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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 29, 2016 10:30pm-11:07pm EDT

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right to your phone. search for it in the apple or google play stores. developing in delaware county right now the search is on for the person behind an astonishing case of animal cruelty. >> the manhunt began after authorities found the charred bodies of two dogs in chester. fox 29ss jennifer joyce has new information. >> reporter: chester city police and humane office with justice rescue continue to canvass the 2800 block of west sixth street this morning hours after respond to go gruesome case of animal cruelty. two midsized dogs possibly pitbulls were found burning in front of a garage in a back alleyway. >> it was still smoldering. people were standing out here and i -- they had told me. what's going on over there? they said two dogs. somebody set them on fire. and left them to burn. >> reporter: disturbing discovery for the local fire department called to the scene around 8:30 saturday night. justice rescue humane officer russell harper said the dogs were found inside of a plastic
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tote bag melted by the flames. >> we always say there's some things you can't unsee and this is one of those situations that will never leave. >> reporter: people who live nearby can't imagine why someone would set out to kill these innocent animals. >> you know if you don't want the dog take them to the spca. that's the way i feel about it. >> i'm a dog owner myself, and i wouldn't even imagine how anybody would have the audacity or come to their heart to do something like that. it's just disgusting. >> reporter: it's unclear where the dogs came from and who's responsible for this heinous act. forensic evidence was collected at the scene. it still needs to be processed. police are urging anyone with information to please come forward. >> somebody knows something. somebody knows where these animals came forty one it's not okay that this animal abuse takes place report roar justice rescue is offering $1,000 reward for anyone who can provide any information leading to an arrestth conviction of the person responsible. tips can be anonymous. we put all of that contact information on our website
10:32 pm in chester, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. one person is dead after a shooting in kingsessing police were called to the 5200 block of woodland for a reported shooting just after 5:00 this morning. when they got there they found a man dead in the passenger seat of a mini van. officers have not released that victim's name. if you know anything, please give police a call. in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood police are looking for two men who stabbed another man in the back. it happened just after midnight near the intersection of front and clearfield streets. officials say the men establish the 39-year-old victim several times. he was taken to temple university hospital and authorities do expect him to recover. the two men accused of attack the victim got away on foot. no word yet on motive. in new jersey, young man has died after getting buck off bronco in rodeo. it happened in front of thousands of spectators including his parents at the cow town rodeo in piles grove salem county. authorities say the horse that bucked off 19-year-old clay lutz
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stepped on him several time. lutz died at a hospital. >> developing story in ohio now, a holiday weekend at the cincinnati zoo turned tragic for two reasons. young boy winds up in the gorilla enclosure an gorilla was killed. fox's jane metzler has more on that controversy. >> reporter: horrifying moments at the cincinnati zoo after a four-year-old boy wound up in the gorilla enclosure. >> mommy is right here. >> everybody back up. >> reporter: 400-pound gorilla dragged the boy around for 10 minutes as dozen of families looked on. >> the child crawled into the gorilla cage and the gorilla is slamming the child into the wall and into the water. >> reporter: zoo say the boy he crawled into a barrier of the p. n and nel into the moat. >> the gorilla took him to one end of his hab with at a time
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and the little boy started screaming again end dragged him back again. >> the 17-year-old gorilla was not attacking the boy but could easily have killed him. so a decision was made shoot to kill the gorilla. the zoo says it had to be done to save the boy's live. >> the decision was not made lightly. gorillas are endangered animals. there aren't many in captivity, but it has the proper ending. >> reporter: team chose to kill instead of tranquilizing the gorilla because a tranquilizer dart would have taken too long to kick in. and the zookeepers were worried about the gorilla having an aggressive reaction while holding the boy. >> the team did a good job and made a tough choice and the right chows. because they saved that little boy's live. it could have been very bad. >> reporter: the boy was injured but has since been released from the hospital. the zoo now back open to the public but the gorilla exhibit will be closed until further notice. jane metzler, fox news.
