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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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song of the summer? we are trying to predict what the song of the summer will be? the one we will jam to all summer long. >> that is adele. >> yes. >> i'm over adele. >> different seeing her do that theme song. >> she's normally miserable. >> i want her to be sad. >> she's lost a lot of weight. >> she just deals with sad songs but she has upbeat songs. >> she has a good one, what is
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the one she does with kendrick lemar. >> now is our time. >> can you find that, megan. >> she's not on that. >> really good. it is very poppish and in the like kendrick lemar. >> no, it is year and a half, two years old. >> it is our time. >> yes. >> good day, it is tuesday, may 24th, 2016. lauren, welcome to the program. >> thank you sorry about what happened at the dry cleaners. did they just rip your arms off. >> it is hot outside, sue says it is heating up. >> yes. >> it works. >> now we have sleeveless. >> parents, of course, you want your kids to stay out of trouble and to well in school. in question about that. there isn't a rule book though, but you there is some help on the way from frustrates, the traits, parents of successful children have in
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common. there is about 13 of them. we will go through some of them. >> capitol of brazil,. >> brazilia. >> what is capitol of peru. >> lima. >> what is capitol of mexico. >> all right. >> three years old. he will be in our studio in a little bit. >> he walk up to me and said i can beat you, in a world capitol contest. >> yes. >> did you study last night. >> no, but i thought he was going to do capitols of the united states. i got that. i got that. no, he said, international capitols. >> there is 250 countries around the world. >> it is are you smarter then a third grader. >> no, three-year old. >> three-year old. >> three. >> he is barely four. >> all right. >> apparently bill anderson
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has showed up for work on a tuesday. >> hanging out with penguins. >> yes. >> quiet up until just now, we're here at african penguin colony, at adventure aquarium. look at how cool these guys are, but we have got an exclusive, two chicks, less than two months old their first time on tv. >> and they will be on with us. they wanted to be on good day with mike and alex. >> that is why they dressed up. >> i didn't know they made that kind of a noise. >> listen. >> i had no idea. >> it sound like the schuylkill expressway. >> it does. >> get out of the way. >> they are cute. >> we will get back there in about 20 minutes. >> i want one? >> they are cute. >> are you sure you don't want a dog. >> yes. >> we cannot have a penguin.
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>> it is better than having nine cats. >> so, have you ever fallen head over heels, or heels, in love? >> yes. >> now seriously. think about this. when was the last time you just were in love. >> why are you focusing in on me. >> have you ever been truly in love, deep, where you could not sleep and you are sick. >> i have been in puppy love but how do you know if it is really, real. >> why are you looking at me like that. >> yes. >> i said yes. >> you have been totally deep in love. >> yeah, i have too. >> yes. i don't know if it was just being young and not being in love. >> it goes that far back, to high school, you were in love in high school. >> you see you you think you are in high school. >> yes. >> that is a whole different thing. >> listen to this ladies and gentlemen, a new survey from, those folks have interesting results.
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here are the percentages. one in five men say they have never been in love. >> not even once. >> i will buy it. >> basically same amount for ladies, 18 percent, a little bit less but guys are still optimistic. 60 percent believe at love at first sight and guess what, men fall in love a little easier then women do. average guy falls in love, 3.7 times in his life. let's just call it four. compared to only three times for women. >> yes. you hope you are not that fourth. >> yes. >> i only love but .7. >> yes, people that they have gone through. >> it is present probably the lower half, of the love. >> three times. >> let's see. >> we have got more than four. >> in love though not just relationships, in love.
