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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 27, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, at 4:00 o'clock and developing a overnight hit and run leaves a man fighting for his life vehicle police are asking you to look for this morning. more than a dozen kids raced to the hospital, what happened on a school field trip that got so many of them sick. a rare super bug has helped officials baffled and they are really concern. how they treated the pennsylvania woman, and now what happens next. and get ready for more heat as we take a live look into old city this morning. we've got today's in the 90's ahead of us, sue has more on a potential heat wave for the holiday weekend. good day, it is friday may 27th, 2016. guess what. >> what? >> what is that. >> we will hit the road. >> you and i aren't and sue's in the the but mike and alex
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are and bobbies as well. >> this is true. >> it will be in the 90's. >> yes, but for good day to to get to ocean city we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00. we will be right there from ocean city music pier just one of our stops making our round every friday through july between the second as we come to a town near you. so get ready. doesn't that look like fun? that too. >> so what about this if you can't win a boat the how about winning a car. sign up on our web site at fox, you have a chance to win a brand new mazda cx9, so you click on the contest page, sign up once a day. we will pick a finalist once a week and our final she we will have a a big give away. this week we name our finalist from last week, that is exciting. >> you mentioned final, final day there you can see, july between the second, that is a big deal and at fairmount park and see us, that new mazda cx9. >> yes. >> sue serio, we're still --
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>> how is the allergy situation. >> not good, high pollen levels all the way through the weekend even if you get a thunderstorm or shower to break things up, it will not make a huge difference. tree pollen and grasses, and mold spores, big things out there this morning. just so you know. so 71 degrees, all ready, and now keep in mind, a week ago we were forecasting temperatures for the weekend, remember how rainy it was that weren't going to get out of the 60's. we are already ahead of last week when our temperature a at 4:00 in the morning. 6-mile an hour wind out of the south. 70 percent relative humidity. sunrise time 5:37. so we have, 70's as far north as allentown, as far west as reading, and it is 68 degrees in trenton and atlantic city. this is at the airport. cooler at the shore. seventy-two in dover, delaware. these temperatures are as much
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as 14 degrees warmer then they were yesterday a at this time. 12 degrees milder in millville, so, it is a mild morning. so wind are relatively calm and reason is, we always watch these arrows win direction when wind come from the south that brings humidity and heat with it. so, not much wind, but when you do get a breeze, it is out of the south. watching an area of shower activity, moving out of our viewing area, from the lehigh valley and from the poconos, so, i mentioned this yesterday that you may have a pop up shower or then are storm in the overnight hours. well for people this still is the middle of the night, that is not for us, we're up but nothing falling as far as rain in philadelphia northern montgomery county, quakertown we have had some rain. we have rain in phillipsberg in upper mount bethel, leaving allentown that rain this morning in mount pocono as well we have showers. we have air quality alert in effect today for most of the
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viewing area because of the high concentration of air pollution but we have a rot of sunshine in store. we could see a pop up thunderstorm before the day is through, because of heat and humidity building up all day long. so we do expect to reach an actual temperature of 90 degrees, a shock to the system all this heat, so soon, after a really cool weekend last weekend, sunset time is 8:20. that is your weather authority forecast until we join bob kill any ocean city, we will be handling traffic. the thinks the fort we're holding down this morning, right? we have construction to talk to you about on route 422 westbound, it is the off ramp to trooper road, right the now the off ramp is blocked but undoubted a day to expect to clear that were the morning rush. now we will go over to the betsy ross bridge because we have construction there, westbound between the toll plaza and i-95, one lane is block on the betsy and speed are reduced, and now we will
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head into new jersey, route 42 at creek road is all cleared this morning, before folks start heading down the shore, they will be a lot of cars on that road, lauren and chris, later on today. >> let's hope they all have air conditioning. a man is in critical condition after a hit and run around 2100 block of fret street in the city's kensington section. police say a man had just dropped off a church group and when he was hit. driver of the car that hit him took off. paramedics too being that man to temple hospital. investigators are looking at surveillance cameras in that area to try to track down that driver. temple university alerted community members after a person was shot during a robbery near the school's campus. police say this happened on the 300 block of west more land street around 12:30. $21 and a cell phone were taken from the victim who is expect to be okay. delaware county dispatch is concerning a barricade in
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springville is over. suspect is in custody after a four hour standoff on 90 hill view drive around 6:30 last night. that suspect was taken the two hospital for observation after police arrested him n1 else was injured. u.s. health officials are reporting a first case of antibiotic resistant infection in the united states. the patient, a 49 year-old woman, in pennsylvania had a rare kind ofe coal i infection that was resistant to antibiotics commonly used to treat such infections. she was successfully treated with another kind of antibiotic but further testing revealede coal i carried what i mean that resisted a ant bite that i can there is used as a last resort, health officials warn this is the if first case but expect to see more in the future. >> that is super scary because basically antibiotic they gave her was the last resort and then that didn't even work. >> that is right. >> they came up with some other drug, evidently, that thankfully, saved this woman. >> good for her.
