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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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young teen hit and killed on local street. the message from that 17-year-old aft his death. >> more than a dozen kids race to the hospital. what happened on school field trip that got so many sick. your news next.
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♪ right now hundreds gathered to remember a stand out local teen hit by a car and killed. candles, hugs and tears tonight just down the street from where 17-year-old antwan timbers died. the driver who hit him allegedly drunk. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. community clearly impacted by short live of this young man fox 29's bruce gordon at tonight's vigil life now at the crash scene. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, it takes a village to raise child i also takes a village to mourn one. taken too soon, taken without warning. it came from all over town to say goodbye to young man. mourn the death and celebrate
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the life of 17-year-old at antwan timbers, jr., to lift his grieving father and fallen mother as a community. >> take it one second at a time. you take as long as you want. >> timbers was struck and killed by allegedly drunk driver just after midnight sunday as he walked along route 130 near federal street. >> there's no way that you couldn't have stopped that nig night. >> local pastor preyed over his friend lavon who was with him when he was fatally struck. >> keep your head up. he watching. he watching. i pray for the family. >> reporter: balloons released in antwan's honor he was a member of the rotc at burlington city high. hoped some day to join the military. one speaker said he's now in god's army. >> mom remained silent.
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dad summoned the courage to recount a tear stained conversation he had had with his son two nights after his death. >> i'm good dad it's great where i'm at, bliss full and indescribable i'm at peace, did you suffer at all? no, dad, i never seen it coming. don't worry. i did not suffer at all. i've been watching over all of you. please tell mom aniya and grandmom i'm okay. >> it's all right. >> i'm right there with you all. i love you. >> the driver of the vehicle that struck timbers 42-year-old ricardo paterson the third of willingboro issued a summons tore dui and reckless driving. there may be criminal charges as
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well. lucy? >> so tragic, bruce. developing news tonight out of the chester county. skyfox over an active police scene this is coatesville and that is where dispatchers tell us medics took three people to paoli hospital after someone shot them. it happened right around 6:00 tonight along olive street. we don't know how badly the victims are injured or if police know hoot shooter is as that news continues to break of course we'll bring it right to you. on your radar get ready for some more heat. we're taking a live look from reading to night. many of us hitting 90 degrees today and it hasn't cooled down much tonight. people we saw at city hall ditching their coats for t-shirts and shorts, playing in water like that kid live. more days in the 90s. this could be a potential heat wave for the holiday weekend. >> shhh. it absolutely could be. today we hit 90 in philadelphia and summer tweet heat is going to continue. ultimate doppler just clear skies a few high cirrus clouds. indicating another really warm day. 76 still in the city.
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pottstown, trenton 77. in reading 78. after high temperatures around 90. down the shore little bit cool cooler. owing city 69. avalon 69. cape may point 67. not humid yet but it will be tomorrow. in the city overnight looking for temperature of 68. in the suburbs 63. mainly clear and very warm. so tomorrow morning at 7am it's 70 in the city. at the atlantic city airport it's 69. by the noon hour, it's already 86 in philadelphia. feeling like 90. 85 in allentown and 84 degrees in lancaster. coming up on that seven day forecast we'll talk about how long the summer like heat is going to last. when is the best time for showers and storms to move in and your forecast from the city to the shore. we know that in the city it's going to be hot. the best place to be is going to be down the shore. those great sea breezes our fox 29's chris o'connell is live in ocean city. i have to tell you, chris, it looks like everybody is ready. is the shore ready?
