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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 26, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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reverse and speeds off. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that driver is still out there right now. fox 29's jennifer joyce spoke to stunned witnesses live at norristown police. jenny, i got to ask, how is that little boy doing? >> reporter: well, lucy, police tell thus the boy is in stable condition at chop. relief to hear he's doing well. people in the neighborhood tell us they are anxious. they want the driver of this hit-and-run caught as soon as possible. just before 4:00 p.m., boom, a brutal crash a child on bike t bones a car on oakwood avenue near hamilton street in norristown. >> he's flying down the street like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. >> reporter: police confirm the driver took off from the scene as the boy laid motion less on the ground. >> he went right into the side passenger of the door of the car full force right into the side of the car. that's heartbreaking. >> reporter: suzanne juliano surveillance cameras captured it.
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>> i ran down to the little boy, and i grabbed his hand and i held his hand and i told him to lay still because he was bleeding from the back of the head. and his mouth. >> the child told her he was six years old and he cried until his mother arrived at the scene. >> so i just kept telling him to lay still and that mommy is coming. >> reporter: surveillance camera showed the driver flying in reverse towards the child on the ground. then the gold camry disappears from the frame. >> we saw him put the car in reverse extremely fast and backed it down the alley, so nobody parent see the license plate. >> reporter: police say the child transported to chop and is listed in stable condition. investigators confirm they recovered the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run but the driver hasn't been found. >> i hope they catch him. he loses his license at leave so he can't drive. a person like that doesn't belong behind the wheel. >> reporter: police have not released any information about the driver. so it's unclear whether or not they know who they are looking for. if you have any information about this hit-and-run call norristown police.
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lucy? >> thank you very much, jennif jennifer. developing in delaware county police want to find the teen considered armed and dangerous. police say dominic love fired a gun at a drexel hill playground where a large group of teens were hanging out. luckily no one is hurt. but police say what happened was reckless and they're now after love. shawnette wilson is live in upper darby where violence at the park is a constant problem some say. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, we talked to several neighbors who did not want to go on camera because the violence here is getting worse. now, they also tell me that the park where the incident happened is a nice one but they do admit fights happen there often, but to hear a gunshot is frighteni frightening. >> neighborhood is war zone back here. >> reporter: kevin brady looks near drexel gardens park in upper darby. >> this is constant. friday nights, saturday nights, after school. this is the place to fight. there's nowhere for the cops to get back here fast enough. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened 3:30 monday afternoon.
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police say two upper darby high school students met up at the park to fight. drawing a crowd of about 30 young people to watch. >> before the fight even starts, he fires the gun everybody takes off. >> reporter: superintendent michael chitwood says 18 year old dominic love is the person who fired a gun in the air causing even more chaos. police say he doesn't attend upper darby high but is a friend of one of the kids who planned to fight. had he identified love with the help of witnesses and young people there. investigators also tracked clues through the social media app snap chat. >> they all seem to be show focusing on snap chat. snap chat lights up and his name comes up right away. >> reporter: no one was hurt but brady is concern. there are lots of children in the area and an elementary school just up the block which he says let out around the time of the incident. >> it's escalating. used to be fights, fist fights. now you know kids are carrying guns. >> reporter: police say love
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whose last known address in drexel hill is considered armed and dangerous. >> he wants to be a gangster we'll shoot him like a --, treat him like a gangster. lock him up, take him down and put his in handcuffs. >> reporter: police do arrest warrant for the suspect. they have been looking for him. if you know where he is, call upper darby police. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. on your radar tonight get ready for some more heat. here's live look from trenton tonight. most of us spent the day in the mid 80s but nothing but sunshi sunshine. still warm enough tonight to leave those jackets at home like people out in center city tonight. kathy, even warmer tomorrow. >> um-hmm. even warmer, iain. right now we have a clear sky and light winds. no weather issues to speak of. temperatures still mild. 76 in philadelphia. cool 63 in millville. 58 in the poconos. and 69 degrees in wrightstown. overnight, low temperatures falling into the 60s. that's it. mainly clear, winds out of the southwest at just about 5 miles an hour. so a light breeze. tomorrow morning in the 60s. by the midday hour lunch time