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>> not in lust either. >> you don't to have name drop >> okay. >> yes good okay. >> three. >> four. >> so you are done. >> well, you should be. >> 3.7. >> here's the thing though i had a conversation with someone about this the other day do you believe in having a soul mate, only a soul mate no. >> they believe you can have multiple soul mates because there is so many people in the world, billions. it is like 7 billion. can you really expect to have a connection with one. it is really daunting. you only have one person out there and 7 billion people to find that one. >> i have a quote. >> do you believe in just one. >> your soul mate. >> listen. >> no. >> just listen. >> you are not enlist evening. your soul mate is not someone who comes into your life peacefully it is someone who comes to make you question
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things, changes your reality, someone that marks a before and after in your life, it is not human being that people have for you but ordinary person who manages to revolutionize your world in just seconds. >> i know who mine is. >> who. >> chris murphy. >> yes. >> no, no. >> we only have one person doesn't that freak you out, how willie see them in seven milker what if they are in china right now, you know. >> you will come in contact with your soul mate. it doesn't mean it is person you will marry or live the rest of your life. >> if i want to find my soul mate i want to marry him. >> i don't think you always to have marry your soul mate. >> no. >> you want to be with him though. >> not necessarily. >> what is the point of having a soul mate. >> there is no such thing as a soul mate. >> why. >> because four, five, six, ten, 15, 25 soul mates. >> of your 3.7 you thought each one was your soul mate. >> i don't believe in soul
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mates. >> so he is out of this discussion. >> but when you imagine your soul mate you want to be with him. maybe like your best friend, it is someone truly your best friend but you do not want to marry her. you cannot imagine. >> that is not my soul mate but your best friend. >> sometimes it can that be person without being that person that you can be there for the rest of your life. >> think about this, someone challenging you to be better and making you question things. do you want to be married to that person. i just want to have an easy life with you. you don't want to necessarily marry your soul mate. >> i want a push over. >> i want a little challenge. >> i don't think every day you want it to be like that. >> my best friend, soul mate, i think of it in a romantic sense. i have to think on that, lauren. >> yes. >> it will blow up on that one. >> unofficial start to summer is taste away. that is an fcc regulation every time you mention
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memorial kay unofficial start of summer. so what will the song of the summer be? i will clear my throat and listen to this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, i think i kind of agree. >> i agree. >> this is the song of the summer for 2015. >> yes. >> let's get out to norristown, montgomery county courthouse, it looks like bill cosby has arrived. >> this preliminary hearing was to begin at 9:30. it looks like it will be right on time. >> this could determine what
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happens today or whenever this is finish could determine whether or not cosby will be tried whether there will be a trial. >> they are saying it could take two to three taste. >> yes, state supreme court says no, no, necessity when they asked for hearing to be thrown out. >> it is what happened last time. >> he still has plenty of fans in this area. so they are out there again. there is media from ash the world. we were talking to someone over from germany. >> he is waving. >> he looks like he is moving better than last time we saw him. >> it is in the clear if would the man who accused him, andrea constand will attend this hearing so we have our eyes peeled for her. that would be first time they have seen each other face-to-face in ten or 11 years. >> basically the judge has to determine whether there is reasonable cause to believe that a crime was committed. >> the bar is pretty le in a preliminary hearing. >> and then there could be a
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trial date. >> mr. cosby, any word, fox 29 news, any comment, sir. >> no. >> he has been out there all morning. >> he is not going to go talk to reporters. >> so, lets remind everybody what this is, as they go up to the second floor, andrea the former basketball coach at temple back years ago, said that during a 2004 visit to bill cosby a's, i call it a mansion, as she was given pills and wine that left her unable she says to barely stay awake she was almost unconscious. she said she was what she alleged that bill cosby brought her three benadryl pills and then gave her some wine. she said that she could not remain wake enough to consent to any sex. >> he has maintained this entire time that the encounter was consensual and that she knew what was going on that
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night. >> so why did this happen before. do you remember bruce castor montgomery county district attorney back at the time of this incident did not file sexual assault charges against bill cosby citing insufficient credible admissible evidence. my how that has change. >> sure. >> so back in 2006 they reached a civil settlement but the case was reopened as this new evidence came to light including the number of others a cuesers coming forward, almost 50 now. >> yes. >> and mike you were going over some of the points, some of the things that he said, in that deposition, earlier this morning. >> yes, deposition was in 2004 and let me just read a couple things because she, she said bill cosby went upstairs got these pills and came back down and he started touching her, and when the attorneys asked in this deposition mr. cosby,
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did you get a permission he said this, listen to this, i didn't hear her say anything, i didn't feel her assaying anything as i was touching her and so i continued to touch her and then he said something odd. he a said they got to a position somewhere between permission from her, and rejection from her. he said i was not stopped and that of course famous attorney gloria allred, she's out there she's not representing andrea constand in this case. but she's representing some of the other. >> thirty plus women. >> thirty plus as many as 50 accusers. some of that on the west coast when he work in hollywood on a number of different shows. >> ken rottweiler is here. >> hi mike. >> do you think this might take one or three days. >> it could because the judge will want to it look like that she conn temperated all this didn't make a rash decision. i would think by even of the week you will have a decision. >> what about the civil case.
