock all over the country. >> we are doing school of rock gives back tour. today will be my first day in fort washington. so yeah, we're going out on the weekends and performing at school of rock as cross the country. i'm doing, sitting with house bands and sing some of their songs and going out and shaking hand and thanking people for support. >> is there a guy with the big smile on his face.
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because he owns the school of rock in dallas that really got you going in the music wore. >> yes, he does, this is jean sharply and he has helped me out, taken me on the road, i appreciate it. >> we have weekend taking kane of what do you do during the week. >> in the week i will be writing and demoing for the new album coming out, so stay tuned for that. that will be awesome, i hope. >> look who is here. >> hey. >> how is it doing. >> hi there baby. >> good to see you. >> it is like a l.a. reunion and doylestown where else would we meet. >> it is hot bed of talent. >> when you look around you you are always proud of doylestown but a morning like this is next level. >> yes, it is pretty awesome. seeing all of the wonderful businessness town come out here, you guys come out, and to have this man here. i just came from dropping off my kid. it is a small town day today.
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>> he is just beginning his after idol life. any advice. i know you guys talk in l.a. any other advice you need to give him. >> he has got the down. he has all of the hair spray he needs. do you have the fan i pack. >> yes, i do good that is not a joke either. >> you know what, going through the experience of that show, it teaches you a lot and dalton seems to have a good idea of who he is, and that is a huge thing about staying grounded in this business. one of the reasons why i live in this town because i have my family, i have my friend, close by and i can travel all over the world and always know i can come back here good we love having you here. >> cool thing is when i need my just continue fix, i don't have to go too far, the the new diet pepper commercial. >> yeah. >> so sweet. >> it is a lot of fun. >> look, every time we do that on the set i can't believe you guys are paying me to do this because -- >> you have not seen it and you should be embarrassed if you haven't seen it. you are in a long red haired
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wig with a scarves around the wig. >> i play every sort of 80's glam rock artist, joe blender and just a really fun commercial and it has been great. i have been doing that. i just got back from sweden. so life is g i cannot complain. >> what is your number one favorite thing about doylestown. >> my number one favorite thing about doylestown is i know the people, people know me. i can walk around and it is just like every sipping will day for me and it is just home i have love it. i'm able to do what i do and be home. >> dalton's grand mommies here too. >> yes. >> she's right here. >> in a long time, without heels on. >> yes. >> i'm just in regular old shoes. >> american idol, you started it. you finish it. all here, right here in philly. so thank you very much. >> yes, mike, back to you guys good that is so cool to see them all together. >> we love it.
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>> we are here at shaving grace, mike is saying grace, once we get him together. look at this. i don't want to mess you up here. >> not when he is shaving. >> we have james here. >> hi. >> how are you guys doing. >> what is the store's name. >> shaving grace barbers in doylestown, pennsylvania. >> i'm not messing you up. >> not at all. >> you will be saying your prayers. >> did you shave this morning. >> i actually did. >> but i'm so manly, it grow is very fast. >> let me see this here for a second. lean back, here we go. >> you're not nervous at all. >> no, i wouldn't do that to him. >> have you seen the movie sweeney todd, the musical. >> i'm just saying. >> we're nothing like that. >> good. >> nice, warm, and friendly. >> i love it.