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84 degrees already in philadelphia. already 85 in reading and allentown and 81 in wilmington millville and atlantic city. so temperatures soaring once again. coming up we'll talk about when we make it to 90 degrees when showers and storms will actually bust the heat and the cooler half of the holiday weekend. details coming up from the city to the shore with that seven day forecast. i'll see you later on in the broadcast. all right. kathy, thank you. moving like reading to night, make sure you take the weather authority with you for the holiday weekend with our fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar and get alerts sent right to your phone search for it in the apple or google play stores. >> driver accused of in the deadly hit-and-run in northeast philadelphia now faces charges of homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. police say 35-year-old john cook hit and killed molina early yesterday morning as he waited for a bus. investigators say cook got out of the his car, look at molina, then ran away. he turned himself in to police several hours later. police say a gun scare at a
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school in the city's tioga section was all a mistake. eight-year-old boy showed up at grover cleveland mastery charter with a gun in his backpack today. police say the boy's father put the gun in the backpack in a you shall are while he was doing other things. the guy forgot about the gun when he dropped his son off at school. the boy turned the gun in to school officials when he found it and police say the boy is trained in gun safety and the dad is a licensed owner. the boy will not be suspended and his father will not face any charges. a warning for some local residents to not drink their water. tests revealed some potentially dangerous results and people are now taking extra steps to make sure they're safe. fox 29's karen hepp spent the day in horsham with understandably concerned residents. >> reporter: more than 150 public and private wells are contaminated with chemicals li linked to cancer in three neighborhoods around the former willow grove base. >> chemicals primarily were from fire fighting foam. so basically the stuff that you see on tv that's sprayed all
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over, um, the white foam that puts out fires. >> reporter: they've known about the contaminated water for two years and have been working on the problem. the fix, put the folks with the bad wells on the public water system. they're about halfway done. but many are concerned about their health. >> i worry about the overall effect of it. >> reporter: just last week epa put out new tougher standards and more wells in the horsham, warrington and warminster areas flunked. >> i don't know what to think at this point. >> reporter: that's why the military had this open house today to answer questions and get people help. >> we've been consuming that for myself over the last 23 years, and i don't know if those levels are going to, you know, eventually give me some kind of disease. and, you know, so this is what i'm worried about. like in the future. >> reporter: right now they're giving out bottled water to folks like joe pilla. they'll be digging up his word soon, too. >> we had been getting our water tested and they kept saying it's all right, it's all right, it's all right. we get a phone call last week
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don't drink the water. it's contaminated. >> reporter: so far the military says they've spent $19 million to fix this problem. there's no cap on this. they'll continue to do what is necessary. they say that the public water here is safe. they keep testing it and filtering it and making sure the water when people turn on the tap is safe. that's the very latest from horsham, karen hepp, fox 29 ne news. you decide 2016. more clashes outside of donald trump rally a violent scene this evening at the anaheim convention center in orange county, california. protesters in trump supporters got into it throwing punches at each other. trump had already left the ven venue. this chaotic scene comes just one day after violence broke out near trump rally in albuquerque people threw rocks, plastic bottles and burning t-shirts at police on horseback. pennsylvania liquor control board granted nine more licenses to businesses that sell gasoline but none of those stores are in our area. the licenses though are the
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latest step in the loosening the hold on beer sales by bars and beer distributors. the liquor control board's vote today is the first since february. that is when the state supreme court said it would take up a case challenging whether a convenience store can sell beer and gas without violating state law. new jersey lawmakers are close to snuffing out smoking on public beaches for good. the senate and assembly are expected to vote tomorrow on bill that restricts smoking on public beaches and bands it at parks. the bill let's municipalities create designated smoking areas on beaches but it it does not apply to parks. it will keep second hand smoke from children and the beaches won't have all those cigarette butts in the sand. solebury township, bucks county some crime victims hoping to be reunited with stuff they had taken from them. police laid out recovered jewelry for residents to reclaim if anything turn out to be theirs. they did have to come to the event way police incident report describing their stolen stuff in order to search the tables.
