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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is the 9 hour, it is wednesday, car send here. >> morning, karen? by the attach until wine day. and we have these cute little wine glasses. look at alex. i got a beer mug, or beer glass. >> so you guys may remember, though be this was our friends, jenny, who she met in doylestown. remember, mike? she made a mug every you, and you loved your -- >> well, my lips were ladies lips. so she redid it on beer glass, now i have more manually lips. >> and then she decided to give me a wine glass here. >> and she didn't have one for karen so do you have drink out
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of jenn fred. >> well, she and i both like our wine, that's no problem at all all. we can totally shy. >> we'll make wine popsicles, wine slushy which i've never had. >> thank you, jenny. >> thank you jen any doylestown. >> google your date before you meet them. do you ever google somebody's information, before you meet them at the restaurant or whatever for a first date? the pros and cons of doing that. there is actual research done on this. >> and if you think your sex drive goes down, as you age, think again. the new study making middle age look and feel great. >> and also, it is time to drink up. bottoms up, everybody. cheers, it is national wine day, the five unusual ways you can enjoy your vino without a glass. you mentioned one of them, wine slush. >> i looks like there is win ice cream cones? >> oh,. >> what? >> dow like wine and berries, maybe that's -- oh, neat.
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great for a party. >> sometimes i pour glass of champagne for a lady, and you put raspberries in it, strawberries, all in there, it fizz z all up and -- >> aren't you quite the entertainer? >> oh, ya. long time ago. >> you're not alone, parent, if you think our kids are moving back in, into your house, this is happening all over america, and i'm talking children who are 18 to 34 moving back in with their parent. >> sure, new statistics reminds us of a scene from very popular movie, step brothers. >> oh, ya. >> why are you guys so sweaty? >> we already figured out thousand do this, they match upper expectly. here is the thing it, will give us so many extra space in our room to do activities. please say yes. >> you don't need permission from us to build bunk beds. you're adults. >> according to this pew research center, for the first time on record living at home is now the most common
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arrangement for people 18 to 34, they go back to their parent house. because people are marrying later, they don't have any money because college made them go broke. >> ya? >> so living with mom and dad also allows young people to save for a downpayment on their own house. happening all over. >> i have a friend doing it now, staying with his parent, and that way he's saving up and he want to buy like a house eventually, and and he is he has all of these big plans but might as well save up if i can. >> my children, they didn't move back n they just borrowed the money to buy the house for themselves. >> i think part of the difference, keep saying he, and showing boys. the boys move back in. the girls can't wait for the freedom, and to be out on their own, living on their own. >> what, the boys? >> i'm list edge, karen? thank you, alex. just ignore him. >> but we were talking about -- are you guys okay? >> fine. >> talking about this earlier. my parent were like i don't care what you do. once you go off to school and
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stuff like, that you can't come back in this house. so if we need to scrap money together and help you get a place and help you come up with a payment plan, we will de, that but you're not coming back here. no, no, no. >> not in my house. >> did you see this? toronto raptor, who is now doing the same thing? >> and "tmz" went to mutumbo, he said it is okay now. >> oh, okay. >> gave his blessing, you can dot finger wag. because they're from the same country. the congress owe? i have to look at that. >> hi, karen? hi, so extra come in to help our boys, keep them out of the house. >> mike asking, do you live with your parents? >> yes, they're home from school. so i think there is the periods when you graduate from college looking for jobs or before you start the job or move somewhere else, when you kind of need that transition. >> these kids, they're 34. >> it is like failure to watch. that other movie. 25 to 35, need to keep the boys out of the housement don't feed them too much. don't dot laundry for them.
