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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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teenager hit and killed along very busy local road. what witnesses say boy and his friends were doing. a family dog suddenly ill about to be put down what was discovered that helped save his life. your news starts in 30 seconds. . police try to find the person who gunned down a 14-year-old boy.
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the teenager died one night after his eight and grade formal. last night. the bullets that chester hit two of his cousins. >> i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page. the victim's family says they are not the target. sabina kuriakose spoke to the family. sabina? >> reporter: tonight detectives are pouring over surveillance footage taken at the scene to try to figure out whoever did this and why the gunman remained on the loose. >> went to a formal friday. you know, i'm hurting right now. it hurts so bad. >> reporter: monica struggles to understand what a difference one day can make. this was her nephew heading to his eight and grade dance two days ago. smartly dressed in a blue dress shirt and tie posing proudly next to him, his 16-year-old cousin. the two were more like brothers. 24 hours later one boy would be wounded the other lost to a hail
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of more than 30 bullets. >> good grades, well liked. >> reporter: police say it was after 8:00 saturday when bullets begin blending with the heavy rain outside this corner store on the 1100 block of time lane in chester. workers ducked for cover. outside they had been begging their older cousin for a ride. when they noticed a suspicious car. they sensed danger too late. >> they just started shooting from everywhere. area. and you know it was so crazy? they knew there was kids out there. kids out there. like no remorse nothing. >> reporter: genine was hit in the shoulder. >> he was so close. >> reporter: loved ones say the boys were not the intended target, simply caught in the cross fire in a city where residents say the streets can swallow young men whole. >> they shot is, shot, sounded
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like they loaded back up or something. they ruined my life these kids. our family. >> reporter: and again, no suspects are in custody. $5,000 reward is being offered to re any information leading to their arrests. kumar remains in critical condition but he's expected to survive. they tell us they're looking for anyone with any information to come forward to the chester police department, that is a family's plea tonight. >> as soon as possible. thank you, sabina. on your radar, we could have more rain on the way. people are still wearing sweatshirts and jackets and the chilly damp evening on broad street in center city. some are carrying umbrellas. let's take a look at trenton if we could. there it is. we could have a few more days of showers for the weather turns -- is that trenton? doesn't look like trenton. kathy, we're ready to see the sun. >> we had it a couple days ago.
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not so much yesterday or today. it will be drying out. few more spotty showers out there especially in south jersey can't delaware. otherwise, we're drying out. we have that on shore flow keeping it cloudy. cool. for at least the next couple days. it's 47 in poconos. 59 in philadelphia. 58 millville, lancaster it is 57. overnight, lows in the 50's. city in the suburbs a spotty shower south. otherwise, mostly cloudy. we will be seeing is sun. but it's going to take awhile to be totally sunny and warm. showers will linger. we'll see sun in the morning, clouds roll back in in the afternoon, spotty showers and perhaps thunderstorms will be popping up. staying unsettled in this blocking pattern. here we go with the omega block. the low pressure over us. of soon high pressure builds in and will give us a warm change in the weather pattern. next couple days, showers and storms be, that pattern will change mid week and it will get much warmer. how much warmer? update with that holiday weekend
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forecast coming up later on in the broadcast. see you then. >> thank you. a family in mourning after a stand-up teen was hit and killed in burlington city new jersey. police say it person driving the car is facing dui charges. let's get out to brad sattin live at the scene. brad? >> iain a real tragedy. this scene is route 130 in burlington along with federal avenue. as i step out of the way. you're going to see utility crews working on a to telephone pole and a teen killed by a drunk driver. >> she witnessed the crash after midnight. >> i was he came over and went over the curb and hit the pole and went into the check cashing place. and hit the young man. 17 yard antwaine died at the
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scene. >> he was into everything, loved by everything. >> reporter: family members trying to come to the loss what police say was a drunk driver as antwaine and a friend were walking on the sidewalk. >> from what i understand, they had no chance, the car was swerving. had no chance the scar car was swerving. >> reporter: he was the first year of the rotc program. >> he had plans and thoughts of going into the military after high school and possibly majoring in political science. >> reporter: police say the alleged drunk driver. 42-year-old ricardo patterson the third of wilmington borrow stayed at the scene after at crash. >> this just needs to be awake-up call. these people out here drinking and driving and taking it for granted. i lost a sister close to about 15 years ago from the same thing. >> reporter: patterson is facing several traffic tickets for reckless driving and dui as the you burlington county prosecutor awaits blood tests before the
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deciding on more serious criminal charges. for now, antwaine's father is relying on family. >> i'm overwhelmed by all love and support. >> reporter: again, patterson is only facing traffic summons right now. he is not in custody. he is at home. we went to his home and nobody answered the door. of we can also tell you that counselors grief counselors will be at the school. a 67-year-old man was killed in some kind of domestic disturbance. police say they found him shot to death in garage in the 200 block south 6th street. authorities found a gun. suspect is in custody. north wales police and the montgomery county detective bureau is investigating. police officer is expected to be ok after getting hit by car at the airport. just before 6:00 near terminal c. the officer went to the hospital but is supposed to be home. no word on if the driver will
