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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 26, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. and good morning, it is 4 breaking right now, a man fighting for his life after being shot in the head. the latest coming up. >> this guy is flying down the street like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. >> well, it happened again. little boy on a bike collides with a car and the driver just takes off. why witnesses believe the person behind the wheel throws the car in reverse, as you see right, there and just speeds away. >> new jersey lawmaker gearing to up consider two important bills this morning, could atlantic city rescue or smoke-free beach affect your memorial day plans? >> good day, it is thursday, may 26, 2016. we're about 24 hours from a lot of people getting ready to to go out of town for the holiday weekend? down the shore will take some time. a lot of people are just so excited. >> i like your haircut by the
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way. >> thank you, i got scalped. he taught me a new way of putting in the product. i was doing it all wrong. >> we know. >> good night everyone, drive safely. hope you enjoyed the show. >> all right, well, you can finally take your flip flops out of mothballs, as of yesterday, when we got to 88 degrees. and we're going to be watching the temperature all morning, it will be all about the temperature over the next couple of days as we try to get used to the hot weather. and i think by the end of the day many of us will wimp out, turn on our air conditioner. 66 degrees, 6 of mile per hour winds, 5 37 your sunrise time. we have 53 degrees in mount pocono, 62 in trenton, 58 in lancaster, 6 after degrees atlantic city, winds pretty calm and they are starting to change direction from the northwesterly winds to the southwesterly winds. once we get the southwesterlies, that's when we are talking about adding
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humidity. wasn't it nice to have a warm but not very humid day yesterday? don't get used to it, so nothing to show you on radar right now. hardly any clouds even, but the air quality alert is back for today for those high concentrations of air pollution, always worth mentioning at least, in case you have issues with that casino of stuff. so, yes, once again, we expect to get 2088 degrees, sunset time now 8 19. as the days still get longer, by the end of the day, humidity. >> sue, good morning, everybody, 4 # 2, thursday morning, and we're off to pretty good start, maybe bulb or two out of here. we'll take care of. that will here, 95, 95 southbound, coming in toward center city philadelphia. right at the vine st. expressway. so, look out for delays there, construction crews, light volume, at least at the moment. so, we'll see how that
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translates once they're in, should be at 5 30 or so. vine street expressway, construction crews again, did not show up last night, to shut down the vine. so we're good to go between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. look out of the construction zone here. as you roll up through bellmawr, i-295, the 42 freeway, again, that active work zone, and most of the crews are going to be done for tonight. then call it quit for the holiday weekends, east on 422, some construction near oaks, turnpike looking good, and both the market frankford and the broad street subways are using shuttle buses until 5. chris, lauren, back to you. >> we begin with several breaking news stories, first out of southwest philadelphia. >> police say man fight to go stay alive after being shot in the head, 56 hundred block of angora terrace, shot inside his car in the head, right, then he attempted to actually get out of the car and runoff. officers found him collapsed on the ground after 1 in the morning, southwest detective
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are of course investigating. >> germantown investigating a double stabbing, 56 hundred block of high school street when they arrived they found 32 year old woman and 36 year old man both stabbed. the victims are recovering at einstein hospital. >> finally, in north philadelphia, emergency crews are on the scene working to get a vacant house fire under control for about 30 minute, flames broke out 6 hundred block of cumberland street just before 12 30, no word on how the fire started. >> now to developing story in montgomery county. you hear all too often police searching for the person responsible for hitting a little boy riding his bike. >> a little boy. neighbors returned to the little kid's side. live at the norristown police department with more on this, dave, you have some video to show us? >> we do, heart breaking video to show you before we get to that tell you beef been checking in with police here, still no arrests in this case. right now that boy is in stable condition at chop. he is really banged up we're told by witnesses on the scene, now to the video, hit-and-run captured on home
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surveillance cameras, police tell us the child was riding his bike on oak wood avenue in norristown when he smashed into a passing car. the little boy motionless on the street. as the driver backs away rapidly and frantically down an alleyway. neighbors who heard the crash ran over to the boy's aid until medics arrived. one witness says that the boy told her he was 6 years old. >> the child was coming down the alley on his bike, and this guy is flying down the street like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. and i heard him slam on his brakes, that's when was sitting, looked out the window, and he just flew right past the kid, slammed his car into reverse, and just back up down that alley there, and took off. didn't stop. didn't do anything. >> i ran down to the little boy. and i grabbed his hand, and i held his hand, and i told him to lay still. he was bleeding from the back of his head and his mouth. >> well, norristown police say
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the child was transported to chop, and is in stable condition. investigators are telling us that they seized the gold camry involved in the crash, so they got the car but the driver is still on the loose right now, so if you have any information in this case, police are hoping you can give them a call here in norristown and give investigators a lead on this case, back to you. >> hit a little kid, not get out and help him? i don't get it. >> septa officer severely injured after being involved in a hit-and-run. 13 year septa police vet ran gary miller was run down by a car near roland and chippendale in mayfair. miller's right now in the hospital with a broken leg, a broken collarbone, and a concussion. his wife claire describes running up to the accident scene. >> everything was blocked off. i'm like oh, my god, my heart just dropped. you should just stop and check on him. just turn yourself in. you know, like why? why you did this?
