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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> joe: utley gets to bat here. this could be some kind of night. the first dodgers leadoff hitter since 1920 when the dodgers were in this city with four more r.b.i.s in back-to-back games. he's driven in five tonight with two home runs. >> john: utley gets so late with his ready to hit. you see how late, the hands up. often with pitching, when you look, he's not ready and then he quick snatches. he's got such a deliberate approach. but consistent over the years. >> joe: grandal, the lead runner. alex wood is pinch running for crawford at first after the infield hit. that was upheld on replay. howell is still getting ready but right now utley is thinking about delivering more runs. he has never had a 3-home run
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game. 1-0 pitch. good delivery, outside corner. a ball and a strike. >> john: most guys would have the hands on the bat, ready in a hitting position. watch how late he gets ready. and now he gets ready to hit. >> joe: and he pops up. shallow right center field. walker goes way out and gives way to cespedes. into the bottom of the eighth inning we go. it has been all dodgers tonight. 8-0 to the bottom of the eighth.
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prohib presented by: >> joe: j.p. howell is the left-hander who takes over. fourth pitcher of the night. kenta maeda started and is still in line for the win. howell usually busy out of the bullpen. and he brings it to rivera, first pitch swinging and a short hop pick up by seager. one out; howell definitely will not register to the radar gun but he uses deception, movement, and changes of speed. >> joe: juan lagares coming off the bench now. he had a 3-r.b.i. night last night including a home run. 8-0 on the strength of four home runs tonight by the dodgers. two by how else. one by -- by utley, one by
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gonzalez and one my kendrick. now the right-hander, jim henderson getting loose for the mets. >> john: it's been an interesting day. we documented here but i looked at the scoreboard and the chicago white sox, leading 7-1 in the bottom of the ninth against the defending champs. they've scored seven times to win the game. shortlyav losing two of their better players, as kansas -- has kansas city. >> joe: a fly ball into deep center field, off the bat of lagares and gone! [cheers and applause] >> joe: back-to-back nights for a home run for juan lagares and the mets are on the board 8-1. >> john: i don't want to say he's a forgotten man but they
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signed cespedes, and days days but lagares saying, not only can i play defense, i can hit. >> joe: they play "don't you forget about me" here. and we haven't talked much go david wright. his neck was bothering him last night but it intensified and he did not make the start. here's granderson, strike 1. >> john: you look at this pitch and he gets great extension. that ball was crushed. for david wright, as you get older, an aging veteran, the hardest part is to be hon yest listen to your body and that's the discussion he and terry collins have had, and trying to monitor the situation with his back, you know the heart is in it but sometimes the body will tell you, i might need a day or two. >> joe: strike 3.
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and ooit's quite a process, ken rosenthal for him on a daily ba basis. ken is boycotting. [laughs] >> joe: two out and nobody on and the batter will be cabrera. i hear the mic now, kenny are you with us? >> ken: it is a process. and as you know, wreet has spinal stenosis, a condition that is not gonna get better so he has to manage it and get through it the best he can. he gets here before batting practice and will warm and stretch and do the exercise but he can only take about 20 to 30 swings pregame down from about 100 when he was in his prime and it's a difficult, difficult situation for him. john talked earlier about the mets possible need for a bat.
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certainly wright's condition could play into it. >> joe: two out, and nobody on. and it's asdrubal cabrera. >> john: so they got loney, and before that, there was talk could wright play first base. -- wright. and if you get the proclamatidu out of that spot, it would be a great thing. but they've had frank discussion s, and they wanted him to be honest. >> joe: i think the mets are in such good hands with terry collins. he has really been good with the pitching staff and his team, getting the most out of it. they would admit, the mets would, david wright over the next couple of games, they've got kershaw, the left-hander on sunday night. and jose quintana on monday.
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those are david wright-type games. and now the batter will be conforto. action for the dodgers in the 'pen again. that's fien, just brought to the active roster when julio urías was is not osnis not sent out. here's conforto. he has a hit, 1 for 3. >> john: this should be a pretty good match up on the sinkers. >> joe: strike 1. >> john: if he sees one. there's a curveball. >> joe: this is a mets team averaging just over three runs a game in the month of may.
