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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> we believe in equal icing power with power and we're used to david and goliath battles. >> bill cosby losing a bit to delay a key hearing in the criminal sex assault case and what may happen for the first time, and a montgomery county woman ace accused of killing her ex-husband. what her son says she was doing in the days leading up to his death. and it is not over, more showers and storms heading our way, my goodness, look at that, ugly radar. good day everyone it is tuesday, may 24th, 2016. >> mother nature has a really bad sense of humor because yesterday i went to get my hair done. then as soon as i walk out, it is like the sky, just opened up. >> yes. >> yes. >> you look fantastic, by the way. >> sue serio, we're looking at something that is counterclockwise right now. >> that is right, chris. i think were you paying attention last week when we
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talk about the off shore low pressure system and how circulation is counter clock wise and we are seeing moisture coming in from east to west, and usually our storm systems kind of come west to east and that happens with front and stuff but this is that same pesky low pressure system slow to leave ape throwing back lots of moisture. as we zoom in closer we will see most of our rain along new jersey coast, southern delaware but you are not out of the woods in the philadelphia suburbs either. you see this storm system makes its exit it will give us some showers. have the umbrella with you leaving now or soon, and 58 degrees, 5:39 your sunrise time. we have a breeze out there but out of the east north east. temperatures in the mid 50's this morning and we expect a high of 78 degrees today, can't rule out pop up thunderstorm again, not unlike yesterday. 59 degrees tonight and included will clear. we will talk about the big changes coming in time for the who will take weekend.
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you call it unofficial start have of summer bob kelly, we will give you temperatures that feel like summer. >> i call it first weekend i can wear my white shoes. >> yes. >> does that start friday. >> this weekend is friday, can i do that down the shore. >> this friday morning, and, route nine down the shore still dealing with counterclockwise rain, coming in off of the coast, and keeping us wet and wipers on down the shore. now closer to home out here in conshohocken we have already seen that heavy rain, wipers are off but construction crews have still out eastbound schuylkill only the right shoulder getting through there at 476. then ben franklin is wet, everything wet behind the ears this morning and watch out for those puddles from that soaking rain. overnight accident on the boulevard, northbound, traffic lights are out at ninth street, now you turn laverne is with us this morning. there is in cross traffic.
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if you come to the boulevard, from the one side you have to go north, make u turn at fifth street and enter from the other side, we will naturally to have make a right and make u turn at fox street. hopefully we can hit that reset button before things get too crazy. in all of the construction zones look out for possibility of some flooding, from the heavier rain. one example that is out there north on 295, right the at the black horse pike route 168, flooded out with the drainage grates located in the work zone. the chris and lauren, back to you. breaking news overnight man hit and killed while standing on the sidewalk in northeast philadelphia. >> police say this happened just after 12:30, driver of the car still on the run this morning, steve keeley live at the scene now, this is a busy area, steve. >> reporter: this is i surveillance camera above intersection that may have captured this entire incident there. you can see bustleton and cottman right above the septa 58 bus and the cvs pharmacy
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here. let's show you the video of this car while these two big trucks are here blocking our view of everything else. look at the front of this lexus es300, now still sitting in the middle of bustleton avenue and the driver of this car could not even get out of the driver's side door, that is why passenger door is open. look at how badly damaged this vehicle was from this horrific wreck. this car was going south on bustleton and now that we have come back to the live picture you can see a curve in the road and these cars are coming up and looking at headlights there is a curve. this vehicle police believe kept going straight up on to the sidewalk, now look at this bus stop over here that is still okay on our side of the street. there was a matching bus shelter, glass, metal across the street the the look where the bus stop is, completely obliterated. behind the septa busy hit that bus stop dragged it, smashed
