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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> jordan lesley. >> reporter: a school official thought he must be a lost visitor. >> i thought he was with a group and got separated. i questioned him what class he was in. he told me. i asked him who the instructor was. mul. i realized he was telling me the live look from wilmington. overcast. spotty showers popping up. many haven't seen the sun in truth. >> reporter: he's a 15-year-old has high school advisor noticed days. . >> people out and about. had us potential. >> he was like, you know what? in center city, this is city maybe we could try something hall making sure to keep umbrellas and rain jackets different. >> lesley hit a unique milestone handy. not those guys. on saturday when he picked up the rain isn't over. his associate's degree in i t two weekss before he graduates i'm lull. >> i'm iain page. we get the showers well into the from high school. week. >> i've never known anyone our kathy orr is tracking when nearby that's done that. we can see the sun. i was like you know what? i'd love to do it, try and go it does not feel like memorial for it and if i go for day is a week away. something, i'm going to give it >> the weather will be getting warmer by memorial day. my best. >> reporter: he kept a 4-0 gpa you can see in ultimate doppler windy we have broad level of low pressure in the upper levels. you can see the spin of at both scores, he'll be the precipitation coming down from valuely victorian when he does new york and new england pushing towards central pa. this again. as for next year. this will stick around until
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something moves through to kick >> i got the valedictorian it out. that will take a couple days. scholarship. maybe i'll go for more. to spotty showers out there >> he plans to go back to start right now. especially through south jersey and also extending into delaware a second degree in the into chester county and lehigh electromechanical program. county. of this will be fading during >> we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: to top it off, evening periods. 60's for most of the region. lesley tells us he's the first 55 in the poconos, 59 in in his family to earn a college millville and atlantic city 58 in dover. it's a cool one this evening, look for cloudy skies, areas of degre degree. a family dog suddenly patchy fog. deathly ill. the reason? scattered showers possible during the late evening period. a mystery. the vet said the only thing to then just cloudy and cool by the do was put him down until the 11:00 hour and the temperature vet saw one thing's what was 57. we'll take a look at those found behind his ear that helped showers during the evening as they continue to fade during the save his life. turning your children's day tomorrow, look for sun. favorite candy store. mixing with clouds. the new tool to make an old more sun in the north and west of philadelphia than to the school sweet. south and east. spotty showers firing up in the jewel heating of the day tomorrow afternoon. we're still on this blocking pattern. omega block high pressure low the midwest. eventually it will be kicked out and high and dry as we head toward memorial.
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showers and storms monday and tuesday, the pattern changes wednesday, i'll show you how much warmer we get with the seven-day forecast. >> talk to you soon, kathy. a fatal shooting has police on the hunt for the killer tonight in delaware county. one dead, one teen is dead. another critically injured a woman shot is out of the hospital. the boy who died was only 14 years old. let's get to fox 29 sabina kuriakose live at the chester police department. sabina? >> reporter: lucy, all of victims here, all cousins in that 14-year-old boy who was killed, his family tells us he was fresh from his eighth grade formal the night before. of this is a photo taken just before that formal. his grieving family identifying the victim as nichols. boy dressed in blue in that photo. they tell us he was at the corner store on 1100 block of pine lane with a 16-year-old cousin dressed in yellow in the photo when somebody opened fire around 8:00 last night. an adult cousin 32-year-old was in a car seen with the boys.
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she says they were asking for a ride in the rain when gunfire erupted. she was shot in the shoulder. police found more than shell casings at the scene. witnesses say detectives found even more this morning when they returned to investigate. family members say the cousins were not the intended targets, they were simply caught in the cross fire. >> my nephew was a good boy. he was a good boy. he was a regular child. he was in no gang banging, in an of that. all he did was play ball like a regular child. he was a regular child. went to school, good in school. good grades. everybody loved my nephew. >> yesterday, marked the anniversary of my god brother who had been murdered. on that exact day yesterday, so that's how i ended up being at the spot where i was at at the wrong time. >> they just started shooting from everywhere.
