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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> dreary day ascot the reason on, chances are you've seen rain on and off, good evening, i'm dawn timoney. certainly stuck in a weather rut. looks like we are not out of this soggy pattern just yet. let's head right over to meteorologist, dave warren washings look at the timing for tonight's rain. dave? worthment rain, we'll try to break out of the rut, not going to happen for the next few days rain gotten heavier, stat to go miami in bit more see it slowly slide interesting southwest to northeast, little heavier near, actually, along 95, we zoom in, show you where the rain is heaviest, new castle
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county, 295 moving into salem county, one heavier shower there all spreading toward delaware county and philadelphia, and it will be here for awhile. this is not at all heavy, but just stead toy moderate rain, and a large area. closer to philadelphia, solid area of green coming dunphyly light to moderate, even north and western suburbs, very little break in the rain will continue to spread to the northeast around the storm just off the coals, where the heaviest rain is, and you can see the heaviest rain staying off the coals, but his rain continues here, over night, tonight, to grab the umbrella before you head out tonight, maybe it will start to slide little farther west after midnight. but we still have the rain in the forecast, tomorrow morning, maybe little light rain, you wake up to specially in the western suburbs but start to see some breaks in the clouds will give us some sunshine, will lead to pop up showers dropping to the mid 50's about where they will stay tonight. rain coming down, right outside here in old city, 62
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with 14 hundreds of an inch of rain so far. that number will go up. definitely over the next few hours, so coming up we will look at the showers sunday, we are getting warmer with the pattern change coming up, and leaving into the holiday weekends it, means the temperatures are going up, look at the numbers coming up in the seven day forecast. >> this in house in bucks county black, charred from the fire, that broke out here, this is bensalem, sent two firefighters to the hospital. one of those injured firefighters fell 30 feet from the roof suffering injuries to his face, his neck and his back. let's get right taught sabina kuriakose live at the scene in bensalem. sabina? >> reporter: dawn, take a look behind me, actually see the aftermath of this home what's leaf after the fire tore through t the wounds upped firefighter has been identified as nick weaver, we're told he's in stable condition, suffering as you mentioned injuries to his face, his neck, and his back. now, weaver fell 30 feet from
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the roof of this home, on the 1100 block of tennis avenue in bensalem while fighting intense flames, authorities say the fire broke out just after 9:00 this morning, and they believe it started in a second floor bedroom, now, one person was inside at the time. but he managed to escape with what firefighters describe as minor burns to his feet, as well as smoke inhalation. another firefighter was returned to the hospital, after feeling tightness in his chest, he's in stable condition, at last check. now, the most seriously injured firefighter, weaver; a volunteer on the knot ingham fire company, as well, as member of bensalem's fire rescue. >> common practice on house fire, building, send personnel up there, that he was doing his job, routine jock, he had a ladder up there with him, we are not sure what happened, how he fell at this point. he was called, all trained on acting quick when a firefighter goes down, ems was on scene, ems of bensalem
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seconds to none, they are great, able to quickly get him to the back after rescue squad and get him to the hospital as quick as possible. >> reporter: again the firefighter recovering from his injuries. authority still investigating the cause of this fire that they have said they don't believe that it is suspicious, the battalion chief and fellow firefighters wrapped up on the scene, and headed out to visit weaver at the hospital. atf is also investigating, the battalion chief says it is because a firefighter was injured. very latest out here, dawn, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. police are offering a reward tonight for information leading to the person who shot and killed a teenager in north philadelphia. the 18 year old died yesterday on the 3300 block of north 13th street after police say he was shot several times. a 19 and 20 year old, both showed up later to temple university hospital, with gunshot wounds, according to investigators, and police believe it could be related to the fatal shooting. both victims were treated and released. right now developers do not have a motive, if you have any
