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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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discovered upstairs. started as relatively routine traffic stop until this driver through it into reverse. >> beep! >> what happened next took things from bad to worse and police say you can learn a value lesson from this video. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 5:00. first at 5:00 the fox 29 weather authority tracking trouble tonight. here's live look at ultimate doppler radar. some of you already seeing some showers and rain could be in store for others in the area. there's open a chance for some storms. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the week is getting off to unsettled start. let's get straight to meteorologist kathy orr. >> warm but wet in some locations on ultimate doppler you can see these storms coming from the northeast toward the southwest. the lower part of the lehigh valley seeing some storms going over the same area. we call that training. and right now, in bucks county we have a heavy cell you can see this area of red right here in
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the vicinity of upper makefield where we did have report of hail about .30 of an inch into diameter in this cell where we have tour ren al rain falling. please beware that most of these are fast moving and should be in and out of your neighborhood win about 10 or 15 minutes. but more will be on the way through the evening. once we get through the 8:00 o'clock hour, all of this will be fading after the sun sets. and skies will begin to clear during the late night hours but it won't be over just yet. more on the way tomorrow. in the city overnight 57. in the suburbs 53. scattered showers and storms through 8:00 p.m. a few scattered showers becoming partly cloudy overnight. the big story is when the weather turns much warmer. it will be happening this week. temperatures back into the 80s. i'll see you with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. we'll continue to track those storms. >> all right, kathy, thank you. we are on top of breaking news in cherry hill tonight. a pedestrian was hit there earlier this afternoon and it happened before 3:00 o'clock on
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springdale road in east evesham road. the driver did stay at the scene. the person who was hit was taken to cooper hospital. no word yet on just how badly that person was hurt. right now five heart pounding moments in a local ho home. looks like most other quiet inviting neighborhoods in our area, but it was here in berlin borough, camden county w a teenager hid in the basement after he heard someone break into his home. hard to imagine the fear he must have felt. >> but 911 call proves that young man maintain an incredible amount of courage and some quick thinking. let's get out to fox 29's bruce gordon in berlin borough tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, impressive work by a 15-year-old boy, home alone, homesick from school we're told, and those 911 operators whose calm and professionalism saved the day. >> someone just broke into my house. >> reporter: call came into 911 around 1:30 friday afternoon from home berlin woods neighborhood. teenager home alone is calling from a basement closet.
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>> berlin bore o please hurry up. i don't know where he is. >> did you see them come in? >> no, i heard them break the window. >> okay. stay on the line with me. >> the teen gives his address and police are rush to the neighborhood. the call is transferred to berlin borough police. >> you don't hear anything moving around in the basement with you, right? >> no. >> okay. i want to you step out of the closet in the basement and look around, okay? >> okay. >> two officers outside your door. >> police quickly arrest a woman sitting in the passenger seat of a car near the home. alexis diamond was uncooperated but admit shed did not live in the neighbor. other officers found a rear door of the home broken in. they enter as the operator keeps the teen calm. >> i don't want you to go upstairs or anything until i physical you to. okay. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> moments later -- >> i have officers outside. okay? they're going to look around your house. >> okay. >> okay. >> i want to you say where you are. just make -- make sure nobody
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opens up the basement door, okay? i want to you stay where you are. if you see that door open, i want to scream. >> police find a man identified as james clerk, jr. hiding in upstairs closet. he's are a revved after a brief struggle in the meantime -- >> hello? >> in the dining room. okay. >> you joke. >> yeah. >> okay. did you open the door? >> yeah. >> okay. do you have the officer there? >> okay. yeah. >> all right. i'm going to hang up. >> sounds like everybody kind of did the right thing and did it the right way here. >> york this young man is to be commend. he maintained his exposure throughout this whole event as a police officer and as a parent i couldn't have been more pleased with how this young man reacti reactioned. >> police tell us they found a book bag in the home filled with stolen items. jewelry, sports memorabilia and outside in that car more items discover by police that suggest that clerk kin may have been cold in briefs burglaries. bruce see. >> thank you very much, bruce.
