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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 26, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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than a grill today. >> true, by the end of the day it will feel like 09 in a lot of places may even hit 09 degrees. >> it will hit 09 today. let's make a bet. >> at philadelphia international airport? >> yes. >> all right. >> well, if i agree with you, then there is no bet, right? >> that's true. >> nice start to the day. actually i'm going with 88, so we'll bet. we have bus stop buddy again, reminding you about that sunscreen. >> it is beautiful out, be sure you're protected 50's, 60s, temperatures right now, a 4 up at knowledge pocono. reached 62 at allentown, already 6 a philadelphia f so definitely we're on our way breezes will pick up today get to at least 88 degrees, but by this afternoon start feeling the humid it just little bit of the sticky's, bob kelly, coming up. >> another reminder, too, before you drop the kids off this morning, at day care, or pre-k, make sure that you also
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leave with them, the sunscreen for the little guys. did i that yesterday for austin. they definitely needed one, out there in the sun, because the teach letters want to get them out there, get all of the energy burned off. live look at i95 northbound, an accident, at allegheny avenue. it is on the northbound side causing delay from center city headed nor, south on 202, leaving the king of prussia mall area. and an accident just south of the ramps for 422, taking out the left lane. benny looking good. sun splashed, open up the sun roof, roll down the window, good looking start to the morning. probably need the air later on today. north on 55, starting to see volume, headed in toward depford and then the clogged up work in toward the walt whitman bridge. otherwise coming in from the suburbs, normal delays 422, the pennsylvania turnpike just under half hour, from philly over to valley forge. mike and alex back over to you
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>> , angora terrace, somebody came up, shot him in the head, he tries to walk away, run down the street, maybe run to a hospital. collapses, police showed up, they rushed him to the hospital instead. no word on any arrests on that one, and in germantown and texas investigating double stabbing around 11 30 last night. police and medics responded to the 56 hundred block of high school street. when they got there, they found a 32 year old woman, and a 36 year old man, both stabbed, the victims taken to einstein hospital. >> neighbors rush to make sure the child hit was okay, they saw this happen. >> and it is on tape too from somebody's porch. here ' dave. >> yes, really good video, we want to tell that you police got the car but now they're trying to find the person who was driving that car.
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>> we are told pretty banged up by witness who is rush to the scene. going to the video right now, the hit-and-run captured on home surveillance. >> we will take it here. >> surveillance video were you talking about. >> from the woman's porch, on the video, once you see the little boy get hit, the neighbors heard it instantly and ran out and called an ambulance. >> they think the driver reversed so that way people couldn't get his or her drivers license. >> it just looks like the little boy had no idea that car had no idea he was about to be hit. doesn't swerve at all. just wow. then backs out. the guy backs out. golds colored car. >> one of the witnesses did talk to us, here's what they had to say. >> child coming -- coming down on the alley on his bike, guy flying down the street, like i would say at least 20 miles
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over the speed limit. and i heard him slam on his brakes and that's when i look, sitting, looked out the window and he just blew right past the kid. back up down the alley being took off, didn't stop, didn't do anything. >> i ran down to the little boy, i grabbed his hand, i head his hand, i told him to lay still because he was bleeding from the back of the head and his mouth. >> so, about all they have to go on those two women that we just heard from said they think it is a guy probably in his 20's, dark hair,. >> this poor little boy. >> all right, 7 04, we'll keep you updated, the little boy's condition. >> another hit-and-run, septa office they are time severely injured. police say sunday afternoon, 13 year septa police veteran gary miller was run over by a car near roland and chippendale in mayfair. miller currently n hospital with a broken leg, broken
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collarbone and concussion. here is a picture of him there. his wife claire describes running up to the accident scene and seeing her husband. >> everything was block off. i'm like oh, my god, my heart just dropped. >> you should have just stopped and check on him. just turn yourself in. you know why, why you did this? it hurt my family. >> police only have a description after man in his 20's, if you have any information call police. >> scary night, we just told you, a concert, getting ready to perform, police say one person is dead, and three other have gunshot wound, after somebody started shooting up the place. >> officials say the shooting happened last night, around 10 at serving plaza. very popular venue, been around for a long time. one man was hit in the chest. 2 man, shot in the stomach.
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a woman was also shot in her leg. another person showed up at the hospital later, that night, the shooting took place in a back stage dressing room area, what they commonly call the green room, which suggest the shooter could have been with one of the artists, which would have made it easier to get the gun into the venue possibly, through an artist entrance possibly, not padded down. the motive is unclear. police say their investigation is certainly in the early stages, happened ten last night. >> back here at home upper darby police looking for teen they say fired a gun in a park causing crowds of people to run. it happened at drexel gardens park monday afternoon. police say two upper darby high school student, they met up at the park to fight. there was a crowd of about 30 young people thereto watch. but, before the fight started, police say 18 year old dominick love, fired a gun in the air, causing everyone to run. and police were able to identify him through witnesses, and also, on snap
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chat. love is considered armed and dangerous, call upper darby police if you know where he is. >> kids stopping to snap chat during gunfire. >> 7 07. , re instructing smoking in public beaches in new jersey, up for final vote today. >> map around noon, a measure that was once shot down by governor chris christie, will he do the same today. >> reporter: he shot it down just two years ago, so what's different it time? they made some revisions, and also, governor christie hinted that he may change his mind last night on ask the governor, although, just a slight hint, look at the atlantic city boards walk. they let you snow here. and in every beach town except 16. local ones, local found, beach haven, somers point. they have ashtrays for the beach. the problem is most people don't use them. so, will the governor veto smoking on the beaches? state-wide again. here's his non-commit al answer.
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>> the problem i have is why shouldn't municipalities be able to make these decisions in and many of them have. right, so some have, but not all have done what some liberals in the legislature want them to do. so therefore the big hand of the state comes in again. do what we want you to do or else we will tell you how to do it. so i look at it, i'm not saying whether i will sign it or not, but just so people know what my general concern is, what are they going to tell you do you have do next? >> do you think you should be told you can't smoke on the beach? >> no, no, smoking section, why they got smoking section in a casino. >> if they ban smoking on the beach do you that i will keep smoke presser coming to the beach? >> no. >> keep business away? >> no, all it is going to do is cause problems. because you are going to have smoke, sneaking and smoking on the beach, and police going to come and cause more problems, and that's all it is, a big
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problem. big money game. >> well amazing coincidence, great planning by jody harris our producer who put the show together behind the scenes. steve sweeney will be on, and he will tell you what he said tuscon the beach. with bellmawr's mayor that has a local law. that no smoking on the beach actually helps business, bridges more people to the beach, in addition to making the beaches cleaner and the air cleanerment alex, mike, 725 thousand five hundred 78 cigarette butts pick up from new jersey beaches since those volunteers started doing their twice a year beach clean ups, and butts and filters do not get pick up by that street sweeper, that they use on the beach. too small. so they end up out at sea and probably in some fish's long, function, all of that other stuff. >> who knew there was somebody that counted cigarette butts? >> that's a lot of counting. >> they count a lot of stuff. they count condoms and all of the other goofy stuff they find, it makes you never want to go near the beach. >> all right. >> you can only imagine.
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>> governor christie outlaw those? 7 10. let's call it that. >> new jersey lawmakers will also going to vote on the atlantic city rescue bill, to bring atlantic city back from bankruptcy. threat of state take over for now. giving the town five months to come up with a five year financial plan. it will get them through it the fall. >> we have to ask senator swine bye that, too. all right, a warning out there for some local resident not to drink their water, they will be given bottled water. >> so, lauren, you're joining us with more on this issue? >> that's right. alex, the warning comes after tests in montgomery and bucks county, some dangerous result there, more than one hundred 50 wells are contaminated with chemicals linked to cancer and three neighborhoods around the former willow grove base. they've known about that contaminated water for two years now, and have been working on the problem, well, just last week, the epa put out tougher standards, and more wells in the horsham warrington warminster area flunked them.
