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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 23, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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shooting from every where, from every where. and, you know what was so craze i he knew that there was kid out there. there was kid out there. >> and, a local teenager killed, his cousins wounded the clue police hope will help them crack this case wide open. man shot in front of his own home while his family was inside what police are saying about the shooter, right now. teenager hit and killed on a very busy local road why witnesses say boy and friend were doing just before that deadly crash. get your umbrella out? more showers, more storms are heading our way. take a look at radar. sue serio will tell us when in just a moment. good day, it the is monday may 23rd, 2016. i think everyone feels like that. >> yes, down the shore and
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everyone will look like walking out of the spotty went to, which is really good. everybody at the window said is the summer really coming ever. >> i want to hear more about your weekend, lunch, you saw the commodores. >> yes. >> i didn't gamble, actually. my mom did. she won $20, sue serio and she knew when to cut it off. >> quit while she's a head. >> she had a good hit on her shoulders. >> we have a lot the to talk about with weather. we will talk about a couple areas of fog around fort dix, wrightstown in new jersey, trenton, getting some fog this morning. we have 3-mile visibility in lancaster, 2 miles in reading. reduced visibility there, and here's he's the rain situation. we still have that off shore storm that is a storm that bothered us all weekend throwing back moisture but most of it is south and west of us, which is unusual because usually we will see rain moving from west to east. there is plenty have rain in
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virginia and washington d.c., chesapeake bay but for us a couple of isolated showers mostly in cumberland, atlantic county at the moment. we will keep checking on that this morning. the 49 degrees in mount pocono. fifty in reading. fifty-six in the city. little will milder there. fifty-five in wilmington. fifty-seven in millville and 57 degrees in dover, as our city temperatures, we said 56, just 3 miles an hour northwesterly win. pretty humid out there and areas of fog, lots of moisture with 87 percent relative humidity. so what will happen today is we will get some sunshine, and it will warm us in the lower 70's but then we will get pop up showers maybe an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. so later on today especially if your kid have a game keep an eye on the sky for one of those pop ups. they will be isolated. 8:17. sunset time is your monday. we will give you a seven day forecast with a warm up in it coming up, bob kelly, good morning.
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>> good morning, everybody. you know, lauren, my grandmother used to run those casino chips back in the day when the casino first opened. all of the senior citizens, $10 to get you down the shore and then they give you $20 when you got there. it the is like they give you ten bucks to come on down, and that is it, ten or $20 pack on a bus and back home, good morning, everybody. let's get on that monday bus and say good morning to the schuylkill expressway. very little construction from last night so we're in good shape, this morning, vine street expressway is opened, did you notice that chris murphy. >> yes. >> as you came into downtown, no problems, into or out of the city. live look at 42 freeway, coming back from atlantic city, in problems here, but, we do have an accident westbound on the at atlantic city expressway right at egg harbor toll plaza a, right before you get, to the farly services plaza. as we come back from the shore for those early morning commuters, back in toward the
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city just watch out for police there. otherwise left over construction on pennsylvania turnpike, crews are still working outside on the route 29, e-z pass interchange, on the off ramp is opened, but just some construction there and mass transit off to a good start this morning. chris and lauren back to you. >> happy monday, thank you. we have to turn to this at 4:04. hail of bullets sprayed on the streets of chester this morning. a a teenage boy is dead and his two cousins hurt. >> dave kinchen live at the scene in chester with more on this story, hi there, dave. >> reporter: search for answers, continues, at this early hour, with this crime that took place on saturday night. more than 30 bullets were fired in the middle of heavy rainfall, bullets often blending with the rainfall saturday night, 14 year-old boy was in this picture heading to his eighth grade dance three case ago dressed in a blue shirt and tie. next to him is his 16 year-old cuss 10kwamar. bullets started flying just
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after 8:00 p.m. saturday in the 11 hundred block have pine lane in chester. the workers inn identify that store scrambling for cover. family members say that the teens were not the intended target but caught in the cross fire nonetheless. zenas died before getting to the hospital. his friend was shot in the chest and is in critical condition. jean shiply was also hit the by a bullet. >> they just started shooting from every where. from every where. you know what was so crazy? he knew that there was kid out there. there was kid out there. there is month remorse, no nothing, they didn't care. i'm a mother of three boys, they are somebody's child they just buried. everybody has to talk. your friend just told you they just shot up, you have to tell on them.
