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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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line, a suspect on the run after literally running into police. this all started when a man stole a car and crashed it into a willis town police cruiser before taking off on foot into the ridley state creek park. police just called off their search for the day. a short time ago. good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. all the police activity at a state park on this beautiful day had some visitors rethinking their plans. fox 29's karen hepp has more. the store owner immediately thought it was very suspicious when he check his surveillance video this morning and saw there was a guy in a sheet getting a soda from his machine in the middle of the night. right across from where a wanted man disappeared. he called police and he says they told him that's the guy they were searching for. the business owner didn't want to go on camera, but he gave us this exclusive video. yesterday police say a suspect tire roll winchester stole a car and then rammed a willis town
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police officer's vehicle. you can see where he wound up in the woods of ridley creek state park. skyfox was over the scene right along west chester pike. that's why police were back out today combing the woods searching with dogs and choppers to find him. the beautiful park is always popular but on a day like today, it was packed with hikers and bikers. they didn't know what to make of the massive manhunt. >> we come here a lot we just like to hike and stuff. just a nice area. i didn't think something like that would happen. >> i hope they find him very soon. >> be aware of your surroundings and everything like that. >> please take another look at this suspect. investigators say he is very dangerous and they have him wanted right now for stemmed murder trying to run down that police officer. they say he lives in philadelphia. if you have any information please call 911 and report it immediately. from newtown square, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. back to our breaking news we first told you about during the fox 29 news at 5:00. skyfox right now over the new
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jersey turnpike. this is in cherry hill where they're fighting a brush fire along the side of the road. it look like crews are getting a good ham on this. you can see some smoke still in the air but it looks like things have improved since we last checked n traffic is moving along the turnpike. officials tell us the fire is not affecting traffic right now. we will bring you updates as the news warrants. on to your fox 29 weather authority. taking a live look down at absecon it was absolutely gorgeous out there. if you wanted to get outside. if you haven't gotten out yet, there's still time before the rain moves tomorrow. chief meteorologist scott williams here now to tell us more. half and half weekend scoring. >> it appears that way, dawn. yes, you're right you still have time to get outdoors and enjoy this nice weather. the high today 76 degrees. the cloud cover is rolling in but you can see we're still dry. the rain is off to our west moving through sections of the
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ohio river valley and the carolinas and this will bring us the really heavy rainfall especially by tomorrow afterno afternoon. so it's dry and quiet to start for tomorrow morning. so run those errands early in the day. highs tomorrow around 60. it look like the heaviest rain doesn't really arrive until tomorrow afternoon and especially tomorrow evening. but it's beautiful right now in center city. 75 degrees once again the high today was 76 degrees. that's 1 degree above average. so the bottom line if you're stepping outdoors for your friday evening plans, a night out on the town. looking pretty good and comfortable and dry. but the cloud cover will start to thicken. so as we go hour by hour here's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's mostly cloudy but you can see it's still dry. the rain still off to the south and west. but by midday, here's noon we're still looking at rainfall moving in to delaware, south jersey and central pennsylvania then closing in along the i-95 corridor especially by the afternoon. look at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow. that bulls eye of very heavy
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rainfall where you see the red and the pink we're looking at torrential downpours across parts of the area continues into your saturday night. so the bottom line, it's cloudy and cool for tomorrow. the heaviest rain arrives during the afternoon and evening. wilmington, same song and dance for you we're looking at cloud cover cooler temperatures a high around 62 degrees. so tomorrow the wettest of the two weekend days. but we still have chances into sunday and monday. we'll break down much more on the timing and expected totals coming up. all right, scott, thank you tragedy strikes again at one wilmington school. just weeks after the death of a student who police say died after she was beaten inside the bathroom of howard high school of technology. now another student has died. police say he was shot just blocks away from the school. fox 29's bill anderson joining us now from our newsroom. bill, geoff counselors were on hand today for the students? >> reporter: they were, dawn. again unfortunately. as students try to figure out a way to cope. but honestly wilmington seems divided today over the recent
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violence. students were somber and quiet as they left school. community active visits nearby were angry. they said the school violence is just one part of wilmington violence and they want all the issues addressed. just week after aim francis joyner was killed in a bathroom attack howard high school of technology is now mourning another student. 15-year-old brandon win go was shot and killed just blocks from the school. >> the thing that was more thorn thank anything else was keeping kids safe in school. i'm not happy, and i want to look at working with school officials and others to see what we can do, um torque reduce the likelihood of future occurrence. >> reporter: small memorial was set up for brandon who was shot in the head in broad daylight thursday afternoon. neighbors in the area are obviously concerned but also surprised at what happened in a neighborhood they say is generally safe. >> it's a pretty safe neighborhood, i've been living on this block -- neighborhood for 20 some years. it's all right neighbor.
