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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. >> happened again, little boy on a bike hit by a car. the driver takes off backward down the street, why the police may be close to tracking down the person responsible this morning. >> and major chaos inside of the t icon setter. four people shot, one killed. the big question this morning, how did a gun get inside that concert hall? there were screeners. >> expected today when new jersey lawmakers vote on proposed smoking ban on the sanment good day everybody, it is may the 26, 2016. i don't even remember may. seriously. >> it is almost over. >> charlotte, is this three days in a row, charlotte's web. >> i think charlotte is here to stay, she's our new friends. >> our friend. >> what's the weather going to be? >> ready for the number first? do you think it will be
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another ten? >> oh,. >> most of the day changing over to higher humidity. once again with the sunscreen, make sure that you enjoy yourself. temperatures starting off this morning in the 50's, 60s, and we really have gorgeous sunrise, with just the little bit of cloud cover. we have 6 mile per hour winds, coming out of the west southwest, 48 degrees in mount pocono. mid 50's in millville. 63 degrees in wilmington and in dover, in delaware, so, plan on sunshine. mixed with clouds, just like you're seeing outside right now, but pleasant start already into the mid 80s by lunchtime, topping off at 88 degrees, just like yesterday. how long will are we going to keep this going through the holiday weekend? we'll let you know in the 7 day forecast coming up. good morning, bob kelly. >> hey, good morning, everybody.
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talcony palmyra bridge, not stuck, in the middle of bridge opening for the last 20, 25 minutes or so wouldn't it be nice to have your sailboat and take it out for three hour tour in the morning? that's what stopped the bridge this morning, same fellow that went out yesterday going out for a fishing trip again today in willow grove. disable tractor-trailer blocking easton road, between summit and park avenue. they say for about 30 minute, until they can get him pulled out of there, a crash, right in front of the seminary here, lancaster avenue at city avenue. slower are 0 slower than normal speeds. normal spots for sun glare on the schuylkill and 95, mass transit looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> coming up 6 03, thursday morning.
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>> police say man is fight to go stay alive after being shot in the head-on the 56 hundred block of angora terrace in southwest philadelphia, overnight. he was shot inside his car, then runoff. officers found him collapsed on the ground and returned him to the hospital. no word on any arrests. >> detective are investigating a double stabbing, happened around 11 30 last night. police and med ex responded to the 56 hundred block of high school street, when they got there, they found a 32 year old woman, and 36 year old man, both stabbed, the victims of course taken to einstein hospital. fairly close to the area. >> all right, let's get to montgomery county. police searching for the person responsible for hitting a little boy riding his bike. >> neighbors rush to the child's side, dave kinchen live at the norristown police department. what happened? >> so far continuing to serve for the driver in this case, they did recover the car, we can tell you the boy in stable condition, at chop. and is really banked up. the hit-and-run is captured on
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home surveillance cameras. police tell us the child was riding his bike on oak wood avenue when he crashed into a passing car. the little boy is motionless, as the driver backs away rapidly and frantically down an alleyway, neighbors who heard the crash say they ran over to the boys aid until medics arrived. one witness says the boy told her he was six years old. >> the child was coming down the alley on his bike. and this guy flying down the street like i would say at least 20 miles over the speed limit. and i heard him slam on his brakes, looking out the window, just flu right past the kid, slammed his car into reverse, and just back up down that alley there and took off. didn't stop. didn't do anything. >> i ran down to the little boy. and i grabbed his hand, and i held his hand, and i told him to lay still. he was bleeding from the back of his head and his mouth. >> thankfully, some good reaction from the neighbors
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there. now, again, the boy is in stable condition. they say they seize the gold camry involved in the crash. but the driver remains at large. police are asking anyone with any casino of information on this case to give them leads to give them a call. again, norristown police investigating. back to you, mike analling. >> do you know if that license plate had been ripped off the back? do you have any idea? they do have the car. >> still trying to find out more about that. still trying to see more about that. >> 6 05. >> bill that restrict smoking in public beaches in new jersey up for final vote today. >> measure once shot down by governor chris christie, steve on this story in atlantic city. big day for ac, steve? >> reporter: yes, couple of big votes in the state legislature, and couple of big veto possibility, from governor christie. and a lot of state lay makers want the only english err you see on a beach to be abut full sunrise. check that out. bob kelly no bridge openings here, but lot of sailboats, because it is very breezy and
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beautiful here, before the memorial day weekends, couple of people, strolling on the beach right now, perfect timing, so, people think what makes the beach so imperfect is the step on a lilt cigarette butt which i've done as a kid or to see the cigarette butts littering the beach, and treating the beach like a big ashtray in the words of state senator steve sweeney who will be on our show in the next hour, he says, it is time to stop treating the beaches like ashtrays, he says, tourism business would get a lot better if there was no smoking on the beaches, and they were cleaner at a sand in the air. so the question is: there are revisions in this. including adding forest so know forest fires, and state parks. and revisions, allowing towns to have smoking beaches, just like you see smoking sections in restaurant. well, they have surfing beaches, they have boogie board beaches. so they do have smoking beaches.
