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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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head out the door, sue serio. >> or. net i pot. a loft just started doing that kind, you know, little gross but gets the job done. what number do you think we'll get today? how about we just do double digits? >> really? >> really? >> no rain in the forecast, humidity isn't going to kick in until tomorrow. and it will be nice and warm and feeling like summertime. why not? already starting to see the combination of sunrise, because, it is official at 5 38. 59 degrees, calm winds out there, a tranquil, beautiful start to the day. 40 degrees in mount pocono, that's our chilly spot this morning. we have 52 allentown and reading. we're close to 60, as we said, in philadelphia, and 62 degrees in dover. so this is what a little bit of the radiational cooling, because these temperatures are lower than last hour. but, sunrise coming soon. so they're only going to go up from here. finally got rid that far pesky low pressure system, that caused that rain ever since
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saturday. but now we have an air quality warning, in effect there is means air pollution levels casino of more concentrated. so, this is another warning for bob kelly. don't over exert yourself today. because -- >> you don't have to tell me twice. >> a loft sunshine, high of 88 degrees, just take it easy, sun doesn't set until 8 18. we'll have your weekend forecast coming up. bob? >> the chair? you don't have to tell me twice to take it east. >> i recline. >> exactly, recline, the grass pollen too hi, i really have to just take it easy today. wednesday, good morning, everybody, hump day. a live look at i95 southbound, no problems yet as you work your way in toward center city. here is a live look at route 309. right near the pennsylvania, just a mike box, we're good. good morning ft. washington waking up ac will be pumping today, teachers in a good mood. we got ten up on the big board, 55 on i-95. 50's on the schuylkill. so off to good start on this mid week, except in the
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neighborhood, we will drop on down into fairmount park, belmont avenue between monument road and conshy road. right, that's short cut, belmont avenue there when you come past the water reservoir, folks trying to get in toward center city. your best bet stick with city avenue and pick up the schuylkill expressway from there. looks like a good day to fly if you are getting out of town. lucky you maybe for the holiday weekend or business, no problems in or out of philadelphia international airport. get ready cherry hill. see the paving project pain before the gain though. the rocky ride here along route 70, between pennsauken and cropwell road. otherwise, as i mention, the schuylkill looking good. no problems on the penny is turnpike, back to you. >> breaking from overnight, shooting around 2 15 this morning leaves one man dead. >> police say this happened near wayne and west chelten avenues in germantown, steve keeley is there, steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, the whole area is shutdown. this is a 2 block wide crime scene. not just this parking lot,
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this closed pathmark, but then you cross chelten avenue, and in the parking lot between that kentucky fried chicken and burger king is more bullet casings, more evidence markers and another car with a gun in it. they think they have 3 gunmen at least 3 guns involved. they have 2 of the shooters who survived the shoot-out. and where you see the police right now, they are standing by, and you look on the ground, there is a baseball cap there. that was worn by the victim. now, we will go to some video here, and i want to show you, the scene here, right across the street from a place called victor's tavern. and that is where the victim was drinking, just before closing time, comes out here, and pronounced dead at 2 38 a.m. >> welshing police officers patrolling the area heard multiple gun shout, around wayne and chelten. they got here within seconds. and they found the victim unconscious on the parking lot, they rushed him to the hospital. he was pronounced dead at the hospital at 2 38 a.m.
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gunshot wound to the chest, couple of graze wound to the head. there were several people still on the scene. they turned out to be persons of interest. >> well, beyond where we are right now, you are looking at victor's cafe, they have surveillance cameras in and outside. police have been in there getting cooperation from the bar workers, looking at the videos, to see what kind of evidence they have on video. they certainly always hate seeing somebody alive, one minute on video, at a bar walking out the door live and getting killed just feet outside the front door of the bar moment later. but, across the street they are holding the scene, there is a car over there, way beyond what we can show you even with our 2x zoom capability t gives awe sense how wide this scream atlantic city is, right at the corner of wayne and chelten, is a real time crime scam ra they only put those where they have constant crime active tip.