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>> if it weren't for antibiotic that they were hoping would work. lets turn to this. it had has to do with the weather we are having. >> unseasonal heat makes it tough for some to stay cool and hydrate. >> higher temperatures proving too much for local sixth graders, and this field trip turned into a trip to the hospital. dave kinchen is in lower makefield bucks count which more on this. dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris and lauren good morning to you another reminder with the brutal heat on the way, of staying cool, and staying hydrated as well in this weather. more than a dozen students here at lower, in lower makefield had to be hospitalized after the heat was simply too much for them. it was around 1:00 p.m. yesterday sky fox over the william penn middle school as several medics arrived, sixth graders coming back from a year end field trip to the trenton thunder baseball game were showing signs of heat related sickness. nurses at the school treated for the students but they had to be hospitalized for more in depth look and treatment. we spoke with one student who was on to that trip and did not the get sick, fortunately
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but said that the students felt ill despite teachers telling them to stay hydrated. >> we did hear a lot of teachers saying drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. >> we got back to school and the nurse pretty much wanted everybody to drink a lot of water. we got all cups and she told to us drink at least three cups of water. >> reporter: pennsbury school district officials posted a remine tore make sure that their children are adequated hydrated when it get really hot. we spoke with the doctor who had tips to share including making an overall plan to stay cool, carrying water bottles and they say even for adult not just kid in this situation but for adults, if you work at a desk, keep a water bottle as your desk. lastly be cautious of using blankets to shield ones self from the sun. we have another scorcher in the works for today, and hey, it is starting to feel like that anyway so let's just keep drinking water, guys. >> today is the day you keep in the only a bottle of water
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but tissue with all of the allergies. you are battling. >> reporter: you are not kidding. absolutely not kidding. i have a lot in the live truck, lot of tissue. 09:00. south jersey community comes together to remember a popular teenager killed by an alleged drunk driver. dozens of mourners gathered in the city last night, where 17 year old antoine timbers died. high school senior was killed at route 130 and federal street on sunday night. his grieving father sharing a heart wrenching dream he had of his son just days after his death. >> i'm at peace. did you suffer at all. no, dad, i never seen it come. so don't worry, difficult not the suffer at all. >> police arrested a 42 year old man at willingboro for dui and for timber's dead. more security in place at trenton high school after the school received several threats they came after one of the former students was
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charged in connection with a murder in camden. school principal says the measures are pro active and school leaders do not see an immediate threat ordainingers to the students. stale head this morning, keeping a watchful eye on law enforcement officials. we will tell you who is stepping into make sure chester delaware county police department operate properly. and will cash strapped atlantic city stay afloat? we will tell you what is next for a set of bills lawmakers passed.
