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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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through the car in reverse and sped off. >> new jersey lawmakers gearing up to consider two important bills this morning, could an atlantic city rescue or smoke-free beach vote affect your memorial day plan? >> good day, it is thursday, may 26, 2016. >> i can't believe it is already memorial day, then next week we come in in june. >> you can't believe it because we haven't had spring like winter, gone from winter to summer without any season inbetween, sue serio. >> yes, true. and that happens a lot around here, where it will be chilly, chilly, chilly, sun endly turning on the air-conditioning, that will be the case for probably some of us by the end of the day today. but definitely tomorrow. we will add a lot more humidity, 64 degrees, sunrise pretty soon at 5 37. starting to see the combination of it getting light outside already. these nice long days, i love them, 52 degrees in mount pocono, 62 in trenton, 63 in atlantic city, only 55 in millville, but even that is pretty comfortable. winds in the process of
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changing direction, buns we get to the southwest winds as we mentioned earlier, that's when it starts to get stickier out there. no precipitation to show you on ultimate doppler radar. none expected today but air quality alert in effect for today with, you know, just the ocean area, a lot of air pollution around, and we have 88 degrees for high temperature yesterday, 88 degrees, but by the end. day it will feel little more humid than it did yesterday, which was definitely delightful. sunset time 8 19. that's your thursday, with a lot of kids offer school tomorrow. get away night tonight. >> what? are they off from school tomorrow? >> some are. >> we have half day friday. >> oh, that's even worse, the half day. >> it is the worse. >> look at lauren shaking her head. >> just saying. >> you're just saying? come on over to my side if you want. we'll drop all of the kids off at sue's house. >> sure. >> at 5 01. >> they can help me do laundry
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>> ex, accurately, do the chores if they had a choice between chores and school it, would be school. >> school. >> good morning, everybody, here is a live look at route 23. out near route 422. taught to the king of prussia interchange, hello bellmawr. live look 42 freeway, headlights in toward philadelphia. starting to see some volume come in toward the city tomorrow, though, all eyes on this camera, the opposite way, making the trip down the shore, see you bright and early tomorrow morning on the ocean city boardwalk starting at 7 right there at the music pier. burlington bristol bridge just completing a lift bridge opening, and the talcony palmyra bridge is going to be the next one in line. just be careful for that, if you are getting ready to step out the front door, again, the burlington right now, talcony
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is the next one to common in, speedometer readings in the 50's on the schuylkill, the blue route, and i-95 no problems there, work crews coming come to 95, working your way from the commodore barry bridge up toward the airport during the midday. mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so. following several breaking news store thinks morning, the first coming out every southwest philadelphia. man fight to go stay alive, from angora terrace, shot in the head, and still attempt topped runoff. officers found him collapsed on the grounds just after one in the morning, southwest detective now investigating. and in germantown, detective are investigating a double stabbing around 11 30, police and medics responded to the 56 hundred block of high school street, when they arrived, they found a 32 year old woman and 36 year old man, both stabbing victims, the victims are recovering at einstein hospital. >> and finally, north philly,
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emergency crews were on the scene work to go get vacant house under control. for about 30 minute, just before 12 30, no word on how this started. >> now to developing story in montgomery county, police searching for the person responsible for hitting a little boy, who was just riding had is bike. >> of course neighbors, they heard there is ran outside and saw the little little kid and rushed to help him. dave kinchen live in norristown with more on there is good morning. >> good morning to you, a lot of development here right now, we can't tell you as we continue to call the police here, and check in on this, actively searching for the driver, but they do have the vehicle involved in this case. >> in stable condition, at chop, and was really banked up in this crash. captured home surveillance cameras, police tell us the child was riding on oak wood avenue when he smashed into a passing car.