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they just ruined my life. it is ain't ferreter report you can see where a bullet went into her shoulder and she says it has in the been removed. we are told she's a cousin of the victims, the 16 year-old who was shot in the chest is in critical condition. chester's marries calling for anyone with any information, to come forward, and speak to investigators about all of this. is there a standard $5,000 reward available for information that leads to a suspect, and an a rest and conviction. back to you you. >> hard to hear her, dave kinchen, thanks very much. 4:06. developing in montgomery county a 67 year-old man was killed in some sort of domestic disturbance. the victim was discover in the garage in the 200 block have south sixth street. >> authorities found the gun at the scene and say a suspect is in custody. north wales police and montgomery county detective boro is investigating this shooting. a family is in mourning after a teen that struck and killed in burlington, new jersey. police say that driver is
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facing dui charges. >> lets go to steve keeley along route 130, steve. >> reporter: well, we're on 130 where the median really is wide and there is businesses in between, northbound and southbound, but route 130, and every kay viewers heard me say this before, where it runs through burlington county here has consistently been the deadliest stretch of road in all of new jersey. the entire state. even the busier more populated north jersey area, nothing compares to this. people killed crossing the street, people killed walking in the shoulder of the street but in this case, two teenagers left that wawa right there and then they come across here. they are no where near the road. there is no sidewalk here. they are in the parking lot of these businesses and right in front of the check cashing business lot when a witness told fox 29 and police that an suv comes southbound way out of control on 130, takes out signs, takes out that real thick utility pole thaw might in the be able to make out in the dark here but it is an extra thick pole, and it cuts
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that right in half, continues, and then kills 17 year-old antoine timbers instantly in the parking lot. the his friend, next to him just a couple feet away manages to get out of the the way and not even hurt. we spoke to the high school junior r ot c members's dad. >> this just need to be a wake up call. these people are out here, drinking, driving, taking it for granted. i lost a sister, close to about 15 years ago from the same thing. people really need to be responsible and really think when they are taking them drinks and getting behind the wheel because you don't know who you are affecting from what i understand they really had no chance. the car was swerving, and, came at them, and he was struck. the friend, that he was with witnessed it as well. he is taking it pretty tough. well, driver who lives nearby in willingboro just south of here is 42 year-old ricardo paterson. so far only charged with dui and reckless driving.
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burlington county prosecutor is waiting for blood tests, toxicology results, before filing criminal charges, beyond, just the motor vehicle will citation so paterson now free right now and at home. and they may also investigate, chris and lauren, whether or not he had been at any establishment a at 130 north bounties loaded with some nightclubs as well, and they may even subpoena some record but they have in idea where he was before hand when this accident happened just past midnight. again this kid was 40 feet or more off the road and got hit and killed here on 130. that is how dangerous this highway is here in burlington county. >> scary stuff, steve keeley, two kid very young, dead this morning good tough monday. >> it is. not that this i any better, four people taken to the hospital after a three car accident on aramingo avenue at 11:30. police there say there were multiple injuries reported. right now no word on the conditions of those being treated.