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it hurt my family. >> not much of a description to go by. police only have this description of a white man with dark hair, in his 20's, driving blue car with a shattered windshield. if you have any information about this call police. happening today, new jersey lawmakers expected to consider a rescue bill for atlantic city governor chris christie says the deal has the authority he would need to help the struggling resort town. the deal eliminate the threat of a state take-over for now. it also resolves on-going political fight that pushed struggling resort town ever closer to bankruptcy. christie stopped short of saying he would sign the bill, but says he plans to act quickly. >> also in new jersey bill that restrict smoke in public beaches up for vote today. >> one shot down by the state's governor is is it chris christie, steve live with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: well, this has a lot of things to do with atlantic city, they had the big ban in the casino, big debate down here, and you can tell, it time of year, they have the beach bars going, and
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smoking in bars go together usually, especially, out door bars. so no longer can you smoke inch bars in a lot of towns but you can still smoke at these kind of bars because they're outside. well, you won't be able to smoke at this beach bar here in the middle every atlantic city's beach if the state-wide beach ban for smoking goes through. now, governor christie vetoed a similar no smoking on the beach bill just two years ago, last night on his monthly radio show asked the governor, which you can watch live stream, likely veto this one, too, for the same reasons he did the last time saying that each local beach town should really decide on their own. he says, he's not a fan every smoking but he's also not a fan of telling each town what to do. >> the problem i have is why shouldn't municipalities -- so some have, but not all of them have, done what some liberals in the legislature want them to do, therefore, the big half of the state comes in again.
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do what we want you to do or else we will tell you how to do itment so ill look at it when it comes to my dels being, i'm not saying whether i will sign it or not, but just so people know what my general concern is, what are they going to tell you you have to do next? >> so, 16 new jersey beach towns, and among the ones in our area, cape may ., somers point, beach haven, seaside park, already have their own local no smoking on the beach laws. now, one of those liberals that the governor was mentioning was state senator steve sweeney. sometimes else the governor's friend like he is in the atlantic city rescue package, sometimes his political enemy like he is on the smoking ban. well, state senator sweeney going to be on good day live at 7 30, tack being this and the rescue plan, and maybe even the camden crime problem, chris, lauren, but he was in bellmawr, another one of these beach towns, that has a smoking ban. coincidentally with him, when he amount that he was going have the votes today on tuesday, up in bellmawr,
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that's bellmawr monmouth county, not bellmawr camden county, the one on the beach, then bellmawr mayor said we wish we did this years ago, we had our best summer season last year business-wise because people new they wouldn't have smoke on their faces in the beach t drew bigger crowds, plus he said it saved money. they didn't have to have the crews combing the beach picking up everyone's dis g cigarette butts. >> and much better not have those butts all over the sand and beach. thank up, sir. >> warning for some locals to not drink the water. tests in montgomery and bucks county reveal potentially dangerous results. >> more than 150 wells are contaminated with chemical linked to cancer, three neighborhoods around the willow grove base, known about this contamination for two years, and have been working to fix t just last week the epa put out new tougher standards, and new wells in the warminster area, flunked, and open house for concerned resident. >> we've been consuming that
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myself over the last 23 years. i don't foe if those levels are going to, you know, eventually give me some casino of disease. >> now the military sales the chemicals in question with primarily from fire fighting. right now they're giving out bolt recalled water to those who have been affected by those bad wells. >> 4 11. bullet fly back stage and a venue in new york. more on the investigation and the shooting victims after the break. >> plus a student bridges a gun to a high school. why officials say he won't be punish. bob kelly looking at the roads on this thursday morning. >> hello, good morning, everybody, 4 11. we had some construction crews coming our way. 95, delaware county today, throwing up some potholes as we get ready for the holiday weekend. up getting out of town for the weekend? good morning to philadelphia international airport. wake up, check the tote board, sue has the holiday forecast, all of that and moran we'll grab a cup of coffee and come right back.
