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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> man at a local bus stop went flying more than 100 feet in the air a deadly hit-and-run. a big break that cracked this investigation wide open. >> this is fox 29 news at 5:00. right now at 5:00 the case against bill cosby heads to advertisement iconic comedian maintained a stoic demeanor outside the court in montgomery county this afternoon just moments after a judge ruled prosecutors have enough evidence to try him on the lone criminal case against him. cosby could face 10 years in prison. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. from across the nation eyes trained on courthouse in norristown and that is where bruce gordon is live now with what happened in court today. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy and iain, let's be very clear the burden of proof for preliminary hearing like today' social security actually quite low. prosecutors needed only to prove that the crime of aggravated indecent assault had indeed
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occurred and cosby was more likely than not responsible. the judge here today decided prosecutors had met that burden. >> prosecutor are portrayed the aging and frail comedy legend as a classic predator calling andrea constand to cheltenham home in early 2004 giving her pills and wine to ease her nerves then as she drifted in and out of consciousness, groping her. constand did not testify instead montgomery county detective catherine heart read from constand's interview with authorities about year after the alleged incident. constand was quoted as saying she felt dizzy, nauseous, had no sense of time. "aware his hands were on my breasts and in my pants. prosecutors noted cosby later apologized to constand for his actions. why did constand not take the stand? >> under the case law, that we presented and the judge ruled in our favor it wasn't necessary. it's preliminary hearing.
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hear say is admissible and we're just over the next hurdle in this. >> reporter: defense led by philadelphia attorney brian mcmonagle hammered at constand's credibility. the alleged cosby referred to as petting was consensual one of several intimate encounters between the two. constand made major revisions to her initial reports to police and she stayed in contact with cosby after the incident. including asking him for tickets to show. afterward mcmonagle was stewing over constand's failure to testify in person. >> what they presented today was evidence of nothing. they had 12 years to bring in accusor to confront mr. cosby they chose not to rt report at trial constand will almost certainly testify in person. >> mr. cosby, anything to say at all? any comment whatsoever, sir? we'll have to confront cosby in a manner that convinces a jury of her claims. watching this criminal proceduring was attorney gloria allred who represents some 30 cosby accusors in civil court.
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>> the typical defense tactic is always attack the victim. put the victim on trial, not your client. >> reporter: bill cosby has already made clear he will not be present for this formal arraignment. now set for july 20th here at the courthouse. we've reached out to andrea constand and her attorney for reaction to today's decision. we've not heard back yet. lucy? >> bruce, our coverage today's ruling and what comes next will continue throughout this evening. later in this newscast our fox 29 legal analyst attorney ken rothweiler will join to us break down what today's developments mean. you have continuing coverage on look for it right on our home page. welcomed warmup in your fox weather authority. here's a life act at wilmington after rain and storms the sun is back out and summer doesn't feel too far off tonight. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr. >> late this afternoon, iain, the clouds gave way to some sunshine, and we have wind helping warm us up as well.