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so cup ill of things that may sway the senator, so he doesn't repeat from two years ago, but listen to him last night on ask the governor. didn't sounds so swayed last night. >> the problem i have is why should municipalities make these decisions in. >> many have. >> some have. but not all of them have done what some liberals in the legislature want them to do. the big hand of the state comes in again. do what we want you to do or else we will tell you how to do it. so i'll look at it when it comes to my desk, i'm not saying one way or whether i will sign it or not, but so people know what my general concern is, what are they going to tell you you have to do next? >> benefit for you as well golf courses would be immune, still smoke your stogie on the trump golf courses here in new jersey because we know you play every weekend? sure, you tray cigar there on the fringe of the green before you play. >> oh, is that how you do it. >> that's how you do it. curious to see, senator steve sweeney will join us here on
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"good day". >> your water is not safe to drink. at least that's the message to several local towns from the navy. why from the navy? find out what they're doing to correct the ongoing problem. >> plus, chaos at a concert. bullets fly at a t icon setter with deadly result.
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coming up on 6 11. >> warning to locals to not drink the water. tests in montgomery, rutting in ding russ results. >> more than 150 wells, apparently, contaminated. with chemicals linked to cancer in 3 neighborhoods around the former willow grove base. they've known about the contaminated water for 2 years, and have been working on the problem, and just last week, the epa put out new tougher standards, and more wells, in the horsham, warrington, warminster area, flunked the test. the failed tests prompted the military, the military, to have an open house for concerned resident. >> we have been consume that for myself over the last 23 years. and i don't know if those levels will eventually give me some casino of, you know, disease. >> and so the military says the chemicals in question are primarily from fire fighting chemicals. right now, they're giving out
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bottled water to those who have bad wells. 150 bad wells. after flint, we're all getting scared. >> very scar. >> i 6 12 now. >> 6 12, like you said, can cyst at this time hard again, nor tornado damages homes. finds out how long storm chasers say this large tornado was on the grounds. >> huge.
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>> guess what we're doing
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tomorrow, sneak. >> going to ocean city. >> meet us there at the music peer, 7 to ten a.m. so we opportunity see you. here is the best part. what's the best part, mike? >> we're giving away a car. and you can sign up to win that brand new mazda cx9. all do you have do go to our website click on the red tab right, there so easy, downing it every 24 hours. >> but there is more. >> well, we've added two more, two more dates now. >> really? >> ocean sit, that's tomorrow, west philly, jenkintown, northeast philly, quakertown, wildwood, wilmington, delaware, haddonfield, is brand new. >> and fairmount park? >> well, we will be in front of the del music theater with our 8 mazda suv's, sue. >> oh, that's going to be pretty cool. i love the del in the summertime. summer concert series. >> so july 22 when we actually give away the mazda. >> we have a date. >> oh, okay. well, counting down, right? >> what's that? >> you agree this is? a possible tropical disturbance. >> you got a name?
