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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  May 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> this morning on "good day" new details emerging about the deadly egypt plane crash what oxz say happened moments aft jet wept down. >> and changes coming to just about everything you eat. and it could be a good thing. what you'll soon be seek on food packaging and why officials say you may like it. . >> and tying the knot a couple with terminal cancer getting married in center city and the special organization creating this memorable day . >> "good day" to all of you on this saturday, it's straight up 7:00. >> i love this dress you look. >> gr. >> thank you. >> dave, good morning, sir.
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>> i don't love your dress. >> just a gray, drab, dreary day. >> there's lots of events. walks. regatta, when will it move in. >> i think the morning events might luck out. clouds coming in. a few sprinkles. now western suburbs are getting rain now. trenton cloudy skies. but the steady rain we're talking about it will be heavy could be coming in later today. so a lot of events happening today. want to check in with wendy and sue. >> check out weekend wendy. she has her fancy smancy hat on because she's ready for preekness at the piazza and everybody gets together as if going to the preekness but it's at the piazza at schmidts and it's a fundraiser for the ms society from 5:00 to 9:30 in the evening. will we be race ago way from raindrops, dave? >> yes, we were talking about heavier rain later.
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it could affect that event. unfortunately. so there's the rain right now. it's pushing into western suburbs the last few hours. it has not made much progress east. it looks like a lot now but could fall apart as it moves east. we have to wait for the storm we've been watching for over the coast of virginia to develop and that brings in heaviest rain later today. here it is around reading, lancaster, you see light rain right now. wider view. this is where it s picked up by the computer forecast. as it pushes east between 9 and 12 it breaks apart a little bi bit. we'll see the rain continuing and sprinkle here and there about now and 3:00 and by 3:00 the storm develops. this rain phils back in. it will be heavy at times from allentown all the way south through philadelphia and south jersey and delaware and heavier across southern new jersey and delaware by 11:00 tonight and will continue to evening and start to break up a little tomorrow. one thing that won't change much temperatures today.
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50s. only climbing a few degrees touching 60. 61 in city. there's cloudy skies this morning. light showers by 2:00 and heavier rain by 6:00 the rain is heavier in the afternoon and it's heavier to the south. coming up we'll see if we have the warmer weather coming back in the 7 day forecast and if there's any more rain. let's check on the roadways. here's bob kelly. good morning, everybody, looking for something to do today. look at the lineup event. radnor hunt, ninth street italian festival and kensington arts festival and mayfair and mayfair and friends mmr having their mmr barbecue camden water front and it's strawberries n cream day if you look something to eat. stokes berry regatta rowing on the river. if you come into or out of the city kelly is closed.
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martin luther king is closed. all that extra volume going to be using the schuylkill expressway today. keep that in mind and give yourself extra time if you go to phillies game later today first pitch 3:05. enjoy the day. we'll see you bright and early on "good day philadelphia weekend". and thank you, bob, we're following some breaking news right now in camden county. a man is dead after the suv he was driving flipped, rolled and crashed into a pole. it happened before 4 a.m. in the northbound lanes of route 73 near cooper road and that's in vorhees township and police say a doctorate virtue ahospital was on her way to work when she saw the crash and stopped and called police. so far no word on what caused the driver to lose control. >> happening right now there is a man in custody after a police chase that happened overnight in kensington. this was just after midnight, there's the scene. 9th and lindley the man backed
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up and almost struck a police officer standing outside of the vehicle. that suspect crashed into a parked car at grands back and westmoreland. also new this morning, police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. officers came out to the scene on the 3300 block of north 13 street and just before 11 last evening and police say there was a man shot three times they are looking for the gunman. >> and at 7:05 this just in we've got new information this morning about a deadly crash in chester country. here's where it happened. right there along the route 30 bypass westbound in calm township near route 340 and four vehicles were involved in the crash and we know that one person was was killed and three others injured. no update on what caused the crash. state police are looking into whether alcohols with a factor in the accident. and in just a few hours from now friend and family will gaj to say final farewell to a
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new jersey teen killed in a crash just hours after prom. 15-year-old makayla mosley and dasia sulton were killed they crashed into a tree in morris township. two other girls were in the car and thankfully they survived. we're look for more information into what caused crash. funeral service for kayla will be held 11:00 union baptist church in bridgeton. >> a man is in custody after police say she point aid gun at them before barricading himself in an apartment in north philadelphia. sky fox up over the scene at 16 and alleghany just after 6:00 on friday evening. officers say they saw suspect in a stolen gray suv that tried to pull them over and when he allegedly got out of the car she shoved the officer and ran away. that started with foot chase south on 16 street. two officers that were after that suspect saw him pull a gun from his waist.
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they ordered him to drop it and say he pointed that weapon at them then. >> one officer discharged at that point three times at the male and did not strike him and the other officer did not fire due to the fact as you can see it's quite crowded out here. >> that suspect ran into an apartment building on 3100 block of 16 street where police say he forced himself into someone's first floor unit and barricaded barricadedself inside. police evacuated the building and negotiated with the suspect before the swat team ended up rushing in to get him out. he peacefully surrendered and they later determined the weapon he had was a fake gun, replica of a glock the same type of gun police carry. >> investigators are trying to figure out what happened to a blimp and what cause today to crash delaware avenue in philadelphia fishtown neighborhood. this was the scene after the commercial blimp lost at i attitude and crashed. the pilot and passenger bounced
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down in the construction zone near warehouse as long the river. >> the blimp had a hard landing and energy join problems and overheating and landed in northbound lanes and because it was still inflated it blew into the middle of delaware avenue and started to go around the pole right behind us. 26 district officer and fire broke out here right away and deflated the blimp. >> this is more complicated bays it happened during rush hour with heavy traffic on i 5 and delaware avenue. luckily no one was injured. new developments right now in the deadly egypt airplane crash we're learning about. french officials say smoke was detected in multiple places in the aircraft before it crashed in the mediterranean though the cause was unclear. smoke alarms were sounded before the deadly spiral. alarms point to a possible fire going into critical of aonic
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and computer system which control the plane. to find out what happened minute by minute the black box will need to be discovered aevrp brought in. that could be difficult. depth at that point of the mediterranean sea can be more than 10,000 feet and the whitehouse is offering more assistance. >> president directed his staff to make sure administration officials are reaching out to counterparts in both egypt and france and to stand up resources should she be requested. 66 people are believed to have died in the crash and investigators are being ing at terrorism as a possible cause but say that is only one hypothesis. inspiration ali vent going on today. we're remembering fallen heros in northeast philadelphia. we cannot wait to hear more information about it. >> they'll be getting register. we know lots of people are coming out hundreds lacing up sneakers to raise money for families of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. our jennie joyce up there mayfair right now this morning.