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a brawl broke out on this schoolbus. that is an adult on top of a 10-year-old boy punching the child in the head. how this all started over a pencil. a septa police officer out for a jog with his wife when a car slams into his him and takes off. >> why you kept going? why not check on him? you know, like, things got -- thank god he's alive. he could be dead. >> this wife's emotional message to the driver who didn't even stop to see if her husband was alive. violent and organized ring of jewelry thieves. hitting across several states. hitting i was -- get away with millions of dollars. only on fox, how they got busted right here in philadelphia. and we know they're bothering right now, allergies hitting hard. the two minute solution some claim works like a charm.
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♪ septa police officer is still in a hospital bed tonight after his weekly jog with his wife ends in disaster. left with severe injuries after being hit by a driver who took off on sunday. >> police are now on the look out for that person. only on fox tonight, chris o'connell has his family's plea for justice. >> reporter: philadelphia police need your help in finding the driver that ran down off duty septa police officer. tonight he's in bad shape as his
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wife makes a tearful plea to that driver to turn himself in. >> thank god he's alive. he could have been dead. >> reporter: tearful wife searching for answers. this is a picture of septa police officer gary miller and his wife clara on sunday afternoon before the weekly jog in northeast philadelphia. this is his picture hours later. in a hospital bed with a broken leg, a broken collarbone, a concussion. his injuries caused by a hit-and-run driver. >> everything was blocked off. oh, my god, i just dropped. >> reporter: his wife clara describes running up to the accident scene near roland and chipendale in mayfair. >> he's the love of my life. thank you lord jesus i still have him. >> reporter: officer miller a 44-year-old, 13 year septa police veteran was run down while jogging alongside of the road. the driver took off.
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>> i saw a guy hit guy go up in the air he look like a mag mop. >> she saw the driver hit miller from her front porch. white man with dark hair in his 20s driving an older model toyota corolla or baby blue saturn sedan with a shattered windshield. police say this isn't the first accident here. >> these people fly down this road. fly. when i say fly i mean fly. >> reporter: family man just celebrated graduations for two sons one from college, one from the air force. as his wife holds on to his wedding band, she has a message to that driver. >> you're an animal. you should have just stop and check on him. turn yourself in. you know like, why, why did you this? it hurts my family. >> reporter: one of officer miller's first visitors in the hospital septa police chief thomasness tell. if you have any information on this case, please call
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philadelphia police. chris o'connell, fox 29 news. in harrisburg governor wolf signed a new law requiring some convicted drunk drivers to use ignition interlock devices. the new law makes drunk drivers first time conviction at a blood concentration of .1 or higher use the devices for an entire year. now previously only repeat drunk drivers had to use them in the space. they prevent someone from starting a car if their blood alcohol level is too high. that law takes effect in 15 months. the clock is ticking on mayor jim kenney's plan to use soda tax to fund education and parks and rec centers. there's plenty of opposition and just a few weeks to try and figure it out. they walk into city council chambers believing a vote was eminent but it didn't happen. 3-cent tax on sugar drinks is in limbo. some are proposing a alternati
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alternative. a new tax is complected. it's not clear what it will be. >> i know they're going to do something. whatever it is, it will be, and if pitt will impact your industry -- >> it's going to impact us. and if it is a cent per ounce tax we're going to see them in court. >> sources tell fox 29 council wants to support the mayor's initiative so some sort of tax involving sugary drinks is expected. incredibly happy ending for a horse shot with paintballs over and over again. abandoned in lancaster county earlier this year. lilly is her name. and she's now going to live with comedian john stewart and his wife tracy. imagine that. she's headed to their sanctuary farm for abused animals. fox 29's dawn timmeney has her happily ever after. >> reporter: she's honestly the sweetest horse i've ever met. she's really gentle. she's really trusting. despite everything she's gone through. >> reporter: comedian john stewart's wife tracy leads his