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frantically down an alleyway. neighbors who heard the crash ran over to the boys aid until medics arrived, one witness says the boy toll her, he was just six years old. >> the child was coming down the alley on his bike. and this guy was flying down the street, like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. and i heard him slam on his brakes, and that's when i look, i was sitting, look out the window, and he just flu right past the kid, slammed his car into reverse, and just back up down that alley there. and took off. didn't stop. didn't do anything. >> i ran down to the little boy. and i grabbed his hand, and i held his hand, and i told him to lay still, bleeding from the back of the head. and his mouth. >> norristown police say the child was transported to chop as we said, in stable condition. seized gold camry involved in the crash, but the driver ran away, still looking for that driver. if you saw anything or have any information that can help
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police, try to piece this one together, get this person off the street then give norristown police a call. >> thank you so much for the update. >> 5 06 the time. septa officer severely injured after being involved in a hit-and-run. police say sunday afternoon, 13 year septa police veteran gary miller was run down by a car near roland and chippendale in mayfair. miller right now in the hospital with a broken leg, broken collarbone, and a concussion. his wife describes running up to the accident scene. >> everything was block off, oh, my god, my heart just dropped. >> should have just stopped and checked on him. just turn yourself in. you know, like, why, why you did this? it hurt my family. >> vague description here after white man with dark hair in his 20's driving a blue car with a shattered windshield. if you have any information, call police. >> new jersey lawmakers expected to consider a bill today that would rescue
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atlantic city. governor chris christie says that deal has the authority he would need to help that struggling resort town. the deal eliminate the threat of steak take over an at least for now, resolves ongoing political fight that pushed the struggling resort ever closer to bankruptcy. christie stopped short of saying he would sign the bill but added he plans to act quickly. also happening in new jersey, bill that restrict smoking at public beaches, up for a final vote today. >> this is a measure what shot down by governor chris christie, steve keeley now live in ac with more on this, steve, good morning. >> yes, he didn't come in on this one either last night. and the reason this one's different, revised, than the one two years ago he vetoed, now includes not just beaches, but state parks, and forest toss prevent forest fires. now, state senator steve sweeney will be on good day live at clock 30 today. he says it is time to stop treating the beaches like this one, like a big ashtray, and says the tourism business all along the coast in new jersey, would actually improve if the beaches were cleaner, both in the sand and the air.
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so will the governor change his mind? it didn't sounds like it on ask the governor. >> the problem i have is why shouldn't municipalities make these decisions in. >> some have. >> some have, but not all of them have done what some liberals in the legislature want them to do. therefore the big half of the state comes in again. do what we want you to do or else we will tell you how to do it. i mean, so i will look at it when it comes to my desk be not saying one way or another while i'll sign it, but my general ken, what will they tell you do you have do next? >> do you think you should be toll you can't smoke on the beach? >> no, not ream. >> i smoking section on the beach, smoking section in the casino. >> if they ban smoking on the beach do you think that will keep smoke presser coming to the beach? >> no. >> keep business away? >> no. all it is going to do is cause problems. because you are going to have those who will smoke going to
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be speaking, people will come, cause more problems, that's all it is, big problem, big money game. >> welshing despite these ashtrays, right at the beachfront, 725 thousand five hundred 78 cigarette butts have been pick up from new jersey beaches, since those litter volunteers start the twice a year beach clean ups. butts, fillers, too little to be pick up by the beach sweepers every morning about this time. you know what happens, they get swept taught sea and the fish, further it is, everything else out in the ocean deal with it. >> and when you take your kids to the beach, too, you last thing you want to do keep moving your blanket around the beach to get out of the way of cigarette smoke. steve, thank you. governor wolf, here in pennsylvania, has signed a new law requiring some convicted drunk drivers to use ignition interlock device. >> so the new law makes drunk drivers with first time conviction after blood
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concentration of .1 or higher use that device for a year, previously only repeat drunk drivers, interlock devices prevent someone from starting their car if their blood alcohol level is too high. the law takes effect in 15 month. warning for local resident not to drink their money, tests reveal potentially dangerous result. >> here they are, more than 150 wells contaminated when contaminated, former willow grove base known about this contamination by the way for two years, they've been working to fix the problem. just last week epa put out new tougher standards, and more wells in horsham, warrington, warminster, all of those flunked. failed tests prompted the military to have open house for concerned residents. >> consume that for myself over the last 23 years. and i don't know if those levels will give me some kind of disease. >> the military says the chemicals in question are
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primarily from fire fighting, right now, they are giving up bottled water to those who have bad wells. 5 11 is the time. what the tsa is telling congress that they're doing right now to decrease the wait times for travelers at airports. >> 8 year old bridges a gun to a local school. why officials say he's not going to be punished.