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>> good morning, jennie. >> good morning, karen, bill, certainly inspiration 58 and you know what's cool about this event. it has raised more than 50,000 for families of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty since this event was started 8 years ago. it is happening this morning. as you can see across the street we have starting line ready to go and people here beginning to set up. this event mayfair fallen heroes run kicks off 8:30 it will be followed by a full day of family fun with a car show, food, drinks and kickoff to the mayfair mayfair with craft, games and live music. today's event honors all our fallen heroes this year specifically the event honors live of fallen firefighter lieutenant robert neary one of two firefighters killed in the line of duty april 2012 while battling a five alarm warehouse fire in kensington and lieutenant neary has 20 years
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with the department and he was a philadelphia police officer and reservist in the army. neary left behind a wife and three children today. his life will be honored and remembered. this race again kicks off at 8:30 here at ryan and roland avenues followed by a street fair along frankford avenue in mayfair. karen, bill. >> thank you so much. jen. we appreciate. it we'll get more information later on. all right. karen. a special tony award. stared in a broadway musical hit musical and performing in old city down the street at the arden theater and did it all before she turned 14 years old. >> and local, from pennsylvania not too far away absolutely amazing we love the artist. we'll introduce you to this super star from our area and how she manages to do it all♪ . >> and some of us are healthy out there and changes are coming to just about everything you'll eat. what you'll see on food packages and why officials tell us this is a good thing.
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>> also on this saturday let us know what you're doing today. hopefully you get it done before it rains. send us pictures. maybe your kids are in basebal baseball. >> sear sucker constitutes and women's outfits for the preakness you. >> remember the hats that stick on the side of the head. >> remember the hats that stick on the side of the head. >> fasten ateer.
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♪ you are my fire♪ the one desire♪ . >> you want to sing along welcome back to "good day" now on this saturday. we're going to get some rain and we'll let you know in a moment when dave gives us the weather. taking a look at headlines now there's a church with a huge presence in the african-american community honoring the brave men and women who keep us safe. that is lucy know land there the mistress of ceremonies of law enforcement awards ceremony at e nontabernacle church in cedarbrook this morning it recognizes construction officers, probation, security and sheriff officers along with firefighters and very special award was gochb officer jessie hartnett for bravery when ambushed by a gunman in january. >> and in your health news this morning. big changes coming to just about everything you eat on friday the whitehouse and food
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and drug administration announced guidelines for nutrition facts label you see on food. you look at label the revamped label is part of michelle obama let's move initiative aiming to get young people healthier this is first time nutrition facts label changed since initially released 20 years ago. joining us this morning to help make sense of it all, registered dietitian and nutritionist ash my nashru. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. >> we heard a lot about nutrition and labeling and what have you now they make the changes do you think before we get to specific will it make impact on people's choices going forward. >> i'm excited fda finalized new and improved nutrition labels because people it will help people make informed decision about food choices they're making so they can start improving their nutrition and lifestyle habits and in my practice one of nutrition
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concept labelel reading is what do i with client and when i educate and complain to them different sections of the label what they mean to the house and lifestyle goals. i feel it will make a big difference in people's lifestyle, health and nutrition goals. >> admit it i'm one of the people that looks at labels. let pull up the label. first now this is the old one. okay. so you still have everything listed there. you can see calories and fat but it's all kind of blended in together. >> exactly. >> let's pull up the new one to see some of changes. the first thing i see tell me why it's important calories, boom. just glaring at you. >> and the calories and serving sizes are highlighted. and because the reason why highlighted is because they make important element in helping people make informed food decision so that's the reason they're highlighted. >> you talked about calories we all get calories. one of the things that used to irritate me you go and see on
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the side however many calories and serving size is about this big. >> that small. >> and there's 15 servings per container they're addressing that can we pull the label back up? they're addressing that as well. serving size will be changed as well. it will be more realistic based on how much people eat in one sitting and people are obviously eating more than they did back when the nutrition labels came out a long time ago so the serving size will be readdressed as well. >> nobody buys a bag of chips and eats havt bag because that's serving size you. >> know what nrael have two columns per saevshing and per package for calories and nutrition information. two columns. if people decide they want to eat a bag of chips which i don't recommend anyway. >> me neither just an example. >> if they want to eat a bag of chips or pint of ice cream they have that information how much calories and other nutrition they're getting from eating a whole bag of chips and just one
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serving size. >> they'll also focus on sugars and several other things. you think this will make a difference and together we're happy about this. >> they're going to include added sugars line in this new label so that people understand how much extra added sugar is there from product. >> it's a good thing we'll get healthy. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> appreciate you coming n dave this will be interesting. i disagree i recommend eating pint of ice cream find helmy and know calories and sugar and all that things. >> that's why they put it big and bold on the spread mill. >> now you didn't make it nearly as fun. >> how about the weather there, dave? >> it's cloudy and look at wilmington now. it's big and bold cloudy sky. very little sunshine out there. that's how we start the day. the rain will try to move in. this is picture from last night. enjoy the nice night we have rain coming in. what about time.
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looks heavier later in the day. did you catch the sun dogs last night. these are the clouds approaching a head of the storm. produces that nice little phenomenon there with setting sun. here's rain on radar. harrisburg through baltimore looks like a lot. it looks like it's moving in. the last few hours you can see it starts to break up just a bit. as it pushes east. and so it looks like this area of rain will try to breakp a bit. we'll see light passing showers this morning. steadier, heavier rain comes in later today and it's right now lancaster county moving to western berks country wet there and light rain and future weather computer shows two areas we're watching. one storm over ohio and next one developing off the coast of virginia and that is the big one. that brings ul all the rain and enhances here over the afternoon and evening. it breaks up just a bit. passing showers between now and three. but by 3 to 6:00 say that's the rain filling in. heavy at times. it's just a solid air of rain
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allentown to south of philadelphia and delaware and start to break up a bit overnight tonight. by tomorrow we're not completely dry. you could wake up to a shower. breaks in the clouds that will create passing showers. not a large area of rain. but going from rain to showers tomorrow. maybe even a thunderstorm. temperatures cool today. with cool north east wind barely climbing above 60 and drop to 50s overnight tonight and here it comes the nice change temperatures climbing back up to upper 60s by tomorrow with passing showers and sunshine. 0s in the 7 day forecast. back to you dave. i'll show you what's coming up in a little bit. >> something to look forward t to. >> we'll get through the rain. >> tieing the knot a couple with terminal cancer getting married in center city tomorro tomorrow. >> there's make a wish that helps children. they have wish upon a wedding to help this couple have a wonderful ceremony that they will be celebrating and we'll be there and meet them coming up. >> and plus, six pack that
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could help save the environmen environment. take a look at that. you're seeing beer. there's something else about it that is a major change that will help save us. >> why didn't we think of this sooner and why didn't we invent it. >> here's your lucky winning it. >> here's your lucky winning lottery numbers.
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>> phillys are holding firm to second spot in nl east and they should have no problem with the last place braves. not so fast. 7 inning phils down 3-1. bite my 2-1 hot to left field. phils go ton lose 7-1 and sixers continue drab workouts yesterday st. joe isaiah miles getting a look and really about that number one overall selection and all the team will do to make sure they get the right choice. >> multiple people that you look through and managers to teammate to team manager and to a you know other scouts, it's extensive.