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lovely lady lilly out of a rehab barn in kennett square. the horse looks amazing. but it's been a rough road. >> this 20-year-old are a arabian captured hearts everywhere after she was found abandoned at a horse auction at new holland back in march. she was covered in paint after being shot 120 times at close range with paintball. >> it's horrifying to think someone would do that. >> reporter: little has put on 150 pounds while recovering at this beautiful farm not too far from penn vet new bolten center where he was taken and treated after being found tied to post. vets there nursed her back to health. she had her right eye removed and treated for problem in her left eye. she's being adopted by john and tracy stewart two months later. >> she is just genuinely the sweetest mare. it could not have happened to a nicer horse. >> we'rreally excited. she's going to have bout full
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life. while she's been here she made a friend who's half blind. we're also adopting her. her name is anita. kelly smith was instrumental in saving lilly an neat at a. >> we overcame so many hurdles with both of these horses. it has been an amazing journey and i truly believe in divine intervention. >> reporter: no question lilly and anita have landed in horse heaven they'll join the stewart's three other horses. talk about greener pastures. >> really like she's going to do whatever she wants all day. we really actually have no demands we'll make on her from here on out. it's going to be exactly what she wants. oh. >> reporter: when asked about how her famous husband feels about all of this -- >> he knew what he was getting into when he married me. i think he's been prepared for this craziness. >> reporter: tracy stewart who bite way is from philadelphia says they have 33 animals in their family as well as a bunch of farm animals. lilly will remain at undisclosed location while she continues to recuperate.
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she will eventual be an ambassador for the stewart's farm sanctuary opening in the spring of 2017. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. some of philadelphia's finest tonight. >> fraternal order of police gave out awards to 73 officers at tonight's ceremony all presented the first fop scholarship to six students headed to college. masks on, hoods up and guns out. these guys bust into a game store looking for cash. the pipe size hero who stepped in to try to stop them. >> a woman see what is she calls a big hairy monster running through her yard. >> that's not like bear. it wasn't like a coyotes. i've never seen anything like that whatsoever. >> she is not the only one. what several people are adamant they saw lurking in the woods. plus, history in the lehigh valley. what just stopped an allentown as part of a worldwide event. >> very cool.
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>> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for delays tomorrow the penndot crews hitting delco northbound they'll be doing pothole repairs northbound lanes in delaware county up toward the blue route. also, that repaving project in cherry hill with delays along route 70. thursday means we go to breakfast tomorrow. i'm hitting the road and heading to south philly to the dutch at fourth and cross right by dickinson square. we'll be out there live from 9:00 to 10 colorado but we got to check the jam cams and the forecast.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ very exciting night in allentown and for aviation. that's powered plane that landed at lehigh valley international airport. solar powered. solar impulse too took 17 hours to travel from dayton to allentown. it can drop to 28. the plane heads to new york state next then all the way across the atlantic to continue its journey around the world. water main break caused major damage in florence italy. check it out. the break forcing massive sink hole along the road there that
3:24 am
just swallowed up more than 20 cars. thousands of people were left without water. two houses had to be evacuated. a schoolbus aid out of a job tonight and facing several criminal charges for what went down on a bus ride home. >> you know, cameras caught everything. take a look. this happened near minneapolis last month. at one point is child -- the aid leaned over the 10-year-old boy to grab the pencil on the floor. she apparently got very upset clearly here, right? he started laughing at her. they then got into that shoving match you saw. she grabbed the boy by the neck, fell on top of him, and started punching him in the face. it did not stop until the bus drive pulled over and pulled the woman off the child. >> let's not allow this to happen to any other kid. let's not allow you to have employment around kids. >> boy's dad says he has a concussion. still has heads but did he go back to school.