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the sales test prompted military to have an open house for concerned resident. >> for myself, over the last 23 years, and i don't know if those levels are going to, you know, eventually get me some casino of, you know, disease. >> we've been getting water tested and they kept on saying it is all right, it is all right, it is all right. so we get phonecall last week, don't drink the water. so it is contaminated. >> the military says the chemicals in question are primarily from fire fighting and right now they are giving out bottled water to those who have bad wells. folks with bad wells are moving over to the public water system, so far, though, they've only done about halfway, half of those people have switched over so far, mike and alex? >> all right, thank you for. that will by the way, kudos to your stylist. 7 11. the pennsylvania liquor control board granted nine more licenses to businesses that sell gasoline and beer. >> but none of those stores are in our area, sorry, mike.
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so the licenses are the latest that have been loosening the hold on beer sales by bars and beer distributors. the liquor control board vote yesterday was the first since february. and that's when the state supreme court said it would take up the case, challenging whether convenience store can sell beer and gasoline without violating state law. >> all right, i have a question, eagles fans. do we have a controversy about quarterback again? despite saying sam bradford is the starter over carson went, his assistants are giving different impression. here's what offensive coordinator told sport radio wip yesterday. >> that's probably not the right impression. it is not a contradiction to say that you got to have order. because if you don't have order, it is chaos, so if you are the head coach, you know, you got to come in, you got to establish order. there has to be organization. there has to be order. but the other thing that as coaches that you got to
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establish is a cup your of competition. i don't see the problem with creating order and competition at the same time personally. >> hey, sean bell, that makes sense to me, makes perfect sense. you have to have some order, but competition. >> so dramatic. so just cut it out. sam bradford is your starting quarterback. relax, philly, okay? every offensive coordinator, any coaching position, is going to say. that will you need competition. all right? who is sam bradford? is he not allowed to have to earn the job? he's not tom brady. he's not cam naught on. he won't be automatically give ten. it is a competition every year. okay? every year. and by the way carson wentz, he's not number 2. >> no. >> we put a lot of monday to be a back up. a lot of times, a lot of people are talking about carson actually sit ago year and learning and not even dressing. okay? so sam bradford's your number one. >> sean bell, explain this to
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me. modell's has put out a jersey for the third string quarterback. >> the thirds string. what market has a third string shirt? >> probably about the fact -- >> he is the number 2 pick, that's why his jersey out there. he is the future. we all know he is the future. calm down. okay? see, so dramatic. philly is like the kim kardashian of kardashian's, robustly dramatic all the time. okay? sam bradford is your guyment look at you. no, it will be carson. i want carson. >> no, no. >> just like everybody else, sam -- by the way, sam bradford has been competing for the starting job every year of his career. so let's not act like he doesn't like competition. they all have to do that. okay? well in 2 years he knows he'll be gone. he want some security at some
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one year, if carson wentz stepped up. let's in the ac like we're going to give it to carson wentz. >> or chase. >> chase got pretty good deal. >> sure did. he is getting a lot of monday. >> i back up quarterback making millions, still popping bottles in the club. he is still making it rain. okay? >> you know what i am talking b he is still in delila's, knock. >> what do you know about delila's, sean? >> nothing, just saying. >> oh, delila's, it is a bakery, isn't it? >> that's what i thought. >> certainly some good east there. >> some cakes, there are some cooks. >> cake, cake, cake. >> by the way, sean bell is on twitter, what's your twitter hands until. >> sean bell fox 29. follow me and hate on me and show me some love. whatever you want. i'll respond. >> you got some hate, sends it that way. >> that way. >> no, i'm going to send some hate your way, will cents. >> sean, good to see you. >> good to be here. sam bradford your starter, relax. >> here's sue bradford.
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>> if my dreams come true, that could happen. >> oh? >> ya, right. tracking the tropics, what? ya, not even june first, and that's when tropical storm season begins. but we could have an early storm if this develops into something t it is look being like it might. call it disturbances right now. if it becomes a tropical storm and gets a name it would be bonnie. why not the a name? we'll tell the story later. anyway, if you are headed to the shore this weekend, keep in mind, that along the beach, when you're lying there with all of your sunscreen on, it is not going to be the same as it is inland, thanks to see sea breeze, specking highs in the 70s most of the shore towns friday, saturday, sunday, while we're sweating in the upper 80s, inland, own and water temperature in the 50's, so, keep that in mind, as well. that first time. so here's what's happening with the winds today. changing winds direction from a southwesterly wind, to a
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southerly wind or a southeasterly wind. that means we bring the air in off the ocean. along the shore points, just so you know. little bit of rain in the central part of the state. that's breaking up before it gets here. so we have no rain in the forecast for today. tonight, there will be a couple of places as we go through, see plenty of sunshine, getting nice and warm, little more humid by the end. day. anyway, couple of placed in the overnight hours, that could see a pop up shower or thunderstorm, and there you see him coming up about ten, 11. but really doesn't look like much. so let's get right to the forecast and see what we've got. 11 -- 88 degrees, 89 tomorrow, saturday, if we don't make it to 90 it will start feeling like it with the added humidity, dew . going up. saturday, sunday, still in the upper 80s, monday, maybe the lower 80s, if we get those showers and thunderstorms. but we will think positively, and hope for the chance every sunday shine as well on monday. but at least off to sunny
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start to the day, bob kelly. how is traffic? >> we r sue, good morning, exactly 7 18 on this thursday morning. live look, hello king of prussia. this is 202 southbound. accident, just south of the king of prussia mall. right at the ramps here. for 422, that's causing a delay, for anyone leaving the king of prussia mall area. heading south now toward west chester. coming in from new jersey, north on the 42 freeway, an accident, right at the sicklerville black horse pike interchange. and then we have our normal morning rush hour delays, 24 miles an hour, riding the brakes as we head on in toward the walt whitman bridge. got you coming and going here, an accident, north, on 95, at allegheny avenue. causing delays leaving the city. that's the delay here on the right. on the vine vest way. and then, coming into the city obviously your normal morning rush hour delays, even delays coming across the benny. so, already, the summer sizzle here you can just casino of imagine the air conditioner cranking once we get the hot sun today.
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east on the schuylkill, 22 minutes, coming into downtown, some sun glare up and over the tow line around your conshy curve. 37 minutes already from philly to valley forge. and we will see you tomorrow, we will be broadcasting live all morning long on the ocean city boardwalk. right at the music pier in ocean city, new jersey, come on by, bring the kids out, we will put them all on tv. alex being back over to you. >> i will keep talking about, that so ex seated talking about good day driving. meet us at the music pier in ocean sit, bob there, i will be there, mike will be there, it will be a fun time. but the best part is you could win a car. going to you can get the brand new mazda cx9. and just click on that, end tow win banner, put in your information, do this once every 24 hours, and then every week we will pick finalist, and then on july 22, for final show, we'll have a big give away. we just announced where the give away will happen. it will happen at fairmount park, right outside of the del. isn't that the perfect venue? everyone going to the del for
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the summer concert series. but we will be in west philadelphia, jenkintown, northeast philly, quakertown, wildwood, wilmington, haddonfield, more specifics about where exactly we will be in just a little bit. but we want to let you know we are coming to you. >> 78 20, obama's moving on up. to the east side, well, we will show you the new house, you'll be moving into, after leaving the white house. car schwartz by tens of thousands of bees. what expert happened that triggered this huge response.