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>> money was exchanged. >> they settled in 2006 and as part of that settlement it was agreed that she wouldn't do anything further a and what happened is cosby is going to sue her in 2016 he sues her. current lawsuit by cosby against constand saying i want my money back because you violated terms of the the agreement. >> ken, walk us through preliminary hearing could we hear from either one bill cosby or andrea constand. >> you will never hear from bill cosby. i don't think andrea constand will testify because if she goes to testify for the prosecution she will be cross-examine literally for days by the defense, by the other side. >> she doesn't have to show up, does she. >> she doesn't to have show up but they have to present testimony to get over the probable cause of preliminary hearing. two ways, by her live testimony or statement she
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gave up investigators at the time. they have 30 put investigators on the stand and read in her statement that he sexually abused her back during that time per. >> what this preliminary hearing they have to prove is there enough evidence for a trial. >> which is 51 percent, probable cause, more reasonable than not. a standard that is a low bar basically that they have to overcome which basically all they have to prove is making the claim that he sexually abused her. >> we saw gloria allred there is she anticipate ago this they might call women from way back in the past. >> they could. i think she represents 30 victims from the past. so if this casings forward and if the judge allows other witnesses to testify, then i think some of her clients would be testifying. >> they are inside this should take how long this first day. >> it depend who testifies, it could take a couple hours or be all day. >> all red, always up front. >> our dave kinchen will be in that room and will report
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anything he hears. thanks, ken. >> sure. >> it is 9:16. so what will it be this year? lets get back to the song of the um iser. >> we have some votes here. >> don't you think justin timberlake song will be it. >> ♪ >> ♪ is that something you want, something you can dance too. >> a feel good one. >> yeah. >> what was it two years ago, bruno mars. >> yes, uptown funk. >> that was a big dance too. >> i heard one recently that i think might be my pick, okay. >> it is megan trainer not the no so, saying no to the no song this one i love it, it is called me too.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay. >> i cannot really get a feeling for it. i like about it, feels good about yourself, stand for who you are, if i was you, i would want to be me too. she loves herself just the way she is. go listen to the chorus. >> there's a example of one with the message. my favorite is ariana grande what is her song. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> well, that is all right. >> it is -- maybe you have to hear hit in the studio. >> that was billboard music awards. >> someone recommended beyonce's sorry, that song. >> that might be popular. >> i will go justin timberlake, final score. >> i say megan trainer. >> i like megan trainer song. >> yes, trainor verse jt. >> we will see. >> when someone has a baby people come from miles around just to look at the little creature. >> so is that what we will do, it is not a baby, though. it is a cute little penguin. >> yes. >> well, we will not do penguins. >> what we will do is drink beer and that is what quincy is doing he is making beer. >> yes. >> it is a baby, in a bottle. >> well, no, we're brewing. that is it, we are in medford,
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new jersey. >> stirring up anything that is clumped together and make sure it is broken up. >> we have been doing this for an hour. >> 8:35. >> we will check to see where we are at, it is 9:20. we have another 15 minutes, and this will be, what will be this. >> what will happen with this after this is done good we hope all of the sugar is off of the grain and so the yeast has something to eat. we hope sugar conversion is ready a and we will drain this, and then we will transfer this and turn this from our hot liquor tank to our boil death until 15 minutes. >> right new we are going to make some beer. >> let's do it. >> what is the process with kegging. >> for kegging, when the beer is all finish. >> hello. >> when the beer is finish and we are ready to go. we will put it into our bright tank right here. our bright tank is manned with a carbonation zone right here. it comes in through this red line with our tank outside.
