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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> a cross has been used for fallen soldiers from the time of the red coats. >> someone took those crosses down. heated debate that just got hotter. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> right now at 5:00, don't drink the water. that is the warning tonight for people in some local communities after some troubling test results those residents are now taking some extra steps to make sure they're safe. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. as you can imagine a lot of concerned people have a whole lot of questions. fox 29's karen schep live in horsham. karen. >> reporter: you better believe it. they had pack meeting here today over here at the township headquarters. so they knew they had some issues about two years ago. what's new the epa toughened their standards an lot more wells last week people were so concerned obviously the chemicals are worried linked to cancer so they had a lot of
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questions. >> nice well kept homes, big yards and danger you can't see. the water is contaminated and these wells underground in horsham with dangerous chemica chemicals. >> we were getting our water tested and they were saying it was all right, all right, all right. we get a phone call last week don't drink the water it's contaminated. >> reporter: the problem is joe has been drinking the water for 50 years. nearly 150 wells all around the old former air naval station willow grove have flunked the new epa tougher standards just changed last week. experts blame fire fighting foam for two of the hazardous chemicals they're finding. they discover the problem about two years ago. >> we've been out in front of this. i know it's really concerning and people are concerned. we hear folks loud and clear. >> reporter: military had a packed open house today to answer questions. they're giving out bottled water
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and switching folks with contaminated water to the public system which they say they continually test to make sure it's safe. >> i'm just overwhelmed. a lot of feelings. a lot of questions running through my mine. >> i'm worried that the levels of in the water today is still too high and that it's cumulative and we're consuming it it's being stored in our bodies. we don't know at this level is safe today. also, the levels that we've been consuming in the past have been way too high. >> i don't know if this is causing my health concerns. >> reporter: people are really really worried. no quick fix on this one. once the well has been contaminated you have to hook up to public water that's what they're doing they're halfway rue you through the project of switching those wells over for the people they continue to test they find out there's a problem. they spent $19 million so far. there's no cap on that. they'll do what it takes in order to make sure the water is safe for all the people that are here and all of these
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communities. iain? >> karen, thank you. skyfox above the scene where concrete mixer flipped in middle township, new jersey this afternoon. it happened along the garden state parkway in the southbound lanes. the driver was not seriously hurt and there's no word yet on what caused that truck to flip over. 80s are back in your fox 29 weather authority. soon things could heat up even more. meteorologist kathy orr is outside this warm weather tonight. kathy. >> everyone keeps asking me, iain, is it humid? no, not yet. and tomorrow won't be either. so it's going to stay very comfortable as temperatures soar through the 80s. you can see behind me on market street, it is quite a busy afternoon. as people are walking home from work and from school. many of course without their coats. many in short sleeves and also even some bermuda shorts. take a look at the current conditions. right now, skies are clear a few high clouds are blowing through. high temperatures today soaring through the 80s. 88 in philadelphia. 84 in pottstown. eighty seven in allentown.