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where do you go, if you lived in the white house? >> where do you go after that? >> how do you top that? i think they've topped that,
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lauren. >> 82 hundred square feet? >> from the white house to the brown house. 82 hundred square feet. it is a mansion. it is owned by the former white house press secretary, under bill clinton, joe lockhart, now with the nfl and his wife, they bought it kim of years ago for about five million dollars. it is a beautiful house, and there you are looking at it, see the brown brick on the outside, like i said, 82 hundred square feet. but when you see the inside pictures, now, you do have the ceilings in the kitchen, the beautiful crown molding but you don't have that grand call asian feel. this seems more like regular house, very stylish, very beautiful regular house. >> okay. >> than the white house, would you agree with that. >> trying to get the pictures up right now. they put out about 50 pictures of the interior, we'll get to in just a second. >> oh, this doesn't look like regular house to me. >> nice regular house, very stylish regular house. >> like lauren's house basically?
7:25 am
>> i wish, ya. i have a 82 hundred square foot house, in my dreams. i wouldn't want to clean t it has nine bedrooms, 8 and a half bathrooms. now, obviously, doesn't have a lot of staff. interesting, they're going to rent it, you can totally peak in, the neighbors can. >> what? >> secret service and security will definitely fix that. but this they're staying in d.c. so sasha can finish high school. >> they wanted to move to manhattan? >> but good so sasha can have the consistency and not uproot her life. >> probably why they're renting, she doesn't have much to go, does she? >> i know molly taking a gap here before she goes off to harvard, malea getting into harvard. >> she is out. >> so they need the nine bedrooms for that one caughter. >> no, probably all of the secret service and everything else. >> and all of the dignitaries, still going to come visit him. >> ya. >> and shrek rid us. >> so the name of this
7:26 am
neighborhood called the kala ram a. >> where is that? >> i went to college in washington, d.c., i wasn't sure. >> yes? >> it is nearby. yes, me neat. >> we'll finds out. >> very she she neighborhood they say. >> there are about 25, 30 pictures, so we'll show you more as the show goes along. >> can you imagine have the obama's being your neighbor? i would go over, could i borough cup of sugar? >> secret service will wrestle you to the grounds. >> look at that kitchen. >> everyone needs a kitchen island. >> oh, they have sugar in that kitchen for heir. >> look at that. >> marble island. >> how did joe lockhart afford that? i need to become a press secretary. okay, but the off of beach. look to go snuff out smoking at the beaches and park. get on twitter. a loft have you been weighing
7:27 am
in. and then we will grill stuff i've nerds heard of on a grill. hi, jen. >> we are grilling salads, grilling desserts, go to my twitter. what's the most important thing? family, burgers, sides, or booze? go to my twitter pole.
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>> police say man hospitalized here in philadelphia after
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being shot in the head. he tried to run to the hospital himself. but didn't make it. >> who found him on the street? >> one person dead, 3 other injured, after shooting last night at concert. the rapper ti. the shooting happened shortly after 10. at new york irving plaza. took place in a back stage dressing room no words on possible motive. >> we're work owing than, sue is working on the weather at 7 30. >> working on our sunscreen, with bus stop buddy so excited outdoor recess once again after so many rainy days. starting off 50's, 60s, 54 greenmount pocono, a 4 lancaster, in dover it is 65 degrees. same in atlantic city, and we're seeing plenty of sunshine in our neighborhood this morning. >> 65 degrees, relative humidity, just little breeze out of the west southwest at 3 miles an hour so plan on some
7:31 am
clouds, at g to the humiditiment sun glare, bob kelly. >> sun glare everywhere, couple every accidents, morning, 7 31 right before you get into the exton mall there, at route 30, so even the school buses are delayed down to the one lane. jammo on 95 academy, earlier accident northbound, at allegheny has been cleared. norristown high-speed line because every disable train at the ardmore station. moorestown road, westfield road, shutdown road, right there in front of that flying fed err farm, so folks being pushed onto hartford road for the daytime hours. and then an accident north on the freeway at the black horse pike, and then you got your normal delays coming in toward the city approaching the whitman and the benny. mike and alex over to you. >> we head into memorial day
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weekend those headed to the shore could soon see big change on the beach. law makers in new jersey will vote on bill today that would ban smoking from public beaches and state parks so senate president steve sweeney supporter of the bill. he joins us now from his office, always good to have you on good day philadelphia we know in the past governor christie vetoed this bill. what's different about this one? >> basically created zones where could you smoke, where there would be a smoking zone on the beach. but, we're coming back at it for one reason. we think it is the right thing. you know? for some reason, people think that the beach is a ashtray. and it creates environmental hazard, health hazards, when you see all of the cigarette butts all over the place. and we really do think it will help tour itch when people in bellmawr, where i was at no too long ago with mayor matt dougherty, he said since
7:33 am
they've gone smoke-less, the beaches are even more crowded. >> is that right? >> we know there are dispensers there now, and people aren't really using them. but for people at home, can you kind of describe what it will look like this smoking only zone? >> is it roped off? how do you do it? >> they'll identify it, we give the towns, can't be near playgrounds, can't be near, like, slides and stuff, but, they would have to ida part, there would be sign and saying, you know, smoke, this is where you smoke, if you want to be on the beach. but in defense to everyone else, and i want to be fair to smokers, but there has to be fairness to us, too, you know, when you go to lay a beach blanket down, you have cigarette butts all over the place, you know they were in people's mouths, they're environmental hazards. >> so is it more health issue or trash issue for you? >> for me it is both. for me it is both. you know, and again, it is quality of life when you are down there. you take your kids down there,
7:34 am
winds blowing off the ocean, people are smoking, smoke gets in people's faces, if you remember when we banned smoking in restaurant and public places years ago, everyone said the restaurant would close and there would be so much damage done? it was the opposite. you know, business went up. because people actually enjoyed not having to deal with the smoke. >> true. >> so i'll try to take the other side here. you government people, just stay out of my life. i if i want to kill myself by smoking it is my privilege to do it. >> let my ville little town decide, why does the state have to come in with its big feet? >> i heard the governor say. that will the way i feel about it honestly mike is that the state, that's our job, to set standards. just like we set minimum wage standard for the state. we don't want towns setting their own minimum wage stand darr. we have an issue right now in sick leave policy, where towns are setting their own policy.
7:35 am
we would like to have unified policy throughout the state. but we are respecting smokers because we'll give them an area where they can smoke on the beach. >> okay, let's talk about this rescue bill that's going to be voted on today. in the beginning, state take over, atlantic city didn't like that. now some are saying this is a fair deal? >> this is the exact same deal we offered for four months ago there is week, got tone this . sooner, you know, funny, i came out with compromise i offered the mayor 130 days, which he said was completely impossible and unreasonable. add another 20 days, and it is do-able. you have thanksgiving, you have veterans day, columbus day, you know, they just didn't want to deal with what they had to deal with. the government is so top-heavy in atlantic city, it is what's really caused the problem.
7:36 am
we offered them memorandums of end stand to go do this over the summer, they refused. >> why can't they get it together? i mean, they have to somehow come up with a hundred million dollars. senator, seriously. they're not going to do that. >> i ran the county of government for years. our budget for 3 hundred thousand people here about 2 hundred million. they have 39 thousand people, and budget is 262 million. even when you add it up, what happened in atlantic city casinos never hired the resident in at lan city so what happened is the government did. and that's why you have so many people, overstaffed, and bloated and they really need to shave their cost down.