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information, at all, you are asked to call police. we're learning more tonight about a fatal car accident in voorhees, new jersey, police have identified the victim as 34 year old christopher gonzalez, they say he was driving on route 73 just before 4:00 this morning when he veered off the road and hit a pole. the crash investigation is still ongoing. a new jersey teenager killed in a crash after her prom is laid to rest today. funeral service held this morning, for 15 year old mikhail a mostly in bridgeton. mikhail a died last saturday along with daja silt on, when their car crashed into a tree on route 49 in morristown ship. two other girls in the car were injured. police say drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the crash. they are still investigating what went wrong. >> developing tonight: in the air egypt plane crash investigation, authorities now say that doomed airline their crashed into the mediterranian sea sent a series of warnings indicating smoke had been
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detected on board before it justice appeared off radar screens. greg pal cot following the investigation tonight. >> search teams continue to scour the mediterranian sea for flight 8084 black boxes. why the paris flight to cairo crash crashed thursday remains a mystery. >> let's new there is a new factor to depends on in the investigations, will help along with the black boxes. >> egyptian army released first images of wreckage, belongings, discovered in the search, mangled bits of debris, scraps of clot, un
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inflated life vests were found roughly 180 miles north of alexandria, egypt. egyptian officials are saying terrorism is a possible cause, but no millitant group has claimed responsibility. >> the smoke could be a result after terror attack. this is a valid possibility. or it could be the result after technical failure. >> the black boxes will be key to shedding light on what happened on board the plane, and the minute before the crash, investigators from france and britain will be assisting egypt's in examining what is recovered. at charles due gall airport outside paris, greg pal could the, fox news. a pennsylvania man in critical condition this evening, after he was shot yesterday by the secret service just outside of the white house. agents say they noticed the man acting suspiciously yesterday afternoon and started following him. they say the suspect was holding a gun, and walked up to a check point outside the white house. agents say they yelled for the man to drop the weapon, but he did not. an agent was forced to shoot him in front of crowds of tourists, school groups, government workers.
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we heard the pop obviously, then as we were, you know, standing there, the officer comes out the side dine -- door, not front door, the side door. that's when you could hear his radio going shots fired shots fired suspect down suspect down. >> the man reportedly from schuylkill county pennsylvania. investigators say they do not believe he last any links to terrorists. >> a philadelphia police officer fires his gun at a suspect in north philadelphia, tonight learning more about exactly what led to that shooting. skyfox, over 16th and allegheny just after 6:00 last night, this is where police say they stopped a man in a stolen suv. they say the suspect got out, shoved a female officer, and started running south on 16th with a gun, points dollars it at an officer who fired at the mean, suspect not hit or injured. police say he forced himself into an apartment, on
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16th street, the building evacuated. that gun was a fake, police say. >> north philadelphia man facing serious charges tonight, he is accused of leading officer on a chase and hitting a police cruiser. eric paralysis was pulled over late last night north ninth street for careless driving, officers say he drove away when reached the dead ends he tried to make u-turn driving toward the officers hitting their vehicle eventually crashed or east-west moreland street. that's where he was arrested. undercover transformer explosion, closes a portion of market street this afternoon. it happened between 29th and 30th streets, just after 1:00. you can see, it created hole there in the street. the block was closed for most of the afternoon. fortunately, no one was hurt. the cause of that explosion is still under investigation. >> well, looked like full blown disaster reaction in center city, but actually training exercise, using brand new technology. the drill taking place at the bny melon center, 17th and
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market. fire department personnel used the mobile app technology in the 54-story building there is allows on site leadership to make quick, informed decisions about rescuers, also helps first responders quickly figure out the lay-out and details of a large building. >> when the first responders arrive on scene, they have an ipad, state-of-the-art piece of the software, that allows them to immediately see the buildings, critical infrastructure, floor plans, shut-offers and key based building information at their fane err tips when they arrive on scene. >> today's drill scenario was a fire on the 14th floor, first responds hers to rescue both dummies and real people. >> in the city's mayfair section, runners hit the pavement in honor every local first responders killed in the line of duty. mayfair fallen heroes run has raised thousands of dollars over the years to support the family members of officers and firefighters. jennifer joyce shows us how one firefighter was remembered this morning.
