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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 21, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> we are in the elevator wars of. >> is is manhattan haunted? >> georg is so great people never want to leave. ever. >> be ready for war. it is this weekend. >> a battle has been going on in montclair for some time. said traditional i italian
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and irish will be forced to merge after order from the archdiocese there will not be a new church for everybody our lady is forced to shut down operations and urged to consolidate with the church of the immaculate conception they will be renamed the church of the blessed after mother teresa. parishioners are happy although attendance has been down over the past 20 years 76 "chasing news" now head of the 392 now the other this conversation has stayed the same. >> they have raised a lot of money but it is about attendance so the unofficial first family they owned the deli just a couple blocks away and grandparents actually help to build it with their bare hands 100
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years ago. >> my parents have been parishioners at mount carmel meet my brothers and my sister were all buried there >> they are completely devastated. >> we are a staple in the neighborhood kids in the church you did is very upsetting. >> the main reason at mount carmel is closing down is dwindling attendance every brigade with the alliance. >> but there is of a theory about money now is a little more expensive at this point from the church of immaculate conception and for those who made this decision and has nothing to do with money.
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it is about a consistent and growing faith. >> the archdiocese may say it is not fight the good is church politics it is more about how hard earned cash. >> id once they made the decision to consolidate you go where you get the best bang for your buck. >> able dry 5220 minutes of where else. >> high-speed chase. >> key is behind the channel and he likes to turn boring things into awesome things. a leaf blower turning into a cheese ball machine-gun. your favorite snack flies through the air.
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how awesome is that? >> this is pennsylvania a small city 25 miles north of philadelphia but we're in the middle of a war zone. one of the front lines of the war of terror. droned town usa. >> three years ago it was announced they were new and improved then they came on line but they would not see what you think. >> 100 people in this area. >> not everybody is happy about the drone base community.
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>> would really doing in these other countries? just killing people in this case will not make things better because the evidence is overwhelming it has made things much worse. >> there reaper is the most advanced drone to carry hellfire urban shut -- missiles and the controllers carry out their missions which include targeted assassination. >> is as combat mission? >> it is. right here right now. >> i got a chance to sit down with some of vice commander of the 111th air national guard who operates the droves overseas and i would ask what it was like.
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>> bay coach. watching dessau regular basis has an emotional impact. >> the air force has been doing this to have a real genuine concern to have a psychological help. >> it with that if the a weapons choice of president george did you bush shamrock obama to take america's enemies before they pose a threat to the homeland. >> i object to the secrecy first and foremost. >> when things become classified is how the
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information is gathered. >> to learn what is done in their name by our government overseas lsi and out of mind. bore out of control. >> who knows how long? i don't know. >> food doesn't love a good go story? >> 80 back 1624 with the oldest and largest city in the nation. just ask brent peterson.
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there is enough true stories year. you don't have to make them up. >> i wasn't bad eager to go there and the deep dark secrets. >>. >> they are not the only thing disturbing your commute. >> it is a ghost train. with a beautiful own train carriage. so maybe a getting haunted by this coast is not bad.
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>> it is said to the home to the escape artist harry houdini. they challenge him and say, on. so we are in the graveyard. >> i want to let you know, maybe i would have needed to hear this. and a large part of the east village in the 1600's.
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tell me are you able ivar? >>. >> i met this morning telling jokes on the radio with a reaction to be walking in the room. >> fox television. >> her show is on fox on the comedy club. >> of the trump christie took eight turn he took a
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turn to what can he said no oreos for espy will be breaking down the significance for the entire country this sunday at noon on my9. >> it is 16 years. are you kidding me? >> it is 16 years. are you kidding me? >>
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war. >> i can't wait to. this will be in st. >> with is bolted at the last minute. >> this is 16 years of this are you kidding me? en to go 100 miles to end our then stick it in the water to sustain the impact otherwise the water will
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come in. >> the offshore power association is this weekend with the national champion. >> will whole family is wrapped up in a. if it wasn't for this who knows what we will be doing today? >> the question is obvious how about hundreds of thousands of dollars? offshore racing figure will be another jersey guy. the legend. >>
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♪ they call him the of godfather the chief problem solver. he says he cannot raise anymore because of his heart but he had fun. >> that means i am not doubt [laughter] it doesn't mean she didn't have a queen size bed. >> with pepperoni or salami that is the greatest thing i ever heard. with the green flag goes up. >> so there will be a lot of
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fun races for a full rundown of the weekend schedule you can always tweet us at "chasing news". >> a special guest in our studio today a big senator in the jersey and most recently talking about affordable housing. donald trump was in town. did you hearar that? the governor is endorsing them. >> i am watching very closely. >> to reevaluate the candidate there is donald trump and that's it. >> i think if he wasn't in the race no question but
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people are attracted by what he says. >> we have thousands of people should we let them in? >> with the affordable housing issue i was explaining most people have no idea and what kind of housing they can offer spirit the supreme court was involved so they ordered the towns to comply but they don't know if they're going back retroactive like my town is at 300 units or 1,000? if it is 1,008 you have to increase services. >> where are the people? >> i don't see any reports saying that the people a struggling to get to new jersey to live.
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>> called the young people are going to hoboken or jersey city or the urban areas that is where the jobs are. if you go to the suburbs you don't have the transportation network. >> so with this governor signs the legislation? good to see you. >> take:get this video of the mount washington observatory. ratios though weather observers.
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>> my summer diet was completely blown we got to eat out of the baseball held its
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>> once in awhile you come
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across an invention why didn't i think of that? this is definitely not one of those moments. feast your eyes on the brush and allows cat lovers to lick their friends and a mutually pleasurable way. they need your help to fund this creation if you would like to help this reach its full potential go to the kick starter site than never talk to me again. >> and never had any appreciation but look at this video. on the mount washington observatory in new hampshire that shows those who will enjoy those nasty conditions >> i brought you a story of a 50 year-old high-school student who was beaten all
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laid by another student. he had his teeth knocked out i met the young boy at his home he just wanted justice it has been two months but this didn't that attacked oscar has been sentenced 60 days said juvenile detention has to pay back medical bills and is on house arrest starting the whole summer so looks like justice was served. ♪ we are excited did is baseball season for several local minor-league teams i will tell you about the the food but first a little techniques.
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>> a fast ball? >> we went to see the thunder play provided not sure he did any warmups before he and. but he got another chance on thursday night. >> he really went to the up ballpark for the food. i got to ask about the recommendations. >> it may have been biased. >> sample fibers six different items and they were delicious. >> that is the general manager from the bottom of the first to gave us all of
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us did witches. here is what we tried. rate compared all of these it here are the standings on the scoreboard. >> then we went to lakewood and i would ask the players my sever die it was completely blown away but it was worth it. it was phenomenal. the crab cake was delicious we could eat out of the baseball helmet and deep-fried with a funnel cake. >> does not chose was the top of the leader board but the underdog would be the best we're looking forward
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to the next few ballparks we want them to let us know. >> not reaching home plate? >> talk about the food. >> i threw out the first pitch last year i did throw a strike is video evidence but my son said it was a little slow but if the left-handed batter. >>
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