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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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yesterday afternoon but didn't work. big question, will his accuser, be in the room and take the stand. plus a deadly hit and run in the northeast overnight how police say the driver got away, without, their car. next thing you know tree just came down. >> brief but powerful booms, storms leaving at least one family out of their home with more wet weather on the way, look at the radar. that is pretty heavy rain too along the shore. sue is all over that one. good day it is may 24th, 2016. welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> good morning. >> what is the number today? >> you will be surprised. >> an eight. >> well, then you will not be surprised. >> okay. >> i have been watching. >> you are a mind reader. you've got cloud and showers out there, bus stop buddy ready for warmer temperatures. no jacket required but you may need umbrella and occasionally
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need a sunglasses. thinks unsettled day and you will see looking at radar we are still under the influence of the off shore storm, we will look more in depth in a moment but it looks like heavier showers in sussex county delaware, lighter rain along the jersey shore. we will keep it cloudy here in philadelphia. with 56 degrees, relative humidity up there at 90 percent and temperatures are mostly in the the 50's, we have got 48 in mount pocono, mid to upper 50's every where else. plan on lower 60's by 9:00 o'clock, still quite a few clouds and shower or two around and some cloud and sun by lunchtime and pop up thunderstorm possible again, today around the same time probably not as many as we saw yesterday, sunset time is eight credit 18. so, bob kelly, get ready to sweat, we have got 80 in the seven day forecast. >> sweating to the 80's, good morning. 6:01. any minute now we're ready for april opening here at that coney palmyra bridge.
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it has been on stand by we will see traffic moving. getting ready to leave the house right now head for betsy ross or throw another bagel in the toaster there and hang tight. here's 422, eastbound no volume just yet but look at the fog that is laying over, the king of prussia mall area. so, little bit of everything, fog, wet road, everything is damp and puddles from all that rain and u turn laverne here this morning there is no cross traffic on the boulevard, at ninth street. so everyone is forced to go either northbound and you can flip around, at fifth or go southbound, flip around at fox or just watch for unusual, and confusing traffic patterns, there, on the boulevard. and in somerton same deal. traffic lights not working at byberry and evans and also, an accident from the overnight steve keeley live out at cottman and bustle will ton there in northeast philadelphia a mike and alex, back over to you. story in the northeast, a man hit by a car, killed while standing underneath a bus
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stop. this is a hit ape win but normally they take off in the car this guy ran on foot. >> that is because his car was too much of a mess and could in the go any further. >> hey, steve. >> reporter: this guy did runaway afterward. look what is left of the bus stop. everything is still here. bustleton and cottman within of the busiest intersections but you you can see it curves here. what you are looking at is where one of those glass metal bus stops like the one across the street was, only reason those pieces are still there is they are chain to the pole. here's the rest of it right here and look in the middle of all that the gentlemen's boot killed, man still unidentified about 40 years old and then look where the car end upright in the middle of the bustleton a lexus es hundred. police talk to the registered owner. he said he wasn't driving. lets go to the front of the koran video and you can see damage. this is why driver didn't drive away, this carries totaled. look at that front passenger side wheel. driver says it wasn't me he doesn't know who was driving
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after midnight in the pouring rain. you have to love that. they don't want to say they are driver and then they have no idea who has their car. police are looking for second driver who stopped and talk to this guy after the accident and police think he got spooked away because driver of the lexus said i think he is dead. he stood over body, saw that the guy was dead and then runs away. alex and mike, they are looking for two people, the driver of the lexus if it is not registered owner and they are doing dna to see if is a match with blood on the air bag and like to talk to that witness to identify the driver and see if he is indeed the register owner. >> my goodness stood over the body. >> and then ran away. >> cops are on the look for him right now we will give you an update when we hear more. 6:05. police are investigating a double shooting in the 7500 block of city avenue. detectives say two people both in their 20's were shot just before 11:00. one of the victims is in critical condition at penn presbyterian medical center. we know one person suffered a
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gunshot wound to the leg. >> two different shootings, two blocks apart along city avenue. well, bill cosby set to walk in the montgomery county courtroom again this morning. >> this is for a hearing in the sexual assault case. >> meeting will determine if prosecutors have enough evidence to send the comedian to trial. the judge will make that decision, sometime this morning. there is dave. >> reporter: that is right a big potential development if the case that judge decides this will get to trial let me show you set up here in the montgomery county courthouse. you can see press, national press set up and all of the barricade and over where there is a pathway that hugs the building that is where bill cosby walk up last time. he may follow that same pathway up into court as pa supreme court denied a motion to halt the proceedings. a blow to the cosby team. the it could take two or three days for a judge to decide if this case against legendary comedian will ever see a trial. this may be first time we see