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>> if it gets a name it will be bonnie. why? >> why? >> because we had alex, a hurricane, in january. do you remember that? >> i do remember that. >> the islands, yes, so this, the reason we're watching this, because it could affect the ends of our holiday weekends if this forms into something. so we mentioned it yesterday. telling you again today. still looking like something might happen there. meanwhile, heat index starting today and specially tomorrow will be in the 90s, so if your actual temperature doesn't make it to 09 degrees, today, tomorrow, it certainly will feel like it, because we will get the southwesterly winds in here which will increase the humidity. but, pay attention going to the shore tomorrow, cooler at the shore. with highs in the 7 70s friday, saturday, and sunday, because of the sea breeze, and the ocean water temperatures only in the 50's, so, with the air coming off the ocean, that will cool things down but it will be delightful at the shore, just maybe tomorrow morning, wear a sweatshirt, because it could be a little breezy and cool there.
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so radar showing you once again precipitation free, today, tomorrow, we will have some thunderstorms rumbling through in the afternoon. and then it is still hot on saturday, and on sunday, and then we'll call monday memorial day itself kind of the wild-card day. we could get that tropical thing, or we could get a cold front coming through. so, we will just leave that as our if-ee holiday day, overall rest of the holiday weekends looks pretty good. >> cool tomorrow morning. will i and able to wear my white shorts? >> you can do whatever you want. >> what do you think? >> all should wear white in ocean city. >> i think we should, shopping yesterday for my white outfit, white shoes, white pants, mike? >> i'll look look colonel sanders. >> south philly yo disable tractor-trailer on the ramps from the schuylkill to 26 street. right behind the tree line there. hello to the benny, looking good as you work your way in toward downtown philly at
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least at the moment. deaths ability tractor trail, easton road shutdown at park avenue. for maybe another 30 minute or so. we will do an old paratrooper trip bamm into the schuylkill. no problems coming into the city, at the moment. but guess what today is? >> thursday. >> thursday, national blue berry cheese cake day. >> specifically blueberry. >> specifically blew beer. >> i okay. >> growing up the aramingo diner was the spot to get the best cheese cake. so that's our twitter and facebook question of the morning. where do you get your favorite cheese cake this morning? lancaster avenue, city avenue, no cheese cake, but do have accident right at the intersection, there right there, in front of the seminary. and the devon horse show opens up today. going to bring the crowds and the jams along lancaster avenue, that's going to push a lot of folks over to 202, to stay off of the gridlock during the evening rush hour, mike and alex over to you. >> i have a quiz for everybody in the room. >> yes, sir? >> another evening, means another tornado in the state
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of kansas. now, that's where i grew up. so how long do you think a tornado normally hang on the grounds? spins like this? >> few minutes? >> normally, on average? >> 30 minutes? >> most of them a few minutes, this is why this story is so somewhat unusual. 20 homes blown away, north central kansasment state troopers say the thing was a half mile wide and was on the ground for an hour and a half. >> oh. >> so thank god it was out in the pasture land mostly again. but it did hit a little town called solomonian chapman, blown 20 homes away. >> an hour and a half? >> yes. it has happened before. i think there is a case of a five-hour tornado, back in the day, near zenia ohio. i'll look that up. >> because in texas we had tornados sometimes but it would only and minute. >> or seconds? >> may go up and down a go over. >> hour and a half. okay, let's get you to up new york city. bad night up there. >> so this is for fans at a
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new york concert. they were with the rapper, one person dead, 3 others injured, after someone started shooting inside the venue. >> yes, police say the shooting happened shortly after ten last night at a very popular venue called irving plaza. one man was hit in the chest, a second man in the stomach, a woman was shot in the leg, and another person showed up at a hospital late their night. the shooting took place in a back stage dressing room area where is suggesting the shooter could have been with one of the artists, which included ti so we have to see what happened. listen to this. >> one short, everybody rush in, recall over people, i stumbled, i fell, i heard, i mean, once i heard one shotty was gone. i had people stomping on my legs, back, and all of that stuff. >> it was a mess. people went into a panic. so we will take you there live
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to that venue in about 20 minutes or so. all right, 6 20. >> yesterday was a rough day for hillary clinton's campaign. >> boy that's for sure. state department audit criticizes hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server to conduct official business during her time as secretary of state. the agency says she had not sought permission to use it, and would not have received it if she had. the fbi is still investigating. hillary clinton's private server. a lot of people opportunity get that done in the summer before the convention. pain to go elsewhere? the deal penn state is offering its student after excepting a very large freshman class. >> we have some freshmen, they may have to send them someplace else? good school. lottery numbers from last night.
