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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 24, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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the slowly exit on our off shore low pressure system still bringing in a little bit of rain to the area but again not as much as we saw yesterday at this time. quite a few cloud but sunnies making it's a experience with 59 degrees and 90 percent relative humidity. we've got a chance of a shower throughout the day but a chaps of sunshine as well. it the is just the way you look at it, pop up thunderstorms are possible later this afternoon. we will talk about just how hot it will get coming up in the seven day forecast, just in time, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue, good morning. it is 7:00 o'clock straight up. live look at north on 202 coming out of the west chester at green tree road here. police are still on the scene, we got word that one of the vehicles involved was a police vehicle so look out for action there on 202. rain is gone. fog is lifted. now we have sun glare drying road out. southbound i-95 heavy from academy to girard. eastbound schuylkill double
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two's on your clock there, 22 minutes into town. eleven minutes on eastbound 422. still dealing with fog in the suburbs and flights coming from baltimore are delayed because of some thunderstorms, down into baltimore area so just be ready for some possible pop up delays, the at the airport, for flights in other parts of the country. south wound 42 an accident at 534, we are dealing with sun glare coming from the opposite way. lights out in the northeast at somerton byberry and evans and mass transit looking good. >> it looks like bill cosby will be entering a montgomery county courthouse in about two hours. >> this hearing will determine if his trial will move forward. >> um-hmm. >> so dave kinchen is in the montgomery county courthouse, dave. >> reporter: we are anticipating bill cosby's arrival in a couple hours here at this court house and i want to show you everything taking place outside, a lot of international media here.
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we're all watching now that the pa supreme court denied a motion to halt the proceedings. it could take two or three days for a judge to decide if this case against the legendary comedian will get to trial. this may be first time we will see andrea constand whom prosecutors may call to the stan. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting constand a former employee at temple university who reportedly considered cosby to be her mentor and now at alleged assault took place at cosby's cheltenham home back in 2004 but his legal team said the encounter was consensual. high powered civil rights attorney and philadelphia native gloria al readies representing three women in separate, lawsuits accusing cosby of similar crimes. she will be watching court proceedings today. she says this is her take. >> we're used to david and goliath battles and we will look forward to the battle in our civil lawsuit and monitoring this important criminal case. it is within the statute of
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limitations. the end result should be justice in this case. the end result should be that andrea constand has her day in court. that the people of the state of pennsylvania have a right to a hearing and to a trial. >> reporter: allred, she's not representing constand. bill cosby is not expected to testify today, if this goes to trial, and if bill cosby is convicted the 78 year-old could spend ten years behind bars. mike and alex. >> all that media. dave, thank you. we will check back with you. the search is on for a man involved in a hit and run. >> i'd say, one of the most violent hit and runs i have ever seen. steve keeley is on the scene, steve? >> reporter: they may have found the man but they have not found the exact 100 percent proof just yet. look at the condition of the lexus es300 sitting still in the middle of bustleton. chris, he is showing you driver's side air bag. there is blood.
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they have got dna from that. they found, talked to the registered owner after looking at the license plate. he says he doesn't driving. he doesn't know who had his car past midnight. it was pouring out. but they have a dna swab from him. we will see if that blood matches but however was driving this car, stopped, and it is obvious why they did not drive it any further. look at the damage to this car. chances are a man about 40 something years old, went into that windshield and got flunked all the way to see where you you see united tire service front door between the parking lot and sidewalk. the man was in the bus shelter, likely like the one you see across the street that is now completely obliterated, dragged as well from where it was from where that 58 septa bus sign is, and chris will walk further past this traffic and give you an idea of the damage of the bus shelter, straight a head, and you can see how that was even blown apart, metal and glass all over. they figured a man was
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standing there in the rain just after 12:30 last night when a car came barreling up bustleton and the people are stopped there right now. but you can see where they are there is a curve in the road. if you do not curve with the road you will go straight in the bus shelter. that is what they figure the driver of this lexus did. now you'll have less visibility during the pouring rain and again, after midnight but this is well lit, they figured maybe somebody was distract, maybe under the influence, who knows right now but that is the investigation, they are still trying to identify, the victim killed. they had a john doe because no identification, on him. and then in the middle of that wreckage alex and mike where that guy is sweeping you can make out a timberland style boot, that was worn by the victim and it is sitting in the middle of what is left in the septa bus stop here from this violent hit and run overnight where the person actually did runaway from the scene. witnesses say he got out of the lexus, went over, looked at the man, lying dead in the street, he was pronounced dead right at the scene by the
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first medic, he looked over the body, he said to a witness who stopped and got out i think he is dead. that witness took off, in the direction that you see the vehicles now going north on bustleton. police hope he will come forward because he may need to identify the driver. >> unreal. >> to look over him, and thin runaway. all right steve, be careful out there. 7:06. we have breaking news out of egypt. >> an egyptian forensic official say human remains retrieved from the crash site point to an explosion on board. you'll remember the plane went missing last week killing all 56 people than board believed to be dead. plane was heading from france to cairo when it disappeared from radar about 10 miles in once it got in egyptian air space. >> it looks like terrorism. all right lauren, what else. new jersey lawmakers have agreed on a package designed to rescue atlantic city. the hope toys keep them from
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running out of the money. new jersey assembly and senate lead's greed on a series of bills that will give the atlantic city five months to come up with a plan to balance the budget over the next five years. a chester school is stepping up to pay for a funeral for a student who was shot and killed over the weekend. fourteen year-old zenas powell was hot shot and killed on pine lane on saturday night. police believe he and his two cousins who are still seriously injured were at the wrong place at the wrong time. it happened just one day after his eighth grade formal. police are working to track down surveillance video in hopes of finding the people responsible. they believe that the teens were not the targets of the gunfire. >> one of the working theories is that the intent was just to shoot somebody else, and these guys got caught in the cross fire. >> i cannot describe the pain or the hurt, and i don't want to see it happen to nobody else child. >> reward for information about his death is now at $10,000. police are investigating a double shooting on the 7500 block of city avenue. detectives say that two
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people, both in their 20's, were shot just before 11:00 o'clock last night. we know at least one person suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. one of those victims is in critical condition at penn presbyterian medical center. your next ride, in uber or in lyft, could be putting more money in the pockets of the ppa. pennsylvania lawmakers working on a bill that would regulate ride sharing services in philadelphia original bill was designed to impose a 1 percent tax from the revenue made from fares in the city. a third of money would go to the pp a and rest to the philadelphia school district. that bill has since changed which means more money now goes to the ppa and less to the school district and students. state lawmakers are set to vote on that bill, as soon as, next week. earlier this month we told you amtrak derailment survivor robert hewitt wanted to me rescuers he believed save his life after that wreck last year? well, guess what? it finally happened. here's's picture of hewitt meeting with james hogan, michael flacco, police officers patrick feeney and
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kevin mcrory. they met for lunch last week. two of the office hours rescued him were not able to make it because they were working and on duty. those officers brian turner and sean king. hewitt hopes to meet them soon. lieutenant hogan's wife saw our story on tv and connected everyone for that special reunion, mike and alex. >> thank you for that. nicely done. veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald is taking some heat this morning for comments he made yesterday, comparing va health care to the hours people wait for ride at disney theme parks. >> to they measure number of hours you wait in line or you know, what is important, what is important is what is your satisfaction with the experience. what i would like to move to, eventually is a measure of working... >> mr. mcdonald was arguing that the va, veterans affairs, should not use wait lines as a measure of success. the comments started a
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political fire storm yesterday afternoon as republicans denouncing the remarks as inaccurate. inappropriate. last week the house passed veterans first act meant to ensure better transparency, from the department. can't be comparing va to disney world. some people left with a mess to clean up this morning after a tree slammed through a home in upper chichester township last night. the family of four, the damage was so bad they were forced to stay in the hotel. >> probably for a few days. this he were kitchen of their home on stanley court when that tree in the backyard basically split in half. it tore through the home's upper loft and into the master bedroom. the family was getting ready to go to baseball practice when the storm hit. basically sounded like a large, huge boom and the house shook. and so, you know. >> you knew right away what was happening. >> yeah, it was pretty scary. >> there was significant
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structural damage but no one was hurt. more damage in delaware county last night. these pictures from one of our viewers, courtney z iff. >> a tree went through the roof of her springfield home. we also got the video from york county, pennsylvania. we will show thaw in a bit. hail blanket thing parts of the area last night. >> it looks like snow, that is ice. >> um-hmm. >> we want you to share your weather pictures and video with us. use the #fox 29 good day but hopefully this weekend and for rest of this week it will be pictures of sun, all being hot, it will be in the 80's. >> so much hail. >> that was a lot of hail. >> yes, it was. >> well, let's go to sue serio. >> well, we have been complaining all month about how cool it has been. it really has been chillier. 14 degrees cooler then average for the the entire month of may. we will flip that and end up with a average month but weak go way above average for rest of the movement as far as rain
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is concerned we have had two and a third inches of rain than average and it has been too rainy, too cool so far but everything is about to change, as soon as we get this pesky low pressure system out of here and boy, it is taking its time, still throwing back moisture in you will though not as much as we saw earlier this morning. as we zoom into lancaster county around providence, reading, we have seen a few light showers there, still a few left overs beach haven, brigantine and the jersey cher and then we will jump down to other ocean city any mar licensed they are getting a few heavy downpours there this morning. 59 degrees in philadelphia. fifty in mount pocono. fifty-seven in lancaster. 59 degrees in dover. with the sun up, and it has been up since about 5:39 this morning, we have been seeing temperatures go up as well. how high? we will above average. we got to our normal high for the date yesterday with 76 degrees. seventy-eight for today.