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>> my choice brandon ingram. let's get it done. that's sports in a minute. let's get it done. that's sports in a minute. i'm shawn with with >> welcome back right now
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it's 7:28 in the morning where are you going this morning.
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see all the cars there. let us know what you're up to and if you have celebrations in your life. you can send us pictures. and in the news right now police are continuing to look for a man they say stole a car and rammed it into a willistown police cruiser. police say the suspect is tie rel winchester on friday authorities searched all over ridley state creek park that's the suspect where he crashed on the park and ran into the woods there. the officer in the cruiser was not injured. >> and pennsylvania's environmental protection secretary has resigned after governor tom wolf office said it was looking into email he sent from private address and the governor confirmed john quigly resignation and didn't explain the reasons behind. it it came hours after the governor officer disclosed inquiry into the email sent to advocacy groups. >> three mayors walked into elevator and this is not a jok joke. they all got stuck. it happened out pittsburgh
7:30 am
mayor bill tweeted this out he was at the convention center with mayors of other towns in alleghany county and all of a sudden they got stuck. bigger problem cell phones whether or not working one of the standed passengers worked at the hotel and had a walky talky and got help and the fire department came and rescued them. it is time for rittenhouse row spring festival highly anticipated in center sent center city walnut between broad and 19 and what a day it is with music, outdoor shoppin shopping, fashion events. food from fine restaurants and it's a very fashionable event. do we need to bring our fancy rain coat dave? >> rain coats and hats yes between noon and five when we'll see more rain coming in. it looks like a lot right now. but this will stay off to the west right now.
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this will fall apart a bit. storms winding up off the coast of virginia. this is rain pushing to western suburbs and we'll see that develop now and start to break up a bit as it boosts east. trying to come down in dover. trying to move through berks country all through lancaster county and as it moves east we'll see it break into a few showers. that changes between noon and 3bg as this large area of rain just begins to develop and move over the area as that storm develops over the coast of virginia and here it is between 3 and 5 and then comes a little steadier between 5 and 10:00 tonight mainly rain is coming in later this afternoon and this evening. heavy at times. especially south and cooler temperatures upper 50s now climbing up to 60 degrees here. just into the upper mid to low 60s. we have 8 0s in the 7 day forecast that is coming up in a bit. >> thanks so much a diagnosis of colon cancer is not stopping
7:32 am
one couple from getting married their wedding will take place thanks to an organization called wish upon a wedding. let's look at engagement photos lonnie and karen there they are so cute they knew each other 16 years and got reconnected four, five years ago on facebook. soon after, lonnie got ill with colon cancer. the couple learned about this organization wish upon a wedding when watching "good day" and tomorrow is the big day for them. they're joining the knot they're live in our studio good morning, guys. >> congratulations on the wedding thank you. >> so how did this help you guys in terms of having this wedding to have this group be able to provide some of the events space and everything. >> it helped us out a lot, whole lot. we couldn't have did it without them. >> yeah. >> with all the resources and with everybody, us seeing with you all you know they're really helping out a lot. >> what does it mean for you. >> it means so much to me i get
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to be with with lonnie for a lifetime and this is a good opportunity for me and him to continue our road to happiness. >> what was it like when you get a diagnosis and it's not the within you want and you want to keep planning for a future. >> it's like a truck hit you. >> uh-huh. >> and it just took me down for a minute. it was hard to get back up. it was hard to pick myself back up. it's a lot of therapy and group sessions and working with the doctors and being up front with everything so we can get everything organized and situated the way we needed to. but it was mainly like a truck just smacking you off the road you know? >> what's it like to be with karen now and have something to look forward to and this. >> it's a lot of pleasure for my life. we're very grateful and thankful for her. she's been really patient with me you know being by my side
7:34 am
you know somebody that's going through something life eternal or something real ill you need that support. you need it. you know? and without her, i don't know how things would have been. it would not have been the same. >> how do you feel about this. what did you see in lonnie when you reconnected with him and met him. >> when we first got together and reconnect today was love at first sight. we knew from the beginning it was going to be forever. >> awe. >> we wish you so much luck. >> i need hugs i want to give you hugs. >> best of luck. >> thank you. >> i'll give you hugs in a minute. we'll try to be there tomorrow. we hope you have a wonderful wedding and all the days you have to celebrate. as wul very all have never know. >> thank you so much for sharing your story. >> that was one of my wishes was for this to happen. i'm extremely happy and grateful for this happening.
7:35 am
it was definitely a blessing for me. it brought me up a lot. >> it really was. >> it took me from being so down and brought my spirits back up to know this is happening. >> wow we wish you so many policings and we'll all be pra praying for you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we'll put more information about wish upon a wetting or our web site. bill, over to you. >> you guys are a blessing and you have karen crying for the first time. >> always a good thing. as we transitionally bill bit. we love our pets. some people pet people just how close you really want to get to the feline friend and new invention that has some people like myself little creeped out and raising their eyebrows and plus, how this six pack we're talking about beer, how this six pack could save the environment. karen says why didn't i think of this before. great idea. we'll till about. great idea. we'll till about. it
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connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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>> taking 'look at allentown. i love the way the cameras show us that it looks good out there. >> the mountains in the background. >> good morning. we hope the rain hold off until you get stuff done. let's talk about the things people are discussing. >> she tells women's health
7:39 am
magazine she lost 12 pounds. >> she's very skuny. >> when they film movies she's filming x men the apocalypse. she's on the new cover of one of these health mag sdeepz worked out every day and changed diet to eating basically only fruits and conveniently tables 80% and 20% of whatever that comes out may 27. all i ate fruits and vegetables and worked out every single day all of us could lose twelve pounds seriously. my producer said unless the other 20% is beer which in my case it is. >> moving on. allen young that played straight man wilbur to talking horse mr. ed pass aid away. young had a busy acting career starring in "the time machine" and voicing character scooj mc duck and best known for talking to a horse in the cbs sits come from 1961 to 1966 allen young was 96 years old.
7:40 am
good life. >> trending now we've been talking about this all morning and it's possibly because of karen's interest in beer. delays new plan to save the environment. >> this is brilliant happened in florida why a brewery said it invented way to keep nasty plastic six pack holders from hurting animals. >> salt water brewery came one edible six pack rings made with spent barly and grains brewers use to make the beer it's saving brewers money as well that means they're biodegradable and compostable. the company says many people do not cut the plastic six pack rings which keep animals from getting stuck in them but may stibl even these special rings can feed animals and the company calls their invention a first in the beer world. does this make you feel better about your consumption. fy drink a six pack of beer
7:41 am
i'll eat it you. >> might. >> after a six pack of beer. >> can they make nacho cheese flavor? >> they get stuck around turtles heads and can kill the turtles. i don't buy cans there's a couple brandy started to because they're tasty and have wonderful summer sample variety coming in the cans. how do you say it lincolnhofr. >> they have summer shantyes. >> i buy those in cans everything else bottle i think this is brilliant and all beer manufacturers should come out with this. >> it's nice we brought it back to the topic rather that our own beer preference. >> speaking of sea life i can not wait for this movie sequel to finding neem owe called finding dory huge hit this summer. >> sintists say they're worried why a sdiz any movie could lead toe major environmental problems.