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>> reporter: feel that ocean breeze right now. kathy you were down here earlier tonight. you know the thursday before memorial day it's like the night before christmas down here at the shore. we took ride for several shore towns tonight and we're seeing a lot of this, people getting ready for summer. it's girls night out for meg, elaine finley piper and tatum from fox chase. >> they've been waiting for it all week they knew we were coming down and counting down how many more sleeps until the shore. >> reporter: summer doesn't start until they hit the ocean city boardwalk. >> what's your favorite part of summertime. >> the beach. >> reporter: what's your favorite part of summertime? >> i like going to the merry go around. >> reporter: over in stone harbor it was cocktail a* hour at fred's tavern the scramble to prepare for summertime has officially started. >> everybody is ready and excited. bring on memorial day. >> even the traffic to the shore has already started. just like that, a nice sunny day
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along the boardwalk in wildwood, a new summer season begins. ♪ >> reporter: the food has been fried, t-shirts shops stock, arcade games polished. there are two reasons, summer and the rest of the year. >> goes from zero to a hundred. >> he may not look stressed but carl owns two ice cream shops along the boardwalk he calls this the calm before the summer storm. >> it's time to panic, my friend. chaos is about to break loose. but, um, i tell you m stay cam i've been doing this for 20 years. >> your beach may look like it shrunk. some are still replenishing their beaches. the memories of winter are fading and now it's all about summer fun.
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>> so relaxing we feel like our blood pressure goes down 20 points. >> reporter: no surprise nearly half of the states $42 billion in tourism revenue comes right here from the jersey shore and it could be a good start to the summer. kathy said it will be a great weather weekend, lucy. >> wait a second. were you riding double with him on the bike? that was awesome. >> yes, i was. >> you got to on the boardwalk. >> well yeah. all righty. sounds good chris. don't forget good day tomorrow morning oh to ocean city we go. i wonder where mike jerrick and alex holley will do that. the crew will be at ocean city music peer. stop by and say hi. >> new video you saw first on fox 29. philadelphia police shared surveillance video that they say shows the car that hit and critically injured a septa transit police officer. police say the darker colored saturn in this picture is the one that later hit 13 year police septa veteran gary miller
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while he was jogging it happened sunday near rolling and chipendale in mayfair. he's currently in the hospital with a broken leg, a broken collarbone and a concussion. police say the driver suspected to be a man between 20 to 30 years old took off east on oakmont street. >> flames left grief and destruction in their wake in a local neighborhood. skyfox flew over that fire you see it there in bethlehem this afternoon. three firefighters had to jump out of the second floor window to save their lives. some families lost everything. today's heat made things even worse but as fox 29's karen hepp shows us signs of hope are still all around. >> reporter: the crews are still out here on the scene right now just to set the stage this is eighth street that's sands casino down the hill couple of blocks away. we have four families right now that are homeless because of this blaze. it happened in two buildings. one of the big issues of course they weren't just battling the fire, you can see the firefighters over here. they were battling the heat.
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you could see the smoke for miles. the fire was so out of control they needed to call in every crew in the entire city of bethlehem to battle it. jasmine, cried as she watched her home of 24 years burn. >> we cry and we worry and get anxiety want not but there's always a positive. we praying for the positive of it. >> reporter: four families lost their homes in these two buildings on eighth street. most have lived here for decad decades. >> whatever i lost in there, that's material stuff. we don't worry about it. >> reporter: this was tough fire and there were some he can treatmently scary moments when three firefighters called a may day because they had gotten trapped by the fire and needed to jump out of the second floor window all had minor injuries but only one needed to go to the hospital. the other big issue was the extreme heat. firefighters suffered under the blazing sun. >> ems treated numerous
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firefighters for dehydration, heat exhaustion. it's tough. that first hot day nobody is acclimated to report roar the scene is still closed off and investigators out here working because this is on-going investigation. i spoke with the fire marshal and he says he doesn't expect to have a ruling on this one to probably next week. that's the latest from bethlehem, karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> senator bob casey of pennsylvania took the stand today in congressman chaka fattah's corruption trial testifying for prosecutors. he said representative fattah wrote him in 2008 hoping to secure an ambassador position for a lobbyist who wanted to work in the obama administrati administration. the bid was for herbert better man former philadelphia deputy mayor and one time donor to casey but casey didn't promote the bid. federal prosecutor as cues fattah of taking bribes from better man and misusing federal grants from non-profit funds. >> sky fox over the scene of a crash in germantown that left a
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philadelphia police officer injured. it happened just past 11:00 this morning near germantown avenue and price street. the officer was driving to call when and another car plowed into each other. the other car hit the crews sr. he's now at the hospital in stable condition. smokey seen along 476 in lehigh county earlier today. a truck burst into flames right along the side of the road it caused a traffic backup for miles around 11:00 this morning. officials tell us thankfully no one was hurt. police say he slammed into a car then took off but the vict victims tracked him down and called the cops. >> bit his story changed and here's where it gets really weird. what he asked officers to do next. a little boy playing with ace friends all of a sudden he's opinion to the ground. what came crashing out of the sky that took five grown men to pull off the child? >> he has made his mission to stop animal cruelty and save
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lives. then a devastating that will take his life. >> as his wife i'm very proud. he's my hero and i've gotten to share him with the world. >> after a life dedicated to rescuing animals he shared his greatest wish that you can help make come true.