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look at how high temperatures will be for the rest of the week. we've got upper 80's, tomorrow, and thursday, friday, saturday, and mid 80's on sunday. now you'll see an occasional thunderstorm popping up but that doesn't mean a wash out of the day. it means we will have some sunshine and then it warms up and then we will get pop up thunderstorms. not unlike what happened yesterday, so we will cool off to the mid 70's by memorial day itself but it feels just in time for the up official start of the summer season. that is what you call timing, bob kelly, timing. >> that is what you call timing, you got it, sueby. 7:13. the big question is can i, should i wear white on friday when i combo to ocean city. >> white pant. >> white belt. >> my white pants. white patent leathers. it is memorial day, right. >> here's the thing, in the south we started wearing white after easter. >> okay. >> so, last year i started wearing white and didn't
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realize we were not supposed to wear white up here. i didn't know that. >> i will wear an all white suit. >> that would be great. >> linen suit. >> linen pants. >> we have more bugs back, maybe bird. >> i don't know what that is. maybe some static. a little will bit of everything going on here. we have live look the sun shine burning off the fog, and that haze we had this morning. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway getting ready for some sunshine up and over the tree line as it hits you in the forehead coming around the conshohocken curve and hello, ocean city, this is where we will be on friday, and down there, at the music pier, this is the toll plaza, right at the ocean city, exit, for the garden state parkway. it looks like all of that rain has moved off shore, that is if news but baltimore dealing with some delays at their airport. new york has delays here earlier this morning. you may fine scattered chase at philly international depending upon where these flights are originating. east on 422, watch for delays copping in toward king of
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prussia and then westbound watch for construction and the route 724. now the eastbound schuylkill, put about 24 minutes on the clock and 422, about 11 minutes coming into kop and watch it for some of the big puddles in the work zones like 295, right here near black horse pike, mike and alex, back over to you. so yesterday, get ready for this, this might be changing television forever, yesterday we told you this there is a lot of cheese in this country going uneaten. cheese prices are down because the supply is way up. we have a surplus of cheese. >> and even with so far as if you want to get things back to normal, the average american will to have eat three extra pound of cheese this year. >> that with help save the cheese industry. chris murphy being the bend nevel length men he is has agreed to eat his 3-pound of cheese in one sitting. in the over a year, and he has a couple of our summer intern is here to cheer him on. >> yes, we have emily here.
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>> yes, and georgetown and rean university that is a lot of cheese. >> eat all of this. >> 3-pound of different varieties. >> we went over to the market and got 3-pound of cheese. did you think it would be this much or more. >> i thought it would be bigger than that. >> well, i cannot do this. >> can i have a little help from emily and summer. >> no, each person need to eat 3-pound. >> they need to either that own 3-pound. >> we have white american, swiss, yellow and white american. we will start with the mozerella. >> i love mozerella. >> i think you should do it a slice at a time. >> a slice at a time? all right. >> just to start it off. >> so we will keep track of your progress good here's the thing, that is a lot of cheese, just going to get boring there eating slice after slice. >> it is already boring. >> so do you know any recipes or anything that you see is unique. we will do mack and cheese, grilled cheese, what are things that are different thaw put cheese on. >> what you are asking is how
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do you eat your cheese. >> let us know in a different way. >> he will do a slice at a time. >> by the way did we mention we are giving away a car? i think difficult. i want to remind you over and over again. >> so, we will be doing this for the next several weeks, so near a town near you, this friday, ocean city, it is time for you, so we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at music pier in ocean city. >> here's the thing, the trips every friday has nothing to do with the car. we drive the car down there but you have been, long on our web site and every day and then it would be friday, not every day, friday, and then you can win. >> click on the banner, you can enter once every 24 hours and do that every day and at the end of the each week we will pick finalist and one person, will drive away in a new car. >> fairly simple. >> here's where we will be heading for the next few weeks? a lot of weeks. the west philadelphia, jenkintown, northeast philadelphia, quakertown, wildwood, wilmington, we're
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all coming to see you so get ready. and also, you will he get the chance to sign up for mazda cx9 when you get there. >> you can do it one time every 24 hours on line. phillies on the road starting three game series in detroit last night. didn't get well. this within turned into a slug fest, mostly, the tigers doing the slugging. six home runs between the two teams. tommy joseph, miguel franco, went deep for the phillies. >> it is gone good but the tigers, had four individual home runs. >> it is gone. >> gone. but here's the play everybody is talking about. he didn't run hard all the down to first base. the game was tied at that point. it was in the seventh inning. you know what the coach did? the manager? he pulled him out of the game and sat him down even though he is the phillies hottest
7:19 am
hitter. police report to the bench. he said he learned his lesson. phillies lost five-four. >> time out. >> you don't have time outs. >> yes. >> he was upset because he wanted to drive the guy in and little roller back to the pitcher. so he was upset with himself. apparently ryan hour and went over to him and talked to him, manager has to do this if you don't run hard down to first base. i learn my lesson. >> it helped him out. >> yes. >> nba conference finals. >> by the way ryan hour went zero for four struck out twice. the raptors, they end the series against the cavilers. >> our philadelphia guy, kyle lowery had, concern it on. he he turn up, he showed up. >> he showed up and showed out. >> he did. >> so he scored 15 points, in the second quarter alone last
7:20 am
night. and he finished with, 35 points including a crucial lay up to put the game out of reach, with just 22 seconds left. >> look at that shot, boom. >> and so put the raptors up six and now series is tied two-two. game five tomorrow night in cleveland. >> so guarantied there will be a game six back in toronto. >> well, big changes on the way for facebook after serious allegation about how it filters content tour news feed. is it just liberal stories. all eyes are on norristown this morning as bill cosby is expected to arrive in court soon, we will show you, some of his, ten year-old deposition that led to the charges being filed and brought to us this point this morning. >> he basically is telling us what happened in that home years ago, his home.