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face charge. stray bullet flew in a home in hunting park hitting a woman inside. police are looking for whoever opened fire near the home of 1100 block of erie avenue. police say they also found casings a brock away. so far tonight there have been no arrests and m. a west philadelphia house fire injures one person. under control about 20 minutes later. one person went to the university of pennsylvania hospital for treatment. there's no word tonight on the condition. a penn state student bucks county died friday. she was electrocuted. she for some reason grabbing a high voltage wire while on roof of a three story building. they posted a picture on the
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facebook page of 21-year-old shann shannon of warrington. she was study to go biobehavioral health at penn state. the family is planning her funeral. local police say they arrested a guy caught on surveillance taking pictures up a woman's skirt. we show you did this last week. it's at the pretty sell factory in upper darby. they caught the guy. residents are sitting in the dark after they heard a big explosion. an under ground fire on the 600 block of pine street broke out overnight. peco officials categorize it as an under ground cable fire rather than explosion, but people had to side step charred of glass because some homes had windows blown out. neighbors describe the moment it happened. >> i was just got in the bed and
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i heard boom. and i was wonder what that is. i came down and looked and there was smoke coming out of the manhole there. >> powers back on for many residents but peco crews are working to restore service to everyone in the neighborhood. developing tonight, trying to piece together what went wrong on that traffic egypt air flight and the lack of answers is not easy for the victims' families. of mourners gathered for funerals to remember two people on board. flight 804 crashed thursday. >> they're hoping recordings from inside the cockpit can figure out what went re went wrong. will has new information. >> reporter: hearing a audio recording the jet carrying 66 people crashed into the mediterranean sea early thursday morning after disappearing from radar. the recording is a conversation between at the pilot and swiss air traffic control. everything seemed normal.
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>> full contact. 725. this is 725. thank you so much, good day. >> reporter: this comes as egyptian submarines are attempting to find the plane's black boxes. >> we haven't recovered them yet. i haven't got information from the military operation team that's in charge of the search. and we will announce when we get close to them or at least identify where they are. >> reporter: in the u.s. homeland security secretary jay johnson says this still could be the result of terrorism but urging caution as the investigation continues. >> the crash was just a few days ago. debris is being found. at this point, we cannot rule out some type of terrorist act but it's still very early and the block box as was noted has not been found. >> reporter: families in egypt are putting together memorials
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for those on board as they continue to wait. investigators in paris are pouring through security footage in the hopes they can find out exactly what led up to this crash. will carr fox news. father and son see a car barrel over the side of an embankment. they immediately jumped in to help. what the driver did next just minutes before police arrived that left the good semaritan to say speech less morning of weed pulling turned into a fight for their lives. . >> i was sleeping and i got woken up by screaming and i saw and i neighbor being attacked. my roommate was trying to help and he got attacked. >> what came after the group of neighbors in the middle of the morning with no warning. it was a dream come true for a couple trying to beat the odds, their fight to be able to get down the aisle and say i do.
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. ♪. suspect wanted in connection with a fatal shooting of an auburn massachusetts police officer has been killed in a stand-off with police. police say the 35-year-old shot and killed officer ronald during a traffic stop early this morning. he took off. when he was found by the cops, he was reportedly hiding in a bedroom closet. >> the suspect appeared from inside the closet and fired on the troopers striking one of them. the team returned fire and struck the suspect inflicting
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life-threatening injuries. >> that trooper is expected to be ok. those who knew the officer remember him as a family man. he is survived by his wife and three children. you decide 2016 looks like the race for the white house will be a tight one. take a look at the democrat front runner hillary clinton with a three point leader. this comes a few months after clinton had a double digit lead. as the race tightens up, the two are choosing sides. one of the most controversial issues in america. >> clinton and trump calling each other out over gun policies. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing more on the general election and and each other. national rifle association editorsed trump and the presumptive republican nominee told the nra clinton would prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns. it's essential campaign issue
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for hillary clinton. she's calling for more background checks and liability for gun dealer and manufacturers. clinton calls trump position dangerous. >> we will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated. as long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we will keep fighting for our kids because they deserve a president who stands up for them. >> reporter: clinton also claims trump supporters allowing guns in classrooms to protect children. trump explained mission. >> she's reading off tell prom to her. she always does. she talked about guns in classrooms. although in some cases teachers she don't have them. >> reporter: while democrats and republicans have yet to choose their nominees. a wall street journal has clinton up 46-43.