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>> that's the thing. >> it is too good. mom maids it too good for them. >> not going to happen to my boys. >> i used to take my laundry home for my mom to do. >> you went all the way home for her to do your laundry? >> pack suitcase full of dirty laundry. pathetic. >> 9 05. how much do you know about your date when you're going on first date? do you jump on the computer, or your phone, and google all the information you can get before you go on that first date? alex holley, i know do you that. >> oh, don't call me out. so, talking about her experiences. and they applied pretty much to everyone. she said she doesn't actually want to know about them before the first date. because she ends up being too concerned with hiding whatever she has learned. >> trowel. >> so on the flip side, if you don't look, then, well, you don't node. and when she found out her date googled her it, freak her out, and shift the dynamics, because all of this insight into her, and she new nothing
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about him. >> karen, you seem like a ghoul letter to me. >> specially this job, this business, i google all the time, linked in, trying to track them down, but more curious alex dating today because i would be so temp and you kind of want to know, right? >> oh,. >> i want to know. >> here is the thing. >> say they've done prison time? >> well i have had instance was that. what i used to do when i was in south carolina, look at you, like here we go. >> my best friends, he's in south carolina, worked at the same station. we met people because he was investigative reporter. woe look up chats records, if they've been to jail, all kind of stuff, go down this list, and sure enough a guy who was interested in me and he had a record. so it is like i would have wanted -- i wouldn't want to know would he have told me if he in we went out on a date. >> sexy bad guy? did you go out with him? >> i didn't go out with him. >> just like well, that's okay.
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>> really? he messed when your head little bit? >> not that there is anything wrong with it, but sometimes people have a trouble past. >> sure, ya. >> here is the thing, nowadays what i like to do, do you have do the social media check. go on. you got to check the facebook, stain gram, twitter. so you can get a feel of what they are like. you can learn so much about a person doing that. >> wikipedia can be wrong many times. >> i didn't say wiki media. checking facebook, twitter, stain gram, that's the stuff they chose to put out. learning only by what they are doing, what you see in the pictures, you but the fact they chose to put that picture of them partying or hanging out with their mom. >> alnwick i pediatric ya more for people well known. >> i don't even have a wikipedia page. >> you don't? >> not on alex holley? >> you have one, karen? >> i know mike has one. >> did i for years. even more embarrassing one of the first people on wiki media. i think i've been d listed. >> you're not on wikipedia? >> i guess, ya. see you rise, you fall. >> let's google this. >> i was on for ten years.
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>> karen, but you had one. >> but i see, the discussion, because if you look up all of the stuff then when you do finally sit down with the person do you feel like i feel like you don't know enough from checking social media to where you don't feel like you know them. so still more to learn. but as a woman, too, you want to know something. you want to know some things about them so you can -- in case something happens. what's your name? >> karen hepp? >> you're not into this conversation any more. >> i am list edge. i can multi task. there you are. i'm just looking at pictures that start. >> i don't think he's doing that. >> , no you don't have one. >> see? that's what happens. >> poor karen. >> i'm surprised by this next story, it happened in our area, that's what i didn't realize, the one out in limerick, about the woman. >> can i say one thing about wikipedia? >> he hangs out with famous people. >> i sometimes have, here is
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your mistake. >> yes? >> having couple of cocktails, you'll blurt out some information that she hasn't given you, then she knows you've been wikipedia-ing. >> but i never told you i was from there. >> ya? >> how do you recover? >> blah blah blah. just get up and go pea. >> here is the thing, when it comes to social media, remember, mike, i shared this oink on air, one guy i dated, he said let's not do social media. let's just learn about each other and you told me he pulled one over on me. >> what did he do? >> see, he was listening. >> he told me let's both not be on social media. not let's check each other social media. and did he that just to pull one over on me. why are you looking at me? >> ya? >> i think so many people found out that person is married. >> what? >> true, they have a girlfriends? >> that happened last week. not for me but one of my friend, remember, mike?
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>> i don't -- >> my friend was dating this guy, and then he mysteriously disappearedment like where did he go? >> popped up on social media. >> not a wife. >> this is get too long weird. what were you going to say? >> i was saying in limerick, which is, you know, right here, out, there not too far from where my parent live. >> once a woman from wheeling. >> oh, let her talk. >> he is giving me -- there once was a man from nantucket. >> just go on. >> woman at the ymca popular place to go, and she -- a toddler class with kids, and slow was breast feeding and they toll her to stop. which is against the law in here and specially because it is a toddler class. so, the ymca now is trying to walk it back a little bit. saying well really all just a big miss understanding. >> what's her name. >> kate, she said, it was her little baby, in the to letter movement class with the 19 month olds son, the one in spring galley.