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>> it is in the just for men there. you see women getting their hair done. >> make over couple is in here too. >> we have to check on them, tanya anal son but sue, we're going to get to you because i want to make sure mike doesn't get cut. >> sweeney todd. >> yes. >> i'm here, at state street and i'm really in my happy place. i thought mercer and mitchnor were awesome but now we are with the dogs from rocksy reading therapy dog. tell me about these beautiful animals. >> thanks, sue. these are our therapy dogs. we are an all volunteer non-profit organization based here in doylestown. we have 70 teams. these are all our dogs. our mission is to to support and comfort children and we do that by having our dogs visit elementary school children and children read books to our dogs. we also, is there bullet. >> we also visit children who are in the courthouse systems, either through foster care or
9:17 am
victims of violent crimes. we did children in the pediatric unit in the hospital. >> the reason it is called roxy reading because you found it helps for children to read to the dog. >> it absolutely does. it makes the children more comfortable readers, more confident readers and takes stress out of the situation for children who are struggling with fluency or just not that comfortable with read ago loud. >> difficult hear you say 770. >> all volunteers. >> yes. >> they all take their turns going to the different schools, courthousees and helping children. >> we do, we do. >> this is so wonderful. >> tears of happiness. these are beautiful dogs doing beautiful work. thank you so much. all day right here. >> right here? doylestown. >> if i may make and squeeze this in. >> please do. >> we are coming out with a book, about all of these amazing dogs good when can we look for it. >> we are looking to have it out by the holidays.
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>> will you you come ban and visit us at fox 29. >> we will love to. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> okay. >> i want to. >> lets take one quick look at the seven day forecast real quickly before we go because you got the to know about the changes over the weekend. as gorgeous as it is to day tomorrow will be semi yucky because we have rain on the way unless you love rain. there is a coastal storm we have been warning you about for a couple days new and it arrives late morning tomorrow when rain should begin but it gets crank up with heavier rain later on in the afternoon especially south and east of philadelphia when you'll get the most rain but it will get warmer by middle of next week as we look ahead to the holiday weekend, mike and alex. it is a difficult job. >> he is being careful and slow. >> when it comes to shaving grace it is in the just about the men. lets look at the ladies over here.
9:19 am
>> hello, ladies. >> is what your name. >> becky. >> hi becky. >> i love this. what do you call this that you have done. >> i love this. >> it is a dutch blade like a french braid done inside out and you pull it out. >> my favorite braid. >> because it is festival season, perfect thing to go out ape have your hair flowing. >> is what name. >> kristin. >> nice and loose good do you come here all the time. >> the girls do my hair all the time. i own something else down the street so we collaborate a lot and have fun fun together as well. >> love to see businesses coming together. >> you guys do hair styles and treatments. >> absolutely, everything. >> thank you so much. >> mike, how are you looking. >> thank you. >> i'm fresh. >> doylestown is line with fantastic restaurants. i do you gotta try something. >> i will try all of it. >> let's all go eat. >> right now, i'm ready. >> we will see you back in doylestown. >> hi.
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miracle sleeping cream. from garnier skinactive.
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♪ >> so we're taking a live look in doylestown right now. i love this place. this is amazing. all the people out here to greet us. we have seen a lot of the food. everybody walking up and downstate street, all these restaurants out here. they look like they have such great eats here in doylestown. >> we can't eat all of them can we. >> we will try. >> who are you.
9:24 am
>> michael canfor. >> where is your place. >> one place up here on fourth street and one down on, clinton. >> hold on, you take this, all right. >> describe what i will be consuming. >> this is a walnut bourbon cream cheese crepe. >> what, bourbon it is 9:00 o'clock. >> you don't mind, mike. >> that is fantastic. >> yes. >> i didn't think it would be that good. >> i try. >> you guys just do all kinds of crepes then at your place. >> i have a restaurant where i do cooking classes at my cookbook store. >> are you a married guy. >> yes. >> okay. our next restaurant. >> go ahead, mike what is this. >> this is our take on a surf and turf eggs bendik, my dad fridays italy, well, cecily. fresh off the boat kind of deal. he is a nice guy. that is an even establishing muffin. i didn't come prepared with a
9:25 am
knife. the next one, that is rib eye on the bottom with sauteed spinach, garlic, oil and fresh maine lobster week. it is a pain in the butt but we do it. >> perfect. >> on to the next. >> who do we have here. >> we are mom's restaurant in doylestown. >> is this your momma's cooking. >> no, it is his cooking. >> why do you call it max. >> it stand for maxwell. >> it stand for mom. >> okay. what is he eating. >> these are homemade biscuit with sausage gravy. >> look at that with the gravy. >> is this one of your best sellers. >> at brunch it is, yes. we put two eggs on to much -- on top of it as well. >> do you like it mike. >> yeah, it is good. >> perfect. >> what is next. >> to round it out on who dove we have. >> i'm jason heinz of chamber 19 from doylestown here. welcome everybody. >> is this french toast.