7:42 am
>> and also it's second chance for more than a dozen business owners after that massive fire. so what is making that owners after that massive fire. so what is making that renaissance all possible. . >> and we love hearing from you good morning michael salute to truth mission barbecue in deptford. good morning, michael and kaya. >> thanks for accepteding this in look at my nephew fly for his prom. look at him looking good. if you have any prom pictures, graduation pictures. share them with us and use our graduation pictures. share them with us and use our #fox29goodday.
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>> fish are friends not food but finding neem owe may be doing more harm than good the sequel could put fish in danger how? apparently when the first movie came out finding neem owe in maybe everybody wanted to get a clown fish because they were cute. finding doory is about a special blue tank fish and more rain. scientists are concerned the movie could trigger a decline in both clown fish and blue tanks in nature because tons of people will buy them to put in their tanks to put up with demand. the message of the movie is fish belong in the ocean not in your tank. we'll see what happens. >> that got deep for a movie
7:46 am
comingy coming out. i hope that happens. >> kids see it it's like neem and doory. >> parents go no because the fish is rare you can not have that get a gold fish. >> good morning sea to sea and to new jersey it looks kind of ew down there dave. >> looks yucky there. winds pick up later today. yes the weather scale is down to bottom here. phillies playing today. 1:00. tomorrow 1:00. outdoor activities blah and awful today and try to get better tomorrow. main reason we have rain coming in. notice later today. maybe a little sunshine tomorrow. showers in the forecast. so steadier rain is slowly moving in. don't let this scare you yet. a lot of rain just to the west falls apart as it moves east we have a few light showers holding together and looks like majority rain will be later this afternoon and this evenin evening. few showers working their way to delaware. lancaster county and reading
7:47 am
seeing that light rain in western side of county there all of lancaster county and few showers picked up there just to the east. it's a big storm system. one area of low pressure ohio and other off the coast of virginia and that's one in vir sir that will intensify and slide up the coast and bring in rain with. it here it is rain developing 3 to 6 steady and heavy at times especially south. this whole area works its way through and we could wake up to rain tomorrow morning and it will start to break up. there's breaks in clouds that's a little sunshine peeking through there. temperatures warmer and we could see showers and maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoo afternoon. so we'll look at this rain later today cooler breeze em. temperatures stay down 60 for high temperature. showers linger sunday. not stayedry rain. gets warmer. temperatures into the upper 50s climbing to mid to low 60s. 7 day forecast has a nice bump up in temperatures not until
7:48 am
end this coming week here. we have showers and thunderstorms today, tomorrow, even tuesday and maybe a few lingering by late tuesday afternoon. monday and tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, dry. look at numbers. 82, 83, 5. so our warmer weather returns and timely back above average we'll see that first 0 degree temperature we the end of the forecast. >> i still have a tough time complaining about forecasts with 80s. >> nobody likes complaining any way. nobody want to listen. we have to deal with it. >> be happy this story creeping me out i have to be honest. every now and then we hear about a story that makes you say what the and you put in hash tag this is one of the stories. >> new device not for sale yet take a look. >> come on. >> it's called a licky brush. cats kleem themselves by looking themselves you can help your cat and help them by looking them you put it on your
7:49 am
own tongue without making contact with the animal you groom your cat it fits in the mouth like a pacifier this has to be a bad joke this is not straight face it's ridiculous i'm cuddling with my cat. we have a lot of cat people out there. happy caterday. >> even the cat is look agent him like for real, seriously. brush would have been fine. i don't need you all up in myspace. ew. >> do you have any cats. >> no, no,. >> ever have a cat. >> no, i probably will never have a cat or one of those. >> i had a cat for a while. never do that. i inherlted t i would never do that. i hope there's none of the really involved cat people out there who are sitting there going that looks like a great idea. >> there may be whenever we say something we're offending somebody. let us know what you think use
7:50 am
#fox29goodday. >> that's creepy. >> all right we have a question for you have any spare change in your pocket you will have to get rid of it the old fashioned way what do they mean? >> they're not going to count it for you anymore. td bank is getting rid of penny arcade machine for good and how you can still get your coins counted and for free not all is lost. >> and interest due duceing you to a kid from our area she sta starred in hit broadway musical like best show of the entire year and now performing at the arden theaterner old city. all this and she's not -- just turned 14 i think yesterday was her birthday. we'll introduce you to this super star from our area♪ don't you dare look back♪ super star from our area♪ don't you dare look back♪ keep your eyes on me♪
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>> it's time now for fox 29 am least of the week. today we want to introduce to you baseball super star from montgomery country. here's fox 29 junior reporter treacy yosko. >> sophomore pitcher joan after frankl climbs the title for this week's high school athlete of the week. >> joan after came in as freshman last year and had a good work ethic and he improved
7:54 am
that this year and last year and sophomore year and he's starting to be leader of pitching program. >> leader, not bad for a player not still old enough to drive himself to and from the field. but he is still asked to face off against other players months from enrolling in college. >> it's like facing any other batter. you get first pitch strikes against them and get them out it doesn't make a difference to me. >> frankl's confidence may be due to the fact work ethic consistent and training year round. >> it's outing as pitcher just being a sophomore and having pitched the most innings for us last year as freshman that shows -- gives you an idea of how much work he puts in to be this consistent. >> i can always get them with my pitch and change-up and there's a wall wack there it's fun to pitch to him he backs me up. >> we start off every game and
7:55 am
set tempo for league. he likes to run a quick game and get into a good rhythm it throws teams off balance. >> frankle's passion for baseball started at 2 nankz to his father. when he was old enough he joined travel team and spent years traveling up and down east coast with parents playing against some of the best competition around. >> they're huge supporters and motivation and especially when in low times when i'm not feeling as confident in hiself. they're always there when i get home to motivate me and keep me going. >> most young athletes have a challenge with time management. but frankl understands the importance of both academics and baseball he has a 3.9 gpa and leads team in wins, innings pitched, era and strikeouts. not bad for a high schooler still two years from senior prom. on behalf of fox 29 "good day" weekend congratulations jonah for being this week's high
7:56 am
school athlete of the week. >> thank you. >> thanks and congratulations jonah. if you have someone you want to nominate as high school athlete of the week tweet us or post "fox29" facebook page. make sure you use the #fox29goodday. >> let the job searches begin class of 2016 out in the real world resume dos and don't to help stand out and second chance for more than a dozen business owners after a massive fire what made rebuilding all possible? >> and let's take a look at comments from mary i'm a big cat person and no, i would not even do that talking about that ridiculous licky brush thing. >> and con grat to the jada for earning orange belt at amer amerikick nephilly.