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we've been in the persistently flow you can see this big counterclockwise swirl that area of low pressure that gave us clouds and rain yesterday is pushing toward the northeast and all that storminess really through new england and eastern new york. for us, spotty shower went right down the expressway otherwise not a lot to report just some scattered cloudiness. in philadelphia we bumped it up 1 degree last hour to 83. it's 82 in wilmington. 69 in the poconos. 83 degrees in allentown. winds out of the west sustain at 18 miles an hour and that helping to warm us up. this evening temperatures falling to about 78 by 7:00 p.m. a spotty shower more like an isolated shower for the evening. partly cloudy at 9:00 o'clock, partly cloudy still mild in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees at 11:00 o'clock. feeling much more like may. coming up we'll talk about how long the sun will be sticking around only see the warmest temperatures yet for the season and watching the tropics. could we have a tropical system and we'll take look at the
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holiday weekend as welcoming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> big forecast. talk to you then kathy. students at montgomery county high school have more than usual to talk about tonight with their parents. fire inside chester cut their school day. students at north penn high school went home afternoon after a fire broke out inside aminess maintenance room. nobody is hurt. we don't know yet what started that fire. developing story right now a man hit and killed in northeast philly. police say the victim was just waiting for a bus under septa canopy and suspect initially ran away from the scene. let's get right out to dawn timmeney who is live where the accident happened. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain, police say the driver did take off but turned himself in to police about seven hours or so after that deadly crash. they say they are not identifying him at this point until formal charges are filed. as for the victim, he was a family man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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>> it's just a nightmare. i'm sorry. >> christie silva breaks down in tears outside her home on sauder street in north philadelphia. her husband 50-year-old was killed by a hit-and-run driver at 12:30 this morning as he waited under a canopy for a septa bus at cottman and bustleton avenues. >> it's just so difficult. i love you and i wish you were here with me, and ashley and our son misses you. >> reporter: molino was the faster two-year-old son an 20-year-old daughter. he was trying to catch the 58 bus on his way home from the night shift at a warehouse when he was plowed down by a 2,003 lexus. the impact sent molina flying 120 feet not air. >> speed was clear al factor. absolutely the weather was pouring rain at the time, losing control. >> reporter: septa canopy he was under was ripped apart and tossed down the sidewalk. police say the 35-year-old driver got out of his badly damaged car looked at the body and ran away on foot.
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i'm in shock. and it saddens me somebody would hit my husband. >> hit her husband and left him there on the sidewalk where he was pronounced dead at 12:45. police say the driver did turn himself in just before 8:00 o'clock this morning. >> all the driver did he came in this morning and said i understand police are looking for me and i'm here to turn myself in. >> christie silva while she appreciates the man coming forward, it doesn't bring her husband back. >> we have been together for 23 years. he is my heart. he is my life. he is everything to me, and i'm going to miss him dearly. >> reporter: now, police say the car is not belong to the driver and the owner told police he did not know where it was. investigators are also looking to talk to another man who stopped to help after the fact but after a brief conversation with the man who hit molina decided to leave the scene as well. there's still a lot of questions
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here to be answered. iain? >> dawn, thank you. a fire in lehigh county leaves a man dead now investigators are trying to determine exactly how he died. deputes found 47-year-old andrew daal ripple dead after a fire broke out inside a home along the 1100 block of newtown street early this morning. his body was found on the second floor. an autopsy will determine a cause of death. so far there's no word on what started the fire. los angeles international airport but earlier today check out what happened officers with gun drawn searched a plane. after tsa received a threat by a flight from houston. that threat was against an american eagle flight but american airlines says it turned out to be hoax. the tsa is not releasing any details about it. eventually the 76 passengers and four crew members left the plane without any further excitement. meanwhile, more fallout stemming from problems with the tsa and a big shake up for the agency that keeps you safe when
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you fly. our joyce evans here now with the very latest developments. joyce. >> lucy, officials are cleaning house in the tsa and airports around the country after long weights left passengers stranded and stressed out. still travelers are gearing up to face even more long lines at airport security checkpoints this holiday weekend. thousands missing their flights in recent weeks due to long waits at security checkpoints at nation's airports. the transportation security administration blaming the problem on a lack of screeners and increase in passengers. now the tsa is making personnel changes at chicago o'hare and other major airports. in an effort to reduce delays ahead of the summer travel season. it's also unveiling a new plan to add more than 100 agents at newark liberty international bite end of the month. >> security and the safety of the flying public is our number one objective. but people are sick and tired of waiting and we can do better.
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>> i do not want to see this airport short change by congress and tsa pushing customers away from here because it takes so long to deal with newark airport. >> agency also replacing its head of security kelly hogan. the house oversight committee says, he received around $90,000 in bonuses from late 2013 to late 2014. about a year later, the homeland security inspector general's office revealed tsa employees failed to find dangerous items in more than 95% of covert tests at multiple airports. now the agency is replacing hogan with an official who once headed security at lax and jfk. again, all of these changes ahead of what's expected to be a high volume of air travelers coming up this big memorial day holiday weekend. lucy? >> we'll see how it shakes out. thanks you joyce. pregnant women and babies in our area will soon have extra help
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fighting of off the zika virus. >> armed robbery at a local 7eleven police say the thieves made off with some cash but left something behind that could lead to his arrest. >> all right, guys listen up. it's an inevitable if i can say the word part of life for some but wha wawa if going bald didnt have to be in your future? forget going under the knife. the three minute procedure that claims to get your hair back. coming up at 6:00 a big celebration every year in philadelphia. the pride festival gives the chance to celebrate lgbt community. the organizers want to honor police officers but not everyone is happy with that plan.