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it, look at what parts are lying on the sidewalk here on bustleton and now chris will spin around and show you back of the lexus now sitting in the middle of the street here and that is why you see driver's side door shut, passenger door opened, there is blood in there. they see a young guy witnesses that is get outlook at dead maps body and take off. >> actually standing under the cab waiting for a septa bus and very possible victim was standing there to get out of the rain because it was raining heavily at the time of this accident. accident investigation officers on the scene believed that speed was a factor and they believed vehicle was going in excess of the 30 miles an hour speed limit here on bustleton after knew. >> reporter: now coming back to the live picture no idea where that driver is right now, but you can see there is a license plate on there so first place they will look is
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the registered owner of that vehicle's address and if the registered owner wasn't the driver they will find out who had the car last. we will pan over to what is left of the bus stop and in the middle of the wreckage you may make out a timberland type construction boot. that is what that man was wearing in the completely on you out of his boot which we see in these accident but as hit and runs go this is as bad as it the gets. boy just wreckage around here unreal and how you get out and look at a dead man lying in the street and just runaway, does that? >> exactly. good work steve. and your cameraman chris fox. thank you. police investigating a shooting on the 400 block of north third street this happened inside a northern liberties recording studio around 9:30. twenty-four year-old man shot in the leg in stable condition at hahnemann hospital. police investigating a double shooting on the 7500 block of city avenue. detectives say two victims both in the 20's are in stable condition at penn presbyterian
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medical center. we know one person suffered a gunshot wound to the leg this happened just before 11:00 p.m. 5:07. bill cosby is set to walk in the montgomery county courtroom for a hearing in the sexual assault case. >> this meeting will determine if prosecutors have enough evidence to send the comedy yan to trial. dave kinchen live in norristown as this high profile case continues, hi there dave. >> round two, bill cosby coming back to the montgomery county courthouse later this morning. court set to start around 9:30 as the court hear this is criminal sexual assault case a begins bill cosby with the pennsylvania supreme court denying a motion to halt today's proceedings. it could take two or three days for a judge to decide if this case against legendary comedian will go to trial. this may be first time we see cosby's accuser andrea constand whom prosecutors say may call to the stan. the cosby is accused of drugging and sexually a ultimate is aing constand a former employee at temple university who reportedly
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considered cosby to be her mentor. the alleged assault took place back at cosby's cheltenham home in 2004 but his legal team said the encounter was consensual and former montgomery county d.a. bruce castor said he made a deal to not prosecute cosby in exchange for his statement about the alleged incident but the current d.a.'s office says that deal was never written down and reopened, constand's complaint after learning that the window for felony sexual assault had not yet closed, in terms of prosecuting the case. the cosby's defense team says a oral no prosecution agreement should be honored. the 78 year-old comedian could face ten years in prison if he is convicted, he is not expected to testify, himself today. back to you. >> all eyes in norristown, dave, thank you. prosecutors more public hearings with the unindicted co conspirator involve in the george washington bridge lane closing case. an appeals court judge ruled june 5th hearing will be open. person identified as john doe
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had challenge a judge's order to release list of coconspirators and for the to have the hearing closed. the person says they will be branded a criminal if that list is release. new jersey lawmakers agreed on a package designed to rescue atlantic city. hope toys keep the struggling gambling resort town from completely running out of money. new jersey state assembly and senate agreed on the series of bills that will give ac five months to come up with a plan to balance the budget over the next five years. a atlantic city casino saw their profit rise by 31 percent in the first three months of the year. officials hope this is another sign that the struggling industry may be stabilizing. figures show eight casinos are reporting high earnings. trump taj mahal was only casino to post a loss. burlington county prosecutor decide if you go he will file criminal charges against a driver hit and killed a teenage they are weekend. antoine timbers junior was walking on route 130 early yesterday morning when this happened.