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pick one finalist a week, on the one final show we have one big give away. >> several cities, several weeks, let's take a look where we will be, ocean city, see that on friday, then look at the list. >> oh, we've added some more. >> oh, ya. >> how about fairmount park coming up july 22? >> that's my favorite. >> that will be really fun. on the july 22 date, in fairmount park, so come on out to see us, we will sign up to win brand new mazda cx9. i can't sign up, no one in this room can, but you the viewer can. someone will drive away with that car, sue, pretty darn fun. ocean city this friday. >> tomorrow. >> that's tomorrow, my goodness, where did the week go? how is the weather looking? >> looking good for the morning. i think we could get thunderstorms in the afternoon, but that's what happens in the summertime. that's the deal, feeling like summer the rest of the week. and through most of the weekends. so if it is not in the 90's actually it will feel like it is in the 90's today so let's
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get right to it, down the shore this weekend, these are your beach temperatures, now, do you have factor in the sea breeze, while we're in the 80s inland, it will be about the 70s, really nice, but you're really brave, you can jump in the water. you know lot of folks will. 59 degrees ocean water temperature. , we expect decent weather in the 70s, memorial day weekends, we'll take it. right now looking at more thunderstorm activity in the center of the country, horrific tornados day after day, as we are in the season for that. but for us, we're not seeing anything in our region in the central part of pennsylvania, little area of showers, but we do not expect that to make it here this morning. look at the future cast, though, we see plenty of room for sunshine all day long, here you see few clouds, maybe late morning, and few more rolling in later on in the afternoon. as far as pop up showers, and thunderstorms, doesn't look likely for most every us until maybe the overnight hours. unless you're north and west of the city. so you may hear a very isolated rumble every thunder
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overnight. but for our 7 day forecast, 88 degrees today, we could hit 90 tomorrow. it is quite possible with those thunderstorms in the afternoon. what a rapid as end into high temperature territory, yes, in other words, we vaulted no summertime very quickly, yesterday, and we will stay there through sunday. now monday again is your if-ee day with pop up showers and thunderstorms possible may get to 80 degrees, but stay warm through tuesday and wednesday as well. that's a look at your 7 day forecast. things seem tranquil this morning, bob kelly. >> nice and quiet, the calm before the storm. 4 17, good morning, everybody, good to go here on the vine expressway, again, construction crews did not work last night, so, we're open. no problems at all. that's good for all of us that come in nice and early, with no closures there, but they are working here, along route 23, just off of route 422, out there, in valley forge.