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there is a reason that camera is there and that camera may have pick up some of the shoot-out as they continue way across the street into another parking lot where there are more evidence markers like you see right where we are. >> definitely wise investment, by the philadelphia police department, thank you so much, steve keeley. >> also, breaking this morning, 21 year old in the hospital after police say he was shot once in the back at philmore and tackawanna streets in frankford. it was around 1 30 this morning when police were called to area health. they met up with him. he told them he was hit near that location, officials say they are looking for two men caring guns, who also shot out the back window of some car, park outside of a nearby china house restaurant. >> happening today, montgomery county schools back in session after a fire cut classes short yesterday. flames inside north penn high school, sent kids home just afternoon. we're hearing a fire started in a maintenance room, thankfully, no one was hurt, the cause un investigation, school officials say classes will resume as normal this morning. >> confusion over grades in the central bucks school district. as parent really confused over how are kids doing in school?
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>> parent say the system in place right now deserves total f. dave kinchen live in doylestown with more on how parent are reacting, hi, dave? >> reporter: parent say that comings from the district to make some changes just doesn't go far enough. so they are not giving the ad minute straight ores an a in this case, because they say, this is not only confusing but it is just like other programs, grading systems across the philadelphia area that is confusing parents, this time, though, the confusion in the central bucks school district. parent say they used to know where their children stood with the traditional a, b, c letter grades, but they're gone now, in place, a standards-based system, for example, parent say that their kids getting a m for meeting standards versus the old way doesn't tell them anything about the progress of their children. could you get e for exceeding standards or low grade, lp, meaning limited progress. they say the confusion does not end there.
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>> in measurement, means approaching, but the the content, means outstanding. we'll have the letter a on the same document with two completely different meanings. >> i have two very separate, very different learners, and very different performers in school. their report cards look identical. they get m's in everything. i have a child who will come home with a one hundred on a math test, it is a m. i have a child who will come home with five wrong on a math test, it is a m. everything is a m. >> a compromise was proposed which was a hybrid of letter grades, and standard indicators, but many found even more confusing. overall the entire system will have to be changed, but the problem is that can't happen by september. we're told by officials, the school board voted five to four, last night, in favor of bringing letters to current
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report cards for fifth and 6 graders only, because this is all basically dealing with those grades, the bottom line is parent say they just need an overall change, something that makes sense. back to you. >> absolutely. dave, thank you. >> pennsylvania judge rules yesterday there is enough evidence for comedian bill cosby to face trial on criminal sexual assault charges. montgomery county courtroom prosecutors portrayed him as a preditor. they claim he called andrea constant to his cheltenham home in early 2004, drug her, and then groped her, as she drift in the and out of consciousness. cosby's defense hammered at constant's credibility while remaining the relation was concentual. she herself did not testify. but a detective red part of her interview with authority. >> the typical defense tactic is always attack the victim. put the victim on trial, not your client. >> what they presented today was evidence of nothing. they had 12 years to bring in accuser to confront mr. cosby,
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they close not to. >> she is expected to testify at the trial. cosby waived his right to be waived. now in the hands of lawyers, some reports say it could be a year or more before cosby goes to trial. he's not getting any younger. >> no. >> authorities in camden say 4 teenagers chose their victims at random when they went on a robbery spree that ended up killing a teenager. >> two, 19 year old, from pennsauken, and 18 year old from camden, being held on 2 million dollars bail for the murder of 19 year older it end films last wednesday. 16 year old is also charged with felony murder. they say he's the one who pulled the trigger. a 16 year old. all four defendants are also charged in 2 other robberies that occurred, the killed, shots fired, during each one of the incident. >> two men walked into alley but only one came out alive. camden police looking for this man in the red shirt. they say he ran away from the scene of a murder on the 28 hundred block of north contusion road last friday. 24 year old james rhodes died from gunshot wound, if you know anything about that
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redman there trying to get away you are asked to call police. also developing this morning, protests outside donald trump rally in new mexico, turned violent last night. >> demonstrators are seen burning t-shirts and flags and even throwing them at police officers outside an albuquerque convention center. also report of bottles, rocks being thrown, as well. police responded by using pepper spray as the crowd pushed down barricades. inside the rally, trump was interrupted repeatedly by shouting protesters. trump supporters responded with chants. chanting bill that wall. >> to politics, back here at home, governor tom wolf wants pennsylvanians to be able to buy six packs of beer, despite pending court challenge. >> today 3 pennsylvania liquor crowed board members will consider 9 beer license applications from convenience and grocery stores that sell gasoline, currently, state law prohibit businesses from selling both beer and gas. 2014 commonwealth court ruling permitted the sale of beer and gasoline on the same property, as long as the . of sale are separate.