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well, there is some big news, hello mike. >> just watching chris murphy, he piss to get sick. >> it is interesting. >> let's start with facebook. the they are announcing they are making chaines to the way trending topics are. >> we did this last week, didn't we. lauren, give us an update now. >> well, there was an alleged political bias that they suppressed conservative news taking stories to put in facebook trending topics section. facebook is looking in the matter. they met with key conservatives last week and they said they did a thorough internal review. they found no bias. nonetheless they will make changes anyway. i will tell but three of them. sometimes humans have to get involve. those news editors, curators will be better train. they used to use maybe ten different news organizations, wall street journal, drudge report, they are no longer relying on those organizations to help with what is considered news worthy. number three is semantics. they are changing the names of the tools that employees use
7:25 am
to filter the news. for instance it used to be called black listing that knocked conservative topics off the list. now they are calling it revisit tool, that sound better than black listing. injection becomes topic correction. >> what is the guy that owns facebook, mark zuckerberg, jesse played him, in a movie. >> yes. >> it is his company why can't he do whatever he wants? >> reporter: turf say in his defense, he has really addressed this topic. big influential meeting last week and this big review, answering, of course, a congressional demand that he look into the company. he said he has done everything he needed to do and more. >> what was the story you did yesterday. >> a cheesy story that we need to eat three more pound of cheese. we have to come in at 39-pound a year to get through all this over supply that we have. >> well, we really listened to you. we are trying to help out here
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on the show. we have our chris murphy, one of our anchors, he will eat his 3-pound of cheese, in one sitting. so he is doing that right now. >> how much, i cannot see you guys. >> i would say it is about, 8 inches, stacked and seven different varieties of cheese. >> yes, we have some changes there. >> give me some of the varieties. >> we have smoke gu da. >> white american, swiss and yellow american. >> all right. >> most are easy are get down. some you get a sharp cheese. >> yeah. >> smelly cheeses. >> oh, no. >> great idea, lauren, i like the way you think. >> we're working on it. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> chris, hold on did you weigh way yourself before and weigh yourself after.
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>> we should have weighed you. >> we didn't do that either. >> we have doctors standing by. >> see you tomorrow. >> 7:27. get ready to eaten more, philly magazine list the top restaurants down the shore. >> where you should be making a reservation if you are heading down the shore this weekend. >> as everybody is. >> keep sending your recipes with cheese with the weird things you eat with cheese. we will show them in a bit. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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bill cosby expected in norristown a little over an hour this morning. another appearance in front of the judge. we have found some of the remarks he made in the deposition from 11 years ago. quite, quite revealing. >> if you are gearing up for your first trip down the shore this year, we have some surprising stats you need to know, about your sun screen. >> let me tell you what is going on here. they did a survey, somebody did a survey, doctors did a survey, they found only two of the sun screens in drugstores actually protected you to the amount that it says it does on the label. >> only two. >> we need to figure those out. >> especially since the sun will be really coming out, soon, sue. >> yes, even then people forget to reapply. >> that is right. >> so that is key. >> you have to reapply every
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two hours. is that it? okay. we have showers out there. clouds. not too many showers anymore and little bit of sunshine. temperatures in the 50's. we saw budd which his shades on. we're seeing a little wrap around moisture from the exiting, get out of here storm system, so finally almost, but we are seeing a few showers in chester county, lancaster county this morning a few less at the the jersey shore. unshinies trying to win the fight with the clouds, and i think it is succeeding, 59 degrees right the new but quite humid out there. we will expect to be at 61 by 9:00. by lunchtime 72 degrees. topping off at 78. but again a chance just like yesterday a pop up showers and thunderstorms. sunset time is 8:18. days are nice and long. we have to keep an eye on the sky like we did yesterday and might be one of the cases bob kelly where thunderstorms woke you up from your nap but then, 10 miles away, nothing, that is how it goes. >> i laid down yesterday, woke up three hours later.
7:32 am
>> wow. >> a three hour nap. >> three our nap. >> 7:32 exactly. good morning, everybody. we have some sunshine, drying out the road from the crazy weather we had yesterday. let's enjoy it. live look here where 38 and 70 come together right before the old airport circle over there in pennsauken. ben franklin bridge looking g sun splashing burning off that haze. this is an accident at 202, south, right at the ramps here, just south of king of prussia, and an accident we have got a couple of vehicles involved there right at that ramp for the schuylkill expressway. minor delays hit and miss at philly international on the flight coming up from the south where we had thunder boomers roll through baltimore. otherwise mass transit looking good, with no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. 7:32. we are live in montgomery county at the court house there in norristown this morning. we are awaiting the arrival the of the bill cosby for his hearing. joining us, fox 29 legal
7:33 am
analyst ken rottweiler. so tell me what is a preliminary hearing, is what the purpose. >> that is when the prosecution has to put on enough evidence so a judge rules there is probable cause, enough to go to trial. >> just a judge no jury. >> and low bar. i think this is biggest trial since o.j. it will be huge. everybody will follow it. big question today, prosecution has to prove probable cause. how do we do had? it is her word against his. whole issue is consent. cosby gave her drugs, cosby agrees that they did have consensual. at his house here in philadelphia. >> that is right. >> so the issue today is andrea constand going to testify? remember, it is probable cause hearing. the prosecution has to prove that mr. is probable cause a crime was committed. only way to do it is to have andrea constand testify or investigators read her statement in. it will be very interesting to see whether she's there in
7:34 am
person to testify. >> we are about to find out. >> what is your hunch. >> my hunch is smartest thing is not to bring her in and i'll tell you why. if she shows up and testify how licensing do you think cosby's lawyers will cross-examine her. >> days, days good very long cross-examination. >> she gave a deposition in what year. >> back in like 2005. >> 2005. >> can't they go over that again. >> well, she gave a statement to police back then which investigators they can prosecution during the hearing can put investigators on the witness stand and question the prosecutors with regard to the statement they gave good bill cosby back in 2005 gave his deposition. >> yes he was very forthcoming. >> let's go to some of it here, because he says he invited her over because he was attract to her from the moment he met her. >> absolutely. >> look at this, i didn't say it verbally. i said, this is after gave her benadryl because she was dressed out. then touching began. i didn't say it verbally, i
7:35 am
said, the axis my hannan her midriff which is skin. i'm in the lifting any clothing up. i don't remember fully what it is, it is there inn a i can feel. i go the her skin and it the is just above the hand and just above where you can go under the pants. >> okay. here's the problem. if this was just he said/she said they would not be able to quick him. fifty other with men said same thing about what bill cosby did. they may come in and testify. >> he say i don't hear her saying anything. i don't feel her is a anything. and so i continue, and moving his hand on her body and i go in the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. it is poetic. i'm not stopped by her good right. >> here's the interesting thing. you heard the phrase mo. mode of operation. it means method of operation. >> whats he usually do. >> if you prove a mo, you can bring in testimony from other
7:36 am
witnesses. that will be crucial ruling in this case. >> fifty people might show up. >> can these other 50 women testify. i think there will be a lot of pressure on this judge to have these other women say cosby did the exact same thing to have them testify. that will be the biggest ruling in the case, without a doubt good real quickly here, bill cosby has listen, when i gave this deposition former d.a. says i will never press charges if you tell me the truth right now that has been decided. went up to the speaker your court and supreme court yesterday and they said that the trial is going to go forward good that is how we ended up today. >> can you hang around. >> until we see mr. cosby show up. >> absolutely. >> good to see you. >> amazon making some big changes to how you shop, what the on line giant says, it is no longer, going to offer.