9:20 am
once thinks carbonated and we can tell by pressure up here we can fill keg right here. go ahead and tap it. >> make sure your levies up. keep pulling this way. keep going. >> pull this black handle out and down at the same time. make sure you are clip. give it a jiggle. make sure you are good. now go ahead and reach behind you a and make sure you are opened. >> perfect. >> looking good. looking good. >> you good are there. >> i will open this one right here. >> turn it. >> which way. >> just like that. >> all right. >> now what do we do here. >> we will check the gravity reading. we will make sure alcohol is being created. so we will take a sample from our test here. we will fill it up in our
9:21 am
graduated cylinder just enough to taste and pull a simple for our reading. >> how would you know. >> flip that upside down. >> drop that in. we started at 1.068. it looks like. coming down to 1.000. >> what we will do right now this is some finished. >> this is finished beer here. >> yes. >> go, baby know. >> at the nale house. >> yes. >> do you want to come on by, cheers to everyone. >> cheers, quincy. >> cheers. >> look a at that. >> tab that keg. here's jen. >> i bet jen has a recommendation for song of the summer. >> i go straight timberlake. >> he is behind you. >> that is my boyfriend. >> here's the question, the new movie is out, which person
9:22 am
in the moving i gwenn stefani, anna kendrick, was most difficult to work with. he will tell you. connections. you're not just in the classroom;
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you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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it is, kendrick lemar and mary j. blige, the name of the song is now and never. >> i haven't heard that one. >> it has got old school flare. >> people are recommending songs. i thought of one drake's one day now. >> we will play that in a second. >> baby. >> do you want to see penguins, babies? babies. they are in camden, with bill. >> oh. >> cute alert. >> yes, they are singing. look guys this is mike and this is alex, or maybe this is mike and this is alex. we don't know yet. we are here at adventure aquarium in camden, african
9:26 am
penguin colony and baby, not only two months old. first time they have ever been on tv. we have got kate, kate beddine, these guys are young. not part of the exhibit yet but tell us about them. >> they were hatched here as part of the breeding program as a survival plan. african penguins are endangered species. so to be born in our program is exciting. they are 45 and 49 days old. they were hatched last month. they don't have have names. we don't necessity who is who or the gender or if they are boys or girls. we are leaving it up to our guest to let us know whether or not you want to name our babies. get to adventure put in your suggestions and we want to hear from you. >> lou at their feathers and they are not as develop as other penguins. these guys aren't waterproof yet. >> they are not waterproof and they will not get waterproof feathers until three or four months old. they are covered down in that layer. but once they get it, they will be introduced and go out to exhibit somewhere else. >> they have been upset the because they want to eat. they are opening up their
9:27 am
mouth. can we try to feed them. >> yes, they are hungry. we give them some food. >> lets see if we can feed them. they will have a naming contest. they are endangered. we are getting more information about why they are endangered. look at them. forget with the stats. we have to watch the guys eat. so they can, people who come and see them they are not a part of the colony right new but youe them separately. they are not swimming with the others. >> they are in the back. they have live with the coopers off exhibit. help get to stay back there, they get pretty much work on their muscle develop many. we want them to learn how to walk and stand up straight and eat from our side of the bucket like the adults do good mike wants to know what they are eating. >> this is a caper. we have anchovies and trout. this is all full sized fish. so they are eating exactly what the adult penguins are eating. >> so they will be here, having the naming competition. maybe we should push for that as soon as we find out which one is the male and which one
9:28 am
is female we will find that out from a blood test coming up soon. >> are they actually opened to this idea. >> you say are they opened to the public. >> we do daily feeds every day with our african columnist. we do bring them out for guest toss see. you want to hang out for that. >> do you see the size of the fish. >> yes. >> you are not shy. >> the fish is about half the size of the penguin. >> we have the coolest sponsors for this television show, including the adventure aquarium. >> yes. >> the a kwan a ate me. >> can you spell iguana a. >> what is the capitol of iguana. >> you're not shy. you have to get it together. >> we will take a test, start a contest. you and i will face off,
9:29 am
naming international capitols, and the person who wins, gets to keep this car. >> unaudible. >> i'll take this guy on in a matter of minutes. >> you both better get ready. i will give you word of wisdom.