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♪ two men fighting for their lives tonight after double sho shooting in overbrook. police found one of the victims lying on the sidewalk with at least three gunshot wounds on the 7600 block of city avenue. this is right around 10:45 last night. they found a black car you see right there near him with blood inside of it. when police looked around they found another man about block away also shot. both are now at penn presbyterian in critical but stable condition. so far no suspects. to men from dover, delaware in jail tonight after a traffic stop in wood side. robert farkas and matthew kerr facing drug and weapons charges during a search of their car state police found more than 200 bags of heroin on kerr and
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farkas had a crack pipe and some pot. also a large 95 in the center console. police in montgomery county hope newly released surveillance pictures can help them track down a suspected armed robbery these pictures from yesterday inside the 7eleven on lime kiln pike in abington. the guy pictured with the dreads pulled a gun and demanded money from a worker once an employee handed some over the guy took off. investigators later found a dreadlock wig and the suspect's shirt by. police are still on the hunt for him. you may not have cherries on the trees at your house yet this season, but some pennsylvania residents say they are seeing cherries well, cherry sized hail. take look at red line in york county the hail piled into drifts about three to 4-inches deep. the force of the storm that dropped all that hail ripped off roofs and trees and damaged awnings as well. fema is looking to change up the national flood insurance program it says to increase transparency and oversight. this comes on the heels of
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complaints that short changed home dealers dealing with damage from super storm sandy. fema depth pee sorry administrator for insurance and litigation wants the agent city redraw its contract with the 79 private insurance companies that offer flood policies. femur will assign a person to help policyholders through the appeals process if they're not satisfied with their flood claims and a litigation team will also try to cut the length of any dispute. delaware state officials begin distributing zika prevention kits to public women. public health officials will deliver condom, mow scoto repellant and thermometers to clinics serving family and wic. pregnant who use the program will get a kit after completing a questionnaire on travel history and pregnancy status. governor jack markell declared yesterday zika air wearness day to provide information about zika prevention. >> at the liacouras center
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futures movers and shakers more than 1,000 middle schoolers gathered for the stem expo. stem stands for science, technology, engineering and math. these students hope to have a career in one of those fields some day. really important exposing young students, their parents, community members and some of these high priority occupations that are going to have projected growth in the region. >> several leaders were hanging out with the students to help make sure they stay on the right pam for landing their dream john job. fill the phanatic doesn't just bring any school his trip to dickory elementary school came because amazing work by a student. the kids are setting up a memorial for victims of gun violence in the school yard to draw attention to the issue. it's all part of their work with the young heroes out reach program. the philadelphia eagles took on some grade school students tod today. it wasn't football it was game of chesky. the birds teamed up with the
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after schools school partnership tour the 13th annual chesky tournament to encourage the personal and academic development of the city's youth more than 200 students grades one through 12 participated in the competition. >> you decide. behind democratic delegate count bernie sanders continues to go after hillary clinton and is now taking on the party establishment. clinton is also taking fire from new ad from donald trump on the gop side. fox's joel waldman has the story from washington dc. >> reporter: independent and democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is slamming opponent hillary clinton for rejecting invitation to debate in california ahead of that state's primary june 7th. fox news offered the opportunity for debate to both candidates. sanders readily accepted but clinton's camp wanted to take a few days to think about it before ultimately declining the invitation. >> i think it is a little bit insulting to the people of
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california she won't have a discussion with me. >> reporter: sanders has become a thorn in the side of clinton and establishment also been hitting hard against the party's chair. florida representative debbie wasserman schultz. sanders is even gone so far to start fundraising for her opponent kim couldn't notify vo in her congressional race. >> i wouldn't be at all surprised to have sanders make a condition of his support that they eliminate super delegates for the future. >> reporter: this comes as donald trump release as new campaign ad received some criticism featuring bill clinton's rape accusor juanita broderick. hillary clinton who has been touting her record of standing up for women has been attacked by trump on more than one occasion. the businessman making the case that it's not just her complicity in her husband's sex scandal that is makes her unfit to be president, but she was also part of the team that attacked bill clinton's accuse accusers.