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and the poconos 75. you can't beat that in may. dew point the true amount of moisture in the atmosphere in the 40s touching 50 in wilmington. that is very slow. that means low humidity been the case tonight. good sleeping weather as temperatures fall through the 80s into the 70'ss. mainly clear at 9:00 o'clock. 77. still mild at 11:00 o'clock they 73 degrees. average high this time of year is 77 degrees. so obviously well above normal for the day. coming up we'll talk about when we'll be touching 90. the cooler half of the weekend and keeping an eye on the tropics. some activity as hurricane season begins next week. that is the very latest from the beautiful area of old city philadelphia. i'll be back with that seven day coming up later in the broadca broadcast. we'll see you then. >> it is beautiful outside. thank you very much, kathy. happening right now, tense moments at a california rally for donald trump live pictures and there they are. this is anaheim which is in orange county which by the way is much more conservative area
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than the rest of the los angeles area. this is more presumptive gop presidential candidate donald trump is about to hold that rally. protesters gathered outside. police, can you see them right there, yup, they are in riot gear ready to respond if needed. you can see there are trucks blocking the road. so far things have remained relatively calm if the news breaks we'll good back to it immediately. fbi wants to find this guy. they say he's behind an attempted bang robbery in the city's kensington section. investigators say the man entered a wells fargo on east allegheny avenue monday morning and handed a teller a note demanding money but he ran away without getting any cash. investigators are offering a reward for any information leading to his arrest. to a developing story. philadelphia's controversial soda tax the clock is ticking on mayor kenney's plan to use it to fund education, parks and rec centers as welling. push is on to keep off the table. the only thing certain right now is that some sort of new tax is
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likely in the city. fox 29's bruce gordon live at city hall. bruce, with time running short still unclear what a new tax would look like. >> reporter: yeah, a new city budget is due in just about a month, and the bold defendant of the kenny administration initiatives that sugary drink tax dependent upon a brand new tax that so far is gaining very little support. so what will pass? well -- activists for and against the sugary beverage tax piled into city council chambers prompted by media reports that a vote on the measure was eminent. council president darrell clark made clear it is not. >> never on the agenda to move sugar tax out to date. >> reporter: the fact is kenney administration's push to levee 3 cents per ounce tax on sugary beverages like regular sodas, most fruit drinks and lots of sports beverages remains in limbo. the beverage industry led by the teamsters called it a job killer
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and has been very vocal knots opposition. >> the tieing and the campaign against this effort basically says that poor people, the only thrill they have in life is to drink a coke. or a pepsi. >> reporter: the mayor wants to use the money tax for pre kindergarten programs, community schools and park and rec centers and this week local doctors weighed in claiming any drop in sugar consumption will improve health and even safe lives. >> councilwoman brown is proposing an alternative to the soda tax. a levee on beverage containers would would raise most of the cash the kenney administration needs. >> we have multiple ideas on the table. we typically end up with better out comes for the citizens of our city. >> reporter: 3 cents per ounce seems dead something less perhaps in combination with that container tax is still possible. display of the beverage industry. >> bruce, we're not opposed to
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the mayor. we think it's a great idea. our issue is that the tax is on one industry and one issue alo alone. >> reporter: well placed council source tells me city lawmakers very much want to support the kenney administration's programs. they'd love to give him a big legislative victory especially his first year in office. expect some kind of beverage related took come out of counsel sit but for the moment at least the situation remains shall we say fluid. lucy? (laughter). >> yes, indeed, thank you bruce. this just in. a frightening discovery at a philadelphia school. second grader had loaded gun in his backpack. it happened earlier today grover cleveland mass terry charter. the eight-year-old's dad was taking him to school. hey as license to carry and he legally owns the gun. the dad was rushing to catch the trash truck through the gun in the backpack he wasn't running down the street with it. police say he forgot it was there and dropped his son off at school. when the boy noticed the gun in his backpack he did the right
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thing he turned it right into his teacher no one is hurt, no word on charges. >> driver accused of in deadly hit-and-run in northeast philadelphia is charged with homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. police say 35-year-old john cook hit and killed molina yesterday morning as he waited for a bus. the 50-year-old father of two had just finished night shift at a warehouse and on his way home when he was hit on bustleton avenue. cook got out of the car, looked at molina and ran off. he turned himself in to police several hours later. the pennsylvania liquor control board is granting nine more licenses to businesses that sell gas. none of those stores are in our area. the licenses are the latest step in loosening the hold on beer sales by bars and beer distributors. liquor control board's vote today is the first since february and that's when the state supreme court said would it take up the case challenging whether a convenience store can sell beer and gas without violating state law. right now there is wording in the state liquor law that bans
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alcohol sale locations in places and properties where gas is so sold. 11 states are now suing the obama administration over a new directive about transgender students in schools. you can see those faces on your screen right there. the challenge follows a u.s. schools this month. to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms. that match there gender identity if a school doesn't comply they could lose crucial federal funding. the lawsuit accuses the president obama of running over policies that protect children. u.s. attorney general lynch said there's no room in our schools for discrimination. this fall may feel little less festive. the new rule something happening above your heads. plus -- captured a mechanic doing
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something with a car the owner is not at all happy about. what the body shop now has to say for itself. joy and excitement for two parents to be quickly turns to fear for their unborn child. >> it was a big shock. >> i think both of us immediately shot to we're losing the baby. >> doctors find a rare birth defect. the incredible efforts by job that helped save the baby boy they now call their miracle. coming newspaper at 61:00 enormous happily ever after for that local horse right there. shot more than 100 times with paint balls. today lilly has a new home. the big celebrity.