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friday, friday, friday, it is here and we're on the road for "good day philadelphia". mike, alex, bob kelly, you can meet them all in person right here, in the tomorrow, today at the music pier in ocean city and we will be in the 60's along the beach while in the 70's here in the city, already this morning. but we get to have that little sea breeze and it will be, delightful. it will be delightful at ocean city think morning. opposite of delightful for folks suffering from allergies to day, saturday, sunday and monday we are expecting pollen forecast to be just as bad as it has been. we are at medium high levels for most of the tree pollen is the biggie. this spring. we are looking at ultimate doppler radar that is showing a little bit of rain exiting the area it developed overnight, no big deal with this, this is not an organize system or anything but what could happen later on to take, looking at future cast the
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possibility of pop up showers and thunderstorms. we will get to 90 degrees once again. we did make it to 90 yesterday for a high temperature, so, anytime after two or 3:00 o'clock you you can see a few isolated showers, thunderstorms popping up, should president be widespread but if you get one, it could be a little loud for a brief per of time but all and all, it is a decent friday ahead if you like it the hot. 71 degrees in philadelphia a71 pottstown, reading is 70. already 70 in allentown. these are july kind of temperatures, and not may, so we really have zoomed into summertime weather, very, very quickly thanks to those southerly wind and the heat is on. average high is 77. remember last weekend we're in the 60's on saturday and sunday, never even made it the to 70 degrees, and now we're talking 90 yesterday, 90 today, 90 tomorrow, and then 89 on sunday, possibility here and there of a shower or thunderstorm, because of build
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up of heat and humidity as we mentioned but all and all, it will be a hot next couple of days. it looks like monies the cool off but trade off is possibility of showers and then are storms. that is your holiday weekend forecast, let's get to traffic with construction on 422 westbound, that off ramp to trooper road, you cannot get off right now because they have the ramp block, the construction crew, should clear up by 5:00 o'clock. roosevelt boulevard approaching the schuylkill is cleared, roads are dry, at the moment, and not too many people getting an early start on that weekend just yet, on the media well inn regional rail line shuttle buses starting tomorrow because they will be doing construction on that line, lauren and chris. thanks, sue serio. 4:15. lets turn to this. philadelphia police share surveillance video that shows the car that struck and critically injured a septa transit police officer. police say darker color saturn in this picture is one that
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later hit 13 year septa police veteran jerry million are while jogging this happened mere rowland and chippendale in mayfair. miller is currently in the hospital with the broken leg and a broken collar bone and also, he suffered a concussion. police say that the driver, suspect to be a man between age of 20 and 30, took off east on oakmont street. a philadelphia police officer remains in the hospital after being injured in a crash, this happened yesterday near germantown avenue and price street. the officer was driving to a call when another car plowed into his cruiser. he is in stable condition. three member were taken to paoli hospital after shooting in coatsville this happened around 6:00 last night on olive street, all three of those men are expect to survive. in word if the suspect cast taken in custody, lauren. a new message in new jersey: keep your butts off the beach. state senate and state assembly voted overwhelmingly to snuff out smoking on public beaches and parks this includes e cigarettes. governor christie still has to
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sign the bill into law. the goal of the legislation toys eliminate exposure to second hand smoke and keep beaches clean. it will allow to set aside, areas for smoking. >> that would make life easier for people with children. i do understand freedom it gives to people that don't have children but, nobody really wants a dirty environment. >> i don't think other people should be suffering with second hand smoke. >> i think that is fair. everybody has got their rights. >> reporter: violators of the smoking ban will be find $250 for that first offense. let's stay in new jersey. package of bills that would keep cash strapped atlantic city a float now heading to the governor's desk. new jersey lawmakers passed the bills yesterday, and they give the cities government five months to get a plan together to balance a budget and would avoid a state take over. no word when governor christie might take action, chris. >> thanks, lauren. 4:17. you had department of justice is taking a very close lie at the way chester delaware county police department operates. after a reviews, the d o.j.