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breast feeding in the building but all the sudden somebody came up curbings cover up, can you notch, leave this area. >> leave the room. >> upper management had come in. i was -- i stood up with west, and they said if you're going to nurse again you need to do it in the hallway. on the benches in the hallway. and i said why? and she was like well there are men in this class, they're un comfortable, and they're making complaint. >> oh, i like her child's name, the west so. ceo of the ymca says business miss understanding, the staff and the children and that case needed to use the balance beam. that's their excuse. that's what they are saying. that's why they asked her to move. and obviously women are welcome to breast feed there. clearly that's not the message. i bet there was some truth maybe the fact people complains. >> so but it is certainly the law. you know, in pennsylvania, that you can breast feet with -- feed where ever you are. >> so should you throw a blanket over yourself?
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>> crashes i mean, always bill things, and clots, yes, completely. >> just throw blanket over themselves. >> sounds like it is resolved. >> it does. >> so the kids, her sons' first name is west? >> that's what she just said. it makes me think of northwest. >> right? >> now, if they grow up and marry, northwest, it would be west west? >> yes, mike. >> if the boy took the girls name? >> well that would be really progressive. >> west west. >> all right then. 9 12. even with extra space available in your house, you have a nice big house, karen. some parent are opting to make their kids share a room. now, listen to this. a recent study showed that in more than 2 thirds of homes, with children, under the age of 18, the kids share a room. even if you have five bedrooms available, they cram them into the same room.
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what is that girl doing? anyway. >> what? >> new single-family -- what is happening to that child? >> oh, she is on the curtains. >> how fun is that? >> well that's why you have the -- so much fun. saying more and more people are sharing having their kids share a room. >> my kids share a room. wife in one room, all three would like to sleep in one room if they could. >> expert say when siblings share rooms they learn to bond, negotiate and work out conflicts in that room. they have no choice. >> i think it is true, have so much fun. nobody wants to miss out. likely husband so much more fun than i am. i read to the two bigger guys at night. brian at nighttime tells these wild stories and dose these games with like shadows, flashlight, and nobody want to miss it. >> ya? >> then they can all go to sleep. >> and then mom comes in, ruins everything. >> he comes, in like here i am, mommy, here i am.
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>> i used to make up stories for my girls, my caughter. >> like what kind? >> they want scary stores, so be reading along, ahh, scare the heck out of them. >> real scary. i didn't joke that time. >> you didn't. you always jump. >> i was ready for it. >> you know we'll be in ocean sit. have i told that you earlier this week, we'll be in ocean city this friday, 7 to ten a.m. are you going this week? >> bob kelly will be with you. >> oh, bob kelly will be down there with us, in fact, every friday for the next, well, like 7 weeks or so, we're going to different town, this happens to be ocean city's turn. >> so where are you going to go when you're down there? >> the music pier where we start at 7. meet you at music peer. >> best part about all of this you can win a car. sign up brand new cx9, brand new. go to click on this banner here click on the end tow win here, put in your information, you can sign up once every 24 hours then pick finalist each
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week, and one person will put the key in the ignition it will rev up and you'll drive away with that new car. >> i know that, by a park, it will be a the love fun. can we enter the contest? >> , no we cannot be in the contest. >> national wine day. >> hello. >> my name is christine carol. >> hi, christine carol. >> from the pennsylvania winery association. and crossing vinyards and winery. and i always get big smiles when i come with wine bottles. judge this is wonderful thing to make the popsicles with.
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>> do you feel drinking out of your own head? >> i think i should just do the rest of the show like this. >> perfect. >> hey, sue, how are you? >> no face either. so eyes without a face. >> you know what? my face was in the same space as the face of last night, oh -- >> where? >> do you recognize that lady on the right? >> that's the woman who is dating -- >> bernadette peters. >> bernadette peters. you know who she used to date? steve martin. >> yes, in the jerk together. one of the classic movies, in the middle my friends leslie who is chairman the board of mainline animal rescue, bernadette peters started a group called broadway barks, where they rescue animals in new york now doing collaborative things with main line animal rescue, big fundraiser last night and i got to breathe the same air.