7:37 am
♪ snack patrol, saving the snack world. ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa... ma'am, we can smell the bland snack all over you. but, it's just a... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...yeah. yeah. new hershey and reese's snack mix, with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. it's snack justice.
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pat toomey started his career as nan investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. let me update you you here. amazon shoppers, attention amazon shoppers: if you you are looking for those, you know, low prices like you always like on amazon, listen to this. >> the company is doing away with one of its policies,
7:40 am
price protection. >> i don't think this is good. >> change effects all products except for television. change to the policy comes at a time when handfull of start ups launched to help consumers automate process of requesting refund when prices change, including amazon and dozens of other stores. before the change, amazon, only matched its own prices for items not competitors pricing. with the exception of the tv's and cell phones. >> if anybody, understand what we just said, hit me up on twitter. >> please let us know. >> i am excited about one of our guests, oh, chris still eating 3-pound of cheese. >> someone say try pickles wrapped in cheese. >> i love that together. >> listen, so exciting, we will be close to this thing, changing game. jackie robinson helped baseball forever, we know. that local place where you can see the a actual piece of paper he sign in 1947, to join the brooklyn dodgers.
7:41 am
on top of that, jen fred, they also have a piece of paper that he sign for the minor leagues up in canada. >> that is cool good my kids love the film 42. taught us all bit. other movie coming out x men a pock lips, everyone loves jennifer lawrence in her blue outfit, what is the hardest part, has they made it easier? the answer is yes. i will tell you how.
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chris is taking some cheese in the studio. cheese anybody. how about cheese and grapes. a little cheese tray. i like grilled cheese. he is eating it all by himself, one piece at a time. good morning, everybody. 7:44. live look coming into downtown. folks coming off the benny, off of i-95, sun popping out burning off that haze and 202 northbound, extra heavy this morning. we had that earlier accident down in west chester and now bumper to bumper here in the bypass here heading up toward route 401 and out in the suburbs, that sun hasn't hit yet to burn off that fog. good morning to mount laurel new jersey. live look at route 73 between the 25 and new jersey turnpike, and then northbound
7:45 am
lanes of 202, slow go into route 30. here's the big question mike and alex. >> what is it. >> should mike and i wear our white shoes and white pants, on friday. >> i will wear really tight white pants. >> tighty whitey. >> where is the tight memo coming in. >> the kid, they wear tight pants. >> skinny jeans. >> you will not be able to put your phone in there. >> yes. >> there is our facebook and twitter question of the day. philly international looking good. in problems at the moment. scattered delays, from flights that came in earlier. eastbound schuylkill sun glare coming around conshohocken curve at 52 minute trip westbound on the turnpike, from philly to will valley forge, when can we see those thunder boomers again today, sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
7:46 am
if you see a thunderstorm today, it will be a little later, just like yesterday, after say two or 3:00 o'clock. if you think it has been cooler then average? you are absolutely right, 4 degrees cooler then average our monthly tell for may so far has been 58.5 degrees and we have had two and a third inches of rain more than we should have this month including all of those thunderstorms of yesterday, and whatever is happening today, still a little bit of rain in the area but much less then earlier this morning as that low pressure system slowly exits. so we have got 78 degrees for a high temperature today. look at the how warm it gets tomorrow. this will mess up that average, for month of may for sure. we have 80's well above for 76 for wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday back to where we should be with temperatures, by monday.
7:47 am
every once in a while we could have a pop up thunderstorm but that happens when we get hot and humid. it is warming up. >> no, no helping over there. >> by the way did i tell you we are giving away a new mazda >> cx9, suv. >> head over to fox and click on the fox link on the web page. >> we will tell but tonight ocean city think friday. >> please, music pier. if you go to the home page do you he that banner? event tore win there. click that. that is magic button. you can do this once every 24 hours. at the end of the each week we will pick a finalist and one will get a car. >> we will do this for next several weeks, some other locations you see right there. all right. big movies coming out, summer blockbuster they call them. >> i love x men movies this movie x men at pock lips. here's a look.
7:48 am
>> the world need the x men. >> i'm not a hero. i'm going to teach them how to fight. follow me. >> i'm not frayed. he is my father. >> what? >> i know. >> you know, jen fred she attended world premiere in london. she sat down with the stars. >> yes, i want to thank 20th century fox for sending me there. alex, if you have seen these movies you will love these movies there is a dig on the third one which people didn't like so much. so fans are really excited for this. they should be. james mcinvoice is great in this movie and if you are a huge fan you you know that his biggest battle until this movie happened in the psychic
7:49 am
world. as for acting part real guy part, i was stunned to see him spend so much time in his wheelchair. says believe it or not chair isn't hard to work with. >> i'm playing somebody who cannot walk so the wheelchair becomes part an extension of how i express myself in my daily life. so, you know, whether i'm in the wheelchair, it is difficult, that is the part of his life and having fun in his wheelchair is part of his day too and it doesn't make it difficult, it just makes it true. >> do you like the accent? doesn't sound like that in the movie. so james has his wheelchair, and jennifer lawrence has all that face paint. >> blue paint, i mean it is good and bad i would assume. >> we can go with that. i'm not like james, i don't
7:50 am
find a positive. it is rough. they definitely made it so much better especially after what i went through for a pock lips. they have really streamlined it. it is a suit now not body paint so it is faster. >> it looks great. >> don't be strangers on the red carpet i will see you in a bit. >> i will give you a very blank face. >> you have to stop and say hi. >> do you think she stopped good did she stopped. >> i have have to say it was raining, alex, you had said it always rains in london but for times i was there it was beautiful, sunny, 75 degrees until the second we stepped on that blue carpet and then it rained. i have to say you know kevin mccarthey is our favorite movie nerd. when he heard i got jennifer lawrence to admit that it is now a suit not all paint like some of the other x men wanted
7:51 am
it to be, he was stun. he said difficult my work. i got something out of them. so it is interesting that some of the outfits are suits now ape some of them are still the body paints. obviously it has taken him hours and hours to do this. alex, turf say i never seen an x men movie before. yeah, crazy, right. i said to olivia i said can you understand where we were in the plot. i said yeah. they told me. she said excuse me those are the fans. you'll hear more from olivia coming up. >> she is one who dates aaron rodgers. >> i talk to her about that. you will see that on my facebook page. we talk about hoagies, aaron. mike, believe it or not i think it is time for to you take sometime from the bold and beautiful and see matinee from this movie. >> i'm not a critic. >> i'll explain everything. >> oh, good. >> they are good. >> they are. >> you'll like it. >> i like reality, i don't
7:52 am