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many people are wondering how that boy' parents could have let him wander into the enclosure. pita says "this tragedy is exactly why pita you weres families to say away from any facility that displays animals as slide shows for humans to gawk at. >> at the jersey shore good samaritans jump into action saving a man who nearly drowned. it happened last night in wildwood crest in the aztec motel swimming pool. someone who work at the motel ago along with a guest jumped in to save the 34-year-old who was unconscious in the water. he is still in the hospital tonight in critical condition. so far police aren't sure why the man ended up in the pool. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says will the preliminary wilts results of an investigation into inappropriate e-mails found on servers as of this tuesday. in december kane ordered the review of offensive sometimes raunchy and sometimes pornographic material shared among judges and prosecutors and others in the criminal justice system.
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the maryland attorney hired to carry out the investigation has said it's unlikely the probe will result in criminal charges. the e-mail scandal has however led to resignations, firings or disciplinary action as well as the retirement of two state supreme court justices and ethics charges against one of them. kane faces an august trial herself on charges that she leaked secret grand jury material, allegations she vehemently denies. a local group of runners took to the streets today in a get well relay to support a city transit cop who was run down by a hit-and-run driver last week. fox 29's joanne pileggi has the story of the officer's recovery and the search for the driver who left the scene. >> reporter: well, leave it to runners some who knew officer gary miller. on the who's didn't, but they rallied today in a special pop-up run to bring cheer to the officer and his family and let other runners know they need to be careful op the roads. under a blazing midday sun a
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group runners making their way along frankford avenue in northeast philly. they had a mission and a cause. >> we just wanted to support the community and let the officer know that the running community is behind him. >> we're all runners and one of our own, you know, had a really unfortunate incident we'll support him. >> reporter: last sunday 44-year-old septa police officer gary miller was running on roland avenue. a driver going in the same direction slammed into him from behind. miller flew through the air, hitting the windshield of the car and then the pavement. the driver sped away. >> accidents do happen, and you stop the car and try to render aid. that's what you're supposed to do. unfortunately, this didn't happen in this case. >> reporter:. >> he just remembers running. he doesn't remember anything else. waking up in the hospital. >> reporter: officer miller's wife was overwhelmed by the efforts of this running group that organize the special event for her husband. it was supported by miller's fellow officers from septa and
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philly police. >> the love of my life. and i'm glad thank you lord jesus i still have report roar the group ran 4 miles from the spot where miller was hit to a park near the hospital where miller is recovering. he's had two surgeries so and another is scheduled. his family sent us these pictures as he opened cards and running gifts. >> it's really unfortunate and one incident is one too many. and it's really a shame this happened at all. >> it's what can possibly happen. you got to be aware of everything that's around you and unfortunately people are on their phones, driving, not paying attention these days. you never know what will happen. >> reporter: transit police tell us that authorities in plymouth township picked up a suspect in connection with officer miller's hit and are you case. in the meantime, police and the runners group continue to you were both runners and drivers to look out for each other. i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. on this eve of memorial day people in deptford, new jersey,
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honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. ♪ >> the parade started at the oak valley firehouse and marched down princeton boulevard. hundreds turned out to remember those who have died in the line of duty. a truck pulled a memorial on wheels and for the little ones, they decorated bicycles for the parade. as the hot water ramps so do fierce about the zika virus and the mosquitoes that could carry the disease watch one local county is considering fining people for doing. it's been hot here but imagine what it must be like in the southwest. then imagine what it would be like to be trapped in that heat for three days. one man just survived that ordeal in his car. the lucky twist of fate that led to his rescue. thousands of bikers converged to the national's capital. this is the 29th time. their special mission that's a lot more than honoring our veterans.
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♪ chopper riddled with bullets, five police cars shot up works people dead and six others injured. it happened in houston texas today with police posting on facebook a cruiser with bullet holes saying the officer driving it is so lucky to be alive and uninjured. swat descended on the scene and well to do part of the city. as at least one gunman took over an auto shop with high-powered weapons.