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not a whole lot of hell raising. >> reporter: why how war students were dealing with their recent loss tempers flared. last night's shooting as well what protesters call police brutality in wilmington. >> no justice, no piece! >> reporter: the rally organized by the family of a wheelchair bound man killed by police when they say he drew a gun clearly demonstrated that violence as well as community police relations in wilmington are boiling over and something needs to be done. >> what we need to do as a people, a a community is encourage the applications of pain and justice the right way. there's a right way and there's wrong way. >> reporter: as i said a divided wilmington spending a few minutes outside of howard high school of technology, you saw students leaving, hugging each other, and a lot of love,
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and a gofundme account to help with the funerals expenses for their fallen classmate brandon wingo has been put together. we'll put that on our fox 29 facebook page. as for the active visits they feel their justice was denied and they'll continue to pursue it as long as it takes. dawn, back to you. >> all right, thank you, bill. a fire at an oil refinery brings hazmat and fire crews to south philadelphia. skyfox over the seen at philadelphia's energy solutions on penrose avenue just afternoon today. fortunately no one was hurt. the office of emergency management says there was no impact to the community. a fire in riverside, new jersey, damaging a local cafe. this happened about 8:00 o'clock on west scott street. one alarm fire which started in the kitchen at lilly's spread to apartments above the eatery. those living upstairs did have to be evacuated but fortunately no injuries were reported. philadelphia police say they've arrested a woman accused of running over a lady crossing the street in center city.
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maryann more rin today face as itemed murder charges. investigators say she got into a fight with woman trying to cross the street at 16th and 59 earlier this month. according to police, miranda threatened to run over the woman if she didn't get out of her way. well cops say that's exactly what she did. the woman was taken to the hospital for several fractures. and bad news for pennsylvania's unemployment rate. it shot up in april for one of the biggest one-month increases in seven years. the state department of labor says the job less rate rose five-point 3% last month. that's up from four-point 9% the night before -- the month b a survey of employers found that payroll showed their biggest one-month drop since 2009. police in delaware have arrested a man who they say was posing as a utility worker. new castle county police say this man tried to sell a 77-year-old victim discounted utilities. the victim told police that he asked him to use his phone to
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call his office and when he was in the house, he took things from all around the home. he took off when confronted but was grabbed by a neighbor who held him until police arrived. he's charged with burglary. well the name on the front of the building still reads trump but a different billionaire wants to make the taj mahal casino great again. carl icon has not decided yet just how he will use the $100 million he promised to spruce up the casino that opened in 1990. the first thing that he says he needs to fix up is the reputation after taj mahal repeatedly threatened to close over the last year and a half while it went through chapter ledge proceeding. taj mahal took $180 million from gamblers last year ranking it seventh out of the atlantic city's eight casinos. coming up next, a test of will in a field day battle in delaware county. how these young people are overcoming challenges. >> plus the cute little penguins
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making their debut at camden's adventure aquarium. what important role they'll play in educating the public. sean? >> beautiful day i'm here at citizens bank park talking about the second place philadelphia phillies. that's right. later in sports, pete mackanin talks about where he thought this team would be a quarter of the way through the season.