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>> see if you're impressed with this forecast for the weekend and beyond. because, we've had upper 80s today, upper 80s tomorrow, and upper 80s on friday. now, friday is the day that it starts to get really sticky and humid and thunderstorms in the afternoon. but it is still in the 80s on saturday, sunday, may cool off on monday, memorial day, that takes you through, a lot of kids have off on school friday, so a lot of people will start their weaken on friday, it could start, mike and alex, karen, quincy, with a bang. >> former conestoga football stand out sure did get a 2 chance. and i mean in a big way. >> and even more surprising is where his inspiration came from. it was in a very unlikely place. but from a person whose life has really inspired many. >> quincy knows this guy. >> this guy, amazing, darryl
9:18 am
austin, he didn't just let his mistake really dictate his future. will he change his life around. >> all right, here it is. >> in 2009, darryl austin's live was very different from his life today. >> so i was out in the street. i was selling drugs. you know, i was pretty much doing everything that, you know, i wasn't supposed to do. >> college scholarships to go play football and all of that, i felt the need to go to the street for some reason. >> his decision soon landed him in jail for a 6 year stint. >> first two years has been at graterford prison, where he drew inspiration from local champion. >> i actually went to the gym for the first time. i saw this huge moral of bernard hopkins. and it was funny because, you know, i didn't really know too much about b hop. i didn't really follow boxing. so i didn't really know who he was. i just new that he was a famous boxer that was at that same prison. while everyone is playing basketball and all of that,
9:19 am
i'm looking at this guy's mural al wondering i wonder how he made it out of here. >> motivated for a plan after prison, and bernard hopkins steps success, darryl thought of plan to start his own shoe line. >> what i used to do is walk the yards, and i used to look at all of the different inmates in there doing sketches. >> 2 years after being release from the prison, darryl's sneaker line called bungee is in it inches fanny stages, finally meets one of his biggest inspiration. >> we ran into each other personally in the gym at johann's gym, it was through another associate of mine that really introduced us. and he let mow know his history, we started dialogue back and forth. and here we are. >> bernard was so impressed with darryl and the bungee sneakers, he took him under his bing. >> i embraced his concept and how he -- >> another bungee supporters. >> parent are the first thing, no matter how much i like him as a person, if i didn't like
9:20 am
the shoe initially there won't have been no talk. i get things all the time i appreciate the artist and the kids who make the stuff but i can't wear it if i don't like it or love it. i got to love it. >> this september will mark 3 years since darryl austin has been release rod prison, and his formula is quite simple. >> don't give up. don't let anyone tell you you can't do it. >> because i had a million people telling me i would never design a shoe. i had a million people telling me don't waste my time, impossible, not going to happen. here i am today, with bungee clothing, bungee sneakers, hanging out with b hop. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> way to go. >> cool guy. he has 14 different collections of these sneakers. >> 14? >> 14 different collections. he says he wants to be, you know, the opposite of nike, who want to have like fashion, you know, fashion line, and you can get some of his clothing at the shop on south street. but this guy, he went from connestoga high school, you know, he was really good stand out football player, had
9:21 am
scholarships, made wrong decisions, and then in jail he turned it around. >> yep. >> cool. >> thank you. >> check out the store, south street. >> yep. >> pretty stylish. >> you're a stylish guy. >> i need to step up my game. >> you've ' been looking really smooth. >> see? >> true. >> i've been checking you out lately. >> i don't know, you've been looking -- >> smooth? >> hey, ladies. >> before you head to work today. don't forget your make up of course. >> oh, sexist. >> oh, karen. >> ouch. >> well, there is a reason behind it, though, reason why. it turns out we could make more money, if we put on -- >> should i apologize for what i just said? >> no. >> i put on my make up before i went to work. >> true, you did. >> so i apologize, ladies.
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jane loves to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings like chocolate and almonds. now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy.
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>> alert, alert, she doesn't have a ponytail. >> i should be arrested for how many i like her. >> i thought you like her for her vocal ability. >> listen, alex holley, she has tremendous singing voice. >> off of her called mtu, new video, off her dangerous woman albumn. >> what's the name of the song? ntu. dangerous now. >> so, your level of attractive necessary and how much make up you wear at work could be affecting your paycheck. that's according to new national stud fry different university. >> i know somebody who should be making a million dollars. >> out of 14 thousand young professionals surveyed between ages 24 and 32 result fawn
9:26 am
attractive necessary key factor in what people made at the offers. >> more neither getting ready also found those considered better looking, they earn 20% more than so-called less pretty co-worker. >> no wonder i got a pay cut. >> so subjective. >> good looking. >> who did that study, max factor? >> did you hear what happened to helena ruben steen? anyway, 9 26. drink up. it is national wine day. the five unusual ways we are going to consume wine. that looks somewhat like an ice cream cone. is that possible? >> oh, with fruit? >> a slushy and smoothies and popsicles, oh, my.