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you know it was so crazy? . children's hospital of they knew there was kids out philadelphia, a special celebration for patients. there. little kids out there. the center for atlantic like no remorse, no nothing. insufficiency syndrome held a they didn't care. reunion. patients treated in the center >> reporter: terrifying and all have a spine and chest wall heartbreaking night for that condition that affects normal family. police are looking through surveillance video gathered to breathing and lung growth. scene. the kids had a visit from that the family is talking to investigators and of course, they're pleading with anybody guy, the philly fanatic. who has information to come forward. iain, back to you. >> thank you. the guy police say was caught on surveillance video . fox news medical correspond taking pictures you were a woman's skirt in upper darby was taken into custody. shows us the time to work out. we showed you last week the man using his cell phone to take >> new moms who want to get back pictures up that woman's skirt into shape may think it's an at the pretty sell factory in impossible task. >> you spend that time cleaning, upper darby. the victim confronted him and he took off. doing dish, preparing the home. police say they caught the guy south philadelphia this >> she's an instructor in crash sent two police officers another driver to the hospital. police say the officers were washington, dc and mom of heading west on oregon avenue three-year-old. she says exercising with your before 8:00 this morning when child and incorporating them their cruising collided with a driver heading north on 18th. into your fitness routine is all three people went to the great way to keep in shape and hospital with miles an hour injury. send healthy message to your
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we now know it was a kids. >> if we incorporate our 17-year-old hit and killed along children into our fitness routine, we're killing two birds route 130 in burlington county with one stone. playing with our kids, engaging early this morning. police in burlington city them in a physical way while released this picture of the victim. also exercising. officers say he was walking with >> to keep in shape and have fun a friend off the road just after with the kids, she says to try midnight when he was hit. timbers died at the scene. these three easy exercises. the driver did stop and was first is a traditional. arrested for dui and reckless drive. police say the victim was a pop up into your hands and knee, tuck toes under lift yourself up senior at burlington city high school. explosion in philadelphia's into a full plank to your shoulders are over your wrist. society hill section forced your child can imitate you or hop on your back for an added residents out early this challenge. second is squats. morning, a fire at the 600 block stand with your feet just wider of pine street broke out than your hips slightly turn out overnight. >> i was just going to bed and i your toes, pitch your body heard boom. wonder what that is? forward and sit back towards the i said i don't know. couch or chair keeping your i came down and looked and there was all this smoke coming out of knees directly over your ankles. the manhole there. push through your heels to >> today, people walking through strengthen the posterior chain. the neighborhood had to side step charred of glass. if you have a toddler, have him or her piggy back to really peco is insisting it was not a tighten that core. transformer that exploded but an last, scissors.