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>> phillies did something novel yesterday, they actually scored runs. scored the most runs since april 23, and the phillies have scored more than five runs this season, only five times. phillies avoid the the sweep against the tiger. to detroit, all right, second inning, phillies up one-nothing, double steel 0 is onment blanco scores, he steels home plate, as born he is steels 2, knocks in a run. all right, fourth inning. herrera, now, what's wrong with this? phillies go up 5-1, he flames the bat. you don't do that. you're showing up the other team. all right, so the phillies, are leading, but it becomes
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five-4. born he is first, phillies homerun, in the 7, the phillies go up 6-4, they win the game 8-5, mets have played just right with the nationals all season. all right, to washington, that's david wright write in the first inning. that's all the runs that steven mets needed. mets win it 2-nothing over washington, win two out of three in the series, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> we are at another minute. major blow out, you new this was coming. >> maybe you're right, mike, you said the cavalier will win this, i'm starting to think you're right. >> i think they'll win in toronto. >> it was nothing to the game. didn't have a good game, our guy from philly. >> up by as many as 40, mike. >> 40. >> seriously. >> go onto win the game 116-78. game 6 is tomorrow night in toronto, game five between the warriors and the thunder, is tonight. >> but we want toronto to win because of kyle lou. >> i we do? all right, i'll start rooting. see the tv networks do not
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want oklahoma city toronto. >> oh, ya? >> and oklahoma city, could win it all tonight. >> see the thing is if the sixers aren't going to do this well, then do you have start rooting for individual people from philly who are playing on other teams. rooting -- >> okay, i'm switching my allegiance to the raptors tonight, too. >> all right, starting the morning pretty comfortable with temperatures in the 4's, 50's, and 60s. but, boy, is it going to get hot today. we'll tell when you it starts to get sticky, as well. in your weather authority forecast. steve? >> after months of fighting and arguing over who knows what, new jersey's legislative leaders are finally scheduling votes on what they are calling the atlantic city residue package. but do you have ask yourself this. if you were drowning out in the ocean, and they were the lifeguards in the beach, you got to wonder if they would argue for three weeks before about who is going to blow the whistle, who will get the boat first before they go out to save you.
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>> a man shot in the head while in his car. where police say they found him after he tried to get help for himself. why you keep going? why not check on him, you know, like thank god that essay life. he could be dead. >> a wife's emotional message to the driver who hit her husband. there he is. a septa police officer. that guy didn't stop to see if he was alive. >> chaos inside a ti concert. four people shot, one killed, the big question this morning,
6:30 am
how did a gun get inside this concert hall? we'll have a live update in just an if you minutes. >> good day, it is may, what is it, may the 26, 2016. >> it is thursday. >> and we have another ten on our hands. >> sue, it was hot yesterday. >> right. but it wasn't too humid. we're saving that for today, yes, so bus stop buddy has a nice phillies t-shirt on. and the sunscreen for later on. temperatures are in the 50's, 60s, so another day where you probably want to spend as much time as you can out of doors. interesting sunrise with all of these clouds, right? 64 degrees. we're changing to west-southwest wind, which means it, will start to get more humid by the end of the day, so once again, high of 88. just like yesterday, sunset time is 8 19. no precipitation expected until maybe tomorrow. but it is not going to ruin your holiday weekends, so we will break the whole thing down for you, coming up, in the 7 day forecast. so, bob kelly, folks getting a little restless today.