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cosby's accuser andrea conn stan whom prosecutors may call to the stan. cosby is a us okayed of drugging and sexually assaulting constand a former employee at temple university who considered cosby to be amen for. the alleged assault took place in cosby's cheltenham home back in 2004 but his legal team says that the encounter was consensual. high powered civil rights attorney and philadelphia native gloria alred representing more than 30 women in the similar lawsuit says that she is watching this case today. this is her take. anyway, she did talk to our chris o'connell last night and actually said that this is a case that will perhaps determine how she handles her lawsuit with, again, more than 30 women accusing bill cosby of similar crimes. now as for this case if it does go to trial and if bill cosby is convicted he could face ten years in prison.
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keep in mind he is 78 years old. >> all right. we will have cameras there for sure. 6:07. lets get to this... this is about egyptair crash and it egyptian forensic official about an hour ago says remains retrieved from the crash site point to an explosion on board the plane. you will remember plane went down last week, killing all 66 people on game. the plane was headed from france to cairo. >> this is what disappeared 10 r space. >> it looks like it blew blew up. >> seems like terrorism, folks. some people left with some clean up after a tree slam through a home in upper chichester township last night and family of four was forced to stay in eye hotel. >> wind was intense, didn't last very long but did some damage. they were in the kitchen of their home on stanley court when the tree in the backyard split in half. tore through the home's upper
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loft and master bedroom below. family was getting ready for baseball practice when the fierce storm hit. it was significant structural damage to the house but thankfully no one hurt in that one. reunion one year in the making how survivor of the deadly amtrak derailment was able to meet the people that saved him. and first verdict for officer charge in the death of freddie gray, what a judge ruled and why the next trial could be even bigger.
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6:11. >> earlier we told you amtrak derailment about robert howard and he wanted to meet rescuers who saved his life after the wreck last year. >> yeah, he thought it would bring him as they say, close another, it looks like it might have. this is mr. hewitt meeting with james hogan. there is fire fighter, michael flaccos is if there and police officers patrick feeney, kevin mcrory, and they met for lunch. two of the officers were not able to make it the because they were on duty. those officers brian turner and sean king, so mr. hewitt says he hopes to met them real soon. lieutenant hogan's wife saw this story on tv, and got in touch with them. >> wonderful as they were able
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to get together like that. >> yeah. >> all right. 6:12. a family mourning loss as police try to track down a important clue? who is stepping up to help chester teen's parents pay for his funeral after he was killed. and it is raining especially off the coast, sue's on it.
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we are driving down to ocean city think friday, early try morning we will be in the little car again heading to ocean city, where we will broadcast live 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. >> come out and join us. we will do this over next eight weeks. >> seven more weeks to go. >> seven now, okay. every friday we will be doing that. >> maybe more importantly is we're giving away a car, alex. >> that is what i was about to say. sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9, go to fox, and click on the contest and is there a red ban their says enter to win. that is what you will click on. you can do this every 24 hours, once every 24 hours and then, we will pick finalist and in the final show one of those finalist will be a winner and driving away in the brand new car. >> what is it, a cx9. >> yes, a cx9. >> $40,000. >> look at the other locations, june 3rd, west philadelphia, june 10th, jenkintown, then northeast philadelphia, quakertown,
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wildwood, wilmington. we might throw a surprise in the next final week too. >> there might be another one coming good we will give you exact locations as we progress but ocean city at music pier friday. >> sue, you will be joining us too. >> sometimes you get your bob kelly, sometimes you get your sue serio, you never necessity, it like a box of chocolates. >> what is that. >> that is the l, that is low pressure system off the coast and you look off shore and see this big red l and it ace alarming. it the is just writing -- bringing in more moisture. today it is off long island. eventually it will move away from frustrates but it is taking its sweet time. as we look closer, we will see a few spotty show yours in new castle will county delaware, light rain around smyrna, sea isle city, avalon, margate city we are getting some rain, in delaware and dewey beach, a downpour right now.