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police arrested the driver of the car who now faces dui charges. he did stay at the scene, those who knew antoine said he was a good kid, grief counselors were available for students at antoine's high school yesterday. 5:10. two men are fight to go get well after getting shot while sitting in tow truck in philadelphia a within man was shot in the chest other in the shoulder this happened right at 15th and blavis streets in nicetown. injured driver drove them both to the hospital. both are expect to survive. gunman got away in the burgundy saturn. police say they are working to retrieve surveillance video in search for person who fired shots outside a convenient store near tenth street and pine lanes just 14 years old and zenas powell was shot and killed in chester sat date night. police believe he and his two cousins, who were seriously injured, were in the wrong place at the wrong time. this happened one day after naz eighth grade formal. his family says they are not
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the tarring. >> one of the working theories is the intent was to just shoot somebody else and these guys got caught in the cross fire. >> i can't describe the pain or the hurt and i don't want to see it happen to nobody else child. >> imagine your sonnies shot my goodness. poor dad. chester community charter school where he attended is stepping up to pay for the boy's funeral. they are increasing reward for information about his death to $10,000 at this point. all right. 5:11. next up domestic disturbance turn deadly and now montgomery county woman ace accused of killing her x. what her son said she told the fat manically right before pulling the trigger. chilling phone call to 911, a teenager was alone in the house home sick when he heard a window shattered. what police found when they went upstairs.
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"good day philadelphia" is giving away a car, we take over a town and this friday we are going to ocean city. >> we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at ocean city music pier so get ready. >> because, you can win a brand new car. fox, go to the side of the page, click on the link, blah, blah, blah. >> here's the deal, we will be heading to these towns over
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the next several weeks. it should be fun. >> all right. sue serio. >> it is a car, we're giving away a car. >> brand new car. >> a brand new car. >> that is really exciting, it is just hitting me. >> well, we have so many reports of hail, during the peak of those thunderstorms yesterday around 3:30, 2:45, 2:30 depending on where you you were, new jersey, pennsylvania, most of it was quarter inch hail, let's just say, it wasn't quite pea sized hail but it was loud, nasty, and low pressure system that caused it all is still around. we should be in the upper 70's for a high today and high pressure takes over for weekend and boy will you feel the change. let's hope your air conditioning is working because we will need it as we zoom in the 80's, starting tomorrow. today we are still seeing rain around and we will zoom in and show you where, southern delaware, southern new jersey, a few drips around delaware
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county around chester county this morning. so around the kent county area, dover, we have got rain, pleasanton acres, maybe a little bit more of heavier shores, sea isle city, ocean city, egg harbor all along the shore, we have got some rain. lets get it out before the weekend, right. dewey beach there is rain, fenwick island, bethenny, rehoboth, all of the delaware beaches are very wet this morning. looking at future cast we will see, the sunburning through those thin cloud, at times, the rest of the morning, rest of the afternoon and enough to get us in the 70's but then we have possibility of a pop up storm or shower later on in the day. look at the changes. eighty-seven tomorrow. eighty-nine on thursday. and upper 80's for friday, saturday, all the way through holiday weekend and we definitely will feel humidity starting on friday. so, tomorrow, bob kelly, may end up being the best weather day of the week but i think for most of us, if we see a
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sure or then are storm it will be until the afternoon, any day of the holiday weekend. >> you know what, yesterday afternoon i was than the feeling good yesterday morning i went home, took some medicine, took a nap, woke up three hours later, still in my shirt and tie, my dress pant, everything. >> what was your medicine of choice, budweiser. >> no. i saw doctor jack, and then took a nap, but those thunder boomers woke me up in the afternoon and we went bam, they came in quick from sunshine, we saw some of the pictures of folks sent us on social media, sunshine one minute, thunder boomers the next. here's a live look ocean city where we are seeing that rain as it all moves out, combination of wet road, wipers, a few extra seconds and or damp road. here's a live look. watch this, this is what we will have to go through with the school bus and vehicles, an accident ninth and the boulevard knocked traffic lights out. so there is no cross traffic
