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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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haven't already. i'm iain page and i'm lose i nolan. itself the ' dark outside. chief metrologist scott williams tracking all of this. hi there, loose i and aeven. scattered showers moving through the area rotating through the down the i95 corridor and as we zoom in a little closer, as we move into sections of camden, we're looking at some rainfall. west philly moving into sections of delaware county. we're looking at rainfall rates a half an inch to an inch per hour. you can see on lightening embedded in that. head indoors when thunderous and allow this activity to kind of move onto the south. some of the activity has been training, but we'll put a tractor eulalio tordil you can see moving toward chester over the next 15 minutes or so. west could heç shen you're in light for it as long with
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westchester. we're ' looking at some heavy rainfall outside our studios. windshield wipers are going. the temperatures are rain cooled as l well. 73-degrees right now after a high temperature of 76 in philadelphia. so over the next several hours the scattered showers, but once the sun sets they will start to diminish but we're not done with the rainfall chances. more in the offing for tomorrow. we'll talk about it, plus maybe 90-degrees with the seven day forecast. thanks. right now, the search forth person who pulled the trigger in a triple shooting and killed a teenager. police are interviewing witnesses right now. but could surveillance video from a nearby convenience store help crack this case. fox 29 jennifer joist life in chester. jennifer. >>reporter: good evening, loose i, police are working to interview witnesses and they're also working to retrieve sewer investment they're looking for any and all leads possible as the victim's family tells us they are hoping that justice comes quickly. i just told them that everybody know that my son was a good child. a child, just 14 years old.
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nicknamed of that was shot and killed inside the city. police believe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. one of the theories was the intent was to shoot somebody else and these guys got caught in the cross fire. it happened outside of a convenience store near tenth street and pine lane. his father says his son was with his cousins and his brother. can you mar was also shot. a third victim gee mean shiply took a bullet to the shoulderment she's okay. naz didn't survive. his father wiped his tiers as he talked to us about his son, a caring boy with dreams of becoming a doctor. this father-son picture was taken friday night, the night of naz's eighth grade form l, the last night robert nicolis says he saw his son. i can't describe the pain or the hurt. > naz was in eighth grade at chester community charter school. the school's founders are
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stepping up to pay for the boy's funeral and increase the reward for information $10,000. these poor kids were just in the line of fire. they snuffed out a life and it's just terrible. at this point we're asking the public support and assistance in giving us any information they may have. police say they're working to retrieve surveillance video and they're continuing to interview witnesses. the boy's family hopes justice comes quickly as they begin to mourn this young life lost. i want my son to know that i'll always love him and i'll never forget him. > funeral arrangements for naz are currently in the works. again, the he reward stands atrazine $10,000 for anyone who provides any information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. give chester city police a call. > all right, jennifer, thank you. philadelphia police are looking for some guys beat up three men outside a gym's cheesesteak on
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south street it happened on last tuesday at 3:30 in the morning. he was just going for a cheese steak when he was attacked. if you recognize this man, give police a call. a 63 year montgomery county woman faces charges of shooting and killing her ex-husband. prosecutors say shoe chin line had been practicing firing a gun during the week leading up to the deadly shooting of 67 year old shen koulan. police found her ex-husband dead yesterday afternoon in his north wales home. he died from a gunshot wound to the chest. when police arrived they say the woman sitting at the kitchen table with a revolver in front of her. police have arrested a man for indecent exposure on the ask you skill trail over the weekend. a man riding his bike saw smilely lying on his back with his privates exposed performing a lewd act. responding officers identified smally and arrested him. he is charged with indecent exposure and open lewdness.