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a fire broke out atwood land crossing apartments in edge water park, new jersey overnight. fire crews raced to that area around midnight, that blaze was out in less than an hour, heavy flames spread on the 1,000 block of wood lane road. we have no word on any injuries a at this time. and police are searching for person shot a man in the head. this happened around 10:00 in the 4200 block of fairhill street in the cities hunting park section. police say they received several nine is 11 calls about the shooting. when officers got there they found a 38 year-old man shot in the back of the head. paramedics rushed him to temple in extremely critical condition. >> now based on ballistics evidence we know at least three shots were fired from the semiautomatic weapon. we know shooter was in very, very close proximity to the victim because we found three shell casings, all of just inches away from where the victim's body was found, laying on the sidewalk. >> police are looking at several surveillance cameras in the area to try to find
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that shooter. bill cosby is about to head back to the montgomery county courtroom, comedian's preliminary hearing is slated for tomorrow in norristown. prosecutors say he drug and maine less ted a temple university employee in his montgomery county home back in 2004. cosby claims that the encounter was consensual and, of course, we will be at tuesday a's hearing. stormer winter chewed up new jersey's beaches, damage done required more efforts to restore them before the big summer crowd hit the san in some places erosion and beach loss was great they are past winter then it was after super storm sandy. in 2012. while other place is a period to come through relatively unharm. with memorial day crowd, a week away, well, beach goers will find that the new jersey shore is ready for business even as some spots are more narrower then they were last year. that is good. you were just there. >> i was just going to say at the boardwalk in ac and it was raining that nasty rain where it is not just falling but misting and blowing sideways,
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and didn't have an umbrella. this weather has an economic impact. you are talking about ac hurt by this golf course is have been hurt by this. who wants to watch fill his knows they are playing unexpectly well, against your braves who took two out of three. who wants to go to the ballpark when it is misting, rainy and crummy out. >> if you are inside you can come up with all kind of things. >> by the way, phillies did lose the first two of their games over the week end series with the braves, however, they haded a big win yesterday, much more on that later in sports.
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what about this a great chance to see the red planet the mars will be closer to earth then it has been in the last decade. on may 30th mars will be at a distance of 46.8 million miles. >> good because i'm getting far sighted in my old age so i can probably see that. >> this is closest it has been in planet earth in 11 years. nasa is gearing up to snap up the close personal shots with the hubbell space telescope. it is fascinating. so what will it look like, sue. >> we cannot see anything, it has been so rainy all weekend and so cloudy, so it has been unfortunate because we have not been able to look at the sky and see all of the mars in transit stuff. here's what we've got. we wish that the low pressure
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system from the weekend would transit out of here but no, it is still just off shore so we're throwing back moisture for us. you you can see most of the heavy rain is to our south. we want high pressure to build in and it will, eventually. we will see some sunshine today as this storm slowly gets out of here, and we think we will get to a high today of 37 degrees and then turning warmer as we get close tore ya, the holiday weekend with high pressure as we said taking over, moving off shore and getting us into the 80's, by the weekend, so, there is plenty of have rain to look at on radar but mostly south and east of news virginia. we have a few little showers to show you in, cumberland county here, they have moved here to around cedar villain then a couple in lancaster county. it is not a big deal but as we he continue to work on the seven day forecast we will see progression in the 80's as we get closer to the weekend. now we will not be rain free either but today the showers
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will probably pop up later on in the afternoon and evening with temperatures in the mid 70's, for our high and then we will get close tore 80 tomorrow, rain in the 80's wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. chance of a few you pop up thunderstorms late in the day on friday but it is looking pretty good, bob kelly for the holiday weekend. >> i got to tell you much improved from this time last week on our monday morning and say good morning to the 42 freeway, in problems at all coming in toward philadelphia. good morning to i-95 heading down to the airport this morning. maybe getting out of town or pick someone upcoming back into town, in problems getting there. here on i-95. we're off to a good start at philadelphia international at least for early morning flights. no problems coming in from the suburbs on the 422, schuylkill. very little construction but some construction out there on the pennsylvania turnpike, they are working right here between the delaware valley interchange, and that