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>> the last time they took a trip they shoved alex in the back seat. >> maybe switch places this week, because they're going to ocean city, new jersey, and, you better get there, from 7 to 10 so you can meet everyone at the ocean city music pier. >> not only meet the good day folks in person, but end tow win this, a mazda cx9, all they have to do is head to fox29.comment click on the contest page, right there on the home page, you can sign up once a day we'll pick a final once a week, here is the deal, our final show, the big give away of that vehicle. >> the next several weeks in case you want to put it on your calendar, big finale, at the del music center in fairmount park. come on out. come see us. and sign up to win! >> you're head the to the del a little later this summer, are you not if. >> i want to go, because, sue, one of the favorite groups is there. franky beverly may. >> oh, yes. >> ♪ before i let go ♪
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>> better get ticket early, that always goes well at the del. >> adele, probably little too big for the del at this . in her career, but you never know. so, you know what i want to mention, because tonight is the debut of kathy orr down the shore. so, she's going to do that every thursday she will be in wildwood, get you more detail on exactly where, and that's for the evening broadcast, so we've got you covered. but here is the thing about the "shorecast" for the weekend the make sure you remember, that we have a sea breeze to factor in, so only expecting high temperatures in the 70s, along the shore line, while we're in the upper 80s, inland, and current temperatures, down the shore, are in the 60s right now. so, we're not seeing that sea breeze kick in just yet, but we will keep an eye on it. now, there is one little area of showers in the central part of pennsylvania, you see that there nothing expected today at all except whole lot of sunshine, and really warm
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temperatures, and by the end of the afternoon, we'll see probably mix of sun and clouds, you see just few clouds rolling in, late in the day, and then the possibility of a few pop up showers and thunderstorms north and west of the city, and maybe in the overnight hours, but i'm talking really isolated, chances are you won't experience a thunderstorm overnight tonight, as we check some temperatures around the region, it is 52 degrees in mount pocono, 59 in allentown and 63 in bethlehem. here in philadelphia, 64 degrees. 59 down in delaware county, and chester, and as we head to the shore, it is 64 degrees in cape may, 62 in ocean city. so hide today, 88 yesterday, 09 tomorrow, and 89 saturday. still, going to be hot on sunday. and then, monday, is your if-ee if-ee day, where we have the possibility of showers, and thunderstorms, during the day on monday. we will see if we can work on, that a lot of factors going
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into the monday forecast, but we can promise you those hot temperatures pretty well, starting yesterday through sunday, bob kelly, as we gingerly bring you that 7 day forecast. >> looking good. >> back in the parking spot. >> oh, all of the wires you can trip on. >> crazy first couple every minute here, good morning, everybody, tack kobe palmyra bridge, next in line, for a bridge opening, nice and quiet now, no problems at all. next 40 minute or so we expect an opening at the tac-pal. still working out along route 23 off 422 out in the valley forge area. so watch for that paving crew until about 6 or so, 50's for you here, but, what happens when a pancake and an omlet have a baby? >> oh, wait a minute s this
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your breakfast with bob today? >> bamm. sweet dutch baby. that's what we have down here at the dutch. coming to south philadelphia today for thursday edition of breakfast with bob, fourth street, between tasker and cross, 9 to 10. and oh, i don't know if i'm going to be able to wait until 9. but we will be down there with the tv cameras, bring your appetite. see in you south philly. and giddy up, the devon horse show opens up today along lancaster avenue. that will be the big crowds. mainly during that evening rush hour. so, be aware of that for that ride home. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you up. >> err darby police looking for teenager they say fired a gun in a park, causing crowds of people to run. it happened drexel gardens park monday afternoon, two upper darby high school student met up at the park to fight drawing big crowd of about 30 young people to watch it. but before the fight started, police say, 18 year old dominick love fired a gun in the air, causing everyone to
5:19 am
scatter. police were able to identify him through witnesses, and of course, social media, snap chat specifically. love is considered armed, dangerous, call upper darby police if you know where he is. >> and, police say gun scare at a school in the city tioga section all big misunderstanding, l year old boil showed up at grove cleveland master i charter in his back pack yesterday. police say the boys father put the gun in the back pack, and forgot about it, the boy turned the gun into school officials as soon as he found it. police say the boy is trained in gun safety, the father is a licensed owner. the boy, will not be suspended, and his dad will not face any charges for that mistake. >> developing in claymont, delaware, a robber shot a chain east restaurant employee, delaware state police say this happened last night at the restaurant in the 27 hundred block of philadelphia pike after the robber fired off shots, police say, he ran off. they do not expect the restaurant employee to recover by the way. >> scary night for fans at new york concert to see rapper ti. police say one person is dead and 3 others are injured, after someone started shooting