9:26 am
>> this is a forest toast. this is actually banana fores foster. >> and we put it overtop of some wonderful french toast here and we are happy to feed you all. >> it looks good good how is that. >> is it as good as the cherry pie i see on your shirt there. >> that is fantastic. >> i have a little bit of rum in there. >> i can smell it, i can taste it, i love it. >> delicious. >> i think we're four for four you like all of them. >> everyone of them. >> so many great restaurants here. they all look great. while mike is cleaning himself up, we will toss to seth rogan when we come back. >> i think he is one of the funniest guys, in the movies right now. >> see you in a little will bit.
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okay, we are back here in doylestown! >> looking at beautiful child named lincoln. thanks for bringing him by. >> from margate. >> exactly. >> perfect. >> we'll be in ocean city next week. >> oh, awesome. we love ocean sit. >> i i saw the first movie called neighbors, right? now neighbors two is out, set rogan. >> chris, lauren, you guys will talk to them now? >> zach effron in this film. guess frost saturday night
9:31 am
live, super bad actress set rogan hitting the big screen, as mike said, but this time, he's actress rose burn by his side together they're starring in neighbors two, sorority rising. >> (movie clip). >> let's say hi to both seth and rose, joining us from new york. good morning, guys. >> how is it going? >> i'm fine n this film here surrounded by bunch of beautiful women in bikini's, and you're upset about this? >> that is something very few actors can pull off. but i somehow, i somehow come across as awkward enough that that would be something that i would not be able to deal with, in real life, it is true the premise two are married. rose you look beautiful, by the way, as always, next
9:32 am
sorority house, girls go crazy, you're afraid you can't sell the house because people buying the house think it is too crazy at local to buy? >> sorority moves in next-door full of psychotic 18 year old girls, who just want to party their butts off, morning news phrase, i guess. party their rearend off, yes. >> and so this had to be a lot of fun. i mean, you just saw little cameo from selena gomez there, real quickly, you have to go shirtless, was that hard to do? >> no, you just take your shirt off. >> funny. >> and the next thing you know, you're doing it. >> i felt like i don't look at zach and i think like why do i look like this and he look like that, like it makes
9:33 am
perfect sense. as much as i don't work out, he works out, so that's what's going to happen! >> all about confidence as a dude. this is interesting, roast there is role for you, because in bridesmaids the ring leader in some ways, always up to mischief. now you are the recipient of this, right? on the other end of this? >> we were up against in this one it is a lot more confronting because we have a little, little girl in the movie, we have another one on the way, so very terrified that she will turn out like these girls next-door. >> so here is the other thing. >> and you have a little one running around. >> yes. >> canadian, you are, and you're -- do they have crazy fraternities like we do here inner?
9:34 am
>> not in australia. >> in canada, they have them in canada but not as much as like a staple, like, here i have no idea, a percentage, but we'll make this up, 68% in american, 25% in canada. i made up those number. >> you guys are awesome in everything you've always done. thank you for joining us here on "good day" philadelphia. >> can't wait to see the film. all right, we'll be right back to doylestown live for you right after this quick break. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow.
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but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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>> didn't want to miss the fun? >> i saw it on tv, okay, drop my kids off, i'm coming. >> where did you drop them off? >> day care. >> listen, he wanted to match, to bring out shirt and put it on his shoulder, look at that. >> i love it. >> what's happening on the website, people are already scrambling to become a finalist to win a mazda and it is a brands flew model. chest up?