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♪ a driver is killed head on collision this morning in new castle county, delaware. the two suv's collided on the 900 block of montana road in north wilmington. a man in his 60s had to be pulled from one of the vehicles using the jaws of life. he died at chris chi nan hospital. the other driver a 26-year-old man is in serious condition. the cause of the that crash is still under investigation. a berks county college town has banned rooftop activities against students and anybody else from hanging out too far off the ground. kutztown borough council banning all rooftop activities except for maintenance. the borough is home to state owned kutztown university. police say scene students hanging out on rooftops which can be dangerous. new rule will start in the fall and will carry a $600 fine. >> people are giving their children's grading system a big fat f. and they say the confusing
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system is taking a toll on parents, too. fox 29's jennifer joyce has what's going on. >> reporter: what's in grade? many parents in the central bucks school district say right now they couldn't tell you. ousting traditional letter grades installing a new standard report card system is confusing them and hurting their children. tonight parents, school board members and administrators came together at a school bore meeting to address this confusion. receiving an m for meeting standards versus a typical a, b or c does not tell her anything about her children's progress. >> i have two very separate, very different lerp they ares and very different performers in school. the report cards look identical. they get ms in everything. i have a child who will come home with 100 on a math test. it's an m. i have a child who will come home with five wrong on math test it's an m. everything is an m. >> reporter: other parents also want the system overhauled
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but some think the proposed compromise for next year a hybrid of both letter grades and standard indicators is too confusing. >> the a means outstanding. the letter a on the same document with two completely different meanings. >> reporter: ultimately the entire system will need to be changed but that can't happen by september. tonight the board voted five five-four in favor of adding letter grades to the existing report cards for fifth and sixth grades only. (inaudible). >> you have to follow the
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bouncing ball. that was jennifer joyce reporting. bottom line here is this. the most recent meeting is a win. others think they're in for well another confusing year. >> philadelphia looking to learn lessons from four other cities when it comes to education. denver, new york, cleveland and san francisco have made great strides when it comes to universal pre k. education and policy leaders from each city shared their experiences with local leaders today at city hall. mayor jim kenney explained why improving education in philadelphia is so important for everyone. >> young people who go to school are reading by greater grade level by third grade. seventh and eighth grades they're so embarrassed they can't read they're acting up. in fifth and tenth grade they're dropping out. then they go to the corner and they hustle and they wind up seeing seth williams at some point in time. they wind up going to jail or they wind up going to the cemetery. >> representatives from the department of education also
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attended today's event. septa and uber are teaming up to get around some of the congestion at train stations. listen to this one today the two companies announced 14 week program that offers discounted uber rides to suburban septa stations. program will run from memorial day through labor day and during this time rides will drop 40% and from the 11 suburban regional train stations. now, officials say the companies make perfect allies. >> recent study of the american public transportation association found that people who use ride sharing apps like uber are more likely to take public transit. here in pennsylvania this transformation is already happening right before our eyes. >> stations in the pilot program had high ridership but limited parking spaces. key ports for airport travel. program is part of on-going study by septa examining ridership habits. tonight hillary clinton is responding to a report that she
