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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 25, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> it was the perp walk that never happened this afternoon in front of the united states courthouse here in brooklyn. the perp, former nypd officer arrested this morning and connection to money-laundering charges tied to an escort services that he ran. like that we did see was from his lawyer who informed the press rearrested and taken into state custody on gun charges. found in the basement of his home, essentially a prop. >> it is an old 32 caliber
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handgun found in the basement somewhere. >> federal charges have not yet been dropped. we will continue to keep you updated on this complicated case right here on "chasing". >> is that kind of year again when coyotes are spotted in all the wrong places. breaking out of rikers island. earlyisland. early monday morning for coyotes were spotted running out of rikers island, possibly from over the bridge. i went in and chatted with people and they said they would have to debunk that. what actually happened is these coyotes, they live in this park behind me. and they come out every once in a while,while, roam around and take on the town like it is theirs. we spoke with a coyote
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expert who explained what this is all about. >> one of the reasons they can actually live in new york city, they can find pockets, places where we don't go or not frequently. >> last year i chased these urban coyotes all over the place. new york city, queens, and norwalk where i hadn't how close encounter with a coyote while i was chasing it. a rabid mother of two that had a dan in someone's backyard. i was eating in my currently coyote, maybe i wanted to be -- maybe at one of my sandwich. >> am chasing these coyotes now, but they want to know why this is happening. they seem to be appearing
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more and more. >> coyote pups are just learning to walk and run. >> this park behind me is where all the action is said to happen, and is a lot of construction going on. bill: people should be worried about this. >> to stay clear of them. they mostly come out at night. >> people die from worse things than a coyote attack. bill: acne sales of dynamite have skyrocketed. >> boy. bill: thank you. ♪
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bill: "high speed chase", start us off. >> aa big announcement. he just adopted a 20 -year-old worse than lily thought rescued from new holland pennsylvania in march. being shot more than a hundred and 25 times with a paintball gun. charges of animal cruelty and forced to pay fines including thousands of dollars for health and recovery. the best guess is that she will head to the animal sanctuary. >> drones to catch amazing footage in the air, and now if one of us needs to go to the dentist we can just use our drone. >> it actually is very slightly painful.
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get clever. >> i generally don't fall for big-budget movie marketing ploys, but this one is too cool to pass up. you too can stay in the ninja turtles supercool awesome layer/dojo/pizza place. and they put it on air b&b. you can stay there for ten bucks a night. it is all booked up and sold out, you can fill out a survey and to for a chance to win a couple free nights. ♪ >> mike was working. >> greg and mark kamas them what they do for a living and will tell you the is a teacher and the other will
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sell you who works in financial services. asked what they do in their time off and i will say. >> we are in the business of locking people up. bill: that means contact. >> and i've got it. they run last-minute escape comeau literally locking people and runs that have been transformed into a puzzle and forcing participants to figure out how to get out. these two entrepreneurs are not the only ones picking up bob part-time jobs. millennial's are more likely to work part-time, freelance come or any other type of contract work than any other age group,group, and it is not hard to see why. the latest report says that young workers in the big apple make 20 percent less than prior generations. >> to live the lifestyle i would like to live it requires a bit more. >> what is scarier, millennial's actually will likely not reach the same level of salary as their predecessors.
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bill: that sounds like whining to me. >> clues are scattered all throughout runs. each time you find a clue another door opens. >> i did a couple different jobs. did that to get by. that is just how the system is. >> simply pointing out that there is a changea change in the economy is not whining. the facts are the facts. it is a fact of life right now. >> but you have to do something about it. >> they are. bill: you guys are missing the point. go back to the game. >> clues scattered all throughout the room. they have to go put this puzzle together. players have about an hour to get out. >> wait. wait. wait. we did it.
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>> that was pretty good. >> i hope every single one of your people have a different set of skills is everyone that i know has gone into them, they are not easy to get out of. >> pretty much they have to say yes. ♪ >> track serial killers, got inside the walls of prison and handled some pretty disgusting evidence, but today we are going someplace we have never been before. ♪ the metropolitan museum of art currently has an exhibit entitled crime story photography and foul play, a collection of photographs of and about crime ranging from portraits to news photos to the wanted poster for john wilkes booth after the lincoln assassination which was the 1st to use
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photographs. i wanted to get the perspective of a detective. we went to new york to take a look at this exhibit. >> from the 1850s, early 1860s, and it is portraits of different criminal types. >> profiling. >> being a curator for 20 years and develop the exhibit along with three colleagues. >> crime and photography have been so closely linked from the beginning, from the mid- 19th century onward. >> they have been together for quite a long time. i asked her why. >> people want to see pictures of criminals and violent crime. it is titillation. the excitement. it is partly a way of saying that is not me. >> the portrait of dick haycock.
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massacred the clutter family and kansas. >> i think that the way that he photographed him, this intense close-up of his features, supersharp. it is larger-than-life size. it invites the viewer to try to look into his eyes and figure out what made him commit such a brutal crime. >> my favorite photo is what is called the head. the officers are standing around in the crime scene photographer records the action seen by a news photographer over on an l train. >> it has everything. it has everything you want. >> this exhibit is showing not just photos of crime and the way crime is depicted, but how it influenced other people.