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tonight, one run. on just three hits. that's up and away. one ball, one strike. >> john: they, too, much like the dodgers, less success b batting average at home. on the road trip, they hit a historic number of runs to win the games. >> joe: a flair into left, easy for kendrick. and conforto, 1 for 4, sends this game into the ninth inning. the dodgers will bat. they've got four home runs tonight and that includes gonzalez. l.a. leads by 7. the pioneers of olden times? i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. "burn." is that what the kids are saying now? i'm so bored, i'm dead. you can always compare rates on oh, that's nice, dear. but could you compare camping trips? because this one would win. all i want to do is enjoy nature and peace and quiet! it's not about winning. it's about helping people find a great rate even if it's not with progressive.
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experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. intrthe only lemon lime soda with a twist of real juice. it's a crisp, refreshing twist on lemon lime. insist on the twist. >> joe: juan lagares, who
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pinch-hit, is going to stay in the game. he's in center field. lagares, the only run tonight 34r79s. jim henderson on the mound. and the first pitch a ball to corey seager. justin turner, adrian gonzalez. the dodgers have had the fun since the 66th. two in the sixth, four in the seventh, two in the eighth and batting in the ninth. fly ball into left, well hit, back and at the wall -- gone! seager's got his eighth. and it's a 5-homer night for the dodgers who now lead 9-1. >> john: both him and thompson have done damage in may and you can see why they love this kid. power to all parts of the field and i'm saying it, rookie of the year. he'll be in the m.v.p. moving
10:14 pm
with the rate he's hitting. >> joe: when he came up in september last year he hit four home runs. found himself at shortstop during the post season and here he is, first full year in the big leagues and he is heating up. the first pitch is inside to turner. >> john: they've got to get turner going a little bit. right now it looks good for the other hitters coming in, they've had a good day and you wonder if they get them started to feeling better about their at-bats. turner, not yet, has gotten on track. >> joe: 1-0 pitch. one ball, one strike from henderson. henderson part of that good mix in the bullpen for the mets. tonight that mix has allowed a lot of runs. verrett two. bastardo two, and now a run against henderson and it's 9-1.
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>> john: in the five home runs given up, the mets pitchers don't give up may be home runs. they have the bullpen who has been really good but this game just got away from them. >> joe: back toward the on deck circle. >> john: there are certain points in a game, no player would admit it, but that grand slam took all the air out of every single person in the park, including the mets. at 2-0, the mets were right where they would like to be as far as trying to come back and get in the game but once the grand slam was hit, you could just hear it come out. >> joe: utley popped it in the seventh. turner with a big swing and fouled back. he homered in the sixth and broke it open in the seventh.
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leadoff home run by seager. turner 1 for 4 and gonzalez, the man on deck, 3 for 4. 2-2. one away. good fastball from henderson. here's the grand slam by utley in the seventh. >> john: you have seen the launch angle and that's a big part it was but the 100 miles an hour and the 396 feet, and what stat cast hasn't shown is the silence factor. of the crowd. >> joe: it got quiet. it was pretty stunning that utley, who has been in the middle of everything tonight, was able to ride one out of here, his second home run of the night.