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will offer suggestions, for improvements, officials made the announcement yesterday in chester. now d o.j. says that this comes after a request from the city of chester itself, and its police department. the goal, to make sure that the department is functioning to the best of it ability. >> our focus is on making sure our officers have all of the tools and equipment and training that they need to better service, their residents of the city of chester. >> ones done the d o.j. will layout recommendations for improvement. department released same type of report for the philadelphia police department last year. a delaware judge condemns threats and violence as union workers strike against verizon 406,789,000 workers in several east coast states including delaware and new jersey, have been picketing for 45 days. a judge yesterday decline verizon's request to hold two union members in contempt after cars were vandalized on interstate 95. judge did i am pros new restrictions ordering strikers
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to stay at least 30 yards driven by a non-union worker on a highway. president barack obama is in here she will, japan, as the first sitting u.s. president to visit site of the world's first atomic bomb attack. the white house says the president will pay tribute to the 140,000 people kill in the bombings but they say he will not apologize for that attack. the president will also renew his push for a world without nuclear weapons. he is in japan meeting with other world leaders at a international summit. 4:19 is the time. what a hockey game this one was and this was for a chance to go to the stanley cup finals, will pennsylvania be representing in the stanley cup? that is next in sports. but first, the lottery.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies were off yesterday, they played in chicago and they don't expect ryan hurt to play until left-handed pitching for the cubs. aim's not sure he will play more than one game this series
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and how many more times, he is only hitting .160. yesterday in baseball big game, washington st. louis. washington down one to nothing in the sixth and that is bryce harper. that is crush. that is a a home run. first since may 13th and washington beats st. louis, score there two-one. game seven stanley cup playoffs pittsburgh and tampa, one to one. tampa scored, 30 seconds later, sneaks the puck in, and pittsburgh wins two-one. they go on to the stanley cup finals. nfl comes down on rule breakers, ravens head coach john harbaugh had his rookies practice in shoulder pad for five minutes in mini camp. you are not permitted to do that. a after that the head coach find 137,000, and team 343,000. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. get in those pad. >> yes. >> sweating like crazy. sixers head coach brett the brown will have a spot to
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fill on his staff come next season. >> reports out that a associate head coach mine anthony, will be named houston rockets new head coach. he joined the sixers in december and he was previously the head coach in denver, and in phoenix, and with the knicks, most recently with the lakers as well. he wasn't like there at all in los angeles. >> i think they move around more than tv people. >> unbelievable, yeah. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, it is hard because you cannot plant roots in one city because you are moving around so much. >> in this business it is hard, you meet a great co anchor and contracts come up, you hope you can stay, and i have some of my best friend from small markets when i first started out. >> did you notice yesterday, sports was conspicuously absent in philadelphia, we had no phillies game, no eagles, flyers, they weren't in the playoffs this late, we had no, phillies, no sixers game, season is over.
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not even the union played yesterday. crazy, right. >> you know, did steph curry play. >> they won. >> we will get to the game six in oklahoma city, i believe that is this saturday and then stanley cup playoffs start monday, and that should be a great, match between the sharks and the penguins. let's hope it comes back to pennsylvania the cup. >> yeah. >> okay. still ahead we are following developing news, mad rush to the hospital after a hit and run whom police right now are looking for. a field trip turns dangerous when a dozen students head up in the hospital, what happens and why doctors are warning everyone to be on high alert this holiday weekend.