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the fox news poll has trump up. trump has no active republican challengers. clinton need fewer than 90 delegates to secure the nomination. bucks county authorities are asking for your help to find a bank robbery. this man passed a nobody. it read nobody would get hurt if they cooperated. he got away with cash and ran north on oxford valley road. today a man walked the halls of a local college armed with a machine gun. it wasn't an emergency. of it was a training exercise. philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine worked with the philadelphia police and fire department to simulate a active shooter situation. security personnel from the college practiced various scenarios calling on swat for the drill. exercise is to make sure the school says ready in case they face a real threat. in newtown square a big crowd gathered for a good cause.
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today was the first give blood, give sweat, give for the delaware county veterans memorial. they joined crosses with an all day fitness festival. a local couple battling the odds gets a dream come true. they waited to re years to say i do. it's also a day they didn't know for sure would ever come. >> the groom is in the fight of his life. jennifer joyce has the story. ♪ . >> she's been patient through all of this. been my rock the whole time. >> reporter: today, they're tying the knot. lonny brown and karen of south philadelphia have known each other for nearly two decades but began dating few years ago after reconnecting on facebook. about a year into their relationship, brown was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. >> it was like getting hit by a truck finding out news.
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>> during a turbulent time, their love has proven to be the one powerful constant. >> i didn't think we would make it to this day. there was so much going on. me being sick, you know, so it was a blessing we made it to this day. >> reporter: they're here. surrounded by their closest family and friends. thanks to the organization wish upon a wedding. >> from the venue to the deejay to the flowers and the wedding planner. everybody is donating their services. >> reporter: a perfect day for a lovely pair. >> hearing the story about how they met and he out to her how to parallel park when they were just friend 16 years ago. >> reporter: when they got together it was love at first sight. now with their wedding wish granted no matter what life has in store it's a love that will last forever. >> hold hands walk side by side
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together. >> reporter: jennifer joyce fox 29 news. children's hospital of philadelphia, special celebration for patients. they held a ruin today. patients treated in the center have a spine and chest wall condition that affects normal breathing and lung growth. today it was fun and games and they had a visit from the philly fanatic. a college scholarship even named student of the year but when he showed up for graduation in his cap and gown he was told he can't walk. a family dog suddenly deathly ill. reason a mystery. the have said the only thing that day was put him down until that vet saw one thing. what he found behind the pup's ear that helped save his life.
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. wild fire burning, the 400 acre blaze prompted about 60 families to evacuate. firefighters have not yet contained it. local media reports that a downed power line or transformer likely started it.
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so far we have no reports of injuries. new video shows the aftermath of the u.s. drone attack on taliban lead mullah mansour. it was taken in a remote area in pakistan near the border of afghanistan. the same place where he was traveling late friday. according to authorities, he was killed at 3:45 p.m. saturday. there are reports that president obama personally authorized the strike. nor details surfacing buy the death investigation oh of music alleged prince. according to the minneapolis star tribune. singer may have been dead at least six hours before his friends found his body in the elevator of his estate last month. the publication says a source with knowledge of the investigation claims one day before prince died, a local hospital gave him intravenous fluids. newspaper does not cite a reason for the visit. in the days he'ding up to his death, the publicist said he was suffering from the flu.
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autopsy and toxicology results are pending. a morning of gardening turned fur re terrifying. they're weeding in glendale arizona. yard work angered the obeys and thousands attacked. one man tried to douse himself with a garden hose but it didn't work. he was stung more than 200 times. >> i was sleeping and i got woken up by scream and and i saw and i neighbor being attacked and my roommate was trying to help and he got attacked. >> firefighters showed up in bee suits. they were able to get one to the hospital where he is recovering. the other two were treated at the scene. the firefighter to say searched but couldn't find the hiv and toldly homeowner to call a bee keeper. a father and son saw a car barrel over the side of an embankment. they jumped into help. what the driver did next that left the good scenario tin speech less. a high school valedictorian told he could not walk across
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the stage. what he refused to do that kept him from the ceremony. kathy. >> weather we're talking about a few days of unsettled weather but then the temperatures will be warming. we wills the warmest yet this entire year. soaring through the 80's. when we come back. ♪ hey!