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philadelphia bensalem which is route one, they have got that whole widening project there where eventually, i-95 will connect with the turnpike and they are also working a little will further west out here near the fort washington interchange and then crews are out there at that route 29, e-z pass. no problems on the bridges and we are looking good on mass transit, chris and lauren back over to you. >> thank you, sir. right now police are looking for whom ever opened up fire near the home on the 11 hundred block of cleary avenue, he flew in the house in hunting park. the victim was in the second floor bedroom when she was hit in the leg. she was taken to the hospital. so far no arrests and they have no idea why someone fired that shot. a police officer is expect to be okay after getting it the by a car while directing traffic at the airport this happened just before 6:00 near terminal c. the officer went to the hospital, we're told, he is back at home now, no word on if that driver will face any charges. penn state student who died after falling off a roof, was electrocuted, authorities
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are calling this an accident. the coroner says that she felon to the sidewalk friday after grabbing a high voltage wire on the roof of the three story building. so, this was posted on facebook for 21 year-old shannon matters from warrington, saying that she was voluntary emt and then, it said that she was studying bio behavioral health at penn state. it ace that her family is planning her funeral arrangements in warrington. suspect wanted in connection with the deadly shooting of an auburn, massachusetts police officer has been killed in the standoff with police. police say 35 year-old jorge saabrano shot and killed an officer early yesterday morning. he fled the scene prompting a manhunt. when he was found by police he was reportedly hiding in the bedroom closet. >> the suspect appeared from inside the closet, and fired on the troopers, striking one of them. the team returned fire and
4:20 am
struck the suspect inflicting life threatening injuries. >> that trooper is expect to be okay and those who knew the fallen officer remember him as a family man. he is survived by his wife and three children. the search for clues in the crash of the egyptian air liner continues, egypt end ising a submarine to join the hunt for flight recorders from the jetliners which pluck in the eastern mediterranean early thursday and killed all 66 people on board. >> now, evidence is pointing to i a you had is even, dramatic disaster that occurred aboard egyptair flight 804 crossing the water on a seemingly routine flight from par toys cairo. egypt, ships and planes from several countries including the u.s. are taking part in the search for the debris from the aircraft. it is weird my aunt was talking about this. they say why don't they make those black boxes bigger or do something different with all of the advances. easier to find them and find out what happened. >> the pastor was saying yesterday to pray for so and so parishioner because he was
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heading our mission, to paris, and i thought, my goodness, you pause these days, the priest is praying for a guy going to paris. in the old day, have fun. now it is like my goodness. you think twice these days with terrorist many backdrop. meantime at 4:21. young man walks across the stage, receiving his college difficult prom a so what is the big deal? how he nabbed a college degree weeks before graduating from high school. >> good for them. he is winning. and here's your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. the phillies lost their first two game of the weekend to the braves as the last place team in the division. luckily they are able to salvage the series, yesterday, second inning, cameron rupp has been getting it didn't lately. look at this, a blast to the short porch out in right. that is a solo home run. phillies take a one to nothing lead. all right. we skip to the fourth, jared eickoff had a great game. goat help right here. tommy joseph with a great play to start double play. eickoff went seven innings, three strike outs, zero runs. story is joseph who is getting playing time over the slumping ryan howard. >> he is going to play, in
4:25 am
detroit, a all three games and how he will play on dh or play at first base i'm not quite sure yet. he will get a string of at bats put together. he didn't get any hits i like his swing and his approach. he looked good defensively. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. we are live in both burlington city, new jersey and down in chester city, pennsylvania and on both of these stories, again sadly we are saying something both reporters have said constantly over the last few weeks. drive counselors are going to local schools to deal with the deaths of young people.