7:37 am
you know, for the taxpayers that live in that city, it is an only fair for them to have better shake than what they've been getting. things great in atlantic city, no one paid attention, and it was fine. >> fine a way to make money other than the casinos, doing pretty well if the first quarter of this yearment okay, you have big day, better get to work. >> senator, thank you. >> thanks, mike. >> you got it. >> thousands, i mean, thousands of bees suck on to the back after car. what is that about? why experts say they were taken a ride on the back of this car. >> someone spilled some hone? >> could be. i figure it would be a stingray.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> let's get to this bees story. >> 20 thousand bees, checking to woman's car in the uk after leaving a nature reserve. >> bee keepers think the queen
7:41 am
attached itself to the mitsubishi. >> oh, i get it. >> silver car there. so, the high, as they're want to do, they have the instinct to go rescue the queen, so 20 thousand of them showed to up surround the queen. it took five different bee keepers and park range tears get the bees into that white cardboard box. what is weird is they all return the next day after being released to the same car, the same rearend, because the queen apparently was still stuck to the car and never got into the box. >> well, i had no idea that beyonce drove a mitsubishi. >> queen bee? >> but i don't know what i would do if there were all of those bees stuck on my car. >> certainly, the buzz in that neighborhood. 7 41. >> keep going, keep going. >> nod your traditional custody battle. this is a national story, a surrogate mother want the triplets she gave up at birth, she want them back.
7:42 am
why she says the babies would be better in her care than the dad's. >> and we're getting ready for memorial day weaken. you know what that means, fire up the grill. >> and there is jen. >> we want to put some salad on that grill. wait what? >> you can't do cooking tv without chef brian duffy. yes, he will grill the salon. we'll explain what we are talking about as we come right back. go.
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>> 7 45 exactly, live look at the blue route, 476 northbound, accident right near media swarthmore. look like everybody push over to what would be the right lane here, again, on the northbound side, between media swarthmore, and route one. hello bellmawr. 3 cheers to the bus drivers headed south on the freeway, that's where the traffic volume is going to be tomorrow. keep in mind the holiday weekend, first holiday weekends, is always crazy. i always try to say 12 to 2 that witching hour. you want to be out of the house, up and over the bridges, no later, than 2. otherwise, pacca snack for the kids. of course, tomorrow we will be down there in ocean city as we take a look at norristown high-speed line. 30 minute delays, because of a disable train at the ardmore station. here's your speedometer readings, you got 95, you got the schuylkill, and, who is hungry? >> i am.
7:46 am
>> i'll take pancake, roll it up, with a omlet. they call it the sweet baby dutch. in south philadelphia. fourth and cross, live from 9 to ten. >> eating good. >> sick letter develop, then delays headed in toward the sit which some sun glare, and everywhere. that holiday forecast, we have it for you coming up in 15 second. >> the forecast for or at the shore, she, kathy orr, will be in wildwood today and the mariner's landing shell inning err and the boardwalk, for the five and 6 news. live on the tv. 74 degrees, sunny skies, sea breeze, it will be beautiful.
7:47 am
than for the rest of the weekend expect highs mid 70s at our shore points, thanks, to that sea breeze, ocean water temperatures only in the 50's, yes, pack lots of king of prussia sunscreen, because you need it all weaken long, now you will not get a break on allergies. it has been happening around here in the studio. all just ugh. and it lock like maybe sunday might be the worse of it, little bye of rain on friday, could help. but medium to high levels of the oklahoma, though the tree pollen, and the grasses, as well, we've got rain up to the far north and west. but nothing expected in our area. so, as we look at the future cast for the rest of the day, plenty of sunshine, it will be just as warm, as yesterday. but probably a little more humid. you see little moisture coming on in in the afternoon. then in the overnight hours, one or two of us will get a pop up thunderstorm, we'll have some clouds overnight, as well. right now, temperatures in the mid 60s in the city. 50's in many of the suburbs, zooming on up to 88 degrees, 90 tomorrow, 89 on saturday,
7:48 am
still hot sunday. few showers and thunderstorms are still in the forecast for monday. but we will work on that between now and then. all-in-all, not bad weekends. >> sue, i have to tell you, it will be anything right now, this give away on our website. >> everyone is talking about it, because you could win a car, this is of course going on the way to ocean city. >> you know that by now. >> so giving away a mazda cx9. so go on there, click on the banner, put in your information, downing this once every 24 hours, increase your chances. >> okay. here's the in-thing to do with a hammer. by the way had couple of more venues, haddonfield, and the final day july 22 over at the del music venue in fairmount park where we will have 8suv's one of them will start one winner. listen to this: you need it make your own coal shaw this week toned impress your friends, you know why? >> why? >> because if you buy the packaged, it is too milky. it is too run any my mind.
7:49 am
and the in thing now to put coal shaw on your hamburger itself. >> on the hamburger? >> right on top. >> i think it sounds good. >> i bet chef duffy does that. >> do you pull coal shaw on top of your burger? pgh i do, called the white trash burger cents has shaw on top of it. >> chef, brian did you have if i is here, happy friday eve. >> happy friday eve. >> on my twitter pole i said well will they barbeque, what's the most important part? right now sides only had five%. >> because they're not playing, not doing the sides the right way. >> so, let that's talk a little about what we should do. >> so one of the first thing i love a yell shaw, i love a great coal shaw, super awesome, little sweet. little safely. it is just a simple as take a head of cabbage, nice small one, cut it in half. then cut it in quarters, i take my end out just like that. okay? now, i don't spec you to, that's not dirt, just little black. i don't spec you to be as fast as i am. but then dow it very, very nice. >> show off. >> show off is when i look at the camera and not this. that's when i start showing off. >> don't hurt the fingers?
7:50 am
now i just talk my cabbage like that, slide it over, take my red onion, do it very super then, very, very thin. paper paper thin. >> sounds like music. >> then take a little bit of citrus, some limoses, called micro plane, take it around the top of it. it removes all of the real good essence of the lime. >> yep? >> just like that. >> okay? >> rest of the lime for the margarita. >> this makes no sense. this is just a little pump, apple cider investigate gar, olive oil. >> together? >> always in there meaning you use that stuff a lot? >> use it all the time just like. that will then little bit mayonnaise. little bit mayonnaise. recipe all on line. gave it to you guys the other day. >> >> little mustard. >> i'm not a mustard fan, not too much. >> black pepper, grab some of the salt. whatever you like. grab the grayish one the one to the right. >> this one? >> that's pepper.
