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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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strike three called. >> as the phillies have it with howard? the 25 million-dollar question, this morning, and it is a beginning of the end for the slugger. i think our editor put up howard's end there. a reference from what 25 or 30 years ago. >> a british film. >> hi everybody. >> good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> that was a good one. >> little brighter outside our window. >> very foggy coming in. >> yes. >> but the sunnies up, and it is shining in some places, not so much in others, so we will think optimistically with seven out of ten because as bus stop buddy shows you bring the umbrella a later on there could be a few you pop up thunderstorms and in the meantime cloud, sun, some fog out there and temperatures that are in the 50's. you can see where rain is in
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delaware and southern new jersey this morning thanks to that pesky off shore low pressure system that bothered us all weekend long. it the is still here. for us it is included cover, 57 degrees at the moment and we will get to a high later on of 73 with sun and included and yes, pop up showers and thunderstorms later on in the day after 3:00 p.m. then 56 degrees tonight, we will talk about the weekend, it is a local holiday weekend coming up. oh, boy bob kelly. >> get true a couple workdays first, right, sue. 7:01. an accident north bound lanes of 202, right at route 401 in, chester county. so we're bumper to bumper here from pretty much approaching boot road up in the construction zone emergency crews and fire fighters just pulled on to the scene there. if you are leaving say west chester, backup on the bypass, 202, northbound in toward 401. live look at i-95, fog is lifted and we can see delays
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there. emergency track work on patco lets role video news van on the scene went overnight a piece of equipment jump the rails. they have been doing track work overnight, that work train, jumped the rails. nobody hurt. nobody injured. but obviously they need to get this off of the tracks in order to have full operation this morning. so lets go back to my maps. here's video for the next hour they will be running on a special schedule, with two less trains. if you can delay your trip until after 8:00 a.m. that is what will be advisable but pack your patients and grab an extra pop tart there and expect delays on patco in and out of the city this morning. the disable tractor trailer, south on 295, heading in toward that delaware memorial bridge, otherwise, septaing looking good this morning, mike and alex, back over to you. 7:03. >> chester family is looking for answers this morning,
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after gunfire killed a 14 year-old boy, and also, wound his two cousins. >> yeah, dave's on this story, dave? >> reporter: family members say that these two victims, one of them killed, were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time here when 30 bullets rang out in the middle will of the rain storm. zenas nichols was killed. he is pictured here heading to his eighth grade dance just three days ago all decked out in a blue you dress shirt and tie, next to him is 16 year-old cousin kwamar, he is in the hospital now currently after being shot. police say bullets started flying just after 8:00 p.m. saturday outside a corner store near where we are right now, 1100 block of pine lane, in chester, and the family, the workers, there started scrambling for cover. family members say that the teens, thought they saw a suspicious vehicle approach when gunfire started. zenas died before he could get to the hospital. the other shot in the chest.
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jean shiply was also hit by a bullet. >> she was coming from every where, bullets every where. you know what was so crazy, he knew that there were kid out there. there was kids out there. like no remorse, no nothing, they didn't care. i'm a mother of three boys. there is somebody's child that they just buried. everybody has to talk, your friend just told you they just shot up, the street or anything, you have to tell on them. they just... unaudible. it ain't fair. >> to top it off, you can see where a bullet went into her shoulder and she says it is still in there and has in the been removed. we're told she's cousin of the two teens shot. kwamar the 16 year-old is shot in the chest and in critical condition. mayor's a office and police are asking any one with information to come forward with the five you this dollars
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reward for information, leading to, an arrest, and a convictions, and, of course, the family desperately searching for answers at this time. back to you mike and alex. >> that is tough. >> to hear that mom. >> and, to hear that mom. we have another situation here, a teen is struck and killed in burlington city. close to a wawa and a school. >> reporter: yeah, he was a 17 year-old junior and this are he went to high school. he was familiar with the place he was killed because look where he goes to high school and we are in the parking lot right across from the high school, where antoine timbers got killed. chris, pan the two left if you can. he was coming from that wawa with a friend and look there are school crossing guards. right next to the guard you can see a huge sign that was just torn down, and you can the not make it out but two orange painted lines by the accident recreators, here who show the path of this suv.
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it was supposed to go straight on 130 where it curves but he kept going, not serving, but going on to the grass, knocking down that sign and then in that utility pole, he cut that in half and in the parking lot. antoine timbers and his friend were way off the road. you can see where the sidewalk is smartly put way off the road. they were further off the road then that. that didn't stop a suv from coming out of control and killing antoine here saturday night. >> it was raining hard last night, so, when the the truck came, i was about to approach the light. he came over. he went over the curve. he hit the pole and went in the check cashing place. it didn't look good. it didn't look good. me and my mother were praying saying plead whoever was involved in this to survive. >> they had no chance. the car was swerving. it came at them. antoine was struck. and the friend that he was with witnessed it as well.
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he was taking it pretty tough. >> reporter: the suv, made like an armed or car because the driver doesn't need to be in the hospital. he is not even in jail. he got out because so far he has only been charged with motor vehicle citations, dui and reckless driving, his name ricardo paterson. he lived nearby in willingboro, he is 42 and will likely face more serious charges. the reason why not yet? burlington county prosecutor is waiting for blood test toxicology results before filing homicide by vehicle charges. we will get from the superintendent in robbinsville, just north of here, then two howard high school students kill in wilmington, how about the two bridgeton high school girls killed last weekend after their mom, and then this weekend the story dave just reported in chester and this awful crash, many fear that the terrible teenage incident this spring, won't end until this sad school year does. >> my goodness, it has been a rough, rough spring. >> it really has.
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>> hearing steve, hard to believe. it has been eight minutes of really bad news here. so lauren, do you have anything good. >> no, still sad news this morning, mike. we have to tell but. police investigating a deadly shooting in west philadelphia medics responded to a call in the man lying in the road in the 4100 block of cambridge street. he was rush to the hospital where it was discovered he had a gunshot wound to the chest. right new police say there is very little to go on in the investigation. police searching for a person who shot a man in his led last night this happened at 4200 block of fair hill street. police say they received several 911 calls about the shooting when office's lived there on the scene, and they found a 38 year-old victim shot in the back of his head. paramedics rushed him to temple hospital, in extremely critical condition. police say they are looking at several surveillance cameras in that area to try to track down that shooter. a fire breaks out atwood land crossing apartments in edge water park in new jersey overnight. fire crews raced to the area around midnight, put out a flames in less than an hour.
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we have in word on injuries, at this time. bill cosby will be back in a montgomery county courtroom this week. comedian's preliminary hearing slated for tomorrow morning in norristown. prosecutors say he drugged and molested a temple university employee in his montgomery county home in 2004. cost which claims that the encounter was consensual. a community comes together to support a little boy who was hit by an alleged drunk driver, ten year-old garrett rodgers is in critical but stable condition, after he was hit, south millsboro delaware. his baseball coach called on community members donate gift card. in addition a stories creating t shirts with garrett's number on them. all proceeds will get to that family. coming up at 7:30 the man behind that divine on the t-shirts joins us here in the studio. >> all proceeds go to his mom. the little boy's died died in november. so, they are suffering tough times. 7:10.