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look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! ♪ check out the flames and smoke in this video. that's a beer truck going up in flames on church man road near the chris chi nan mall in newark, delaware this afternoon. firefighters were able to get it under control without any injuries. we don't have any word yet
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though on how it started. the heat that we are seeing took its toll on students from bucks county school. more than a dozen in lower makefield had to go to the hospital after a field trip. school officials due indeed blame the heat. >> serves as a reminder how dangerous this hot weather can be. let's get out to shawnette wilson live at pennsylvania landing to night. >> reporter: school nurses treated them but still more than a dozen students had to be taken to the hospital. tonight, doctors are urging people to get prepared in advance of more extreme heat. >> did hear a lot of teachers saying to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. >> this sixth greater at william penn middle school despite warnings from teachers students were overcome by the heat. >> when we got back to school the nurse pretty just wanted everybody to drink a lot of water and we got all cups and she told to us drink at least three cups of water. >> reporter: but school officiaofficials say 15 studento be taken to the hospital for heat related sickness. it happened when they returned
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to school around 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> i just heard when i got back like in the bus a lot of people, like, passed out because of like heat exhaustion or maybe they were dehydrated. >> reporter: temperatures are expected to be at or near 90 all weekend. plenty of schools have field trips and the holiday means barbeques and beaches will be pack. we talked to dr. radcliffe practicing physician about the importance of staying hydrated. she says have a plan. always carry water bottles and take sips when you're feeling phrase she would or hazy. if you're a parent have water within arms reach for each child. also, be cautious of using blankets to shield children from the sun. kit cause them to overheat and be dehydrate quickly much she also says eat water rich vegetables, fruits and yogurt they will up your fluid intake. >> reporter: back here live, of course, the best advice is s
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to drink plenty of water ahead of being outside especially if you plan to be out in the heat for extended period of time and out of the air conditioning. lucy, back to you. >> thank you shawnette. united states department of justice taking a very close look at the way the chester delaware county police department opera operates. after that review the doj will offer suggestions for improvement. officials made the announcement today in chester. the doj says this comes after a request from the city of chester itself and its police department. the goal here is to make sure that the department is functioning to the best of its ability. >> our faux suss cuss is on making sure that our officers have all the necessary tools and equipment and training that they need to be able to service the residents of the city of chest chester. >> once completed the doj will lay out recommendations for improvement. the department release releasede kind of report for the philadelphia police department last year at its quest. new message tonight. keep your butts off the beaches
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in new jersey. today the state senate and state assembly both voted overwhelmingly to pass bill to snuff out smoking in public beaches and parks and fines if you're caught will cost you. governor christie has to sign the bill into law. fox 29's dawn timmeney spoke to some people in wildwood. >> i'm all in for it especially considering taking my child out today for instance. >> reporter: elizabeth is all for ban on smoking on new jersey's public beaches. this as her 10 month old son's first trip to enjoy the surf and sand in atlantic city and she doesn't want him exposed to second hand smoke. >> i would definitely appreciate no, people not smoking around him. >> reporter: for this dad it's all keeping the beaches clean. he thinks smoking ban would help stop this, cigarette butts littering the where his little ones will of to play. >> that would make live ease your for people with children. i understand the freedom that it gives to people had don't have children but nobody really wants a dirty environment. >> reporter: that is one of the reasons new jersey's
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legislators proposed and passed the ban. >> thousands of cigarette butts on this beach ungot kids playing with them when they're playing in the sand. >> would you smoke on the beach if you were allowed. >> if i was allowed i probably would. >> reporter: even this smoker is in favor of butts out on the beach. >> i don't think other people should be suffering with second hand smoke. >> reporter: not everyone, however, is giving this ban a thumbs up. >> i don't think that's fair. everybody has got their right. >> reporter: the bill will allow municipality to carve out an area on the beach for smokers. the governor does not comment on pending legislation but last night on his monthly radio show without saying how he would act on the bill. he did believe it's untown to to decide for itself. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. middle township new jersey police have substation the grand opening, row beyond grand substation along route 47 opened today. authorities say this station is
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going to be open 24 hours a day. the lobby is a designated safe exchange zone for people selling and buying things such as on craigslist. >> what the vandals left around the school that is could have turned dangerous. >> this flight didn't even get off the ground thanks to a big old temper tantrum. what this woman did next someone expected people actually stopped recording. >> mixing pot with your workout why one new gym in the works wants to you use weed before you sweat it up. >> reporter: now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. giddy the up the devon horse show in town today. that will bring jammos along lancaster avenue route 30 through devon watch for the police making sure everybody gets across the street safely. shuttle buses through the weekend on the media elwyn line. especially monday.