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a developing story right now the search for a teen's killer dozens of shell casings lay scattered across a street in chester, delaware county, this weekend, but the bullets they carried struck three people. 14-year-old died a 16-year-old in critical condition an woman injured as welch let's get straight to our jennifer joyce live in chester. jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, lucy. police tell us that they have have been working around the clock on this investigation but the biggest hurdle they've been facing so far a lack of help from the community. they need people to step up and share information in order to make an arrest in this case. a case of a triple shooting that killed a 14-year-old and critically injured a 16-year-o 16-year-old. >> i want my son to know that i always love him and i never forget him. >> reporter: tearful father two days after his child's just 14 years old was gunned down in the city of chester. police say on saturday night, he was shot and killed in a fire
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storm, 35 bullets flying furiously in the area of this convenience store near tenth street and pine lane. this picture of the boy and his father was taken friday night before the teen's eighth grade formal. robert nichols says this is the last night he spent with his s son. >> i can't describe the pain or the hurt and i don't want to see it happen to nobody else's child. >> reporter: nichols says said his dream has becoming a doctor and studying at hershey medical center. saturday night the boy stopped into the convenience store with his brother and cousins. when he walk out, the teens were trapped by gunfire. his 16-year-old cousin was also shot. he's in critical condition at crozer chester medical sent. a third person janine shipley suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder. she's okay. naz doesn't make it. >> he was such a great kid at school. great student and everybody liked him. >> reporter: founders of chester community charter school where he attended eighth grade plan to pay for his funeral.
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their doubling the reword money tour information bringin bringil to $10,000. police are working to retrieve surveillance video and interviews witnesses but they need people to start cooperati cooperating. >> the most important thing is for the public to speak to the police as much as they speak on social media or to their friends or barbershops or grocery stores we're getting all this information second hand. >> familiar until mourning second a plea for information. >> anybody that know anything or seen anything can help us find out what's going on and help my son. >> reporter: and funeral arrangements for naz are in the works. again n reward for information any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case $10,000. call chester police department if you think you can help close this case. iain? >> jennifer, thank you. skyfox over the scene on the 3300 block of mill road in upper moreland township. the car crashed into the creek within the last hour.
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crews have just towed it out of the water. they have freed the driver who's now in the hospital. and we are still working that learn that person's condition want caused all of this. we of course will keep you updated. the burlington city prosecutor is now determining if criminal charges will be filed against a person who hit and killed a teen this weekend. police say 17-year-old ant want kim%, jr. struck by a car early sunday morning while walking with a friend on route 130. the driver of that car hit him and was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. did he stay at the scene and today praise for ant want and how had he lived his life came from all who knew him. >> you think about ant want you smile. you think laughter, happiness, i rarely seen him mad. >> ant want set many goals for himself for this year and for next year. the staff was very proud of the progress ant want was making towards these goals much it is a devastating loss to all of our staff and our students at
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burlington city high school. >> grief counselors are on hand today at his high school. happening right now a verdict made some people very unhappy in baltimore. a judge today acquitted police officer edward nero of all charges related to the death of freddie gray. prosecutors had charged near rove second degree assault. reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct in office. police detained gray a black man last year and kept him in the back of a police van. >> gray died of a spinal injury he sustained while in police custody. that death set off week of protests and emotions are still running high today. here's fox's joel waldman. >> reporter: baltimore police officer edward nero acquitted on all charges today. the first verdict in connection with the arrest and death of freddie gray back in 2015. >> there's a double standard how police are treated and how people on the streets are trea treated. >> i'm not surprised by the verdict. the state had a heavy load to lift from the very beginning, and see i think what this case