4:18 am
they're finishing up the paving on the overnight. the burlington bristol bridge set for opening any minute now, about 4 25 is what they are saying. as you come on up through 295 and the 42 freeway here in bellmawr, new jersey, just watch for the traffic crew, the traffic pattern shuffles, the construction crews are still out there, and of course we have the repaving, that set for route 70, it will officially start with the equipment next week, but the signs went up this week, and giddy up. the devon shores show opens up in devon at the fairgrounds, along last caster avenue. i saw one of the officers this morning, she said be ready for some jammos coming through deaf and for the next week or so. back to you. >> pretty event. 4 18 is the time. upper darby police looking for a team they say fired a gun in a park causing crowds of people inside that park to just take off. this happened at the drexel gardens park on bonn avenue monday afternoon. two upper darby high school student met up at the park to
4:19 am
fight. that drew a crowd of about 30 young people trying to watch this thing. but before the fight even started police say 18 year old dominick love fired a gun in the air causing everyone to scatter. they say love doesn't attends that high school but is a friend of one of of one of the kids who planned the fight. >> this is constant, friday night, saturday night, after school, this is the place to fight. >> he wants to be a gangster, we'll treat him like a gangster, bring him down, lock him up. >> that's moo pike at chitwood who identified love with the help of witnesses also cracked clues. love considered armed and dangerous, call upper darby police if you know where this kid is. >> police say gun scare at a school in the city tioga section all a mistake. 8 year old boy showed up at grover cleveland master i chart war gun in his back pack yesterday. police say the boy's dad put the gun in the back pack in a rush. while he was doing some other things. the boy turned the gun into school officials at soon as he found it, police say the boy
4:20 am
is trained in gun safety. his father is a licensed owner. the boy will not be suspended and his father won't face any charges for that mistake. >> the clock right now ticking on mayor jim kenney's plan to use soda tax to fight rec centers in the city of philadelphia. plenty of opposition, only few weeks to figure this out. so supporters and opponent. measure walked into city council chambers believing a vote was imminent. but that didn't happen. the 3 sent per ounce tax on sugary drinks still in limboment some council members are proposing alternative such as a levy on beverage containers themselves. >> new tax is expected, it is not just clear, what this will be though. >> i know they're going to do something, whatever it is, it will be, and -- it will impact us, if it is a cents per ounce tax, then we will see them in court. >> sources tell fox 29 the council wants to support the mayor's initiatives. some sort of tax involving sugary drinks is expected. we'll see how this plays out.
4:21 am
>> scary night for fans at new york concert to see rapper ti. police say one person's dead, 3 others injured after someone started shooting inside that venue. officials say the shooting happened last night, shortly after ten p.m., at the irving plaza, one man was hit in the chest, the 2 machine in the stomach, and a woman was shot in the leg. another person showed up at a hospital later in the night. the shooting took place in a back stage dressing room which suggest the shooter could have been with one of the artists, which would have made it easier to get the gun into the venue so an artist entrance. motive right now unclear. police say their investigation is in it early stages. >> ryan howard may have been just one for five. but all of the other phillies hit the ball yesterday, finally, breaking out, we'll tell you hoe they beat up on detroit, sports in one minute. >> first your winning lottery numbers.
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>> the phillies did something novel yesterday. they actually scored runs. they scored the most runs since april 23, and the phillies have scored more than 5 runs this season only five time. phillies avoided. >> second inning, phillies up one hundred nothing, double steel is on. blanco scores, he steels home plate, as born us fields 2, knocked in a run. fourth inning, now, what's wrong with this? phillies go up 5-1, but he flips the bat.
4:25 am
you don't do that. you're showing up the other team. so the phillies are leading, but becomes five-4, born he is is first, phillies homerun, in the 7, the phillies go up 6-4, they win the game, 8-5. the mets have played just right with the nationals all season. all right, to washington, that's david wright in the first inning. that's all the runs they needed, mets win it, win two out of three in the series, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. sports related note, here as many as 11 state, daily fantasy sports by the ends of this year. >> so far 6 states have passed bills to regulate daily fantasy sport, and five more may do so soon. the contest allows people to create fantasy rosters by selecting real players, competing against other contestant to win monday. >> i so proponent say it is a game of skill, not chance, and shouldn't be regulated. but many state consider them to be forms of gambling. and best needs regulation.
4:26 am
4 25 is your time. speaking of gambling, all of that stuff. let's go to steve keeley now in ac this morning with couple of issues there. big decisions therefore lawmakers, steve? >> reporter: we beat the rush for memorial day weekends a day early. before our big remote show tomorrow. and lifeguards are known to make some rescues on the beaches, but today we're going to be talking about politicians making a big rescue possibly for atlantic city finally.