7:57 am
>> is that a birthday how do you celebrate 8 months. >> certainly you celebrate every month. >> certainly you celebrate every month. >> happy 8 months jackson
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> this morning on "good day" new details emerging about the deadly egypt airplane crash and what officials say happened moments before the jet went down. >> and also change in your pocket. you have to get rid of it the old fashion way. td bank says we're getting rid of penny arcade machines for good and how they say you can get coins counted and for free.
8:00 am
>> and it's a second chance for more than a dozen business owners after a massive fire we'll tell what you made it all possible. >> good saturday to all uv right now joining us for 8:00 hour. >> hi bill anderson. >> good morning, good morning dave warren. >> it's holding up. gray out. there no heavy rain yet. >> nice weather out of the way yesterday. it's weekend time time to bring the rain. looks like rain could hold off until a little later. >> hopefully all i care about memorial weekend next weekend will it be all right? >> lets go to next weekend. >> get through this weekend. >> i need to know about that one. >> warmer. >> that's good start. >> not warmer today in sea isle city. wind coming up over the ocean. not a pleasant day there and you factor in the rain. looking good here today. lot of event trying to get in
8:01 am
here with all the rain moving in. here's another one with sue and wendy. >> this is great 'vent happening the suburbs and king of prussia to be exact you see wendy and farmers outfit that's because it's time for upper merion farmers market and celebrating the opening day of 7th season with a chicken barbeque all fun happens 9:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon 175 west valley forge road king of prussia dave hope you're harvesting weather. >> vaedz are sowed for rain coming n look like a lot of rain. i like timing 9 to 1 this rain holds off or slow le pushes into western suburbs and western suburb herbs see the rain first. last few hours tries to work its way in breaksp a bit. the storm developing south could hold off all steady rain until later this afternoon. still see light rain in delaware. western suburbs there in berks
8:02 am
county and chester county and they're trying to see the rain push n right now it's mostly lancaster and western berks county. few showers developing to the east of that. this is where it is now. this is where it picked up by the computer forecast. 9:00. look what happens here between 9 and say 3 or 4:00. a lot this rain sort of breaks up and pushes south. storm off coast of virginia winds up and works its way north and brings rain back with it and it will be heavy at times between 3 and 9:00 tonight and still continuing overnight tonight but beginning to taper off just a bit so 50s rights now only climbing into the mid to upper 50s or lower 60s and there's 62 temperature by 2:00 and heavier rain 6:00 and heaviest rain south. we'll talk about a few showers tomorrow. as we mentioned earlier memorial day weekend next weekend we have warmer temperatures in the forecast. that's coming up. >> 8:02 happening now a man is
8:03 am
in cust i can after a police chase in kensington happened midnight nineth and lindley and the man backed up and almost hit a police officer standing outside a vehicle. the many eventually crashed into a parked car grand wack and westmoreland. >> also new this morning police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. officers responded to the 3300 block of north 13 street before 11:00 yesterday evening. police say the man was shot three times. they're searching for the gunman. >> it's 8:30 3 we had a terrible crash in dudly yesterday one person died four more injured in a crash chester county. 9:30, 30 bypass. state police say they're trying to figure out whether alcohol may have played a factor in that crash. >> and scary situation in north philadelphia and man in custody after police say he point aid gun at them before barricading himself inside a north philly
8:04 am
apartment and sky fox flew over the area 16 andal gapey just after 6:00 friday evening officers say they spotted suspect in a stolen gray suv and tried pull him over when he allegedly got out of car. shoved officer and took off running and that started a foot chase south on 16 street and police say two officers chasing the suspect saw him pull a grup his waist they ordered him to drop it and he then pointed the gun at them. >> one officer does discharge at that point three times at the male and did not strike him and the other officer did not fire due to the fact as you can see it's quite crowded out her here. >> a suspect ran into apartment building 3100 block of 16 street where police say he forced himself into someone's first floor apartment and barricaded himself inside and they evacuated building and began negotiating with the suspect before swat rushed in and they do say the suspect peacefully surrendered and
8:05 am
police later determined the weapon he had was replica of glock the same type of gun police officers themselves carry. >> we have breaking news right now. new developments we're taking a look at the very first photos just released by he jiption military they put them out on spokesperson's facebook page it shows heavily damaged plane seats and life jackets one looks undamaged one life jacket and scrap of cloth looks to be part of baby blanket or sleeping bag. human toll 66 people on board when that egypt flight 804 crashed into med ter apeian cairo toe paris and they found debris in eastern mediterranean 180 miles north of alexandria. we'll stay on top of that developing situation.
8:06 am
>> they had smoke in the mraep as well that went into a spiral and crashed. they learned developments of the fire. the mediterranean can be deep. many countries are helping to try toy find the black boxes. >> president directed his staff to make sure administration officials are reaching out to counterparts in egypt and france and to stand up resources should they be requested. >> investigators are looking at terrorism as a possible cause because of trajectory of the plane how it plummeted and it's only one hypothesis at this point. >> big advance plan to remember fallen heroes because of weather there may be changes to it later on. >> out to jennie to find out what is going on. there's people out. there. look a packed crowd jennie. >> i know expecting 3 to 400 people today and they're making announcements now. registration is underway.
8:07 am
3 to 400 runners and walkers at the mayfair fallen heroes 5 k kicking off at 8:30 the event is hoping to raise thousands of dollars which benefits police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. today's event honors all fallen heros and this year specifically event honors lie of fallen firefighter robert neary one of two philadelphia firefighters killed in the line of duty april 2012 while battling five alarm warehouse battle in kensington. lute neary had 38 years with the department prior to firefighter he was philadelphia police officer and service in army. he left behind a wife and three children. today and every day his life will be honored and remembered. >> well after the run what we do is have awards ceremony we do a nice plaque and give family a plaque and afterwards if you look down there and take a picture of it we have a memorial up there and everyon
8:08 am
everyone's name from every year goes up there. be it police officer or firema fireman. >> have fun today. >> so the race kicks off 8:30 down the street ryan and roland avenues. unfortunately we have sad news because of the rain the mayfair has been cancelled for today. unfortunately hundreds of -- fortunately hundred retdz showing up for the race. >> they could dot run and race for fun for those individuals. thank a lot, jeepy. >> along awaited grand reope reopening is set today and comes 18 months after that massive fire at the columbus farm marks in burlington opportunity to country. the actual cause unknown. 11 of 60 stores went up in smoke that day. today eight new stores and five restaurants now sit in building four where the fire began. the new steel building features arcade for kid, higher ceilings and more square footage store owners say it was a long, slow
8:09 am
and uncertain come back. >> it was a nightmare. full of uncertainty. a lot of questions why this happened and how will we survive and pay bills and what do we do every day. >> did you doubt you would reopen. >> we didn't know what we would do. >> most opened a few months ag ago. this party include fun for kids, prices and special officers at all of the stores. >> aim a changed person. >> are you really? >> i do i don't like carrying it every day i take all my change out of my pocket and put it in a jar and i normally would go to a bank. >> we can't do that anymore. >> we'll tell what you bank it is we cannot have a pep any machine but you can get rid of your money have it all counted up for free we'll explain. >> and also we're going to tell you how to have resumes for your kids or for yourself so you can stand out and get jobs
8:10 am
you want. >> you sound like you're looking forward to saying that. this tweet from kathy, no rain mr. dave. dave warren it's her birthday party today. you can't rain on her party. >> i have a birthday party today at 4:00 dave we have to get that all cleaned up. let's look at this comment. beautiful picture here. keith is our floor director you can tell by hash tag happy fourth birthday alley you are our sunshine love mom, dad and brady. look at that picture. brady. look at that picture. well done.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> good morning, trenton new jersey thanks for starting your day with "good day philadelphia". we hear bruce in the background. >> you know why we're playing bruce mr. new jersey man. >> why? >> he has a concert in the fall and tickets went on sale what happened? >> sold out. >> he said i'm the boss i'll add a second show. details about that coming up as well. >> tickets for that will go on sale next week. >> td bravrping is officially getting rid of popular penny arcade popular counting machin
8:14 am
machine. td us is spended service after media report identified inaccuracies in the machines under counting coins. td will continue to accept prerolled koypz for deposit from retail businesses and non profit customers no additional charge and provide free coin wrappers. >> happening today. people are getting all fancy because we're having a big party there in northern liberties. here's pictures preakness at the piazza and get dolled up have a good time and mingle and look good doing it and support a good cause. all money raised goes to ms society to fund multiple sclerosis research. guess who will be there alex holly having a fun time there she's one of the hosts and appeared in the great music video they did to get people hyped up for the great event. we have founder and cochair preakness at the piazza and committee member sheila buddah.