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i think we got couple of problems. >> couple of problems. here is a accident, just popped up, the ramp from 202 south, at 422. look at this fellow here. kissing the concrete barrier. this is one of those fly-over ramps out in king of prussia. so it is south 202 right where 422 comes in together here. so police aren't even on the scene. >> this just popped up here as sue was wrapping up her forecast. so watch for delays in kop. also, delays on 95, southbound, starting to see a back up from academy road, heading down in toward girard avenue. rush hour underway there. no problems yet for the shaders. route 73 looking good. 42, starting to pick up some volume coming into the city. disable tractor-trailer in willow grove, easton road, which is 611 there, just south of the turnpike closed for another ten minutes until they can get the tractor-trailer out from the overpass, crash along lancaster avenue at city avenue. ma cents transit looking good. mike and alex back to you. >> man shot in the head last
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night, 56 hundred block of angora terrace in southwest philly. he was shot inside of his car, and he attempted to then walk away from the car, actually, trying to run with a bullet in his head. police officers found him collapsed on the ground, rushed him to the hospital. no word on any arrests. and, in germantown, detective are investigating a double stabbing, around 11 30 police and medics responded to the 56 hundred block of high school street. when they got there, they found a 32 year old woman, and a 36 year old man, both stabbed. the victims were taken to einstein hospital. >> a little boy in the hospital recovering this morning, after being hit by a car, montgomery county. he was riding his bike. >> luckily concerned neighbors witnessed what happened, and they are hoping they can help . to who do it. >> surveillance video from somebody's porch basically, there is dave. >> these neighbors really heff save this boy in this case. by the way we're here at the police department routinely checking in to see if they have any words on arrest of a driver. nothing yet. they do have the vehicle.
6:33 am
what we can tell you is that the boy is in stable condition at chop and is pretty banged upment let's take a look at this video, just hard to believe when you look at all of this, the hit-and-run captured on home surveillance cameras, police telling us the boy was riding his bike, smashed into passing car. the little boy is motionly as the driver backs away, rapidly, down alleyway, neighbors who heard the crash say they ran over to the boy's aid until medics arrived. and one witness says that the boy toll her he was 6 years old. >> the child was coming down the alley on his bike, this guy, flying down the street. like, like i would say, at least 20 miles over the speed limit. and i heard him slam on his brakes. that's when i look. i was sitting up, looked out the window, he just blew right past the kid. >> we saw him put the car in reverse, extremely fast and back it down the alley. >> so nobody apparently could see the license plate. he took off backward down the alley to the next street over. >> i hope they catch him.