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undergo cable. a man walked through the while lying on your back, curl up to the tips of your shoulder halls of a local college armed blades, send your feet to the with a machine gun. ceiling and keep your tailbone it was training exercise. philadelphia college of heavy. lower your right leg to a osteopathic medicine worked with the philadelphia police and fire 45-degree angle and slowly department to simulate a real scissor back and forth for ten life active shooter situation. repetitions. if your child tackles you during they practiced various scenarios calling on swat for the drill. your reps, give him a ride by exercise is to make sure the school as ready as it can be. raising your leg slowly to the ceiling while keeping your core penn state student from engaged. before making any lifestyle changes, especially after having bucks county died after falling off a roof. . a baby, consult your doctor. the coroner now says she was i'm doctor manny fox news. electrocuted. they say posted a picture on the >> all right dog in survived near death facebook page saying she was a volunteer emt. experience after a veterinarian they say she was study to go bio found a tick behind his ear. behavior at penn state. he says the tick was sending a the coroner said she fell on the neurotoxin into the dog's saliva sidewalk calling it an accident. which was paralyzing him. according to center line ems funeral arrangements are in the the vet say he had no idea what works. a local couple battling the was behind the pup's problem. odds had a dream come true. >> a beautiful wedding while the right before he was about to put
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groom is in the fight of his him down, he noticed a tick life. jennifer joyce explains. behind his ear. ten hours later, he was back to ♪ ♪. normal. >> we met 16 years ago. >> he was in the room like about to get, you know, put to sleep. >> she's been patient through all of this. she's been my rock. like it was just -- people like >> reporter: today, they're tying the knot. lonny brown and karen have known found something and decided to check it out further. each other anywherely two >> thank goodness. decades but only began dating a olly's owner say they will keep few years ago after reconnecting up with the tea and tick on facebook. about a year into their medication. and wise advice for everybody. relationship, brown was diagnosed with terminal colon especially after our mild cancer. winter. local vets say par sights could >> it was like getting hit by a be worse this year than ever. truck finding out that news. being a kid in a candy store >> reporter: during a too sure lent time. is better now. they're love for one another a candy store chain has a new proven to be one powerful constant. >> i didn't think we would make feature. it to this day. he shows us how candy lovers can so much going on. me being sick, you know, so it print their own gum mis. >> reporter: here at dillon's was a blessing we made it to candy bar it's an experience this day. >> reporter: they're surrounded by closest family and friends straight out of willie wonka. thanks to the organization wish upon a wedding. >> from the venue to the dj. to >> the only limitation to injure
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the flowers and wedding planner, imagination. everybody donating their. >> reporter: the possibility is end less. >> i haven't seen her so happy choose from hundreds of 2d and in a long time. >> i want this to be aspect as 3d shapes. they want it to be. from frogs to rocket ships. >> reporter: a perfect day for a lovely pair. >> hearing the story about how >> it's the special recipe made they met and he taught her how to parallel park 16 years ago. from fruit and sit trick acid. >> reporter: when they got together, it was love at first it's gluten free, dairy-free sight and now with theory wedding wish granted, no matter what life has in store, it's a nut-free, anybody can enjoy it. >> reporter: with the range of love that will last forever. fruity flavors, the magic candy >> just hold hands, walk factory kids of all ages smiling in moments. side-by-side. >> it's amazing knowing that it just together. >> reporter: center city, happened so fast. jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. it's mind blowing almost. a father and son see a car >> what do you think you want to barrel off the side of an make next. >> much more. embankment and jump in to help. >> what do you like most about this 3d printed candy. what the driver did minutes >> you get to eat it. before cops got there that left >> a touch of magic sour dust a good semaritans speech less. and we're good to go. chris o'connell share as if you'd like to try it it's scary personal journey through a available around the country medical mystery. >> hoping to find out today what exclusively at dillon candy bar. exactly is causing the loss of here's something for
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vision in my eye. sunday, giant panda research and >> later an answer. breeding center in china released too videos showing the the life changing diagnosis that daily activities of these end stunned even his drs. >> the phillies ended a bad taken erred avenues. weekend on a positive note. shows a panda cub on a log and what could be an indication of a real change in the future slipping off. another video shows another cub of their lineup. that and a crash an awful one climbing up a tree. there. all coming up in sports. you can see the panda coming closer to the camera. pretty cute. you can't top that for cuteness. >> i'll find something. >> i'm going to wait for you. 10:00 show. >> i will find something. a nasty crash in formula three racing along with words from sam bradford. and the phillies save the weekend and what could be a change in the lineup down the road for the phillies. all that coming up in sports. screech