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the vehicle that police are asking to you look out for this morning. plus a person robbed and shot overnight near temple campus what police say the gun man got away with. >> get ready for more heat as we look into trenton. we have today in the 90's. sue has more on potential heat wave. >> man, two or three weeks ago we were hoping for a warm up but nothing like this. >> yes, we were wearing sweaters, complaining how chilly it was for may. >> my closet right now is stuffed with these winter coats. finally, it is time to put those in the box in the
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basement. >> still nervous about putting them away, and it is unusually warm. we don't talk about a unusual heat wave in the month of may but we could get our first heat wave of the season, because it was 90 yesterday and we expect 90 today and tomorrow as well. it is 71 degrees already, in philadelphia. we start off with the 70's and end up in the 90-degree area sunrise time 5:37, in the nice long days? sixty-two already in mount pocono. sixty-eight in trenton. we have reached 70 in allentown reading and pottstown and dover delaware. in atlantic city it is 68 degrees. these temperatures are much more miler then they were 24 hours ago. still on the comfortable side. it is not too, too humid yet but it will be by end of the day. 14 degrees warmer in pottstown. 12 degrees milder then yesterday in millville. watching showers and thunderstorms, moving toward the northeast, from the pocono
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mountains in the lehigh valley heading up toward upstate new york, and that is not, expected to be a big deal. pretty isolated. that should be it for the morning, for precipitation, at the end of the day there is a slight chance of a few pop ups, but that is what we have going on right now. up around let's see clinton, upper mount bethel, phillipsberg, heavier rain just moved through. air quality alert, still a lot of those concentrated pollutants in the air could give you trouble, if you have breathing issues but for rest of us, we have to find a way to cool down. i don't know about you, but we have turned our air conditioning on and it will stay on today and tomorrow as well with 90 degrees and possibility of pop up showers and thunderstorms. that takes care of your friday, rest of the holiday weekend forecast is coming up, and, of course, bob kelly will be here with us but he will be here from ocean city, new jersey coming up in a little while. in the meantime lets check out the roadways for you. starting off with a look at
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the overnight construction that was canceled on the vine street expressway, i guess folks decided to take their local holiday weekend starting today. i think a lot of folks are doing that starting to day. we have construction on 422 off ramp to trooper road. ramp is still block. they expect to clear that by 5:00. route 42 southbound between the 25 and creek road, the construction is blocking one lane there but they will pick that up for one time all those cars on route 42 this morning. by 6:00 o'clock that construction will be cleared, guys. >> thanks, so much. police looking for a driver in the deadly hit and run overnight that happened around 10:00 o'clock the 2100 block have of front street in the cities kensington section. police say a man just dropped off a group from church and getting back in his van when he was hit. driver of the car just took off. paramedics took the man to temple hospital where he late are died. up investigators are looking the at surveillance cameras in the area to try to track down that driver. temple university alerted
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community members and after a person was shot during a robbery right near the schools campus. police say this happened at 1300 block of west moreland street around 12:30, $21 and a cell phone were taken from the victim, who is expected to be okay, thankfully. delaware county dispatch confirming a barricade in springfield over now finally. suspect in custody after four hours standoff on 90 hill view drive. that started last night around 6:30. suspect was taken to the hospital for observation, and after police arrested him. no one else was injured. well, unseasonal heat makes it tough for people to stay cool and hydrated. >> the higher temperatures proving that my mutt won't work unless it is cold outside. this is some serious stuff. for some young kid too. the these guys are just in sixth grade abe in a field trip had to be cut short and they had to be sent to the hospital. lets go to dave kinchen live in lower makefield bucks count which more on this. this is serious stuff, dave. >> reporter: really serious. field trip end and then they
4:33 am
go take a trip to the hospital, reminder of how important it is to stay hydrated in this weather. more than a dozen students at lower makefield had to be hospitalized after the heat was just too much for them. it was around 1:00 o'clock yesterday, sky fox over the william pen middle school as several medics arrived, sixth graders coming back from a year even field trip to trenton thunder baseball game. we are showing signs of heat-related sickness authorities tell us and nurses at the school treated the students but they had to be taken to the hospital, with more in department treatment and more in department look, just to be on the extra, extra safe side there. students, one student was not on the trip, did not get sick but told us that the teachers were telling the kids on the bus to stay hydrated, despite that they still got sick. pennsbury school district officials posted an alert on line, telling parents to make sure that students stay
4:34 am
hydrated, and also, looked out for each other and just make sure that they are getting as much water as they kane in high temperatures. back to you. thanks very much. 4:34. senator bob casey of pennsylvania takes the stand and congressman chaka fattah corruption trial. >> testifying for prosecutors senator casey says representative fattah wrote to him in 2008 hoping to secure an ambassador position for lobby is who wanted to work in the obama administration. it bid was for a former philadelphia executive mayor and one time donor todays i but did in the promote that bid. federal prosecutors a accused fattah of taking bribes from vetterman, fattah accused of misusing federal grants and non-profit fund. lawyers for attorney general kathleen kane refiled a motion to throw out the her criminal charges. this comes after an earlier motion was thrown out on a technicality. kane's lawyers made a filing yesterday in montgomery county court. kane is charged with perjury, obstruction and other counts for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information and
4:35 am
lying bit under oath. her trial is scheduled to be held in august. and it is a rap for donald trump, the billion air officially seals the g.o.p. nomination, how he managed to get the last delegates he needed to avoid a contested could convention.