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. crews juiused the jaws of l. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free the 16-year-old. a chopper flew him to the hospital. he's in serious condition. we do not yet know why he crashed. virginia now where a father
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and son tried to help someone who had just crashed their car. >> little did they know it was a dangerous criminal. when andrew greer went to check on the guy who had driven off the road. he took off. teen came face with a dangerous guy on the run. the man allegedly robbed a jewelry store had a gun battle with police, shot someone driving by crashed his get away car then stole another car. >> it was all very sudden. i was only there 30 seconds and in that 30 seconds, i saw him three before he turned around and started getting. we tried helping this man to find out he's a fugitive. >> he's still on the run tonight at that time good samaritans say this incident will not stop them from helping others in the future. >> thank goodness they weren't hurt. a high school senior with straight a's and a high school scholarship could not, walk with his class and he was a valedictorian. on top of that he's listed as
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students of the career. he showed up with a goatee. even took his cap and gown from him. he says he did shave, just the side, left the goatee however. >> they should have let me march. i did my hair and my face has nothing to do with school. i wasn't distracting nobody. >> his robe and cap were taken so that he could not march. that is just wrong. >> jones says missing his high school graduation is something he can never get back but he doesn't regret his decision to leave the goatee. a dog in oregon survived a near death experience of the a dick was sending a neurotoxin into his saliva which was paralyzing him. vets said he had no idea what
10:32 pm
was behind the dog's problems. right before they put down o lly, a vet noticed a tick behind his ear. >> he was in the room. about to get put to sleep and it was just, pure grace people found something and decided to check it out further. >> olly's owner said they will keep up with his tick and flee medication from now on. of local vets say para sights can be worse than ever this career. great chance to see the red planet. mars will be closer to earth than it has been in the past decade on may 30th, mars will be at a distance of 46 million miles. that is the closest it has been to the planet in 11 years. nasa is gearing up to get up close shots. what we need is clear weather. we got a week plus out.
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. that's true t somebody asked me about this this evening on twitter and they said will were he see mars tonight? i said i just want to see the full moon from yesterday. i'm so waiting to see that. didn't get to see it. we may be able to see that full moon or actually it will be wayning at this point by tomorrow night. for tonight mostly cloudy few showers and sprinkles through south jersey and delaware. otherwise skies partly cloudy. clear to the west. this is our weather for the mid week period. so there will be sun on the horizon. it was cooler in philadelphia than many places that are normally colder today. until, the high 66. look at these spots that were warmer. canada, 77. burlington vermont 76, albany 73 and this is the tough one, buffalo new york 71. philadelphia 66. we got to change that. reverse that. in the poconos, 47. philadelphia 59. canada 66. burlington 57. you can see the cooler air
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through the keystone state with persistent easterly flow and here we go again. this area of low pressure offshore will continue to keep the clouds keep the moisture in the delaware valley. we have a broad upper level low keeping that rotation. it's slowly to the nice high pressure system to the west in the next couple days. tomorrow spotty showers, high temperature 70 not bad. city overnight 56, suburbs 52. spotty shower south jersey and delaware. otherwise mostly cloudy to partly cloudy overnight. during the day tomorrow partly sunny. we will see sun in the morning and scattered showers in the afternoon, maybe few isolated thunderstorms. temperatures once again will be mild. as we look at the seven-day forecast, from your weather authority, a chance of a few spotty showers in the afternoon, again, tuesday, i think that threat will shift through south jersey during the day. the high 75. then we kick it up to 85 on wednesday. and thursday, we kick it up to
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86. two dry days. can you believe it? friday showers and storms t saturday 80 and by sunday sunny and warm high 83. morning low 70? feels like late may. go figure. >> little late for i don't know what the summer i guess. >> it's amazing. just going to switch like that. we've had many springs like this. >> my bamboo is happen. it's been good for bamboo. looking on the bright side. >> if you talk about the bright side. >> mr. bright sunshine guy himself. he's even got a yellow tie on. how is that for introduction. keep it right here for sports sunday. howard? ♪ . i don't know if i can stay tonight without seeing mars. i need to see mars. >> give it eight days, howard.
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>> it's sports sunday. a look at what the eagles have done so far. sam bradford and carson wentz working together. what's up with fletcher cox? he's probably looking for mars too. here in the studio to help me discuss is dave spadaro. did peed


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