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clinton spokesman says the ad is nothing more than trying to get under hillary clinton's skin adding she can't be pysched out. joel old man, fox news. crews rush to rescue a worker from a trench. it was a long way down and they had to break out a tricky system to make sure everyone got out safely. >> two people are safely back on land after plane crashed in paradise much this story could have ended so much differently. how lifeguards an good samaritan came to the rescue. just a thought of traveling the perimeter of the u.s. imagine doing it all by foot. why one man is on mission to accomplish it. ♪
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homeowners in indiana are back home tonight after train derailment forced them out. emergency crews hazmat teams responded to the accident late last night. officials say at least four cars
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jumped the tracks. one of the cars was a tanker loaded with gas. nobody is injured. and we've heard nothing about anything leaking. now in kansas heavy rain flooded streets and it's not yet over. 4-inches of rain fell in wichita largest city of derby. many roads are closed as storm drains overflow. our fox 29 weather authority forecast more heavy rain there bite end of the week. beyonce' day in minnesota. some fans kept waiting to see the queen bee. officials had to evacuate the stadium in minneapolis after lightning strikes were spotted near the open field after an hour the storm moved out and members of the beehive were let back in and of course the show went on. president obama spent the day in vietnam meeting with active visits and the entrepreneurs there. he went to a co working space which hosts text start ups he took the opportunity to praise the trade deal between the us and vietnam and 10 other pacific
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rim countries. >> it says we're going to create standards for trade and commerce that are fair, that create a level of playing field, that have high standards. >> yesterday president obama lifted a five decade old arm sale embargo on vietnam. he headed to japan later this week he'll be the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. >> it's been decisive day for bill cosby a judge ordered the comedian to stand trial on a sexual assault charge in montgomery county. our legal expert is here to tell us how life is about to change for the man once called america's dad. first seemed like a normal transaction. one guy selling his car to another but something written on the money that ex changed hands tipped police off to crime. kathy? >> we're tracking some clouds, warm temperatures an few spotty showers on ultimate doppler. all because of the heat and of course a storm offshore. coming up we'll talk about how warm it's going get and how a tropical system could play out
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over the holiday weekend. back with the seven day when we come back. ♪
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>> live look at the ben franklin parkway. if you're hided outside prepare yourself for a pleasant evening. the big warm sup right around
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the bend. meteorologist kathy orr has the details in your fox 29 weather authority. following breaking news in center city right now. septa is using shuttle buss to get passengers between spring garden station and 30th street station. there was a report of someone on the tracks near 11th street. so police are investigating and they've cut power to that part of the tracks. if you travel septa you want to be aware you'll run into delays. we of course continue coverage of today's ruling in the bill cosby case. the judge ruled the 78-year-old comedian will have to stand trial on sexual assault charges. that judge decided prosecutors had enough said to bring cosby to trial in the lone criminal case brought against him. barrage of allegations he drugged and molested dozens of women. cosby waived his formal rain many scheduled for july. >> today's decision obviously has big implications for cosby and those who have accused him. right now this is all about one woman says happened to her at cosby's montgomery county home. attorney and fox 29 legal analyst ken rothweiler joins to
5:30 pm