10:17 pm
here's one in for a strike to gonzalez. adrian has a double, a single and say home run. -- and a home run. opposite way, another hit for gonzalez. >> john: i'm telling ya, i can say i love watching him hit now. i certainly didn't like pitching against him because that's a guy who is comfortable and seeing the ball and letting it travel. when you let it travel, you don't have to do much. that's a pitcher's pitch and look how he stays with the angle of the barrel of the bat and just playing ping-pong, tennis. knows that's gonna be a hit. and thehe's a guy they don't sh on or have a hard time shifting on because he can do so much with the ball. >> joe: a 4-hit night for adrian gonzalez. batter is puig. he takes a strike. puig didn't start the game. he came on in the fifth after thompson hurt his back. and yasiel immediately delivered
10:18 pm
a 2-out r.b.i. hit. walked his next time up, hitting .251. 0-2, the count. >> john: that's a pretty good bounce back day. they knew they were facing noah syndergaard and they thought they would face him longer but to rally and tie the game and give up the next in the ninth last night, but you come back the next day and snapping out of it with a bunch of thunder late. >> joe: 0-2 pitch. that's foul. and you think about kershaw, it'll be a long night for the bullpen of the dodgers, not terrible. kenta maeda went five. kershaw, his last time ought after a 17-inning game and a win in san diego, the very next game goes 9 shutout innings, allowed
10:19 pm
two hits. that's the definition of an ace. >> john: absolutely. though one had to say a word to him. >> joe: he won the game 1-0. >> john: in a short span, cueto won 1-0, and kershaw and bumgarner, all 1-0. it's been an unbelievable year in the 1-0 games already. kershaw's got a couple of them this year, i think. >> joe: here's the 1-2, two outs. well, terry collins has this, the all-star game july 12 on fox, the national league manager will be terry collins and this isn't even the entire list. it doesn't have matz on there. >> john: he could be 9-1.
10:20 pm
>> joe: and who starts? arrie arrieta? kershaw and down the line. selfishle selfishless, i would say it's terry collins, and you can't choose wrong. >> john: hopefully one of his pitchers. so he can pick 'em and not pitch 'em. >> joe: conforto takes care of that and it's a 9-1 dodgers lead into the bottom of the ninth. that show. (woman) now we have to wait forever to see it. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you don't. ♪ou see, we've got the power to turn back time. ♪ ♪ that show you missed, let's just go back and find. ♪ ♪ and let's go back and choose spicy instead of mild. ♪ ♪ and maybe reconsider having that second child. ♪ ♪ see, that's the power to turn back time. ♪ (vo) get the ultimate all included bundle. call 1-800-directv.
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10:23 pm
runs score. mainly via the home run ball. leading by 8, are the dodgers, as they turned to the new right-hander, casey fien. picked up from the twins earlier this month. and it's his first appearance with los angeles. >> john: a chance to pinch-hit for de aza. >> joe: takes a strike. alejandro de aza. starting here in the ninth inning. this was the spot where cespedes was. taken out to give him a little break. prior to the finale tomorrow, when the mets will have to deal with clayton kershaw. kershaw 7-1, and knagainst barto colón, the e.r.a. 3.44.
10:24 pm
here's the 0-2 from fien, got him on the outside corner. a 3-pitch strikeout. that's how casey fien introduces himself to his new teammates. >> john: i feel for de aza. 9-1 game. >> joe: now matt reynolds will pinch-hit. a spot originally held by neil walker, who was 0-1 with two walks. pretty good velocity and zip from casey fine. >> john: he didn't electric look like he missed any rhythm from the travel, thrust into the game. that's something bobby cox liked
10:25 pm
to do. i a g-- a guy got called up, pu him in. >> joe: the twips' bullpen is so good they don't need a guy that can throw 95? >> john: i take it there's been adjustments made. the mechanical tip or two. sometimes a new organization, you bounce around and you get something that work and feels good. >> joe: check swing by reynolds. who recently got his first major league hit when he replaced asdrubal cabrera who checked out of the game this week with a bad back. reynolds, the young prospect. 1-2 pitch. two out. 95 again for fien. and the bases are momentum. -- empty. the final batter, possible, walking in, eric campbell. >> john: impressive.