3:25 am
they've charged the aid with assault and disorderly conduct. >> a violent and organize ring of jewelry thieves hitting across several states get away with millions of dollars. only on fox, how they got busted right here in philadelphia. >> kathy? >> temperatures will be warming very quickly. feeling like summer but not for the entire holiday weekend. i'll show when you it turns cooler and stormy come coming up as we chase 90 degrees. >> how are your allergies, kathy? mine are bad. they're probably bothering you, too. allergies are hitting hard right now. the two minute solut
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♪ breaking news claymont delaware we go where robber shot a chinese restaurant employee. delaware state police say it happened about an hour ago. you're looking at the restaurant on the 2700 block of philadelphia pike. after the robber fired off shots they say he ran off. they do expect the restaurant employee to recover. another member of notorious smash and grab robbery crew that
3:29 am
terrorize the area sentenced today. it took a dozen agencies and creative crime fighting to make it happen. >> tonight fox 29's dave schratwieser has the real story how investigators cracked this multi million case. most they were in the stores maybe 40 seconds. >> reporter: they move with the speed and precision of a swat team. these guys went by ice, deice. >> probably one of the top five take downs. >> sight leapt. they're pros, there's no doubt. >> reporter: investigators this crew set in motion as many as 15 armed smash and grab robberies across the tri-state area that netted over $8 million in high end watches and jewelry. >> people in the mall thought it was gunshots and everybody hit the floor screaming there's noise, there's always a weapon. >> one had the gun pointed in
3:30 am
his face. >> reporter: authorities say they struck in south jersey, delaware up to the mainline in king of prussia. but to nail this group of professional thieves a dozen local police departments and the fbi's violent crimes task force had to track them all the way to california and utah then back east to kentucky, missouri, maine and our area. >> they thought they were way too smart to be caught. they thought they had it all planned out these these report guys practice their skills like slicing the silicone around the top of jewelry cases. like they did in this robbery in ogden, utah. >> practice this in the living room. they had actual cases. >> reporter: the task force began to crack the case after three robberies at turn know jewelers in the king of prussia mall. investigators tracked the crew as they took a trip to south street in late august 2012. they watched as three of suspects including ringleaderings katie williams
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and rufus lawson went to several stores trying to sell three high end roll leck watches stolen from tour know's the day before. >> kenny williams in is caught and in his hands he has three watches with the tags on them. >> reporter: physical police handle the the arrest charging the suspects with receiving stolen property. back at fbi headquarters task force members and local police working with them had to break -- had the break they'd be looking for. >> about a month later rufus lawson called us and said, hey, i'll give you everything you want. >> hasn't guns and hammers they immediately went right to the rolex count. they knew exactly where to go. >> as investigators pieced it altogether the robberies kept coming one of them at bernie robbins jewelers in radnor township. superintendent william cole recall low remembers the night she's guys made off with more than 30 role leck watches worth nearly half million dollars.