us break it all down. ken, thank you very much. >> sure. >> today's ruling not really a surprise, right. >> wasn't surprise to me at all. it's a low bar for preliminary hearing. you just have to prove there was probable cause that a crime was committed, and in this case what they did, they had an investigator read andrea constand's statement to the court where andrea constand basically accused bill cosby of sexual conduct and that was enough to carry the day and therefore they're over the probable cause hearing and now we're going forward with the trial. >> how do you expect this to play out over the next few months. >> i think it will be interesting. first of all, i think this is going to be the biggest trial since oj. without a doubt. this is america's dad, somebody that basically everybody on the planet knows. what's interesting how do they get a fair juror here? who hasn't heard of bill cosby and the allegations? i think they'll spend a month just picking a jury alone. so i think the whole process is going to be interesting but the neck thing we're waiting for is an actual trial date. >> ken, cosby lawyers have been pounding the last five months
5:31 pm
trying to hammer away at all this witnesses and the evidence. what are your thoughts on the legal team now that they've got this trial date. >> the prosecution we're talking about. >> cosby's lawyers. >> cosby's lawyers first i think what they're going to do they're trying to bring up inter consistent cease that maybe con stand has given over time in times of her story. she told the story a number of different times. point out 90 consistent cease and also they'll point out a year after this supposed sexual abuse that occurred that she actually reported it. they'll talk about why did it take her so long to report it. the other thing that i think they'll going to do obviously the issue here is consent. so they're going to challenge whether there was consent or not the way i would do that, iain, i'd bring up obviously in a the crew courtroom she went to his house voluntarily, she took the pills voluntarily, she did a lot of things voluntarily. now she's claiming that, you know, she didn't consent to the sex. i think that that's a tough case just her word against his kiss his. the key in this case will be the
5:32 pm
ruling regard to other witnesses. 50 some odd women made the same claim. that will be the crucial ruling in the case when the prosecution attempts to have those witnesses come forward forth in a courtroom to testify against bill cosby. >> all right. ken, cosby faces definite nation lawsuits from many accuse accus. how do you think today's ruling affect those cases. >> they're about it if the case goes forward and if andrea constand wins and shows that bill cosby did sexual al abuse her, then it's going to help all those defamation cases. remember the defamation cases based on the fact that these women came out and said that bill cosby, upping, sexually abused them. bill cosby called them all liars. so what they then did, they sued bill cosby ton defamation grounds. so obviously, a lawsuit that proves bill cosby did in fact abuse andrea constand will help all the defamation cases for sure.
5:33 pm
>> will we see any of them take the witness stand. >> i think we may. my bet you're going to see them. the standard here is called mo, mo is modus operandi. the method of operation. and if you can prove that in the case that someone has done something over and over and over again that it's their method of operation, then it becomes admissible in courtroom. i think that that's what these 50 women i think that's going to be their purpose in this case to show that mo was that this is what he did. he drugged women for the purpose of having sex without consent. i think a judge will rule that these witnesses are going to be loud to testify. >> that will be fascinating. 78 years old he is, ken. three charges that he faces. how long do you think he'll get if convicted. >> he could get up to 30 years. certainly get a low of five and high of 30. he's 78-year-old. if he's convicted i think i'll die in prison. >> ken rothweiler thank you so much for your insight today. >> good to see you. >> our coverage of the cosby trial want comes next continues online at fo fox >> fox 29 weather authority
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right now, and beautiful sunshine out, a little cloudy but the warmth, yes -- >> you can feel it. >> outside our weather window we can see people walking around taking their jackets off finally. break out the we are mood today's tomorrow or the gym shorts. >> we are mood today's, iain? >> not really. >> ultimate doppler you can see still see clouds and frue showers rotating through. we still have an area of low pressure moving off the coast of new england. still impacting the area but temperatures will still able to warm well through the 70s and through the 80 today's. looking live outside our studios you see a lot of blue out there between the clouds the temperature 83. that's the high for the day. the normal high is 76. so finally a day above average we have not had many of them and this will help to warm up the monthly temperature take look at this. so far very very chilly may the average monthly temperature 58.5 and it's still 4 degrees cooler than average and we will end the month below average temperature for sure. first time in over year.