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there was a really tense scene in west oak lane. >> police set up a barricade.
4:38 am
steve keeley has more. steve, good morning. >> reporter: that is an official police term barricade that means they have a guy in the house or woman in the house and they don't want to come out of the house just yet but police have a great hostage negotiator and a barricade negotiator and that is him getting in his car there in plane clothes and right behind his car you see a couple uniformed officers and up where you see that light on more officers. so what happened was right before 3:00 o'clock shots were fired in that house. the good thing is nobody was hit so nobody was hurt. but the guy with the the gun who obviously already fired it and was feared he would fired it again was guy that wouldn't come out of the house. police came to ogontz and andrews in the middle of the night. whenever you don't see trash on the street you know people care about their neighborhood. very nice neighborhood. woke up in the middle of the night. their biggest problem was another guy kept walking through all of the police line and didn't want to listen to anything but great restraint from the guys on the scene here for not arresting that
4:39 am
guy but they got the guy with the gun out of the house safely, peacefully he is in custody, swat just left and this guy now will be charged with whatever, you know, charges he will face with the gun if it is legal, and help was firing or why he was firing it we just don't know yet. i don't think police know just yet but they saw and solved this situation, the road as you can see with the truck going by, now reopened ape life back to normal. we will see you back at headquarters where we have yet another hit and run. i know you guys have been doing this this story and another sad story of a religious leader in the city hit by a car last night around 10:00 o'clock hour and then has since died we have learned in the last hour. so here we go, both end, we started our week leading with a hit and run in south jersey, and then here in philadelphia and now, yet another one, to end our week. >> thinks such a sad one too. he was transporting kid, church event, it is horrible. steve, in all of your years reporting for good day
4:40 am
philadelphia, what 20 years now can you remember so many hit and runs all at once. >> reporter: it is a a common term n fact over in england they call it hit/skip. it happens all over the world. i always say we should book a psychologist why people leave. police say it is ative rent reason every time. they are avoiding a drunk driving charge or they were speeding on are they freaked out and left and they don't like sight of the body laying in the street or they don't know what they will to or they are afraid they will get beat up and all those other things. always different reason why people takes off but it seems to happen so much because people are driving, so fast, they are always distract on the phone, and people that walk on the street or bike on the street don't realize how dangerous it is just being near the street. look the other day we had a guy in that bus shelter in philadelphia who wasn't even in the street police believe but in the bus shelter and he got the hit by a vehicle and that by ran out of the car you'll recall because vehicle was undrivable, same goes for the guy in new jersey sunday
4:41 am
night who was reporting, everybody was reporting how he stayed at the scene. he had no choice his suv was obliterated too. >> if you don't stop in the eyes of the law it makes it worse. steve, thank you. >> 4:41. >> reporter: mandatory year in prison. >> ever feel like you cannot escape those work e-mails? officialness france came up with a solution how they plan to prevent those who work too much from burning out. today is the day, good day is taking over ocean city. yes, we will take it over. we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 this morning at ocean city music pier, just one of our stops we will make every friday, through july 22nd, for a town near you and get ready to take it over. get ready to win a car to sign up on our web site at fox click on the contest page right here. we will pick a finalist once a week and on our final show we will have a big give away. >> where are we going to be next? here's a full run down, is this fun? by the way, the last one july
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between the second at dell music center in fair mount park. come see us and sign up to win that brand new mazda cx9 and we will be right back.