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on the boulevard. we have to go north on the boulevard make u turn at fifth and then come south and make u turn laverne at fox street. expect delays and few extra minutes of time there in that accident scene there at ninth and the boulevard. all of the work zones watch for possible flooding right here north 295 at black horse pike, chris and lauren, back to you. breaking news right now egyptair crash,e beginnings forensic official say humane remains are retrieved point to an explosion on board. >> at this point we're learning that the plane went down last week, killing all 66 people on board, that plane was heading from france to cairo when disappeared 10 miles intoe beginnings air space. we will continue to follow this break going news story throughout the story. north wales woman charged with murdering her ex-husband. >> hsiu-chin lin shot her husband to death. >> it happened inside the garage where she lives on
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south sixth street. earlier man called police to assist him while he pick up some things from the home. police say an officer remained for about 30 minutes until he was finished. short time later they were called back to that home for a domestic disturbance. that is when officials say they he found chin lin shot in the chest. chin was found sitting at the kitchen table with the revolver. a neighbor heard it all happen. >> i heard four or five really loud gunshots, one right after the other. >> so, he allegedly told police the son says that he had been test firing a gun in the backyard, during the week leading up to the murder. lin is held without bail and preliminary hearing is set for june 1. >> an arrest has been made after car break ins in olney. police say you this satisfaction a man acting suspiciously friday morning when he was stopped by officers. they found tools used to break
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into cars and his backpack along with paperwork from one of the victim vehicles. he is charged with criminal mischief and theft. upper darby was scene of this nasty crash that thankfully left no one seriously injured. car and van collided leaving van on the side just past 4:00 r afternoon, wow. it happened near intersection of lycomb and plumstead avenue. terrifying times for camden county teen after he hears someone break nothing to his house. >> can you imagine? officials say this happened last night in the berlin boro. they have say a 15 year-old boy was home sick from school when he heard someone break n boy hid in the basement and he kept his composure's called the police.
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>> he maintained his composure as police officer and parent i could not have been more pleased with how this young man reacted. >> well, police say lexus diamond was found sitting in the passenger seat in the car out front waiting. she was arrested and then james clerkin junior was a rested after being found hiding in an upstairs closet. you see a picture of that winner in a minute. stolen goods were found in the book bag in the house, that teen is okay. see this guy inside your home. >> i would have been scared when she said come out and look around. >> nope. >> no way. >> let the cop come in and tell me, it is the police, you are okay, you got our guy, then i come out. then you don't know if you believe it or it is person broke in the house. >> what was jody foster film panic room. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> that is scary. >> so help is on the way to address long lines for travelers in new jersey, how soon you can see big changes
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and shorter wait times at newark liberty airport. >> you can fly first class with these winning lottery numbers.
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toyota recalling more than 1 million vehicle to replace to cota air bags. latest recalls are from lexus models, 2006 through 2011. the problem is the air bags could inflate with too much force and that can send shrapnel flying inside the vehicle. recall expands what is already the largest automotive recall in u.s. history. well, we have help on the way to dress long lines and long wait times for have travelers at newark liberty airport. >> tsa is adding more than 100 more agents to the airport by end of the month. >> twenty-five agents have started and a another 95 will be hired, by june. >> do you ever use lyft? i know you use uber? >> not a big fan of lyft. >> more partial to uber. >> you you are in different. >> i just like the app better. >> either way your next ride on uber or lyft could put more money in the pockets of the ppa. >> pennsylvania lawmakers working on a bill to regulate ride sharing services in philadelphia.
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original bill was designed to impose a 1 percent tax and revenue made for fares in the city. >> a third of month money would go to the ppa. the rest with go to the philadelphia will school district. but that will has since changed. you now gives more money to the ppa and less money to the school district. state lawmakers are set to vet as soon as next week. >> that makes any would be has gotten ticketed, booted or unfairly ticketed. >> do you want to give us an update on your boot situation. >> i'm still on the boot and tow list but i get that unfair ticket when they ticketed me before when my meter was expire. >> you were paying through 506. >> i got a ticket at 10:56. that was cleared. they cleared that up. >> eighteen minutes before you expire. >> apparently, the ppa person said that my ticket was unable to be seen in the windshield. >> oh, really. >> it is a clear win shield.