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violated state department policy in her use of private e-mail during her tenure as secretary of state. that finding comes from a report from the state department inspector general. the audit faults clinton and previous seconds of state for damaging e-mails and other computer information and slowly responding to new cyber security risks. the review comes after revelations clinton exclusive used a private e-mail account and server while in office. clinton spokesman says her e-mail practices were no different than what other people in the department did and that she had never tried to hide anything. ugly scene on the campaign trail. just reached new lose violence marched donald trump's campaign. fox's joel waldman has the story from washington, d.c. >> reporter: albuquerque new mexico police in riot gear facing off protesters throwing rocks and burning t-shirt ought outside a donald trump campaign
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event last night. chaos making its way inside the recall wrl trump was repeatedly interrupted firing back with stinking responses of his own. >> how old are you? >> get out of here. >> still wearing diapers. >> trump now only about 41 delegates shy of officially clinching the nomination was an easy win in washington state last night. trump also became the target taking incoming fire from hillary clinton who's clearly shifting her focus to the general election. >> he actually said he was hoping for the crash that caused hard-working families in california and across america to lose their homes. all because he thought he could take advantage of it to make some money for himself. >> reporter: insults coming full circle as bernie sanders campaign is ripping into clinton for reneging on a deal the two campcamps hashed out months ago. bernie sanders agreed to debate
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in new hampshire if he would agree in california something she declined to earlier this week. >> you can't promise one thing and then not deliver. i mean it's time to pay the bill sort of for having the debate back in new hampshire. >> reporter: days after sanders said he would not reappoint debbie wasserman schultz as dnc chair the reports on democrats on hill are discussing the same thing. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. a special office building opened for business on the other side of the world. this is unlike anything you have ever seen before. how it came to be without a single construction worker. cars swallowed up in italy. the ground collapsing be 19 near iconic landmark. what authorities say caused th this. and crosses go up, then come down in one small town. the heated battle now raging over how to honor some of our nation's fallen veterans. ♪
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>> tornado left a trail of destruction all of it caught on
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camera. look at that thing right there in kansas yesterday. one tornado after another rocked the area and this twister destroyed county's land fills. two people are critically injured. no one has died, though. tornadoes also hit colorado and texas. giant sink hole swallowing up cars in florence italy the 70-foot long hole opened up on road along a river bank early this morning. not far from the historic bridge. the road collapsing be 19 cars parked along the river. firefighters say it was caused by a broken underground water pipe. crews evacuated two old apartment buildings facing the river knowledge injuries thankfully were reported. president obama final leg of his tour in asia now he arrived in japan today. >> yup. president is attending g7 summit and meeting of the top seven industrialized nations in the world. the president is meeting with japanese prime minister ahead of the summit to discuss how to prevent crime on us military bases in japan.
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both leaders stressed the strengths of the alliance between the two countries. >> i am investing enormous amounts of time and energy and resources into those kind of diplomatic initiatives because to the extent they're successf successful, that shrinks areas of conflict, reduces the necessity of engaging in military act. >> meanwhile on friday president obama will become the first us president to visit the city of hiroshima. 70 years after the u.s. dropped the atomic bomb on it during world war ii. he will not apologize for what happened. surveillance video shows thieves breaking into a store and these guys were not very careful. two big clues they left behind that can help lead to their capture plus -- >> oh, yeah.
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mechanics doing something with the car that the owner is not at all happy about. what the body shop has had to say for itself. >> i'm happy about the weather, miss kathy orr. >> yes, i am, too. what a day. you walk outside, woosh, it suddenly feels like summer. yeah. turning up the heat as temperatures soar near 90 degrees. we'll take a look how long this lasts and when some showers and storms will be moving through right after this.