10:26 pm
wearing an old ex-teammate's number for the dodgers. >> joe: minnesota, by the way, 13 and 34. 13 out in the central at the start of the day. there's a slider from fien. strike 1. nothing but strikes. it's not as if the dodgers are locked down in their bullpen where everybody as a set role and they are effective. all he's done, come in and strikes out the first. eight pitches, all strikes. >> john: this is where you want to be. you get called up, make it very difficult if a decision has to be made. not me. somebody else. i'm here to stay. >> joe: let's see if he can strike out the side. campbell trying to avoid the strikeout and fien is going to ask his catcher, after
10:27 pm
introducing himself to yasmani grandal, to go through the signs again. fastball away on an 0-2 count. and a foul ball, back and out of play. the guy with the sound effects button isn't giving up tonight. >> john: no, he is not. i like it. kansas city scored seven in the bottom of the ninth. but probably not with two out. >> joe: and two strikes on the hitter. fien to campbell, another fouled back. and still no delivers out of the strike zone. chase utley, he'll get the headlines after this night. the dodgers will move to two games over .500. the mets will be eight over.
10:28 pm
and still tied with washington on top of the n.l. east. washington lost at home to st. louis. a moment ago. and that's strikeout three -- strike three and casey fien strikes out the side. and chase utley, the 37-year-old second baseman in a three hour and 12 minute game. he is the star of the night for the dodgers. >> john: great night, chase. just order ramirez. -- room service. keep it simple. stay in. >> joe: utley with a two homer night, a solo shot and a grand slam. and the dodgers and dave roberts get a victory, the final, 9-1, from all of us in new york, so long, the studio coming up on the other side of the break. the dodgers win it by 8.
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>> baseball night in america, the post-game show, welcome. a lot of drama at citi field. and it started with the emotion from the '86 team and then the boos rained down. and chase utley. he is hated in new york, anyway. and he comes in today and hits two home runs and drives in five. >> and really humiliating for the new york mets their fans.
10:33 pm
noah syndergaard on the hill, jure ace. -- your ace and chase utley, probably the most hated man in new york, comes in and answers with two big home runs and this is after the situation here where noah syndergaard throws at chase utley. we see the intent. we know he was trying to hit him. should he have been thrown out? absolutely not. now he hits utley in the situation, drills him, then you got a better case for flowing him out but this ball was behind him. he didn't hit him. i do not believe -- and i am betting a lot of the players do not believe he should have been thrown out. >> the umpire made the decision and that changed the course of the game and chase utley, home run. grand slam. and, again, if you are a mets fan, you are just shaking your head, saying you got to be kidding me. i mean, now 38 career home runs against the mets, the most against any other team.
10:34 pm
and the thing is underscores, utley is very a darn good year for the dodgers. >> he was signed just to be a guy that, okay, maybe fill in at third or second base. roll around, pinch-hit but he become an every day player and rightfully so. what he means to the team and the clubhouse and the leadership and the example and way he plays the game, none better. >> if you are not a fan of another team, the bottom line, he had a hard slide in the playoffs against ruben tejada. but the revenge backfired. and we have chase utley with ken. >> ken: did you expect the mets to throw at you? >> it was in the back of my mind. i understand it. i figured the fans would let me have it and they did. they were loud. it made for an exciting few
10:35 pm
games. >> ken: how surprised were you that noah syndergaard threw at you in the point of the game he did so early? >> it's not really for me to say. >> chase utley just being diplomatic but that's who he has been. and from the mets standpoint, syndergaard taken out in the third inning and i don't know how it changed the rotation. harvey had been struggling. >> i am not sure it messes up anything. except it's a bruise to the ego. you go out there and set the tone in front of your own fans and you didn't do it in l.a. you waited for this moment and it blew up in your face. but stars the mets club and the pitching staff, not a team you are gonna be able to discount. >> so the drama and it worked out for the dodgers. baseball night in america will be back next week. and the royals and the indians, giants and cards. and meanwhile, enjoy your
10:36 pm
weekend. we are! fox sports!
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only from xfinity. ♪ >> coming up philadelphia's first memorial day concert. how the philly pops is helping our nation's heroes, plus it's been 30 years since republican
10:40 pm
won california. why donald trump says he'll be changing that. the news starts in 30 seconds. happening right now, it seems like we skipped right over spring and jumped straight into summer. it's not even june yet and we're talking heat waves as temperatures in some parts of the region cracked 90 degrees for the third straight day. good evening, everybody. i'm joyce evans.