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>> i know, it is hard to imagine. >> let's toss things out to steve keeley, good morning to you. >> reporter: look where this man is smartly staying way back from the wreckage of the bus stop seeing these cars, flying down bustleton and if you are just joining us wait until we tell but this awful deadly hit and run where bus shelter was obliterated, carries still on the scene.
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we have serious breaking news here from fox 29. another deadly hit and run. another one. a man is killed after being struck, by a car, this is in northeast philadelphia, how the driver got away. three suspects attack a man stealing his phone and necklace and camera caught it all, what he was trying to do when they jumped him. it is tuesday, may 24th, 2016. >> is it picture day? because bus stop buddy looks like he is ready for picture day. >> it could be. usually we will get those done early in the school year. >> yes. >> but then they had a retake day, that is right, folks. but we have got a little bit of everything with him because you you will need shade at some point today but you'll also need umbrella the at some point. one of those unsettled weather
5:31 am
days and we will prove it the to you by showing you radar and there is a a look at the rain along the jersey shore, delaware beach and in between up toward new york city rain gets heavier traveling that way, this morning, so we are still seeing areas have of showers but around philadelphia, not too much, trenton, yeah. so 58 degrees, you can see clouds and eventually we will see the sunrise which is official at 5:39. it is almost sunrise time which is so exciting these long days of the year, even though it hasn't felt like spring much, it is, and leading up to the first day of summer those days will continue to get longer. our temperatures are in the 50's to get you started this morning. the mostly in the upper 50's. wind not an issue just a few breezes around, no weather drama like we had in the afternoon yesterday but we could get some more today with pop up storms possible, not as many as yesterday, but 78 degrees is our high temperature. cloud, some sun and a stray shower around through about
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lunchtime. that is your planner for tuesday, things will really be changing, weather-wise and you will need that air conditioning, bob kelly, very, very soon. >> well, you know what, those thunder boomers rolled through here yesterday afternoon and quickly caught us off guard. we went from sunshine, sun glare, to downpours, here's a live look at the left overs, left over tuesday, a live look at i-95 near philly international. everything is soaking wet, damp, watch for left over puddles especially standing on the bus corner, watch out as those buses and cars can hit puddles. down the shore is a different story looking live at route nine you are still feeling effects from the rain as sue mentioned on its way out of here but still leaving behind a wet mess. now we had an accident last night on the boulevard, there is no cross traffic at ninth and the boulevard. so u turn laverne working here today. if you get to the boulevard everybody has to make a right
5:33 am
turn. you go north you can make u turn at fifth street. if you end up going south you can make u turn at fox. a lot of unusual traffic volume around ninth and the boulevard this morning. all of the construction zones, 295, 42, i-95, watch for possible flooding, all of that heavy rain that we got yesterday in such a short period of time leaving some puddles here along black horse pike at 295, and i know steve has been handling this accident in the northeast watch for the investigation there at cottman and bustleton, chris and lauren, back to you. that is our breaking news right now, hit and run, man is dead, this is a at cottman and bustleton as bob just said. >> officials still on the hunt for driver after he runs away from that scene. steve keeley live with the very latest, hi there steve. >> reporter: good thing bob cool i is warning people bit. it is a macing how bad people are driving in front of us. they are flying down bustleton. they are stopped at the light now and there is a curve in
5:34 am
the road. do you see this person waiting in the wreckage of that bus shelter for this bus to pick him up. look what is left of that bus shelter. that is where this was. do you see that across the street there. look where we are, look at this wreckage here. some guy was standing in there just past midnight when someone was flying down bustleton, didn't make this curve, go up the sidewalk and hits bus shelter with the man in it and there is the car, down the street still in the middle of bustleton right now. look at the damage on the passenger side. lets go to the videotape so you can see the front end of this lexus es300 just obliterated. windshield. look at the front tire on the passenger side barely even hanging on to what is left of this lexus. the guy crawls out of the passenger side, looks at the dead man and takes off running. >> it struck metal canopy with