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the state supreme court is considering an appeal. >> meanwhile, governor tom wolf has strong stands on freeing the 6 pack. he sent the letter to the state's liquor control board asking it to let the station sell it. >> we will put the letter up for you so you can see it yourself. allowing malt or brewed beverages to be sold un appropriate circumstances is a important step toward our shared goal of freeing the 6 pack, and increasing convenience, improving customer satisfaction for all pennsylvanians. as of now, pennsylvania's liquor code denies beer licenses to any location that sells fuel or oil. legislation that would expand casino sale gambling to places such as airports and bars, is moving slowly through the pennsylvania house. >> lawmakers look to go resolve state budget deficit without raising taxes, the 2 bills were defeated by the house yesterday. officials say 3 hundred million dollars would have been given to public school employee pensions, one of those bills would have also allowed gambling, video gambling, video gambling at bars, taverns and truck stops. septa gearing up for unlikely partnership.
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why the transportation authority is getting in business with uber. >> plus, in your health, lauren johnson suffers from allergies. no, why a new study finds a divorce could spell disaster for the man's diet.
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>> all coming long we're
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coming to you a town near you. this friday, we're going to oc, ocean sit, we will be live from 7 to 10 at the ocean city music peer. >> you can sign to up win a bran new mazda cx9. go to our website fox29.comment click on the contest page, we will pick finalist once a week being on our final show it will be one big give away. someone will have a key start that car and drive into the sunset. >> where we are headed the next several weeks, few more stops, so come on, see us, sign to up win that beautiful car. it is a brand new mazda cx9. >> sue serio? >> first time we go to the shore every summer, we say hello ocean. because haven't seen the ocean since last year. do you do that? we might be the only ones? and then we say good-bye ocean. >> he says i will now. >> okay. anyway oh, do it friday please. probably the last day that we
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call it chillier than average may, because, starting today, with those temperatures in the upper 80s, the average for the month will be going up. so far averaging 3, 4 degrees cooler than we're supposed to be. we have much more rain for the month than average. 2 and a third innings more than average, no rain in the forecast for the next couple of days, that statistic will go down. we have to keep an eye on this area, the tropics. there are indications we could see tropical development toward the middle of the holiday weekend. something that could happen, it is very early, but if you recall last year we had storm develop in may before hurricane season started when anna, look at the first name on this year's list. it is alex. i'm sure alex holley knows about. that will something we'll just keep ion as we head into the holiday weekends, looking at temperatures very comfortable this morning, 58
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degrees in wilmington, greenwich has 55, 54 millville, new jersey, here in the city it is 59, mays landing 53. we move up, to the northern suburb, perkasie cool, with only 48 degrees to get you started now the average high is 77, we were right around there monday, went above average yesterday, that's where we will stay in the 7 day forecast with 8 degrees today, tomorrow, we bring in little humidity in the afternoon with high of 89. and anyone every these days we could see some places hit 90 degrees, especially on friday but that's before the thunderstorms hit, we will have some scattered thunderstorms throughout the afternoon on friday. shouldn't mess up our broadcast in the morning, on friday, then it stays pretty warm through most of the holiday weekend, bob kelly? >> it will be tough though. thinking about that afternoon thunder boomers on friday, that means could have rain on the ride down the shore. later on in the afternoon. that friday the holiday, friday of the holiday, always crazy to begin with, but we
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got some dry roads now, offer to good start, national wine day. we're there. good morning shall everybody, live look at the freeway, working your way in toward philadelphia. no problems or delays at all, again, roads are dry, probably got the ac cranking later on today. double 8's on the thermometer, a ten on the scale. so good to go here. live look at the blue route, 476, near conshohocken, no problems coming in from the suburbs, they do have some construction here on the northeast construction cleaning up. we'll drop down into fairmount park with a accident along belmont avenue. between monument and conshohocken road. so, stick with city avenue here, and head down to the schuylkill, as your alternate. that belmont avenue stretch there, little bit of short cut for folks during the early morning hours, 422, westbound, watch for crews working today from 7 24 all the way out to route one hundred, headed to the airport getting out of
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town, lucky you, no problems at the moment at philadelphia international airport. we have the construction zone over here in cherry hill along route 70, otherwise mass transit looking good. back to you. >> sue mentioned this, when you get thereto ac to see us friday look out and say hello ocean, when you do that there are measures, strict smoking public beaches, and ban entirely at parks. schedule for vote in new jersey by the legislature. >> officials expect to get final approval tomorrow to bill vetoed by governor chris christie in 2004, so that bill would unable municipalities to set aside 15% of the beach, as a designated smoking area, but that would not apply to any of the parks. supporters say the bill keep second hand smoke away from non-smokers in children. >> 5 19. creative find newark, delaware, police say a young man confused with pot. officers found 460 grams of edible marijuana on 22 year old dillan nun, at the white clay creek state park last week. after searching his apartment, they also found lsd and drug