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well, a shortened for a problem hospital that was soaring over fishtown just a few days ago. remember mike we saw this on good day. >> it was thursday morning we had never seen this blimp before. so we got a shot of it coming out of the commercial. there it the is. >> taking a live shot from the fox blimp. >> we decided to trade in the chopper, for a blimp. now it will be slower to get to the zoo story. but still, steady shot. >> yes. >> that is actually, bostic. they make tape. that was thursday morning. and then, it came down in fishtown on friday night. watch this. oh, man. >> look at the this. >> this guy is up close and personal with this blimp. >> this is on delaware avenue. >> he probably saw it coming and stopped. >> this is fishtown, right. >> yes. >> pilot ape passenger they bounced down in that construction zone. they are okay but the pilot says the engine was overheating and they think that brought the blimp down.
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thank goodness they were not hurt. >> i know. >> they took a long time to come down too. there is other footage i saw on you tube it takes ten or 15 minutes to slowly come down. >> yeah. >> that is good because it was coming across delaware avenue and traffic had time to stop. >> well, yeah. just like that, mike. >> yes, just like that. >> thank you for that. >> sure. >> eleven past seven on this monday. >> verdict is expect today in the trial of a officer facing charges in connection with the death of freddie gray. >> officer edward nero is charged with assault, misconduct and in office and reckless endangerment. he fridays our area, washington township. he is a a volunteer fire fighter in new jersey. so for more we will go to fox's bob barner to talk about this verdict expected in about three hours from now you. >> that is right, three hours from now, alex. it will be handed down at 10:30 here at baltimore circuit court by the judge. this was not a jury trial calling it a bench trial.
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judge barry williams, who in the past worked for the justice department and investigated and tried police misconduct case is a cross the country, so he is very familiar with these cases. he will issue his verdict. there will be a verdict at ten there 30 this morning. the officer nero is facing only misdemeanor charges, second degree assault, reckless endangerment and official misconduct. he was within of the three bicycle officers who arrested freddie gray in april of last year here in baltimore, and, basically, the reckless up danger. charge stems from the fact that freddie gray was in the harnessed in the police van that took him to jail in that van where he suffered that ultimately fatal spinal cord injury. the his defense says that officer nero wasn't responsible for strapping freddie gray in that police van. we will see. he is facing ten years in prison. if there is an acquittal, will
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there be a reaction on the streets here? baltimore police say they are ready. the sheriff's office, they have got mutual aid after some of the nearby jurisdictions having officers on stand bay just in case. the feeling here is that this isn't the guy. this officer isn't the one at the least in the community directly responsible for freddie gray's death. if there is an acquittal will there been unrest on the streets? we just don't know. many people don't think so but police are not taking any chances. we will find out at 10:30 this morning. >> even if they don't know they are expecting they will have more officers out there. >> reporter: yeah, there will be a police presence, physical and otherwise, and not only police but sheriff officials around here. so we will see, guys. they are waiting just in case, but what will happen we just don't know good all right. thanks, so much bob. we will keep you guys updated, thank you. it will happened at 10:30.
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coming up on 7:14. sue? >> we are looking at some sunshine out there this morning, but it is really in battle with clouds and with some rain thanks to this off shore low pressure system. one that moved through saturday that gave us rain and continued to bother us on sunday and today, high pressure is eventually going to take over but it is a bit unsettled today but with the mix of sun and included and a high of 73 degrees but also pop up showers and thunderstorms later on as we head toward end of the week it does look like we will be warming up, let's say appropriately for the unofficial start of summer, this coming weekend, it is memorial day weekend. looking at live radar where it shows where the rain is, it is in this line from burlington county to kent county delaware but when we're watching rain we are watching it move from west to east. it is an off shore storm so it is bringing in moisture from the atlantic ocean. so as we zoom in we are seeing lighter rain down here in
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cumberland county, just north of dover delaware and kent county, heavier downpour there and for the rest of us, even though we will see sunshine and get it in the 07's today around 3:00 in the afternoon we are seeing very isolated pop up thunderstorms, and that will be the case for the rest of the evening. so 73 degrees today. seventy-eight tomorrow and then wham, we are so much warmer in the 80's on wednesday. i think wednesday is in the so humid day. humidity comes back. it is not the heat but the humidity. >> yes. >> 7:15. good morning, sue. good morning everybody. come on kick covers off lets getting. north on 202 an accident in the construction zone, this is a live look at route 401, we have got chester county fire fighters, out here, now northbound lanes of 202, bumper to bumper from the bypass even back to boot road all heading north into what is usually a jammo to begin w
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we're down to 8 miles an hour. once you make it past 401 and 29 things opened up. problems on patco. let's role video from the news van on the scene this morning. one of the work trains working overnight, they call it the knuckle will boomer, okay, the train that picks up the railroad ties, and then moves them. it derailed this morning. two of the guys on the train, taken to local hospital. they have been released. they're okay. now they have to get the knuckle boomer off the track. >> it went boom. >> boom. >> here's the deal emergency track work and special scheduled through 8:00 o'clock this morning. patco running with delays into and out of the city, for the morning rush hour, and otherwise, bennie and airport looking good, mike, back over to you. after losing friday and saturday the phillies shut out braves five to nothing yesterday. their major league leading seventh shut out this year.
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widest margin of victory. also, of note, rookie first base man tommy joseph into start against a right-handed pitcher. maybe a sign ryan howard could be seeing more of the bench. so we want to know is it time for ryan hurt to take a seat for a few weeks? to answer that question, joe decamera is here in the middle. >> sean brace is here. >> with his own microphone as a matter of fact. >> love is in the air. >> and for the first time on television, jon sonnies here. >> hey. >> is this your debut. >> yes, a absolutely. >> you have been on other stations. >> i have, i have. >> this will be the best experience of your life. >> sean, lets start with you. >> please. >> first of all, let me show you you the paper, newspaper where do you want to get this, over here. look at this, the only flipin bat, the only power we have.
7:18 am
is it time that 25 million-dollar a year player sits. >> i want to squeeze in that and let you know we have been, you know, reading this story for the last four and a half years, mike. >> yes good ryan howard hasn't had a productive year since 2011. it is time to let go. let's have the big piece stay at the ballpark everybody comes in, 2008 paraphernalia and it is time to let him go. >> and eat the 25 million. >> you have to do what you have to do good they will not eat the that yet with you we will see if they do soon. >> i mean look there is surprisingly in contention. so it heightens the sense of urgency to try to improve the position f they were heading to 62 behind 100, what difference does it make. but now they have a shot. they are competing. if playoffs were to end they would be in the playoffs, and just a couple games back of the division lead. as this thing goes toward june and july if he is still struggling and they are still playing well, that is where
7:19 am
the issue has been. >> john? before the season started there, was no expectations for this year. they are rebuilding. we know this is ryan howard's last year. just don't, no, you know, this is his curtain call. let's enjoy the ride. he is one of of the most under appreciated a athletes in the last 30 years in philadelphia sports. but surprisingly they are in contention. they are six games above 500 and he is batting .161. >> answer the question, john. >> it is time. it is time now. >> i heard you ranting bit over the weekend over the weekend. he have is the big piece. >> yes. >> he is so under a appreciated. but, it is well overdue. he cannot hit obviously. he can't run. he cannot stretch out at first base. >> other than that though. >> other than that he is fine. >> i mean, really lake this guy. i hate to bring up this
7:20 am
subject. >> that is where my problem comes in if we cut him in 2015 does that mean we are not appreciative of 2009, 2008. the guy had the best four seesbaseball has ever seen. >> we're talking about babe ruth in those four year stretch the at six year he had over 30 bombs and 100 rbi's. incredible. but it is time to let him go. it is 2016, mike. >> all right, sean. >> you know this is all about the money. everybody knows. >> nobody will take him. >> not the right now. >> you will not be able to trade him. >> we have never in the history of philadelphia sports seen a detear racial like this so extreme for so long. when steve carlton was wrapping up 30 years ago it was really ugly at the even. but it was really short. phillies said that is it. but he issued the contract. tore that a chillies, and that was the start of the contract. that was 2009. >> 2011. >> and it was final at bat of the season.