5:35 am
such force it tore the met willal canopy from the sidewalk. it also struck victim who was waiting at the septa stop and launched his body about 100 feet where it came to rest on the sidewalk. witnesses say driver exited the lexus, walk over, looked at the body and then fled on foot south on bustleton avenue. >> reporter: owe timely as we come back here live the still unidentified victim meaning police have no idea who he is, not that they necessity and they are in the releasing it, he didn't have any identification on him. you see timberland type booth he was wearing, laying in the middle of the wreckage of this bus shelter. chris, walk with me right now, look at how far this bus shelter was just disintegrated. parts of it all the way here in this gas station parking lot. chris come back over this way
5:36 am
please. look at this metal, all the way over here the glass, all in this gas station parking lot and here you see traffic i'm talking about coming at you in your picture and the speed limit would you think just 25, there is a police officer right there. they don't hit brakes because they think they might get a speeding ticket. it is a macing how fast people go here and deadly result. as far as this guy, the driver, chris and lauren, all they have is personal in the 20's, medium built and you can bet they are running down the owner of the license plate and seeing if it is owner of the car or whether it was borrowed or stolen. >> man, steve keeley, thanks very much. also breaking news overnight police are investigating a shooting on the 400 block of north third street this happened inside a northern liberties recording studio around 9:30 last night. a 24 year-old man was shot in the leg and is in stable condition at hahnemann hospital. police investigating a double shooting on the 7500 block of city avenue.
5:37 am
detectives say two victims both in their 20's are in stable condition at penn presbyterian medical center. we know one person suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and this happened just before 11:00 p.m. philadelphia police are looking for three men they say beat up a guy outside a jim's steaks on south street. this happened last tuesday at 3:30 in the morning. victim told police he was going to get a cheese stake when they attacked him. they got away with his iphone and gold mess lays. if you recognize the men call the philadelphia police. speaking of philadelphia, phillies started a six game road trip and tommy joseph started at first base. howard eskin has you covered straight ahead, sports in one minute.
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phillies start a six game road trip, last night tommy joseph started at first base, ryan howard was designated hitter. lets go to detroit. joseph hits a home run. ryan howard struck out two times this shows you the manager means business. odubel herrera dogged it to first base and taken out of the game with the score tied at four. in the bottom of the seventh victor martinez singles in cabrera. they win five-four. tom brady does in the know when to say when or when to hold them or fold them. yesterday brady filed a petition to appeal the nfl's appeals that they won in the
5:41 am
u.s. second circuit court of peels when court overturned a judge's ruling in new york. so four game suspension by commissioner was reup stated. brady's appeal is not likely to be heard based on past history. san jose and st. louis in the stanley cup playoffs, this is game number five, and this is 16, seconds in the third period redirected, san help say scores, you win six-three. lead series, five-two. all right. something howard says has our viewers upset. >> i necessity, cute little boy, in tears now, check this out. >> why are you crying? >> he is my favorite player. >> why? >> he is my favorite player. >> ahh. >> by he, he means ryan howard, not howard eskin, because howard said first base man ryan howard should pack your bags. this little six year-old said that is just too much to handle because that is his
5:42 am