like fancy i like reality. >> we will tell you something that you share in common with these mute -- mutants. >> jen, hang around for this. they are court the world's first survive septuplets can you imagine being a parent? do you want to see a picture? that picture is from a decade ago, the amazing accomplishment and major milestone for these siblings 17 years later now. do you want to see what they look like now? you will. >> but first all of the sun screen you buy before you head down the shore this weekend, why they might not be working. >> here's the thing, is there only two out of the all of the sun screens in drugstores that work to the level that they say they promise. >> will you tell us the two. >> you're darn right. >> one is in a weird place where you can buy it.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
it is 7:55. here we go. i know you are going down the shore this weekend, three day weekend, right. temperatures will be close to 90 degrees. very foggy. you need your sun screen. we found this study. is there only two sun screens on the market right now that actually live up to their ability. >> so doctor mike, only two. >> well, there is 17. they have looked at a whole bunch. consumer report looked at a whole bunch of sun screen and only 17 out of about 60 some of them, actually met the mark. now how do they do this test? they took people and they actually put sun screen on their backs. they soak them in a pool, for about a half an hour and then, they put uvb and uva rays on them to see if they got redness and then they measure the redness. then they looked at using the
7:57 am
actual sun screen and looking for uva radiation. >> so these 17 what do they have that we need to be looking for. when you go down the aisle is there so many different choices. >> basically the tips for sun screen are one, you want a broad spectrum, sun screen that covers uva a and uvb light, that is number one. number two, you you have to apply it about an hour before you go out into the sun. number three, you apply it regularly, especially, say the kids are going in the water. if they come out of the water, put it back on. those are the keys. now the industry is not really happy with all of this but bottom line is you've got to use sun screen. >> what about the waterproof ones because when you get out they think it is waterproof, still reapply. >> you have to reapply, you have to do that. >> i will get back to my point here, okay fish face, the survey, two products earned,
7:58 am
only two. >> right. >> earned a perfect score. >> right. >> perfect score. >> la roche and anthelio is. >> a milk lotion. other you can get at trader's joe's. the spray with spf. >> fifty. >> fifty plus. >> right. >> why don't we just all have 5,000spf and call it good. >> you want to use over 30. that is the about on the the om line, all right. but hey, the key is i don't want people thinking that sun screen doesn't work. it does work. you have to use it properly and go to consumer reports and you can get the two that came out perfect and they are not that expensive. >> no. >> you know, low fat food makes you you fat. >> no, i thought it was other way. >> well, uk came out and this is controversial. they are saying it is all
7:59 am
ridiculous what we're saying that low fat and all of these things are a misnomer. the thing is, if you eat a lot of fattest specially saturated fat you are not going to live long. >> what? >> you will not live long. >> what if you eat 3-pound of cheese in the day what will happen to you. >> unfortunately a lot of cheese is saturated fat you won't live very long. in fact, is that chris murphy over there. >> yes. >> i have a defribillator near me i will have it near me you may need some kind of tubing as well. >> i love you. >> you are the man. >> we will see you friday in ocean city. >> you will be there. >> good day, it is tuesday may 24th, 2016. bill cosby back in court this morning. will his accuser take the stand? will she be in the courtroom? his a experience just moments
8:00 am
away. changing the game, jackie robinson helped change baseball forever, local place where you can see the piece of history that helped him break the color barrier. get ready to eat, philly magazine, lists top restaurants down the shore, where you should be making that reservation this memorial day weekend. get on it. early predictions:. >> what will the song of the summer be. the new jams that are really heating up our play list. you, the jams. >> so get on twitter, facebook, what will be the song of the um iser. i know we're early but come on. >> yes. >> we start thinking summer on the memorial will day weekend.
8:01 am
>> summer starts june 23rd. >> but people start going to the shore this weekend. >> we will a scale of eight out of ten. >> we do because things are improving by the minute. we are seeing less and less rain out there. bus stop buddy still has umbrella, so you no, we can have pop up thunderstorms, again, this afternoon, not unlike yesterday but with that departing low pressure system we are seeing a few showers around chester county, new castle county delaware a at the moment. so with a mix of sun and clouds we have 61 degrees with 5-mile an hour wind and 78 percent relative humidity and 78 should be our high with a couple pop up thunderstorms. not as much as yesterday but chance is still there, we will be down to 60 as cloud clear. that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, what do you got. >> 8:01 on this what is today tuesday morning. >> yes good westbound on the schuylkill expressway bumper to bumper leaving town from
8:02 am
the boulevard all the way out through city line avenue, roads still damp ape wet from the rain and northbound 42 watch for delays coming in. lets go for a white, sky fox over the scene of the roosevelt boulevard. this is an accident. i'm not sure, megan, can you tell me what we're looking at here. yes, roosevelt boulevard and... >> we just missed the sign there that would have told us the intersection. >> o, look at that. >> my goodness, look at that. >> we have an overturn vehicle at that intersection there. >> wow. >> this is sky fox, what was the intersection again. >> boulevard and devereaux. so devereaux is that intersection which folks would make a right turn to get to that tacony palmyra bridge. that is just a couple blocks off of tyson avenue. so yes, you have an suv,
8:03 am
upside down there, right at that intersection, boulevard and did you have row, inner drives are block there. watch out for detours in north philadelphia. bridges are looking fine. we have sun glare coming into town on the schuylkill expressway. mike and alex, back to you. keep updated on that. 8:03. bill cosby should be maybe in less than an hour walk into that courtroom in norristown. >> so he has repeatedly denied allegations claiming that the encounter was consensual but this is big, he will be in front of the judge this morning. >> hey, dave. >> yeah, that is right within an hour or as you said little more than an hour bill cosby will be here at montgomery county courthouse. let me show you the building, national and international media, we ran into a crew from germany ready to catch image of bill cosby walking up and into court now that the pa supreme court denied a motion to halt today's proceedings at the last minute. it could take two, perhaps
8:04 am
even three days for a judge to decide if this case will go to trial. this may be first time we will see andrea cost stand whom prosecutors may call to the stan, it is not clear. he is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting constand who considered cosby to be her monitor. at alleged assault took place in cosby's home in montgomery county back back in 2004. cosby's legal team says that was consensual. gloria allred, is representing 30 women in separate lawsuits claiming similar crimes by cosby, and she will be watching this today. this is her take. >> we're used to david and goliath battles and we are looking forward to the battle in our civil lawsuit and monitoring this important criminal case within the statute of limitations. the end result should be justice in this case. the end result should be, that andrea constand has her day in
8:05 am
court, and that the people in the state of pennsylvania have a right to a hearing and to a trial. >> reporter: allred, she's not representing constand in this case. cosby is expected to be around here around 8:30. if this goes to trial and if he is indeed, quick he could face ten years in prison. keep in mind cosby is 78 years old. >> minute you see any activity you get back to us we will punch it right backup. >> reporter: you got it. police are searching for a man who they say hit and killed another man while he was tank in the bus stop in northeast philadelphia, that is what is left of the car that hit him. that man was killed. officials say it happened just before 1:00 this morning near intersection of bustle will ton avenue and cottman. witnesses say the driver noticed a man dead on the ground, stood over his body, realized he was dead,.