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>> he loved what he did. that's the only consolation there has been. is that he died doing what he loved. >> four years after philadelphia fire lieutenant robert niri died in five alarm warehouse fire in kensington, his life and work is being honored. >> i can't wait to give this to his son. >> a plaque, a memorial, a race, lieutenant niri, the children's honor of eighth fallen heroes run. >> he was a great guy, we all new him in the firehouse. we know he was a man who took care of the people under him a manuel respected. and, you know, he is someone who is definitely missed in the fire department today. >> reporter: new class of cadets from the philadelphia fire department ran in honor of their fallen brother. >> it is a good thing for them to come out and do runs like this, it shows the comradery that exists in the fire department. and the fact that we're all
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pretty much family. >> money raised at the run will go to families of local heroes, who have died in the line of duty. each year of the race, there is a dedication made to fallen philadelphia police officer, or a firefighter here, at mayfair memorial park, any of the money left over goes to maintaining and beautifying this park. >> everyone is trying to keep this neighborhood strong, because a lot of people are negative about it, but trying to do everything we can to keep it strong. >> a close community that shows up for their local servicemen and women. >> we get a lot of people that register that don't even come. they just want to donate the money because it is a police officer, or it is a fireman. >> fallen heroes run expect to go raise at least $10,000, honoring the memory of men and women like lieutenant neary who gave the ultimate sacrifice, a priceless gift, to family and friends. >> i was just so excited, it's been a couple of years, and sometimes things simmer down, and you don't hear anything, and it was just an honor to see that he was going to be honored today. >> in mayfair, jennifer joyce,
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"fox 29 news". td bank says it is getting rid of its penny arcade machines for good. after allegations of inaccurate counting. how they say you can still get your coins counted, though, for free. >> plus: a happy ending to this pennsylvania for that's was abused and abandoned. the famous star who is now giving lilly a healthy home. >> and would you let someone put leaches all over your body? how they're being use from the skin care to surgery. >> phillies trying to get back on track again to the braves, a familiar face tries out for the sixers, and we with a look back on carson wentz's first week with sam bradford. that's coming up later in sports.
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>> hand i ending for a former abused horse. we first told but little any march, the 20 year old arabian abandoned at horse auction in lancaster county, been shot 130 times at close range with a paint ball gun, just left tied to a post. lilly was cared for and nursed back to health at pens new bolton center in kennett square. in april, the comedian and his wife, paid her a visit, now the couple is adopting lilly. the mayor will be living at her golden years at the stewart's farm sanctuary foray buys dollars animals in new jersey. well, some clouds and rain could not keep the crowds from south philadelphia today. fox 29 at the south ninth street italian market festival. it is the largest block party in philadelphia featuring music, dance willing, of
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course lots of great food. i love. >> this for the first time in festival history, all dogs are welcome. there is even a pit stop pooch zone. the party continues tomorrow, rain or shine. >> well, td bank is officially getting rid of its popular penny arcade counting machines, from its branches. the cherry hill based bank suspended the service last month over kearns about inaccuracies. a lawsuit filed last month in federal court alleges the machines have continuously under counted coins, place in the them for years, and resulted in the loss of millions of dollars for consumers. td says it will continue to except pre-rolled coins for deposit from retail businesses, and non-profit customers a no additional charges, lan continue to provide those free coin rappers. check your freezer, massive food recall has been expanded for crx frozen foods to products bought as far back as 2014. millions of packages of fruits and vegtables, that were shipped to all 50 state,
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canada, and mexico, are affected. more than 400 products from crx frozen foods sold under more than 40 different brand names, at major retailers, they include cosco, target, and trader joe's, so far, eight people have been sickened by listeria in this outbreak. >> turning to you decide tonight, candidates are galvanized latino voters, record 27 million latinos are eligible to vote in november. and they could play a key role in determining who wins the white house. as brian yanis report, new fox news poll shows hillary clinton is beating donald trump handily, in a head-to-head match up. >> a brand new fox news latino. com pole of registered hispanic voters nationwide, shows that the are if the election were held today, hillary clinton would win the hispanic vote whopping 39-point margin, just 23% say they would vote for donald trump. that's lower man mitt romney in 2012, when the then republican nominee won just
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27% of the hispanic vote. prevailing thought is republicans need to get closer to the 40% range, if they want to win the white house. that's about what george w. bush wants. clinton's lead is fueled by major support from hispanic females and mexican americans particularly. about seven out of ten from both groups support clinton. interestingly, latino voters overwhelmingly say hispanic vice presidential nominee would make no difference in deciding who they vote for, eight # 6% say it wouldn't change their opinion of trump if he chose a hispanic vp. 80s say the same of clinton. also shows the number one issue for latino voters remains the economy and jobs. latinos were the hardest hit group of the great reaction. importantly, though, the number of latinos who say immigration is the most important issue has doubled since 2012 from 6% to 12%. in an out standing 90% of latinos also believe working and documented immigrants
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should be give answer pathway to legalization, while just 6% say deportation. trump wants to deport and clinton goss not. both candidates $5 dress the national hispanic christian leadership conference last night and clinton concentrated on immigration, trump, did not. >> keeps families together bypassing comprehensive immigration reform. >> we're going to take care of minority unemployment, it is a huge problem, it is really unfair to minorities, and we are going to solve that problem. >> for more on on the fascinating pole go to fox news latino. com n new york, brian yanis, fox news. >> fed one growing pigeon population, a wisconsin city turning to birth control. we'll tell you what method they're using to give it to the birds. >> and, speaking of birth control, olympic officials from preparing to hand out thousands of condoms to athletes during the rio games this summer, hear how officials are stepping up the
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distribution program from previous games.