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keep that in mine for mass transit and tomorrow morning good day drives you to the shore. we're going to go live from the ocean city boardwalk setting up right in front of the music peer. come on by and say hi. the only question i have, who will be the first one to bring me a coffee and a donut? we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning from the boardwalk.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers.
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♪ senior prank goes way overboard wednesday and the students behind the prank are caught literally red handed more than 50 walls were covered with obscene graffiti haines city high school in florida. that's not too far from orlando. but that's not all the pranksters went as far as to string fishing wire between poles so people would trip and smeared ale over the stage of the auditorium. officers caught a couple of students in the act red pant still on their hands now the students could be facing several felonies. >> baylor university head football coach with the intent to terminate because of questions over how he handled sexual assault complaints against his own players. he's been the head coach at baylor since 2008. the school hired the philadelphia law firm of pepper hamilton to investigate how the
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program and athletic department handled numerous allegations dated to 2009. the school also reassigned the university's president and athletic director pending the results of the investigation. recess turned into emergency when a light bulb fell on to an eight-year-old boy. >> it took five adults to get the pole all of him. it happened at a boston area elementary school. lamont collins was leaning on the pole and it came down and he didn't have any time to run. it fell on his back and it took five people to get it off. lamont is doing better now but he does have some internal bruising on his back. >> it feels like a rock. it's hard. they told me if i run a lot it can bleed inside of me. >> after the accident crews started to remove poles in the area that appeared to be unsafe. >> police say he slammed in a car and took off the victims tracked him down and called the cops. officers say he was drunk.
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here's where it gets real weird. what he asked cops to do next. >> kathy. >> in weather we're tracking plenty of sunshine. high pressure anchored off the coast will keep it high and dry the. but for how long will it keep these storms at became. we'll take a look coming up with the seven day. he made it his mission to stop animal cruelty and save lives. a devastating diagnosis that will take his life. after a life dedicated to rescuing animals this local hero shares his greatest wish that you can help make come true.