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temperatures, around the region we've got 56 degrees in woodbine. fifty-seven in lieu is. medford lakes, 56, and temperatures will stay in the 50's, for a little while and eventually with some sunshine zoom into the upper 70's and then it is 80, 80's, 80's all the way through most of the holiday weekend. we could cool off back in the average 70's. normal temperature for this time of the year but it is like somebody told mother nature, hey, this is unofficial start of summer, we better warm things up around here because it has been a cool may so far, so probably average out with average, bob kelly, important thing is, it will get hot. >> definitely hot, hot, in the afternoon, bam we will get thunder boom their came through like yesterday that shook us upright after my nap. 6:17. live look at the schuylkill near conshohocken. everything is wet and dam from all that rain we had, watch out for puddles especially in the work zones and we are
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starting to deal with some haze, and fog, live look at the roosevelt boulevard coming southbound, down toward the schuylkill. still got left over rain as we look live, the the atlantic city expressway right here near farly service plaza closer you're to the shore and better chance you'll see some rain right now. heading south on the freeway, watch for an accident just south of route 534, we are starting to see norm willal volume coming northbound. we had an accident on the overnight it is ninth and the boulevard, and knock traffic lights off. we have no cross traffic here on the boulevard. if you're going north you can make u turn at fifth street, forced to go south, you make the u turn at fox. that whole stretch there, a lot of folks making u turns, some folks making u turns before you get to the boulevard. be careful because little kid are out there and school buses will to have do the u turns. in somerton same deal traffic lights are out. there could abe handful of other location his in your neighborhood as well from the
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bad storms that rolled through last night. somer to in somerton byberry and evans and also in northeast philadelphia, this is the scene of the accident where steve has been set up all morning long and police investigation there, at cottman and bustleton. mike and alex, back to you. 6:19. the school of the teen who was gunned town over the weekend is stepping up to help the family pay for the funeral. >> just 14 years old, zenas powell, was shot and killed in pine lane saturday night. police believe he and his two cousins were seriously injured were at the wrong place at the wrong time. it happened just one day after his eighth grade formal. police are working to track down surveillance video in hopes of the finding the people responsible, police believe the teens were not the targets have of gunfire. >> one of the working theories is that the intent was to shoot somebody else ape these guys got caught in the cross
6:20 am
fire. >> i don't want to see this happen to nobody else child. >> the reward for information about his death is now at $10,000. well, he wasn't even the target. baltimore police officer on trial for death of freddie gray is a freeman, after being acquitted, of the charges against him yesterday. >> officer edward nero was second of six officers to face trial in the freddie gray case. his case was trial by judge which included nero played little role in gray's arrest and wasn't responsible for failure to buckle him in the van where he suffered a broken neck. nero is first officer to received a verdict after williamsporter's case ended in a mistrial last year,. >> um-hmm. >> i'm not surprised by the verdict. state had a heavy burden from the very beginning. i think what this case does do is help remaining cases. >> i feel there is division
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between community and system in which we're supposed to serve the community. >> next trial starts in two weeks and this upcoming one is the officer who was driving the van and he is facing second degree murder charges. this is big one that people will wait to see where this will go. >> we will cover that for you. proposal to regulate taxes on ride sharing being considered by state lawmakers. find out who will profit under this bill. you will be so mad you will not believe it. he has been their hottest hitter so why did he end up on the bench in a key part of the game? the reason mr. herrera found himself on the bench last night. he is the hottest hitter. lottery numbers.