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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it is not something you see traveling down the streets every day, that's for sure. 65,000 pounds space shuttle fuel tank making a journey through the street of los angeles. the nasa tank headed to the california science center to join other part of the retired
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orbiter endeavor. the 16-mile move began last night at midnight and it is expected to take 13 to 18 hours. >> and if you missed the space tank moving down here on earth, there is some big action going on in outer space. mars will soon be closer to earth, tan has ever been in the last 11 years, on may 30th, red planet will be at a distance of 46.8 million miles away. sounds like a lot. but it is closer than we've seen it in more than a decade. nasa is gearing up to snapshots with the hubble space telescope this time in incredible detail. >> after one too many bird droppings, business owners about to take drastic measures to pin the bridge on population, say the birds are out of control, they think the solution is to feed the flock contraceptive. the community plans to use money from city beauty can't grant to inch vest in bird feed that prevent pigeons from reproducing.
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>> you feed the pigeons, every day at the same time. we have four feeding stations in down lacrosse, and that's a safe feed. it doesn't affect any other birds. it only affect the reproduction of the birds, it doesn't harm the bird. it is not a poison. >> expected to cut the pigeon population by 50% in the first year. >> pennsylvania man is taking his support for donald trump on the road with this decorated car. why he says he went to such great lengths to show off his endorsements. >> plus, after his death, fans left many momentos outside the home of prince. now hear how some professionals are planning to preserve the items. dave? >> dealing with some rain here tonight. not quite done with it here. this area of rain will move through this evening, more rain tomorrow, and the next, big change coming up this week. i'll show you in the seven day forecast coming up next.
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>> a mid the excitement for today's preakness race was
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tragedy in the first race of the day. the first horse to cross the finish line collapsed and died on his walk back to the barn. the nine year old reportedly suffered cardiovascular collapse. then, in the fourth race, fill had i to be put down after breaking a leg, her jockey was thrown, and broke his collarbone, was taken to the hospital. the scene of vivid reminder just how dangerous horse racing can be. >> president obama left today for a trip to asia. he will be therefore the next week, as part of an effort to boost economic and security cooperation in the region. the president's itinerary includes stops in viet nam and japan. president obama is expected to make a big push for the 12 nation transpacific trade agreement. he will also be the first sitting us president to visit hiroshima, site of the worlds' first atomic bombing. tribute left outside pacely park for prince are being preserved. professional archive is, team of volunteers, began removing
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items from the memorial outside the minnesota estate. fans left flowers, paintings, notes, and other momento's at prince's whom after his death on april 21. bremer trust, handling his estate, consulted leaders of various historical souls on how exactly to properly preserve the items. >> i think the thing that's most moving is the personal items, and expressions, of love and gratitude, that people have written and created. >> the trust says at this point there is no plan for public display, but the items will be protected for future generations. >> he did it. seven year old stroke survivor shane competed in a triathelon this morning, at a lansdale high school. he finished with flying colors. with his dad, and his service dog, joey, by his side, shane beat the odds this morning. this first grader finished all three legs of the competition at north penn high school, the swimming, biking, and the run, with a smile and dogged
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determination. shane has been training for this triathelon since march. he suffered a stroke at birth and has cerebral palsy, but his mom said he has never let that define who he is. and today was certainly proof of that. a big congratulations to shane , well done. >> it has been raining, skies have been gray across most of the area today. but these guys didn't let that keep them from taking up a game of crick net fairmount park. lots of activities going on today, a mid the rain, dave. >> rain mostly in the evening, so a lot of event in the morning were okay. >> yes. >> so we could pretty much divide the day in half. let's divide the seven day in half. first part dealing with what we have now, but you will like the end, big little change coming here, big change i should say. ultimate doppler, keeping an eye on the area, slowly filling in, becoming bit heavy
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at times, here specially right along 95 here, let's move through wilmington and working its way through philadelphia few scattered showers, this area will continue to move over the same region heavier wilmington, right along 95 pretty much moving northbound will continue to push it way, work it way up through northeast philadelphia, bucks county, bensalem, eventually, around trenton. still seeing the rain north and west, to the south, it breaks up just a bit. passing showers likely though all because of the storm just off the coals, that's where the heaviest rain is overseeing the moisture spin around. as it slowly moves out will take a lot of it with it. have to deal with it in the meantime. the first of two storms we're dealing with. 50's right now, about where we will stay this evening. nude low 50's, periods every rain north and west, 55 in the city, periods every rain