7:21 am
>> on the season. >> also of his old contract but he signed the new contract, five years, 125, he was in the fifth a and final year. so think bit this year, if they get to the even of the season which they will, they have sign him a ten million-dollar check just to buy him out, next years contract. >> one heck of a paycheck. >> i wish they would fire me and pay me. >> but they had a whole new front office, face of the ownership. once this season end, howard and ruiz are off the books. they have no money spent on anybody. money shouldn't be a issue. >> hellickson is on the trading block. >> some team is interested in him. >> the big piece day. >> big piece day. >> we should do it the friday, memorial day weekend. let him go. everybody goes to the beach. where is ryan howard? he is gone. >> you are rough. >> enough is enough, mike. >> all right. >> john, thanks a lot.
7:22 am
joe, you you did okay. >> yes. >> you will be back. >> all's all be back. all right cheese lovers and i know you love your cheese? i know you do. you've got to step it up though, prices are down because supply is down, i'm guessing, and i would know if somebody would move that copy for me but that is all right. how much you need to eat to get things back to normal. we have to start eating cheese if we want to save the cheese industry. >> love cheese. >> get on board. saturday night live aired its final season well, for this spring. see their last shot of the democratic candidates for president
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we have a big excuse to eat cheese. why is there a surplus of cheese. >> i necessity, but we have too much cheese because we have a lot of milk. the milk production is going on, and cheese makers and apparently we're not eating enough cheese and u.s. dollar
7:26 am
is in strong so folks do in the buy our choose because it is too expensive for them. point is, you need to eat more cheese, three more pound to be exact. we eat 36-pound of cheese each on average here in the u.s. in order to get over supply back to a normal level you need to eat 39-pound of cheese a year. so, ask for extra cheese on the pizza a. or burger. >> yes. >> it seems like a lot of cheese. >> are you eating cheese. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'm eating a a moths will a stick. it is mozerella. >> is what your favorite type good let me give you my top five, lauren. >> okay. >> number one, it is briey love brie. >> two mountains rel ay like sharp cheddar. >> extra sharp. >> i like a guda, machines ray jack, is what your favorite cheese, lauren. >> lately i'm a fan of drunken goat and smoked guda.
7:27 am
>> i never had that. >> i dent like the smoked guda. >> no. >> but guda is good. >> here's a big dilemma. when you get cheese stick do you peel them off or bite into it. mike bit his. i like to peel mine. >> you are supposed to peel it. every time i have a draw sticky say lauren peel this but i bite into it as well. >> yes, we're not kidney more. >> i forgot the best part of the story, cheese prices will go down because we have so much cheese. >> right good to the tune of 4 . >> yes. >> that is good news. we will see you tomorrow. >> bye, lauren. >> you should really start pulling it. >> i will be better. >> here's jen. >> all right. you are going to fall in love with my story this morning, we are at hatboro horsham high school, say that four times fast for an amazing track
7:28 am
meet. come back we will tell you what is special about the track meet, of course, kids are all in class right now.
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time to see what bus stop buddy is wearing this morning today phillies jersey and umbrella. a at the some point you probably need to it day. we have cloud, sun, some fog and showers to the south of us as you can see here on radar. mostly concentrated in central
7:31 am
and southern delaware and, widely scattered showers over part of the southern new jersey, for us, it is quite a few clouds but you can see some sunshine trying to make it 57 degrees, right now, where we're at clouds with some fog through rest of the morning, clouds, sunshine through lunchtime and an early high of 73 degrees. we will have pop up showers and thunderstorms later in the day and then down to tonight with a le of 56 degrees and scattered showers, again, when will we get this rain out of here. we will let you know in this seven day forecast coming up. what is happening. >> we have got some problems on patco this morning as we have been telling you for last couple of hours or so. this piece of equipment is called, are you ready, the knuckle boom loader. >> say that again. >> knuckle boom loader. it is one of those trucks that can drive on the street, and then also, drive on the rails. what it is used to do, it is used to pick off the big
7:32 am
railroad ties off of a truck and slide it under the railroad tracks. bottom line they were working overnight on the patco high speed line. this truck tipped over, both drivers taken to the local hospital and released. >> i have a question, bob. >> yes, michael. >> if that is it knuckle boom loader, what is a knuckle boom. >> probably. >> this could be the knuckle boom. >> you are right. >> it grabs the railroad tie, by the knuckle and slide it underneath the track. so this happened on the overnight. now that we have daylight the crews are out here trying to get this off of the track we can return to full service on patco. they are running on an adjusted schedule. take note, because patco using that third electrified rail. this truck felon to, do you see that, that is that third
7:33 am
rail there. >> yes. >> so is that. >> is everybody okay. >> everybody is okay but you what we are seeing here here comes a path the co train coming past. they are going slower than normal past the subsequent scene and they are down by one track. they want to get this car off of here so they cannery store full services, unfortunately they need to do it during morning rush hour. is there an adjusted schedule, expect delays on the patco high speed line, heading in to and out of philadelphia, obviously at this hour most traffic is coming into the city, so expect delays this morning. mike and alex, back to you. >> high speed will be low speed line today. >> 7:33. community is rallying around a ten year-old delaware boy hit by an alleged drunk driver. >> yeah, garrett rodgers, he is in critical but stable condition after he was hit just south of millsboro, his baseball coach said something needed to be done for this family. so he called on community
7:34 am
members, to donate gift card for the family. there is his team there. in addition, the governor of delaware, jack markell, drop that lower third, they held up his number, his number is 22. they created some t-shirts with garrett's number on them and proceed will go towards his family. and, joining us on the phonies chris. >> chris you created these shirts and we are calling them g money strong is that right. >> yes. >> why that phrase for garrett. >> g money is his nickname that is what his buddies call him, that is what they have nicknamed him and strong, we're hoping for him to be at this point which he is. >> hey chris, tell us what happened. >> he was at baseball practice and went across the street get a couple of power bars and it was just an unfortunate accident that took part, so, we're all trying to rally around him and his family and raise some additional funds to help a family and trying to go
7:35 am
back and forth a couple of hours each way to the hospital. >> have you heard anything or any updates about the extent of his injuries. >> it is still about the same. he is still in stable but critical condition in the hospital. nothing has really change at this point. he has responded. he is still about the same. >> well, the team must just be shocked and devastated by this. >> yeah, the team as i'm sure, tough thing for them to be part of but i see them rallying around him and huge support for the family here. we have close to 600 people in the community and showing their support for garrett. >> when you say rallying around him, it is more than the team, it is the community and even the governor. >> governor, athletes, college teams, and g money strong. they have have a ton of these
7:36 am
pictures, rallying around him and pictures of the t shirts. >> does he have any siblings. >> he does have a sibling, and they are talking about it, his father was a good friend of ours down there and he lost him back in december to the rare heart condition. >> oh, man. >> it is a tragedy. >> how can we help. >> you guys can help by just getting the word out, and more shirts we sell the more money, we can give toward family of those traveling expenses and doing it while they go back and forth. last thing they need to worry about is money. >> which hospital is he in, du pont. >> ai du pont in wilmington delaware. >> okay. >> well, thank you so much. we will make sure we put that up on the web site, and come and donate. >> thank you guys. >> chris, nice job. >> thank you. >> 7:36. donate it to the family.
