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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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496 in my mouth. that was the first record. i have to remove -- so i can put the mack mum straws in my mouth. >> he removed his teeth. >> why would you do that? ricci claims to hold a total of 20 world records. ♪ right now at 6:00, a field day proved to be anything but fun for some local students. ambulances rushed them to the hospital for heat exposure. what the school says happened. and flames ripped through the roof of a local home. tonight one family is taking stock. >> we still have one another. >> what made fighting this fire particularly dull today. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
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>> right now at 6:00 flames have left grief and destruction in their wake in a local neighborhood. skyfox flew over this fire in bethlehem this afternoon. three firefighters had to jump out of a second floor window to save their lives and some families have lost everything. today's heat made things even worse. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. in the middle of devastation there are signs of optimism and hope tonight. here's fox 29's karen hepp. >> reporter: the crews are still out here on the scene right now just to set the stage this is eighth street sands casino is just down the hill a couple of blocks away. four families right now that are homeless because of this blaze. it happened in two buildings and one of the big issues they weren't just battling the fire you can see the firefighters over here. they were battling the heat. you can see the smoke for miles. the fire was so out of control they need to do call in every crew in the entire city of bethlehem to battle it. jasmine, cried as they watched her home of 24 years burn.
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>> we cry and we worry and get anxiety want not. there's always a positive to everything. we praying for the positive of it. hope fg physical we can get through it. >> reporter: four families lost their homes in these two buildings on eighth street. most have lived here for decad decades. >> whatever we got in there that's material stuff. we don't worry about it. this is was a tough fire and there were some extremely scary moments when three firefighters called a may day because they gotten trapped by the fire and need to do jump out of the second floor window all had minor injuries but only one needed to go to the hospital. the other big issue was the extreme heat. firefighters suffered under the blazing sun. >> ems treated numerous firefighters for dehydration. heat exhaustion. it's tough that first hot day nobody is acclimated to us. >> reporter: the scene is still closed off and investigators are out here working because this is on-going investigation.
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i spoke with the fire marshal and he says he doesn't expect to have ruling on this one till probably next week. at the the very latest from bethlehem, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. right now in bucks county sky fox over william penn middle school. you can seat ambulances right there. they took away more than a dozen students after apparently today's heat was just too much. it all unfolded aft the students returned to school from a class trip. >> today's hot temperatures seem to be taking many by surprise. let's get right out to fox 29's shawnette wilson is lower makefield tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: well, because of what happened the pennsbury school district post add reminder on its website to parents to make sure their children are hydrated. 15 students had to be taken to the hospital after the heat proved to be too much. skyfox flew over william penn middle school in lower make feel this after moon when ambulances arrived. students returned from trenton thunder baseball game the end of
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the year field trip for sixth graders. a number of those were showing signsigns of heat related and we treated by the school nurse. 15 were taken to the hospital for further evaluation. >> i just heard when i got back that a lot of people like passed out because of, um, like heat exhaustion or maybe they weren't dehydrated. i'm not exactly sure. they had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: and that student did go on the field trip but she said no one on her bus was sick. but again the school district reminding parents that when temperatures are unusually high to make sure the children are hydrated. back to you. >> thank you very much, shawnette. kathy orr feeling the heat down the shore. she's in wildwood today. >> hi, kathy. you got that water ice? >> we're waiting for the water ice. >> you know what, iain, i need to bring some, um, packing ice, dry ice so i can get it back to you. i'll have to work on that.