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weekend for the phillies to end the home stand but it ended well . one of our own here at fox with a win today against 29 is revealing a very personal atlanta. phils lost the first two games of the series scoring a total of story. it was nearly five months ago one run in two games. when reporter chris o'connell started having permanent vision today they won by their largest loss in one of his eyes. margin all season. that was just the beginning. >> what doctors faithly found ryan howard against a has changed chris life. right-hander. let's go to citizens citizens. he's sharing his medical journey in the hopes of helping others. no dogs but furry things. >> as today dad of twin girls i cookie monster or elmo. couldn't imagine a day without bottom of the second. seeing their smiling faces. cram ron rupp with a rome run in >> making a movie. a score less game raps it >> watching the little things in inside. life, like family vacations. 1-0 phillies. tommy joseph is better at first or planning a backyard garden. place. he double play throwing to >> back here at home, police say second base, tommy joseph better a woman shot a man three times. >> as a tv journalists i get to in the field. phillies up 3-0. be the eyes of the world but for me, the ability to witness that news to literally see things make kill franco, drives in two
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clearly was about to change. run, seventh shut-out this >> i remember vividly: it season, same as they had all last season, the phils move on started january 12th when i woke up in the morning. to detroit and you would see >> i woke up with a sudden and tommy joseph in the lineup. painless loss of vision to my left eye. >> he's going to play in detroit the sensation shade being pulled down. of i went to work thinking it all three games and and i'm not may have been a migraine. >> fox 29 chris o'connell is sure yet. he'll get a string of at bats. live in camden tonight. >> it was, you know, it was a pretty big deal, because i have although he didn't get hits, i like his swing. >> eagles back on the field for to see for my job and i remember that night in camden doing a the voluntary mini camps don't expect two players still live shot and remembering, do people notice at home that i missing, flexor cox and darren sproles are not going to be back can't see out of this eye? until the mandatory camp in within two days, i was sitting june. in the chair of delaware county with sam bradford back in camp ophthalmologist. >> a little bit blood end gorech over the stupidity of his agent. things seemed back to normal but obvious sam bradford is over the meant. >> this a called an optic neuropathy. drafting of carson wentz. it's an interruption of the >> i'm not completely naive. blood supply to the optic nerve.
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>> immediately, the doctor sent i believe you realize if the organization made a move. me to the specialist at wills at some point, it's probably not eye in center city. going to be my team. but until it's not, you know, generally regarded as one of the premium eye hospitals in the i'm going to continue to lead these guys the way i did last country. >> it's good to know my doctor is on a billboard. five days later, i walked into year and i'm going to do my job to the best of my ability. the office of dr. bob surgot the >> looked like jordan spieth to director of neuro ophthalmology. get it back together trailing by two strokes going to the find the round but not a good day. >> it was our job to determine why the young guy like you let's go just outside of dallas wasn't getting blood in there. texas the at&t byron nelson >> get information from you. classic. >> so it began. you drop the club like that, you know it's not a good shot. a battery of blood work. the t shot. countle he did six bow that will be countless tests. enough pictures to fill a family album. six weeks passed. of what i didn't get was close enough. he'll get a birdie. answers. >> i figure i'd start documenting what's happening to me since doctors in their own tide at 15 under. words say they're baffled what's and brooks meet on the hole. right off the back.
6:15 pm
sergio for the par and he wins. causing my vision loss. >> it was like a kick in the gut ugly crash in formula three when doctors told me my vision loss wasn't going to get any racing. it was the european championship. better. but i didn't expect it to get let's go to austria. worse. this is ugly. i woke up again, and the vision the dirt flies up and the drivers cannot see the car. went from losing 25 percent of my vision to 80 percent of the my gosh. vision. they were -- they both went to then i knew there was a really the hospital. big problem. they both are ok. eight weeks later, you come back they got to change that dirt to and can't read the big e on the gravel because now you can see chart and we look in the back where you wouldn't see the car and it looks unusual. in the roadway. that's two things i wouldn't do. >> the best way to describe it i wouldn't do auto racing and is this eye feels like it's wouldn't ride a horse in the smeared with vaseline. mud. i on be the jockey on a horse in i can see color. i can see shape. but if i close one eye, i woman the mud. >> my goodness. all right. >> good thing they're all right. recognize. sure to join us tonight on the back at will's for more testing, eye drops, waiting rooms. fox 29 news at 10:00, a high more co pays. school valedictorian told he can >> i'm hoping to find out today what exactly is causing the loss walk across the stage at graduation, he found out when he showed up in his cap and gown. of vision in my eye.