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phillies started a six game road trip last night and tommy joseph started at first, ryan howard a dh. lets go to detroit. tommy joseph had a home run, ryan howard struck out two times this shows you manager pete mackanin is not fooling around. herrera dogged to it first base taken out in the seventh inning with the score tied at four. victor martinez in the bottom of the seventh sing unless miguelal cabrera with two home runs and detroit wins five-four. nba showed their lack of guts and inn telling grit when they decided to kick by green to the groin was not intentional. no player has a leg kick that
6:25 am
high, the intent was obvious and by nba rules he should have been suspended. adam silver war that i had his precious marquis team the warriors will not make the to the finals so league decided it would be a fine to green. that is clearly a joke. there is no question, what he did on that play. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. look the at the big bug. wow. >> there is a spider. >> no, it is charlotte. charlotte's web. >> charlotte. >> weird. >> i love how we have a arrow pointing it. >> bug. >> this is the bug in the business, it is all of the bug. literally a bug's bug. inspired. did you hear about the tarantula's on a flight from the dominican republic up to montreal. >> no. >> passengers started to feel
6:26 am
stuff on their legs, tarantulas, i'll find that story. >> i want to hear it now. >> i want to talk about kyle lowery he went to what high will school, cardinal dougherty. he went off last night, it was great for raptors. he end series to cavilers and they did. >> they had a slow start to the series. >> yes good but he has turn it on past two games. >> first half last night scoring 15 points in the second quarter alone. wow finish with 35 points, including a crucial lay up, that became out of reach with just 22 seconds in the fourth quarter. they is. >> yes. >> it put raptors up by six. now series is tied two-two. game tomorrow night in cleveland. we will talk about that yesterday, you think cleveland will get in. i think raptors. >> you think they can go in there and beat cleveland. they were beaten by double ding tonight cleveland. if there is another game in toronto game six. >> that within good.
6:27 am
>> yeah. >> in town. >> intense. >> yeah. >> not intense. >> the storms are not intense like they were yesterday but there is rain on the radar, i promise you you, you see, there it is, could we fire up more thunderstorms later this afternoon? maybe? forecast up next. >> steve? >> we have had heavy rain, sue is talking about coming. we had it last night at bustleton and cottman where one of the worst hit and runs we have covered in a while, a man standing in the bus shelter obliterated by the driver of this lexus. wait until you see the front of that car.
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cosby back in court after a failed effort to delay it at the last minute. he will be in a montgomery county courtroom again in just a few hours what to expect at the hearing. plus a deadly hit and run in the northeast, would be of the worst we have ever seen that is what is left of the car. how police say the driver was able to run a way after the crash. and has atlantic city been rescued? lawmakers finally reached an agreement on how to save the city that is running out of money. >> casinos are making money, is there eight casinos left in atlantic city a then turned a profit except for one, trump's place in the first part of this year. good day, it is may the 24th, 2016. >> good morning. >> you are looking lovely
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today, very dapper. >> really. >> yeah. >> what do you want. >> i don't want anything. >> i like your suite like your color. we're all complimentary aren't we sue. >> can i bureau some money since she didn't want anything. >> $5. >> you know sue, alex holley is typical of women these days, no cash. >> well, a lot of people don't carry cash. >> just card. >> yeah, right. >> i have $5, i think in my wallet. i know, wow. we have got rain around not as much as yesterday and we have thunderstorms in the the forecast not as many as yesterday but today may play out in the similar fashion if you will, still some rain around delaware beaches, still rain around atlantic city, bus stop buddy is ready for that rain and pop ups possible later on. temperatures in the 50's right now. we are seeing sunburn through the clouds, there is your evidence, right there, the steeple of christ church behind us here with
6:32 am
56 degrees, 90 percent relative humidity and temperatures except for mount pocono at 48 degrees in the mid to upper 50's every where throughout the region. we will expect to get to 78 degrees today and once we warm up and get that sunshine and instability pop up thunderstorms are possible tonight down to 60 degrees as cloud clear. wait until you see the warm up in the seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes, bob kelly is here right the any. >> you will step out, step in, everything is left over. all of the wet left overs from last night, and we are trying to dry out here in the northeast. southbound lanes of i-95 heavy from cottman avenue down through girard avenue. here is a combination of the wet roads and the sun, trying to pop out here and hopefully dry up, here some of all that damp roadways, atlantic city expressway, rain moving off shore, so it is a little bit of everything rolling out of the driveway, southbound on 42 freeway an accident near 534