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all melt tee. i have to bring you back something. it is such a gorgeous day in philadelphia we did do it. we made it to 90 degrees the first time since last september. but down the shore there's a beautiful sea breeze. so beat the heat down the shore this weekend. here's a look at the high temperatures for the day. very very impressive across delaware valley. philadelphia 90. atlantic city airport 92. allentown 90. newark, delaware, 87. mt. holly, 89. doylestown 86. take look at the current temperatures right now 88 in philadelphia. 82 in wilmington. it is 83 in atlantic city at airport but a huge difference down the shore. 75 degrees in avalon. they do say it's cooler by a mile. 68 beach haven lbi that's the cool spot. cape may point checking in at 70 degrees. now down the shore this weekend it is going to be beautiful. the sun is hot. a lot of people with sunburns today. make sure you pack the sunscre sunscreen. a nice sea breeze for friday, 79. 77 nice again saturday.
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little bit warmer for your sunday and by monday a few showers, 75 degrees ocean water temperature between 57 and 60. i want to introduce to you meghan and her family. they actually live in wildwood. so you live on vacation. >> yes, i guess you can say th that. >> what is it like in the winter? >> very quiet. >> very quiet. and maggie you tell me, come on over here, what is it like in the summer? >> really fun. >> really fun. what's your favorite thing to do. >> go to the water park. >> water park. that sounds fun, mom. >> yes. >> take it from these guys i wish i can live on vacation. come down this weekend and check it out. it lab great summer. we'll have the from the city to the shore in your seven day forecast. >> new jersey lawmakers passed a wrath of bills to keep cash strapped atlantic city from going broke. the bills give ac's government five months to get a plan together to balance its budget once and for all and get rid of a state takeover threat to for
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now. they're heading to the desk of governor chris christie the legislation is. no word on when he might take action. >> for the first time u.s. defense department researchers have found a super burglary assistant to antibiotics. now, the anti bic resistant strain was found in urine sample of a 49-year-old pennsylvania woman. researchers say she carried a strain of e. coli that was resistant to antibiotic used when all others fail. happening right now, keep your butts off the beaches of new jersey. today the state senate and state assembly voted overwhelming to pass bill that will snuff out smoking on public beaches and parks and fined if you're caught smoking on the beach or parks will cost you. >> first governor christie has to sign the bill into law. fox 29's dawn timmeney is in wildwood with reaction to the vote today. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain and lucy, some people don't like it. but most do. especially families who think it will make for better overall experience. if it's becomes law fines will
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be stiff. 250 to a thousand dollars. >> i'm all for it. especially like take mike child out today. >> reporter: elizabeth keys is all for a ban on smoking on new jersey' public beaches. this is her 10 month old son gabriel's first trip to enjoy the surf and sound in atlantic city and she doesn't want him exposed to second hand smoke. >> i would definitely appreciate no people not smoking around him. >> reporter: for this dad, it's all about keeping the bea beaches clean. he thinks smoking ban would help stop this, cigarette butts littering the sand where his little ones love to play. >> that would make life a lot easier for people with children. i do understand the freedom that it gives to people that don't have children, but nobody really wants a dirty environment. >> reporter: that is one of the reasons new jersey's legislators proposed and passed the ban. >> thousands of cigarette butts on this beach and you got kids playing with them when they're playing in the sand. >> would you smoke on the beach if you were allowed? >> if i was allowed i probably
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would. >> reporter: even smoker says she's in favor of butts out on the beach. >> i don't think other people should be suffering with second hasn't smoke. >> not everyone is giving this ban a thumbs up. >> i don't think that's fair. everybody has got their right. >> reporter: the vote would allow municipalities to carve out a designated area on the beach for smokers. spokesperson for governor christie's office says the governor does not comment on pending legislation. he did tell me however that the governor and his monthly radio address without saying how he would act on the legislation says in favor allow individual towns to decide for themselves. live in wildwood, dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. lucy. >> thank you, dawn. again the county new jersey prosecutors are hoping new surveillance video will help identify two men wanted for questioning in a deadly shooti shooting. police found family -- brown on the 400 block of south 30th street just before 11:00 monday night. take look at the surveillance
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video. a person in a white shirt follow beside a second in gray jacket. if you recognize any of these men and know what happened call camden police. penn state university expecting a record number of entering freshmen at their university park campus this fall. now they're trying to entice students to go to another camp campus. with 8600 new students coming the university is hoping to have a few hundred accept a tuition break to study at one of its other 18 campuses. doing so could save a student about 10,000 bucks. if they live in state 15,000 from out of state. students could save another 5,000 if they live on housing on one of the other campuses. >> new at 6:00. the flight ends before it begins because of a temper tantrum. person throwing it not a child. we'll tell you what was going on there. a new way to get around down the shore. the new modern setup that could make your beach vacation run a little more smoothly this summer. howard? >> one of the reasons the eagles last year could be one of their
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better areas of the football team. two of the better catches in a long time in baseball. that and more coming up in sports.