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>> right now at 10:30 police are looking for two guys loaded down with thousands of dollars worth of food. they cut into the lock to get inside and that's when police say the guys packed up and took off with $52,000 worth of seafood in boxes. it happened on sunday at the e frank hopkins seafood market on south third street. know anything, call police. package of bills that could keep strapped atlantic city a
10:30 pm
float is now heading to the desk of governor chris christie. new jersey lawmakers passed the bills earlier today. they give the city's government five months to get a plan together to balance its budget and get rid state takeover threat for now. no word on, h governor christie might take action. >> in michigan police are on the side of the road with suspected drunk driver they got one strange request. the couple just accused of guy of slamming into them and speeding off. that couple chased down the driver and called the cops. >> the officers pulled up and asked the driver if he'd been drinking. the driver's reaction is, well, unexpected. >> you her the guy. asked to be arrested. he then asked to blow into a breathalyzer. the officer was is a little suspicious and finds out he's holding a penny in his mouth. wives tale it will help you beat
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a breathalyzer that final that driver does finally get his wi wish. >> how often do you drink? quite bit. >> all right. you're under arrest. face that way for me. >> 25-year-old was arrested for drunk driving. the couple involved in the initial crash was not hurt. donald trump has reached the all important number of delegates needed to secure the republican nomination. the billionaire now has 1,238 delegates win 303 delegates at stake in five state primaries last week he'll avoid a contes contested convention in cleveland. grabbing headlines today trump and vermont senator bernie sanders has agreed to debate ahead of california's primary. sanders currently trails hillary clinton by only two points in a calfly poll. note no. >> kathy, what's on your radar tonight. more 90's tomorrow maybe. >> more 90's. if you're going to be exercising
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do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon early evening. we're not used to all of a sudden after very cool may. right now in philadelphia 76. it is a busy evening in old ciy philadelphia. many people out and about enjoying the weather. the high today 90 the normal high is 77. high pressure moving toward bermuda the summer we call eight bermuda high. heat pump, heat and humidity will be the case for the next couple of days. our front stays to the north after the noon hour we see a few showers and thunderstorms popping up in the heat of the day mainly to the north and west of philadelphia, and threw north and central jersey. temperature will be around 90 degrees. down the shore i think we're going to stay dry. take a look at the fox future cast as we go hour by hour you can see overnight tonight no problems. a few clouds moving through. in the morning no issue as well after the noon hour showers begin to pop up in the heat. they will not be widespread by any stretch. they will will be fast movers
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may have a downpour and then it will be over. please be aware of that and then a partly cloudy skies for tomorrow evening if you're down the shore on the boards. humidity will be on the rise. friday muggy the same for saturday. knock it down little bit with some relief sun and more comfortable on monday but showers. during the day tomorrow, hot, noticeably more humid. temperature around 90 degrees that would make it day two. three days for heat wave. winds out of the southwest about five to 10 miles an hour and a chance of a few showers or storms bubbling up. tomorrow, at the ocean city music peer good day goes live. how much fun will that be? stop by and say hello at sick a.m. 62. 8:00 a.m., i'll bring bob kelly a jelly donut 65. and a few clouds at 10:00 a.m. a temperature of 68 degrees. a great way to start the weekend. here's a look at your four day forecast. that ocean water still chilly 57 to 60 degrees.
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on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, saturday 90 a few storms popping up in the afternoon again. sunday a chance avenue few showers. once again scattered. cooler monday for the holiday. sunny for tuesday. sunny for wednesday and cooler and breezy thursday. for good weather for the phils. dry as well way good deal of sunshine. you have to love that. >> um-hmm. ♪ >> of course, we were down the shore today, guys. what a terrific day in wildwood. we were live at five and six those girls were from nas death high and this little guy stole my heart. this was desmond and he lives down the shore. how lucky is he and his little sister. mom is from northeast philadelphia. dad is from downingtown. what the heck let's move down the shore. a great way to kick off 2016orr down the shore. we will be down the shore every thursday live at five and six and next week we're traveling i think we're in ac. >> all right. that you go.
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>> sounds good. kathy, a lot of fun. kathy mentioned good day hits the road tomorrow morning they'll be in ocean city. on the ocean city music peer from seven could to 10:00 a.m. stop by and say say hello. >> temper tantrum on a plane ruined the flight before it even began. what the person recording this says happened during this melt down forced her to turn off the camera. >> north carolina man wins three different lottery games earning a million dollars. what he'll do in the future that could mean another stroke of luck. >> now i'm interested. a gem is actually encouraging members to use marijuana while they work out. strange. the famous face behind the big idea.