6:34 am
and hope he loses his license at least so he can't drive. >> person like that doesn't belong behind the wheel. >> now, police say, again, the child is in stable condition at chop. investigators say, they found the gold camry involved in the crash. but that driver, again, remains at large. if you know anything or saw anything give norristown police a call. >> 6 34. septa officer severely injured after being involved in another hit-and-run. police say sunday afternoon gary miller run down by a car near rowan and chippendale in the mayfair section of fit i. miller currently in the hospital. look at this. he's banked up. he has a broken leg, broken collarbone, and a concussion. his wife, claire, describes what she saw, as she ran up to the accident scene. >> everything was blocked off. i'm like oh, my god, my heart
6:35 am
just dropped. you should have just stopped and check on him. just turn yourself in. you know, like why? why you did this? it hurts my family. >> so folks in the area saw this. police only have this little description hereof a white man with dark hair in his 20's. driving a blue car, with a shattered windshield. if you have any information, please, call police for that family. >> new jersey lawmakers, are expected to consider a rescue bill for atlantic city here we go again. >> state's governor chris christie says they have the authority, he needs the help. >> what do they have, 150 days to get something together again steve? >> reporter: how different is that, mike, because the original plan said 130 days. so they're celebrating for 20 more days, i guess, that's the big change, but state senator steve sweeney says hardly anything is changed, but they've got 23 pages of amendment, and you remember, governor christie famously
6:36 am
said if one word in the original legislation was changed, then he would veto it. so, is he going to veto this since so many words and so many pages of changes are in it? well, here he was, last night on ask the governor non-commit al. >> whatever lands on my desk i will look at quickly, because there no reason to delay, we all know there are issues here, as long as i have something that i think will ultimately not impact the taxpayers in the state of new jersey, and help save atlantic city, then, you know, i will do it. >> atlantic city has fifth year deficit that topped 3 hundred million bucks, as of january. this legislation would force them to balance their budgets by 2017. how are they possibly going to cut hundreds of millions of dollars, hundreds of employees, they've only got about 9 hundred 50 of them right now, so can they run this city with half the
6:37 am
employees, half the police department, half the fire department? and keep it running safely? that's the big question. so, they've got five month to get their financial act together or the state possibly could just come in and take over things. and the state's not so good at state take-overs either if you look at what they've done in camden and newark. >> okay, we'll question senator swine bye that, as well, can you rescue ac. steve, thank you. big day for that shore town. 6 37. >> also a big day because new jersey lawmakers will also vote on a bill that would impose state-wide ban on beaches. let towns create designated smoking areas on beaches, but not in parks. senate president, steve sweeney, who supports the bill, like mike said, we will be talking about him this, too. >> all right, look who is here, lauren johnson. >> hello, mike, alec, upper darby police looking for a teenager at the say fired a gun in a park, to have people run and scatter everywhere. drexel gardens park monday afternoon. two upper darby high school
6:38 am
student met up at the park to fight, gathering 30 young people to watch the fight. before it all start 18 year old dominick love set off a gun. he does not attend the high school but a french bun of the kids who planned to fight. >> this is constant. friday night, saturday nights, after schools, this is the place to fight. >> he want to be a gangster, we'll treat him like a gangster, lock him up, take him down, put him in handicuffs you. >> heard it from police superintendent michael chitwood who say they identified love with the help of witnesses, also track clues through the social media app snap chat. call upper darby police if you know who he is. >> employee shot in claymont, delaware, happened around 9 27 hundred block of philadelphia pike. after the robber fire off shove the, mr. say the shooter ran off. they do expect that restaurant employee to fully recover. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf signs new law requiring some convicted drunk drivers to use that ignition interlock
6:39 am
device. new law makes drunk drivers with a first time conviction after blood concentration of .1 or higher, use that device for a year. previously only repeat drunk drivers had to use them in the state. ignition interlock devices prevent someone from starting their car, if their blood alcohol level is too high. the law takes effect in 15 months. mike anal next. >> that should help. 6 39. >> the pennsylvania liquor control board granted nine more licenses in business that is sell gasoline, none of the stores are in our area. >> the licenses are the latest step in loosening the hold on beer sales by bars and beer distributors. but the liquor control board voted yesterday, it was the first since february. that is when the state supreme court said it would take up a case challenging whether convenience store can sell beer and gasoline, without violating state law. >> 6 39ment penn state university's offering money for student who attend satellite campuses instead of
6:40 am
heading up to university park. >> you know what alex? it is pretty big movie. move comes after too many freshmen accepted admission offers at the main campus and state college. in state student can get ten thousand dollars off tuition if they attend one of the other 18 or satellite campuses. out of state student can get 15 thousand dollars off tuition if you stay at one of the campuses that has available housing. another five thousand will come off the bill. so for pennsylvania resident, that could save you about 15 thousand dollars a year. >> i like this. >> common! >> show me the money. >> that's for sure. 6 40 now this thursday. one person is dead. 3 other hurt after this chaos. shooting back stage at a ti concert last night. we will take you to that venue. how did they get a gun in there?