favorite phillies player. >> probably has number six jersey and whole thing. >> ryan howard is 36 years old now. he is hitting like .150. it is tough. he had had to overcome some issues with injuries, and everything else, so it could be an end of an era. >> we will see what happens. >> real quickly if we can, when i was that age, my favorite tv show was the incredible hulk. your outfit remind meade of what lou, he came incredible hulk and transformed, to you see ripping of the shirt when he gets all buff. don't make me angry. you wouldn't like me when i'm angry. >> you look like the incredible hull took day, because it is ripped. i'm just going to rip them off. >> you call a woman the incredible hulk you expect to live through the experience. >> thank you, sue serio. >> she's bill bixby saying don't make me angry you wouldn't like me when i'm
5:43 am
angry. >> yes. >> make a muscle. you have been working out, make a muscle. she looks good. dang. >> it should be a little bit bigger. >> i'm trying. >> sue serio, is this the kind of weather you can go sleeveless. >> then you asked for muscles which will really get you pinched in the face. we have rain out there this morning we will show you where, with your weather authority forecast.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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style phone birthday for bob dylann today, 75 years old. iconic singer/song writer. we will look at the platt bridge we will rename it bob dylann bridge for the minute. >> yes. >> dylann drive. >> it is platt bridge now. we will look at radar this morning and where is the rain? there is rain to the south, all on the jersey shore, maybe easing up a little bit along the delaware beaches but as we look at the coast here to kent county, bauers beach, we have sea isle city with is rain, cape may courthouse, egg harbor, little rain there, bethenny, i think you'll see beginning of the end of your rain as that rain pull as way. do you think hates been chill think month? it has with 51.4 degrees as our average inly temperature and we should be at 65. we are 4 degrees cooler and we have had way more rain, two and a third inches more than
5:47 am
average, 5.11 inches for the month. we made up for whatever we didn't get in april. now we have got as we look at the future cast some sun on the way but quite a few cloud around, if we get enough sunshine to create a little bit of that instability we may get pop up then are storms, maybe three or four or 5:00 in the afternoon, not a lot showing up here on the future cast so probably won't be as many as yesterday but that doesn't mean you won't get one in your back yard. things will clear out overnight. we have temperatures in the 50's this morning. we will get in the upper 70's by even of the day and then zooming in the 80's, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, all the way through the holiday weekend. the it may cool off on memorial day itself with the possibility of pop up thunderstorms but none of the thunderstorms that we have in the the forecast for any day, for the rest of the week is expect to be a wash out for the entire day. so we will just take it day by day been kelly and get ready
5:48 am
to sweat. >> down the shore a little storm during the midday, it is okay. >> sure. >> that is nap time. happy hour. take your shower. >> yes, get a shower, no shower happy hour, that is how you go down there. 5:48. good morning. tacony palmyra bridge on stand by for a opening probably around 6:00 o'clock or so. we will keep an eye on that one and clock. it is 6:00 o'clock for the opening at that coney use the betsy ross, you've got about ten minutes to do that. live look down the shore garden state parkway right here near ocean city where we will be heading down, taking over ocean city on friday. again, last of the storms heading out, left overs from last night, an accident on the boulevard ninth and the boulevard no cross traffic, so u turn laverne working here, when you come to the boulevard everybody makes a right turn. going northbound and you wanted to go south you make that u turn at fifth street. if you wind up going south you
5:49 am
you can make u turn at fox. so that whole stretch of the boulevard going to be crazy, this morning, otherwise, we will find your normal delays on 42, 295 and the schuylkill expressway, chris and lauren, back over to you. "good day philadelphia" is giving away a car every friday all summer long. we are taking over a town near you. this friday we are going to ocean city, live from 7:00 to 10:00 the at music pier, get ready for that and you can get ready to win a brand new mazda cx9. go to fox, click on the contest page on our home page and we will pick a final list once a week and on our final show one good give away. >> take a look, here are some of the towns we are heading to in the ensuing weeks. >> is what your favorite so far. >> so far my favorite has been doylestown. >> i mean on the list. >> oh, brother. >> hard to beat wildwood. >> it sound like fun, right. >> wildwood.