7:51 am
>> that's celtic sea salt. are you afraid? celtic sea salt. good for your bod. >> i that's all do you have do. we mix it altogether. >> forgot our carrots. >> we have one minute. >> so mix your coal shaw together, cool part about the next thing we do, grilled romain salad. very acceptable. cut it in half. take your real good spray stuff. take it. spray it off. give it really quick grill. just like that. get your plate ready. get your tomato. >> tomato on the romain salad? >> tomato on the romain sal dollars a, cut it in half. slice it again just like that underneath. >> prep. >> i pretty, pretty, boom. move, she is saying. little bit of color on there. >> okay? >> okay? just like that. drop it right up on ton of there. >> drop it like it's hot. >> orange segments over top. >> really for romain. >> don't have to make your own dressing, real good one i get it at whole foods, super sexy, orange karat ginger just like
7:52 am
this, this amazing egg. >> super sexy, and then the best part right here? grilled pork belly. >> you don't have pork belly use super thick bacon. and it is just as sexy. >> so sexy. >> now if you're like me, you don't know what the heck an s.u.v. i is, live on his facebook page, mike so far we've grilled a salad. how do you feel about the number one item in this morning's segment. >> i'll take it, just getting started therefore sure. >> we'll grill a cake later. custody battle like i've never seen before. surrogate mother said she wants the kids back that she gave birth to. >> plus, a new home for a horse that has been through a lot. find out which celebrity is now caring for the horse, that vets say was shot more than one hundred times with a paint ball gun.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> ♪ >> i love working in this area, because you get to see so many great site. you know what? visit philly, they just announced something yesterday, renaming and redefining old city, in this area, that we work in, mike. >> what i call now, i've been calling it old city, boom. historic philly right here. bright colors, with these new logos, they said they're doing it this way to give it a thumb feel, like a characature, history is fun. so the goal is they want to get people when they come and visit when in the suburbs come to this area, don't just see the liberty bell, don't just go to independence hall, show this is all historic area. because it covers the delaware river waterfront, old city, society hill, and independence national park. putting in all of this money to do this campaign. it will be this summer, all
7:57 am
the way through 2017, when the revolutionary war museum opens up, that will be a big draw. >> third and chestnut. >> yep. so they'll have like more story telling benches, they're going to have a loft history programs, and all kind of things, so kind of get people excited again about historic philadelphia. >> so if i see a tourist out on the street, i want to send them to something in old city, should i now use the term hp historic philly? >> historic philadelphia. >> okay. >> that's how you should describe t i don't know if completely replacing old city. everybody knows it as old city, but just attention to the fact everything started here, so many exciting things, betsy ross house, first and 2 bank. >> first. >> so it is lovely. use the hashtag historic philly. for all of you snap chap users, even have snap chat filters for it, sweet for it, cute, historic fill. >> i progressive man. if you want to see more behind the scenes, i was there yesterday, go on my snap chat,
7:58 am
alex . hole. >> i you are really getting around a lot those days. >> funny you mention that, every time i'm out people say you're everywhere, girl, so starting this new segment called around town with alex. or maybe alex around town. we'll figure it out. >> we will work on that. and we will put a graphic together. >> let's do that, can we do it by the end of the show? >> in fact, i have toking share with you guys, somewhere pretty cool that i will reveal little later in the show for my first around town with alex. >> looking forward to t hey by the way, an update now on the horse we told you about over the weaken here on "good day" philadelphia. at first we heard that this grayish white horse had been hit with 130 paint ball pellets. hurting the horse. you can kind of see in some of the video we'll show you. there, look at this, now, does that look like it was shot with paint balls? or was it painted with little children's fingers, lilly, by the way, is the name of the horse. now on a farm, a sanction too
7:59 am
area, that's run by comedian john stewart and his wife tracey. now, tray tracey was in a rehab barn, in kennett square yesterday, to officially adopt this horse. the 20 year old arabian horse was found covered in paint at horse auction in new hole and, vets were able to nurse it back to health and now being adopted by john and tracey. the animal will live at their animal sanctuary in north jersey. >> really honestly the sweetest horse i've ever met. she is really gentle. she is really trusting. despite everything that she has gone through. >> the former owner, who basically abandoned the horse, says the animal was not shot with paint balls, but instead, was used as a white canvas at a children's finger painting party. the director of the lancaster county spca does not believe that. >> ya. really? >> they believe it was paint balls. >> coming up on 9 good day to you it is thursday may the 26,
8:00 am
2016. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". get your butts off the beach. i'll say it one more time. the vote this morning, that may change the way you relax down the shore. and what can governor christie do? >> not your interested national fight for custody, surrogate mom wants the triplets she gave birth to. why she said the babies would be better in her care. >> and let the outdoor cooking begin, it is thursday, let's crank this up already. we're gearing up for the weekend. how to impress your guests with your grilling skills. we're not just doing hamburgers. we'll do salads, and cake, on a grill. >> ♪ >> no thanks, jimmy. the weekend cancels last night's perform and on jimmy kimmel live.
8:01 am
the political reason why he backed out. >> ♪ >> boy, also, at 8 0; i want to say this. >> yes, double digit once again. this is our transition day, from yesterday, when the humidity was nice and low, even though it was 88 degrees, it was pretty comfortable. today we transition to more humidity. and of course you need that sunscreen, bus stop buddy though just t-shirt, polo shirt, all you needed to. temperatures starting off at the 50's, and the 60s at the bus stop, in fact gotten rid of the 50's, look at atlantic city, write town, already in the 70s. so, 68, our current temperature at philadelphia international airport, 68%. relative humidity, and a high temperature of 88, so we've got all day, until 8 19 to gain 20 degrees.
8:02 am
but of course, sun glare, may be a problem on the roadways, so is traffic, bob kelly. >> don't want to hear any complaints. all of the rain we were complaining about last week, we got rid of it. got the sun now. accident northbound lanes of the blue route. 476, approaching route one, jammo from mcdade all the way up to route one. jammed up on the boulevard, coming southbound, an accident, right here, right before the kelly drive and ridge avenue exit. it is taking out what would be the left lane, if you are coming south on the boulevard. 30 minute delays, on the norristown high-speed line this morning. all because after disable train. at the ardmore station. and here is your speedometer readings, got the ac cranking, the brakes tapping here, southbound, 95, from academy in to the betsy ross bridge. jammed up on the schuylkill, in to and out of the city. sock wick sun glare coming around the conshy curve. mike and alex back to you. >> 8 02. >> so, a man fight to go stay alive after being shot in the head-on the 56 hundred block of angora terrace in southwest philly overnight.
8:03 am
he was shot inside his car, and then attempted to runoff. officers found him collapsed on the ground and returned him to the hospital. no word on any arrest. >> little boy is in stable condition after being hit by a car. the incident was captured on this home surveillance camera from this woman's front porch. police tell us the child was riding his bike on oak wood avenue, when he smashed into a passing car. actually the car smashed into him. the driver suddenly backs down an alleyway to get away. neighbors heard the crash, ran to the boy's side million medics arrive. investigators say they have the gold camry vehicle involved in the crash in their custody but the driver is still on the loose. looking for him. >> scary night for fans out at a new york concert to see rap i ti. one person dead, 3 orders injured, after someone started shooting inside the venue. officials say the shooting took place in back stage
8:04 am
dressing room kinds of like green room on the thirds floor. >> everybody rush in, trample over people, stumble, and i heard, i mean, once i heard one shot, i was gone. i had people stomping on my leg, all of that stuff. >> the motive for the shooting is unclear, people say their investigation is ongoing. some of the people involved may be known to a lot of people. >> to smoke or no not to smoke that's the question. >> vote up for final vote today. >> probably will happen this morning. measure shot down couple of years ago guy governor christie steve still on the story. >> reporter: governor veto it couple of years ago, made sole changes, so maybe swayed this time. governor christie i don't know if he is a golfer, but that's one of the changes, you heard state senator steve sweeney tell you they may see continue to smoke on golf courses, but,
8:05 am
no smoking, not just on beaches but in state parks, and in forests, probably the most important part, because how many forest fires are started in new jersey from people just tossing cigarettes butts out the window or leaping them at the camp site? so last night he had his monthly radio show called ask the governor. one of the first questions he was asked was will you veto the no smoking on beaches state-wide ban again? here's his non-commit al answer. >> not all have done what some liberals in the legislature want them to do. therefore the big hands the state come in. do what we want you to do or else we'll tell you how to do it, so i'll look at it when it comes to my desk, not saying one way or another whether i will sign it, but so people know what my general concern is what are they going to tell you do you have do next?