5:20 am
par fear nail ya. faces several charges. >> so police say this man walks into a home, claimed he was from the water department, even had what look like credentials, so you know where we're going here, princeton new jersey police say the guy was up to no good at that home on stewart road east. he told the homeowner he was with new jersey american water police say he was not though did look like t he looked at the meter and left if you recognize him or the truck you are asked to call police. >> 5 this 20. things back to normal after tourist visiting philadelphia slips and falls in front of oncoming septa train. >> so police say yesterday during the five p.m. rush hour man fell on to the tracks at the 13 street station, he was hit and killed by an incoming train. victim was with his wife who officials say witnessed the accident from the platform. the couple was from out of town and had just been sightseeing. that accident left septa's busiest line shutdown for about an hour and a half. >> it was a big inconvenience,
5:21 am
the shuttle wasn't running, then had to go across the street, big inconvenience. >> police have not identify the the victim. septa police do not suspect foul play or suicide and just say this was tragic accident. >> speaking of the tracks. septa announced that the lansdale doylestown line will be the next to operate under this positive train control. septa has already installed on the fox chase line, safety system design to limit human error by regulating train separation avoiding collisions between trains, and enforcing speed limits on the tracks. >> and septa's partnering with the ride sharing service uber details will be released today on summer pilot program between the two. so it will aim to increase access to and from regional rail stations in the suburbs. septa says the program part of ongoing research, they are conducting, on how ride sharing services impact public transit. recent studies show more than 20% of riders already use ride sharing to connect to septa services. that's good research done there.
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>> doctors have new way to soot patient, why those suffering from cancer, dementia, mental health problems can now benefit from gardening. >> you'll benefit a lot as if you have these numbers.
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>> they found fit bit miscalculated heart rates, by up to 20 beat per minute on average, during intensive workouts. >> that's not good. >> no. >> okay, gardening may help those suffering with cancer, dementia, health problems. >> garden, yes, national health service is urging doctors to recommend the activity to more of it patience, that's because outdoor spaces including gardens, can reduce social isolation among older people, as well as how patient recover, and manage conditions such as dementia. can reduce levels of depression, lonliness, anxiety and stress and help improve older people's balance. >> divorce could spell disaster for a man's diet. >> uk researchers found hen's whose marriages ended recently
5:26 am
ate 25% fewer fruits and vegtables than they did before the split. they say women's diet didn't seem to change at all. >> somewhat surprisingly they also fawn alcohol consumption did not change foremen following a divorce while women actually consumed less alcohol than they did during marriage. >> dave kinchen, a lot of m's for mad moms this morning? >> reporter: yes, making the new grade here in the central bucks school district, why some report cards are confusing parents and after the break we'll tell you what these school district trying to do about it. ♪ we built our factories here
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. breaking right now the fox 29 morning news, shots ring out in germantown, one man returned to the hospital. police arrived so quickly they may have had the killer in custody, steve keeley have a live report for you straight ahead. >> later in the show, local woman said she was kick out of her kids class, at the ymca, what she bass doing that made people so uncomfortable, they asked her to leave. >> plus the heat is on. after the rain comes the sunshine. how high will the temperatures go today? >> good day, may 25, 2016. we need to wish happy belated birthday to, who did i tell had you a birthday? >> patti labelle,
5:30 am
philadelphia's own. >> yes, yesterday she celebrate, i forget, sue serio, howell you told me she was? >> she may not want us to tell. she is timeless, miss patty, and happy birthday, belated, to you. all right, here is bus stop buddy, now, we've re place dollars the umbrella with the sunscreen bottle. we've had a lot of gray days in may, we've had a lot of rain in may. so you'll want to go out, enjoy it day, which means, you're going have to put on the sunscreen, because, you know, it might be your first day out for a long time. lot of sunshine, already evidence, 59 degrees, sunrise is official at 5 38. 78 press relative humidity, calm winds, very tranquil start to the day. 40 degrees in mount pocono, cool up there, 52 in allentown, 56 degrees in trenton. already in the 60s in dover, delaware, a big warm up expected there. high concentration of air
5:31 am
pollution, so if you have boating issues specially take it easy for today. 88 degrees the high temperature, humidity doesn't kick in until tomorrow. that's what's going to be so great about this day why we gave it a ten. once humid then we start complaining, different kind of wine, i know, wine day today, but tomorrow, i mean, so humid. >> tomorrow is wine i day. good morning, everybody, 5 31 on this wednesday, wine day, live look at i95 in the construction zone, no problems at the moment. starting to see some volume pop for folks headed southbound, can't wait until this is finished, we'll have brand is spanking new what four lanes probably in each direction, sometime in the future. here is a live look at the boulevard, little hazy shot here, but no problems at all working your way out of the northeast into the schuylkill expressway. looking good coming in on 422, picking up the cones on the extension for folks headed up to the poconos for the holiday