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continuing high tides, northeast wind, and the full moon, not expecting any significant coastal flooding. watch the tide south and east, tidal sections of delaware. looking at the future, rain now, this is where the computer forecast picks it up. area of rain inland, new jersey, delaware, northwestern suburbs hereof pennsylvania, and the heavy rain off the coast. first of two storm will move out, little break tomorrow, could wake to up light rain, clears up. little sunshine, we are predicting here, develop, few showers maybe thunderstorm, look like mainly north and west of the city, zoo repeat again monday, waking up to some sunshine, isolated shower, not the widespread rain that we're seeing now. this is the type of pattern we're in, for the start of the seven day forecast, high pressure trying to build, in another low to the west, though, kind of blocking pattern, really doesn't change much dealing more of the same
6:34 pm
monday and tuesday. much of the rain will stay off the coast, but close enough where we will see these showers develop. chinks change wednesday, we get warmer, trend continues, from the 70s, back to about average, by tuesday, wednesday, we're into the 80s, and that trend continues, and it does continue to get closer to 90 hereby this holiday weekend, as the rain clears out. good news, allergies are down, pollen down both tomorrow, monday, will start to creep up a bit tuesday, and wednesday here is the pattern, big change for the holiday weekend, this is summer like pattern with high pressure off the coast, heating things up, the 80s to start thursday and friday, we will be closer to 09 with higher humidity, maybe showers by both saturday and sunday, see it in the p day forecast, showers and storms tomorrow, maybe little more rain tuesday, temperatures each day mid to low 70s, change on wednesday, with clearing skies. on thursday into the 80s, and continue that.
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now we could see few pop up showers and storms developing but at least for the long weekends, that's warm. really warm. upper 80s, wow, amazing. >> big change. >> hopefully we can get rid of the rain in there, thanks, dave. >> in woolwich township new jersey today, baseball to honor a fallen soldier. though homerun derby all for captain ryan iannelli, killed in a chopper accident while serving overseas, before the derby there was military fly-over, and ryan's mom established funds in his name and all of the money raids during today's derby goes to local graduating senior, very nice. >> 800 volunteers, painted hallways, star wells, at the eat albaladejo end promise academy, they also created inspiring murals, new playgrounds, and a new baseball field. volunteers from the wells fargo and city year philadelphia a mower i corpse. >> olympic officials are
6:36 pm
preparing to hand out thousands of condoms to athletes during the real games this summer hear how officials are stepping up the distribution, from previous games. well pennsylvania man taking his support for donald trump on the road. with this decorated car, why he says he went to such great lengths to show off his endorsement. it is a second chance for more than a dozen business owners after massive fire. what made it all possible.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> preparations in rio day janiero in full swing. organizer want to make sure the athletes practice safe sex. >> says 450,000 condoms will be distributed, that's three times more than for the london games four years ago. still not clear if that increase is related to brazil's outbreak of of the zika virus, pennsylvania man takes his support for donald trump on the road, literally ronald mcdonald house using his car to show his dedication, driving it around his hometown, admit not everyone is happy to see it,
6:40 pm
and his wheels become a target. >> yesterday, it was parked downtown and somebody squirt philadelphia with catsup. they through an egg on it, the other day, while it was setting here. >> not highway ready but thinking about towing it to the republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. >> you are watching history in the making, as workers transform a shipping container in to a restaurant. this is the site of the new fountain restaurant in detroit, michigan. it is around the clock work as they get ready to drop this 40-foot shipping container right in the middle of a city park. >> using them for home, businesses, that's what we it, took shipping container, re purposed it, great way to be environmentally conscious, and be creative at the same time. >> pretty cool. once the pop up restaurant is
6:41 pm
up and running, owners say it will be open every day of the week until late october. >> well, would you let someone put leaches all over your body? how they are using them from skin care to surgery. >> and it is a second chance for more than dozen business owners, after a massive fire. what made it all possible? >> good evening, i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson, coming up topping morning at 7:00 a.m., new stud bye alcohol. here is the yep, does it make you happy? >> i think it does. we also have something that says that you can get all swollen by doing your chores at home. see you at 7:00 a.m.