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you can see temperatures namely -- main in the 80s. 69 in poconos. in millville 76 the same in atlantic city. 81 in pottstown. 81 in reading. 82 wilmington as you get closer down the shore you can see cooler temperatures but really pleasant. mays landing 76. atlantic city that's at the airport 77. brigantine 79. that's pretty nice. along the barrier islands beach haven off bit of a sea breeze and it is 70 degrees much as we go farther inland typically a warmer and that of course is the case pottstown, valley forge, west chester reading at 81. allentown 83 and perkasie it is 79 degrees with sunshine. we'll watch that pesky area of low pressure clouds and rain over the past several days move well over nova scotia we watch as high pressure builds to the south and that will set off a number of very warm days across the delaware valley. 87 your high with plenty of sunshine. feeling like 90 with that batch of humidity. then as we continue to roll through the week, we'll keep a careful on this. an eye area of disturbed weather
5:36 pm
near the ba ma'am has could show tropical development within the next three to five days. national hurricane season i could say national hurricane center keeping careful eye on this the season begins next we week. several storms develop before the official start of hurricane season and it could be moving toward the north and toward the west and heading toward the mainland u.s. so that would mean some wet weather from mid atlantic southward at least over the holiday weekend. we'll keep a careful eye on this. in the city overnight, 61. the suburbs 56. mostly clear. stays real mild with temperatures that will be in the upper 50s throughout most of the region. during the day tomorrow mostly sunny temperatures really bumping up. 87 with a westerly wind. if you suffer from seasonal allergies, it will be a problem once again. the oak, mulberry trees and the grass is now a problem. wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday in the medium high range. on your exclusive fox 29 weather authority seven day forecast,
5:37 pm
89 degrees by thursday. by friday some pop-up storms, 88. 87 on saturday. then turning cooler with more clouds on sunday and monday. tuesday scattered showers in the 70s. but we'll have nice stretch of 80s and in some spots topping off at 90 degrees over the weekend. so enjoy. >> 90 degrees, my goodness. >> beautiful. >> thank you kathy. >> you bet. >> the race was on to save a worker in a trench. it was a long way down. and the rescuers had to break out really a rather tricky system to make sure everyone got out safely. and two people okay and back on land after a plane crash in paradise. but this story could have ended a lot differently how lifeguards and a good samaritan came to the rescue. coming up new at 6:00 new jersey fishermen discovered a hump back whale in trouble. how this whole thing ended.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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students staff an lump night of louisiana state university coming to grips with news of a sad diagnosis. the school's real tiger mascot like the tiger has a rare form of cancer. doctors found a tumor on the big cat' face and unfortunately the cancer is incurable they say. they say the best hope is a set of radiation treatments and the community is just heart broken. >> people have a real connection to him. people come out out every day, um, to see him and the kids especially. the kids love him. really sad day for the lsu community. >> radiation treatments will begin soon and doctors are hoping those treatments give him another one or two years. two people are safe tonight after a terrifying crash in hawaii. >> it was good samaritans that actually saved the couple. local workers in oahu look at the ocean and something didn't look real. it was a do you do plane. a couple of lifeguards got on their atv's and jumped into the
5:42 pm
ocean and swam about 50 yards. witnesses say the two survivors were hanging on to the wings of the plane but with the help of a good samaritan the pilot and his wife swam to shore safely. >> bystander on jet ski came responded and was able to put both the lifeguard and two people on to the jet ski and bring them to the beach park safely. >> both survivors are doing okay. they did have some abrasions on the chest likely from the see belt that is really nothing major. seemed like a normal trance act. one man sold his car to another but something written on the money that exchanged hands got polices to' attention. >> guys listen up it's an inevitable part of life for so some. what if going bald didn't have to be in your future. >> the eagles back at practice today and eagles defensive coordinator jim schwartz spoke for the first time after practice. and pete mackanin is showing why
5:43 pm
he'll make sure his players play hard. all that's coming up in sports. spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away.
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because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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>> skyfox is live over the scene between spring garden station and 30th street station. septa is using shuttle buses because of a report of someone on the tracks near 11th street. so police are investigating and they have cut power to that part of the tracks. if you travel that you want to be aware. we'll stay on top of this and bring you updates as soon as we get. >> storms marching against the southern plains. check out this funnel cloud in northwestern oklahoma. it happened after the national weather service issued a tornado warning at least one tornado touched down in the area shortly after that warning.