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♪ tonight a body shop is trying make things right for a customer after she discovered some infuriating video from her dashboard camera. >> mechanics taking her car to a joy ride and now that car owner is hoping they learn a lesson in customer service. fox's erin mesmer has the story. >> reporter: that cool little camera started recording as soon as the car started. and kept rolling for 2 miles. as the driver stays along to poison song -- >> let me get two orders of croquettes, please. >> he places an order and stops at the bang but the guy behind the wheel, yeah, he doesn't own the car. >> my heart sunk. i was sick. >> reporter: michelle knight does. >> brand new car in 13 years. it's my baby. >> reporter: knight dropped off her mitubishi out lander for a touch up on her bumper. the deal crack the r and s auto body to do the work and r and s
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employee pick it up but didn't take it straight to the shop. >> i bought my camera for protection. >> dashboard camera reports the driver blowing past cars. you can hear the roar of the engine before turning on to side streets where the driver hits a few speed bumps and then -- >> i'm going to erase this. >> reporter: it appears the worker tries to delete the recording. >> i feel permly violated, disrespected, um, obviously, they didn't care one way or another about whether they did anything damage to the vehicle. she accused us of joy riding the car which is not true. >> reporter: sam rodriguez owns the auto body shop. he admits his employee drove irresponsiblely. he's in violation of our company policy and he'll be reprimanded for it. >> reporter: he's offering restitution. michelle knight wants his business to learn a lesson. >> it's not the way you treat customers. i don't think they should be
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paid for the body work that they did. >> police are calling this a civil suit. no criminal charges have been filed. fox 29 weather authority right now. the weather has been fabulous. beautiful day. sitting in fox 29 studios we can see market street. >> by the time we got this weather. >> i kept promising it. >> you did. >> did you really think it was going to happen. >> i did. >> i did. >> i thought it says weather. >> you believed it. i'm glad. >> this is what we're looking outside our weather window. plenty of blue sky, high cirrus clouds an indication that the next day is going to be warmer. and guess what? it is going to be warmer tomorrow. right now the temperature is 87. the high so far 88. the normal high is 77. so finally a day that is well above average. sunset not until 8:18 so there's still a lot of time to get outdoors and epp joy it. 75 in the poconos. 86 in trenton. 86 in wrightstown.
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in atlantic city this is nine meals inn land at the airport it is 86 degrees. down the shore little bit cooler with a sea breeze on the boardwalk 75. you can't beat that in may. that is really comfortable. 80 in avalon. wildwood 80. i'll be there tomorrow by the way. more on that later and cape may at the point it is 73 degrees. we will watch as high pressure builds off the coast tomorrow. a front will hang to the north and temperatures will climb way lot of sunshine well into the 80s. 89 degrees in philadelphia. some spots touching 90 and some spotty showers popping up late in the afternoon with daytime heating. as we go hour by hour, you can see clear skies during the evening and overnight. even tomorrow morning. mainly after 2:00 o'clock that we start to see a few of these bubble up especially to the north and west of philadelphia. not everyone will see them but just know they are fast moving and can dumb app bit of rain in very short period of time. other than that keeping an eye on the tropics. an area of disturbed weather right near the bahamas could
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become tropical disturbance it right now it doesn't look like our factors will all come together until the end of the week. so by friday, this could slowly become a favorable area for tropical developments but it is forecast to move toward the mainland us as we head toward the holiday weekend. it will be south of philadelphia through the weekend. in the city overnight 66. in the suburbs 62. mainly clear. it stays mild. it will be a very pleasant night. during the day tomorrow the high 89. but the humidity stays low. so tomorrow still a nice day to be outside. a spotty afternoon shower is possible. winds still out of the southwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. as you plan your day tomorrow, 70 during the breakfast hour. lunch outside, 81, afternoon 87. by the dinner hour, how about eating outside or barbecuing the temperature 82 degrees. get a jump start on the weekend look at the seven day forecast. we're going for 90 on friday. with a few pop up afternoon storms possible. saturday it stays hot. by sunday scattered showers and