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♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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you know what, it is national wine day. >> do we really need a national day for this. >> but i love it. >> we can celebrate. >> oh, it is not the that kind of wine. >> got wine. >> no h. >> it is wine. >> not whine. >> what is your name. >> christine carroll. >> you are fabulous. >> thank you. >> i'm from the pennsylvania winery a so,. >> what is that. >> pennsylvania winery association is a group of winery toss come together to promote our region and there are over 200 wineries in
9:31 am
pennsylvania, did you know that you are lying to me. >> i'm not lying. >> and, we are pennsylvania's fifth in the nation for grape production did you know that. >> i didn't know that either. >> i love this. >> i'm stupid, i didn't know anything. >> it is that the whine day we need to learn this. >> yes, they do. >> so, how is there wine. >> we need to think outside the bottle. >> outside the bottle. >> and we will start with this burger made inside the burger we will give you, unexpect stake and also going to give you, we also have a sauce made with wine. this is perfect for picnic. for example at our winery we have concert, people bring their picnic. this is ideal kind of thing to bring tour picnic. >> where is your winery. >> in washington crossing, pennsylvania. it is also in bucks county. less than 45 minutes away from
9:32 am
you. >> i love taking salad but add a little wine in there is perfect. >> this is a good recipe. it is easy. we're all busy we need things easy. make tonight two different ways. make it with a chardonay so you will get smokey, buttery takes. poach chicken with the wine, and then, we have the dressing. >> okay, i hear you. >> or you can use a more fruity wine, crisp. >> this is most noisy place on earth, sorry. >> well, that is potato salad made with chardonay. >> wow. >> it will give you an unexpect flavor of fruits and again, the acid and we can say that is good. we put some dill. these are easy, perfect for picnics, and so when you go to your winery and in the sure which one you want to go for more for the different wines
9:33 am
ask them for a taste. they are happy to welcome you and happy to let you you try. >> let's get to the deserts here. >> absolutely. >> these are wine pop sickles. >> again, i want to say easy to make. these are grown up pop sickles because you they have wine in them. what you want to do is use fruit wine. what we used here. >> wow. >> is a cherry wine, you can use a pair wine for the lighter ones. like the one you had. >> yes. >> we have a wild berry wine that is great for the darker. i would say use some light and some dark just to give you a little variety. they stay perfect. they are in the at all like pop sickles you are used to good put them in the freezer. >> yes, and if you want to turn them into slushys you bring your blend inner to the the mix and you've got slushy, wine slushys, they are fantastic. >> i'm happy to to that.
9:34 am
>> yes. >> now, the fruit. >> you want a sweet dessert wine. >> yes, you could. >> we let you use our wild berry wine but it brings out the, again, you are bringing acidity and that fruit flavor, so, think outside the bottle, use your imagination. >> pour it over fruit with some sugar. >> you can get, pennsylvania wine, and which is, one of the pwa web site and pennsylvania you can get these recipes there. they are easy. i tried a number of them. you should too. >> you know woman, you can talk. >> i love it. >> that is a good thing, i have been married a lock time, long time. >> has he said anything in five years. >> yes. >> he gets his words in, believe me he does. >> karen, i know you make
9:35 am
fruit salad with wine in it. >> yes. >> and washington crossing pennsylvania. >> thank you sir. >> i love you. you are the best. >> thank you, guys. >> we're talking about what age group do you have the most satisfying sex drive? is it when you are young, when you are older? you hear about senior citizens. how about middle-aged folks. new study says um, maybe there are benefits from getting older in the bedroom.