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flight from denver to portland had to turn around because of this. according to the person who recorded all of this the woman alternated between laughing and crying and the person stopped recording because the woman actually began to take her clothes off eventually stripping down to nothing. frontier would only say that the crew decided to return to the
10:39 pm
gate where the woman was removed by denver police. here's a way to safe if you're about to attend classes at penn state university. with 8600 new students coming, the school is hoping a few hundred will accept tuition break to study at its other 18 campuses. it could save you 10,000 bucks if you live in state. venous haven't from out of state. another five grand if they live in housing on one of those other campuses. pot lovers in san francisco soon to have a gym they can feel right at home in. marijuana friendly gym called power plant fitness is in the works and former nfl player ricky williams one of the creators. those looking to work out will be free to vape cannabis and consume edibles signed the facility. >> really hard to work out in that condition. >> most of us hope to win the lottery, i know i do, just once in a lifetime. >> once is nothing. a north carolina manziel broughting his third lottery w
10:40 pm
win. ralph h. heavies claimed his million dollars prize after a lucky scratch off ticket. he previously won $150,000 twice on different games. his first win in august of 2014. the second than a month ago in april. he doesn't plan to give up the burger business or playing the lottery any time soon. >> he's made it his mission to stop animal crawl tee lives. a devastating diagnosis that will take his life. >> as his wife i'm very proud. he is my hero, and i've gotten to share him with the world. >> after life dedicated to rescuing animals and their people this local hero shares his greatest wish. you can help come true.
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man saved thousands of lives and put countless criminals in jail fighting animal cruelty is now in the fight of his life. >> the pennsylvania spca's law enforcement director george bengal is battling a rare form of cancer meso thiel i don't mean ma. a look at all he's accomplished and his greatest wish.
10:44 pm
>> on day that somehow fits, the news just learned. george and carol bengal welcomed us into their home. >> how are you. >> good to see you. >> come on in. >> cancer is even more progressive than it was. >> even though their doctor had just told them the medical team could do no more. >> this is the weekend we learned of his diagnosis. after that, live -- >> this is not about what could have been. it's about a life well lived. the promise of all that will spring from it. >> bread and used for fighting. >> he protected animals from cruelty. grabbed the national spotlight through two hit shows. >> fighting dogs are being kept in abandoned property. >> one on animal planet.
10:45 pm
>> and one on nat geo. >> it wasn't the fact that we were on a tv show but highlight of my career was the fact that people -- their eyes were open opened. what can i do. what can i do to help you, you know, prevent this and stop th this. >> awareness, the first step toward change. >> there's no furniture in there. it was used as ring. there's blood all over the wal walls. >> bengal and humane law enforcement teams battle against the scourge of dog fighting in the philadelphia area thrust the barbaric flood sport on to the international stage. >> some of these fights that went off especially during nat geo stories animals that were actually from overseas where the fight was set up and they flew the animal here. that's a million dollar fight. >> live in south philly.
10:46 pm
>> human officials removed two homemade treadmills typically used to train dogs for fighting. >> more than 50 dogs saved with dozens of arrests some of those criminals are still behind bars. >> i'm just glad we were able to rescue these. >> we have countless stories about george but one of them in particular sticks out in my mind because he literally saved us. >> the scene a south philly hoarder's home with hundreds of animals. and fox 29's chris o'connell was on life tv. >> his officers protected us very violent -- >> i'm getting hit. >> he made sure we made it to the police station. he made sure we were uninjured. he not only had a passion for helping animals but he also helped us as people and that's what makes him the guy he is. >> spca investigators executed search warrants here. >> bengal has made one big impact on philly's tough guy journalist. >> he's always advocate for the
10:47 pm
community. and for the animals. everybody i know who has been around george for all these years knows what a top notch guy he is. >> fox 29's steve keeley taking a page from bengal's humane law enforcement book summed up by the motto on their trucks, help is on the way. >> you think after being a cop for 20 years that somebody would deserved the take it easy rest a bit and take up a hobby but not george. >> george bengal humane law enforcement career began after he retired from the philadelphia police force. and before that -- >> came under attack. you can see all the bombs bengal served our nation in the vietnam war drafted in 1966 exposed to asbestos somewhere along the w way. >> for this cancer to develop it takes about 50 years from the time you're exposed until the time it actually comes out. >> 50 years ago you were serving
10:48 pm
our nation during the vietnam war. >> put me right in my military years. >> bengal -- pcpsca family surprised him with a celebration of his career. >> thank you so much. >> i got nothing to say. you're our hero, buddy. >> i get to sit up front this time. usually i'm in the back of the room. >> i'm getting in married in 10 years and i'm going to need you to be my best man. >> a story about big rooster raid at a known drug corner police backed him up. >> police pulls up. george jumped out the car and some guy takes off running.