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we are watching the tropics very carefully even this early in the season because tropical storm season does not start until june 1 but this could be another preseason storm. it has an 80 percent chance of development? where? well, bohamas and it looks like it could have an impact, maybe by the even of the
4:45 am
weekend on the east coast of the united states a lot of factors to watch there but we will keep that in mind. today looks gorgeous for the morning in ocean city, and it looks lake we will be in the 60's throughout the morning, plenty of sunshine, even this early in the morning, you want to grab your sun screen when you meet mike, alex and bob kelly and everybody else having such a great time there precipitation, yeah, we had a little moving through. other part of the viewing area moved through lehigh valley and pocono mountains and heading towards northern new jersey and eventually upstate new york with the downpour around clinton up there that is where we have this morning. what about later on. it is a second day of 90 degrees we will be having more humidity throughout the day that filtered sunshine and a few clouds here and there. will we get thunderstorms. answer is some of us will, some of us won't, we will keep an eye on the sky if we are heading for where ever we are getting for the getaway day for the holiday weekend.
4:46 am
you can see north and west of the city tonight we have chance of pop up thunderstorms just like what we saw on the radar, temperatures are already pretty mild. seventy-one in philadelphia pottstown 70. reading 62 in mount pocono and 72 degrees in dover. it is no where but up from here with our temperatures. the wind are coming out of the south, that is where heat and humidity, originates and we will be feeling both today. so, well above the average of 77. look at how we have progressed since last weekend when it was so rainy and chilly and now we had 88 on wednesday. ninety on thursday, and 90 today, 90 tomorrow that would make it an official heat wave. we could get another one on sunday, monies day we could see some showers and thunderstorms and then we're back in the 80's for tuesday and wednesday. that is your seven day forecast, pretty hot memorial day weekend. lets see if things are heating up on the roadways this early in the morning, we will start by checking ben franklin
4:47 am
bridgeting into philadelphia now is a good time to leave because everything is all cleared. off ramp still blocked on 422, to trooper road, construction starting to pick up though. they should be finish in a few minutes is there construction on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between bensalem and delaware valley. left lane is block there so just some construction issues, this morning. so far, so good, lauren and chris. >> okay. lets turn to politics, shall we. you decide 2016, donald trump, reached the number of delegates needed to secure the republican nomination. billion air, was put on the top in the ap delegates count by a small number of the parties unbound delegates who say they would support him at the convention, and that magic number, 1237, now achieved, and trump has reached 1238, with 330 delegates in state in five state primaries on june 7th, including number, trump will easily avoid a
4:48 am
contested convention in july in cleveland. much different on the democratic side, many believe hillary clinton would have been the one who locked up nomination by now but she's still battling bernie sanders. in a new poll shows she's neck and neck with sanders in the upcoming primary in california. sanders is hard at work to win the golden state to prove he can go head to head with trump. sanders challenged trum top a debate before voters head to the polls on june 7th. president barack obama ace in hiroshima japan, first sitting u.s. president to visit site of the world's first atomic bomb attack. white house says that the president will pay tribute to the 140,000 people killed in the bombings but they say he will not apologize for that attack, the president will also renew his push for a world without nuclear weapons, and he is in japan meeting with other world leaders and international summit. lets take a listen to some of his comments. >> all of the innocent killed a cross the arc of that terrible war and the wars that
4:49 am
came before and the wars that would follow. mere word cannot give voice to such suffering but we have a shared responsibility to look directly in the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. some day the voices... >> the white house has said the president will voice his devastation of war and that the world can and must do better. we will keep you updated on that. a company wants to release genetically modified mosquitoes to combat the mosquito virus. it causes off spring to die before adulthood. it will release male
4:50 am
mosquitoes which do not bite to prevent spread of that disease. or concerned about the unpredictable elects of releasing these mosquitoes in the wild. f.d.a. is studying that idea. should we talk your favorite subject. >> money, money, money. >> your money is illegal for companies to send e-mails to employees during off hours, in france. >> so it is called the right to disconnect and then french officials say the law was put into place because of so much incidents of work related burnout. companies with less than 50 employees are exempt from that new law, critics say that there is one big flaw, there is no penalty for companies that violate it. employers are expect to voluntarily follow rules. maybe that trend will catch on in other countries like here in the united states. >> it depend on the kind of work you have as well. >> you know what, if you're a doctor you have to have be on call and wait to get a call from the hospital, might have an emergency. >> yes.