10:41 pm
we sure do hope that you're finding a way to stay cool on this memorial day weekend. quick live look into downtown wilmington, delaware tonight. temperatures are still in the upper 70s. yup. you can leave that jacket home for now. because meteorologist dave warren is here saying relief is on the way but but it may be in the form that dam pennsylvania your holiday plans. dave. >> put that jacket witness umbrella. in a few days. not really tonight or tomorrow. mild out there tonight. these are the highs today. 90s again. 90 for the third day in a row at philadelphia airport. atlantic city was 86. that is before noon. it gets cooler in the afternoon thanks to the sea breeze. other places hit 90, mt. holly and allentown up to 92. 60s right now along the cove. that's the place to be. nice and comfortable as you get that cooler air coming in off the ocean. on the way to cape may 65 and 68. ocean city at 64. atlantic city is at 66. now let's show you the 70s and 180 like allentown still at
10:42 pm
80 degrees but we're dropping slightly here this evening. into the mid to low 70s. no more rain dropping had some storms across carbon and monroe county that led to minor flooding gone for now, tropical storm bonnie watching the latest information on that comes in at 11:00 o'clock. likely still a tropical storm as it makes landfall near south carolina. there's the number. 11:00 o'clock. 45 degrees. they issued just before 11:00. moving stationary but eventually turn to the north now the actual storm will stay to our south but see that moisture moving in and that will give us some rain. really not starting tomorrow morning. north and west when you wake up 68. it's a muggy start along 95 at 68 degrees. low clouds to the south very humid with 65 there. but everything changes tomorrow night. the rain comes in. it will be heavy at times. i will time it all for the rest of the holiday weekend. it's in the seven day forecast that's coming your way in just a bit. joyce. >> thank you, dave. you can track the rain and find out when the next heat wave is coming your way by downloading the fox 29 weather
10:43 pm
app. it's available in google play or i tunes. now to a developing story out of delaware county. a disturbing discovery in chester. dogs set on fire. this is just too horrible to show you. two dogs found completely burned on the straight 2800 block of west sixth street. this happened around 8:30 tonight. investigations are underway by police, fire and justice humane society officials to find out who in the world would do this. they say there will be a reward for information leading to the dog's killer. 18-year-old is in critical condition after being shot in logan late this afternoon. it happened just after 5:00 on the 1900 block of north tenth street. police say she was shot in the stomach and the shooter is known to the victim but no arrest has yet been made she was taken to temple university hospital by police. the woman that was hit by a car in feltonville yesterday afternoon has died from her
10:44 pm
injuries. it happened just before 5:00 near the intersection roosevelt boulevard and bingham street. police say the 20-year-old was jogging against traffic when she was hit. in germantown a child has been rushed to the hospital. this was after falling out of a second floor window. it happened on the 500 block of maneheim street and it happened around 12:30 this afternoon. the three-year-old baby girl was taken to saint christopher's hospital with an injury to the back of her head. the child suffered a fractured skull but she's in stable condition tonight. a day to honor the men and women who died serving our country. ♪ philly pops is also honoring men and women in the military with philadelphia's first ever memorial day concert. today's special concert was free
10:45 pm
for thousands of men and women who serve and protect us. fox 29's joanne pileggi was right there for it all at the mann center for the performing arts in fairmount park. >> reporter: yes, you got good feeling just being here as the philly pops and the man put on a first ever memorial day concert. and i can tell you, it was a very spirited and emotional musical event. ♪ >> reporter: this is memorial salute, a collaborative concert by the philly pops and mann center for the performing arts. ♪ >> reporter: the concert honoring tradition of service and celebrating all those who have served and sacrificed. >> any time of year that we can honor people our fallen fellow country men who have died for this country any time as a nation we come together and