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. welcome back everybody, time for another game show. are you ready, bob? >> man, you guys are really popular, on the internet. let's show little piece of tape here. arthur basically answering questions. what's the capitol of international countries? here it is.
9:33 am
>> capitol of brazil? >> he answers. >> what's the capitol of peru. >> lima. >> what's the capitol of ecuador? >> qutio. >> when did you start working with him? >> probably 2 and a half, but he's a young three. >> where are you from? >> berwyn. >> how do you do it, just take out maps? >> no, i think it started because i noticed he memorized lots of little things including bob kelly's name. like he would watch news, that's bob kelly, that's sue serio, that's thomas the train, he is number one and i'm like oh, why don't we use this for something with a like you might need it later. >> what did youy? >> i said flowers. >> oh, he works at another station, that guy. >> so he brought up something that i had forgotten about, even talking about last night about the iguana, talk about
9:34 am
the phillies mascot, ya, he learned a lot. >> two months ago. >> yes. >> what's youry? are you in the tutoring business? >> yes, i run main line test prep and tutor, mainly tutor sat, ct -- >> daddy, daddy, i want to stand up. >> oh, is that all right? >> stand up, sure, whatever he wants to do. >> all right. >> are you ready to get started? >> what a diva. >> i know, it is great. >> turn around. >> stand here, okay? >> why don't you stand here right with me. >> let's see, and i'll be right here. >> okay? ready? >> we go for the first, start out easy for mike. are you ready? >> the capitol city of usa. >> america. >> washington, d.c. >> america. >> here we go. here we go. >> for the irish out there, are you ready? >> art you? >> capitol of ireland?
9:35 am
>> dublin. >> got it. >> can you say it more loudly? >> russia? >> there you go, i heard that. >> that's right. >> ukraine? >> ukraine? >> kiev. >> so cool. >> are you ready for another one? >> bell now. are you ready? >> nigeria? >> he's got it. >> yes. >> wow. >> here you go. >> capitol of egypt? >> look up there. >> egypt? >> egypt? >> cairo. >> bamm. here we go. >> capital of mirrage owe. >> (he answered. >> what is this one here? >> jabuti? >> is jabuiti. >> yes. >> here is another one. here we go. >> capitol of scotta? >> (he answered).
9:36 am
>> here is a new one, are you ready, viet nam? >> (he answered). >> you are really cool. it is good to meet you, arthur. is he in preschool or anything like that? >> no, still not in school yet. >> my goodness. >> like does he memorize anything else? >> yes, he knows all of the planets, he's by link all, too, he speaks air men ya. >> oh, who doesn't? >> he can talk to the kardashian's. >> yes. >> he's fascinated by the microphone. >> not surprised. >> good to meet you, arthur. >> let's see you one more time. turn around. good job. >> excellent job, arthur. >> okay, arthur. i promise some day we would take him to the snack machines on the 2 floor. >> to the snack machines, art you. >> let's go. >> lots of treats. thank you, nice to meet you, art you. >> would you like to have a child as soukouses fell as this child will be? i will tell you what, i got 13 things who par don't who have
9:37 am
successful children. we'll go over them. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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jane loves to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings like chocolate and almonds. now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy.
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so arthur makes you really want to step your game up, right? >> well, not up. you're done raising your kids. >> we did that last week about the sperm quality. >> oh, might do a couple more. >> think beyonce would like for that. >> godmother? >> sure. >> seriously, scientists have actually revealed that the traits that a parent should have to set their kids on the road to success, they're about ten of them, okay? >> and they start with chores. >> requires them to do chores.