8:06 am
>> police have located, the car owners and they plan to test blood from the cars air bag to determine who was behind the wheel. an egyptian forensic official says human remains retrieved from the crash site point to an explosion on board. you'll remember plane went missing last week, resulting in 66 people on board that were dead. the plane was heading from paris, to cairo, when it disappeared from radar about 10 miles into the egyptian air space. now they believed that there was a explosion. >> yes, sure liens toward terrorism for sure. we told you amtrak survivor robert hewitt wanted to meet, excuse me, his first responders his rescuers and he did it. >> he believes they are the reason they are still alive. he finally got to meet them. so here's a picture of hewitt meeting with philadelphia fire lieutenant james hogan, fire fighters michael flack co, police officers patrick feeney
8:07 am
and sketch mcrory. they met for lunch. two of the officers were not able to make it because they were on duty. those officers are brian turner and sean king. hewitt hopes to meet them soon. the wife saw the story on tv and that is how they got in touch and that is how they were able to meet. >> she was watching a show good called "good day philadelphia". world's first surviving septuplets have all grown up now. they were all born at same time. >> yes. >> they grew up together. >> but they graduated from high school. that is where they were years ago when president bush was still president. >> we were born in 1997. and during that time, and fueled national debate about fertility treatment. new york times report that had their mother took a fertility drug after he and her husband had trouble conceiving their first child. >> oprah was all over this. >> here they are right now. >> look at that. >> even the couple was previously told -- that they aborted some. >> if they aborted some fetus
8:08 am
it would increase the odds for the others. >> they wanted to get it done, triplets or something like that. they refused to do that. they decided not to because of their religious beliefs. so des moines register newspaper reports that the three sisters and four brothers graduated from carlisle high school in iowa, of course last sunday. >> look at them all. >> look at that. >> most famous people in the whole town. >> yes. >> i'm's sure they had a big graduation party. >> they add a big graduation because they all showed up. if you are planning to hit the road for memorial will day weekend, you're not alone this friday, and thursday night should be unreal. >> they are expecting record number of travelers, so triple a says 38 million americans are expect to hit the road over the holiday weekend. >> yep. >> that is up from last year, up 700,000 from last year. it is also the most in 11 years. >> i think we have more money to spend on gasoline. >> yeah. >> gas prices have gone up in the last few weeks but that is
8:09 am
not stopping people. plus it sound like weather will be good, and we have been like aching for some nice weather. no rain. >> i have been aching. >> aching. >> yes. >> for warmer weather. >> we will see you friday in ocean city. >> speaking of memorial day the shore is not just about the beaches, the shore is about the food. best restaurant according to philly mag. but first a game changer. we're talking about jackie robinson. where you can see a piece of his history that altered the sport of baseball. we will have it here in the studio. >> the original contract he signed and i'm looking at them right now in the studio. when i tell you how much this has been appraised for. it will kurd will chris's cheese and your hair. >> you won't believe it. >> speaking of cheese, chris is still eating it. >> cheesy. ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
♪ coming up at 83:00. that low pressure system is still on the shore. it is continuing to move north and east but it is just taking its time. we still have a little bit of
8:13 am
rain, chester county, and a little bit of lancaster county as well but as that moves away and high pressure builds in, starting tomorrow, we will really heat up. we should get in the upper 70's today, but by tomorrow it will be a huge difference. let's show you what we mean. 78 degrees today. eighty-six tomorrow, by thursday, we're going to have a heat index where it will feel like around 90 degrees and then humidity settles in on friday. and then with the build up of heat and humidity high of 87 we can get pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon. we're talking upper 80's on sat take and sunday as well, maybe back to normal temperatures by monday but all and all warming up just in time for the holiday weekend. bob kelly, i hope you're ready to sweat. >> first look at little lucas this morning, look at him sitting in his baby chair there. checking the traffic, watching me do traffic. he has a play date. wants to make sure there are
8:14 am
in jammos out there on his way to the play date. wouldn't it be nice to start a day, like. that northbound on the freeway seeing delays on the black horse pike all the way in toward walt whitman bridge. we have an accident on the boulevard, it is northbound roosevelt boulevard at devereaux and all of the northbound lanes are block in the intersection, probably bustleton avenue is your best bet if you are trying to get to the tacony palmyra bridge. live look at i-95 with the is sun at your back at your right, approaching academy in through cottman avenue and that delay continues down into the work zone, otherwise, mass transit the though, looking good, with no delays, and there is a live look at ben franklin bridge, also in good shape, this morning. mike and alex, back over to you. >> another reminder that this is friday, we're in ocean city, so come see us, broadcasting from the music pier, and a the boardwalk there. from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. it is going to be 87 degrees by the end of the day good it will be lovely.
8:15 am
>> we are giving away a mazda cx9 so go to fox and click on this banner here, do you see that button, enter to win here where you event tore win, put in your information, you can do this every single day, once every 24 hours. >> then our locations for the rest of the spring and early summer. we will give you more exact details where we will be in all of those towns. >> when was it, about a month ago we paid tribute to a man who helped change baseball forever. we did that in philadelphia. >> we are talking about the late great jackie robinson. >> reporter: it was 69 years ago that number 42 broke the color bar year. >> what you do with a white man's feel. >> reporter: in 1947 jackie robinson became first african-american to play major league baseball, for the brooklyn dodgers. his life on and off the field was anything but easy. fact when playing with the
8:16 am
philadelphia phillies, jackie was taunted by then phillies manager ben chapman. he was also refused service by a local hotel in our city. just a few weeks ago our city council here in philadelphia, adopted a resolution honoring the achievements of jackie robinson and apologizing for the racism he experienced while he was in our town. well, our good friend now because we just met about five minutes ago and we became fast friend. >> yes y call him michael. how do you pronounce that name. wow. good to have you in philadelphia. >> thank you. >> well, here they are. these are the contracts that jackie robinson signed, what in 1947 for brooklyn dodgers. >> correct. >> but even more rare maybe is one he sign with the minor leagues with the montreal royals. >> 1945 is the first professional baseball
8:17 am
contract. >> what is that. >> that is this one right here. >> right there. >> that is his first one. that is his first 11945, october 23rd. >> wow. >> and 1947, april 11th the brooklyn dodger contract that broke the color barrier. >> that is standing in front of the alex. >> yes, correct. >> so i was going through and looking a at this, i see he was paid $5,000. >> yes. >> for the season. >> yes. >> professional contract for minor league contract it was $3,500. half in canadian and half in america. >> this was in 1947 was that a lot of money back then. >> compared to some of the other players it was not. >> how much were the other players making. >> it varied depending on the player but more than. that most players made more. >> the whiter players. >> maybe 25 season for the season. >> top players made somewhere in that area, maybe even more. >> he was jackie robinson,
8:18 am
only 5,000. >> changed it all, man. >> so you got it under glass, of course. >> yes good where can we see it national constitution center. >> these are in the national cops dogs center starting wednesday through june 5th. our company collector's which launched collectibles revolution last month, first social networking auctioning house for the collectibles world and only place to buy insured collectibles from the top insurance companies. we have created a jackie robinson experience on our web site going through his whole life, about 45 different experiences. >> well, who would own these. >> it is interesting, we have already announce that had we see ourselves only as temporary custodians. we would only sell these to either a museum or foundation that will give them back to the american people. we're just very temporary stewards of these documents. >> when you say selling how much are they worth. >> low ball estimate that they were appraised at was 36
8:19 am
million-dollar for both of them together. >> thirty-six million-dollar. >> that is correct. >> my math isn't good, are you telling me that 72 million-dollar worth of merchandise right here. >> thirty-six together, collectively. >> but still. >> how do you keep these, you know, in great shape because it is amazing. >> they were acquired sometime shortly after they were signed we believe and they were lock up in a safety deposit box for close to 07 years. they were kept out of the light. >> you better get back here. >> go, go. >> mr. murdock can cover that i think. >> oh, i dropped it. >> thank you. >> nice try. era macing story is our brand ambassador larry king was was act at the game when jackie ran out on the feel. when he interviewed martin luther king junior in the 60's he introduced him as reverend martin luther king junior, found over the civil rights movement.