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does kind of do is gut the remaining cases. >> reporter: 30-year-old nero is facing charges from assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment all related to the death of 25-year-old freddie gray who died week after his neck was broken during an arrest where he was handcuffed and shackled before being put into the back of a police van. prosecutors accused nero of unlawfully arresting gray and acting negligently by failing to use a seat belt to secure him. nero's attorney argued that it's the responsibility of the officer driving the van to buckle in a suspect. >> to see that officer walk away and still no accountability, you know, that hurts me the most. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, demonstrators gathered as the verdict was announced. some protesters surrounded and chanted at nero's brother as he left. >> i'm frustrated and i feel like again there's the vision between community and the system as -- which is supposed to serve the community. >> reporter: gray's death set off week of protest followed by rioting and looting. meanwhile riot trained police
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have already arrived on scene in case of trouble. in baltimore, joel waldman, fox news. bill cosby is due in montgomery county court tomorrow for a preliminary hearing that will determine whether his sex assault case goes to trial. the state supreme court denied a bid today to have the case against the comedian thrown out. cosby accused of of drugging and sexually assaulting an degree yann constand back in 2004 inside of his elkins park home. constand was a manager of the temple women's basketball team at the time. prosecutors reopened the case after a deposition surfaced in which the comedian talked about giving drugs and alcohol to women before sex. fox 29 will be live at the courthouse in norristown tomorrow morning, and throughout the day. college graduation party comes to an unfortunate end at the university of maryland. pepper spray --, all that involved. why some students say police targeted this pear. howard? >> one story that just won't d die. tom brady continues to fight to
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overturn his suspension the latest on the story that it just won't stop. that will be coming up next. >> they've been stepping in and they're amazing. >> high school student gets a police escort to her prom. the special promise the officers are keeping to her family. >> coming up at 63:00 men attacked. this man stole his phone and necklace. the camera caught the whole thing. what he was trying to do when they jumped him.
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♪ trains are running norly again after a piece of
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construction equipment derailed in cherry hill this morning. causing all kinds of delays. the machine which lifts railroad ties went off the tracks near the woodcrest station early this morning. two workers went to a hospital for evaluation. doctors have released them though. patco had its trains back on schedule as of 4:00 p.m. caught on camera a man burst into a cashier's booth in west philadelphia. police are trying to track this guy down. it happened friday inside this laundromat along the 4800 block of spruce street. investigators say the man forced the door open then grabbed some money from the cash register. he took off down spruce towards 49th street. if you know who he is please give police a call. developing right now, new details about the final moments of egypt air flight 804. officials are noodling fox news about a four minute series of events that led to the crash. they still have not ruled out terrorism. fox's benjamin hall has the story from london. >> reporter: multi national essential team now combing the waters south of crete looking for more debris from egypt air
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flight 804 and more clues as to what brought it down. over the weekend, planes scowerred the area for the plane's black boxes and came up empty. >> us navy teams say they'll keep searching until the job is done. >> we're pretty good search and rescue asset we can stay out here for good six hours looking for people. we have a large crew that we can take. >> reporter: also learning more about what happened in the plane's final moments. officials telling fox news, a four minute series of events led to the crash. starting with window sensors and smoke detectors going off. and ending with a massive computer failure some are saying could be a sign of an explosive device. >> this was a plane that had just scene maintenance not too long ago. it was at an altitude where there are rarely these types of mechanical failures. >> reporter: meanwhile the obama administration says its keeping in touch with the french
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and egyptian governments and will continue to help in the rescue and recovery efforts. as well as increasing security at airports around the world. >> every flight the plane, the cargo, passengers on a flight bound to the united states has to be screened to u.s. standards. >> reporter: as par of the increased security, checks of passengers started today. upgrade president obama has been pushing for. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. happening now, tom brady is heading back to court. in april u.s. circuit court of appeals upheld brady's four game suspension for his role in donate gate but today a new twist for tom brady. howard eskin joins us in the newsroom now with details. howard. >> oh, my gosh i can't stand it any more. stop, stop! somebody scratching the blackboard. entire situation with tom brady and deflate-gate is just becoming so ridiculous. now in the 491 is the day of the deflate-gate tom brady and the nfl players association attorn