5:50 am
>> is what your favorite so far. >> i would have to say doylestown. >> yes. >> you had a big crowd friday. >> it was an amazing crowd but hopefully we will have a big crowd in the other spots. i'm excited to go there as well. >> meeting different people. >> especially down the shore for memorial day weekend. >> how about this, look who is coming up on good day historic contract that changed sports forever. when jackie robinson signed with the dodgers he broke baseball's color barrier and that document is on good day this morning. we will tell you where you can see it for a limited time. we will see it up close, very cool, big piece of history. then they are new stars on the block here in the delaware valley. this morning we will meet new penguin chicks at the adventure aquarium. aren't they cute. >> yes. >> and i hear they are friendly. so we will get up close and personal with them. >> yes. >> have have you heard of the show i'm sure you have, have you smarter then fifth grader. >> no, i'm not. >> how about a three-year old.
5:51 am
>> they are pretty bright though those three years old are bright. >> is there one who is really smart. listen to this. >> what is capital of peru. >> lima. >> so, i mean people have trouble listening and listing capitols of the state. can you do all of the capitols from all around the world. >> no. >> this little kid can. >> we will meet this kid and learn more about the world capitols and test him out. can he beat mike on the good day game show that will be tough. >> mike, here you are. >> mike told me he has been up all night studying. i don't know if that counts. >> a three years old. >> that crash course isn't going to work. >> 5:51. mission to bring happiness to philadelphia, simple way woman known as wish maker is
5:52 am
spreading her joy.
5:53 am
every part of you is strong. time to bring... that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair.
5:54 am
how the idea has grown into a philadelphia fixture. >> three three-year old
5:55 am
simoneta lee immigrated less than a year ago with the spirit of helping others. we first heard of her wish wall during the pope's visit to philadelphia and this past weekend during italian market festival the wish wall got a permanent home. >> i wanted it to be permanent, and dibruno brothers and business association here in the italian market they put that together and say we will put it there in the piazza in the italian market. >> they call it wish maker. her idea toys share everyone need and wishes so that we would want to come together and help. >> every day, to me is a blessing. why can i not do, you know, even small things. i say you will be surprised how small things can change someone else's life. >> reporter: hundreds of wishes have been posted. or general well wishes, but others require, very specific attention, in order to be granted. >> she explained it, my sister got killed. we have no idea who did it. i just want, that city and people will not forget my
5:56 am
sister. i said what can we do. together we will put up like a strategy and was able to rename, a street after teresa. >> reporter: along with the philadelphia wish wall there is a web site, facebook page and wish wall foundation so wishes from around the world can be shared and hopefully granted. >> if you want to do something, we will find a way, of course, you cannot expect to do it in one day with something big but do not give up. >> reporter: if you think about it, it is no the that deep. concept that she's presenting if you can help someone, then you should. so we will help out, put links up on our fox 29 facebook page and hopefully, people all over our area will help, and we can have wishes granted throughout philadelphia in the news room i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. and, at 5:56. hopping today bill cosby losing a bid to delay a key hearing in his criminal sexual assault case, what may happen for the first time in court today. plus another deadly hit
5:57 am
and run, man killed, after being hit by a car in northeast philadelphia, how the driver got the away.
5:58 am
5:59 am
bill cosby back in court comedian returning to montgomery county today for a hearing, he tried to have postpone at the last minute
6:00 am
yesterday afternoon but didn't work. big question, will his accuser, be in the room and take the stand. plus a deadly hit and run in the northeast overnight how police say the driver got away, without, their car. next thing you know tree just came down. >> brief but powerful booms, storms leaving at least one family out of their home with more wet weather on the way, look at the radar. that is pretty heavy rain too along the shore. sue is all over that one. good day it is may 24th, 2016. welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> good morning. >> what is the number today? >> you will be surprised. >> an eight. >> well, then you will not be surprised. >> okay. >> i have been watching. >> you are a mind reader. you've got cloud and showers out there, bus stop buddy ready for warmer temperatures. no jacket required but you may need umbrella and


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