8:15 am
thank you for having us. >> what i awonderful success this turned out to be. let's start with this jeff. it's going to reign and i look fabulous what will we do. >> well i have to tell you ms does not go away and symptoms don't stop there's no cure yet. so rain, sleet, snow we go on until the mission is ak mrishtd and we want to is a world free of ms. we have enough tent to cover event and more and heaters and lights that's going to be great. >> that's the word i wanted to hear tent, heaters and lights. >> my best friend was diagnosed six years ago i decided to get involved and we wanted to plan great outdoor event like attire is the theme so there's nothing like in in philadelphia we raised over 350,000 to date and going for another 200,000 this year. >> this is personal for you. >> yes. >> explain. >> i actually got diagnosed diagnose with ms this day first
8:16 am
ms player 2013 went to hospital on may 20 and for me i hiber nated an entire year. it's like the rain you can either stay inside or do what you have to do to make it and get out in the rain i'm holistic healer and healing m myself to get things going and i 2015 preakness was first time i went out after getting diagnosed it was a huge emotional thing for me i thought i want to be a part of this i feel as though this is how the world will change. it's beautiful event. everyone is having fun and everyone there is part of world changing and part of cure for ms. so that's why i thought this is what i want to be and do i'm not going to sit around and say there's no cure. there's just no cure yet. >> we're trying to raise money why are you involved. >> my grandmother has ms. everyone in our committee
8:17 am
people are personally connect the. you know someone, friend, family members, have ms and we're trying to in the music video we're calling it world free of ms. there's 15,000 people in the delaware valley living with ms we're trying to make our difference and every year we raised at least 100,000 at this event. >> say that again. >> over 100,000 every year. >> so far we have best attendance to date and more sponsors than we ever had. we have new features and fashion contest as you can tell everybody gets decked out, best shoes, best outfit, best coupl couple. >> can people come if they want to come. >> you can buy tickets online until noon today, $75, and $80 at the door and there's plenty of room and we're looking forward to a great night. >> it's a great job for so many people.
8:18 am
thank you for m coming in. for anyone looking for something to do. if you're 20s, single, want to mingle and have fun. >> 30s. >> good to me. >> dave car ep over to you. >> checking out the waerp hoping it gets better. forecast better at least. this is what it looks like ben frank len bridge. traffic out there. no rain yet. that changes later today. one of many events happening not only today but all weekend. here's one from ardmore. >> this is chris parella hoener of hard ardmore music hall getting ready for weekend festival live from the lot featuring snark jury puppy revivalist and other jazz and function vans and today we know will be a wash so we're improving indoors and on sunday we'll be here in ardmore. dave you can tell us about it. >> hoping for better weather tomorrow. event wept indoors.
8:19 am
23 east building we know well 58 degrees notice tomorrow a few showers we have sunshine. we're not looking at steady rain. i can not promise a dry someda someday. but there will be a littleit bit of sunshine and showers. not the rain we're talking about today here it is this is the first area of rain we're watching. very heavy. looks just to the west here it's trying to push east and break ago part and could actually fall apart here later this morning as storm off coast of virginia develops. in reading, lancaster, western berks, lancaster county seeing main it's been seeing it the last few hours and as it does so it falls apart between the computer forecast between nine and noon. it's not until say 4 or 5:00 rain nilz again and gets heavy at times continuing to 11,
8:20 am
11:00. it's delayed a bit. for the afternoon and evening dealing with rain some heavy at times especially south. temperatures lime mid to lowp as we got a little more sunshine we're upper 60s. close to 70. we warm back up a bit and this trend cop tips in the 7 day forecast. numbers in the mid to low 60s. some of that rain heavy at times and later south and east temperatures into the 50s. 20 warmner the 7 day forecast. i'll show you which days coming 20 warmner the 7 day forecast. i'll show you which days coming up when we come back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> welcome back. >> good morning. >> you know "good day", us, we're give ago way a car this summer. >> i heard something about that. probably the best gift we've given away on the show how exciting takes car. every friday all summer long we're coming to a town near yo you. >> next friday 27th we're coming to ocean city. yesterday in doylestown. get ready you can sign up to win a brand new mazda cx 9 all you have to do is head to and click on contest on the home page. >> we'll pick a finalist once a
8:24 am
week and final show at the end of the summer we have a give aaway and you go no a brand new cars. >> that was my vanna white. >> if nothing else to say you could win a car. make sure you're out there with us and enter. oklahoma governor is one of the most pro-life govern nors in the entire country. >> why did she veto abortion bill. why she said it could not be signed into law. >> and check out lottery numbers. >> and check out lottery numbers. you can be a big winner.
8:25 am
♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪
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8:27 am
. >> name that group karen hess. >> it's a cool, cool summer. >> you made me blank on it. >> banana ramma. >> 100% you were embarrassed. >> i waited for shawn to say it. >> we'll show you shawn in a second. man on the set is totally embarrassed by that one. top stories, let's of headlines to get to. president obama trying to turn up the heat on congress to pass legislation to fight the zika virus.