7:37 am
video of west point's graduation is getting a tension, what one of the cadets, is seen doing while marching. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
7:38 am
7:39 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
7:40 am
still foggy in the mountains. >> can you do your little fog horn please. >> that is very good. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> a facebook video, now look at this carefully, thinks west point's graduating class, they are marching. now watch closely. she is texting, while marching. that is considered a no, no. she was live streaming. we would be encouraged as tv host toss live stream.
7:41 am
she was probably kick out of the graduating class. >> wow, some people say they are not marching in step. >> people are pointing out fuzz are military officers you should be more discipline. other people are saying uniforms weren't even matching. >> they look like they are matching to me. >> they are matching to me too. >> so texting, live streaming. that is interesting. >> i don't know. >> unaudible. >> this wasn't the real one. >> didn't i just see one woman carrying her shoes. >> that was not the real one. >> they were getting ready. >> there she is. >> give her a pass for that because some were not wearing their regulation shoesy give them all a pass they graduated from west point. >> what have i done? nothing. >> more than i can do. >> there is a woman carrying her shoes here by the end of
7:42 am
the video. >> there is, you are right. >> that explains everything. >> they are not in formation. >> it wasn't even the march. >> it was practice, practice. >> they are talking about practice. >> we're talking practice. >> not the game, not the game, practice. he did three, not a game's, not a game, not a game, not a game, practice. >> in the next hour of "good day philadelphia" a rough winter may meaningless space, and i mean space, at the beach. >> so what you can expect heading to the beach for memorial day weekend you? better be in ocean city on friday because we will be there. >> broadcasting live. i'll give you the exact address on the boardwalk when i get it. max and i just discovered
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this new dog treat called dentalife. so why the name dentalife? well denta because you know, teeth. and life because he only gets one set of teeth for life. it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. it even cleans those hard-to-reach teeth in the back of the mouth. now i don't think max really cares about the name. max! dentalife! but you might want to. (vo) introducing dentalife. for life.
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we have a don't at i-95 southbound never a good sign when we have two cars facing sideways here across the roadway that involved this tractor trailer here southbound i-95, only far left lane gets through here. this is right at ridley park interchange, so if you are leaving the airport, and heading south, expect a jammo and then we also have problems on patco this morning overnight one of the work cars flipped over, and everyone, is
7:46 am
okay, there was two drivers in the car taken to local hospital and they were released but patco is running a special schedule. they said through 8:00 a.m. and as of a few minutes ago they had the work train in the even uprighted yet. i would say rest of the morning rush hour, pack a snack using patco high speed line. they are single tracking past work train accident scene and then expect delays, into and out of the city during the morning rush hour. other delays north bound lanes of 202, bumper to bumper from boot road from the construction zone here at route 401. we had an accident in the work zone buzz only right lane was squeezing through. another accident on the boulevard northbound at bridge street. i hear we will hit 80's by the end of the week. sue is standing by she will have details in 15.
7:47 am
we have on is rain around this morning from that pesky low pressure system that was in our face, all week than long. so it is not all of our viewing area, further north you go, the less cloud cover you have to sianni you won't be seeing any rain but because you this is closer to virginia, then the further south you go, the more rain you will see. for instance, in cumberland county, new jersey, bridgeton you're getting a downpour there. we will move down into southern delaware, kenton in kent county near dover and fredrick after and all getting rain this morning. we have seen the clouds clear out except for down south, i think you'll stay cloudy all day and then by three or 4:00 he clock we will get pop up showers and thunderstorms around for on and off and it
7:48 am
is going to be one of those cases where you may get one and may in the see anything so you have to keep your eye to the sky. this afternoon and this evening. now we are seeing well after 8:00 o'clock. then the rain pulls off a little bit but as we jump in the seven day forecast and take a plunge 37 degrees today. seventy-eight tomorrow. mid 80's by wednesday. this is our last non-humid day as humidity comes in on thursday and friday with pop up thunderstorms and maybe a few weak systems coming by but at least we can promise you, mike and alex, warmer temperatures for the holiday weekend. >> i look every second of it. >> just in time for us to go to ocean city. >> lets take our little blue car and get down to ocean city. >> sound good to me. >> it the is this friday the 27th, seven to 10:00 a.m. just like they did in doylestown. boy that was a big turnout. we will get a big crowd in ocean city. we always do watch for us. plus, right now i would do this, with your tv on get over
7:49 am
and log on our web site which is. >> leave the tv on. >> fox click on contest right through can see it says enter to win here. >> what will you win. >> you could win a mazda cx9, mike. >> beautiful. >> it is big. >> suv. >> i love it. >> get finally once a week and final show we will have a big give away. i would like to say mike prefers to say every 24 hours. >> once over a 24 hour period. >> yes. >> submit. >> just click, boom. >> it is first of its kind track meet, 13 schools and hundreds of special athletes. >> so jen is in horsham today showing bus the track meet. >> yeah, it is hatboro horsham high school good morning to you. >> good morning. >> explain what we are waiting for. we are lining halls ape waiting for the special needs students and they are on the other side of the school.
7:50 am
they will walk through entire school and everybody else is lining the hallways to cheer them on as we send them off to the stadium. >> is there 13 schools that will participate. you guys never hosted this before. >> never. >> you were part of the planning committee. >> yes, we were. >> the principal said you were. >> your biggest concern was the weather. >> weather and just like the flow of everything and how everything would turnout. we weren't sure, because we never hosted this before but just crossing our fingers hoping everything works out well. >> people are wearing a bright blue shirt that means you are a buddy bright blue shirt are buddy and athletes are wearing red shirts. >> we are waiting for them to come out of the classrooms. they will march down here. have been will cheer for them. then they will get on the bus, about a quarter mile away. >> would i say so. i don't know math, miles. >> why is it cool to do this? why did you want to be big part of this event. >> i have always been involved with the social needs of the kid.
7:51 am
my mom works with special needs kids at a high school level. i think ever since i was old enough to realize what special needs kids mentally was always involved in this em heart warming feeling. they are so much fun. they are good people. i love them. do i. >> they are making an a announcement. so maybe it means they are coming. because we're hoping to get back to live tv. and then all day, all of the event will happen at 9:00 a.m. >> yes, 9:00 to 9:30 something like that. >> public are they invited to come watch. >> yes, everyone is invited to come. >> that is what you want people to do. >> yes. >> so making the announcement. you know how it works. the it never happens when we want to it happen. your buddy will be participating in any sports in particular or all track and field. >> track and field a lot of them are running the 15-meter run, 200 meters, long jump, wheelchair events for kid in
7:52 am
wheelchairs, anything of that nature. >> did you have to practice for them. >> they have been doing it for a while themselves the actual a athletes. they look forward to it. they have fun. they think it is fun, track meet, they do their thing, get ribbons. >> abe what will happen? >> we're waiting for athletes to come for this huge procession. >> of course, they do. >> yes, of course. they are not cooperating. >> i know. >> we are going to hang around until 8:30. and you'll get to see them then. >> thanks, jen. >> i mediciner screaming. >> no, false alarming. >> they are getting excited. >> promises on is in full swing, which means dresses, dinners, dancing corsages, and what happens if the kid it fizzles out. the lets say somebody cancels out on their date a day before
7:53 am
the prom? it has happened. >> terrible because you put the in for him owe and get pictures with her. >> i bring this up, parents are getting sued for the money. >> what? >> i'll explain. it happened in our area. dream come true for a couple beating the odd their fight to get down the aisle and say i do. introducing the completely redesigned
7:54 am
mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
7:55 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
7:56 am
why isn't the fountain spewing. >> i don't know. >> they didn't pay the bill. >> usually it is spewing the water. >> what does it do. >> okay. >> this is pretty cool, a local couple battling the odds, the odds, to get a dream, that came true for them. >> today they have waited for,
7:57 am
for years, to be able to go and say i do. it is also a day they didn't necessity for sure would ever come. >> here's the bad part, the groom is in the fight of his life, jennifer joyce a to tended their wedding. >> ♪ >> we have met 15 years ago. >> she has been really patient through all this. she has been my rock the whole time. >> reporter: today they are tying the knot, monte brown and karen of south philadelphia have known each other for nearly two decade but only began dating a few years ago after reconnecting on facebook. about a year into their relationship brown was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. >> it was like getting hit by a truck finding out that news. >> reporter: during the turbulent town lonnie and karen's love has proven to be the one powerful constant. >> i didn't think we would make to it this day, with so much going on and with me being sick, you know, it was a bless ago this we made to it this day.