6:16 pm
. unfortunately. what he refused to do that kept no more answers until. him from the ceremony. >> if you look real closely, >> all right. >> that will do it for us tonight at 6:00. see you back at 10:00. right here in the middle of >> hope you're feeling lucky. that. more than that two months later. immediately it was a moment. lottery is next and followed by bordertown have great night. doctors at wills found the answer in this single image taken from an optical scan. allowing doctors to see deeper into your eye. the inflammation in my eye was gone. revealing the answer to my vision loss. >> a little clot off your heart and ended up in the artery in your eye. >> it didn't hit me until i saw it on the prescription pad. the official diagnosis, i had suffered a stroke to my left eye. it's definitely given me a different perspective on life. in an instant, i went from being an eye patient at wills hospital to a cardiac patient at thomas
6:17 pm
jefferson university hospital across the street. my medical team includes dr. green span of physiology unit where a new course of the treatment begins. >> there's a percentage of patients who have unexplained blindness go on to have a bigger stroke. >> it's now late march. i'm in an operating room. small army of doctors and nurses. get me prepped for two preventive heart procedures. >> i can't necessarily understand what he's going through because i have full vision but hopefully this will give us answers. >> first the trans echocardiogram gives doctors a detailed 3d image of my heart. >> what we're going to do is insert an implantible recorder. >> in a second procedure, the doctor implants a cardiac monitor into my chest. >> there are two small
6:18 pm
electrodes. >> a tiny device with a three-year battery life that will record every beat of my heart 24 hours a day looking for any problems. a monitor at home will transit my information back to the hospital every single morning. immediately those procedures revealed another surprise. >> today, we found that christmas what's called a pfo. >> two heart defects were found. a hole in my heart most people were born with. mine never closed. >> i just want to know. >> here's the other, a quad ra cuspid aortic valve. a four, leave closer isn't so lucky. >> this four, leaf closer valve is very rare and leaking a little bit. >> the issues cardiologists believes could cause problems or the need for surgery later in
6:19 pm
life. >> there were times it can become more leaky than a normal tricuspid aortic valve. if that happens, the valve may need to be replaced. >> now, it's all about preventing another stroke. i've since started daily regimen of blood thinners and aspirin along with a healthy lifestyle and new technology tracking my every heartbeat. i hope to lead a normal life. >> now we monitor you. we want to make sure we watch the heart valve on a yearly basis to make sure that something sort of mildly leaky doesn't progress to something more severely leaky to problems down the road. >> in my case, as bad as it is, well, who do we have here? the loss of vision turned out to be a warning sign of the bigger i have a free hamburger for mr. bud buckwald. health issues. doctors are finding brief and sudden vision changes like mine wait a minute! you're el coyote! are many times early warnings of oh, no! i'm just a delivery man. stroke. and with the help of new ever oh, like hell! your picture's on our wall right there! changing medical technology prevention is possible. >> this was a warning sign. huh. well, i guess i can trust you.
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this could end up saving my life some day. sweet dreams, señor. for years and years, the eye was vámonos! (snoring) he can't play point guard; he's a golden retriever! viewed as the window of the soul. it could be the window of a lot of serious neurologic problems, is he dreaming he's in air bud? he thinks he's the rival coach. no you heart problem. bud: double-team the dog! >> for me living with reduced don't let him drive the lane! vision will take adjustment. (screeches) >> walking around furniture, small children on my left side, driving, but it's just a matter of adapting to those things. i can still read. i can still drive. just a month after my procedure, i finished my second broad street run and yes, i can still see the smiles on my family's faces. and if i have anything to do with it, i intend to keep it that way. i want to be here for my kids, wife. i want to be here for a long time. >> just amazing. you and i kind of were watching chris go through all of this one on one. chris says his hope in document
6:21 pm
this story is to bring awareness to sudden vision loss in correlation to strokes. >> if you or someone you know has a sudden change of vision head to the hospital immediately. it could be a sign of something much worse. knew details of the death of artist prince. what we learned about the singer and the hours before his friends be found his body. >> i was sleeping and got woken up by screaming. i saw my nightmare being attacked and my roommate was trying to help and he got attacked. is. a morning of weed pulling turned into a fight for their lives. with no warning, attacked.