8:28 am
researchers need time to develop the vaccine and states need time to ramp up mosquito control programs but some are here and we're having cases this is months keets owe born virus that can cause serious birth defects. >> oklahoma governor mary fallen veto as i bill to make take felony to perform abortions bill sponsor said he wrote legislation with sole person us of overturning the 1973 decision that localized abortion. he is republican that opposes abortion and she says measure passed yesterday is vague and would not withstand a legal challenge. >> there's a man from pennsylvania in the hospital after he was shot by u.s. secret service officials say he refused to drop a weapon while standing outside the whitehouse yesterday afternoon. officials say his name is jessie oliveri from ash land in school till country and had a gun and didn't put it down when he was ordered to and secret service shot him and he's alive
8:29 am
in critical condition the whitehouse was put on lockdown and the president was not in the white house at the time. >> and here's ultimate doppler radar there's the rain we're talking about now. a lot starts to break apart as it pushes east. this is just a first wave. secondary rain will heat us definitely comes in later. you can see light rain coming down across delaware dell. few counties there. lancaster county and western berks county and rain coming down with a few spots moving to chester county and upper montgomery county and here it s computer forecast pick it up and breaks it apart as they try to move in later this morning. by this afternoon. as watching off the coast of virginia lifts north it brpingz a lot of rain with it and looks like more events an a light passing shower and there's a lot of rain coming in between 5 and 11:00 tonight. afternoon and evening will be dealing with rain. some heavy at times.
8:30 am
50s now. only climbing into the upper 50s lower 60s. temperatures not moving much. it will be a cool day and bit of breeze developing especially later and that along the coast can pick up. whipped gust 30, 40 miles an hour 60s top out 6 only flee or four warmer than now and rain hev yes at time and especially south. warmer weather comes in for 7 day forecast. those numbers coming your way in a bit. >> thanks, dave. >> thank you very much. let's talk sports. phillies been on a bit of roll and had a tough time against the braves last night. fis 7-1 at home we'll talk fill liz and union and 130r9s and philly >> good morning city of whipers. we talked about the phillies there and hey earlier this week they were in first place it's about the city of winners right now. >> we were talking about this. karen and i talked about. it event with fill liz earlier
8:31 am
this week. great bunch of guys and they don't seem to know they're not supposed to be this good. can attitude get you this far. >> that's fun knit one thing that hits me about these guys they had success aa level and single a level and earlier than that and for them to come up and get to the bright spotlight i imagine that is smxingt at the end of the day winning probably nothing to these guys now. >> you do you think it's coaching all we did was lose, lose, lose and now they're doing enough to squeak on by. one little run catches us in. >> matter of fact the number of people across the major league landscape said absolutely manager of the year so far. i don't know who you put second at this point in time i have to agree with that and this was going back to looingt year where i thought they should on it up. i didn't think they should hand it to pete and give him an opportunity to be head coach they did and that was right call somebody knows what they're doing there. >> young guys extending career careers, howard seems like he's
8:32 am
having fun with these guys. >> having fun but not pechbing. >> there's got to be an answer with ryan howard has to happen soon. he's batting .164 or .167 i think something needs to be done write the check. i'm not saying we don't appreciate everything ryan howard has done for the franchise. all that. the guy had a four year stretch unbelievable. at this point in time 2016 time to let go. >> we would be happy if we were doing that. >> she speak for the first time this week. >> yes he did. >> after all this. >> boohoo. >> woa is me press conference. >> first thing that hits me goes back to the initial trade chip kelly made two years ago when he brought them aand they brought in the second round pick. 80% of eagles fans wanted nothing to do with bradford at the time. he flames on agent. tom told me to gets a trade. it's about business. at the end of the day i didn't
8:33 am
like the press conference i could have done without it. >> here's a weiner again. >> i don't they we ever fell in love with him like as a city you tried to follow him on facebook and twitter. >> we're philly want you to fight through with the city. >> mediocre quarter back at best. >> before we wrap you're a union fan sgln first place philadelphia union city of winners yes last night huge victory at the stadium late goal 90 plus minute. philadelphia union it's incredible watch next home game june 1 you. >> make me want to go check it out. >> and sixers with ben simmonds one overall city of winners. >> we're winners. >> we have fingers crossed on that one. 8:33 the time. >> college class of 2016 probably looking for jobs right now and of course we want to help. >> no one want to you get a job more than your parents who want
8:34 am
to you get off their couches. let's start with resume dos and don't as we cash in. . >> 1.6 million new college grads pounding favorment. they need what. >> resume. >> had surf shop there and. >> and how about a few tips to get that first job. >> how does it work. >> from time to time people ask me to look at their kids' resumes and i notice a lot of lol or like texting speak in a resume. i send it back. i thought it was no good. >> 40% hiring managers say there's one error they toss to recycling bin. watch your grammar. next make sure you highlight any unusual experiences or skills that sprawt from rest of pack for example you speak several languages. >> put it on your resume looks
8:35 am
good. >> and on my internal i interview football players and get through entertainment things and dealt with politicians. >> time for novel one page that's what you need. >> jen what do you think most important skill is hiring managers are looking for in job applicants. >> people skills. >> pretty close 48% say people skills and 42% say problem solving skills. you want to talk about a up terp shl you completed make it look like you accomplished something. >> that makes sense. >> no texting or lol anything like that keep concise you know i'm in tv people need to know you. >> know this guy bill anderson resume sdaeringt too many colors who wants to see the photo bill good guy lousy resume. photo bill good guy lousy resume. next we're washing out.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
>> shout out reading pennsylvania. >> you know who this is. >> michelle branch♪ . >> be extra nice. if you go out to dinner have a little extra cash. working hard to do that. if you have pictures maybe you're a water or waitress
8:39 am
brighten you a little bit. >> were you ever a water. >> no. >> i just understand the fact people are working hard for a tip and i appreciate service. >> were you ever a water. >> i never made it out of the kitchen i was dishwasher, never made it to the front of the office. >> front of the story should say. >> that's good to know. >> talk about bed times now. many famous expressions one is early to bed early to rise and makes a man healthy and experts say for kids it's sdpernlly true. research shows what time a kid goes to sleep is linked to how much sleep he or she actually gets. it makes sense. >> it does make sense. >> along the same line kids that go to bet bed later take long to fall asleep. those that go to bed ten people sleep 40 minute longer than those that go to bed at midnight. >> 30% of kids under 11 and
8:40 am
more than half of these teens get less sleep than recommende recommended, 10:00. >> so in summary we could have done that study and told you that if you go to bed earlier there are more hours left available hence you will sleep longer. >> what time do your kids go to bed. >> depends if we give them mel tone in. >> you don't really do that. >> i'm kidding no i'm kidding. >> sometimes people don't know if you're serious. don't call difus on them. >> we try to get them to bed 7, 8 depends they're never awake after 10 i'll say that much 9:00 is usually latest. >> if you go to bed 7 or 8 getting up 4:00 in the morning you go to bed early they sleep longer.