7:58 am
>> reporter: they are here, surrounded by their closest family and friend, thanks to the organization, wish upon a wedding. >> from the venue to the dj, to the flowers, the wedding planner, everybody has been meeting their services. >> i haven't seen my mom so happen any a long time. i can't wait to slow downs was her. >> i want this day to be as perfect as they want it to be. >> reporter: perfect day for a lovely pair. >> just hearing the story about how they met and he taught her how to parallel park when they were just friends 15 years ago. >> reporter: karen says when they got together it was love at first sight and with their wedding wish granted no matter what life has in store it is a love that will last forever. >> justin to hold hand, walk side by side, you know, and get through this together. >> reporter: in center city, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> nice story there, jenny. a day at difficulties any world decades in the making, do you want to see this? >> yes, please. >> chelsea was four when her family took a trip to florida in 1994 but she got sick on
7:59 am
vacation, and then missed the last bit of the the parts. her ticket went unused. recently her father clean the basement and fund that old super ticket. so chelsea said you know what i will give it a try. she asked her mom to drop her off at the front gate, circled the parking lot in case she could not get in. >> she lives in orlando. >> this was from 1994. >> she tried and. >> so i walk up, and there was a girl at the ticket counter and i approached her with the big smile and i just said high i have a really old ticket will you let me in. so she said, of course. >> how about that it works. >> yes. a new electronic ticket, how about that. >> but then she had to go by herself. that is fine. >> plenty of little characters to hug and hang out with. >> you can get all of the fast passes you want. >> i would almost wanting to by myself.
8:00 am
>> if you even go. >> i'm not going. >> but that is cool. >> you get gift card they don't ask all those years. >> no. >> ticket to disney world does. >> good pr stunt. >> good day to you it is monday, may 23rd, 2016. here what he go. heart break in chester a local teenager is killed, his cousin's wounded. >> unaudible. >> the clue, that police, hope will help them crack this case. honoring local students, a montgomery county high school holds its third special olympics track meet and how community is coming together to make it a success. and we have a prom dilemma, your daughter find her dream dress, perfect date, but not so fast, what happens when her date cancels at the last minute?
8:01 am
can she sue? >> ♪ >> the the performances, the fashion, the controversy. >> ♪ >> we're breaking down the best, and worst moments of the billboard music awards. >> madonna shares a birthday with one sue serio. >> yes, ladies and gentlemen. >> same amount of days on the planet and look what she did with hers, look what i have done with mine. >> you are wearing pink, kind of like lavender. >> yes, that is true. >> we will get you one of those big chairs she haddon this stage. >> wow. >> you have two legs. >> we have so much in common. >> lets take a look at your number of the day, seven out
8:02 am
of ten today. it would have been a ten. >> do you own a bra that owns like cones. >> maybe. >> wow. >> yeah. >> we have crowds clouds, sun, fog, 50's to start. don't forget your umbrella you may need it later on, there is plenty of rain down to the south and west and a little bit this delaware and southern new jersey. it looks like kent county is getting hit with that rain from the same system we had bothering us all weekend long. 59 degrees right now. we will hit 73 with some clouds and sun and pop up showers later in the day, bob kelly. >> you lost me at cone. i didn't hear a word you said. good morning everybody. 8:02. live look at 422 as we see volume working their way in towards philadelphia here and towards kop. it is stacked up from collegeville, on in, and this is a shot from sky fox of what it looked like when we hovered
8:03 am
over, you know, this accident on the patco high speed line on the overnight this work train, tipped over. now, no one was injured. the two folks in the truck were taken to the local hospital and released, right the now it is blocking, one of the two tracks that are used, for the morning rush hour. so path the co, running an emergency special schedule, this morning, they said they are waiting now but it is not even cleaned up yet. if you you use patco for morning rush hour, a how some extra time and be ready for delays. northbound on 202 delays from booth road up to 401. septa and airport looking good. mike and alex, back to you. gunfire in the streets, of chester leaving a teenage boy dead and two cousins injured this morning. >> dave kinchen has been on this story all morning, dave? >> reporter: that horrific story, police and family united in their search for answers here, a after, 30 bullets were fired in the middle of a heavy rain storm, saturday night.
8:04 am
fourteen year-old zenas nichols was killed, he is pictured here heading to his eighth grade dance just three days ago dressed in the blue dress shirt and tie. next to him his 16 year-old cousin kwamar. police say bullets started firing 8:00 p.m. saturday outside a corner store at the 1100 block of pine lane in chester. now workers inside the store were scrambling for cover. family members say that the teens were not the intended targets. they were simply outside trying to get a ride to an a event when they saw a car that looked suspicious. the next thing they knew guns fired, bullets started firing, zenas died before getting to the hospital. kwamaris in critical condition. jeanine shiply was also hit by a bullet. >> they just started to shooting from every where, every where. you know what was so crazy? he knew that there were kid out there. there was kids out there. no remorse, no nothing, they
8:05 am
didn't care. >> i'm a moth over three boys. there is somebody child that they just buried. everybody got to talk, your friend just told you that they just shot up the shop or anything like that you have to tell on them. they just wore my heart, me kids and mothers are family. it is ferreter report just owe devastating as you can hear in her voice. the bullet is still in her shoulder. she a said it has not been removed. we are told kwamar the 16 year-old is in critical condition. coming back live here we did go try to get a copy of the surveillance video of this that might have reported this incident and this corner store but manager there told me police have that video as part of their investigation. mayor's office is asking anyone with any information to come forward in this case. is there a $5,000 reward for information, leading to be a rest and a convictions, back to you. >> just crazy.