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the future every atlantic city, in the hands of new jersey officials today. will a vote today affect your holiday weekends plans? >> speaking of memorial day weekends, off to a good start with weather feeling hot, hot, hot. but will it last through monday, monday, monday? sue has your full forecast. >> plus a little boy, a bike collides with a car, watch what the driver does right after it happens. why witnesses believe the person behind the wheel took off backward leaving that boy lying in the road. >> all right, hard to watch that, especially as a parent, or just a human being. how does the driver not stop? it is a little kid. we'll get into that in a minute. it is thursday, may 26, 2016. you know, so many famous birthdays today, john wayne,
4:30 am
right, lenny kravitz, stevie nicks, maybe we'll play a little lenny and stevie coming up. >> and lauryn hill is on the list, there is more. sue serio, miles davis? >> oh, my goodness. >> hang william, jr.? >> really. >> anyway. >> so many famous people born this day. >> a lot of talent came into the world on may 26. if you're going out into the world, it is 66 degrees right now, say hi to that 5 37, your sunrise time, 53 mount pocono, we're already in the 60s, and so many places this morning, but, it is 58 in lancaster, we've got 65 degrees already in atlantic city, 6 an in dover. we have relatively calm winds, what we will be watching now is the win direction, once they start coming out of the southwest, it is going to start feeling a little sticky around here. so this may be your last relatively not humid day for
4:31 am
awhile. but, i think, by the end of the day it, will feel sticky, so air quality alert once again for concentration of air pollution. so here we have high once again, because yesterday was 88, hot, and maybe a little rumble every thunder or two overnight, with 67 degrees overnight, so we will start to get muggy at night, humid during the day, that spells summertime around here, even though it is technically still spring time. we will take you through the holiday weekends, coming up, and of course, it wouldn't be memorial day weekend, you mentioned it earlier, devon horse show starts today. >> yes, giddy up, got to get the lemon sticks, is that what they're called? >> and the fudge. >> and the fudge and all of that other good stuff they have down there that's all good for you at the devon horse show. 5 -- 4 31, zoomed on in here, because we are getting ready for bridge opening any minute now. so getting ready to head out the front door either put another pop tart in the toaster or go for the jumbo
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coffee when you make that stop. it will be a quick opening here this morning. a live look at i-95. not that bad, nice and quiet, the overnight crews just pick up the cones coming into downtown philly. so good to go there. coming in from the suburbs, work crew out on 422, right near route 724. turnpike, looking good from philly, over to philadelphia, from philly over to valley forge, and we're in the 50's coming in on the south jersey roadways, freeway, in toward that walt whitman bridge. septa using shuttle buses on the 101 trolley for the next couple of weeks or so, and also using shuttle buses on both the market frankford and the broad street subway until 5 a.m. chris, lauren, over to you. >> thank you, 4 32 the time this thursday morning, we begin with breaking news for you. >> the first coming out every southwest philadelphia, and in germantown, detective are investigating a double stabbing around 11 30, police and medics responded to the 56 hundred block of high school street, when they arrived they
4:33 am
found 32 year old woman and 36 year old man both stabbed. the victim is recovering at einstein hospital. >> let's get to germantown, where detectives are investigating a double stabbing around 11 3 responds today high school street. when they got there they found that 32 year old woman and 36 year old man stabbed, the victims are recovering, and finally, north philly, emergency crews were on the scene work to go get a vacant house fire under control for about 30 minute, flames broke out the 6 hundred block every cumberland street just before 12 30, no word on how that fire started. >> happening today, new jersey lawmakers are expected to consider a rescue bill for atlantic city. >> the state's governor chris christie says the deal has the authority he needs to help. steve keeley joins with us more on how the struggling resort towns could get help if it is passed. hi, steve. >> reporter: well, you remember the old charles at last ad, where the skinny nerd i guy get kicked in his face until he starts working out. it look like the democrats and the new jersey legislature are finally done kicking sands in each other's faces, and so
4:34 am