3:32 am
but they missed something. >> there was another container of high-end rolex that is were double, triple, quadruple the amountly rolexs they stole. >> reporter: ravin ski is the president of bernie robbins jewelers. investigators worked closely with the jeweler's security alliance made up of the top 50 jewelers nationwide. >> if something happens, um, even if it's suspicious activi activity. 50 jewelers throughout the whole country know about it at once. >> reporter: detectives sean deitrich handled the case for radnor police. he says the robbers left behind this security jacket and a hat. those key pieces of evidence were quickly turned over to the fbi. >> they were already able to get dna evidence by cutting out the caller. >> reporter: investigators knew the radnor robbery looked very similar to the smash and grab take over robbery that stewart kingston jewelers just down i-95 in wilmington,
3:33 am
delaware. this video shows the suspects below through the front door before forcing the store owner's son edward stein to unlock a safe at the rear of the store. >> give me more time. >> the robbers rush out with almost $4.5 million in jewelry, watches and $2 million ruby sculpture end roughed with diamonds known as the liberty bell ruby. >> you can't do anything with it september take those diamond off and sell those. >> reporter: investigators say the bandits would meet at this park lot a 52nd and parkside and return after each of the robberies. after the wilmington job they decided to split up the proceeds and strip the 50 diamonds that from ruby sculpture. >> concerned about facing the 7-pound ruby and not knowing it's real value the bandits through it in a dumpster at a public housing complex in south philly. the next day when they found out how much it was actually worth,
3:34 am
they returned to the dumpster to retrieve it. the dumpster had already been emptied. the smash and grab rip offs conned next they hit a jewelers on montgomery avenue in ardmore. finally in march, 2012, they burst into jay roberts jewelers in evesham, new jersey. again, they smashed glass cases and exceed up for four tee $50,000 in cartiere watches. >> get a hammer, smash it up. >> reporter: the robbers left something behind this hammer used to smash the glass cases. police and the fbi task force were eventually able to track the hammers used by the robbers to home depots and lose stores. >> dna evidence off that hammer. get dna evidence off some of the clothing left behind. areas they touched report roar video from those stores showed crew members without the masks and disguises they used in the robbery. >> it was old school police work that wound up taking them down.
3:35 am
>> investigators are now able to say this smash and grab was recruited by darryl williams and david spurrey both from philadelphia. they also know that 49-year-old rufus lawson sold off most of the stolen watches and jewelry. >> i don't even think they kept any of the watches. they'd rather have cash and go by something legitimate for themselves. >> reporter: but still a word of caution from investigators. >> unfortunately, they'll probably be other people down the road that will dry it again. >> dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> so the sentence today, 7.5 years the judge sentenced williams and story to 20 years in federal prison. lawson sentence 10 years. in all, they have to pay more than $7 million in restitution. masks on, hoods up and guns out. these guys bust into a game store looking for some cash. the pipe sized hero who tendon in and tried to stop them. a woman see what is she calls a big hairy monster
3:36 am
running through her yard. sean the only one. what several people are adamant they saw lurking in the woods. >> fighting the sneeze see, headache, itchy watery eyes. the two minute solution some claim works like a charm. kathy. >> warm and windy weather will really heat things ups specially with the alert jeez. watching showers and storms move a little closer what this meanse
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♪ tornadoes left a trail of destruction across several states last night. you're looking at ford county kansas from yesterday. tornado after tornado rocked the area. this twister destroyed the county's landfill building. two people were critically injured but no one died. tornadoes also hit colorado and texas. hearts stopping moments during an armed robbery in maryland when child tried to stop two men in their tracks. the child when they busted into a game stop waving gun. surveillance video shows the two men busting into the store as a d.c. suburbs. you see the young man rush in
3:40 am
the frame trying to hit one of the robbers. he push the boy off to the side. the two men forced everyone in the store against the wall as they cleaned out the cash register. the boy's dad doesn't want to be identified but this had to say about his son's actions. >> the money who's a stranger, dangerous to him and he defended himself. >> reporter: police say the robbers got away undisclosed amount of cash and valuables from the customers. >> several people in one north carolina town square tonight they saw a mythological creature running through the woods. they dope have any evidence. they're talking about bigfoots report coming out of littleton the land of little people on the border with south carolina up north. one of the people tiffany merrill says she heard the creature in her background and saw it from her kitchen window. >> it was very large, its hair was super long and it was running so fast that's not like a bear. it wasn't like a coyote. i've never seen anything like that whatsoever. >> reporter: merrill called a