10:49 pm
what did george do, chased the guy. bengal is right there in the trenches with his officers. >> from around the world e-mails, texts, tweets have been pouring in thanking bengal for all he's done for the voice less. >> it's unbelievable. as his wife i'm very proud. he's my hero and i gotten to share him witness world. >> what the world doesn't know is that this fierce warrior in the fight against animal cruelty also cuts a mean rug on the dance floor we got up to dance at the premier this is the same guy we work for? >> 35 years ago, george and carol met on the dance floor.
10:50 pm
pretty much every saturday since date night has also been dance night. >> when george learned of his illness we did go out to our favorite spot and we danced that night. he said to me, this will probably the last time we dance and it was. i said to him, our next dance will be in heaven. >> yet countless animals george bengal to this day is an angel on earth. >> i want more than anything is for this work could be carried on and not left behind. >> the pennsylvania spca has just established the george bengal fund to prevent animal cruelty donations are vital. his 10 officers respond to calls
10:51 pm
in 22 pennsylvania counties yet they get no public funding. head to for a link on how you can help. all right. great story. great man. >> yes, indeed. >> coming up, invitation to birthday party where nobody expected the player to come. but he made a dream come true for little guy. when fans worry about the eagles there's one area that the team will be a lot better this seas season. hear from one of the newest eagles coming up in sports.
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♪ may have been a little warm out there today but that didn't stop the eagles from another day of organized team activities. that's called practice. eagles players continue to learn -- it's call practice. the new systems by the new coaches. the eagles should be better on defense with their new defensive coordinator jim schwartz and they will also have new defensive scheme. four defensive linemen instead of three-four but the secondary is different with new players. one of those is that safety eagles signed free agent safety rodney mccloud. everybody likes this guy. schwartz said earlier this week mal couldn't jenkins and mccloud could be become one of the best tandems in football. >> we're going to work well off each other. you know, like i said we're very interchangeable. so both, you know, leaders, smart players, for me obviously he has more experience than me.
10:55 pm
so coming here will help my game out lot. >> what a team break the rules in today's game the nfl comes down. john harbaugh had his rookies practice in shoulder pants pads for five minutes in mini camps. you're not perm to do wear pads. that's the rule. he was fined 137,000. the team 343,000 and lose one week of team practices because they practiced in pads for five minutes and that's against the rules. the phillies had the day off. with left handed pitching for the cubs ryan how war won't start i wonder if he'll play more than one game this weekend and how many more games for the phillies this season. cardinals and nationals to washington. it was one-zero st. louis. bryce harper no doubt about it. he advertise it one. first home one since may 13th.
10:56 pm
washington goes on to win two two-one. stanley cup game seven. pittsburgh/tam a the penguins down. actually tied one-one. tampa scored 302nd earlier. look a that sneaks in the goal. two-one and that is the final. pittsburgh and san jose in the stanley cup finals. many times kids invite their sports heroes to the birthday party. rarely if ever do they come. this time little guy's favorite player showed up. to minnesota. >> he wanted teddy bridge water quarterback for minnesota vyke to go show up and look at this. >> teddy bridge water shows up. no dogs there. but there was a quarterback there. it could have been -- he could have delivered the cake. >> happy birthday little guy. >> that's the cutest. >> matt cole the boy who was crying after you said ryan howard needed to go.
10:57 pm
>> you shall get ryan had you ward to visit cole. >> it's really different. it's not matt's birthday. >> you agree with me. you have a good weekend. >> good day is in ocean city. that's right. wahoo!
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kim and kanye have threatened their blabbermouth bodyguard with a lawsuit for $30 million. >> the bodyguard is claiming kim was flirting with him and that's why he got fired. and this guy followed it up by a bunch of interviews talking all about it. harvey: insinuating that's why he got canned. ite?ut isn't the bodyguard i don't think that's her type. >> experience at a t.i. concert. there was a fight backstage and a bunch of gunfire went off. >> this was scary inside of a green room, like indoors. harvey: if you go to a rap concert, how many guns are in there? >> definitely rap concerts where there are no guns. >> macklemore. >> macklemore. [laughter] >> johnny depp and amber heard. the relationship wasn't so great because johnny depp's family hated amber heard. harvey: she fi


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