5:20 am
inside the venue. take a look at the chaos. officials say the shooting happened last night, shortly after ten p.m. at you are syringe plaza, one man hit in the chest, the 2 man in the stomach, and a woman was shot in the leg. another person showed up at a hospital later in the night. the shooting took place in a back stage dressing room, which suggestions the shooter could have been one of the artists which would have made it easier to get the gun in the venue. the motive unclear at this . police say their investigation is in its early stages. >> 11 states suing the obama administration after the president imposed guidelines for transgender students at all public schools. the complaint which was filed in texas says the guidelines have no basis for federal law. the complaint also adds the order uses federal funding at extortion to force schools to engage in a massive social experiment. earlier this month the administration directed that all public schools must accommodate transgender student, by allowing them to use the rest room, lockerroom of their choice.
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>> as the epidemic of zika virus continues it has led to devastating birth defect for 13 hundred children, in 8 countries, people are asking the question what are the chance an infected pregnant woman will have a baby with these defect? >> largest stud toy ever look at the question says the risk everyone specially severe type of birth defect is substantial, and the range of one% of 14%, it also reinforces the understanding that women infected in the early stages of pregnancy face the greatest risk. >> so scary, because it is so new, and we casino of have to sort of learn as we go. >> yes, and the obama administration right now trying to figure out enough funding for it to fight it off at cents -- as the mosquitos are coming, they've had them in central and south america, they have the warmer weather when we have our winter but now our warmer weather is coming. >> so are the summer olympics in rio. >> and that's a whole separate question. >> while you lay on the beep, new app trying to make your vacation time that much
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>> ever been down the shore you had to carry around lots of bags and equipment? you know, those beach chairs, and coolers, all of that stuff? >> you're overloaded, one local company saying we'll make this trip way easierment the app called beach caddy.
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it will provide luxury beach cart service in ocean city, so for one way for 15 dollars, their kad list meet you at your house or your car, and set you and your family up at the spot you choose on the beach. you can also use the service when returning home from a day at the shore. now, that's going to make a lot of parent so happen. >> i yes. >> basically you show up, everything is laid out for you. because you've seen people trying to cross the street, they have the chairs, they have the killed, the umbrella, just too much. >> yes, makes you just want to stay home. >> that's worth 15 bucks, right? just set me up so i can show up? >> do you all of that work, you get to the beach, then the kids get sand in their bathing suit, then they're sunburned, then they croy. >> that's a lot of drama. >> oh, okay. studies show, stomach shrinking operations can dramatically improve diabetes. >> an option for people who are only mildly obese, as well, so they say it could help them control their condition for years, without medication. the american diabetes
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association released new guidelines, they say while gastric bypass surgery shouldn't and first line of defense, it is a great option for people who aren't responding well to traditional therapy. >> there is a new warning from the fda for those every how often give your dog peanut butter. >> so, according to the fda, sweetner called silo tall, found in some peanut butters, could poison your dog. sweet nerve found in chewing gum, minute, officials say even small amounts can be harmful, the side effect include low blood sugar, liver damage, seizures, even death. be sure to check your label. i always see that listed on gum. i like mint gum. >> with peanut butter we put it into that congress thing it keeps them active forever. >> keep rolling the ball around, try to scratch. >> so read the label, look for the all natural peanut butter where it is just peanuts and salt? >> i think trader joe's has real good one, just peanut but ther. >> there are a loft options out there. >> i love that one. >> let's go to mr. dave
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kinchen, all right, who hits a kid on a bike and then throws it in reverse and takes off without getting off to see if the little kid is okay? >> well, that he the big question that police are trying to figure out. they got the car. but they are still looking for the suspect after the break we'll also tell you how that little boy is doing. pea past .