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a teenager hit and killed on a very busy role local road what witnesses say the boy and friend were doing before that deadly crash. a southern new jersey police officer is pleading guilty to sexual assault involving a teenage girl, what he admitted to use to get away with the crime. good day everyone it is monday may 23rd, 2016. you just had a tweet from a casey saying oh, man there is a a lot of downer news this monday. >> i told her it is lake one of the conversations you have someone do you want good news or bad news first. hopefully we got some bad news
4:29 am
out of the way. >> if precipitation is bad news have we gotten it out of the way sue or not so much. >> mostly. it is not as bad as it was on saturday and we did have rain around yesterday, but there is still cloud around. we still have our off shore storm and quite a bit of rain to our south and west. that is continuing to move in that direction, though. but we do have spotty showers, to the south of us and we will see some showing up in lancaster county a little bit earlier. the visibility we have a few issues, there, with reduced visibility, trenton kind of socked in with fog right now, reading reduced visibility, 3 miles visibility in lancaster. so we have got 56 degrees in the city, and 3 miles, 3-mile an hour wind, so that will help encourage some fog with all this moisture in the air. other temperatures 51 in allentown, 50 in reading, 55 at atlantic city and 57 in millville as we get started this morning. do expect some sunshine today
4:30 am
especially in the early part of the the day an we should reach a early high of 73 degrees, then later on in the afternoon, as some of that north and humidity builds up we have pop up showers and possibility of maybe a pop up thunder storm or two but very isolated, so you could get one, you could escape without any, that is the way that this day will go but as we get toward the holiday weekend we will see the warm up, you have been waiting for, it is coming up in the seven day forecast, good morning, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning everybody it is 4:30 a live lot at blue route 476, up near mid county tolls, nice and crystal clear here. somebody plugged in the fog machine in northeast philadelphia a take a look at how quickly the fog, kind of blankets i-95 here, this is i-95 right here their with the man avenue. take a look here as sue mentioned we are dealing with hit and miss fog this morning no problems at philly international. we will keep an eye on that
4:31 am
one. down here in chester delaware county watch for a fire location at second street, right there near commodore barry bridge. good news for folks in new jersey we have a repaving project set for route 70. they will start working from pennsauken road all the way up through cropwell road, you will start to see signs going up this week and then next week, they will get underway and then 495 south as you work your way down into philadelphia pike heading down into wilmington watch out for construction, that off ramp is still block and they are still working on the pennsylvania turnpike, two spots, one is westbound right near fort washington and other out near route 29 e-z pass interchange but otherwise fog coming from the suburbs. so far so good on the schuylkill and mass transit running with no delays, chris and lauren, back to you. police investigating a deadly shooting in west philadelphia. a man was found lying on the road in the 4100 block of cambridge street. >> he was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered he had gunshot
4:32 am
wounds to his chest. there is very little information to go on in their investigation. as soon as we get more information we will pass it to you. police in burlington city new jersey say a drunk drive toys blame for the death of the 17 year-old boy. out walking with his friend. >> steve keeley live at the scene, steve, what can you tell us this morning. >> reporter: because he was with his friend just think this could have been twices bad as this story already is, this morning. because here in this parking lot is where they were. they had come from that wawa across the street. you would think this far off of route 130 they would be safe but route 130 here in burlington county, year after year, that the deadliest stretch of road for pedestrians in the entire state of new jersey and this time, claims another life in this wide median between both south and north bound packed with businesses where we are, where the teenager were not even walking into the road, not crossing, not even real close to the road where authorities say a drunk driver's big suv, barreled
4:33 am
over signs next to the wawa and then cut utility pole in half and then came across the street and into this parking lot killing 17 year-old antoine timbers and somehow avoiding hit than and killing his friend just a couple feet away. >> i was traveling along right here and i got to about right there and i seen the truck, it was a black escalade come, i seen it hit the pole and hit the portion over here at the check cashing place. >> it is hard to believe your eyes. >> i could in the believe it. i stopped and i actually looked. i didn't see anybody moving. i didn't see any movement or anything. i just stood there until eventually the paramedics and everything started coming. >> reporter: well, 42 year-old driver ricardo paterson was released from prison after just getting traffic citations
4:34 am
for dui and reckless driving. criminal charges coming later on. burlington county prosecutor waiting for blood test, toxicology results will tell how much and what he was driving under the influence of, and whether homicide by vehicle charges are warranted. chris and lauren look where the sidewalk at the the wawa was installed, look at how far off the road was installed and that was very smart, because next to the sidewalk, between the sidewalk and route 130, is a huge sign, still down, you can probably make out in the dark in chris's shot here still smashed down, where that drunk driver first, went out of control on route 130. so, very smart putting that sidewalk way off the road but you can see even this far off the road doesn't guarantee safety because antoine timbers is in longer with us. >> horrible. all right, steve. in bucks county authorities have to figure out a bank robber. police say this man passed a a note in the teller in the fair less hills td bank.