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>> transcript show the wife of bill cosby refused to answer dozens of questions for a defemation lawsuit file by seven women who claim cosby brands dollars them liars. liars repeatedly pressed camille cosby on whether she believed her husband acted with a lack of integrity during their 52 year marriage. cosby refused to answer invoking spousal privilege. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for bill cosby in
6:45 pm
montgomery county, on sexual assault charges, on tuesday. >> they might make your skin crawl, just looking at them. >> yet more are feasting on patients, happening everywhere from hospital rooms to therapy sessions. joyce evans shows us how leaches are getting more and more popular here in our area. >> their medicinal use, older than the pyramids. by the middle ages, people couldn't live without them. a.m. they were still saving lives between the war between the states, while remaining in stock at high ends hip pot carries in new york and philadelphia. but rapid advances in medicine side lined the little blood suckers, rendering them almost primitive, until ... modern times presented problems for which science had no
6:46 pm
prescriptions. the reach was back in business. but more recently? >> i had been doing this for months. >> reach therapy appears to be gaining traction at holisitic or natural medicine clinics. >> leaches work like live needles. >> in place that is may surprise you. and treating ailment, you may not believe. traditional doctors they basically told me that that's t you just have to leave it at that. >> vladmeere, only 35, and he races boats sales and cruises for a living. so i would rather do it the natural way. >> the natural way is what enticed neurosurgeon to hang up his hospital coat, and become a certified hero dologist in demands between new york and dc. >> sometimes you can use it 20, 30 leaches, but the application time on the skin
6:47 pm
can be one minute, two minute, five minute. >> don't take much. the doctors say, they like a smooth, clean surface, to sling and latch on. suck blood while secreting into your body peptides, proteins, natural blood thinners, and other healing property. >> it works for me definitely. >> he shows old treatment to build his immune system, describes what's came out hours afterward. >> like i don't even know what it is. >> really? >> alcohol causes the critters to release, regulations mandate that they be destroyed when their work is done. >> sorry, guys. >> vladmeere's leak something done in a day or so, then back here, in a week. i mean not pleasureable in the
6:48 pm
beginning, you can feel it, but after five minutes is gone, actually, you feel casino of relaxed. >> iolia is beyond relaxed when three leaches at her belly button. and ankles. >> extactic, a little bit, i'm drunk a little bit. >> just ten minutes into her treatment, to improve blood circulation, and she will be this way for awhile. >> people can go this way, too 30 minute and she's done until next week. cost is out-of-pocket, priced per reach. small, medium, or large. >> you can't come to pen therapy for alternative means. using it within the confines of surgical patients. >> and they've got plenty, says pen plastic and reconstructive surgeon steven kovach. we go down into the back of the pharmacy, right there in the fridge. of one of the worlds' of
6:49 pm
largest cutting edge medical center in these are clean fit. they don't go from a swamp -- >> no, no one was out in the back of swamps in philadelphia collecting reaches. these are bread by a company, specifically for medicinal use. >> we keep 50 or more on hand. and just what the doctor orders for some cases of amputation, a masectomy. >> they found what is secreted by the leaches can be used to restore blood flow that patient had either a finger reattached. >> that's not all. pen pharmacy coordinator, michael, says doctors are now ordering in mag et cetera, cast by case, the wound cleaning. >> so what's old is new. >> what's old is new, that's right. >> joyce evans, "fox 29 news". >> well, today's rainy wealth did he not keep the clouds a which from the rid ends how row spring festival. lots of live music, culinary demonstrations and beer and
6:50 pm
cocktail sampling. of course there are all kind of food trucks and family friendly activities. that festival ended at 5:00. more than 18 months after massive fire the columbus farmers market in burlington county new jersey celebrating a grand re-opening. eleven of 60 stores at that market went up in flames back in 2014. merchant say it has been a long slow recovery. the new building features eight new stores, five restaurant, and has more than -- more square footage than the original building. so good just there. >> the sixers, they are going to look at a local guy that might show promise in the first round. phillies lack of hit something really starting to catch up with them. worse team in the league, and barely get anything done. see if they could bounce back next in sports.