5:32 am
weekend. you won't see any new construction zones, how much, construction patterns will still be there, same deal on all of your majors like 95 and the schuylkill. but an accident right now, in fairmount park. along belmont avenue between monument road and conshohocken road. so just stick with city avenue construction 309 at paper mill road, buses, trains, trolleys, all running with no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you, to the breaking news, right now, police searching for the person who shot and killed a man in germantown overnight. >> police say they may have captured the killer because they made it there so quickly, steve keeley live at the intersection where this all happened. hi, steve? >> yes, 2 killers, two guys, two guns, and the gunman himself or the victim himself, also with a gun, and they can't find that gun. so they think somebody pick that up and took off. he dropped essentially dead here after being shot so much.
5:33 am
pronounced dead 2 38 a.m. most of the scene wrapped up by police except a cross chelten avenue, one parking lot where the shooting happened, more shooting happened in that parking lot across chelten avenue. you can tell, that that's a big street, there because you see the brick wall, the police hold that car there, because that's one of the two shooters that they took in the custody, and they think, with the guy told them, he admitted he had 40 caliber gun in this car so waiting for legal right to go into the car and get the gun. here is inspector scott small telling us why police got these guys, because they got here so fast. >> police patrolling the area heard multiple gunshots around wayne and chelten. they got here within seconds. and they found the victim unconscious on the parking lot, they rushed him to the hospital. he was pronounced dead at the hospital at 2 38 a.m. gunshot wound to the check, couple of graze wounds to the head. there were several people still on scene. they turned out to be persons
5:34 am
of interest. >> and this victim, 25 year old man, pronounced dead at 2 38 a.m. just minute before, was inside victor's tavern, drinking, so they have video of him in there, and they are wondering if they have video of him outside in the shoot-out with these two guys, and as we come back to the live picture, there is real time crime camera above the pole where the street signs for wayne and chelten avenues are. there is also a camera right here on this closed pathmark about to reopen as another market. but that camera actually works as well, and again, it is dark out, but if these have any kind of night vision, they've got 14 different angles maybe of this shoot-out here latest murder here in germantown, chris, lauren? >> thank you. also, breaking for you. 21 year old man is in the hospital after police say he was shot once in the back, at philmore and tackawanna street in frankford around 1 30, police were called to the area health where they say he told them he was hit near that
5:35 am
location, officials say they are looking for two men caring guns, who also shot out the back of the window of a car, park outside of the nearby china house restaurant. >> two men walk to go an alley, only one comes out alive. camden police now looking for a man they say was wearing a red shirt. they say he ran away from the scene of a murder on the 28 hundred block of north constitution road last friday. you can see him right there in the video. 24 year old james rhodes died from gunshot wound, if you recognize that man, in the video, you're asked to call police. confusion over grades in the central bucks school district has parent really not knowing how their child is progressing. >> those parent say the system right now deserves a f. dave kinchen now live from doylestown, with reaction from parents, dave, good morning. >> good morning to you. a lot of people say that the old system, abcd, puts too much pressure on children, in terms of being competitive, perhaps that was one of the reasons why they made this change here in the central bucks district but leading it
5:36 am
a clot of confusion here in central bucks. parents say they new where their children stood with the traditional abcd system. but that's gone now. in it place, new program called standards-based system, which, for example, parents say their kids getting a m for meeting standards versus the old way does not tell them anything about how many their children are doing, than confuse does not end there. >> they think proposed compromise, letter grades, standard indicators won't work either. overall the school district voted five to four last night for fifth and 6 graders only, but doesn't go far enough. they need to change the whole thing. parent say they'll keep up the pressure, they want the old system back. sometimes the old way just works best. leak the sold michael jackson songment couldn't be any
5:37 am
simpler. dave, thanks. >> new report from pennsylvania state officials reveal some disturbing news about 42 thousand calls for the child abuse hotline went unanswered last year. >> 42 thousand calls. pennsylvania secretary for human services has said thousands were put into danger, work to go fix there is calls to the hotline grew after law went into effect in 2015, that made more adult get clearances, and krill nam backgrounds checks before working with children. officials say they are work to go get down to 4% of unanswered calls. all right. phillies bat yesterday in detroit, man, they were shot. they lost 3-1, they play again at 1 10 today. sports in one minute, coming upment but first, the jam, paul well err, 58 years old today. shear one of the cool songs.