6:33 am
hitting us on the southbound side and most traffic coming northbound and we are starting to see that volume pop coming toward the city. i mentioned roosevelt boulevard, i showed you that shot and it looks like the traffic light of been fixed there. we will take that off the big game, up in somerton one of the many intersections with flashing lights this morning because of the thunder boom their rolled through yesterday afternoon knocking out power and knocking out the traffic lights. so byberry and evans is one in somerton and steve keeley is live at the interest section up there all morning long where that nasty accident happened last night with an investigation at cottman and bustleton. mass transit, looking good with no delays, mike and alex, lets get back to you. lets get back to the cosby story. he is due in court. for the first time we may see his accuser andrea constand in the sexual assault case. she may have to face the cosby in court. >> first time they have seen each other in 11 years. probably more than that.
6:34 am
prosecutors are set to determine whether there is enough evidence to send this thing to trial. >> dave kinchen is live at the montgomery county count house. >> we are less than three hours from court starting here, let me give you a live look is what happening. barricade are up and really the stage is set, here is national media, here, once again, in norristown waiting for bill cosby to arrive after the pennsylvania supreme court denied a motion to halt the proceedings at the last minute. it could take two or three days for a judge to decide if this case will go to trial. this may be the first time cosby's accuser andrea constand is expect to appear and could take the stand as well. cosby is accuse of drugging and sexually assaulting constand a former employee at temple university, who reportedly, considered cosby to be her mentor. now that allege sexual assault took place in cosby's cheltenham home in 2004 but his legal team says that was consensual. high powered civil rights attorney and philadelphia native gloria alreadies
6:35 am
representing three women in the separate lawsuit accusing cosby of similar crimes. she will be watching in court today. this is her take. >> well, we're used to david and goliath battles and we will look forward to the battle in our civil lawsuit and monitoring this important criminal case. it is within the statute of limitations, end result should be that there is justice in this case. end result should that be andrea constand has her day in court and that the people and the state of pennsylvania have a right to a hearing and to a trial. >> alreadies not representing conn stan, bill cosby set to be here in court for a start time at 9:30. if this does go to trial and if this case does, if he is convicted he could face ten years behind bars, back to you mike and alex. >> he is 78 years old. >> we will be there. here's one of the most violent hit and runs i have ever seen. >> man is dead after he was hit and killed by a car while
6:36 am
at the bus stop. >> just waiting for the bus. bus stop is gone, obliterated and look at the car, here's steve. >> reporter: the speed limit here is 30 miles an hour. look at the these cars. now they will stop of course because we are live but there is a light there. you can see a curve in bustleton here at cottman right by roosevelt mall. i have in the seen one person doing 30 miles an hour yet. somebody was either in that crosswalk there or waiting at this bus stop. do you see those people at that bus stop right across the street, that is similar kind of bus stop here where that bus stop sign is, and look is what left of it. one pole, bolted down to the concrete. here's rest of it. with this gentlemen standing this is where victim ended up. he was waiting this that bus stop or crosswalk and that is a good football field's length from where he was hit. so that tells you how violent this accident was. shattered glass, pieces of metal bus stop all over that gas station right there and then here's where the car that
6:37 am
hit him ended up. look at lex us from our angle you can see back of it and front end and look at that wheel on the front passenger side. here's video from the front of the car. windshield smashed n the whole front even of the car smashed in. here is police inspector scott small talking about what police found when they got here. >> the victim was actually standing under the canopy waiting for a septa bus and it is very possible that the victim was tank there to get out of the rain because it was raining heavily at the time of this accident. accident investigation officers on the scene, believed that she had was a factor and vehicle was in excess of the 30 miles an hour speed limit here on bustle will ton avenue. >> reporter: they don't even know who the person was that was kill. he they estimate the man in his 40's. the chris will walk over to the wreckage of the bus stop. in the middle of that you will