4:35 am
be in would get hurt if this thing cooperated. he got a way with cash and ran north on oxford valley road. if you recognize him call the police. all right. it is southern new jersey, police officers there admitted to using his job to sexually assault a teenage girl. >> yeah, 45 year-old ralph per era has pled guilty to misconduct and sexual assault charges. ten year veteran of the brigantine police force has been arrested since his a may since 2014. officials a say they will move to fire him now that he has pled guilty. he and a former atlantic city officer were both accused of having a sexual relationship with the 16 year-old victim. the other officer pled guilty, last year and is now serving a prison term. local police say they have a rested i guy caught on surveillance video taking pictures up that woman's skirt. do you remember this from last week. he stand right behind here, and this is at the pretzel factory in upper darby. there he goes.
4:36 am
victim conn fronted him. then he took off. police say they caught the guy. good. let's go out to dave kinchen, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, a 14 year-old is dead and his 16 year-old cousin is in the hospital, fight to go stay alive after the search for the suspects.
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bring out the best. a chester family looking for answers after gunfire killed a 14 year-old boy and wound his two cousins.
4:39 am
>> dave kinchen has the story for us, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police are continuing to search for the suspect in this case, that looks to be a drive by shooting situation here. more than 30 bullet were fired in the middle of heavy rainfall, saturday night, in chester, 14 year-old zenas nichols was killed, heading to his eighth grade dance three days ago dressed in a blue shirt and tie. next to him is his 16 year-old cousin. and police say bullets started flying just after 8:00 p.m. saturday outside a corner store here on the 1100 block of pine lane. the workers inside the store were scrambling for cover, family members, said that the teens were not the intended targets but were caught in the cross fire after noticing a suspicious vehicle a approaching the area. he was shot in the chest and is in critical condition. zenas died before going to the hospital. >> he was a good boy. he was only four years old. other nephew was only four as
4:40 am
well. >> unaudible. >> people are shooting from every where, from every where. you know what was so crazy, he knew that there were kid out there. he knew that will were kid out there. no remorse or no nothing. they didn't care. >> the woman you just heard from actually had a bullet the go into her shoulder. sheep was caught in the cross fire too. she's cousin of the two teens shot. meanwhile chester's marries asking anyone with any information to come forward, and talk to investigators. the city wants to you necessity there is a five you this dollars reward for information leading to a suspect's arrest, and convictions in this case. back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thanks very much. four people taken to the hospital have after a three car accident, on aramingo after new, this happened around 11:30 last night. police say that there were multiple injuries reported, right new there is in word on
4:41 am
the conditions of those being treated. fire breaks out atwood land crossing apartments in edge water park in new jersey overnight. fire crews raced to that area around there and put out the blaze in an hour. heavy flames spread on the 1,000 block of wood lane road. we have in word on the injuries at this hour. a young man walks a cross the stage to get his college diploma so what is the big tiehl, right? he nabbed that college degree just weeks before graduating high school. we will explain that one. i drive a golf ball.