5:47 pm
so far no reports of any serious injuries. in indiana a craigslist sale just turned into a crime investigation. >> police say a teen tried to buy a car with movie prop money. fox's lindsay eaton has the story. >> at a glance it looks like hundred dollar bill. >> reporter: when you really look closely at this bill, you can see this money isn't made for spending. >> i've seen counterfeit cases. i never seen it with movie mon money. >> reporter: police say this guy 18-year-old austin davis had a ranged to meet a husband and wife selling this car on craigslist. after a test drive davis supposedly decided he wanted to buy the 2,003 black nissan. so he handed over $7,600. >> said you can counsel it just as the victim started counting it the defendant took off very quickly. got his attention he looked closer saw what it said. >> every single hundred dollar bill had this line. for motion pick which are use only. printed on the front and the back. once the victim saw that he ran into mcdonald's and even had
5:48 pm
them test it with their counterfeit marker. then he tried to chase down davis but he was gone in their car. >> victim was very upset. he vowed us help to nail him. >> for about 5 miles davis was able to pull fast one. >> police officer spot the him driving a car with the plates off of it. they had taken the plates off because they were going to exchange and stopped it. >> police report says officers found another $10,000 in movie money on davis and the 18-year-old told them he bought it all on e-bay for 20 bucks. >> he did have some of this money mixed with his personal money in his wallet as well. >> reporter: instead of rolling credit it was a confession at the end of this scene. davis told police he knew what he did was wrong and that it was stupid. >> police say davis told he boo bought that fake money for 20 bucks on e-bay. >> florida pilot in serious condition after his plane crash landed in a marsh. authorities say the pilot 20-year-old man started to have engine trouble and crashed into
5:49 pm
that heavily wooded marsh area. rescue workers were able to pull him from the plane. you can see that in this video and airlift to nearby hospital. no official word yet on what caused the crash. more scary moments in the skies. this time in colorado. after a bird strike forces an emergency landing. virgin america flight 865 was headed to san francisco when the plane hit a bird just after take off from denver international airport yesterday. officials say the air bus 8320 returned to denver and made a safe emergency landing. >> it was a grinding noise and jill said what's that and i said i think it's just turbulence. it was kind of a grinding noise. >> no one was hurt. virgin america says the pilot made the emergency landing out of a bun dance of caution but the plane did continue to operate as normal. more than 56 million americans suffer some sort of hair loss options to combat it can often be costly and painful but now doctors are test agnew option.
5:50 pm
>> offering new hope for those getting a full head hair back without drugs or surgery. here's fox 29's joyce evans. >> reporter: this is a big day for jenkins he's about to start changing something about his appearance that kind of nags him. >> as you can see, i have a little bit of receding hairline, and, um, as i've gotten older it's continued to recede little bit more. >> reporter: this day cayman becomes part of a nationwide something called plate less rich plasma therapy. >> it's a non surgical three minute procedure to facilitate hair growth. >> reporter: you may have heard of prp before. golf super star tiger woods and recently retired nba legend kobe bryant both used it to recuperate from knee surgery. >> plasma speeds healing, reduces down time, reduces bruising. it's really remarkable way to super charge healing. >> reporter: melbourne doctor says the method is pretty straight forward. your blood is drawn, then put
5:51 pm
into a centrifuge which separates the plasma. >> these are the areas where patient wants hair growth. >> reporter: platelet rich plasma. >> apply prp to this area here to encourage hair growth in this region. >> reporter: it is injected just under the scalp. less invasive and likely safer than other hair restoration procedures. >> because prp is derived from your own blood, there is no risk of allergy, there's no risk of infection, there's no risk of disease transmission. >> cayman jenkins treatment takes about 15 minutes start to finish. new hair should start to grow in three to six months. here are before and after pictures of another participant in the study. this is after three treatments. >> to be able to have, um a full head of hair again without really having to go through and deal with maybe some of the pain. i was excited about the possibility. >> reporter: prp hair restoration has been around for years. european experience shows the
5:52 pm
prp can be injected into the scalp and it stimulates hair growth in patients. >> reporter: but the us requires testing before its rolled out here. clemons is one of six doctors in the study of 60 patients. patients like cayman jenkins all looking to feel better. >> get back to an age an day of where you feel younger. >> reporter: joyce evans -- >> pretty amazing. >> reporter: fox 29 news. >> new jersey trooper normals to say the day. >> he helped two local teens get some thing very important. this is trooper chris john's outside a high school prom. the boy you see here shaking hands with the trooper and his friend had been car crash on the way to the dance. the boys go to the mace ocean county vo-tech. the crash shook them up but they were fine. the trooper insisted them to taking them to the prom after responding to the crash. very nice. >> just the thought of traveling the entire pep perimeter is daunting but ma'am imagine doing it all by foot. why a one man is onyx accomplish
5:53 pm
it. >> huge yearly celebration in philadelphia. pride festival gives the city the chance to celebrate the lgbt community. the organizers want to honor some police officers but not everyone is happy with that plan.