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driver of the car takes off, why witnesses believe that driver through his car in reverse and sped off. >> and the future of atlantic city up for a vote by new jersey officials today corks this affect your holiday weekend plans? >> and speaking of memorial day, lauren? we're off to a good start with the weather. it is going to be beautiful, what an about monday memorial day if you're down the shore, your full forecast in just a minute. >> good day, it is thursday, may 26, 2016. exciting morning. >> oh, my goodness, so exciting day in detroit yesterday by the way, the phillies won to avoid the sweep at the hand of the tiger. i love that bus stop buddy has the phillies jersey on, sue, but i'll take a little whom badge with the fact, he's not wearing a hat. >> we can make that happen. >> surgeon screen, definitely, another day where you might want to spend as much time as possible out of doors before it start to get too too
5:31 am
sticky. pretty pleasant yesterday. in the 50's, 60s this morning, so take buddy's advice, keep it cool, and wear your sunscreen. 64 degrees right now, we're minutes away from sunrise time at 5 37. 52 mount pocono, 62 in trenton, 63 wilmington atlantic city little cooler always the cool spot down there in million ville new jersey, winds in the process of changing direction, humidity start coming bark, that's what we see. precipitation fog to talk about this morning. nothing expected today. >> once again, high concentration of air pollute and the, which means, the air quality alert continues during the day today. sunny skies all day long, few clouds here and there, little more humid than it was yesterday. by the end of the day i think we start off okay. it will feel a lot like yesterday. then by the afternoon, 88 degrees, sunset time is 8 19. and enjoy every single minute
5:32 am
of it if you can. >> 5 3, good morning, everybody, live look at the construction wrapping up along route 23, out here right off route 422 repaving operation outside of valley forge park there. good morning bellmawr. live look at the 42 freeway, starting starting to see it kick it up a. no. headlights in towards the city. tomorrow, oh, this is the way we're going on the way to cape may, actually not going to cape may, going to ocean city bright and early tomorrow morning, but the flock to the beach begins tomorrow. the around lunchtime. 55 mile per hour on 422, looking good on the pennsylvania turnpike, and devon horse show, opens up today along lancaster avenue at the fairgrounds, that will bring a lot of extra volume during the day mainly during the evening rush hour into the nighttime, i talk to one of the police officers in morning, her and the rest of the crew will be out there directing traffic, making sure it is safe for folks to cross,
5:33 am
that busy route 30, during the show. then later on today right after the rush hour, work crews are coming our way, 59 northbound, will be work interesting delco, up through center city philadelphia. chris, lauren, back to you. >> following several breaking news stories, southwest philadelphia. >> fight to go stay alive after being shot in the head-on the 56 hundred block of angora terrace, shot inside his car, then attempted to runoff, officers saw him collapsed on the ground just after 1 in the morning, southwest deck now investigating. >> germantown, stabbing around 11 30, medics responded 56 hundred block every high stool street. when they arrived found 32 year old woman and 36 year old man both stabbed. victims recovering at einstein hospital. >> finally in north philly emergency crews on the scene work to go get a vacant house fire under control. it took them about 30 minutes, those flames broke out 6 hundred belong of cumberland street just before 12 30, no word on how this started.