9:39 am
>> cx9suv. >> not this one. >> five. >> it is going to be up a grade. >> so how do you become a finalist? >> are you go to our website it will be a big ban their tells you how you can go, click on it to get that free masada you'll be my vanna white? okay, get that, put in your information, click smith. here is the thing it, doesn't just end today. you can do this every single day, for the next, what, how many weeks, mike? >> this is first -- p more weeks. >> yes? here is the thing, at the end of each week, we will pick a finalist, that finalist means that you're one step closer to get that car, right? so, then, once to the final friday -- >> ya. >> yes, then we will have all of these cars, what, eight cars lined up? >> eight cars. >> have eight final liz z lined up. >> one winning key? >> yes shall everybody will go in, so go ahead, get in the car, get in the key, put the car in the engine.
9:40 am
>> right now, what do youy? >> what do you think we have planned next? if you see this? >> people will come down to the end here, ends of the gaunt less, won't be hitting them or anything. we have a fashion show, a doylestown related fashion show. and then we will reveal our nurse and teacher made over. let me tell you, they're smoking hot. you'll meet them after the break.
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it works while you sleep, so you wake up to refreshed, younger-looking skin. miracle sleeping cream. from garnier skinactive.
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>> we are back in doylestown, brittany, my fashion expert for today. >> why, thank you, pleasure to be here, thank you for having me. >> i love these earrings. >> thank you. >> talk about bling bling in the sun, honey. so you have a store out here. >> i do. >> in doylestown. >> i do. i have abu teak on state street, 53 west state street here in beautiful doylestown. >> is that estate gullery. >> it is, danny joe earrings, we have over 15 different boutiques here in doylestown
9:44 am
ranking from children's, men's, and women's, to boutiques here. >> so if you have 15 boutiques in doylestown, it means there is a lot of fashion. >> a lot of fashion. >> so you'll show us a sneak peak of the fashion? >> exactly, series of different models, faxes from all over doylestown. >> look what we have here, runway on state street. how cool is this. >> all of doylestown, okay? so, let's get over here, brittany. let's get ready. of course mike wanted to bring this out. tell us about our first models here? >> so today we are connor. he's wearing our men's collection. he's wearing jeans in protege fit, j lindberg shirt and light weight summer cotton blazer by gant. >> i love the blazer because it is light weight. you want something to cover up your arms sometimes when it gets chill knit evening but not too hot. >> exactly, the kids are in it. by durability, monkey's uncle, is wearing luke is wearing his own pants, compliment of i top from rabbit skins and blazer from rugged butts, for under
9:45 am
$20. >> you know what? the cuteness there, it is priceless. >> adorable, right? >> let's bring -- oh, she lovely. she was at shaving race getting her hair done. >> kristin owner of something else boutique, 31 west state street. chris thin something else's new owner weighing mustard lays up skirt from three people, crop top, jet owe moto jacket. also wearing key necklace, her necklace done by the eb team,. >> i love that denim jacket she's wearing. i like how it is kind of tape nerd on the ways little business. >> exactly, lays such a huge trends. >> you know with a we also love to do when it comes to summertime spring, you have to have the nice sun rests. >> dresses are everything, especially as the weather gets hot. >> everything. >> perfect for night on the town. >> all right, love it. and the little keyhole opening up top. >> lisa wearing outfit from smith and some at 76 south main. she was a mother of two.