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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>> ocean city, you're up this week, we will be there at music pier, we want to see you there 7 to ten a.m. >> and we're giving away. not just any car, click on the banner there at you can do this this once every 24 hours, picking finalist each week in the final show a big give away, it will be july 22. >> yes, july 22, in the parking lot of the del music venue, in fairmount park. we will line those 8suv's up. one of them will start. >> you know what's so great about going down the shore tomorrow morning? the traffic. then done working look foreplays to stay for the rest of the weaken. so if you're down there with us tomorrow, and would you like some company, we're great
6:45 am
house guests, we do clean up after ourselves. >> sure. invite us, let's go. >> we are looking for something to do. we need a place to stay. good morning, everybody, live look, king of prussia, accident, this is 202 southbound. >> look at this fellow kissing the concrete barrier, i think that is bumper got clipped. and then he got swung around into the concrete barrier delays there, coming in toward philadelphia on the freeway, starting to see volume all the volume going to be headed the opposite way tomorrow when we start headed down the shore for the holiday weekend, northbound lanes of route 5 delays into the depford mall, starting to see the beginning of the morning rush hour, tomorrow down there on the music pier right there right thn city on the board walk, bright and early, make some plans to come by and join us watch do you get when you take a pancake and an omlet?
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it becomes -- >> sweet dutch treat. >> are you going to eat one? >> i'll eat one. that's what they do down here at the dutch, coming your way, fourth and cross between cross and tasker, our breakfast spot this morning, out there starting at 9. come on by. we will have some fun. 422, some sun glare, turnpike also some sun glare into valley forge. if you're getting out of town, flying out of philadelphia international airport, i think it is going to be a good day to fly, but the person that has that exact answer coming up next. >> here is your forecast for tomorrow morning. we expect bright sunshine, and a warming up, and probably be at about 68 degrees, but we
6:47 am
will switch over to that sea breeze, sometime toward the end of the morning, to keep it cool so the high temperature in ocean city only mid 70s, while we're in the upper 80s, but expect breezy and beautiful morning in ocean city, new jersey, now the rest of the weaken, 75 degrees, your average high along the shore for friday, for saturday, for sunday, we stay in the mid 70s, ocean water temperatures, mid 50's, it will be icy, but who can resist that? >> let's get right to the 7 day forecast, 88 today. probably reach 90 tomorrow. feel like 90 at least before the thunderstorms rumble through. the pop up storms you're used to in the summertime 89, 88 sunday, maybe some little unsettled weather on monday. that's the wild-card. but anyway, it does look pretty good for that holiday weekend specially guys tomorrow morning in ocean sit. >> i that will be perfect,
6:48 am
thank you. let's fin out what happened in manhattan. >> one person dead 3 other are hurt after a shooting at ti concert, one man hit in the chest, 2 man in the stomach, and woman was shot in the leg. another person showed up at a hospital later in the night. >> good morning, mike and alex, good morning everyone, incredibly scary specially when you look at the cell phone video of the aftermath of what happened here. let me set the scene for you, a thousand people inside of irving plaza, they want to see grammy winner ti perform they never got that chance, instead treated to gun battle of sort, chaotic frantic scene. when you talk to some of the eyewitnesses spilling out of serving plaza this say shear chaos, people running over each other.