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>> athletic competition growing in size and importance. it's not so much the event it's the participants that make it so very special. >> our bruce gordon live in the newsroom tonight after a morning in concord township much bruce? >> reporter: guys, i've been to my share of track meets over the years. my son ran in high school but
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this event put together by the garnet valley school district and now in its fourth year, brought home better than any meet i've attend. the importance of competition. ♪ >> reporter: the garnet valley invitational is about a morning's worth of track and feel events. for the participants it was about so much more. >> pure join this is the best day out there. everyone is so proud of themselves. they're proud of their friends. everyone is cheering each other on much it's just the best day. >> reporter: 300 special needs kids representing middle and high schools from 11 delaware county districts prepare all year for their moment in the sun. >> i was excited. i couldn't sleep until 12:00 o'clock i fell asleep. >> reporter: there are running races and softball throws and soccer ball dribbling but the actual events hardly matter. this is about competing and showing kids with physical and intellectual challenges that
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there is a place for them in their community. >> how much fun is this being out here with your friends and competing like this? >> it's fun easy not hard. >> reporter: what's your best event. what event do you like doing the best? >> the relay race. >> reporter: how did you do this year. >> i did really well in the hundred meter dash. >> reporter: you like being out here with your friends. >> yeah, with my friends, yeah. it's very fun. exercise. >> reporter: like most track and field meets this one ends with a medal ceremony. not just to honor the winners but to recognize those who overcame hurdles just to be here. on a day like this, i'm guessing at least some of those challenges melt away little bit. >> absolutely. i think you realize that there's -- there's other people in your shoes as well and have the same challenges that you h had. >> 1684 old son andrew is on the autistic spectrum. has learning disabilities. but on this day, none of that matters. >> brings tears to my eyes when i see how happy this makes him to be part of it and to feel a sense of accomplishment. >> reporter: i had been this
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morning's meet for only few moments when i heard a comment that kind of put things no perspective. young girl just finish the hundred yard dash finish back in the pack and then shouted tout no one in particular, my hair was blowing in the breeze! took so little for this little girl to feel so special. something to thing about chris and dawn. >> aww i love it. >> the smiles a mile wide. that's great. thanks bruce. >> two more reasons to head over to camden's adventure aquarium. >> two adorable waddling reasons. check it out. these two african penguin clutch mates making their official debut today. african penguins are endangered and the population declined by 90% sin the turn of the 20th century. according to aquarium official since 1998 they have bread and raced 22 african can penguins chicks. they were debuted to honor endangered species day. and they are adorable. >> they sure are. back to your fox 29 weather authority now.
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i'll tell you today was spectacular. i just wish today could be tomorrow maybe. >> a lot of people wish that. >> not happening. >> no? >> i mean tomorrow we're looking a that rainfall mainly arriving during afternoon and the evening with the heaviest. so tomorrow morning looks like a dry start out there and then it look like lesser rainfall chances the second half of weekend not a complete wash out but we do have some wet weather to get through. ultimate doppler with the satellite right now showing high thin clouds kind of moving into the area but you can see off to the west where we have the green and the thicker clouds that's the season developing that will head in our direction for your saturday the coastal storm. it's been a spectacular friday. 75 degrees right now. the high actually 1 degree above the normal for this time of year we top out at 76 degrees. we have cooler temperatures down the shore right now. 73 in wilmington, though. 74 reading. 75 degrees in allentown. a little cooler once again the boardwalk ac61 degrees. 61 cape may point.