10:46 pm
appreciate that is special time. >> reporter: more than 2,000 complimentary tickets were given to veterans active military, police and firefighters and first responders and their families. >> honor to be here for my country and the us coast guard and u.s. military altogether. >> music is unbelievable. the patriotism is just beyond. just makes me feel good. >> i think this is wonderful. better than being at the shore. this is the best thing to honor everybody here. ♪ >> i had brother that served in the navy. i had several uncles that were in the army in the second world war. i look up and think they're still looking down. ♪ >> reporter: all in all, a really nice night here with the
10:47 pm
philly pops at the mann. in fairmount park, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. the press secretary for kathleen kane is stepping down on tuesday a mid all the scandals that have surround his boss. chuck ardo was kane's eighth spokesperson since she took nervous 2013. he says he's leaving after handling what he called unfolding series of crisis that were never ending. he saw kane get slapped with criminal charges her law license suspended by the state supreme court and her battle to fend off an tempt by the senate to get her thrown out of office. donald trump praising san diego's law enforcement after protests got out of hand. police arrested at least 35 people after trauma many rally yesterday at the san diego convention center. fox's rich edison has an update. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters met donald trump in san diego. the city near the busiest mexico
10:48 pm
border crossing in the united states. frump launched his successful campaign to seize the republican nomination promising to build a wall on the mexican border and force mexico to pay for it. he also wants to deport millions living in the u.s. illegally. the san diego police department says it arrested nearly three dozen for throwing water bottles and clashing with officers. police say no one was hurt. nor did any protester damage property. trump continues campaigning in california with enough dell indicates to secure the nomination he's looking beyond june 7th primary. >> i am going to make a heavy, heavy, heavy law because i honestly think getting these massive crowds all over the place, i actually think we're going to win california. >> reporter: while hillary clinton is refusing to debate challenger bernie sanders trump said he would enthusiastic klee fill that void. claiming he quote so badly wanted to debate sanders. now he's refusing. he says it would be inappropriate fort presumptive tom knee to debate the second
10:49 pm
place sanders. he returns to the east coast memorial. he'll appear at rolling thunder in washington, d.c. to honor prisoner of war or those missing in action. a year after trump said senator john mccain he's knot not a war hero. i like people who weren't capture. in washington, rich edison, fox news. >> as of now security at the republican national convention in cleveland will be a little thinner. two police departments have pulled out of their commitments to provide resources. police from cincinnati and greensboro, north carolina, have decided not to go. departments from outside the host city typically send reinforce manies however cincinnati and greensboro say that it's a matter of staffing and liability. their decision means that there will be about 100 fewer officers than expected. greensboro chief also cites a lack of confidence in the city's preparedness. something that cleveland officials are taking issue with.
10:50 pm
>> it's not despite accident of how they come together. there's a plan that's been developed, that's been tested, convention after convention we're fine convention after convention and we follow that plan. >> the federal government is recommending that cleveland have at least 4,000 police officers for the convention. but the city admits that number has not yet been reached. crews have recovered that vintage airplane that crashed into the hudson river last night. the single seat world war ii plane went down on the new jersey side of the river around 7:30 last night. the man flying the plane identified as william gordon. he died. his body was recovered a few hours after the crash. the plane was taking part in an american air power museum celebration. the pilot had 25 years of experience as an air show performer. a 23-year-old man is dead after losing control of his motorcycle in olney.