8:06 am
>> they got smoke sex in the casino. >> if they ban smokers on the beach do you think will keep smokers from coming to the beach? keep business away? >> no, all it will do is cause problems. because you are going to have those that smoke, it will be sneaking in, smoking on the beach. police going to come, cause more problems, and that's all it is, big problem. >> i think his prediction about people fighting, yelling for people to put out cigarette could come true. while the other thing we heard the woman say is going to be true in this. they will have certain sections son beaches, just like they have surf beaches, bookie board beaches, raft beaches, so, that should make the smokers happy. they'll have a section or certain beach they can go to. but 16 towns including cape may ., somers point, beach haven, already have local smoking bans, and that's what
8:07 am
the governor was talking about. so, we'll see what he decides, but i wouldn't be surprised if he vetoes this, but okay's the atlantic city rescue plan. >> i casino of have that feeling, too. we'll know later this afternoon, have it on our website, 5, 6 10 news. >> it will be busy day for lawmakers, also expected to consider the rescue bill for atlantic city. governor chris christie says the deal has the authority to help the struggling resort town. the deal eliminate the threat of a state take-over for now. it also resolves ongoing political fight that puts the struggling resort town even closer to bankruptcy. governor christie stopped short of saying he would sign the bill, but says, he plans to act quickly on this. >> okay, governor wolf over here in pennsylvania, has sign a new law, requiring some convicted drunk drivers to use that new device egg name interlock, new law makes drunk drivers with first time conviction of blood
8:08 am
concentration of .1 or high tow use the device for one full year, previously only repeat drunk drivers had to use this thing. there it is. ignition interlock devices prevent someone from starting their car, if their blood alcohol level is too high. and will make you blow into it every ten minutes, while you're driving. the law takes effect in 15 months. other states already have it. speaking of booze ... >> the pennsylvania liquor control board they granted nine more licenses to businesses that sell gasoline. but here's the thing, none of them are in our area. >> no, maybe eventually. maybe eventually, alex. the licenses are the latest steps in loose he can the hold on beer sales, by bars, and beer distributors. the local control boards vote yesterday is the first since february, that's when the state supreme court said it would take up a case challenging whether a convenience store can sell beer and gasoline at the same
8:09 am
time. >> okay. real quickly here. another reminder. we are going to ocean city tomorrow, 7. also giving away a car on our website hit that red bar right there. put in your info. you can do it once every 24 hours, we're giving away a mazda cx9. one of the most beautiful suv's in the country. >> so, here's where we will be headed the next few weeks. >> by the way, west philly, give us the exact address. >> well, we will be at cedar park, so it is on baltimore avenue between 49 and 50. you hear that west filly? we're coming to you june third, cedar park. >> people say how come when you have special shows you never come to west filly? >> we hear you, coming to west filet week from tomorrow. >> hope to see you there. don't stands us up now, we want to see you all show up. >> not your traditional fight for custody. this is bizarre. surrogate mom wants the triplets she gave birth to, she want them back.
8:10 am
>> why she says the babies would be better in her care. >> also, coming up: quincy? >> i'm in plenty meeting, okay? this weekend, the monster truck thrill show. and i'll be driving keystone crusher. coming up next. look at this. have fun.
8:11 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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8:13 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> this tornado, stayed on the ground an hour and a half. as we always say, thank goodness in a remote part of the state of kansas where it is mostly farmlands t did hit 20 houses, sue. >> unbelievable, an hour and a half. >> yes. >> so unusual for tornados. been such an active season, in that part of the country, every single day, we are showing you pictures of something like that happening. now, tomorrow morning, here we are, at the music pier in ocean city, new jersey, what's
8:14 am
the weather going to be like? ideal. plenty of sunshine, temperatures will be in the 60s probably upper 60s, hopefully you'll be able to join the crowd at the shore. tomorrow, and if you're going to the shore this weekend, temperatures will be in the mid 70s, thanks, to sea breeze, with the ocean water temperature in the 50's, at first dip of the season, it will be chilly one, 88 degrees is our high temperature for today limb more humid later this afternoon, tomorrow we will crank up some thunderstorm, high of 09 degrees, 89 on saturday, still, hot sunday, by monday memorial day itself things will be probably little un set billion dollars some showers bob kelly and some thunderstorms as woe get into memorial day, itself. >> you got it devon horse show
8:15 am
in town. route 30, live look at the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, delays, sun glare coming around the conshy curve but also a westbound delay here. this is leaving south philly headed in toward vare avenue. as you come around that curve and head in toward downtown, you are going to find delays. and as we go on out, to live look, at the roosevelt boulevard, an accident southbound, kind of pushed it off to the shoulder here, right before you get to the kelly drive ridge avenue. but we are bumper to bumper from broad street on down. then 30 minute delays on the norristown high-speed line. just got alert from septa, good to go now, the disable trains, out of there, but they're running with some residual delays, about 20 minute, so things are getting better on that high spieth line, as we roll through on this thursday morning, mike and alex back over to you. >> 8 15,. >> there is a ground breaking case, that could change surogacy laws forever. >> that's for sure. >> so, melissa cook, 48 year
8:16 am
old surrogate mother who gave birth to triplets in february, but says, the father initially told her to have an abortion because co-not afford them. so now cook filing federal lawsuit charging surogacy law because the babies already born. >> refused to have abortion, also want custody hearing to make sure the infant are being cared for properly. >> i prayed every day that they would come out healthy, and i do miss them. i mean, i didn't even get to see their little faces. >> they were taken away right away. >> so according to court document the father of the three boys is a 50 year old single post office work here lives in georgia with his ailing elderly parent. he's being represented by the company, that a ranked the agreement. surogacy international. they've denied the comment telling fox news it is a private matter. >> jennifer brant is shear once again, jen, no shot.
8:17 am
what you want, 1, 2, 3? >> she said she would take one, or all three, if he can't properly take care of them, and i agree with you, i really don't think she has a shot. she enters into surogacy contract with him, has no rights, no biological connection to these children, and that's what happens when you enter into a surogacy agreement. you give up your rights to the child. that's the whole idea. >> but the fact that he asked for her to get an abortion, can't she use that and say he doesn't want these kids rollie? let me have them. >> in some surogacy contract it even allows for a termination or reduction in number of children. so, that's possible. apparently this contract didn't spell it out because there was a dispute between them. the bottom line is though once the children were born he took them. as he should under the contract. they are his children. he has a biological connection with them. he paid her for the surogacy arrangement. so she has absolutely no rights. >> even though it doesn't -- i
8:18 am
mean -- the living situation doesn't seem that fantastic for triplets. >> mike, when she entered into this contract she should have found that out. i mean, look, she volunteered to be a surrogate. no one forced her to do this. >> how about surogacy international. the company. how about their responsible for not checking out his house? >> then that's something that they would have to do. but nothing, i mean show, making allegations they're not proven true. so we don't really know the situation. we really don't know. we know so far there have been no complaints about the children, and they seem to be being taken care of. he lives with his parent apparently. so it seem like there are proper care givers. you can't choose your parent? when it comes to these surogacy contract are there anything that kind of helps the surrogate mom to say hey if i change my mind, you know, there is something i want to do if the living arrangement aren't right, can they negotiate that at least? >> the contract can be negotiated but the whole idea of surogacy to have someone to carry children if you can't have children yourself. >> so i mean that's the whole premise behind t look, it is
8:19 am
outlawed in europe. it is outlawed in canada. the state laws are all over the place on surogacy. most of them don't have state laws. we have the whole sherrie shepherd debockle last year in pennsylvania, so it is an area of where there really needs to be some laws, and, you know, maybe with this situation, we'll see some changes. >> okay, here comes something inch appropriate. try to say something inapropriate every hour. >> in my tv and personal life. she was 48. >> yes. >> and watch what you say. >> i know. >> triplet. >> the issue is the company check her out. she been a surrogate previously. she had four children of her own. they deem that she was okay to carry the children. apparently she did okay. >> what kind of cash do you make to be a surrogate? >> i heard she made like 27 thousand dollars to carry the children plus 6 thousand for each additional child. so i don't know how that all played out, because she ended up having three instead of one. >> i need more money than
8:20 am
that. >> when it comes to these companies like surogacy international, can someone say hey i want to pay to have kids? do they not to check out these people hey you can take care of children? >> they do have to check out. >> both the surrogate and the parent. >> all right, it have a good weekend. >> see in you ocean city tomorrow. >> i love that. >> okay, all i can say about this next story is, well, wow, that's a baby, young mother gets a big, big surprise, when she sees her daughter for the first time. why doctors think this baby girl could make it into the record books. here's jen. >> all right, mary ann vaughn our assistant news director loves this tip. the chef gave to her about burgers, she said it is life changing. we'll give it again at 8: 45. grilling for happy friday eve.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
men undergoing prostate cancer, going through a change. all operated for radiation, and most of us did, then nearly half are choosing no treatment at all when they get the words for their doctor. approach is called active surveillance, it means, their cans remembers left alone, but are regularly monitored to be sure they're not growing. so 40 to 50% of men are taking this new approach. just keep an eye on it, don't do anything specifically, except monitor. >> we now the zika virus, with severe birth defect, cdc conduct the many largest study so far to try to determine the chance infected pregnant woman will have a baby with these december expect. they classify the risk as
8:25 am
substantial, somewhere in the one to 14% range, study also reinforces women affected in early stages every pregnancy, face the greatest risk. >> would you say one of the biggest stories of the year, the zika virus. all right, speaking. babies. this is a healthy baby, when i say baby is healthy, that baby is health. >> i world's biggest female baby? >> born in india. >> 10 pound. >> ouch. >> twice the size after average baby of course. >> the baby born visa c-section. the baby born via c-section. and heaviest baby ever born tipped at 22 and a half pounds, but 10 pound baby. >> i was ten pounds at birth. >> really? >> yes. >> all face and butt. ya, look at it, still big and bloat blood. >> don't say that. >> are you finished with the
8:26 am
storey? >> i think i am finish, yes. >> according to the fcc regulation we must ends every baby story, the mother and baby, are doing just fine. >> supposed to do it with a little whisper in your voice. >> as if the baby is in the room? >> the baby is doing just fine. quincy, he's on very large piece of equipment. called a monster truck. look at you. >> here we go. >> i don't know who will let me do this, jack brady his truck. he will allow me to drive this truck. but we have to tell you guys about at mazda truck thrill show come into plymouth meeting this weaken.