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storms and then a front could be backing into by monday with some showers but it's cooler 78. that continues through tuesday. warming up back into the 80s by men's. want to remind you that orr down the shore kicks off the season tomorrow. we will be live at 5:00 and 6:00 from wildwood. >> exciting. >> it is going to be so much fun. we'll be right near mariner's landing on the boards. >> look how cute that is, too. >> i will not be driving cyclone. they don't trust me with that. stop by and say hi. >> it will be so fun. >> i'll go with you one day. can we do it together. >> absolutely. >> i know orr and nolan at the shore doesn't sound right but i want to go with you. >> absolutely. >> we'll see how that work out. >> that's not going to happen. >> today i had another interesting experience. i want to wish very happy retirement meteorologist in charge at the national weather service in mt. holly is gary sakowski is great guy on the job
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for 19 years in philadelphia. he is retiring and will be greatly missed. we talked about his proudest moments on the job. he said it was forecasting hurricane sandy and the professionalism and accuracy of his staff. gary also mentioned a few technical words when it comes to the weather that he'll misusing every day. >> i like words like convection and vortice is the. basic terms i don't like to get too technical. even in my forecast discussions you'll see some of the forecasters here there's nothing wrong they get into really technical discussion and use really good jargon. i tend to shy away from it. >> as far as what he'll miss gary will be his interaction with the media and local emergency managers who work to keep people safe. >> i asked him where he would be next storm. >> okay. >> looking at it through my window and helping my wife shovel. >> a.m. ww. >> congratulations on your retirement. we'll definitely miss you. >> vortice is the. i'll work that into a script.
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>> special office building open for business on the other side of the world. this is unlike anything you've seen before. how it came to be without a single construction worker. >> and crosses go up then come down in one small town. the heated battle now raging how to honor some of our nation's fallen veterans. >> coming up at 6:00 real housewife of new jersey could be headed back to court. bankruptcy case theresa guidice wanted to keep close is now back in the headlines.
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♪ in due by builders have printed a new place to go to work. you heard me right on this one. world's first 3d printed office building has just opened its doors in the middle eastern city. it's one-story prototype. the building spans 2700 feet. the arc shaped offices took 17 days to build from special settlement mixture. it's the new headquarters of the due by future foundation. the united arab emerates officials say the new method could cut building time and labor costs by as much as 70%. the country wants to have 25% of
5:41 pm
all its buildings printed by 2030. the question of course being what happened to the labor force, right? jobs right there. update on story we told you about sunday. a dog in oregon now doing just fine after a veterinary student got a tick behind his ear. that tick almost killed the pup. >> it was sending neuro toxin into ollie paralyzing him. owner says ollie couldn't stand or work and vets say they had no idea what was behind the pet's problem. but they were about to put him to sleep and right before they put down old al vet student noticed the tick behind ollie's ear. they found the tick. 10 hours later he was nearly back to normal. >> he was in the room like about to get, you know, put to sleep, and like, there was -- people found something and decide to check the out further. >> the owners say he will keep up with his tick and flee medication from now on. two expectant parents feared the worse when doctors found a
5:42 pm
rare birth defect in their unborn son. how chop helped save that baby boy they now call they're miracle. howard? >> those phillies they've done something today they have not done much of all year. and frank, what the eagles offensive coordinator. he tries to clear up the eagles quarterback situation much that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ in georgia a man puts up crosses to honor fallen veterans but soon after those crosses were nowhere to be found. >> now, the small town is in heated debate about how to remember our nation's bravest. fox's denise dylan has that story.