4:51 am
>> there is breaking news. >> got to be on it. >> wake up. >> jody harris planning our show for the next day. >> yes. >> is there one more thing. >> we will meet you there not there. >> director will be sitting upstairs for six hours straight, be on your best director. >> it is michael, instead, to are that hour. >> 4:51. >> let's talk about this unofficial start to summer this weekend how some people already have their shore celebrations, underway. >> your look at ben franklin parkway. >> it is hot out there, it is a wash in night at this early hour.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
all right. is there a shot, where is that ocean city? >> say it again now. >> bay side. >> bay side, ocean city. oh, the bay side in ocean city. anyway, good day is heading there this morning. bob kelly will be live at the boardwalk music pier beginning at 6:00. mike, alex, jen will join him at 7:00 a.m. >> really nice weather, beach-type weather, the beach is the place to be. >> chris o'connell took a ride through several shore towns and quite clear that the unofficial summer, start of the summer, has begun. >> reporter: it is girls night out for may, elaine, findley, piper and from fox chase. >> they have been waiting all week because they knew they were coming down. they have been counting down
4:55 am
how many more sleeps until the shore. >> reporter: for this family summer doesn't start until they hit the ocean city boardwalk. is what your favorite part of the summertime. >> the beach. >> is what your favorite part of the summer time. >> i like going on the merry go round. >> reporter: over in stone harbor it was cocktail harbor. at fred's tavern the scramble to prepare for summertime, has officially started. >> everybody is ready and everybody is excited and bring on memorial day. >> reporter: even the traffic to the the shore has already started. and just like that, a nice sunny day along the boardwalk in wildwood, and a new summer season, begins. >> wildwood days. >> reporter: food has been fried, t-shirt stopped stocked, arcade games polished, most who live here know there are two seasons, summer and the rest of the year. >> zero to a hundred, just like this my friend. >> reporter: he may in the look stressed but karl owns two ice cream shops along the boardwalk, he calls this the calm before the summer storm.
4:56 am
>> it is time to panic, my friend, all chaos is about to break lose but i'll tell you my advice is, stay calm. >> reporter: you seem calm. >> i'm calm because i have been could go this for 20 years. >> reporter: this year you may find your beach has shrunk a few feet, some shore towns are still rebuilding their beaches after a long punishing winter but for most the memories of winter are fading, and now it is all about summer fun. >> just so relaxing, we feel like our blood pressure goes down 20 points. >> reporter: chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> all right. speaking of the beach, we're in ocean city right now. >> that is right. >> music, i cannot speak to take, ocean city music pier is where we will be, seven to 10:00 a.m. make sure you stop by and say hello. >> look you are battling. your allergies are horrible. >> terrible. >> you have tissue paperworking during commercial breaks so cut yourself some
4:57 am
slack, go easy on yourself. >> still a head. >> a man rushed to the hospital after a hit and run. police say he has now died. who they are looking for this morning. person robbed and shot overnight near temple campus what police say the gun man got away with.
4:58 am
4:59 am
developing this morning, an overnight hit and run leaves a man dead and vehicle police are asking to you look out for this morning.
5:00 am
more than a dose even kids raced to the hospital what happened on their school field trip that got them so sick. >> get ready information heat is coming our way. we're looking live in olde city. you can't tell how it feels outside but we're heading in the 90's this weekend. sue has more on the heat wave. >> well, we have got allergies, we've got heat and at least we don't have mosquitoes, not just yet. >> they are coming. >> that is true. >> it is starting to feel like summer already. so quickly. >> it is friday, may 27th, 2016. do i need to wish happy birthday to my dear friend marshall harris good hi marshall harris. >> we are about to hit the road. we are heading. >> marshall harris just called. >> or not. >> we're heading to ocean city, good day will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at ocean city music pier. i think mike and alex will pull out here in a he can is. >> they are always running last minute, both of them. >> that is just not your business. >> oh, i


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