6:49 am
they even say in some cases people were pulling other concert goers in front of them and using them as human shields. >> dj on stage perform whg the first gunshot rang out. a lot of people inside didn't really hear what was happening, the music was sort of masking the gunfire. brief pause, then it started again. at that . the rappers were on stage, a rounds every gunfire, that sent everybody essentially running for their lives. four hit, 3 injured, one person killed, from what we understand, shot in the chest or upper stomach. and all people taken to local hospitals, everybody again, expected to survive with the exception of the first person, rapt err tv nominated for slew of grammys i believe nine not injured in the melee, we have to tell you something, as far as police know, he was not connected to this, but past concert around the country, there have been similar incidents that have occurred,
6:50 am
matter of fact in 2006, ti's personal assistant was killed in a gun battle that followed one every his concert. the rapper himself in 2007 spent time at a federal prison, on gun charges so while people did not expect this to happen, has followed ti around for the majority of had is live and career. investigate hog is connected to this, they don't yet know, haven't made any arrests, also want to know how in fact did a gun get into this event knew there were metal detectors inside, but the concert goers, mike and alex, say they weren't skipped. they were told to open their bags. >> do you think possibly because it was in a vip room maybe came in a separate entrance at all? >> that's what we heard, it was in the third floor vip area, some reports in the new york times and other that it was a green room. so this did not happen on the floor level where everybody was enjoying the concert. it happened in a back room.
6:51 am
and it stands to reason those people who were injured were also in that vip area and so they were in some way connected to the performers. >> one female. were they artists waiting to go on in the green room? >> one artist was troy ave. he wasn't listed as schedule performer. from what we understand he was expected to join i don't know if it was ti or one of the other rappers on stage and do a number, so at least one artist was injured. we can tell you, also, according to some reports, the female injured, actually visited in the hospital, by superstar fit i sent. he knows this woman. she is connected to another high profile rapper. the name we don't know. but again, these are people who are connected to others in the r&b field. >> go get the name, let us know, great job, great report. >> and troy aaee he had a big
6:52 am
song. >> your water is not safe to drink. that's a big message to several local towns from the navy. find out what they're doing to correct this problem. they have about one hundred 50 wells that aren't doing well.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> we have a horse update. >> former owner after horse adopted by john stewart and his wife said the animal was not shot with paint balls instead used as canvas at children's finger painting parties. >> the white horse, kind of
6:55 am
grayish horse, lilly's former owner, door even weston, said that the horse was never injured with a paint ball gun, like previously reported. police say see all of the paint there, though, apparently she says the kids did that. covered in the paint, extremely sore to the touch, though, the vets say. lilly was found abandoned at an auction in lancaster county. the stewart have an animal sanctuary on new jersey farm, not far from manhattan. listen to this. >> really honestly the sweetest horse i've ever met. she is really gentle. she is really trust being. despite everything that she has gone through. >> the director of the lancaster county spca says she does not think that weston is credible, the former owner. they're each saying the other one is lying. 6 55. >> betting -- banking butts from beaches, cigarette butts, right? new jersey lawmakers today
6:56 am
voting on bang smoke interesting beaches. lawmakers supporting this bill. >> of course, my butt should be banned from most beaches.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> a driver stops, then throws the car, into reverse. >> person like that doesn't belong behind the wheel. >> why police believe they think they know why the driver took off. going backward. >> and, are they bradford's birds, or is cars on the man? the quarterback competition inside eagles camp. who will be leading the charge come week one? >> and we got a fire up the grill from salads, to burgers, to desserts. we're getting you ready for the big holiday weekend. all by grilling, everything, we're grilling everything. >> including salads and cakes. >> salad and cake on the grill? >> well, it will be hotter
7:00 am
than a grill today. >> true, by the end of the day it will feel like 09 in a lot of places may even hit 09 degrees. >> it will hit 09 today. let's make a bet. >> at philadelphia international airport? >> yes. >> all right. >> well, if i agree with you, then there is no bet, right? >> that's true. >> nice start to the day. actually i'm going with 88, so we'll bet. we have bus stop buddy again, reminding you about that sunscreen. >> it is beautiful out, be sure you're protected 50's, 60s, temperatures right now, a 4 up at knowledge pocono. reached 62 at allentown, already 6 a philadelphia f so definitely we're on our way breezes will pick up today get to at least 88 degrees, but by this afternoon start feeling the humid it just little bit of the sticky's, bob kelly, coming up. >> another reminder, too, before you drop the kids off this morning, at day care, or


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