5:34 am
>> little boy right now in the hospital recovering after a hit-and-run. right out to dave kinchen at the police station in norristown with more, hi, dave. >> police continue to look for the driver, meantime, boy is in stable condition at chop. really banged up, we're told by witnesses at the scene, the hit-and-run is captured on home soar ill veins cameras, police sat child reading his bike on oak wood avenue smashed into passing car. the little boy motionly as the driver backs away rapidly. neighbors who heard it ran over to the boy's aid, and we're told by neighbors that he was only 16 years old. >> coming down on his bike, the guy flying down the street like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. and i heard him slam on his brakes, and that what's when i look, looking out the window, and he just flew right past the kid. >> we saw him put the car in
5:35 am
reverse extremely fast and back it down the alley. everybody could see the license plate. he took off backward down the alley to the next street over. >> i hope they catch him. and i hope he loses his license at least so he can't drive. >> person like that doesn't belong behind the wheel. >> investigators grabbed the gold camry involved in the crash but the driver remains at large, norristown police ask you to give them a call if you have any information or this case. back to you. >> new jersey lawmakers expected a rescue bill. >> chris christie says has the deal he needs to help. steve keeley joins with us more how this could help the struggling resort town if it is passed. >> reporter: what a coincidence, talking rescue as we're on the beach if politicians in trenton were also lifeguards, would you never want to get caught in a rip tied with them up in the white stands but calling their rescue of bills from drowning in debt a success, a deal, and
5:36 am
an agreement. voter vote it on later today. will it be vetoed tomorrow? here is the governor areas answer on ask the governor last night. >> i will look at that time quickly because there is no reason to delay, we all know what the issues are here, and as long as i have something that i think will ultimately not impact the taxpayers in the state of new jersey, and help save atlantic city, then, you know, i'll do it. >> so, what's this package of bills called for? well, there are a lot of highlight, a lot of changes from the one he said he would veto, if one word was changed, how about 23 pages of amendments of changes? and including having a balanced budget requirement for atlantic city, by 2017, and that will require them to cut about half the budget, tens of millions of dollars, and likely, hundreds of jobs. and they've been cutting jobs and millions already.
5:37 am
soap, you got to wonder how is it atlantic city going to be run with so fewer people and so fewer less dollars? >> yes. >> good question, right? >> smoking and public beaches for good. >> expected to vote today on bill that restrict smoking on public beaches and bans it at parks. the bill lets municipalities create designated smoking areas on beaches but that rule will not apply to parks. >> the phillies really tore the cover off the ball yesterday. what, scored 7 runs? finally scoring some runs. we'll be right back, today is a day off, which is kind of nice.
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5:40 am
>> good morning, the phillies did something novel yesterday. they actually scored runs. they scored the most runs since april 23, and the phillies have scored more than five runs a season, only five times. phillies avoid the the swine. going to detroit, phillies up one-nothing, steels 2, bad throw, which allows blanco to steel home. so the phillies are up two-nothing, it becomes five-four. and herrera in the fourth. it is a good play, as far as the homerun. great. put them up five-one, but what
5:41 am
he did was not good. here is a guy taken out of the game, shows up the other team by flipping the bat. all right, the phillies are up, five-four in the seventh inning, and peter born jest first phillies homerun put them up 6-4, they win the game 8-5. jake shows he's hit-able, chris bryant, three run homer, cubs have scored 21 runs over two days, l phillies play in one friday, yes, jake, won the game. the cubs win it 9 to 8. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> that will be a test for the phils to play the cubs, i think probably the best team in baseball at this . >> all right, coon and on line gambling say internet gambling tremendous growth potential until the us, use of smart phones continues to grow. >> so people at major gambling conference in atlantic city said the on line gambling market made 160 million dollars, last year, in the 3 states that allow it, and new jersey, alone, brought in 148
5:42 am
million. say internet gambling has not re place dollars businesses but actually brought in new customer. >> interesting. >> that is interesting. because your phones you may have thought i don't want to go it a casino. >> big concern right? all of the kids, my son is 11, he wants a phone. how do you keep gambling on the internet through phones out of the hands every kids? >> privacy settings. ya. >> easier said than done, flight. >> you know kids always a step ahead with this stuff. >> smart. >> 5 42 the time. >> what happens when you don't turn off your cell phone on a plane? you know sometimes they tell to you do. that will we'll let you know after the break t could be dangerous.