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attorneys, it doesn't cost him a dime, decided to file a petition to appeal the appeal decision of the us second circuit court of appeals. now the appeals court upheld the decision of the nfl for four game suspension and overturn the decision of that judge in new york. so now this goes on and during the appeal tom brady is at training camp. even with the suspension he was perm to do participate in camp and pre-season games. it's likely the decision will come down in -- just to hear the case in 46 weeks. well before the season starts. now, in 27,000 appeals to this court of an appeal, only eight cases were heard from 2000 sand to 2010. it turned down, you know, turned down he can appeal to the supreme court. now, with all the problems we have in this country, aren't we waiting too much tax dollars on things like this? one other note n a recent national survey of fans, tom brady has been voted the most hated player in
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the nfl. surprising. more coming up in sports. lucy? >> all right, we'll talk to you then, how war. philadelphia proposed soda tax has the backing of some local physicians. a group of doctors gathered today in center city to throw their support behind mayor kenney's proposal. that plan would add 3-cents per ounce tax on sku sugary drinks in the city of philadelphia. the money would go toward funding pre k in the city among other things the mayor says. doctors today said the move could also help lower diabetes rates that they say are rising at alarming rates. >> the rate at which teenagers in our country have diabetes or pre-diabetes is 25%. that is an unacceptable and alarming statistic. >> opponents tax say it will hurt small business that is will would have to pass the extra cost on to customers. they also say it could hurt jobs in the beverage industry. one philadelphia school had a reason to sink this morning. ♪
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haverford middle school wins a choir competition but they didn't keep the winnings no themselves that actually used the money to buy $5,000 worth of new instruments for students at philadelphia heston elementary school. >> so we wanted to give that back to a school that may need those instruments, that may need that support. so it's not just about the season of giving around december and january. we want to do it throughout the whole year. >> good for them. those donated students will be used for music classes at heston. could we have just moved a big step closer to zapping zika what some scientists are about to see in mosquitoes that could teach them something very important about the virus. >> that's a question many parents have asked themselves over and over again. what is going on in the mind of a child with autism thanks to new type of therapy we just got a pretty good idea. >> a kayaker almost bitten by shark but he never left his boat.
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the unexpected chain of events that happened after he wheeled in this guy.
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>> to wisconsin sheriff deputes pulled over a woman for spee speeding. >> it first seemed like a routine stop but quickly proved otherwise. bleep! >> milwaukee county deputy discover the woman's license was suspended then called a tow truck. next thing they knew the driver backed up into the police cruiser and took off. one of the deputes fell on to oncoming traffic and passenger from the car was slammed into a concrete wall. no one was seriously hurt. officers say this is a perfect example of why they enforce the move over law. the driver was arrested. originally she was just facing a ticket an fine but now could spend 40 years in prison. president obama has kick off week long trip to asia with very big announcement he's lifting u.s. em bar bow on selling arms to vietnam. since the end of vietnam war relations have been strained at best with southeast asia country but the president made a case for more trusting relationship. a number of u.s. lawmakers and human rights active visit urged
5:25 pm
the president to press vietnam governments for greater freedoms before lifting the ban it is a communist nation however the president also announced today another first since vietnam war. >> for the first time the peace corps will come to vietnam. our peace corps volunteers will focus on teaching english. >> later in the week president obama is said to travel to japan where he'll attend a summit of the group of seven industrialized nations. university of arizona just landed a huge grant to research the seek virus. the national science foundation just gave the unit of university a 200,000-dollar grant to be used in the next year. the college already has stocks of the zika virus in a few weeks a team will be feeding it to these mosquitoes with the grant researchers will investigate how environmental temperature and weather affect the amount of time it takes for the mosquito to become infectious. >> general the warmer it is the more quickly the virus will move through the mosquito and knowing this will a us to model the
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likelihood of the disease occurring in any given area. >> researchers also want to figure out whether the female mosquito can transmit zika direct to her direction. >> a college graduation party came to an unfortunate end. why some students say police targeted this party. gay man's chorus very upset with something that just happened at a san diego padres game. what played over the loud speaker when they were supposed to be singing the national anthem that has the group demanding an investigation. kathy. >> four different counties impacted by this line of showers and storms. montgomery, bucks, into philadelphia and extending into burlington. you can see montgomery, abington bensalem, levittown, delran, cherry hill, with very heavy rain some lightning and also small hail. if you're in the path of these storms, moving toward the southwest towards philadelphia keep everyone inside and wait until the storms pass. we'll track them when we come back.