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another report of a different man doing the same thing came in about 15 minutes later. that hand got away. two people are in jail after a frightening 911 call made inside a berlin borough call. a teen hiding in the basement after he heard someone break. in our bruce gordon showed us how that young man remained call while on the line with a 911 operator. the scene played out last friday in the beer neighborhood. listen as a 15 year old boy, home alone, home sick from school, calls 911 to report a home break-in. he needs police and he needs them fast. please hurry up. did you see them come in. >> no, i heard them break the window. okay. stay on the line with me. where are you at now. >> ? my basement. they could be coming down. i'm not sure. > just stay on the line with me. the teen's call was transferred to berlin bureau police, cops
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were on the way, but neither the teen or the operator wanted to take any chances. you don't hear anything moving around in the base president with you, right? >> no. i want you to step out of the closet that's in the basement and just look around, okay? >> okay. the officers are outside of your door. i don't want you to go upstairs or anything until i tell you to. i'm not going anywhere. police arrived and quickly arrested alexis diamond. she was sitting and waiting in the passenger car near the house. she was uncooperative, but admitted she did not live in the neighborhood. officers found a broken back door. i think i hear footsteps. i have officers outside. >> oh? they're going to look around your house. okay. i just want you to stay where you are. just make sure nobody opens up the basement door. okay? i want you to stay where you are. if you see that door open i want
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you to scream. police ultimately found james clark hiding in an upstairs closet. he was arrested after a brief skull, but in the mean time, the drama was over. are you okay? >> yes. > did you open the door? >> yeah. do you have the officer there? >> yes. > i'm going to knowledge that up. >> when he heard something, he was coming up and he realized he couldn't get out of the house so he immediately took shelter concealing himself to protect himself as well as staying on (%"t)átpáchers.our 911 you couldn't ask for a better job. police tell us they found a book bag full of stolen items, jewelry and sports memorabilia and outside in that waiting car found items that suggest the pair may have been involved in earlier burglaries. in berlin bureau, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. upper dashly in a nasty crash this afternoon. thankfully no one severely injured. we have to shoot that video the
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other way. the car and van collided leaving the van on its side. the crash happened just past 4 near the intersection of why combing and pluck fed office. and officer on trial for the death of fredly gray found not guilty on all charges. charges against edward near oh ranged from assault to reckless endangerment. he is the sixth to face charges. he is the first to get a verdict after officer william porter's case ended in a miss trial last year. i think to convict a police officer, it requires very strong evidence, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is protection for every accused person, but there have been so few successful prosecutions of police officers. i think only four have been convicted of the 10,000 killings in the line of duty. so it's going to take a lot of evidence to show that an officer should be held criminally
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responsible. > gray died last year, a week after his neck was broken while handcuffed and shackled, but unrestrained in the back of a police van. prosecutors say near oh unlawfully arrested gray and was neglect when he didn't buckle the prisoner into his seatbelt. so far today's verdict has not are the stayed any outbreaks of any violence in baltimore. i want you to meet a hero. his name is ax and he helped bring an 11 year old boy safely. the boy ran away from his delaware home after an argument with his parents. the k9 officer tracked that boy for about a half mile before finding him. speaking about k9s, it's a big day for philadelphia's k9 batch and their handlers. they posted for a photo 57 stories up on the liberty observation deck to celebrate their graduation from the academy. the liberty observation deck wants all graduates to have the same opportunity for a graduation photo with the sky line of the city at their back
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drop. now through june 30 all graduates in a cap and gown can get into the observation gown freak but your guest has to pay. despite his attempts to have the case against him thrown out, bill cross biis set to appear in a montgomery county court tomorrow for a preliminary hearing that will determine whether his sex assault case goes to trial. the state supreme court denied a bid today to have the case against the comedian tossed. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually aandrea cost continue inside of his elkins park home. they reopened a case after a deposition surfaced in which the comedian talked about giving drugs and alcohol to women before sex. fox 29 will be life at the courthouse in norristown tomorrow morning and throughout the day. > it's a mission to bring happies to philadelphia. the simple way a woman known as the wish maker is spreading joy. > and west point academy posted video of what's supposed to be a proud moment for cadets. but that's not why this video is going viral. what one cadet is doing that has
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some people rather disgusted. tom brady can is acting like that spoiled child guaifenesin. the latest on his four-game suspension and why ryan howard should be release by the phyllis. that's all coming up sports. ♪
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♪ >> video operator: yo going viral for the wrong reasons. it happened during the west point graduation ceremony saturday. one cadet is obviously on her phone and growing fire from those who say she lacks discipline and respect. video was posted on the west point facebook page. got close to a million hits. school has not commented at this point. when you win upon wall one local woman granderring wishes for strangers. the special lady first thought to help others during the pope's visit. >> temporary idea grown into permanent philadelphia fixture. bill anderson live in the newsroom. bill, you've been talking with this woman who is all about spreading joy. >> reporter: lucy, i was. there are some people that inspire you. as soon as you meet them and today i met one of those people.
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simoneau met, hasn't lived in philadelphia for year but dedicated to helping people in our area and across the country, have their wishes come true. >> 33-year-old sim mow net at a lien immigrated from italy less than a year ago with the spirit of helping others. we first heard of her wish wall during the pope's visit to philadelphia and this past weekend during the italian market festival, the wish wall got a permanent home. >> i wanted to be permanent and the brothers and the business association here in italian market they put that together ahead and say okay we'll put it there and the piazza italian market. >> they call her wish maker her idea to share everyone's needs or wishes so that we as a community would want to come together and help. >> every day to me is a blessing. i'm like why can i not do, you know, even small thing. i always say you'd be surprised how small thing can change somebody's life.
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>> hundreds of wishes have been posted. some are general well wishes but others require very specific attention in order to be grant granted. >> she explained. my sister got killed. we have no idea. who did it and i just want that the city and people will not forget my sister. what can we do? so together we put up -- wee put up like a strategy and was able to rename street after theresa. >> reporter: along with the philadelphia wish wall, there's a website, facebook page, and wish wall foundation so that wishes from around the world can be shared and hopefully granted. >> if you want to do something, you'll find a way, of course you cannot expect you will do it in one day especially if it's something big but do not give up. >> reporter: think about it it's pretty basic idea if you can help someone, you should. we'll put the information up on our fox 29 facebook page. because our hope is that as the idea spreads, we'll all be inspired to grant wishes and maybe we'll have wish walls all over the city.