6:38 am
see one of the two boots that this man was wearing. he was knocked out of right there standing and the bus stop and is there one of his boots on top of the wreckage of the bus stop. the driver estimated to be in his 20's, runs away, a second driver, stops at the scene of the accident, gets out as well, and talks to the driver of the lexus, and the witness essay that the driver of the lexus yells to the other driver i think he is dead. police think that spook the other driver who they want to talk to as a witness to come forward and he drove away, the opposite way on bustleton. they have talk to the registered owner alex and mike and he says he didn't drive here, last night, he doesn't know who has his car. i asked police investigators does he look like the man witnesses describe as the man in the 20's he said quote, kind of, sort of, they have got some blood on the air bag and they took dna tests, swab from the driver, they will try to match blood but they want
6:39 am
to talk to the second witness. all they have is he was in the a dark car when he took off in the rain here last night. >> unreal. >> 6:39. >> two men were shot sitting in the tow truck in nicetown last night. police say one of the victims drove them both to the hospital, and this happened at 15th and blavis streets. one was shot in the shoulder, the driver in the chest, he then drove them more than a mile to the hospital. the man shot is in critical condition but both are expect to survive, and police say that the gunman got away in the burgundy saturn. >> sitting in the tow truck. >> we have breaking news in the egyptair crash. e quips official says human remains retrieved from the crash site point to the explosion on board the you'll remember the plane went down last week, killing all 66 people on board. the plane was heading from france to cairo when it disappeared from radar, 10 miles once it got in the egyptian air space. for a while they were declaring it missing and they
6:40 am
were trying to figure out what happen. now they have found he humane remains. >> sure sound like there was a bomb on board and it blew blew up, killing everybody. new jersey law make's greed on a package designed to rescue atlantic city. hope toys keep that gambling resort from complete thely running out of the money. new jersey assembly and senate lead's greed on a series of bills allowing atlantic city five months to come up with a plan to balance the budget over the next five years. we're learning more information about a north wales woman charged with murdering her ex-husband. police say that hsiu-chin lin shot her ex-husband inside the garage at the home inside the home where she lives south sixth street. earlier the man called them to assist him, while he pick up some things from that home. an officer remain on the scene, for about 30 minutes, until he was finish. a short time later, they were called back to the home for a domestic disturbance. that is when officials say they found the man shot in the chest, and his ex-wife was sitting at the kitchen table with the revolver, a neighbor says that she heard it all happen. >> i heard, four or five,
6:41 am
really loud gunshots, one after another. >> officials say that the couple's son was home at the time of the shooting. he told investigators that his mother repeatedly said she was going to kill his father. she told police his mother had been test firing a gun in their backyard during the week leading up to the murder. lin is now held without bail. an arrest has been made after a series of car break ins in olney. police say this man acting suspiciously early friday morning. when he was stopped they found tools used to break into cars in his backpack with paperwork from one of the victim's vehicles. he is charge with criminal mischief and theft, mike and alex. ready for a story that will upset you a little bit. >> especially if you like to ride uber or lyft. >> uber or lyft. >> well, your next ride on one of those ride sharing services could put more money in the pockets of the p pa. >> what? >> yeah. >> pennsylvania lawmakers are working on a bill that would regulate the ride sharing services in philadelphia, the
6:42 am
original bill, was designed to impose a 1 percent tax on the revenue made from fares in the city. when you use uber or lyft. a third of that money would go to the ppa. the rest would go to the philadelphia school district. but, that bill, has since been changed. and now it gives more money to the ppa and less to the school district. state lawmakers are set to vote on that bill, as soon as next week. you might want to call your representative. 6:42. is this the end of long lines at the airport? is something going to get done here. >> a new tsa strategy in newark could help cut down on the long lines this summer. >> i think tsa, head of the tsa got fired. >> sure did. >> wow. >> it is the mission to bring happiness, to philadelphia. >> simple way a woman men as the wish maker is spreading joy. >> we have met her when the
6:43 am
pope was here. she's still at it.