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>> for the phillies, same story, their challenge, they have a hard time scoring runs, going to detroit, take a look, miguel dab remember a, he can hit. boy did the phillies use a hitter like him. he's hot.
5:41 am
three, one, got back to where they were before. >> the cubs win it. now pit burying pen wins to tampa pa last night, sydney cross by, what a player. shoots, to the pads, scores made it 3-nothing, pittsburgh does win it, 5-2, there will be a game 7. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> they'll meet the president, beat carolina in a buzzer beater. the win result in the celebrations all around this area. and we had a huge victory parade for them, as well.
5:42 am
more exceeding news for the while cat. yes, josh heart is coming back for his senior season. heart sent out this tweet, late last night, announcing he pulled his name from the nba draft in order to play another year at villanova. heart averaged little more than 15 points a game last year. you know that wildcats headed to the white house will be received by president obama, probably, setting up a court to shoot some hoops with these guys, right? >> and there will be a lot of b's in the picture. >> all right, a local woman says she was kicked out of her kids class at the ymca, what she was doing, that made people so uncomfortable, that they had to ask her to leave.
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>> good day philadelphia giving away a car all summer long, coming to a town near this friday going to ocean city, we will be live from 7 to 10 at the ocean city music peer. >> okay, so you can sign up to win the car by going to our website fox 29. see where it says end tow win here, just click there, really easy, and you can enter once every 24 hours. we will pick finalist, once a week, and then in our final show, we will have a big give away.
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>> and sign to up win the brand new mazda cx9. that would be great to win to escape the heat. >> brand new car. let's just hope the air-conditioning is working, because over the next couple every days you need to crank it up. yesterday we got to 83 degrees, that was first time in the month of may, that we've reached the 80s, and it happened three times during the month of april. but that was first time? may, bad news from the asthma center measures tree pollen, very high, grasses, casino of hi, and mold spores, thanks to all of the rain we've had, not dealing with weeds at the moment, no ragweed issues. >> tropics are indications we could have tropical development in advance of the season, and i did want to mention that we already had hurricane alex, it happened in january. almost forgot all about. that will so our next name on the list is bonnie. if we get a storm, this
5:47 am
weekend. 60 degrees in philadelphia, mill individual, 54, medford lakes, 53, trenton, 56 degrees, mays landing, 52, at 50 in pottstown, 52 in reading , 83 degrees the high temperature yesterday, today, well surpassing that, but we will gave you a ten, because the humidity hasn't kicked in yet. that will will happen tomorrow. see some folks reaching 90 degrees, because these are the longest days of the year we're experiencing, sun rising just after 5 30, not setting until after 8. so chance for things to really warm up. chance every hat day storms, maybe memorial day. looking at the weather forecast, bob kelly you have a situation that doesn't look good here? >> no, somebody that can use a brand new car, this fellow right here, look at this, you know it will be a bad day when
5:48 am
you're down the grassy embankment. looks as though everybody's okay. this is eastbound lanes of 422 right at egypt roadment looks like he clipped in metal guardrail here, tore it apart, and now laying down in the grassy median. again, that's eastbound, 422, as you work your way in toward egypt road, again it, would be off to what would be that left shoulder, as you are coming inbound in toward king of prussia. starting to see little bit of sun glare pop out here so pack your shades, take the convertible to work day on this wednesday watch for the crews, started putting down the cones, signs ready for the repaving project along route 70 between monument and conshohocken road, little short cut past the water reservoir there. your best bet, stick with city avenue, and pick up the
5:49 am
schuylkill from there. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> all right, thank you so much, bob. after delay to check the possible damage, solar power plane taking off from dayton, ohio. >> cool stuff. the solar impulse 2 on an around the world journey, officials make sure to check the swiss made plane thoroughly. does not look like it is sustained any damage it left this morning at 4. the to began in march from abu dhabi, already made stops in places such as china and japan. >> nice. >> outcry on social media. >> sorry, in your shot. >> nice to see you. thanks for coming? >> good to see you, chris. >> outcried in social media after local woman says she was kick out of a ymca class for breast feeding her kid. the ymca calling this all a miss understanding. >> kate said she was in a toddler class, nursing 19 month old son, she said she has breast fed her son in the billing before, but monday told to cover up, and leave the room.