9:46 am
and she has styled hair and make up by brooklyn and scott wearing catherine page earrings, greeshan top. >> i love that present. you can't have too many colors when it comes to summertime. nice and bright. >> exactly, boutique jessica smith did great job styling her. >> she looks good. i love it. okay, let's bring out the next model. oh, she is wearing a hat. >> exactly. kendel is a graduate of cb east. look at her accessories. >> oh, look at her back. oh, my goodness. >> the scarf, her back open, though, i love that. >> all from tres bee end boutique, libby, and it is a vegan leather bag which is fabulous, by joyce. >> what does that mean if it is a vegan bag? >> typically vegan bags, died with vegetable dyes as opposed to chemical based, so. >> looking good and good for the environment. >> everybody lovers the environment. >> i'm just obsessed with the back of her dress, peak a
9:47 am
booker, look at me, my gosh, looks so good, and that sparkling hat. >> yes, sparkling hat, ready for the night on the town, scarf is gorgeous, accessories are great way to do that this summer. >> i love accessories, take simple stuff. everybody has a little black dress, take the access rest, dress it up. >> this is an idea where accessories dress it up. >> we have special models about to come down the runway. oh, my goodness, is this tanya? it is tanya. oh. oh, yes, please. >> how are you feeling? >> nervous. >> are you our nurse? >> i am. >> are you ready to walk down the runway? >> i am. >> well, don't do anything yet. i think we have a camera, greg, our cameraman, just passed out from all of the beauties. oh, his battery is dead. so how do you feel? >> i feel good. >> do you like the hair? >> i love it. >> what did they do? >> little color, little bit of strawberry color, strawberry highlights, and cut, and great style, and i have this
9:48 am
gorgeous dress from bella boutique. >> almost tie die isn't it? >> brittany has been talking about it, all right, you walk the runway. strut that stuff. >> work it! >> flattering, comfortable, after long day at the icu, wearing beautiful tassel necklaces, than tom -- tomorrow's wedges. >> so comfortable. >> realism she looks great. tanya, we love you. our nurse of the year. congratulations. we have one more model. >> we do. >> time for allison our art teacher. >> we do. >> oh, this is beautiful. she is art. the walking art, honey. >> art teacher, how are you feeling? >> feeling great. so happy to be here to represent cb west and my entire art department. >> what's happened here snow. >> well, i had morocco salon did highlight up the front, i was contoured on my cheeks, my
9:49 am
eyes, i learned all about how to curl my hair, how to style. >> how has it been getting the make over? >> it's been so much fun, so rewarding, so exciting, so happy to represent my community and my school. >> what was your first thought when you looked in the mirror? >> up m, i have on great make up, i love the hair, i'm so happy to work with brittany. >> love it. >> let's describe the outfit as you walk the runway of doylestown. >> wearing something from estate boutique, wearing nicole miller pants and silk millie doleman top, along with a bag by daniela half a, jewelry by danny joe an estate jewelry. >> ii'm just saying. >> looks absolutely gorgeous, lad, brittany, thank you so much for showing us great fashion that is we have here. along state street, thank you, everyone, on the runway. so to close this out, we're going to play little school of rock. let's rock out.
9:50 am
>> yeah! >> thank you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> hey, robin? >> ♪ >> thank up, school of rock. doylestown. hey, partner ... hello. hi, batman and robin here. >> yes. >> has this been fun or what?
9:55 am
just got word from the website people. you know how many people have signed up to try to win that mazda? >> how many? >> cx9suv. >> it is fancy. >> over 5,000 of our good day viewers have already sign up. >> that's pretty cool glenn joy it every day. >> every day. >> tomorrow it start over again! >> yes. >> let's do it. >> all right. >> this has been so much fun. we will do it every friday, throughout the summer, we will tell you where our next location after we think back to doylestown. >> we love you, doylestown. >> on a friday. >> ♪ >> yep, cb marching band, here they come. >> i tell you what the big give away is. it is inside here. >> it is inside this box? >> it is keys to a car!
9:56 am
>> oh! >> oh, we fell in love with you dominick when we met you earlier. we want today meet you out here in doylestown! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> look! serenading -- they're singing! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> thank you, doylestown. >> thank you, doylestown. >> and what's your name? >> kevin motorcycle cart. >> i what do you do for a living? >> i teach zumba. >> hey, tell me a song that we can do. teach me a move here. >> here we go. >> what? >> dance, dance, dance. >> oh, hey. >> thank you again, doylestown! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, no! >> okay, see you next week. >> ocean city, new jersey, we're coming to you. we'll see in you ocean city next week. thank you, doylestown!
9:58 am
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coming up, you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> honey, let me tell you what he looks like now. my girls are always turned out. it's glam bam. >> now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]


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