9:41 am
>> you better. up better also teach your kids social skills. >> of course. >> social graces. have some pretty high expectations for those children. parent need to have healthy relationship with each other to raise these kids right. >> exam be? >> you teach their kids math very early on. >> that's right. they don't steer away from math any more. that will was an odd suggestion. >> you have more? >> i'm not sure. >> do you want me to keep going. >> yes. >> don't be stressed around them. >> okay. >> less stress. and you got to teach a little grit, right? you don't want them to be all clean cut. got to have a little grit. develop some relationships with their kids, because a lot of parents work too much, you don't see them, you got to have relationship with your kids, and then, value the effort over avoiding failure. my parent used to say it all the time, you tried, lauren, even when i was an average student, you tried so hard. >> as long as you trail your
9:42 am
best. >> let them fail. >> you have to. it is an important lifeless on, right? >> my parent let me fail oh, repeatedly, and i did. okay. >> that's what makes you successful today. >> look at you now. >> could you start from the bottom? >> start at the bottom now. by the way, a bunch of people, what, tweeted in, mike, the name of the song is now or never. >> you told us the name of the song. >> i just wanted to say thank you to all the people. >> you always guess a song, wrong melody being wrong title. so lost for words, because we have no clue what you are talking about. >> why didn't you just let me fail? >> we let you fail sometimes. >> everyday. here comes jenn fred. >> where is she? >> i'm up here. they appreciate the effort. you appreciate my effort? justin timberlake. see what he thought i was okay at. when we come back.
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>> next friday, ocean city! >> you win a car. >> one to give away. >> so go on our website, see the end tow win here.
9:46 am
like on. that will you can do it once every 24 hours, gout to increase those chances, right? every week we will pick a finalist, then at the end of what the next 7 weeks? >> yes. >> then one person is going to put the keys in the car and they're going drive away, babe. >> i let me tell you what will happen. as i understand it, i believe, at the del? kit cat? milky way? >> the del? >> so, we will add some more dates here after all of this. look at those right there. by the way next monday probably we will give you the exact intersection of west philadelphia. >> i want to go to west fill. >> i the last one in the parking lot of the del, right music theater, music event knew. >> i love the del. they've announced their summer line up. >> i was looking at that time yesterday. >> it is already out. >> what, what? who? >> breaking beverly. >> oh, i love it. >> ♪ >> keith sweat, monica, oh, what is this? >> the del. >> no, when? >> oh, when? i don't know the exact dates, but all summer long, johnny gill is i think.
9:47 am
>> what, my, my, my. >> look good to me tonight. >> why don't you put on that red dress? >> i might, i might wear the red dress. >> i digress, so last week we will be at the del we only have 8 of those suv's lined up, 8 keys, but only one car will start. >> whoop whoop. >> it is probably a keyless entry. >> i believe it is. >> oh, all the buttons now. >> everything so fancy. >> justin timberlake released new song 2 weeks ago, and i believe it is a song from the new movie trolls. >> sound of the summer? >> probably. >> yes. >> meet the trolls. >> they dance. >> oh, my gosh. >> ♪ >> seriously? >> i love that dancing. >> jen, you went all the way
9:48 am
for that? >> looks pretty cool to me. they have some moves. >> justin timberlake in kahn? thanked you for sending me, yes, so really cool watch they were doing they were showing the film makers, you know, that go to can as well as the world prep little bit of the movie troll which you just saw. here is the headline, i don't know why this isn't on the philadelphia magazine front page. >> yes? you. >> ready for it? >> yes. >> he says my dance something not so bad. >> i mean, i think, i think when people try to raid their own dancing, you're always going to feel like you came up short. but that entrance was the greatest entrance to any interview ever. and i also think people should just be happen if i they have rhythm. because that's a bulldog. just have rhythm. >> it is a win. >> yes. >> i got rhythm, baby. thank you.
9:49 am
>> ya. >> everybody has rhythm. >> not everybody has rhythm. >> i think i proved that. >> i think i proved. that will justin, they were there to show this really small community piece of the film. now, gwen stefani as anna kendrick, all kind of rock stars, are in the film l timberlake is the executive producer of the music element, so i just had to ask him, was it hard to get all of those a listers organized? >> so what was the difficult part in terms of like being the executive producer? >> we are all all really big divas. i was like no. >> well, even more of a challenge than even just trying to taylor something that you know all the actors are going to feel comfortable doing, because i don't think that -- i actually don't think that's a big challenge, i think they're all way more talented than they would give themselves credit for. and specially in this one.