8:27 am
spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> let's talk about sex baby. >> what about in school though? >> what, having sex in school?
8:30 am
>> like a sex survey. >> oh, okay. >> the very personal questions put in front of middle school and high school kids, and why those in charge says it is important to know the answer. >> and then, it was so hot yesterday, mike. >> how hot? >> and it will be so hot today. >> why are you here? >> so i found a place, i'm not on vacation, not exotic beach, but in a place in philly. can you guess where i am? >> that's philly. >> that is philly. okay? so, we're starting a new segment, at ex around town, the first one, alex holley fox 29, can you guess where i am there? i am in philly. >> looks like a little that much hut. look like you had a mow heat owe, because i think i saw some sugar cane. >> it wasn't alcoholic -- >> i see sugar cane though. >> yes, did you. >> around town with alex. >> where would that be? okay? monster trucks, motorcycles, and more. in plymouth meeting.
8:31 am
>> oh, all happening this weekend. >> yes. >> quincy, is behind the wheel. oh, he's out of the car now. >> dave this weekend when can we expect? >> we got the monster truck, we got the quad, dug, the motorcycle jumper, just awesome show that you got to come out and see. >> now kids under 11 are free? >> yes. >> i heard that it sold out for one of the shows already? >> yes, the first show is sold out. so it is saturday evening and sunday shows only available. as of the first show on saturday something you got to see, it proves a . >> now, this truck right here, this is yours, the diesel powered truck? >> yes, sir. >> how long have you been driving this truck? >> this truck about four years old. the first time i wrecked it was actually here that i roll over a site to see. it is a 275 thousand dollars truck. there are some other top race
8:32 am
trucks going to be here. we got the mow par one ride truck you can ride on, just something you really got to do. >> okay, so next hour, i'm going to hop in. i think i will ' hop in this, what's this right here, the mopar one truck? you sure you are going to let me drive? >> we're not really sure about it but we are going to let you. >> oh, my goodness so give me some pointers. because next time they see me out here, i'll be hopping in. >> pretty much what you got to do, pretend you're out on the turnpike, like you are defensively driving on the turnpike and you will be good to go. anything in your way kind of shove out of the way, and you'll be good to go. >> okay, so saturday and sunday, still have some shows available, bring your family down here. i'm going to bring my family down. i've been to one monster show before. and my son loved it. now, i have another kid, another son, and we're going to bring both of them here this week end. >> awesome. >> so, next hour, i'm hopping n i'll hop in this truck right here, the jacket, actually, driving right now so just wish
8:33 am
me luck. >> i think i will ' be fine. >> you'll get it done. >> we got this. >> i don't know, quince. >> i you got get it done. >> true, when you did the race car, it kept stalling, didn't real i go anywhere. i don't know, man. >> don't like to talk about the past, we don't like to talk about the pass, the past is in the past. you know, we have today, then we have the future. so, the future, you know, i'll hop in this monster truck and then next hour, and we will have some fun, right, dave? >> absolutely. >> okay. >> we'll see you around town, see you around town. >> oh, now stealing my segment name. hold on now! >> ya. thanks. >> next hour. >> sue, he is trying to take my segment name. >> welshing you know, good name. so why not steel it, right? >> thanks, sue. >> we're not still a bad name. nice start to the day. temperatures already in the 60s, and 70s out there. check it out. 64 in mount pocono. 67 in reading. close to 70 in philadelphia.
8:34 am
we've already made it there in atlantic city nan dover, delaware, so let's see where we're headed to high once again just like yesterday of 88 degrees. >> sunset 8 19. what a fabulous day it will be. now it, lab little more humid by the end of the day than it was yesterday. and a lot more humid tomorrow. but we are headed into the unofficial start of summer, bob kelly, what do you expect? >> unofficial start, but it is starting, ready or not, here we come. 8: 34. live look at the schuylkill expressway, sun glare, coming around your conshy curve into downtown, so watch for delays of about a half hour into the city. speaking of the city, coming in off the benny, back up in here at 8 and vine, also, jam upcoming off of 95 into downtown. now, some problems on septa this morning, 15 minute delays, on the warminster and west trenton lines. that's because of some earlier police activity everything okay, they thought they had somebody running around on the tract, there then still hanging with 20 minute delays on the norristown high-speed
8:35 am
line, that from earlier disable train. back to you. >> thank you so much, bob. bob, i have something maybe to bring up. that happened yesterday. >> okay. >> okay? 8 35. no thanks, jimmy. the weekend cancels last night's performance on jimmy kimmel live. the political reason why he backed out.
8:36 am
introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar...
8:37 am completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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8:39 am
>> packaged ready to send out to you, to celebrate the band posted this on it website, the albumn titled, the cd entitled, this house is not for sale. no word yet on a release date. but it is done. >> oh, okay. >> let's talk about jimmy couple. >> let's do it. >> perform and on jimmy kennel last night -- late night show canceled. >> who cans snelled. >> the weekend. he was set to perform with rapper belly. but, belly pulled out, because republican presidential candidate, donald trump, would also be on that same show. so trump, the weekend, jimmy kimmel, haven't commented on the situation but we can see to perform. winning all of those he won all of those billboard music awards. >> but belly canceled. >> then the weekend put out, too. right? >> the weekend agreed with
8:40 am
belly? >> yes. >> he bellied up, the whole segment went belly up. >> right. >> kind of weird. just because you don't agree politically doesn't mean you can't be in the sam room? i would have to stay home if that was the case. >> all right,. >> okay, so yesterday, mike. >> we were talking about, you know, usually come here, talk about what we did the night before. yesterday, we had preview of fifth, wednesdays, a lot of restaurant anbar areas, they put together all these specials, so this is up town beer garden. look at all of the people there are. >> i know where this is, 19 and jfk? >> between 18 and 19. so i am their with some of my friends, all hanging out, there is this girl who was, there i mean the life of the party, partying everywhere, drinking, she stood up on a table, was dancing, i'm like seriously? what is going on? you know what? bob kelly's daughter, uh-huh, busted. >> she was with you last night? >> no, she wasn't with me, bob, i noticed her dancing on a table. >> got to have fate, baby.