5:54 pm
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♪ san diego construction worker is safe tonight after firefighters pulled him out of a 40-foot trench. he fell off a ladder and into the pitt the city little italy's maybe. crews put him on stretcher and lived him out of the trench with
5:57 pm
a rope system. he is now recovering in hospital tonight. >> one man is on a mission traveling the entire perimeter of u.s. on foot. >> the goal is raise awareness and money for the homeless. ingrid kelly has his incredible story. >> if you want to build these things around america you really have to walk around america. that's how i got started. >> reporter: it was almost two years ago june of 2014 that leroy bailey laced up his shoes and left virginia beach on foot to raise money to help build centers for homeless people. >> one of the problems with the shelters we have around here they put rules nobody wants to go to them. >> reporter: bail system wal walking to change that one step at a time. his journey has taken him from home and he'll soon be in his ninth pair of shoes. >> the first day i walk i had blisters the size of siller dollars on the south of my feet. i wept to florida. walked through the ever grades. i walk all the way -- around
5:58 pm
texas to loredo and i got on 10 i had to go north because border patrol says not to walk west. i went all the way to san diego. i walk up to seattle crossed green bay and i came down right along the lake all the way around to holland michigan and i walked across the grand rapids lansing to here. >> detroit for now heading to toledo next and hopes his journey will be complete by october. he sleeps where he can but tries to get hotel once a week to shower. >> there's not one city in this country that could not use a hope center to house its homeless. it's really going to offer them hope not kick them out at 6:00 o'clock in the morning tell them come back at 4:00 o'clock. >> reporter: bails knows all too well about the plight of the homeless he was once homeless himself and relied on services to get back on his feet. >> a lot of those things don't exist any more. why that's been cut by the government. >> reporter: bailey still has many more miles to walk but he needs your help to give hope to the homeless. >> my goal when i started to get a million people to donate $10 month.
5:59 pm
that's all. >> reporter: in detroit, ingrid kelly, fox news. ♪ >> tonight at 6:00 bill cosby walked out of a montgomery county courtroom and toward mounting trouble. a judge just ordered him to stand trial on sexual assault charges. what's next for the iconic comedian. plus a rescue off the jersey shore. some fishermen find a wayne in trouble. the surprising twist that developed when the coast guard showed up. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we're following breaking news in center city and anyone who takes the market frankford line pay attention. the power has been shut off the market frankford line between 30th street station and spring garden. skyfox is live over the scene near 11th street. a man was hit and killed by a train. so police are currently investigating that. so if you take septa you want to be aware of that.
6:00 pm
people are now being transported on shuttle buses. we got a picture of the activity from 30th street station sent to us by fox 29 viewer anthony hopkins. you can see the police on the tracks. we will continue to follow this story and keep you update. >> time now 6:00 o'clock straight up. right now a new challenge for bill cosby. comedian left montgomery county courthouse today moments after a judge ordered the criminal case against him go to trial. his lawyers had tried to argue all the way to the state supreme court to get the case thrown out. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. today's hearing was over in about an hour. fox 29's bruce gordon is in norristown with a today's developments. bruce. >> reporter: guys, this was really a preliminary hearing a sort of strip down miniature trial in which prosecutors simi had to prove that the crime of aggravated indecent assault had in fact happened and that bill cosby was more than likely the culprit. well a judge listened to morning's worth of testimony and decided that prosecutor has answered both


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