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"good day philadelphia" a is giving a way a car. every friday, all summer long we are coming to take over a town near you this friday the 27th we are head to go ocean city, new jersey. so get ready. >> how do i win this car if i'm a viewer, lauren dawn johnson good go to fox, click on the contest right on the home page. we will pick a final list once a week on on our final show we will have a give away. someone will have a key sue serio town lock that mazda. >> we are only giving away one car but i say only that is a beautiful car. >> yes, what a great ride, and it is going to be fun to meet all of you, on friday, as we get to a different town every week. doylestown was amazing. boy did we have perfect weather on friday, it completely went south over the
4:45 am
weekend. we have a lose pressure system sort of divided up into two now but this one off shore is off the carolina coast. storm has that moisture into virginia. we're waiting for high pressure to take over but not completely to day as you can see in the future cast that low, it tend to move off shore and then it still gives us pop up showers and thunderstorms. we will get enough sunshine to get in the lower 70's today but, also with all that moisture in the air we could see pop up later on. so for right new we will zoom in and we will see a little bit the of rain in, kent county, delaware around milford, lawrence river in new jersey and hammington as well, around atlantic county. visibility, reduced in trenton, and reading, very foggy there this morning. so fog is coming and going, there is not a lot of wind out there, right new we have 56 degrees in philadelphia, 49 mount pocono. fifty-three in lancaster. fifty-five in dover, delaware. the wind coming out of the north/northwest but we are still seeing that on shore
4:46 am
flow with rain just to our south. so, we saw temperatures, that went up very nicely all week long, peeking at 76 degrees on friday, that perfect, perfect day, and then with the rain on saturday we got to 62. sunday's high was 66. today we will probably be in to the 70's, probably lower 70's i'm thinking with sun and some showers popping up later on in the day. and then, a warming trend, begins, by tomorrow, we are up to 80, how about the mid 80's for wednesday, and then thursday, and friday, nice and warm, but then we will put the humidity back in, just like a familiar, summertime pattern, so that always gives us a chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon for thursday and friday but at least it will feel like summer around here for the unofficial start of the summer season. we will stay in the 80's for saturday and sunday as well. so a nice warm start bob kelly to your holiday weekend. >> looking good, sueby, good morning. 4:46 on this monday morning. a live look at the fog here a long i-95, so again stepping
4:47 am
out of the front door watch yourself roads are damp when that fog rolls through n problems out here in bucks county route one near the turnpike. a couple miles can make a difference of a crystal clear trip, to get your coffee or you have some fog, again, scattered around. mount holly a fire location atwood lane road and ashurst lane just off of route 206, and route 38, so some fire fighters are responding there also in chester county, chester, delaware county, second and yarnel just off the commodore barry bridge a fire location and construction crew is still working on the atlantic city expressway. they are working westbound right at the egg harbor tolls right before you get to the farly services plaza, and then heading down toward wilmington this morning, southbound lanes of 495, work crew right at the philadelphia pike off ramp. the mass transit the though looking good, chris and lauren, back over to you. it is in society hill some
4:48 am
residents are shaken up, after they say they heard a huge explosion, police say that underground fire in the 600 block of pine street broke out saturday. peco officials categorized it as a underground cable failure rather than a explosion, but then there is this people walking through the neighborhood had a shards of glass because people had windows blown out. a neigh are described the moment that this happened. >> i just got into bed and i heard, boom. my husband said wonder what that is. i don't know. i came down and looked. there was all this expect come out of the manhole there. >> the power is back on, for many in the area but peco crews are working to restore services to everyone in that neighborhood. boom, she got all into it. it is college graduation time and one college grad is very much impressing a whole lot of people. >> here's why. he got his college degree before he got his high school
4:49 am
difficult problem a we will now have more. >> reporter: jordan leslie has been standing out from his piers from the moment he stepped foot on this campus. >> i was all youngest in my class. >> reporter: he looked so out of question. >> jordan leslie report report that school official thought he must be a lost visitor. >> i didn't think there was a student i thought he was is here with the group and got separated. i questioned what class was he in. he told me. he told me his instructor's name. i realize hes was telling me the truth. >> reporter: at the time leslie was 15 whose high school advisor noticed his potential. >> we decided because i was going so fast through my courses he said maybe we can try something different. >> reporter: leslie hit a unique milestone on saturday when he pick um his associates degree in it, two weeks before he graduates from high school. >> i have never men anyone nearby that has done that before. i said you know what, i would have who to do it and try to go for it f i go for something i will give it my best.