9:36 am
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9:39 am
thanks, stevey. it is exactly 9:39. >> young people may think they are in the prime of their lives and their love lives but a new study finds old humans like me can still get it on. >> new study says it all. this study fridays canada commissioned by the condom maker tro january and it find people in the middle age or my age, tend to be more adventurous when it comes to sex. >> really. >> it also found people between 40 and 59 are leading very satisfying and ago i have love lives. >> all right, now. >> all right, karen, let's hear bit. >> mike? >> this is not what i -- when i was younger as a woman in camp and hippy 70's kind of of time. she would wear these long dresses and they just, you know, whatever. my mom said people like her
9:40 am
have the best sex lives. i would never look at her the same time because i thought of them having all this whatever hanging from chandeliers and doing tons of things. you never know, it happens. >> where did you see her. >> this is a at my camp. >> was it band camp. >> this one time in band camp. >> you know, you want a lady in the street but a... >> what did you say. >> people talking about hanging from chandeliers. >> you know that phrase. >> what are you saying. >> a freak in the sheets. >> i thought you would have known that phrase. >> i certainly know the phrase you are like the isly brothers. >> this one talks about how much we like a personal risk. >> what do you mean. >> whoever your significant other is, you know, how you
9:41 am
rate them. if you think they are the the best. it is in the if they are the best for you, love of your life. you are comparing them to all of the rest of the people out there. >> explain that a little bit more. >> so, other fast people. >> you look at the girl with potential options. you look at other people, what is it, what would i say, tinder. you are on tinder. you are looking at the hottest guy but usually hottest guy is the ten people you saw on tinder. you like him more. this is research from the university of texas. texas. they found the best prediction for how happy people are with their partners, based on how we think they compare with everybody else out there. >> everybody else out there in the gene pool. >> that were available to date, people that you are dating. >> okay. >> i can see that. >> i saw a meme that said when you break up with somebody and they come back because first that he thought didn't work out didn't work out. >> that happens all the time good isn't the whole point you are with that person because. >> yeah, but if you are with
9:42 am
someone, you love somebody else you think it will be better, it turns out it is not better, is it okay to go back to the other person. >> dating is a ladder. each time you date somebody you learn something and you keep going up this ladder but how do you know if thinks the best it will get. >> yeah. >> it could always be someone else out there. >> that is right. >> that is why i never commit. >> karen knows she's married. she is saying this is as good as it gets. >> guess what i just found a job that i wanted. seriously. the name of the job is google trekker and jen has met one, jen. >> there is no way you can handle this job because picking up trash is the most important part of the job, right. >> yes. >> i will explain why that is part of the job. the other thing it is heavy and you sweat. you can't do it. i will explain where they are and why we are at fdr park and this is first of its kind.
9:43 am
we will talk about this coming up.
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9:45 am
have you ever been riding around philly and you see google cargo by, you know, making google maps that 360 camera that looks like i ball on top of the car. normally cars ride around neighborhoods you have seen it. is there a new project they are working on where they don't use cars they use backpacks on humans backs, check out the one that they
9:46 am
did here in the grand canyon. >> i love it. >> so they will start doing this with parks and stuff. >> yes. >> and philadelphia is the first city to have all of our parks, miles and miles of our parks, caught on google images. >> i love this. >> so jen is showing us how they do it with the backpack. >> where did they start fdr. >> i am in fdr but they have been working on this for a while. good morning guys. >> good morning to you, nora. >> good morning. before we begin we have to explain who everyone is. >> you work for parks and recreation. >> i do. >> you are the dude with the backpack. >> yes. >> dude with the trash. >> for now sometimes backpack. >> we switch around. >> you go 100 feet ahead and make sure everything looks clean so when you trek, we look like we have pretty parks. >> we want to have our best food forward. >> so, nora, we are the first urban park system to have this done. >> that is true, we're really
9:47 am
excited philadelphia parks and recreation partnered with google to explore our urban park system and landmarks in philadelphia to give users virtual access to the park and everything philadelphia has to offer. >> so we have video where they did it in the colorado river. you guys in a couple weeks you will do the same thing in the schuylkill river. these guys will get on a canoe and trek through there as well. >> oh, yeah, absolutely certain parts of the park system are best viewed by water and in this case, so places like boat house row, peters island will be accessed by boat. >> if you don't know, and i didn't know because i just didn't know they don't use video, they use hundreds and hundreds of pictures. so the guy has said hey, put me on so i'm on the view. they will not be able to hear anyone. >> they won't hear them or see their faces. when we send the pictures back to google all their faces will
9:48 am
be blurred out and license plate and a dresses a and identifying information as well. >> i can't go like this, i'm in front of the camera. i can't be this guy, this isn't going to work out for me. >> you can be that guy but your face will be blurred out. >> how it works is typically what you would do is you go along, you clear out a lot of the area abe then you push play. >> it is all controlled by an android phone plug in the u.s. b cord. >> there is cameras all around. so each one of those cameras is taking a picture at all times when you push play. >> we push play and 15, five mega pixel cameras and every two steps there is a burst or panorama and it gets stitched together in the end. >> you have to like send it to google at the even of the day. >> we have solid state hard drive that is removable.