10:51 pm
it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. philadelphia police say the motorcycle was traveling east on c street when it skidded into a car near the intersection at roosevelt boulevard. and it's heartbreak for a woman who returns home from running errands only to find out her eight dogs are dead. what police believe may have have killed her dogs. and a political season in germany is interrupted when a protester attacks one of the politicians. the weapon he used in the assault was a bit unusual.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
♪ on this memorial day weekend, we cannot forget the meaning behind the holiday. a tribute to our service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. fox 29's brad sattin was in camden today for memorial service honoring family members who know first hand just how high the price of freedom really is. ♪ army specialist ronald heck. >> reporter: one by one -- >> marine corps sergeant john smith. >> reporter: 105 names were read. >> navy commander vicinity sent d. monroe. >> reporter: of service members from camden county killed in act. among them -- >> marine first lieutenant jason man. >> al feign in a man's son. >> my son is in my memory every
10:54 pm
day. in my heart. >> memorial day for her isn't about going down the shore. >> it's a matter of remembering the soldiers that were lost. not just my jason. >> reporter: she and other ld gold star families honored today for their sacrifices. maureen and thomas pagano lost their son eight years ago. >> we sacrificed our son but we can't do anything about that. what we have to take care of the people that are here, the people that have sacrificed and are still here that are in need. >> reporter: honored today sergeant glenn baker who served in vietnam 50 years ago he spent his entire life serving veterans as they returned home but can't help of think of his homes who didn't and never got to experience the past 50 years. >> you ask yourself what would there lives have been? would contributions would they have made. >> reporter: each headstone of a fallen service member represent as story that was never finish. >> each of those is a life lost,
10:55 pm
of familie families that weren', of memories that are no longer. >> reporter: flags now wave at the grave sites of more than 1500 veterans on memorial day another 26,000 will be placed at veterans graves across the county. a reminder that even if it's just for a moment on this holiday weekend, we should pause and honor them for a sacrifice that can never be repaid. >> army first lieutenant donald hagan army sergeant michael egan. >> reporter: in cam, brad sattin fox 29 news. ♪ in delaware county, some much deserved recognition for some of our oldest veterans on this memorial day weekend. more than 50 world war ii and korean war vets were the guests of honor for a luncheon at the pennsylvania veterans museum in media. local dignitaries were also on
10:56 pm
hand to honor the vets. many of them shared stories and honored their friends and comrades who lost their lives while defending our country. we're losing so many of them now, and my husband who is a world war ii veteran thought this would be the perfect time to get everybody together. have a luncheon, let them share their stories and it's just turned out to be a beautiful party. >> it is estimated that our country is losing about 500 world war ii veterans every day. collingswood, new jersey, kicked off this holiday weekend just right today. ♪ this is the 37th annual mayfair. there was live music and tons of great food. more than 200 artists and crafters sold unique creations as you can see thousands turned out for a day of fun. more than 56 million
10:57 pm
american suffer from some sort of hair loss. options to fight back can be costly, frustrating and painful but now doctors are test agnew option that may offer new hope for many battling hair loss without drugs or surgery. this is a big day for cayman jenkins he's about to start changing something about his appearance that kind of nags him. >> as you can see, i have a little bit of receding hairline and, um, as i've gotten older it's continued to recede a little bit more. >> reporter: this day, caiman becomes part of a nationwide study of something called platelet rich plaza therapy. >> it's a non-surgical three minute procedure to facilitate hair growth. >> you may have heard of prp before. tiger woods and recently retired nba legend kobe bryant both used it to recuperate from knee surgery. >> plasma speeds healing, reduces down time, reduces
10:58 pm
bruising. it's really remarkable way to super charge healing. >> mel bourn doctor says the method is straight forward. your blood is drawn, then put into a centrifuge which separates the plasma. >> tears the areas where our patient wants hair growth. >> platelet rich plasma. >> we'll apply prp to this area here to encourage hair growth in this lee? it is injected just under the scalp less invasive and likely safer than other hair restoration procedures. >> because prp is derived from your own blood, there is no risk of allergy, there's no risk of infection. there's no risk of disease transmission. >> cayman jenkins treatment takes about 15 minutes start to finish. new hair should start to grow in three to six months. here are before and after pictures of another participant in the study. this is after three treatments. >> to be able to have a full head hair again without really
10:59 pm
having to go through and deal with maybe some of the pain i was excited about the possibility. >> rpr heiress tore race has been in europe for years. >> european experience shows that prp can be injected into the scalp and it stimulates hair growth in patients. >> u.s. requires testing before its rolled out here. this doctor is one of six in the study of 60 patients. patients like cayman jenkins all looking to feel better. >> get back to an age of a day where you feel younger. it's pretty amazing. >> and check this out. some amazing video from space x. this is a third straight successful landing for space x. the rocket separated after launching an asian satellite into orbit and it made its way to an auto mated landing pad off the coast of florida. space x hopes to create a fully and rapidly reusable rocket for space life and exploration. now, we'll take to you your life
11:00 pm
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