9:50 am
but i think the bigger challenge was you're writing songs specifically for a scene in a movie, and not only that, an animated movie. ya, because most of my songs are famously not pj-rated. and so, but i think you kind of just delve in, what's happening in the scene, and how can i help actually move the story with the song. i mean, you can't stop the feeling is in the movie. not just like ends credit song. it is part of the plot of the movie, so, i think that we just try to help tell the story and almost a movie to me feels like one big pop song. >> which begs the question: will there be a complete sounds track? the answer is possibly. hey, the movie is out this fall. you know that little green guy that you just saw, justin
9:51 am
voices, that like lead in the movie, as well. and in the beginning they say he's the one troll that hates dancing, hates music, hates having a good time. so it is pretty funny. you know, that they play the opposite, by the directors of shrek. so i'm a dancer. >> it's off english i can go home now. >> does anna kendrick speak. >> she does, but it was adjust continue timberlake movie and she got that. >> she stayed in her lane. >> yes. >> got to know your lane. >> okay, who is steve can youy? >> you know. >> just lay it on me. >> best basketball player ever. >> oh, well. >> not ever? you think mj is better? >> or labron? >> labron. >> do you? >> you say labron? >> well, wilt chamberlain probably the best their played the game. only because he is philadelphia, my alma matter -- anyway, i did i degrees again. >> right. >> so, you know steve kerry?
9:52 am
there is minute sure size version of him called stuff curry. >> i know, he's ten months old, his name is landon. and people started calling him stuff, because they thought he was little chunky, right? then his mom is like look, we'll just end brace this them, you can call hum steph curry, so now he has his own instagram account, more than 35 thousand followers, a lot of them have him wearing the golden state gear. his mom says we're all family. >> i hope safe sees this and gets to meet him. adorable. all right, the tributes everyone is talking about. now, quest love is voicing his opinion. >> oh, oh,. >> yes, he had some interesting thought. went on little twitter rant. we'll go over it, about this performance there is tribute to prince. >> ♪ >> by madonna. >> ♪ purple rain ♪
9:53 am
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>> one of the top stories today, now resolution here in a way. the driver in this hit-and-run from this morning turned himself in, accused every killing another man, while that man was standing at a bus stop. this is up in northeast philadelphia, officials say, it happened just before 1 this morning, near the intersection of bustleton avenue and cottman. look at the damage to that lexus after he crashed up over a curb, took out a bus stop fock down a pole, ripped up the wheels of his car, and killed a man who was standing waiting for the bus. >> steve keeley that is been on this story, when he said that the driver when he got out of the car look at the man who was dead on the roadway, then ran away. >> base his car was i am mobile. but he turned himself in, good. all right, jacky, how much time do we got? >> minute and a half. hey, madonna firing back at people criticizing her tribute to prince from the billboard music awards, here is a bit of
9:57 am
it. ♪ nothing compared to you ♪ >> then after that sang purple rain. >> so anyone who want to do a tribute to prince is welcome to. whatever your age, gender, skill color, if you love it, inspire you, show it, i love prince forever. chris love? >> real interesting. he started by saying for starters it is hard to except him no longer being here and upcoming award season for 17, there will be a gang of tribute. >> true. >> he followed it up by naturally there will be folded arms, because the purple standard is heart boots to fillment a loft us just don't want to come to grips. >> very true. >> the fact he is no longer with us. >> and no one like him, and she chose the song. >> and more tweets, real interesting, go onto twitter to see it. >> avenue idea. >> okay? >> let's all meet back here tomorrow. what do you say? >> let's do it.
9:58 am
>> we start at 4 in the morning, lauren and chris. >> see you tomorrow.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live, from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show". >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh >> wendy: you're the one. thank you so much. welcome to the show. [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my


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