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voorhees 74 right now. mullica hill 74. camden checking in at 75. so for tonight, temperatures bottom out right around 54 degrees in the city. the clouds start to thicken. winds will be light. we stay dry and cool over night tonight and once again tomorrow morning. so if you have errands around town, get them done early before that rainfall really starts to arrive during the afternoon and in particular the evening. but look at the high temperatures tomorrow. only around 60 degrees. winds off of the ocean allowing for kind of that marine layer to overtake the area. three in the afternoon you can see the moderate to heavy rain south and east of the i-95 corridor. so the afternoon and the evening tomorrow looks the wettest. but look at this bulls eye of heavy rain moving in around dinnertime. into delaware. the i-95 corridor. parts of south jersey. this is 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. we're looking a that the very heavy rainfall around dinner into tomorrow evening. then lingering clouds and showers for your sunday with temperatures recovering a bit into the upper 60s so by
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tomorrow note at 11:00 o'clock we're looking at about an inch along the i-95 corridor. an inch and a half or more maybe even 2-inches parts of kent, sussex county, cumberland county, cape may county that looks to be where the bulls eye will occur with this system. by sunday night looking upwards of 2-inches in parts of south jersey. breaking down the forecast once again tomorrow, damp, dreary 60 for the high. heaviest rain the second half of the day it lingers into sunday. but sunday highs in the the upper 60s. spotty shower chance on monday. 70 degrees. we dry out and really warm things up. 80s in the forecast the middle and latter part of next week and dawn and chris, some folks could flirt with perhaps 90 degrees before the end of next week. so it will be quite the turn around after kind of a soggy and gray weekend. >> like the sound of that. >> yeah. >> i'll tell hugh has the good assignment tonight outside in this gorgeous weather let's go to sean bell live at citizens bank park where the phillies are on fire. >> i'm out here in the perfect
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weather in the perfect situati situation. pete mackanin talks about why he thinks he's team has gotten to this point reason he actually thought they would be plus we'll talk about the sixers. they had couple draft picks come in and, well, they're guys that are second rounders but we'll talk to them about and the first round pick coming up next in sports.
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♪ i'm here at citizens bank park basking in this beautiful weather. perfect day for some baseball and perfect day to probably get that number one spot in the nh east. that's right. the phillies are 24-17. one game back of the washington nationals. who would have thought at this point that this team would be so close. a quarter of the way through the season. competitive, they're strong and they're just exciting to watch. beautiful but listen, no one thought that they'd be here at least i didn't. and pete mackanin actually didn't think so either. >> i was hoping to may 500, and then see what happens. >> a little better. >> see what happens from there. the resiliency is what i'm real happy about the fact that we
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haven't gone backwards after losing a game or two. we just rebounded and it's all because of our pitching and defense that's allowed us to do that so it's been a great feeling right now. >> and i got dogs coming past me right now that's what's going on at citizens bank park. all the cute looking dogs. look at this. the sixers are hoping they get a real good dog in the nba draft. a number one pick that's really worth it they'll do all their due diligence but today they look at a bunch of really second round guys and guess what, sixers don't have any second round picks. but still isaia miles from st. joe's is in the house showing off workout hopefully he can get pushed up in the draft. but really it's all about the number one. they'll do all their due diligence even go back to elementary school. so brett brown, what do you think? what are all the things are you going to do to find out who is that number one pick? >> multiple people that you will
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interview and talk to from high school coaches to managers to teammates to a team manager to, you know, other scouts. it's extensive. >> and that's great. that's great. they really need that number one pick. i think it's brandon ingram he's shooter but who knows? really right now it's all about these dogs. not even about the phillies. it's about the doing. they're moving me out the way. i'll get out of the way and let the dogs steal the show. back to you. >> as it should be, sean. >> i love it when everybody brings their doing to the ballpark. >> you had an interesting question. where do they go. >> i'm not sure about that. >> that will do it for us tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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>> courtroom freak-out. [crying >> the cruised uber driver is hauled off. look behind her, a plane is crashing into the ocean. >> security has been ramped up at several major airports. >> what we found from coast to coast. and you know this donald trump. >> make america great again. wait until you meet the other donald trumps. >> i'm donald trump. >> this is donald trump. >> donald trump? >> that's me. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm dr. donald trump. >> oh, my gosh. plus -- >> congratulations on the wedding. >> inside eva longoria's weekend wedding. wait until you s


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