days before or days after, depending on who you ask, everybody was predicting this town was headed for bankruptcy. facing a crisis, finally facing each other, finally talking and finally came to some kind of deal to be voted on today before bankruptcy. 23 changes or amendments as they're called in political bills, the governor famously once said if one word was changed in the original atlantic city state take over, he was going to veto it. guess what? last night on his ask the governor call-in show he seemed to change a bit himself on that promise veto. >> whatever is across my desk ill like at it quickly, no reason to delay, as long as i have something that i think will ultimately not impact the taxpayers in the state of new jersey, and help save atlantic city, then, you know, i'm do it. >> reporter: well, this rescue plan doesn't mean that they're out of the woods once it is approved and if the governor signs it, because it
4:35 am
essentially just gives atlantic city five month to come up with another plan to essentially cut its budget in half over the next five years. so, you got to wonder how possibly can a town get by on half the money that is barely getting by on now after all of the cut it's already made. like are you going to have half the police department, half a fire department, they've got to buy out a lot of police officers with, like, say 20 years of experience or more. to do that they'll get a big state bridge loan. no bridgegate loan jokes here, but they'll be buying out a lot of long time employees, so all of the experience goes off the street. and you got to hope that the city and the streets stay safe with so fewer cops on the street. but you can't wait to see how this is going to happen. but don't be surprised if this is just the start of the troubles, even though this might and happy day for people, now, just might put off the inevitable. >> have to pay a bridge loan down the road, then these problems just playing them for
4:36 am
years to come. so not looking too good. >> bankruptcy may eventually come, too. >> all right, steve, thank you. >> let's stay in new jersey, lawmakers close to snuffing out smoking on public beaches for good. the senate and assembly expected to vote today on bill that restrict smoking on public beaches and ban it at parks. lets municipalities create designated smoking areas on beaches, but that rule will not apply to parks. a top new jersey lawmaker is push to go prevent new jersey transit engineers from operating trains if their drivers licenses are revoke or suspended due to drunk driving violations. this after investigations found that nj transit engineer thomas was controlling commuter trains despite losing his license to drive a car for ten years for repeated drunk driving offenses. >> all right, speaking of driving, dave kinchen covering a sad story for us this morning. >> yes, very sad story.
4:37 am
4:38 am
4:39 am
>> dave kin chin with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, we continue to follow this case here, checking in with police in norristown, so far, they're still looking for the driver in this matter here, right now the boy is in stage condition at chop. hit-and-run captured on home
4:40 am
surveillance cameras, police tell us the child was riding his bike on oak wood avenue when he smashed into passing car, the little boy motionless, as the driver backs away rapidly, and frantically down an alleyway. neighbors who heard the crash ran over to the boys aid, until medics arrived. one witness says that the boy told her, he was only 6 years old. >> the child coming down the alley on his bike. >> this guy, flying down the street, like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. and i heard him slam on his brakes, i looked, looking out the window, and he just flew right past the kid we saw him put the car in reverse extremely fallings, backed it down the alley. so then anybody could see the license plate, he took off backward to the next street over. >> i hope they catch him. loses his license so he can't drive. person like that doesn't belong behind the wheel.
4:41 am
>> say the child was transport today chop, and it is in stable condition, investigators also say they seized the gold camry involved in the crash, but the driver remains at large, give norristown police a call, if you have any information that can give them some leads on this terrible case. back to you, chris, lauren? >> very terrible. thank you. >> another hit-and-run to tell but, this is northeast philadelphia the driver faces charges of homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. police say 35 year old john cook hit and killed molina early tuesday morning, as he waited for bus, investigators say cook got out of his car, looked at molina, then ran away. did he turn himself into police several hours later giant multi state gambling ring, officials seizing 2 million dollars in cash, now 46 people are behind bars, authorities say, this man, robert elvis, from north jersey, ran the operation with the help of an office in costa rica where people placed bet,
4:42 am
more than 50 act, 320 better involved in the scheme. he faces racketeering, gambling. >> robert elvis has those elvis sideburns too, doesn't he it? the pennsylvania liquor bode granted 9 more businesses to gasoline where you can now buy beer after you fill up.