8:41 am
>> oh, oh. she's going to get a text. >> busted. >> no, just kidding, just kidding. >> , no i'm more upset she didn't take me with her. >> great time. i was getting ready to leave. i was going to check out marathon girl. these girls came over so cute. can we take your table? sure. she goes you know what? i know who you are. i was like oh, oh. i'm bob kelly's daughter fate. we hugged it out. she is so sweet. very nice. >> but she's only 11. >> no she's not. >> 21, 21, yes, 21, she is good. >> and she wasn't on the table. don't get her in trouble. just playing with you, bob. >> nice job, bob. let's get back to the grill. jen is in a man's backyard. she new he was coming. >> yes, he was fine with it, you're cool with me coming in your backyard. >> trying for four years. hey, i need the paper towels because the intern already had burger one, and it dripped all over her face. number 2, what's the super secret tip that our boss loves? we'll tell but it after the break. have you figured it out yet? don't tell him.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> 8 44, and bush kill falls, looking beautiful this morning, we're bathed in sunshine, of course, we zoomed into summertime weather
8:45 am
yesterday, the same for tomorrow, you're headed to the shore, it will be warming up to the 60s, by the time you get there, tomorrow morning, we'll have little bit of sea breeze, but hope you can stop by the music peer in ocean city. you won't get a break from the allergies, though, if you're staying inland, in fact, sunday looks like it will be the worse day for the tree pollen, the grass pollen that we have around. but at least we don't have rain to talk about today. now, in the 7 day forecast, not perfect. we've got some thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon friday. saturday and sunday, look real good, hot and humid over the weaken, mob monday probably seeing showers and thunderstorms in the area. stay in the 80s through the middle of next week. >> rest of the month, we're hot hot hot michael alex. >> when it comes to grilling a
8:46 am
hamburger. >> don't mess with me meat. don't mess with anyone's meet. >> so mary ann, big just director, says i love, talking one grilling burger trick. >> let it be. >> let it be. >> that's the key. look, all we see,. >> by the way, the biggers buryinger. >> 8 ounces, pretty good. >> then i literally, i set it down. the key to the burying is her work your grill like a clock. >> okay? >> okay? 12 and 6, i cook at 10, 2. i flip once. back to ten. then back to 2. >> so playing along at home, you move, you move the burger, from ten to 2 like to the middle of the grill? >> right here. see those marks? >> yes? >> that's now ten watch do i do? >> what do i do?
8:47 am
>> put it on at 2. >> oh,. >> so here, here. >> and you say to help get the timing right, do you move the stuff from left to right so then you know where everything is? >> called international grilling time. ten and 2. i start the left side of my grill, i work all the way across, the best way to go. so right now, i'm going to pick this up, all i do is do quarter turn. >> okay? >> quarter turn, will come out perfect. >> if the pork belly wasn't in the middle? >> it would move over here, but pork belly took precedence there. >> now the other key part just setting up the perfect burger so for me, little mayonnaise, right on the bottom. >> love it. >> little mess tarred. >> go get the cap is up -- catsup. >> i do believe in catsup. >> and lettuce, i like romain, or iceberg, i chop it super thin. >> instead of big giant piece? then you can't even chew. >> right. i put on the bottom. then i take little red onion. get it super thin shave. >> i like it.
8:48 am
>> all melts through. then take my tow nato. >> i love it. >> so little cap is up -- catsup. >> i didn't shake it. >> jordan! >> little catsup. >> nice. >> you want swiss, whatever you want to do. we didn't melt it first. here is my burger, perfectly cooked burger. goes on just like. that will then just for the fun of it, we add some spicy pork belly. >> i don't see why not. >> absolutely shall everybody needs it. >> what is the number one thing other than the flipping that the people do wrong with the buryinger? >> the grills are never hot enough. they leave the lid open the whole time, close it up, let your grill get super hot ready, then flip it, close it, do you what do. >> you have mini burger barring set up here that's the key? >> always. extra little options for people. i did a bunch of salt and pepper, great couldn't meant, whether mustard or doing relish or something like, that
8:49 am
i always have fun things for people to play. that's p.m. err jack and cheddar and swiss. i bought that at whole foods in the pack sliced ready to go so i don't have to wore. >> i some of the stuff you had to dummy proof it. >> of course. >> now i have to call you out. i said to you i don't want anything healthy. >> common. >> i need that tomato. >> bring the tomato sorry. poor jordan. >> thank you, jordan. >> just like that, the other thing, get tomato specially right now, not as juicy like we're in philly, in jersey, little bit of salt. because super super long way. >> chefs love the salt. >> than is just crack black pepper, that's what i call just an awesome, awesome, awesome buryinger. >> high five to you, but you have some casino of crazy gloves on. >> awesome burgers right here. >> follow my snap chat to see how much burger jordan was able to eat. ready? >> i have a snap chat. >> you going in? >> why not? >> are we splitting it? it is hot. oh, lord. oh, juicy it, will get all
8:50 am
over your fancy shoes. >> oh,. >> so you know? you just go in. >> memorial. >> oh, i will ' show you a baby guerrilla that is getting a lot of attention, actually around the world. now they kick it up a notch. ya. how a toddler is boozing this reach on social media.
8:51 am
8:52 am
hi, we are turketarians. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians.
8:53 am
♪ >> every now and then we like to give birthday shout outs. it is stevie nicks birthday.
8:54 am
>> remember we were at the christmas shops, you were getting your outfit in everyone has a meeting and everyone dresses up like stevie nicks. >> i don't think i heard. that will that's a weirds thing to do. >> maybe were you changing into your outfit. i like that song she since sarah. >> but like thousands of people dress up as stevie nicks. >> weirds. >> hey, i doubt seriously. >> why? >> why would you do that? >> milky way says i'm right. >> really? >> yes. he never believes me, guys. by the way -- >> is she a credible source? >> someone instagram said they don't like us bickering, this is means we love each other. not bigger. >> just go back and forth i want to say a sweet photo? >> al lea. >> thank you. >> i miss her. >> look, she is five months olds. >> maybe the baby guerrilla is
8:55 am
five month old. >> oh. >> ya. >> isn't that a big five month old? >> by the way, gust and 2 year old pressing their palms together there, gust the little guerrilla is west land lowland guerrilla, very endangered, also known foreign yesterday bridge slow rate of reproduction. i can relate n december 2015, the zoo celebrated gust's birth, that was a huge success >> brail i, cool name. here is your question. let's talk sex. let's talk about sex in school. i'm not talking about having sex in school. it is a survey they're giving, to middle school student, and some high schoolers, too. is that inch a prepare rep at? i mean, really personal questions. like are you still a virgin. asking a 11 year old that? >> really? okay. so, we're going to put this up
8:56 am
again. it was really hot yesterday. and i found the place to cool off. i went somewhere. but i didn't leave philly. so people are trying to guess, and some people said across from the piazza. no. >> i'm going -- >> bamboo bar next to the rocky? no. >> i'm going independence beer garden. >> no. >> no? keep guessing. this is my new segment, alex around town. we'll show you where you can go in philly this weekend. >> race street peer? ♪ hey!
8:57 am
8:58 am
♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
8:59 am
every part of you is strong. time to bring... that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair. another birthday, i love this guy, lenny kravitz. so, stevie nicks, lenny kravitz, both born on may the 26. good day everybody, it is
9:00 am
thursday, may the 26. >> yes. >> how old is lenny kravitz? >> 52. >> he's on my list. >> your hall past list? >> sexiest manna life, top five. >> did you ever see the music video where you saw his but in the bathroom where he walk by? >> i soon that one. >> probably 15 years ago. sue would probably know that one. i think she has it on loop at her house. lenny kravitz, it wasn't i want to go your way, but, come on, you'll remember it. get it on twitter. >> let's see. >> just real sub miami mal. he walks across his bathroom, and he's make, and people remarking at his butt. >> do you remember the one we were marveling at something else, not sub miami mal, all the sudden does a squat, the plants split? you re-enact philadelphia. >> did i. >> yes. >> i have no idea what she said, but if it is important let me know. >> lenny kravitz on the stage, mitt his pants, you saw --


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