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connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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.edu. . ♪ . new video shows the aftermath of a u.s. drone attack on taliban leader mule la mansour. the footage was taken in a remote pakistan area. the same place where the taliban leader was traveling late friday. according do afgan authorities, mansour was killed 3:45 p.m. saturday. there are reports that president obama personally authorized the strike. details are surfacing about investigation into how music legend prince died according to the minneapolis star tribune, the singer may have been dead at least six hours before his friends found his body in the elevator at paisley park.
6:25 pm
a source with knowledge of the investigation, one day before he died a local hospital give intravenous fluids. the day leading up to his death,s his publicist say he was suffering from the flu. autopsy and toxicology results are pending. two virginia where a father and son tried to help someone who had just crashed his car. >> little did they know it was a dangerous criminal. when andrew went to check on the man who driven off the road the man quickly looked away and made a run for it. that teen came face-to-face with a dangerous suspect on the run. allegedly rocked a jewelry store had a gun battle with police, shot somebody driving by crash his get away car and stole another car. >> it was very sudden. i was only over there 30 seconds. in that 30 second, i only saw him for about three particular he turned around and starting getting his stuff. we tried helping this man in this car accident. we find out he's a fugitive.
6:26 pm
>> the suspect is on the run. good semaritans say this incident will not stop them from helping others in the future. brand new audio from the egypt air passenger jet that crashed last week killing everyone on board. what investigators say it shows in the hours before that plane went down a family dog, the vet saw one thing. what was found helped save his life. >> temperatures will be warming over the next couple days, we are going to watch a huge pattern chip as temperatures turn much warmer. how about the 80's for a change? that's in the seven-day when we come back.
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. furtherance are beginn fune.
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>> we're hearing a recording from inside the cockpit inside the plane. will car carr has more information. >> reporter: we're hearing an audio recording. the jet carrying 66 people crash i do not the mediterranean sea early thursday after disappearing from radar. the recording is a conversation between the pilot and swiss air traffic control. everything seemed normal. >> thank you so much, good day. >> this comes as egyptian submarines in an at me to find the plane's black boxes. >> i haven't got any information from the military operation team that is in charge of the search. and we will announce when we get close to them or at least
6:31 pm
identify where they are. >> reporter: homeland security secretary says this still could be the result of terrorism but urging caution as the investigation continues. >> the crash was just a few days ago. debris is being found. at this point, we cannot rule out some type of terrorist act. it's still very early, and the black box was noted has not been found yet. >> reporter: families in egypt are putting together memorials for those on board as they continues to wait. as a search for the black box continues, investigators are pouring through security footage in the hopes they can find out what led up to this crash. will carr fox news. first responders in indonesia are continuing their search after a massive volcanic eruption. not everyone has evacuated but today, search and rescue teams are urging them to do that. september of people died after the eruption yesterday.