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♪ (screaming) frontier airlines from denver to portland had to turn around before it took off because of this. according to the person who recorded it all the woman alternated between laughing and crying. then the person stopped rolling because the woman began taking her clothes off eventually stripping down to nothing. frontier airlines would only say the crew decided to return to the gate where the woman was removed by the denver police. >> hopefully she is okay. clearly she has an issue. birthday celebration today at the philadelphia zoo for who
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none other than -- louie or lewis do you think? western gorilla one of five at the zoo turned 17 years old today. wild gorillas are critically endangered and the zoo says because of... >> to the shore now if you're in ocean city or somers point area this summer new way to get around a ribbon cutting today to celebrate the launch of the shore shuttle. the bus will pick you right up at your doorstep take you wherever want to go safely and quickly. >> kathy orr is down the shore today she's in wildwood. >> all right, kathy, what's going on now? >> wow it's getting busier down here. hey, guy. serve out of school. they're getting ready for the holiday weekend and why not? the shore is going to be open for business a lot of the establishments open already. they've painted, they have their summer staff and they're ready for a great holiday weekend. all we need now -- hi girls.
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>> is a great forecast. are you guys ready for the weekend? >> yes! >> where you from? >> philadelphia! >> are you in college? >> no. high school. >> nazareth academy. >> whoo! >> everybody here from other than nazareth academy? you're not from nazareth academy. >> here. >> you're from here. what year are you guys in. >> sophomores. >> did you do well this year. >> yes. >> all right. we're ready for summer. >> hey little guy. let's show what's going on in the weather. they are so excited i think he's already sugared up. let's take look at the graphics so you what's going on with the weather over the next couple of days. we do have a code orange that means that the atmosphere is a little bit harmful for sensitive groups or if you suffer from asthma. limit your time outdoors. in philadelphia we had a code red today that could be the case tomorrow. just avoid that strenuous activity. the reason why temperatures are so hot. the high today in the city 90. right now it's 88. 86 in pottstown. and in allentown it is 87 in
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trenton it is 88. 90 right now in voorhees. but it's not that far away that we find that cooler sea breeze. down the shore you can see the boardwalk in atlantic city 71. it is 73 here in wildwood. it will get even warmer temperatures will be white spread 90s tomorrow. we'll crank up the humidity as that warm southwesterly flow builds in with a bermuda high setting up. by tomorrow afternoon we're looking at a chance of a few spotty showers popping up not everyone will see them but during the heat of the day, you can have a shower or a thunderstorm. so please be aware of that. as far as the humidity, something knew called the stick factor. how sticky will it be this holiday weekend? friday muggy the same for saturday. some relief for sunday not quite as bad on monday. cooler with a few shot spotty showers. 68 in the city. in the suburbs 63. mostly clear and very warm. good sleeping weather until tomorrow.
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then the humidity kicks in. the high 90 in the city. and for most of our suburbs. down the shore temperatures will be in the upper 70s. a few spotty showers and storms will be popping up and on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, saturday 90 a chance of late day showers and storms sunday still hot, 90. looking at 87 for your sunday. monday cooler, 79. sunny and warm for your tuesday. 82 degrees on wednesday. and a cool breeze with a temperature of only 76 by next thursday. back here live i want to you meet mimi and dave. mimi is from the northeast. dave is from downingtown. and now what do you guys live. >> we live in stone harbor year round. >> that must be much different than the way you guys grew up. >> yes, it is. definitely. we have off season but now the summer is here this is the time we love. that's why we live here now. >> hey, i don't blame you. this is little desmond. he's just darling. what do you like to do in the summer at the beach?