5:46 pm
>> fallen soldier joshua day more he died in iraq. >> reporter: tommy hold as photo of his son joshua. he was just 19 when he died. 79 crosses were placed on this lawn highway 92 to remember the soldiers who gave all, one of the crosses was for joshua. >> a cross has been used for fallen soldiers from the time of the red coats, patriots, yanke yankees, rebels, they all used it. >> reporter: but those crosses are now gone. the same day they were put up, they were abruptly taken down after someone complained asking if all those memorialized here were kiss chen. >> never any intentionings of being religious related. >> reporter: the person who complained also questioned the crosses on city owned front. the city council says they had
5:47 pm
no choice but to remove them. the city manager says there was a potential for a lawsuit. >> took the first step and rolling over for those people. say no. >> reporter: city leaders determined the people in this room are right. they say they don't want to get into a battle with the person who complained but the fallen veterans must be remembered and honored and the crosses are going back up. >> i'm so thankful they're going back and i do pray that this person understands. >> if initials know a fallen veteran had a different religion belief they would happily honor in in any memorial. a unique career day at a local charter school shows students they really can be whatever they want when they grow up. a dog just one of about 20 local professionaprofessionals who exo students in southwest leadership academy do what they want to do. do what makes you happy. students also got to work out
5:48 pm
with gym owners and cooks and chefs and even got haircuts from local barber so it was a whole lot of fun. >> having a baby is one of the move exciting times in the lives of parents but for one young couple their joy turned to fear when their unborn child was diagnosed with a rare birth defect. fox 29's done timmy shows us the amazing efforts at chop to save this little boy. >> reporter: dr. scott at certificate of children's hospital of philadelphia is thrilled with how well little camden is doing during arenites check up at chop. >> you showing off. report roar this is certainly a milestone for cam. >> kick, kick, kick. >> reporter: this cute little baby boy almost didn't make it. >> i think he's in the miracle category. you can mark him with capital m for miracle. >> reporter: his mom laura went for routine ultrasound at 14 weeks into her pregnancy. she and her husband eric never imagining the devastating
5:49 pm
diagnosis they would get that day. >> they said, you know, he has what we think is a cystic lesion on his right lung and here are options. >> reporter: unborn child had a huge mass on his right lung. require birth defect known as congenital cystic add did he gnome ma malformation or. the prognosis was not good. >> it was big shock, you know. >> fear. a lot of words we didn't understand. i think both of us immediately shot to we're losing the baby. >> making the situation even worse their doctor in arlington virginia where the couple lived had limited experience with the condition. the parents to be immediately started researching c cam. everything point to do children's hospital of philadelphia and the center for fetal diagnosis and treatment. >> we booked the first appointment we could. laura saw the doctor at 19 week. the situation escalated. the sift had grown substantial
5:50 pm
substantially. >> there's three lobes on the right. two lobes on the left. this looks like it occupied most of the right lung. heart push way over to the side. >> the doctor could have done fetal surgery but the chop team decided on prenatal steroid treatment to cave cam's live. >> we wanted to give the mother steroids. it helps mature the lung and stop the growth of the lesion. >> reporter: because the baby had developed heart failure, lauren received four rounds of shots over 12 weeks which is a record at chop. >> that stopped the growth but it was still very large. >> reporter: on november 3rd of last year, lauren had a planned c section in the special delivery unit at 37 weeks. >> eric could come in two minutes before the baby was actually born and the obgyn julie held the baby up and snapped a couple pictures and he was immediately off to surgery. >> reporter: did the performed the delicate and life-changing
5:51 pm
surgery on little camden in an adjacent operating room. >> very very sick baby. very very sick. we got the baby through the operation barely. went down to the nicu. >> reporter: it was nerve racking and frightening but lauren and err rec new camden was in the best of hands. >> it was about six hours when we actually got to see him for the first time which is a long time. >> reporter: the couple was not able to hold cam for a day or two. but once they did, it was amaz amazing. >> really calm, happiness. report roar this baby boy's rocky road was far from over. doctor had discovered another mass during the first operation but it was simply too risky to remove at the time. so 3.5 weeks later cam was back in surgery. >> we had gotten very close so that was harder to see him wheeled back. >> cam would spend two months in