9:49 am
when that fills up, 512 gigabytes. once that fills up we send that card to google and they start processing those images. >> again, nora google loaned you this stuff but it is your guys doing the labor. >> that is correct, google loaned us equipment and we are paying for the labor. >> lets keep walking, sorry. >> is there any area, do you guys get to pick where you are trekking. >> every day we talk to nora and nora tells us where to start, which trails to do and we get in our cars and we start from there. >> that is crazy. >> so what do you think is the best most unique thing people will be able to see once it is all put together. >> it really depend just looking at it. i hope to be virtual access to all of our parks. philadelphiawho don't necessarily get out to the park very much, fdr park is an iconic location in fill but i bet your viewers have never been here. now they will be able to come to the park virtually, find out, about the park, go by fix
9:50 am
nick sites and people who are disable, house bound and can't get out. >> one answer when is this thing available like next year. >> in about a year. >> mike, i'm telling you this is not the job for you, they walk 10 miles a day. >> i can't handle it. >> i can't handle it. >> every day you are like a garbage picker. you don't like to do that work. >> this is so cool i had no idea they were going down rivers, rafts, all over america and in these parks you can show the parks tour kid and in the pay money to go there. >> well, that is horrible you still want to take them to enjoy nature and breathe. >> pay all the way to the grand canyon. >> why are you yelling at me. >> i'm very sensitive. >> other services that do these images, do you ever see a google will cargo by you. >> i have seen it. >> in south caroline a took pictures of me. we saw this. in myrtle beach area this is
9:51 am
google maps car. the that is how they are doing it. >> to you see that camera up in the top there. >> so back in the day even if you look on past images over past few years of google maps they do have have peoples faces, now they blur them out, i remember this woman caught her husband cheating on her, when she looked at google maps. do you remember that. >> yes. >> maybe she saw his car was outside. >> what are you saying milkie. >> why did i mention that then. >> okay. >> well, how about this guy here, he got caught walking out of the sex shop and his wife saw it, not that is a what had thing. do we blurred his face. google blurred his face. you have to be careful. there is always a camera. >> you google your own house. you can see your neighbors walking their dog, my friend bought a new house a and we can see them walking the dog. >> i would google that place
9:52 am
and see the security guard. >> i wonder if you can see us through the window. >> kind of dark. >> true. >> anyway, 9:52. >> move over else a it is now times to give captain america a new interests. twitter wants to fall in love with the super hero. captain america is in love with elsa. >> no, the whole campaign, that is exactly correct they want ella is a to get a girlfriend so now they are saying captain america you need a love interest. >> mrs. captain america. >> yes. blank
9:53 am
9:54 am
spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings,
9:55 am
like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators. campaign to make, a popular super hero a day character. >> so #give captain america a
9:56 am
boyfriend. people are calling on marvel comic to allow steve rog tours begin a relationship with buck i barnes. they need super heroes. so recent report by gay and lesbian alliance found that disney didn't have a single lgbt character in 2015. >> or ever, did they. >> no. >> so, wait. >> okay. >> maybe. >> i heard that too. >> there have been some, you know. >> they want to be out there. >> so excited, people have been saying where did all energetic we're so excited about how nice it is. last friday we went to doylestown. we were driving back. karen, mike and i were in the car. i was in the back. we saw this beautiful field of yellow flowers. mike was like pull over. we got out and i had had to take a spin. >> isn't that pretty. >> that is beautiful. >> that is what you are supposed to do go out and walk
9:57 am
around. >> let's sing along we should have music. >> the hills are alive. >> mike saw that and said i want to do it too. >> with the sound of music. >> so here's mike i don't know the rest of song. >> i don't either. >> here we go. >> i can't sing. >> there you go. >> i look like i have gas pains or something, what is going on. >> looks like a horror movie your face. >> the at the end, ended up spiraling too hard but literally you see me fall. >> yeah. >> it was fun. let's just go outside. >> i will. >> take advantage. >> tomorrow, down in ocean citiy friday a actually. >> friday. >> yes. >> we will be at music pier. so come, join us and we are giving away a free car.
9:58 am
here are other cities, west philadelphia, jenkintown, northeast philadelphia, quakertown wildwood, wilmington we are coming to you.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i have to say. with all due respect, my girls are are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> announcer: now here's wendy! >> back at you! hi! welcome to our show. thank you so much for watching.


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