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>> lauryn hill 41 years old today, yes, she is. hi, and you know what? that's great accompaniment tore this gorgeous look outside our window here in old city when we look past christ church and at the ben franklin bridge, it is a beautiful sunrise, and just happened officially this morning. >> here's what we're watching in the tropics. remember we said something to you yesterday, that we will have to keep an eye on this area? disturbance, decent chance into forming into something tropical. cop call storm perhaps hurricane little earlier than the season starts which is june the first, but already had a name storm, back in
5:46 am
january, we had hurricane named alex, so next name would be bonnie, we have to watch all along the east coast, if indeed that does form. so, stay tuned for more on that, we will put it on facebook and twitter, too, as that develops. in the meantime, what's developing here? warmer temperatures, meaning, that it will feel like it is in the 90s, even if you don't actually make it to 90. but i think there will be some places make it to 9 the degrees today. now as far as the shore over the weekends, when you are sitting on the beach, you are going to get the sea breeze, so expecting coastal highs in the mid 70s, friday, saturday, sunday, but a lot of sunshine too. water temperature in the 50's, so that's a part whatever keeps it cool when the water is blowing off the ocean gone have rain to show you little bit in the central part of the state about lake up before it get here. real quick at the future cast, possibility pretty remote of late day showers and thunderstorms.
5:47 am
even few people will hear rumble every thunder at 11, 12 tonight. checking temperatures, mount pocono, 52 degrees, 59 in allentown, 64 in the city, and you go down to milville and it is 55 degrees, 63 at atlantic city international airport. 88 today. 90 degrees high temperature tomorrow, still, hot saturday, and on sunday. >> monday, temperatures around the 08 degrees range, and then it looks like we could see few showers maybe into tuesday and wednesday every next week. but at least the first part of the holiday weekend nice and hot the way we like it for memorial weekends. >> hot, hot, hot. live look at hot, hazy shot here of the schuylkill expressway. right near spring garden. the river, there the art museum in the background, no problems or delays yet, coming into the city but starting to see that beginning of a morning rush hour.
5:48 am
all bets are off talcony palmyra, 5 45 what they said would be up. there you go. traffic stopped now. just as planned. and watch very closely, see right there? see the bridge going up? >> chris, give me a hands? >> no, don't want to hurt my back. >> if you are headed out the front door right now grab the jumbo coffee and head for the betsy ross bridge. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> okay, don't take that bridge if you are headed down the shore, going all summer long, tomorrow ocean city live from 7 to 10 at the ocean city music pier. >> you can sign up for brand new mazda cx9. go to, you can sign up once a day. we pick finalist once a week, and on our final show, we will have a big give away.
5:49 am
speaking of our final show, here's a list of all of the shows, and cents a you can see, final one july 22, at the del music center in fairmount park. come see us. sign up to win brand new mazda cx9. the del center, is exactly the place where franky beverly will be here in august. lauren dawn johnson. >> ♪ before i let go ♪ >> you know i love that song. i love all of the songs actually. >> every consumer probable seems to have its owner have sean every keurig, one for beer, tortillas. >> tortillas? well, now there is new article, thaws causing some excitement by promising keurig machine for marijuana. >> wow. >> a massachusetts based company that is working on making marijuana vaporize err with a lot of similarities to keurig coffee machine. the company has another keurig connection, chairman used to be an executive at you guested it keurig green mountain before retiring to spend his golden years breaking into the pot business.