8:06 am
thirty shots. all right, dave. how about over in new jersey now at a 17 year old burlington county boy was killed by what police say was a drunk driver over the weekend. it happened early yesterday morning at the corner of route 130 and federal street in burlington city. seventeen year-old antoine timbers was walking with a friend on the sidewalk, in the parking lot when witnesses say a truck jumped the curve, knock over road signs and hit that utility pole and then killed the high school junior. his father says that his son first year in the r ot c program and he wanted to be a solder after high school. >> real enthusiastic bit. he even had plans, and thoughts of going in the military and possibly majoring in political science. >> police say the driver, 42 year-old ricardo paterson the third of willingboro is facing many summons, and for reckless
8:07 am
driving and dui. but then burlington county prosecutor office is awaiting blood tests before they will up those charges. 8:07. more details are surfacing about the death investigation of prince, according to a minneapolis star tribune the singer have been dead for at least six hours before his friend found his body in the elevator after paisley park last movement public says say the source with knowledge of the investigation claimed that one day before prince died a local hospital, gave him an iv. the newspaper does not site a reese on for hospital visit and days leading up to prince death the pun cyst say the singer was stuffing from the flu. autopsy and toxicology reports are still pending. let's do something fun. we have had bad news today. saturday night live. >> they had season finally over weekend. >> they take off all summer. >> i need to get that job. >> well, they had to take one
8:08 am
last shot before the democratic convention, right here in philadelphia so here it is. >> i have done it. i have won the nomination. i mean, i have lost 19 states but mathematically i have done it. to math? all right. i think i'm willing to go head home. don't you work too late now. >> i won't mrs. clinton, i'm closing up bar right now, so everybody has got to go, that means you too, sir. >> no freaking way. >> i'm not going anywhere. i can stay here as long as i want. >> birn sanders, i'm sorry but night is over. >> no, no it is not over. it is not over until i say it is over. >> hello, bernie, i never seen you sitting behind me so far behind me i can never catch up. >> they are dancing. >> and then she pushes him
8:09 am
into an elevator shaft. >> well, she play ace good clinton doesn't she. >> she does. >> he is bernie sanders. >> pretty much. >> i'm not going. >> larry david. do you want to see a touching tribute or something else. >> it depend how you see it. >> twitter blew up, everybody talking about the award. what about the the prince tribute when madonna came out and song and a tv network that is calling her out for it. >> but first it is the story of the day. you your daughter is invited to the prom. she gets the dress. she spent all this money on stuff. then the guy canceled a couple days before the prom? can that family sue his family? >> it is happening in our area. come on back. ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
just about 8:13 abe we are still being bothered by that low pressure system that gave us rain all over the weekend. rain is confined to southern new jersey, central delaware at the moment buzz heavier rain has moved in the richmond, virginia area. it is an on shore flow, which is due you to that storm. so we have got temperatures that are comfortable and for philadelphia northward it looks like a good start the two day, with a lot of sunshine, it is pretty cloudy, where it is in the raining in atlantic city and dover but everybody has got temperatures in the 50's right now. average high is 76. we made it there on friday. that is a perfect ten of the day and could in the be more opposite on saturday with high of 62 and all rain. 66 degrees and cloudy and rainy. today, 73 degrees. late day showers and thunderstorms possible popping up. the enjoy sunshine while it is here right now. 78 degrees tomorrow with some clouds and maybe some showers in the morning, and then sunshine in the afternoon. wednesday looks like it might be the peak weather day of the
8:14 am
week, with 58 degrees and low humidity, starts to get humid thursday and friday with pop up showers and up thisser storms and miss the 80's, bob kelly. >> you say wednesday, peak weather day, seeing how many personal days i have left. >> he has his calendar out. >> good morning, everybody. 8:14. live look at i-95 in the work zone right here near allegheny avenue. the little sun glare. sun has burn off that early morning fog and we are seeing backups, south in toward downtown philadelphia we have got the click inner hand. a backup on the bennie coming into philadelphia more traffic than normal because of the problem, on the patco high speed line this morning. here's what happens overnight a work carries one of those trucks that can ride on the rails? also, right on the road surface as we repairing some of the railroad coying toying to it side and third again
8:15 am
niced guy rails. two drivers were in the truck taken to the local hospital and released. everybody is okay there with you it is causing major delights this morning coming in and out of philadelphia, as they are single tracking and going real slow, past that work crane. they had a special scheduled all morning long. north on 202 watch for chase from west chester all the way up in to route 401, and your normal delays than both i-95 and schuylkill coming into downtown. mike anal evenings, back to you. thank you very much. good day philadelphia is giving away a car. it is a mazda cx9, it is fancy. >> um-hmm. >> so all summer long we are taking over a car near you. this friday it is to ocean city. we're going to give you a specific about where we will be. >> there is the car. >> is there the car, mazda cx9. go to fox and what do you do. >> you click on that tab right there. >> okay. >> see that red line under the car. >> event tore win here.
8:16 am
>> simple as that. >> and you you have a chance to win. >> better believe it sound good to me. >> we will have eight finalists by midsummer ancienter one of you will win that suv. >> do you want to drive away into happiness. >> in the sunset. promises on is here, no question bit. it is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your high school years. >> of course, we have to dress up, you have to put together a dinner, you have a photographer, you have a nice limousine. >> of course. >> in most cases parents are flipping bill so kids can have have a great time what happens when you put down the deposit, get the limo and then your child's prom date decides i will not go at all, or i cancel on you. >> do you have a right to sue that family. >> heather hanson is here, she's an attorney at law. hi heather. >> can we really sue. >> you know what you can and people have. back in the 1990 in chester county a girl sued because a boy stood her up and she won
8:17 am
$79. now we're talking more money. people spend a whole lot more on promised. >> $79. >> hey, better than nothing. >> the thing is it is not a contract but if you make a promise and someone spend money in rye lying on that promise then you can sue to get that money back. >> it is not a contract. >> no, it is not. >> but it is called reasonable relying. if you say to me, i'm going to take to you saint thomas. so i buy a bunch of bathing suits and get mize hair done and i get my nails done and then last minute you say no, i will not take you, i could theoretically sue because i relied upon your promise. >> yes. >> you wouldn't have done that otherwise. >> right, exactly. >> you would not have spent that money. a lot of things go into it if you you mitigate your damage or tried to return the dress, cancel your limo perhaps it would be less money let's say
8:18 am
i ask a young lady out and i get a tuxedo, and i get a limo, i got my hair done. >> nails down. >> i'm a guy. >> you can get a manicure. >> your nails could be cleaned. >> she goes with another boy. >> can i get her to pay me back. >> yes. >> it is equal opportunity suing. >> here's the thing though because a lot of times people are so excited about prom they plan it a month or two in advance. what if a person lets you know two weeks before the prom. >> that will make it less likely you will win because you have an opportunity to go with somebody else, opportunity to return the dress, you have an opportunity to find another way, maybe you can go by yourself, some schools don't allow that. >> i'm's not a proponent for suing. i never went to prom. i don't think it is the end of the world. >> you never went to prom what happened. >> when i was about 80-pound more than i was in high school and that made me shy with boys
8:19 am
so i didn't get to asked to the prom you didn't go with your friend. >> you could not go by yourself in high school and high schools don't allow that to happen. >> not even with other girls. >> our school wouldn't allow it. >> no. >> i actually think that suing is necessarily the best thing. i think the things you go through in life can make you better. not just better but stronger. you learn lessons. i learned to be happy without having to have a boy all the time. >> what did you do instead that night. >> it is a terrible story because we had school the next day. so i had to go to school, um-hmm, because they didn't want people to party. i had to go to school with have been who had been to prom. >> it was only one night. >> i don't know what i did the second year. >> how did you lose that weight. >> just bunch of low fat,
8:20 am
working out,. >> but look at you now, honey you learn is what important and you can overcome these things. >> i have a question, did that trip story happen to you, that a guy asked you to go to the caribbean. >> no, no. >> i'm a lawyer but i think suing is not always the answer. reveggies not necessarily -- did your mother ever tell you that phrase. >> yes. >> i think revenge is not the way, suing is not always the answer. >> trust me, karma. >> i agree with that. >> are you dating now. >> i'm engaged. >> hello, where have you been. >> you know what, if you are watching out there and you like the principal of a high school, could we have her go to your prom. >> no, no. >> no, really, i'm just fine. >> thanks, heather. >> 8:20.