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>> phillies looking really good, but whether you're young team, you're going to have some let downs, and have games where you just don't show up to play the braves own the worse teams in baseball, i think the worse in the phillies look like they're having one of those series. and the problem with the phillies, the lack of power, this guy, william perez, just gave them no daylight. galvis swings, that's a miss, ryan howard steps up to the plate and guess what, doesn't even get his bat off his shoulder. >> shallow bloopers, just couldn't make the catch. that brought home a run and the braves go onto win two-zip, but the scores of perez, dominated the phillies line up. >> he threw his fastball to
6:54 pm
both sides of the plate. >> showed good commands with the singer, had a good singer, good change up. he befuddled us twice now, just hard to figure. >> all right, the six remembers going through three pre-daft work out. really the only thing that people care about is two guys, ben simmons, the options for number one pick the guys that will really make or break this draft and this franchise, but other guys to look at specially in the late first rounds, like local guy, eye sigh a miles, st. joes, miles really wasn't an nba prospect until late in the season, miles starts the show ability to hit that three, outside jumpers, and big man out of the paint. miles talked about what he can do for the sixers. >> you know, i feel like extra shooter, you know, especially big shooter, so, you know,
6:55 pm
when shooting, i think they need one out there. >> all right, now that the first week of eagles mini camp is over we can finally settle down with all of this quarterback drama sam bradford isn't going anywhere, there is no beef between him and wentz, everything is going to be fine in that longer room. bradford not the type of guy to be spiteful and create drama. but we did learn that bradford still probably doesn't really want to be here. he asked for a trade. couldn't get it. so now he's back in philly. fans wanted to hear him say sorry, but all we heard from bradford was a man who knows his time is philly isn't going to be very long. >> i'm not completely naive. i mean, i think you realize that, you know, if the organization made a move to get to up two, at some point, it is probably not going to be my team. but until it is not, i'm going to continue to lead these guys the way i did last year, and i'll do my job to the best of
6:56 pm
my amount. >> okay, guys going to exit very quickly. all right, nba playoffs continue tonight. labron james continues his cake walk to the finals. the cats finally take three game series lead tonight. we'll have that game in the highlight tonight, but for now, i still have a little hoops for you guys. look at this trick shot, check this out, guys. basically doing a plank, throws the ball behind his back half court. first of all you have no time on your hands, just go ahead and do, that all right. >> still, some kudos, congratulations, decent shot. look, all right? all right. >> quick on horse racing, nyquiest lost today, can't show it, but we will slow it tonight. he lost, so no triple crown, in horse racing this year. >> all right, thank you. >> it is pouring rainout side right now. >> pouring rain, and if you get out tonight, certainly brink along the raincoat, the umbrella, because we have rain continuing, and not quite the type of rain we have today,
6:57 pm
tomorrow, maybe little sunshine, pop up shower or thunderstorm, not as widespread, chance after shower on monday, some more rain on tuesday, then the change. warming things up with just pop up showers and storms by friday and saturday. not all weekend. doesn't look bad. will feel like summer. >> we like. that will we have to keep our umbrella hand. >> i tonight, tomorrow and tuesday. >> i like the rain. >> i don't even want to go there with you. all right, be sure to join us tonight for "fox 29 news". he says he's not a member of the dark side, but that didn't keep this storm trooper out of handicuffs. what police say he did that had him wishing he was in a galaxy far, far away. and store known more for bra's than brawls. so what had panties and punches flying inside this victoria's secret if finds out tonight on "fox 29 news". >> that's our news for this saturday night. your live lottery drawing is next, thanks for watching. and have a fantastic night.
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