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>> told me before you like to go on the -- >> rides. >> yes. >> the rides. >> what else do you like to eat anything? >> fruit. >> wow he's really healthy. i would have said ice cream. >> ice cream too. >> ice cream too. >> all right. can you look at the camera and say back to you? >> back to you! >> aww. >> iain. >> kathy, thank you. >> that's a kid well brought up. >> we're waiting for ice cream and the kid throws out fruit. >> really. waiting for ice cream. >> fruit. >> fruit flavored ice cream. >> eat your fruit. >> fruit. >> cute little guy. >> fruit flavored ice cream. a lot of sugar in fruit. >> good type of sugar we're supposed to have it. >> they'll tax it in philadelphia. what does shoulder pads cost 1nfl team.
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close to half a million dollars sound? hard to believe but true. one of eagles coaches, the eagles could have the best tan item in one area of their team. we'll hear from the players coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ i know it may have been a little hot outside today, but football players are supposed to be tough guys. the eagles had another day of organized team activities. eagles players continue to learn the new systems by the new coaches. now the eagles should be better on defense with their new defensive coordinator jim schwartz. they will also have a new defensive scheme with a four mandi fence seive line instead of three. but the secondary is different plus new players. one of those is a safety eagles signed free agency safety rodney mccloud. jim schwartz said earlier this week mal jenkins and mccloud would be one of the best tandems in football. >> we want to work well off each other. like i said we're very interchangeable. so both, you know, leaders. smart players. for me, he has lot more experience than me. me coming here it's going to help my game out lot. >> when the team breaks a rule the nfl comes down hard.
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baltimore ravens header coach john harbaugh had his rookies practice in shoulder pads forget this all of five minutes in mini cam app couple of week ago. today's game you're not perm to do wear pads in camps the head coach was fine fined $137,000. the team another $343,000. and the team will lose one week of organized team practices. all because the team practiced in pads for five minutes against the rules. hear that tomorrow brady. the phillies have the day off today. not bad because it's in chicago much these guys peared last night, i'm sure they're partying to night. they open three-game series in chicago tomorrow. all day games. they'll be partying. the catch of the day let's go to pittsburgh a couple of catches. this one major league baseball. marte goes back back back i like the fact they made the walls enough where you can catch the wall over the wall and he saved a homerun. pittsburgh sweeps the series against arizona. the better one last night a college game.
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to louisville. louisville and wake far rest. watch this guy. he climbs the wall. because they have padding on the wall you can dig your spikes and guys do it dig it into the wall. go up over the wall and he saves a homerun. very athletic and you can do that and it's actually kind of fun to watch the way -- the walls used to be too high. >> join us tonight for for fox 29 news at 10:00. all of a sudden opinion to the ground. what came crashing out of the sky that took five men to pull off this child much that is tonight at 10:00. that does it for us here at 6:00. look how pretty it is. >> we'll leave you with a live look at the wild woods. >> have you done that coaster. >> no, i haven't. >> have you done that howard. >> 10 times. >> 10 times? (laughter). >> we'll see you back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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>> triumphant donald trump. >> there was a news flash that donald trump had won the nomination. >> as jimmy kimmel puts trump on the hot seat. >> said you thought hillary would make an excellent president. were you full of [censor] when you said it. >> speaking of hillary, what has her in hesterics? these dudes with no shirts. >> as long as they don't take anything else off. >> heart ache for jennifer aniston as she loses her mother. >> the waterskiing baby. is it safe? her parents speak out to "inside edition." >> you have critics saying you


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