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lucy? first every all i love the wish wall idea, bill. second that is hail falling in our area. joey lavin in blue bell shot this around 4:30 ace into the and. so could we see any more of that this evening. >> chief meteorologist scott williams the man with the answ answer. >> we still have that threat of some small pea sized hail like in that video around the blue bell area, lucy. right now looking at showers and thunderstorms racing south out of the philadelphia area into delaware county, back into chester county then eventually moving into new castle county. so we'll take a tour around ultimate doppler and show you what's been happening across the area. where you see the blue circles that's where we have seen some of that pea sized hail moving through sections of montgomery county but look at all of the heavy rainfall right now moving out of center city into west deptford, paulsboro, ridley also around media, drexel hill looking at some downpours as you
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move into chester county around the west goshen area. you're looking at some torrential rain as well. so here's 322. i-95 the airport looking at very heavy rainfall right now but once again around the media area as you move toward 202 eventually head flood chadds ford. you're looking at some of those very heavy downpours and then it's going to be moving out over the next 15 to 30 minutes or so. so brief hitter but then we're looking at some clearing skies to the north and northeast philadelphia, also, bucks county, mercer county, but the tracker has this continuing to move on off to the south. so watch out around chadds ford eventually back toward wilmington, delaware. but watch what happens over the next couple of hours. the coverage starts to diminish because we lose that daytime heating we've seen those tall cloud tops up drafts have been strong enough to produce some of that small hail in sections of the area. so things settle down for the overnight. by tomorrow morning, that
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pinwheel of energy could rotate some more showers down the shore, and then again during the heat of the day tomorrow, take a look at the clock by 5:00 p.m. we're watching for more areas of scattered showers and thunderstorms before that system finally pulls out of here. but, temperatures tomorrow are going to be on the warm side of things the high today was 76 degrees. we're looking at 80 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow and believe it or not we haven't hit 80 so far this month. as far as what's happening in old city, you can see the rainfall diminis diminishing tes dropped a bit and you can see we're now down to 62 degrees after the normal high today made it to 76 degrees. so we have 60s showing up on the map but once again a lot of the atmosphere is rain cooled. temperatures for tonight, back into the mid to upper 50s. 80 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. partly sunny, pop up showers and storms. high pressure is going to act like a heat pump later on this week with 80s maybe even nearing
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90 degrees as we move toward thursday and friday and then what about the holiday weekend? 80s with a couple of pop-up storms. looking pretty good for memorial day. >> thank you scott. >> how is tom brady looking? >> still he needs a bottle. >> a bottle, yeah. pacifier, too. >> pacifier, too. he needs it all the time. tom brady is whining again. he still trying to turn over that four game suspension. the latest on what he's doing today. and ryan howard coming to the end of his phillies career that's no secret. why should it happen sooner than later. all that's coming up in sports.
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♪ it's the story that just won't stop. tom brady voted national fan poll as the most hated player in the nfl even wonder why. is filing a petition to appeal the ruling by the us second circuit court of appeals on his four-game suspension in deflate-gate. when will this stop? a decision to hear his appeal on the appeal decision of the court should be in about four to six weeks. that's just to hear it. the good news, if you are tired as i am with the 491 is the day of this story is that this court has heard -- has row heard only eight of the 27,000 petitions filed to hear an appeal from 2000 sand to 2010. when will tom brady just give it
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up? please stop, tom, and pay the penalty for cheating. all right. eagles back at mini camp today and they had a guest at the practice facility. it was the head basketball coach of the national champion villanova wildcats. jay wright spoke to the eagles team. not sure if the message is how to get the winning score with four seconds left in the game. but he gave the team his input on winning. he has also a texting relationship with the head coach doug pederson. >> i think he's going to be very very successful. i think he has a great feel for the personnel, the organization, and with the city of philadelphia. three different things that -- different dynamics and i think he gets it. how the players respond to him when they come into the meeting, seems like a really good vibe. >> the phillies open six game road trip that starts in detroit ends in chicago that starts tonight in detroit. the lineup is out. tommy joseph playing first base
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and ryan howard is a did he go 98ed hitter. ryan howard if we are all honest should not be on this team any longer. defense is poor. his hitting -- listen to this,' 083 since april 30th, 4 hits in last 48 at bats with 20 strike outs. it's insulting that his season averages .161 sad but time to move on. getting ryan howard out of philadelphia is not something that's easy but it's time to move on that's what happens with athletes. >> exactly. >> you can only go so long. >> absolutely. >> not me,. >> though. >> you're a fixture in philadelphia howard eskin that's no joke. how would you say that? it's not a joke. >> a joke! >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] why they won't arrest a monster who cops say beat this baby. >> deborah: because the only witness to the crime can't speak. it's the little boy. >> then, i was violated. actress uma thurman blasts the billionaire who kissed her on the lips. >> it's out of bonds. >> and did someone deliberately humiliate this choir from singing the national anthem? >> do you believe this was sabotaged? >> then, madonna under fire for her prince tribute. now she's hitting back at her critics. and chewbacca mom mania. >> i'm such a happy chewbacca! >> the mom behind


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