4:43 am
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>> you remember we told you yesterday that we will be keeping a close eye on the tropics for the possibility of a pre-season storm. now, tropical storm season
4:45 am
starts june the 1, but we already had a hurricane. if you recall in january, in the aids ores, there was hurricane alex. so if he we get a named storm this week, and we corks it would be named bonnie. that's the next name on the list. this is an area near the bahamas we're watching that has pretty decent chance of tropical development. and if that happens, then we have to watch the eastern seaboard of the united states to see if it affect us. so, just so you're aware. but, meantime, while that's all happening in the caribbean, we will be looking at very hot temperatures, things warming up very nicely, this week, you wanted warmer temperatures, you're going to get them. even if you don't get to 90 degrees, by tomorrow it will feel like t we will add a lot of humidity. down the shore different store which these temperatures in the 70s, right along the beach. you will have to keep that in mind, as well, but that's early in the season, that's what a sea breeze does, it cools thinks off. and the ocean water temperatures only in the upper 50's, so, with that breeze,
4:46 am
blowing off the ocean, it will keep things cooler. but it should be loverly weekends at least friday, saturday, sunday portion of it at the shore. now, looking at some rain on radar, none of it affect willing us, we don't expect that to happen today at all. 88 degrees today, probably hit 09 tomorrow in the city. and then heat index, warmer than that, with thunderstorms rumbling through late in the day on friday. soap, come down and see everybody in ocean city on friday morning, because we don't expect the storms until later in the day. stays hot saturday, sunday, wild-card day of the holiday weekend is indeed monday when we could get some showers, some thunderstorms, then we are talking about continued warm temperatures through tuesday and wednesday of next week. so, heat plus humidity, you got to love it. >> good morning, everybody, delays, both directions on the burlington bristol bridge, as we are still in the middle of a bridge opening this morning. so if you are headed out the front door, either grab an
4:47 am
extra coffee on your way to sit out that delay, maybe another five minute or so, still working out along route 23. this is live look out near valley forge, route 23, right at the off-ramps from 422. overnight paving, crews are still there. otherwise 422 not bad at all as you work your way in from the suburbs, royersford, collegeville looking good, the pennsylvania turnpike looking good also from philly bensalem all the way overthrew valley forge. if you are coming in from south jersey, for the shaders, no problems along route 73, you got the traffic pattern shuffles, we always have to deal with as you work your way along the freeway, and in toward the walt whitman bridge. but otherwise, quiet start, that calm before the storm. you know tomorrow all bet are off. if you are going to be headed to the shore, we would love to see you bright and early tomorrow morning, i'll be down there on the boardwalk for ocean city but for the gang leaving town, that crunch time, you want to be up and over that walt whitman bridge, no later than 2. you know, that 12-2 time
4:48 am
bracket there is the witching hour, we call it, chris, lauren, back to you. >> all timing right? getting down the shore? >> it is all about the timing. >> so how about this? mike and alex you all are headed down the shore tomorrow, right? oh, ya, giving a car away. tomorrow, friday, and all summer long, tomorrow right they at the ocean sit music peer. >> it is a mazda cx9. go to be website, click on enter to win here. we will pick a finalist once a week, then on the final show we have the big give away. >> here's where we will be over the next several weeks. we will be all over the place. there is there has got to be a town near youment come on out, say hello. big finale will be on friday, july 22, at the del music center in fairmount park. come see us, and sign up to win that brand new mazda cx9. turn to this now at 4 49. pennsylvania liquor control board granted 9 more licenses to businesses that sell gasoline. but none of those stores is in
4:49 am
our area. >> the licenses are the latest step in loosening the hold on beer sales, by bars and beer distribute doors, liquor control board vote the first since february, that's when the state supreme court said it would, whether can sell gasoline without violating state law. >> okay, let's talk iron health. newspaper study suggesting a low salt diet could actually increase the risk every health issues, researchers will four different stories that looked at people salt intake. found people who ate 7 grams of salt per day did not increase their lisk for disease or death. but those who ate less than 3 grams had a 26% increase in their risk of death or heart disease. >> really? >> current guidelines recommend maximum of a teaspoon of salt per day. >> i have to research this. what's 3 grams? i don't even know what that is, dump a bunch of salt in your french freeze -- >> but do you have think of teaspoon for the entire day, maybe better way to think of it. >> good way of putting. recently treatment of men with
4:50 am
early stage prostate cancer has undergone a big change, right, five years ago nearly all opted for surgery or radiation, now, nearly half are choosing no treatment at all. >> so that approach has caused active surveillance, means the cancers are left alone, but are regularly monitored to be sure they're not growing or spreading. 40 to 50% of men are take that approach. those numbers are up, only about ten to 15% of patients were using the active surveillance approach a few years ago. >> 4 50 the time. another major pet retailer cut ties with small animal slower here in pennsylvania. bet smart said wednesday it is no longer getting animals from in bart owe, petco, pet supplies plus cut ties several months ago, after an animal rights group shot video showing poor conditions at that facility. the facility raises hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits. governor chris christie of new jersey weighing in on long time debate among people in new jersey.