5:50 am
>> wherever one making all their business. >> colorado has seen quite an up tick, make it legal, recreational pot. >> true. get on a plane this, he say turn your phone off. do you ever leave it on and keep texting until you take off? >> to the very last second. >> so people are asking what happens when you don't really turn your phone offer? unfortunately the answer is not really clear, cell phone use on planes has been heavily debated, the safety concerns are due to the fact when you are in the air and your cell phone signal bounces off multiple tours it sends out stronger signal could congest the networks on the ground, so expert say with the advancement of modern technology the risks are becoming more obsolete. so can we keep our phone on? >> boy makes me nervous if my cell phone on that would disrupt the communication? >> doesn't it make you nervous. >> communication on airplane. >> is that another new suit? >> you know, i've had this one. >> it is nice. >> new shirt. >> oh,. >> and a newspaper haircut. >> yes, here's a question.
5:51 am
is it weird that chris and i got our haircuts together yesterday? >> well, i'm glad you introduced me to edmondo. >> yes. boy, there was t icon setter last night, and four people got shot. look at this chaos in this club. so we will take you to a reporter who is just outside that far venue in just a little bit. and keep your butt off the beach. >> what? >> yes, new jersey lawmakers look to go snuff out smoking at the shore. they're going vote on it today. give us your opinion on twitter and facebook. >> keep the habit. >> of course it is memorial day weekend, weaver to bring in one of our top grilling chefs. we're going to grill a cake. >> what? >> a cake? a doser? >> and a sam sad on a grill. >> that sounds weird. >> also, grilling tip here. >> what is it? >> much like the pancake, you only flip the burger once.
5:52 am
>> leave your burger alone. quit squeezing it with the ladle or whatever it is called, spatula, that thing. >> all of the juice comes out. >> don't do that. flip it over. >> that's it? >> don't touch it any more. >> sometimes you get like nervous guy, doing it 50 times. >> nervous, just trying to show off. >> and then they flip them in the air, catch it back -- >> squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, don't do it. >> then dry burying when he it gets on the gun. >> i'll be right back. >> he just walk off. we get it. >> as memorial day nears, what the tsa is telling congress they are doing right now to decrease the wait times for travelers at airports all across the country.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> says cents agency is adding new screeners to tackle long airport lines. grilled administrator peter for hours, hearing comes at a time when frustration over massive security lines reached a boiling . hundreds of passengers are missing flights, and often, becoming stranded overnight.
5:56 am
the tsa sites number of factors contributed to creating these delays, and permanent solution is going to take some time. >> really, the summer travel season will be busy, in the short-term, tsa airlines, airports, congress, and travelers working together, can improve the passenger experience, while we maintain security that we need. >> the tsa says new screeners will be in place by the middle of next month. and they'll help speed up security lines. right now there is only plans right now to bring them to the country's busiest airports, those include chicago, atlanta, new york, and los angeles. a little boy and a bike collides with a car, the driver then throws it in reverse and takes off. why witnesses believe that the driver did that. plus, the future of ac up for a vote by new jersey officials today, could this affect your holiday weekend plans? we'll take a look. speaking of memorial day weekends, off to good start weather wise, live in wilmington right now, sue serio has your full forecast
5:57 am
straight ahead. pea past .
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> a map shot in the head here in philadelphia overnight. here's what he tried to do, tried to get himself to the hospital. well, guess who found him laying in the street? >> flying down the street i
6:00 am
would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. >> happened again, little boy on a bike hit by a car. the driver takes off backward down the street, why the police may be close to tracking down the person responsible this morning. >> and major chaos inside of the t icon setter. four people shot, one killed. the big question this morning, how did a gun get inside that concert hall? there were screeners. >> expected today when new jersey lawmakers vote on proposed smoking ban on the sanment good day everybody, it is may the 26, 2016. i don't even remember may. seriously. >> it is almost over. >> charlotte, is this three days in a row, charlotte's web. >> i think charlotte is here to stay, she's our new friends. >> our friend. >> what's the weather going to be? >> ready for the number


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