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it has a ripple effect through society. there might be someone new that is pictures on the wall pretty soon. the photograph of the french detective. detectives today are not that much different. on his cell phone he has an x-ray shallow a man whoa man who was riddled with bullets from one of his investigations. >> evaluate that. >> sure. >> will take it. bill: no kidding? >> they were kidding. bill: you never know. yeah, i didn't get it. ♪ >> new jersey transit executive director. he literally has a backpack in the shape of a train. >> it is a one-of-a-kind. >> definitely.
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>> a metal head. ♪ ♪ >> adam up on the upright, i
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cannot play upright bass. every time i watch them play i'm play i'm like, that is outrageous. >> monday is open night mike rocks like an old freight train. blues guitar cries and the drummer plays like they own the place. he does. >> third-generation. my grandfather started this in the 30s. i have been here myself for 20 years now. i grew up in here. >> it is a roadhouse. this conspicuous because it has not changed and 75 plus years, not a bit. the world around it has completely morphed. the barb predates route 46.
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>> when it started back in the day this was a one lane dirt road in front of us. now it is one of the busiest wretches a while in northern new jersey. ♪ >> coming here just to here myself think. i have driven by like a thousand times. tonight is the 1st night that i ever came in. it turns out that that is a common story. >> every day we get people coming in, saying something like, i have been driving by this place for 2020 years, always wanted to come in and today is the day. >> pretty much. >> if you grew up in this area, this thing has been here longer than i have. everyone kind of knew it was here. >> ii don't get out as much as i used to. less so now, and it is not to be taken for granted. have been threatened. there had been an expansion plan that would've used
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eminent domain. thatthat has been changed in the expansion will now go around it. way too much good music flowing last night. bill: that is good to hear. youhear. you don't often hear the success stories of old businesses hanging in there. ♪ ♪ >> wwor vice president and station manager was an editorial talking about how nj transit was having trouble filling up there top spot, executive director and the need for the person to be an outsider. after that aired i got a resume right here.
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gene haines wants the top job, new jersey transit executive director. i had to meet this guy. i caught up with him in brooklyn. currently employed as an adjunct professor teaching business. why do you want to be new jersey transit executive director. >> we need the right people on the bus and the right people on the right seats when that is something that will help the company to become better and improve. >> start firing people on day one? >> definitely.definitely. i think you have to clean house. it starts from the top. >> more qualified every minute. >> i was blown away by his passion. he literally has a backpacka backpack in the shape of a train that he ordered from australia. >> this is a rare backpack. i got this shipped to me from australia. it is called a mojo backpack >> he showed me civil service exams he is taking. he paid 60 box and scored high, 92 out of 100.
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>> this is an example of something i took for train operator were my score was a 92.857. >> he also showed me the picture that he drew that his mother kept of him basically drawing a picture of a train and saying he wants to be a conductor one day. >> of donald trump is running for president he has no experience, i can definitely run new jersey transit. >> because i have the experience in the passion. >> he also has a vision board command i looked at it right next warning a lot of powerball is becoming new jersey transit executive director. >> the equivalent of winning the lottery powerball. >> so perhaps there is a
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spot for him somewhere. >> and he is open to that but get in the door. keep your nose to the grind stonegrindstone and he knows, maybe intended 15 years he could be. >> you would have to be appointed by the board. an outsider, it's hard to break inand although there are long-standing issues. trains are late. >> the image of the trend backpack doesn't help. >> a lot of different food trends. >> kind of reminds people of sticking her tongue out.
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bill: coming up next dads in babies working out. ♪
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bill: they already think i'm nuts.
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>> you heard, not into it? get up and do something about it. ♪ fun for parents and their newborns. check out the facebook page. >> so at "chasing news" we like to try a lot of different food trends. now we have a new one of the raindrop cake.
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brought the new york city by derek wong, not your traditional chef, not a chef at all. saw an article online so he thought he would give it the college try. >> able to develop at home. that took two months of trial and error. >> peter butter graham cracker. >> a lot of people mentioned that. >> he applied to the market. >> smorgasbord.
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>> what is a raindrop k? >> spring water. >> made out of sea algae. >> two ingredients are boiled together and pull -- port in the mold. placed into a container. they are able to keep them cool animals don't break. even if they put it on the car board. now, the cake itself is tasteless, low-calorie, like a watery jell-o. it is served at round cake in the east village. >> sticking her tongue out and catching a drop of rain. a lot of people think it looks like a contact lens, jellyfish a lot. striking visually and sets
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people's imagination off. it is fun to see how people react. >> a cake with chocolate and icing. all of the good stuff, tons of sugar. i am an american. bill: cake is un-american. that's it. ♪ >> the 1st medication of its kind, how dogs cope with noise related anxiety. bill: i would noi would no a storm is coming beecause of how the dog is acting. (sounds of birds whistling)
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♪ music ♪ introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. the simpsons... d'oh!
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