8:21 am
>> do you want to help a child? help their parents. why we should be shifting our folk fuss we want our kids to succeed. >> i get that. memorial day is almost here, heading down the shore are you you? why the new jersey beaches may look a bit different this year because of old man winter.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
what is that. >> that is atlantic city in the background. >> way in the distance is ac i can see cat seen owes there and they are preparing for an lg pa golf tournament which i think starts in two weeks. >> very nice. >> michael, do you know what golf course it is? sea view? okay. sea view. you can see the view. >> that makes sense. >> yes. you can see. >> i believe number one golf course, number one rated golf course in america is in new jersey. >> really.
8:25 am
>> pine valley. >> have you played there. >> no. >> a stormy winter, chewed up, new jersey's beaches, some of them. the damage done required more efforts to restore then before the sandy in some cases. that is bringing in a lot of san this some places erosion and beach lost is considered from this past winter was greater then it was after sandy in 2012. other places a period to come through relatively unharm. memorial day crowds they are a week away so beach goers on the jersey shore are readied for some visitors even if some spots are more narrow then they were last year. >> that is where we will be friday, right there, ocean city. >> we will see what it looks like. >> all right. >> jen, give us an update. >> we are getting closer, the students have come through, check this out, it is hat before he horsham high school track, we're ready for an amazing day, special olympics, wow, wow. ♪ hey!
8:26 am
8:27 am
♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30. >> from the music to the fashion, hot looks on the red carpet at billboard music award who stunned? who fell fat? our fashion panel will way which in. >> is that. >> sand day a. >> beautiful. >> fourth of july with the philadelphia feel, annual concert on the parkway takes shape. there is two big headliners and they have local roots. >> if you say roots. >> no, local roots. >> root did it last year. >> they do it almost every year. >> sue, the roots have local roots. >> and that is redundant but true. >> yeah. >> we have got sunshine out there with bus stop buddy and umbrella you know it is weird weather day when we have both. that is how we are starting off with temperatures in the 50's and we will look at ultimate doppler and see rain,
8:30 am
all moving through, central delaware coming from new jersey. the sunnies getting brighter outside our window with 59 degrees but 83 percent relative humidity. it is humid out there. seventy-three is our high today, before we get the pop up showers, and thunderstorms. it will be one of those days where you may see a shower or a storm, or you may get absolutely nothing, so bob kelly, eye on the sky later on. >> definitely, good morning. we have had an eye in the sky and sun glare, we started off with fog. here we go here comes 202 northbound still jammed at route 401 from that early morning accident. extra volume on the ben franklin bridge coming into downtown. southbound 295 disabled tractor trailer right as you approached the delaware memorial bridge, causing delays and here's the scene from when sky fox pulled up over the truck that flipped over, one of the work trucks
8:31 am
along the patco high speed line, one of those vehicles operating on the tracks or roadway and they were doing repairs overnight, both drivers taken to the local hospital and everybody is okay but messed up that third rail power line and because of that they are singing tracking, going slower than normal. expect delays on the patco high speed lane into and out of philadelphia put 46 minutes on the clock west from the turnpike from philadelphia over to will valley forge. east on the schuylkill about a half an her delay right new from conshohocken to downtown. mike and alex, back to you. >> thanks, bob kelly. >> i think kid are ready. >> are they ready. >> we will check with jen for special olympics. >> hi, jen. >> it is pretty cool. hi guys. i want to you look at this guy right here. we are he already best friend. what is this to say. >> we're tight now you don't look like a principal of the high school. i don't know what you look like. you look awesome. they call you d wills.
8:32 am
>> they don't call you mr. wills. >> tell me is what happening at your school today. >> sure. we are hosting half of montgomery county for the special olympics today, and as you can see we're about to get started. we have 400 students volunteers, there is about 400 kids in the stand right the new and throughout the day this stadium will see close to a thousand students. >> amazing we came here early to see these kid. we just have video of it them coming through the hallway. your you have more buddies an athletes. you say you want the whole school involved. >> this is something, and we talk about before, this is right in our wheel house. this is what we're all about and an event like this and other things that we did with our students with special needs becomes the normal and in the just the exception. for a lot of people this is a big deal. for us it is another event that we host and we are exited to put on a show.
8:33 am
>> in between they have a student loan where they will be doing balloons because you want it to be like the super bowl, right. you want the fan enjoyment section. >> this is the fun zone. >> in between are athletes from all over. we will have close to 200 athletes from 12 different high schools this montgomery county. they have an opportunity to go over, get something to eat, finger paint. they have face painting, different games that they can play. we want to make it a great experience. >> make it a great experience but you are dead serious about this you want your athletes to win out here. >> absolutely. i don't know if i can say that on camera but we have to -- you just did, pal. >> we have to walk away with the gold medal, absolutely. >> pretty cool. they are up there. they are ready. when they walk out. the pride on their faces. for one girl it is her birthday. >> absolutely. >> just an amazing thing that they get to show people what they are truly made of. >> it is, like i said, this is
8:34 am
something we are passionate about. we hold what we call, a hot spot cafe, and these student run the cafe. and to see the student that cam in every third thursday of the month as they are making smoothies and handing out cookies, it is a great thing. this is something that we are excited about. mary was very exited to day was her birthday. that he has been telling me for three months we have to announce her birthday, during the special olympics. >> now d wills, am a lud to call you that. >> absolutely. >> were you a student at this school. there are teachers at this school who put new time out, detention and other punitive things. >> yes, there are. i can say that on camera, yes, there are. >> you are now running the show. >> yes, like i said, when one of the inmates is running the asylum right now. >> yes, i have bad news. i love this school. i'm coming back more often. >> take one more shot of these a nation athletes.
8:35 am
volunteers in blue. sorry our timing was off but we will as i say, how cool, mike and will alex, don't you want d wills as your high school principal. >> cool principal. >> yes. >> demi lovato took the stage at last night's billboard music awards. so, did about a dozen other stars. >> who stood out. who had that performance thaw are still thinking about this morning. we will see then. >> ariana grande was there. >> dangerous woman. >> i love her.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
good morning, allentown. 8:39 exactly. >> okay. did you get to watch the bill board muse ache ward, mike. >> every single bit of it. >> i didn't see one frame. >> and, they had all kind of performances, brittany spears kick things off like it was early 2,000. >> i like her. >> ♪ >> toward the end, where she was just doing this hip thing and other dancers. >> but this businesscally has been, she runs a little bit and skips and walks around the staining. i love her. but that is her thing she skips. >> there she goes.