4:51 am
>> and it is all over a name. the name of a breakfast sandwich. is it a taylor ham egg and cheese or a pork roll? so yesterday, the governor said on his radio show ask the governor the sandwich should be known as taylor egg ham and cheese. many in north jersey call it taylor ham, those in south jersey call it a pork roll. do you have remember chris christie is from livingston, north jersey. recently introduced legislation to he is dig nature that breakfast sandwich as the state's official breck fag sandwich, which is because the name became so popular. >> big debate, is it a hoagie it, a griner, is it a sub, is it a sandwich? >> people call everything so many different names. >> what do you call it down there in the atl? >> we call it a sub, or a sandwich, yes. but here it is a hoagie. >> just don't call me late for dinner. one enormous happily ever after for this guy, the local horse, shot more than one hundred times with paint balls. oh, ya. she has got a new home, big name celebrity that adopted
4:52 am
her straight ahead.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> clauses i can jazz, would have turned 09 years olds today. >> just imagine sitting in a hotel. >> oh, ya, nice hotel, this is
4:55 am
off the 1969, by the way, casino of blue, voted as national treasure by the house representative in 2009, so if you don't have kind of blue in your catalogue, get it. >> okay. >> it is a very exciting night in allentown, and for aviation, landed yesterday evening at lehigh valley international airport. >> took impulse 17 hours to fly from dayton ohio to allentown, traveled about 50 miles an hour, when the sun's rays are the strongest, it heads to new york state next, then across the atlantic to continue it journey around the world. >> the former owner after horse adopted by john stewart and his wife says the animal was not shot with paint balls, but was instead used as a canvas at a children's finger painting party. >> well, that's a much different outcome than we first thought, right? former owner door even weston said the horse was never injured with a paint ball gun, like previously reported,
4:56 am
police say she was covered in paint and extremely sore to the touch. lilly was found abandoned in a auction in lancaster county, stewart's have animal sanctuary at their new jersey farm. >> really honestly the sweetest horse i've ever met. really gent many, really trusting, despite everything she's gone through. >> so, the director of lancaster county spc a and pennsylvania says, she doesn't find weston incredible, back story there, nonetheless. >> yes, it is. >> later in the show. as memorial day nears, do you have plans this weekend? >> to watch after the kids. i'm sure your plans are much more exciting. look at those tsa lines. what the tsa is telling congress they are doing right now, to decrease the wait time for all of the travelers who will fill up airport all across the country. >> how about this? a local 8 year old bridges a gun to school, why officials say he won't be punished.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
breaking right now on fox 29, a man fighting for his life after being shot in the head, the latest coming up. >> this guy was flying down the street, like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. >> it has happened again, little boy on a bike collides with a car, the driver takes offer, why witnesses believe the person behind the wheel
5:00 am
through the car in reverse and sped off. >> new jersey lawmakers gearing up to consider two important bills this morning, could an atlantic city rescue or smoke-free beach vote affect your memorial day plan? >> good day, it is thursday, may 26, 2016. >> i can't believe it is already memorial day, then next week we come in in june. >> you can't believe it because we haven't had spring like winter, gone from winter to summer without any season inbetween, sue serio. >> yes, true. and that happens a lot around here, where it will be chilly, chilly, chilly, sun endly turning on the air-conditioning, that will be the case for probably some of us by the end of the day today. but definitely tomorrow. we will add a lot more humidity, 64 degrees, sunrise pretty soon at 5 37. starting to see the combination of it getting light outside already. these nice long days, i love them, 52 degrees in mount pocono, 62 in trenton, 63 in atlantic city, only 55 in millville, but even that is pretty comfortable. winds in the process


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