4:50 am
the that is how i a am. >> reporter: he kept a 4.0g pa and now 17 year-old will be valedictorian when he does begin with his high school classmates again in a couple weeks. the as for next year. >> i got valedictorian scholarship. i said maybe i'll go for more. >> reporter: he will be back at lake shore to start a second associates degree in the electro mechanical program. >> we will see how you that goes and figure things out from there. >> reporter: to top it all off he is first in his family to earn a college degree. >> all right that was rachel valiant reporting. kid brilliant. hard thing as a parent with little will kid and you realize, my kid are 11 and eight that they are all smarter then i am. >> that is good news. >> no, that is good news. >> bigger, better, and brighter then you welshing not the bigger yet but they will be. coming up in the next half an hour not everybody is feeling madonna's tribute to
4:51 am
prince last night. hoist calling out her billboard muse ache ward performance. >> ♪
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4:54 am
the summer gearing up for political contests next year, phil murphy declared candidacy for new jersey governor earlier this month. democratic businessman is first declared candidate ape expert say early kick off signals that potential candidate are more likely to tack one eras they work to set themselves apart from their competitors. well, with a name like that he has got my vote. you decide 2016 it looks like race for white house will be a tight one. look at the latest poll just release that had shows hillary clinton with just a three-point lead over presumptive republican nominee donald trump. this comes just a few months after clinton had a double digit lead. new this race tightens up they are choosing side on one of the most controversial issues in america right now. >> clinton and trump calling each other out over gun policies. fox's rich edison explains. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing more on the general election and each other. national rifle association has just endorsed trump and
4:55 am
presumptive republican nominee told nra annual meeting friday clinton would prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns. gun control is a central campaign issue for hillary clinton. she's calling for more background checks and liability for gun dealers a and manufacturers. speaking at an a event for woman whose children had been killed by gunfire clinton called's trump's position on the second amendment dangerous. >> we will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated. as long as children, anywhere are being killed, by gun violence, we will keep fighting, for our kid because they deserve a president who stands up for them. >> reporter: clinton claims that trump supports allowing guns in classrooms to protect children from school shooters. trump explained his position. >> she's reading off a teleprompter, she always does. she really doesn't have her own word. she talk about guns in classrooms. i don't want to have guns in classrooms although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms. >> while democrats and republicans have yet to
4:56 am
officially choose their nominees, polling shows a tight race, nbc/wall street journal poll out has clinton up 46-43. latest "fox news" pole pull has trump up by three. trump has no national active republican challengers. clinton, when counting, need fewer than 90 delegate to secure the nomination. in washington, rich edison, "fox news". it was a dream come true for a couple trying to beat the odd, their fight the just to be able to get down the aisle, to say i do. and then i vacuum. it's like i have a brand new carpet. and, rigby is enjoying it as well.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
shot, shot, shot, shot it sounded like it was messed up. they just broke my heart these kid, lost, mothers lost their families. >> so sad. local teenager killed his cousin is hurt and hospitalized. the clue that police hepp will help them track this case wide open. man shot the in front of his own home while his family was inside, what police are saying about the shooter right now. teenager hit and killed long very busy local road what witnesses say the boy and his friend were doing before that deadly crash. weather-wise, get your umbrellas out yet again? more showers and storms heading our way? sue serio, we will tell you when in just a moment. my goodness lauren johnson this monies rough so far. >> it is, may 23rd, 2016. lots of horrible news to share.
5:00 am
we have to get through it. >> sad news for young people in our community. >> yes. >> sue, let's talk about that weather first. >> we do have showers but we also have sunshine, so is your glass half full or half empty, it is just the way you look at it. i will give you, as a gift, a seven out of ten today. because of the sunshine we're expecting. we cannot rule out those showers and we see some nearby with this continued on shore flow from the off shore storm that bug us all weekend long but as we zoom in we will see a couple of showers that are flowing off the ocean in kent county, delaware, sussex county, a few in cape may county, cumberland and atlantic counties. let's just say south and east of the city is where we will see some rain right now. there is a few issues of following, that comes and goes but we have seen some fog this morning around trenton and reading, in particular, and lancaster we have reduced visibility. we will keep an eye on that, no dense fog


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