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the big shifts and you decide. with less than two months before the republican and democratic conventions new polls reveal only one candidate breaks the 50 percent mark and it's neither of the two front runners, a new washington post abc newses l poll out sunday showing the presumptive nominee donald trump beating democratic nominee hillary clinton by two points. the front runner says polls this far out from a general election mean nothing. near the less, experts say the numbers are hard to ignore. a raise in which hillary clinton had a double digit lead last month is now essentially tied. that's a big shift in this raisin it means something. trump may be the presumptive nominee but over the weekend at washington state's republican convention 40 of the state's 41 delegates went to ted cruz who wasn't even running anymore. those delegates are bound to vote according to the state clad results. many parents ever children with
5:47 pm
autism would give anything to learn what their children are thinking. now we're getting to look inside the mind of one person on the spectrum. he's using a new therapeutic technique to help others with autism and police officers as well. fox's jennifer davis has the story. god did i bale in son's family says since he is non speaking and autistic he wasn't able to share what he was thinking until he started this newç therapy lt year. ess -- now he types one letter at a time. and during two and a half therapy sessions recently he wrote a letter to montgomery county police to explain what it's like to be autistic. he talks about his almost six foot drunken toddler body and i feel like a lot of people when they see that they want to treat him like a sweat toddler, but everything that's going on, he's a 16 year old, he's had the same thoughts, experiences inside of a 16 year old boy.
5:48 pm
it makes sense that this would come out in such a strong way. the letter is emotional and profound and has bowelled people over, including his father. for that to come out of my son up until the time we've never really seen the inside of his mind and his explanations were just -- there was humor. i think clearly, but i have a six foot toddler, body, drunken toddler body, empathy to the police. one of the things he said, make sure you protect yourself. heed had the empathy. i can't write when that. when his parents asked gored did i if he wanted to attend the police' autism night or his prom he opted for autism night on you. a of-u. we asked him why he wrote the letter and wanted to attend this event. he typed out his response letter by letter and his therapist then read it allow.
5:49 pm
oh, goodness where to start. autism has a wide range of things going on some individuals are a lot more controlled, some are not. it is imperative to be able to work with both. i did the story in loss angels about a boy that's similar to that and he actually wrote an entire book. that is beautiful. this type of therapy is somewhat controversial because some think the person with autism is being prompted. however this family and the one i worked with in california say that is not the case at all. san diego game ends not happy the at all with what just happened at a pay dress game. they were set to perform the national anthem. but that's not what happened. about 100 chorus members all took the field, but instead of their voices, a recording of a woman sinking the anthem was broadcast on the p pepco pa system of the singers were forced to stay on the field while the recording played. > a couple of the people from
5:50 pm
the pad dress were escorted of off the field and we left. it was as we were leaving we had to walk pretty close to some of the seats in the stadium and a couple people yelled a couple years at us. one person yelled you sound ache like a girl p. the games chorus is calling on the padres and major league base all to see whether anyone engaged in a hate crime. the padres posted a statement on twitter apologizing to anyone in the ballpark who may have been offended saying a mistake happened in the control room. it was a special weekend in florida for the daughter of a fallen police officer. > her dad's brothers in blew escorted her to the senior prom and made it a night to remember. fox's evan lambert has the story. >>reporter: sad because we have to be here. honored because we can be here. it's a duty no officer wants,
5:51 pm
but one they are proud to accept. these men and women are here to support the daughter of one of their own on prom night 6789 officer charley con deck should have been here. the tar opinion springs police officer was killed in 2014 on what was supposed to be a routine call. it's our responsibility and our honor to stand in for charley. charley would be here and he's not able to be here. so we want to be here for charley and foray lean a. and they were. river ridge high school senior alien a con deck had no idea who would be meeting her when she got off the bus at her prom. she said she's greatful that her dad's colleagues stood in for her dad. they always say never forgotten because every day they texting me. they step in for what things my dad would have done. they were wishing well all while leading her into the ballroom. she said she knows her dad is