8:40 am
>> yes. >> a dip. >> she looks good. >> she always looks good everybody talked about how great she looks. >> you need those boots. >> do i. >> yes. >> nice little bit there. >> was kesha there, did the creepy guy let her perform. >> she performed, and here it is. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i don't think i ever heard her sing a slow song. >> we can hear her vocal ability. >> she sound good. >> and then also another big one celine dion, first time making a tv appearance and singing on tv since she lost her husband. >> here she is. >> ♪
8:41 am
>> dramatic fashion. >> look at that dress. >> fabulous. >> she did the thing that she always does with her fist. >> oh, ouch. >> yes. >> are you all right. >> yes. >> billboard icon award. >> that is a biggie. >> abc didn't air any of the hip-hop a barred, but guess who won rap album of the year. meek mill, that is right. and he beat out kendrick lemar, future, doctor dre and drake. new i have been asking people on twitter. >> meek. >> does this mean that meek has the last laugh in the meek verse drake war. >> i would say so. >> here's the thing though it was for drake if you are reading this, it is too late album and not for views
8:42 am
because views just came out. >> did meek run up to the stage and accept his award. >> he probably ran up to the tv because he is home on house arrest. >> he is here in philadelphia a. >> congratulations, meek. >> what? >> can we play madonna's tribute to prince in the next hour. >> we are. >> i really want to see that. >> people are discussing it. they have different rent opinions about it. >> chris moviey yes. >> hi, good morning guys. here's the thing, what do you do with an old computer, right? look at this thing. throw it out or take to it a recycling place. in way, you get it refurbished. we're in the warehouse in the norristown area. then they fix them and then they send it to kid in need. we will tell but very special volunteers, bridge ago this digital divide after the break.
8:43 am
8:44 am
every part of you is strong. time to bring... that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste.
8:45 am
strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair. little better then over the weekend, in fact, little better than an hour ago we will look at blue mountain anding this but fog. look the beautiful morning it has become with bright sunshine and blue skies. lets see what we have on radar, we still have some rain but it is all south of the city, so if you are in central
8:46 am
delaware, cumberland county, new jersey, that is where we are seeing light showers this morning. temperatures, are moving up, especially in the placees where we have some sunshine, 54 degrees in mount pocono. they were in the 40's all morning. fifty-six in reading. fifty-nine lancaster, philadelphia we have an average high of 76 degrees. it took us a while last week but we finally made it there and it was on friday when we have had a gorgeous day and then we have turn it around over the week went all that rain and temperatures in the 60's. today, 37 degrees, late day pop up thunderstorms, 78 tomorrow, 85 on wednesday, 86 on thursday. boy, we are zooming up with these temperatures. feeling very summery as we head into the holiday weekend, alex. >> sound good, thanks, sue. hard to believe but some children in our area they don't have computers. it is in the because they don't want one but simply their family cannot afford one. >> so, chris, there is something that is happening that will help these kids out. >> and it has been happening
8:47 am
for a while and it is so good that we are talking bit. robert, you are the guy who started this. team children. team children. >> twenty years ago you decided i will bridge the digital divide one computer at a time. we started giving out computers in north philadelphia at ninth and indiana. very first computer we gave away 20 years ago had one kid graduate college. >> what are we looking at, old hard drives. >> power supplies, dvd drives. so when computers come in, mostly they are really good but often times we have to change parts out so we have everything thaw can imagine. we have volunteers like these two guys. >> who are these guys? >> you guys are high school students. >> pretty good. >> your name is garrett. >> you get where. >> haverford school. >> shouldn't you be in school now. >> i have a first free period. >> on your free time mess kid want to shoot basketball, hang out, run around track you you decide to come volunteer. >> that is correct. >> why do you like doing it. >> i just love computers.
8:48 am
i can explain it. >> and, how are you sir. >> how are you. >> you are at devon prep. >> yes. >> same story, you just feel like giving back. >> yes. >> you get these parts and then you figure out what the computer needs and then you fix it. >> that is correct, fix them up. >> when it is good to go you tell robert, it goodies to go. >> yes. >> thanks for volunteering. >> these guys are there, on the front lines, how many volunteers do you have, robert. >> we have had hundreds and hundreds of volunteers. normally on monday we have about ten, some days we have 20. during the summer we have about 20 to 25 all summer long. the mostly teenagers. >> these computers aren't just going to kids here in the philadelphia area. >> we have given computers out that had an impact all around a the world. >> speaking of all around the world, here's connie, how are you. >> you are going to gh anna with these computers. >> yes, i am tell us about that trip. >> i'm a founder of the non-profit that focuses on mentorship and we have a sister school in ghanna and we
8:49 am
have young ladies there that are in sore need of tech logical support and robert, whom i have known for two years now has agreed to donate some of the lap tops to the young ladies in ghanna. >> how cool is robert's idea. >> way cool. >> you know, it is really need and it goodies that you have in the only got volunteers and high school kids but then you have recipient of these computers, how much impact do you think this is making really truly. >> this is making so much impact, globe willly not only because garrett as a young person gets work ready experience and also necessary that he is making a difference, young people in ghanna get the support they so very much deirv. >> well, thank you for your effort as well. >> chris. >> i love this whole thing. >> hi mike jerrick how are you. >> chris, could you go answer the phone people are calling that number and in one is picking up. >> we need to answer phones. >> i'll go get it. >> thanks, chris. >> isn't that great what they are doing. >> that is great.
8:50 am
>> people are excited that is why they are calling. >> bunch of free computers. >> team >> way to go, guys. >> banned from her own prom for wearing a suit. >> remember we first told but this teen from our area. well, finally, this teen got a night to remember. >> okay. she went to prom. lottery numbers.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ good morning, everybody. 8:53. another accident on i-95 this time north bound right here near 420 plus we have got sun glare as well. anyone coming up from delco in toward the city watch for delays. things clear out nicely on the bennie, we got rid of the fog, we have some sun glare this
8:54 am
morning. but problems continue on the patco high speed line. this is early morning work truck accident that occurred along the track of the high speed line right here near wood crest station, patco still running with delays in the city on the high speed line. mike and alex back to you i have an update, bob kelly. >> do you want it. >> yes, lets the's do. >> , here it comes right now. high school student banned from her own prom gets to have her big night at a different school though. >> so a any a wolf iscy student at bishop mcdevitt high school in harrisburg. well, she got kick out of her prom because she knew school's policy was to wear dresses and she wore a suit anyway. after learning about what happened principal at william penn pen in york, decided to invite them to their prom. the principal invited her because their policy toys quote embrace all. >> embrace everybody. >> yes, she got to go to prom. >> not her own prom. >> she got to bring a date and
8:55 am
she had somebody that she knew there. >> i hope so. >> can we play this thing so i can have an opinion on this. >> it is not time yet. >> we want to get your opinions ready. >> supposed to be a touching tribute to prince, one of my favorites performers of all time, but people on twitter were mad at madonna and we will play it for you, here we go. do you want to help a child help their parent. why we should be shifting our focus if we want our kid to suck sees.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
i lost my twitter icon. >> you did. >> i. been able to tweet all morning. >> that is true. >> when i push button when it is down loaded on the cloud
8:59 am
and it just want to you move it to the screen, it just keeps flashing. >> i have not tweeted all day. >> on the computer it is working. >> he is not going to do that. >> yes. >> hi, lauren. >> good morning. >> happy monday. >> we have some form of work today. >> it is monday. >> true. let's bring up our energy for 9:00 o'clock. it is monday, may 23rd, 2016. if you want to help your children out make them success in life help the parents first. why we should be shifting our focus if we want our kids, to succeed in life. and, music, and fashion, and hot looks from the red carpet at billboard muse ache ward who stunned and who fell flat, we will bring in a fashion panel for this. >> i like rihanna there. >> it is almost time to get in the pool but you have to keep the kid safe. so we have basic water safety
9:00 am
skills that every parent needs to know. >> we do. >> of course, we do. >> all right. >> it is straight up 9:00 o'clock. >> let's talk about finally madonna a paying tribute to prince. >> she was on the billboard music award. time for her to sing. she and stevey wonder and she goes off on her own. >> she started off on her own first and nothing compared to you. then she brought out stevey wand tore finish it up. >> let's roll the tape. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪


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