8:41 am
>> my kids go to bed 8:00. let me know if you have a bedtime for children if you enforce it let us know use #fox29yes or #fox29no. >> she sends us this shout-out to sydney as she celebrates te tenth birthday♪
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ . >> this girl signature next to me is so amazing that is 14-year-old bailey brian she won a tony award for plague matt ild afore goodness sake and she's pevrping secret garden such a wonderful show at the arden theater here in old city and from our area from central pennsylvania and 8th grader at southern middle school in glen rock and she's right now joining us live in the studio good morning. >> good morning. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> your birthday was yesterday. >> yeah. >> what is it like to be lead in show right now secret garden and you've done this newspaper broadway. >> yeah it's very different actually between broadway and here it's actually more fun
8:45 am
because there's not as many rules than on broadway. you get tote let loose a littl little. i became friends with most of the cast members more quickly than i would have on broadway because we deposit get to be with them all the time here. i am actually living with four of them. so, it's a really great experience it's nice. >> fascinating to me you're one of five kids you live five and a half hours away you living with roommates is your mom here. >> right now my dad is here my mom sometimes comes up on mondays and thursdays she has to work my dad will come up and soon when they both have to work my grandfather will come up and he is going to stay with me for about two weeks i think or one week. >> mow neat what do you do for school. >> i have a tutor tv. >> shout out to tv. >> he's really great. he gets the same school work as i do. than i would have gotten at my
8:46 am
regular school they send it through email or when my parents go home and switch off they pick it up and bring it and i get it done and they get it back and put it in the grade book. >> it's a dream for so many kids to do what aarr doing it's amazing tell us about the secret garden. >> secret garden is interesting show it's very strange because it's about this girl who family passed away she's used to these dead people she woke up and she was in a room full of dead people that died of disease so she is september to live with uncle and learns there's another dead person there and there's spirits that haunt the halls and she has to learn that this place is very strange and she doesn't understand but wants to ask so many questions and so manuel avilay people are morning loss of this beautiful girl she's got getting answers she wants through the entire show the audience is in they
8:47 am
have to be patient because they don't know how this girl died and everyone mourned over and how much sadness. >> she's dead you're dead. >> i'm not dead the another character is dead. and it makes everyone else in the house upset. >> how do you get these roles. >> usually i have my agent john shay. >> her agent. >> he will send out stuff and say they're interested in you or say you have on call for this and you can go if you want and i'll say yes or i'm doing something else or sometimes my mom will find it on her own throughout web sites and stuff and see if i want to do it if i do i audition for it if they like me they call me back. if goes from there. >> you're amazing thank you for coming. you will have such a bright amazing future. check her out at theard ep theater secret garden wonderful production for kids and grown ups alike it's fabulous show.
8:48 am
thank you for your time. dave. >> yes. >> let's get a check of the for the forecast today. >> what time will it come in. >> early this morning. western suburbs. protest sti much everybody will see rain later this afternoon. and this evening. coming in later. so event today might get in early enough. here's the scale. phillies playing at 3 and 1 and we're slow. that's when rain is heaviest. better tomorrow and just okay though. tomorrow afternoon sunshine and the for cost tomorrow not as heavy or steady as anything later today. and here it is now lap cater country and western chester country slowly pushing east you expect this to break apart though as it moves through the area throughout the morning. it won't be completely dry. not expecting heaviest rain to
8:49 am
move a little further east. these will transition into showers this morning you can see the wider view we have two storms over ohio and one of concern off the coast of virginia that's looking for northeast winds and keep clouds endplay and temperatures later today bring in rain false apart to the south by tomorrow as the storm and a little bit of sunshine and passing showers and maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow. in summary the rain is heaviest later this afternoon and this evening and especially south temperatures are down showers linger tomorrow. not steady rain. it gets warmer. temperatures into the upper 50s climbing to mid to low 60s. talking 70s tomorrow close to 70 and 0s in the 7 day forecast. upper 60s. low 70s.
8:50 am
monday and tuesday and showers in with a little bit of sunshine this is off and on rain. we'll dry out a bit and start to see change in weather pattern above 80 first time this month wednesday and stays there on thursday and friday heading into holiday weekend. >> we're at fat jacks barbecue. >> junior pit master anderson. >> how are you doing. >> way to go. >> we have simple and delicious. >> and really seasoned and ready to go. let's do stuff on the outside. today we'll make i call it alabama slamming chicken sandwich. sam pos ism ch because a sandwich is better than sandwich.
8:51 am
samich. >> this is six oups chicken breast both sides. i didn't even have to tell to you rub it in. >> before we start i'll brush the grill. you can do this before you turn the grill on. >> that's what i would do. >> doesn't bother me. olive oil, vegetable oil fine. prevent chick from sticking. watch this. >> hear that sizzle. >> i do. >> that means grill is hot and ready to go. have to preheat grill ten minutes i use medium to high heat. i like chick tone cook faster so it sears better and this keeps jouss in and it's a waiting game. sauteed onions throw in the pa pan, three, five minute done and salt and pep erin make bacon. two slices per sandwich. get it crisp.
8:52 am
it's simple process. p let's check chicken. time to flip it. >> one, two, three. notice when i flipped them ovt chicken breasts deposit stick why i oiled the grill first. let's close it up and give it a minute or two and then sauce our chicken. >> do it. >> this is fat jack's mild barbeque sglaws i'll make mine with extra bar booxt que sauce. >> this is extra. >> that was not. >> best time to put barbeque sauce flip give at the quick sauce and flip it again sauce. >> you don't want the barbeque sauce to burn. childen two-thirds in the process toast rolls ready? >> yes. >> i'll flip and do billy's first. >> extra sauce.
8:53 am
>> extra sauce. >> extra sauce. >> let's do it on both. boom. there you go. >> rolls done. >> let's take them off. >> let's turn chicken one more time see that crust the sugar in barbeque sauce gives you char. extra sauce for this one. bill extra sauce. >> there you go. >> now just regular sauce. >> regular sauce. >> and we'll put a little cheddar jack cheese on each on one. >> extra cheese extra sauce whatever you have is fine two pieces of bacon, one, two, one, two, one, two, and last steps sauteed onions. >> how it helps. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> and there you go. >> when you close the grill that's what's going to melts cheese, 35, 40 seconds minute tops look at that. >> know what that is. >> saz a sap' wich.
8:54 am
>> sloppy delicious. >> fat jack's barbeque always a pleasure. >> fat jack's barbeque always a pleasure. >> thank you very much.
8:55 am
8:56 am
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the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> lightning back. let's take a look at pocono mountains. bill, wendy wants to know where is fat jack's barbeque located. >> there's a couple of them the one we featured is on old york road out towards jenkintown area. >> is there one in phraseer. >> yes, there are three or four of them. we've been having challenges technically on the show today♪ . >> show them what we've been talking about. >> see? >> i'm not sure how we do that with the magic of tv but that's what's been happening. >> i want to thank our director mike and keith you make it all possible in the little production on the weekends thank you gentleman. >> i want to do that sorry i
8:58 am
made a cameo. >> have a wonderful saturday we'll see you tomorrow morning >> have a wonderful saturday we'll see you tomorrow morning 7 a.m.
8:59 am
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