5:50 am
>> upper management came n i stood up with west. they said if you're going to nurse again, you need to do it in the hallway. and i said on the bench, in the hallway, there is benches in the hallway. and i said why? and she was like, well, there is men in this class, and they're uncomfortable, they've been make complaint. >> the ceo at the myca calls this all a big any standing, they need to use the bamm beam that kate was sitting on. that's why she was asked to go elsewhere. he says women are welcome to breast feed anywhere inside their facility. >> she was trying to breast feed on a balance beam? that's real talent. >> you may hurt yourself. >> michael ooh gee jerrick, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> you got a lot going on today. >> oh, it will be hot today. and it was a hot weather short t-shirts, bug spray, i'm serious about this, because pro ticking against the zika virus, the zika mosquitos very
5:51 am
strong, which mosquito repellents actually work? come super reports came out with new study yesterday. so we have their findings. >> some don't even work at all! >> oh, no. >> did you see the chaos consuming the donald trump rally overnight? that's albuquerque new mexico. >> oh, that was a mess is that correct what we will have the rest of this campaign? plus, national wine day. >> even a files. >> oh, people who love wine. >> oh, the wine. >> have you ever consumed a wine pop sick snell. >> not yet mike. >> we will have them on the show today if you want to taste this, come by, fourth and market.
5:52 am
>> oh, oh? >> what, 9 this morning. >> hopefully their off day if they show up. >> you'll be way off. >> and it is a good morning, for that, 88 degrees, and humid, and yucky. >> wait. what's your favorite wine? >> you know i'm not a big wine guy. >> you're not? >> but i'll run upstairs right now. >> where are you going, to get al next. >> i have to find alex, i haven't seen her. >> that could be trouble. >> what's your favorite wine? >> in the summertime, i like nice crisp chardonay, in the wintertime nothing better than a big bold red. >> what about an america merlo? >> he came back for that. >> philadelphia will hold its annual pride parade, a group of local lgbt law enforcement offers remembers participating. why their inclusion, though, not being expected or sitting
5:53 am
well with everyone. >> i
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> this year group of local
5:56 am
lbgt law enforcement officers are parities pail being their inclusion, you know, not really sitting well with everyone, though, the parade originally grew out of recognition of the stone wall riots against the police violence, so some are surprised to learn, that an organization of lgbt police had been asked to be parade grand marshals this year. >> came out of the spirit of revolution, and uprising juster not going to happen. >> the greater philadelphia gay officer action league, or goal, represent law enforcement officers from around the area trans gender president, it is an honor and positive step for them to be involved. a man shot dead, just about an hour ago, in germantown, steve keeley live on the scene with the very latest for you, plus what's in a grade? many in the central bucks school district say they couldn't tell you the new
5:57 am
standards, face report card system is really confusing to them, and they say, it is hurting their kid. and the heat is on after the rain comes the sunshine, how high are the temps going to go? your full forecast in just a moment.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> murdered in a parking lot. finds out who the police are
6:00 am
questioning in connection with this crime that happened about an hour ago. >> violent protests, chaos, consume ago donald trump rally overnight. anti-trump protesters lighting fires, throwing rocks, and smashing doors. the mayhem this morning. >> some police officers got hurt. plus, save the 6 packs. here, governor wolf's plea to the liquor control board, about expanding where beer can be sold. how about swing to go get some gasoline and pick up a 6 pack? good day, may 25, 2016. hi everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> right off the top our spied is her still on this camera. >> spider research? >> little bit, yes.


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