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we have an accident here and we are getting a report it involves a police vehicle. this is west chester, north bound lanes of 202, right at green tree road. anyone coming from say, wilmington, heading north on 202, at green tree, it looks like we only have that left lane opened here as we roll through west chester. we will keep an ear on that and a lot of police and emergency crews already there on the scene. hazy shot example of what we are dealing with this morning, sunnies trying to come out, trying to burn off this haze, it is doing its job in some areas but here on the boulevard we are still kind of socked in. pennsy turnpike starting to see volume from philadelphia over to valley forge, delays coming east on 422, thick fog working your way in towards king of prussia and then south on 42, into new jersey, an accident right at route 534, and we are seeing volume he had gone northbound toward the walt whitman. traffic lights out in a number of spots, one here in somerton at byberry and evans and then
6:47 am
watch for, some big old puddles especially in the work zones, from all that heavy rain that we had last night, one example would be northbound 295, at the black horse pike. i just check with the airport so far so good at philly international, hopefully it will stay that way, and sue has the rest of the forecast, and thunder boomers coming back this afternoon? she has the answer in 15 seconds. well, that doesn't look that different from yesterday but we are seeing sunshine in philadelphia to start the day. as we zoom in it still looks like rain around southern delaware. we are seeing a few isolated showers to the north and west of us as this storm tries to exit, it is taking its time but around leesport and
6:48 am
adamstown in berks county we are seeing rain this morning. down at the shore brigantine, atlantic city very light rain there and then down around fenwick island, down around the delaware beaches we are seeing rain as well. it is 58, and we have medford lakes 55. fifty-six here in the city. fifty-four in pottstown. the even up inial earn town we are in the mid 50's as we get started this morning. average high temperature is 76 t right there yesterday, today, we will be right around there again with the upper 70's and then decent amount of sunshine but also possibility once again of showers and thunderstorms as that system gets out of here. we should have i have completely dry day tomorrow and thursday, and it warms up the to the upper 80's on thursday with the heat index have of around 90, so the heat will be on, friday we could have pop up then are storms in the afternoon. we should be fine for our friday morning visit to ocean city, new jersey. the rest of the weekend looks pretty good, maybe a pop up shower or thunderstorm but it
6:49 am
is certainly not an all day event. maybe cooling off by monday, memorial day, so far, so good for friday morning, guys. >> that sounds perfect. we will there been from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning live at the music pier. >> so make sure you come out and join us, and get there right at 7:00 to get a nice little spot, get on tv. >> i will be wearing shorts because it will be 90 degrees. >> and then also a matter of the car we are giving away, right. you can win a brand new mazda cx9 just go to fox and click on the cop test right on our home page, be entered to win here. you contact can submit your information once every 24 hours. you can do this all the time. >> a lot of you are doing exactly that. >> increase your chancees there. >> every week we will pick a finalist and in about seven weeks finalist will come together and one person will drive away in a brand new car. >> ryan, scroll that up again because there is one thing that is in the accurate.