3:41 am
crypto zoologist someone who studied creatures who have not been pref zone to exist. he found footprints in her yard and took a cast them. authorities have not been able to identify the footprint. >> not sure it's myth think cal. anyone with allergy notice they are bad right knowledge doctors say more and more people are suffering and missing all a* whole lot of days from work and from school. >> fox 29's joyce evans showing local doctors are testing new treatment they hope may help more patients. ♪ >> reporter: april greenery, giving way to misery. >> i'm chi eyes, runny knows. >> reporter: none of the usual meds make a dent in the spring torture. >> i fell like i was sick three months a year. >> reporter: debbie develops severe energies five or six years ago and still she's tried to keep up with her long range
3:42 am
biking trips and love the everything outside. >> the allergies were winning. >> it took a few years before i realized i'd needed to do a couple of things. >> christina, how are you. >> good. >> you feeling okay? >> yes. >> how are the drops going. >> they're going well. >> good news. they're not talking about these drops or he's drops. they don't work there for debra. >> how many drops are you putting up the tongue. >> two. >> two. it's a treatment option that not only treats the symptoms for allergies but also addresses a cause. >> reporter: same thing as the allergy shot that has been around forever. right? >> the effectiveness of both are about the same. there's been no an fill lactic reaction from the drops which is a life-threatening potential side everybodies. that's why shots are done in the office. >> reporter: then you wait about 30 minutes says emt doctor gush stop nyquist. >> you're tolerating them before you're allowed to leave and follow that routine every week
3:43 am
when you're first starting out. >> how come you're not getting the shots like everybody glimpse it was just too hard to get to a doctors office ever other week. i live close by, and i just have really busy schedule and i think i can make that work for me. that's why debra says she just had a chance to take part in clinical trial at jefferson university hospital where she is a ph.d. student. >> are you having any problems with swellingness or itchy nice unthe tongue. not really. >> the nice things about the drops you can do it in the comfort of your own home. >> reporter: your own bottle of drops taken on your own schedule with no weekly scheduled doctors visit. >> we show them how to do it in the office the first time. make sure they tolerate it well. >> reporter: why is nationwide study necessary which includes deb bran dozens more here at jefferson when the fda already approved limited versions of the
3:44 am
drops and tablets and concluded they are safe. >> fda has approved the drops for grasses and ragweed but people like debra who have allergies to everything under the sun, grasses, trees, weeds, cats and dogs. they need multiple different allergens put in there. lots of testing needs to be done before ffa will approve it. >> and before your health insurance will could have it. >> we're mixing it on our own to make solutions. >> for debra about nine months later -- >> i don't see any swelling. you're doing wait. >> i'm fine. like every once in awhile but totally different from the concept runny knows and constant fever i had before. >> i don't think it's going replace the shots because a lot of patients do weather with the shots in terms of staying on the path to allergy treatment which can be three to five years. >> reporter: dr. says the
3:45 am
clinical trial should be wrapping up soon with all patients feeling well at jefferson. even children who he says maybe tolerating the drops even before because they don't hurt. they don't have to see a doctor and they taste like sugar. joyce evans fox 29 news. >> spoonful of sugar that's what mary pop tins said makes the medicine go down. >> outside looking very good. warm for this time of year. 76 right now, the high 88 degrees. the normal high is 77. right now big range in temperatures we have 58 in the poconos. 76 in philadelphia. millville cool with a light ripped and only 63 degrees. look at the sharp contrast cinnaminson 74. ocean city 68. little bit cooler down the sho shore. the ocean water temperature only 59 degrees. high pressure slides off the coast we keep pumping up the heat with light southwesterly wind we'll watch this front inch dye ward. it will stay dry tomorrow. a lot of sunshine, upper 80s.
3:46 am
watch these showers and thunderstorms to the west bubble up toward the evening period. as we go hour by hour, this is changed a bit since earlier in the evening. clear skies tonight. clear skies tomorrow. wall to wall sunshine. bob kelly will be talking about sun glare tomorrow morning, be then by the afternoon staying mostly sunny a few clouds down the shore and by the late evening some showers popping ups specially through the lehigh valley possibly our suburbs. as you look at the stick factor the measure of humidity out there for thursday. humidity will be low and turn muggy for friday, saturday and sunday but not oppressive. now what we typically see during the summer season. it's not summer jest yet. 60 in the suburbs. i could say 66 in the city. 62 in the suburb. low humidity during the day tomorrow. it will be hot but it won't be too sticky. winds continue out of the southwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. if you're heading down the shore tomorrow like i am, we're looking at partly sunny skies.