8:20 am
martin luther king interrupted larry king and said i'm not found are of the civil rights movement, jackie robinson is founder of the civil rights movement. these are the founding documents of the civil rights movement that changed it all right here. >> well, starting tomorrow. >> starting tomorrow through june 5th, thinks our longest stop because this is the city of brotherly love and independence. >> birthplace of america. >> we have been invited to bring them to the white house in september, for the opening up of the african-american museum reception. so that is a huge honor and we are looking forward to that as well. >> it is an honor just to see these in person. you have to go see this. >> get over there. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> very cool. >> just be careful. >> how many times did he signed it. >> we know this was his actual copy because he signed it twice. once here and once confirming it was his copy, and on the color barrier contract it is one of the few times he signed
8:21 am
his middle name. he knew the huge moment that was happening and he signed it jack roosevelt robinson, his social security number and where he lived. >> thanks so much. >> great to have you in philadelphia. >> let's head down the shore and get something to eat. let's head down the shore and get something to eat because it is philly magazine, they have given the best places to eat all up and down the shore. the best restaurants is what i'm saying. and lets get to jen because she's preview x men apocalypse. >> yes did you guess it yet? what does mike jerrick have in common with the mutants, plus how am i trying, in this movie, we will see it in two minutes. >> no more. no more.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
we're going down the shore and philly magazine i think they do this every year.
8:25 am
best restaurants in some of the greatest places down the shore. they have ranked them according to philadelphia magazine. >> first we will start with cape may. >> all right. >> wrestler which is home to a general store, coffee shop and fine dining restaurant. then the ebbit room combines fine dining and local ingredient. exit zero cook house combined curry with sea food. and h and h seafood is a cape may seafood stapel. >> lets get to stone harbor, what do you say? she wanted me to say that. quahog's is a seafood shack. you have been there. >> i have been there. >> jared, one of our camera guys. indoor and outdoor seating and food has a latin flavor. then we have water star grill known for having tons of shared plates on the menu. >> now my turn lets get out to avalon. the critics say best food is found at cafe loren. >> yes. >> it opened in the carter administration and men for
8:26 am
traditional eats. diving horse has a light hearted atmosphere combine with great barbecue good steel pier motif, ken, the diving horse. >> yes. >> last but not least, best food in margate can be found at sophia's, known as the up scale greek tavern at the shore. >> and people are known for coming to steve and cookie's by the bay. >> i have been there many times. >> just for pies and extensive wine list. >> yes good all right. it is another, this is a segment we will call q do my job, quincy harris he is brewing some beers. >> he has done whiskey. he has going to be brewing craft beer, where are you. >> i'm at the brewing company, nail house do my job. >> yes. very excited. come on back and see if i can get it done.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is exactly 8:30. >> have you ever been in love? if you haven't, you are not alone have the surprising number on have people hoff never been swept off their feet. >> that is sad. >> let's listen to this. >> ♪ >> well, will that be the song of the summer. i know it is only spring but we like to jam here on "good day philadelphia". >> especially, memorial day weekend you start thinking about summer. >> yes. >> i'll tell what you. >> speaking of work. >> q is hard at work, he is doing the job of a, well, a beer maker. >> yes. >> trying to, yeah. >> where are you. >> i am in medford, new
8:31 am
jersey. i'm at nail house. i'm trying to stay sober. they have a bunch of people that they have here. the harris family. so, we're related. we have eric here. you are a title is what brewer, top brewer. >> i am brewer here. >> head brewer. >> yes. >> so you guys just opened april 29th. >> april 29th, yes. >> do you have different kind of beers here that you have made. >> correct, a full array here of beers here in we will start from here and go this way. >> this here is our bourbon oaks porter also known as the tea bag. this one here is our american style ipa, this one here is our american pale hail. and this one here is our coffee stop good you have a big event. you have been releasing, i want to say like mix tapes, little sample. >> we call them under cards. >> may 26th, this thursday, you guys are releasing the full beer that you have here.
8:32 am
>> 6:30. >> are you ready. >> we're ready. >> i'm ready to brew. can i brew with you. >> yes, let's go good we are going back here. what is the key to brewing. >> there is two rules, all right. be clean and have fun. >> be clean and have fun. >> yes. >> now how long does it usually take to make this beer. >> this will take six to eight hours in the big system. >> you have a pilot, batch that we will make right now. >> so all of my fermenters are full. when that happens i'm able to come here and do my pilot batch. >> you make everything here good right in here. >> we will make a pilot batch. >> what we will do is we will zoom in and mash in and you will help me do that. there is on grain here. let me get water flowing. >> where do you get the brain from. >> i have different what we call people that i order the grain from. >> i will put this grain in here. >> yes good perfect, perfect. i will mix in some rice at the same time. this is going to help prevent
8:33 am
a part here. they lay begins each other in between the grain. >> okay. >> water this down a little bit herey want to make sure that we are watching here this need to be exactly 6.75 gallons. we are dropping from 12 and bring it down. >> it looks like 6.75 gallons. >> yes. >> what is this right here. >> this is, caribbean. >> can we put tonight there. >> you absolutely can. >> do you have any kind of way you put it in. >> you don't. >> in just a moment we will grab that spoon and mix it all up. you are fine. i do like to do my adjunct at the end. i like to have them at the top monitoring our water flowing, watching, dropping down, looking good, keep on going, keep on going. >> perfect. >> okay. >> grab that spoon. >> okay. >> do we start doing it. >> we start stirring. >> get to the bottom. >> this process takes how
8:34 am
long. >> this full process will take an hour. what we are looking to do is is to get sugar off of the grain. >> mike and alex, come back and we will have this stuff done, okay. it is not as easy as it looks. >> hi, how are you. >> hi. >> okay, work it. >> keep working those arms. >> i never knew that is how you beer started. i don't know why but i just never knew. temperatures are in the 50's, still but we're going to inch in the 60's pretty soon and we're seeing the last gasp of this rainfall. with the warming up later on we will probably get a few isolated showers and thunderstorms. we will see a few showers in new castle county, delaware. we have got cloud and some unshine and we are in the 60's. 61 degrees in the the city getting to 78 later on with pop up thunderstorms, as we mentioned possible later on in the day. sun doesn't set until 8:18 as these days get longer and longer and longer, up until we
8:35 am
start summertime for real, in june but it will feel like summertime way ahead of that. wait until you see temperatures we have in the seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning. 8:35 on this tuesday morning we're still dealing with this accident, clean up here in the roosevelt boulevard northbound at devereaux in northeast philadelphia, the tough parties that the devereaux intersection is that main right turn is for everybody trying to gain access to that tacony palmyra bridge. here's an accident on i-95, i-95 in the construction zone right here near girard avenue and so far so good coming up and over bennie working your way in to downtown. backup from mid span into eighth and vine, alex, back over to you. well, fresh spin on a tail as old as time you know that phrase. next we will get a first look at the new live action, beauty and the boot trailer.
8:36 am
pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise
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toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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8:39 am
you know what, a few you months ago i was wishing on a star for netflix to show disney movies, well, my wish has come true. >> netflix will stream disney films beginning in september, and that is when it will be the exclusive streaming carrier for disney films on u.s. pay tv services. that deal also includes marvel, lucas films and pixar. how much do they pay to do that. >> a ton. >> speaking of disney by the way you won't even have to visit with your children ever again they will be in front of the tube. >> yes. >> speaking of disney live action version of the beauty and the beast won't hit theaters until next year but fans are getting a first look.