6:50 am
i'm not allowed to enter. >> it says mike jerrick. >> he is toying with me. >> are you sure you weren't trying and they caught you. >> okay, all right. >> busted. this is where we will be heading the next several weeks >> ocean city west philadelphia, jenkintown, northeast philadelphia, quakertown, wildwood, wilmington and another one that is a surprise. >> you will not miss your chance to sign up to win the car. we will have people signing up out there with us. >> we will give you exact locations as weeks progress. some good news for those flying tour next vacation, your summer destination, the tsa has a plan to reduce lodge lines and increase security at least one airport. >> plan was unveiled at new airport. it includes adding 100 agents by even of the movement lawmakers say security is still number one priority but travelers shouldn't have to feel like prisoners while waiting in line. fifty-five new agent have already started work at newark airport with an additional 95 agents to be hired by june. >> some airports around
6:51 am
america are hiring independent contractors getting rid of the tsa workers. some airports. wishes granted in south philadelphia, alex. >> it is not a genie that we're talking about, meet the woman behind an inspiring mission. >> great job.
6:52 am
6:53 am
♪ >> do you see the spider just moved out, crawled down right now, i learn more about that situation, from the dominican republic in montreal. there was two tarantulas. >> all you need is one. >> that is two, too many.
6:54 am
>> look at those long legs. >> i have a fear of spiders. i used to know the name of the brown spider like that. >> charlotte. >> no. >> not charlotte. >> i love that movie. >> yes. >> apparently. >> 6:54. a deadly hit and run overnight, a man's body, found along the road, along with the abandoned car, a lexus, smashed up, driver police are looking for right now, we will tell you more about that in a little bit. um-hmm. also, a local woman's idea to spread goodwill during the pope's visit, is still helping to grant wishes to strangers. she continued on after the pope left. >> her idea is growing into a permanent philadelphia fixture. >> good. >> cimaneta lane, first heard of her wish wall during the pope's visit to philadelphia
6:55 am
and this pass weekend, during the italian market festival. now it has a permanent home. wall is on display in the dibruno brothers at ninth and wharton in south philadelphia. hundreds of wishes had been posted in hopes that the community will come together and help. >> every day is a blessing. why can i not do, even the small things, i always say you would be surprised how a small thing can change somebody else's life. >> well, long with the philadelphia wish wall there is a web site, facebook page and wish wall foundation so wishes from around the world can be shared, and hopefully granted. >> some are fun but others are very serious. do you want to make changes in their lives. >> 6:35. >> meet a hero his name is ax and he brought an 11 year-old boy home safely. police say boy ran away from his delaware home sunday after an argument with his parents. k-9 officer ax and his hand letter track the boy for about half a mile before finding
6:56 am
him. so, way to go ax. >> you asked me and he took care of it. here comes dave. >> reporter: bill cosby will be in court again today, to see if his casings to trial. also his accuser... she may testify... after the break.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
bill cosby will walk in the montgomery county courtroom in just a few hours, who could take the stand today a deadly hit and run overnight, a car left a mangled mess in the middle of the street. what happened, and what police say the driver, did moments after. rain, rain, go a way, and don't come back, another day, of showers, when it will stop, and the big warm up on the way. >> what are you talking about exactly sue serio. >> we're talking about temperatures in the 80's for a holiday weekend. >> good timing. >> yes. >> not today though. we will probably approach 80. >> okay. >> but in the meantime we will give you an eight. >> i'm totally into it. >> little better then yesterday at this time but we still have the umbrella because we could have pop ups in the afternoon. not as many as yesterday but still possible, as you can see
7:00 am
the slowly exit on our off shore low pressure system still bringing in a little bit of rain to the area but again not as much as we saw yesterday at this time. quite a few cloud but sunnies making it's a experience with 59 degrees and 90 percent relative humidity. we've got a chance of a shower throughout the day but a chaps of sunshine as well. it the is just the way you look at it, pop up thunderstorms are possible later this afternoon. we will talk about just how hot it will get coming up in the seven day forecast, just in time, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue, good morning. it is 7:00 o'clock straight up. live look at north on 202 coming out of the west chester at green tree road here. police are still on the scene, we got word that one of the vehicles involved was a police vehicle so look out for action there on 202. rain is gone. fog is lifted. now we have sun glare drying road out. southbound i-95 heavy from academy to girard. eastbound sch


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