3:47 am
it's going to be very pleasant day for your friday partly sunny as well, 75. saturday mostly sunny, 76. and sunday partly sunny, 73 degrees. so looking real good for the hat trick. seven day forecast from your fox 29 weather authority. friday 90. is a 90. sunday 87. chance of a late day shower or storm. a better chance of unsettled weather on memorial day. cooler in the 70s staying in the 70s for tuesday and back into the 80s by wednesday. yeah. it's looking pretty decent. >> yeah, it is. 10, nine, 10. yeah. >> those are the ratings for the neck few days. they'll be terrific. and down the shore a lot cooler. still comfortable. >> what do you think, howard? >> i'm just rolling with you guys. whatever you say. >> he like the water temperature 70, i know that. >> howard is always -- >> i like the water temperature 32 i don't think anybody else does. >> that's because you look like a polar bear symptoms you like
3:48 am
that plunge. >> is that what it is. the plunge will be all right. one of the wide dee yesterday and crazy yesterday manager explosions on an umpire. eagles quarterback controversy will n
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
♪ something novel for the phillies today. they actually scored more than five runs for the first time since april 23rd. every start in the lineup got at least one hit. ryan howard did strike out two times. phillies avoided the sweep by the tigers. let's go to detroit. second inning phils up one to nothing. bore joyce steals second. he steals home. to-zero. fourth fourth inning more than just a three run homerun by herrara. gives the phillies five-one lead but he shows up the other team. baseball guys don't like. if detroit was leading herrara would have got the neck one in the ribs. you don't flip the bat. peter bore joyce gives the phillies six-four lead they made it eight-five and beat detroit. they play the cubs on friday eagles continue their organize team practices nothing out of
3:52 am
the ordinary but yesterday the defensive coordinator jim schwartz made a comment that will feed the eagles quarterback controversy between sam bradford and carlson wentz. you remember this is philadelphia. in reference to his quarterback situation in detroit he kind of expressed an opinion that it should be an open competition again it was kind of based on detroit situation with matthew stafford. it was not what he meant but that makes no difference. today on wip sports radio offensive coordinator that would be frank wright reich asked if that's the right impression. >> that's probably not the right impression. it's not a contradiction to say that you got to have order, because if you don't have order, it's chaos, right? >> so if you're the head coach, you know, you got to come in and you got to establish order. there has to be organization. there has to be order. but the other thing as coaches that you got to establish is a culture of competition. i don't see the problem with creating order and competition at the same time personally.
3:53 am
>> all right. when i would scene minor league a. a baseball rangers farm team. frisco team and that's the manager joe mick lick much these minor league managers. this is the manager now. just the manager. he didn't like a call by the umpire. he's safe. all right. obviously, you take the base and get rid of the base much that's got to hurt. then what else the rosin bag. just do it all. these she's are unbelieve al. that's what's great about minor league baseball. what are they going to get fined 25 bucks.
3:54 am
3:55 am
3:56 am
>> a driver hit a car in reverse, this after sports
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. and good morning, it is 4 breaking right now, a man fighting for his life after being shot in the head. the latest coming up. >> this guy is flying down the street like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. >> well, it happened again. little boy on a bike collides with a car and the driver just takes off. why witnesses believe the person behind the wheel throws the car in reverse, as you see right, there and just speeds away. >> new jersey lawmaker gearing to up consider two important bills this morning, could atlantic city rescue or smoke-free beach affect your memorial day plans? >> good day, it is thursday, may 26, 2016. we're about 24 hours from a lot of people getting ready to to go out of town for the holiday weekend? down the shore will take some time. a lot of people are just so excited. >> i like yo


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