5:52 pm
the nica at chop. he was on high frequency ventilation. this little tough -- this tough little guy managed to pull three. >> somebody told us these babies will amaze you. they're stronger than any of us will give them credit for. >> reporter: camden is now seven months old. chest x-rays show his lung is growing nicely. babies can actually grow more lung until their about eight years old. >> there's a saying that to operate on the baby and save the baby you save a life. that's what our team has done. >> what goof ball. >> he's a wonderful little kid tom look at him he's a wonderful little boy. you know he's going to be great. >> reporter: baby camden is still on feeding tube but it's a matter of time before he's off of that. he will continue to see a team of specialists at chop every six months or so. but the road to recovery is looking bright. his mom is convinced that real
5:53 pm
run marathon, his dad thinks he'll be a soccer player. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> happening right now, some tense moments at a california rally for donald trump. here's life video from anaheim where the presumptive gop presidential candidate is about to hold that rally. sort of small crowd of protesters right now gathering outside and police in riot gear are ready to respond if necessary. so far things have remained relatively cal. we of course will bring you more the news warrants. surveillance video shows thieves breaking into a store and these guys they weren't very careful. the two big clues they left behind that could lead to their capture.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
>> in florida thieves targeted an optical story making the deputes job easier. >> they left behind two really big clues that could lead to their capture. >> reporter: to such thing as a good criminal but there was they follow a few simple rules. don't leave evidence behind let your voice be heard these two guys broke the rules. among other things. it was thursday morning at i care optical. >> you actually see them getting their bag ready to put all their loot in they're going to steal while they're still outside the store. >> reporter: after a few smashes they were grabbing. ray bans worth one and $200 ea each. display cases were lock. they decided to take the whole thing. >> they were lock. the key was actually still in
5:58 pm
it. either though didn't realize that or they were in such a hurry. >> reporter: they were in and out in less than two minutes. but before they took off, they left detectives a little forensic help. >> one of the burglars cut himself. so there was blood involved. >> reporter: recognize that voice? putting a name to it could be worth a crime stoppers cash reward. >> let's go! where you at? >> huh! >> reporter: sound which doesn't accommodate surveillance will be a big factor in helping detectives track them down. a lot of time they're wearing disguises. maybe you don't recognize the individual unless they have something on out of the ordinary. maybe you recognize the voice. >> reporter: it's going to take a lot more than stolen designer sunglasses. >> honest hard-working individuals for people that do things like this. >> deputes still say they know very little about the thieves. they don't even have a
5:59 pm
description. ♪ tonight at 6:00, abused and shot over and over with paint balls. this beautiful horse is getting an amazing second chance. the big-time celebrity who is stepping up to save this gorgeous creature. ♪ smoke clearing at your favorite shore spots some lawmakers are trying to snuff out smoking and say you should be on their side. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. the warmup everybody is talking about in your fox 29 weather authority from old city to reading and throughout our area, it is the perfect day to get outside. did you perhaps even break out in a sweat iain page? >> little bit on the golf course this morning. >> perfect. things are about to get even warmer. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we got into the 80s today just
6:00 pm
like kathy promised. let's get outside to meteorologist kathy orr out in all this warm weather in old city tonight. kathy. >> it has not felt like this since september. remember? >> i know. >> remember the warm september we had. fantastic as you look behind me you can see everyone out enjoying the weather. i have a feeling by the time we get to friday it will be a ghost town because everyone will already jump start the weekend. why not? finally we have the weather for it. a busy afternoon in old city really feels like a friday to tell you the truth. let's take look at some of these numbers. high temperatures today really impressive. 10 degrees above average in philadelphia 88. at the atlantic city airport, 88. 87 in allentown. newark, delaware, 86. mt. holly, new jersey, 86. and in doylestown, pa, 85 degrees. finally you can see clear skies over the region. a few high clouds streaming by especially through central delaware. that's an indication that tomorrow will be even warmer and that is the forecast


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