5:52 pm
right here with his extended police family beam as he he watches her grow. i know ess -- ' always with me, but i just kept smiling throughout the day because i know that he's watching down and i know he's probably tearing up watching me put makeup and getting my hair done. they're my dad' brothers and they are aamazing. > she will graft graduate high school in a few weeks. a renovation of the library inside issac shepherd elementary is now done. it features a new spanish language section, some updated books and brand new firefighter for children to sit on as they dive into a book. a kayaker almost bitten by a clark, but he never left his boat. the unexpected events came after they reeled this little guy in. a chilling call to 911. when he heard a window shatter,
5:53 pm
what police found when they checked the house. also at 6, west point academy posted a video of what's supposed to be a proud moment for cadets of much that's not why this video is going viral. what one cadet is doing that's got some people disgusted. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life,
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and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! > lots of music. i wish i could have you hear it. dancing and story telling. hundreds of students from alcohol charter schools amended the man's center firebird community center at the
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philadelphia zoo all part of an immersive lesson about south africa. because it was at the zoo they also saw the animals native to south africa. a man actually reeled in a surprise during a chacking trip and captured the whole thick on video. when you i'm variety a shark into your boat, anything can happen. fox's alex boy a has the story. >>reporter: with cameras rolling, plate oh resident george sabers set out for an adventure off the coast of corpus chris time it's really a unique experience. and boy, did he find one. we try to find king fish. we let out some life bates and see what we had. we hit a shark. it was an atlantic sharp nose measuring three feet long. saiber was an experienced chack fisherman thought it would be safe to try and cut the shark free. this is the first time one actually turns around and takes
5:58 pm
charge of the chack. while bringing the distressed shark on board the kayak saiber made a distake. i let go of the line too soon. i wanted to place the head in the the front of the well and what happened was the shark turned around and came back in and charged at my body in my seat. several camera angels captured the tense seconds that followed while the shark thrashed around the kayak inching closer and closer to saiber. as far as fear, i'm surprised i remained as calm as i was. at the rate the shark was coming, i did my best to do evasive maneuvers to avoid getting about it. the shark ended up jumping back in the water, giving man and predator a moment to regroup. i didn't want to over react and flip the kayak. saiber tries it again. this time he's successful. he cuts the fishing line, snaps the photo with his whether or
5:59 pm
think opponent and the two part ways. let me get a picture of you, body. despite the fish hook and all the flop around, saiber said the little shark swam off and appeared to be just fine. next 6, it's call to 911, no one wants to make. someone just broke into my house. a teen alone when he hears a window shatter. what officers found when they checked. the 14 year old dies in a biraj of gunfire when he was walking down the street. police are hoping surveillance video will hope catch his killer. who is stepping in to help his family. life from center city philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6. happening right now, heavy rain falling in downtown philadelphia as we take a life look in center city right now. some ominous clouds dumping some heavy rain. you want to have the umbrella with you because you could get caught in a down pour if you
6:00 pm
haven't already. i'm iain page and i'm lose i nolan. itself the ' dark outside. chief metrologist scott williams tracking all of this. hi there, loose i and aeven. scattered showers moving through the area rotating through the down the i95 corridor and as we zoom in a little closer, as we move into sections of camden, we're looking at some rainfall. west philly moving into sections of delaware county. we're looking at rainfall rates a half an inch to an inch per hour. you can see on lightening embedded in that. head indoors when thunderous and allow this activity to kind of move onto the south. some of the activity has been training, but we'll put a tractor eulalio tordil you can see moving toward chester over the next 15 minutes or so. west could heç shen you're in lit


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