8:40 am
>> they are getting us excited. >> here's a look. >> um-hmm. >> look, it is good, clean. >> what if she is the one. >> it is a dark philadelphia parentally, a very dark film. hilarious. a blue film. >> mike, i'm trying to hear. >> slow film. >> a lot of black things in it. >> that castle. >> this is so cool. >> that opens in march of next year you have to wait. >> oh, man. >> it is so well done the way it was shot it looks cartoony. >> yes. >> go see it somewhere in the
8:41 am
world, jen will probably go to tokyo. >> two people you don't want to see a movie with, mike jerrick, brody fredrick. what is going on here. hey. >> we love brody. it is true. >> x men apocalypse i saw it, i will talk to you about it and i will speak about why mr. a character in this film. it will make sense, i promise. >> we have an intestinal apocalypse that has happened in the studio, chris murphy has stopped eating 3-pound of cheese. >> he has given up. >> here's a tip, one of the viewers say she puts cheese on her kitkat candy bar. >> can you imagine that. >> what. >> you need a break. >> you are an failure now get out of there. >> you no longer to have do this. >> no.
8:42 am
introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe.
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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8:44. frenchmanor pocono mountains
8:45 am
it looks blighter then it dos in other places thanks to this pesky low pressure system that will not get out of here but it is getting better around here. we are still seeing a few showers in new castle county, delaware, down around actual new castle delaware and bear delaware getting some rain this morning but that is about it. we do expect this to continue its progress away from frustrat, high pressure building in, so that tomorrow we do not have any rain in the forecast. today a high of 78, wait until you see how warm it will get tomorrow and next day and the next day. eighty's, upper 80's by thursday, humidity comes into the picture on friday and you you know what happens once the humidity and the heat build up during the day, pop up thunderstorms and frizzy hair, you are right, so yes, bad hair days ahead but also nice warm temperatures, just in time mike and alex for the holiday weekend. >> perfect. >> 8:49. >> see, every friday through july 22nd we are coming to a town near you this friday will be ocean city, ready, live
8:46 am
from 7:00 to 10:00 at ocean city music pier. come on out and see it. >> the best part about all this is you can win a car, but not just any car a brand new mazda cx9. head to fox, click on the contest right on the home page,e that red button, enter to win here and you can do this once every 24 hours increase your chances, people. >> thousands of people have already done it. you can do it once every 24 hours. well, also, we're going to these places over the next seven weeks. >> people tweeted me where in jenkintown, where in northeast philadelphia these are save the dates. we want to you know we are coming. we will give you more specifics about where we will be closer to the time. >> yes, starting next monday we will give you exact intersection we will be in west philadelphia, but it is pretty close to the el. x men apocalypse opens up this weekend. if you are a fan of the series you know this film focuses on
8:47 am
mutants and children. >> well, mutants when they were kids. >> what? >> mutants are kids. >> just watch. >> the world needs the x men. >> i'm not a hero. >> if i'm going to keep them and teach them how to fight. follow me. >> i'm not frayed of them, and you, he is my father. >> what? >> you know, my mom and dad. >> i know. >> these are mute apartments jen when they were kids like we are going back in time. >> all of them are at different time period this one they are all in the 80's. people are saying they did it the right way, and not super crazy. one of the coolest things that the x men do they take the weird problems and they turn them into super powers.
8:48 am
it is a great message for kid of all ages. >> i was like so excited to see when we watched because we watched it together as audience is watching it and we don't get to see all of the cg stuff and i thought it was cool and such a great message, the pur of women, you know, the actual individual power that each of the women have, to, you know, such a really great message. >> yeah, that is the woman, right? so mike, it is a solar situation for you, you know, you've got to use what is wrong with you. you talk all the time. you you are using that to be a news anchor. >> or i could be captain vodka. >> or scotch spectacular. >> yes, i like that name though. >> that is what we're talking b they get it as well.
8:49 am
>> you know how sometimes you mess up sound by the. >> yes. >> we just did that. >> you know i love to insert myself in these movies. i tried to sneak in the trailer. i don't understand why there is anything, wrong with that. check me out. >> yes. >> i'm the running fast guy. >> yes. >> so. >> you change your hair. >> i change my hair. >> you know when i was live with my phone and i was on that green screen treadmill in london that is what i was selling. >> very cool. >> you have it or you don't. >> that was it? it didn't last very long. >> it is more than you add to the movie. >> true. >> what are you yelling it looks like you are yelling something. >> i'm yelling let's go because i'm like this guy that is the guy i'm trying to be. >> who is he. >> he is the guy that took us all the way around.
8:50 am
>> hey megan can you put that up on the green screen right now. >> yes. guess is what coming up at 9:00 o'clock our. >> what are you going to do. >> justin timberlake. >> what is the name of his new song. >> dance, dance, dance. >> and it is not just the end of the song. >> all right. we will do something, jen, and i promise, this is last time we will do this. we will play another version of that silly whip nana but like you have never seen it before. that is why we have chosen to run it one more time. >> watch this one, we have even this one. >> yes, that is not it. >> jump in here.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
8:54 am
8:54 exactly a live look at the curve, how is your curve this morning. saint gabriel's curve out there cutting grass after all that rain we had yesterday. got some sun glare coming toward king of prussia right now, no problems on the bennie at least on the upside a backup coming into downtown, there is one accident on the northeast extension southbound on the northeast extension just south of the lansdale interchange, and here's your speed meter readings jammed um, sun glare at the curve into downtown and heavy on i-95 from the betsy in through girard avenue. mats transit, looking good, mike and alex, back to you you good lets cue up this song one more time, watch me whip and watch me n a ana. >> people have been doing it. >> over and over and over. >> but apparently we have in the seen this yet but it hasn't been like this. bring in the the choir. >> ♪
8:55 am
>> ♪ >> so, this woman named julia simms and she up loaded this video, horizontally of her brother's choir at a elementary school. >> it is an interesting version. >> at least it is different. >> they are all doing it together. >> so, i like the um, um, watch me. >> again, that was last time we will ever show that. >> don't do it at weddings, just stop it please. >> is it over, old. >> even that running man challenge is old. >> yes, what about the dab, are we done. >> dab is way done. >> we have to figure out is what next. >> we killed it. >> it was still going. >> let's create something else. >> what is this called, i
8:56 am
cannot think of it, moving your hand. >> quincy does it all the time. i know what it is, but i just can't think of it. >> alex, be honest with me, be honest with me, when was the last time you did something like that. >> lauren what is this called when people do this. >> now i got it. >> thank goodness we got that out. >> milly rock. >> when was last time you did this. >> looking in someone's eyes. >> not so much making out but have you ever been in love. >> have you, mike, are you. >> i will reveal the answer to that question after the break. we found a survey i'm shock number of people who say they have never been in love. plus look at this kid he is three. >> is what capital of bra sill. >> what is capitol of peru. >> lima. >> he is here. i will take him on.
8:57 am
i think i can beat him. >> he knows his geography mike. >> united states capital he knows international capitols, 250 countries around the world. >> how old. >> three.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
song of the summer? we are trying to predict what the song of the summer will be? the one we will jam to all summer long. >> that is adele. >> yes. >> i'm over adele. >> different seeing her do that theme song. >> she's normally miserable. >> i want her to be sad. >> she's lost a lot of weight. >> she just deals with sad songs but she has upbeat songs. >> she has


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