6:32 pm
it blasted volcanic ash as high as two miles in the sky you got yourself a great chance to see the red planet very, very soon's mars will be closer to earth than in the last decade on may 30th one week from tomorrow. mars will be a relatively speaking short 46.8 million miles away. that is the closest it has been to earth in 11 years. close shots with the telescope. love it. now we need clear skies. >> let's hope for normal weather. >> let's work on that. >> memorial day is coming up. >> that's when you'll be viewing mars. cloudy skies right now. we're getting the clouds out of the way. one of those months. typically may is not this bad. this year, it will be above average for sure. we're running out of days to bump up those temperatures. 62 right now, the high 66, that is ten degrees below the normal
6:33 pm
high of 76 degrees. normally we take a look at philadelphia and it's warmer than some places we usually expect it to be quite warm, like the deep south. today, we're looking at places that are warmer than philadelphia. cooler in philadelphia than many locations that normally are colder. philadelphia exhibits. canada, 77. burlington vermont 76, al ban a knee new york, 73 and buffalo 71. warmer than philadelphia. that's when you know it's bad when buffalo is warmer. poconos 55. 64 pottstown. 61 in wrightstown, we'll go down to the shore, woodbine 58. millville temperatures in the 50's. delaware 56, medford 62. cool in penns landing in philadelphia in the 60's pottstown 64, perkasie 63 and allentown you're at 66. levittown 66.
6:34 pm
it's a huge range in temperature with the persistent clouds. we're watching ultimate doppler showers moving. when you can see this wide broad rotation an upper level low spinning over us with periods of showers. that will continue through the evening. give it a couple hours. we have sunset and we'll be slowing this down a little bit in and these will be petering out. to the west we see a huge area of real estate that is clear and this will be a weather for the mid week period and as we head into the holiday weekend. two areas of low pressure here, slowly moving away. we still have that counter clockwise swirl. tomorrow we're looking at dry conditions by the afternoon, 73, but in the daytime heating we'll see showers and storms bubbling up, especially north and west of the city. high temperatures will be, once again, in the 70's on tuesday as we head closer to that holiday weekend. in the city, 56 overnight. 52 in the suburbs. mostly cloudy with an early is spotty shower, during the day
6:35 pm
tomorrow, 73. afternoon showers and storm will be scattered. otherwise, partly sunny skies. ly exclusive fox 29 seven-day forecast, 75 on tuesday, chance of a spotty shower or storm. and that threat will be shifting toward the southeast. toward the shore. wednesday, the pattern breaks. boom. just like that. it's 85 degrees. temperatures soar ten above normal. it's 86 thursday. friday, it's 85. 80 saturday with a chance of scattered showers and storms and sunday sunny and warm at 83. can you take it. >> i can stand it. i'm glad to see 80's after wednesday. >> i like this. >> enjoy this weather. >> it's hot for kids playing sports. it can change just like that. >> i lost a whole month of golf in may. >> i know. next, a morning of weed pulling turns into a fight for
6:36 pm
their lives. >> i was sleeping and i got woken up by screaming and i saw my neighbor being attacked and my roommate was trying to help and he got attacked. >> what attacked in the middle of the morning with no warning? >>. any mom shows shedding those pounds after a new baby is not an easy thing to do. why doctors say getting your children involved may be the key to your success. grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week.
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. bill cosby is about is to head back to montgomery county courtroom. the comedian preliminary hearing is slated for tuesday in norristown. prosecutors say he drugged and molest add temple university employee in his montgomery county home in 2004. cosby has said the encounter was consensual and will be at the hearing. a morning of gardensning to turns terrifying when three people are forced to fight off bees. the neighbors were weeding earliest morning in glendale arizona. yard work angered the bees and thousands attacked. of one man tried to douse himself with a garden hose. but it didn't work. he was stung more than 200 times. >> i was sleeping and i got woken up bay screaming. i saw my neighbor being attacked and my roommate was trying to help and he got attacked. >> firefighters showed up in bee suits and were able to rush the man to the hospital where he's
6:40 pm
recovering. the other two were treated at the scene. firefighters searched but couldn't find the hiv they told the homer homeowner to call the bee keeper. one college grad is missing a whole lot of people. >> he got his degree before he got his high school diploma. michelle reports. >> reporter: jordan lesley has been standing out from his peers since he set foot. he looked so out of place at lake shore technical college.
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