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a swat officer killed one suspect who witnesses say seemed to be firing an domly that moved. second possible suspect is in the hospital as police try to figure out a motive. in florida, east of jackso jacksonville, just off neptune beach, phone video shows lifeguards rushing to help a 13-year-old boy who had a shark just bite him. officials say the boy was swimming today in about 3 feet of water when a five to 6-foot shark appeared and sang its teeth into the teen's leg. the lifeguards bandaged his leg stopped that bleeding. the bite is not life threatening but the boy does have severe lacerations on his calf and shin. officials closed neptune beach shortly after the attack. property openers in new castle county, delaware corks face fines for having standing water because of concerns over mosquitoes. council is considering giving the government the ability to penalize property owners $50 for having a mosquito breeding habitat in their yards. if the legislation passes, standing water and artificial
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containers like old tires, buckets, fountains or bird bath boss have to be regularly emptied of water this comes as of course fears grow that the mow scoto born zika virus most people who contract the virus of either mild or no symptoms but it is suspected of causing miscarriages in some serious birth defects. >> douceness suv members of the valley point church in again mills have just helped people around the world. they packed meals for those in need much this is the second year that the delaware county church helped stop hunger now philadelphia pac 10,000 meals. >> we have a real dedication to being a world without hunger. so it's really important to us that we do more than just feeding people. so all of the meals that we package here today will be distributed through a school feeding program. so that hungry kids and orphanages and church that is have school programs and actual schools can have the choice to come to school to get fed. incredible stuff. how long do you suppose it takes
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to pac 10,000 meals? took those volunteers just about an hour. wow. more than 4,000 sailors and marines and coast guards men have descended upon the big apple it happens every single memorial day weekend. >> the an wall celebration which began officially back in 1982 honors the us military sea services giving civilians up close look at how our military might have a chance to say thank you. bryan llenas is in new jersey with more. >> reporter: spectacular views and just incredible day here at lib tea tee state park overlooking the new york ski skyline the 28th fleet week continues honoring the us navy, the us coast guard and the u.s. marines. a team of elite parachuters known as leap frogs jumped from a helicopter or the sea dragon on sunday as it hovered above 5,000 feet overhead. the par shooters many active navy seals using smoke grenades so that spectator which is take in the spectacular falls. one even attaching an american flag in honor of those who served and continue to serve in
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our nation's military. a mayor of mx60s flying past the new york city skyline incredible site as they propelled by the one world trade center. the seahawks landing in front of the crowd as marines broke down in full gear a navy seal para shooter telling us what neat week is all about. >> i live in small town of michigan. never had the opportunity to enter act with the navy as well as the military in general and the fleet week gives us an opportunity to come, talk to the citizens of new york, tell them a little little bit about our job and what we do as far as the rest of the navy. it just gives us that opportunity to shed some light in our jobs. >> reporter: meantime u.s. navy showing off their gadgets to kids and families like sub v a new remote controlled robot used for bomb defection and risky missions. other has a chance to play tick tack toe with navy deep sea divers capable of staying underwater for six hours at a time and then there are the marines. i tried on some of their gear as
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held. m4 rival marines are expected to fight with about 115 pounds worth of gear. all of those events highlighting memorial day weekend a chance for us to remember those who died serving our country and our military while honoring those who continue to do so. in new jersey, bryan llenas, fox news. in less than nine weeks delegates will converge on philadelphia for the democratic national convention. >> that has our bruce gordon thinking about another meeting of delegates who met more than 200 years ago only in philly. >> reporter: i'm bruce gordon. the date past this week without much notice, may 25th, 1787. the date on which a quorum of seven states was secured and the constitutional convention got underway at the pennsylvania state house just about a block from where this television station now stands. what fascinates me how much of what happened in that summer of '87 would never, could never happen in today's environment. for one the delegates all white
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males were a sign by their respective states to revise that is fix the articles of confederation. the mess of a federal government we created when we through the brits out. instead the delegates decided to over step their bounds and throw out the articles and and create a brand new form of government and to do so almost entirely in secret. but the shudders of what is now called independence hall locked tight to keep out nosy philadelphians. more important perhaps what went on behind those locked shutters was a governing principal foreign to today's leaders. compromise. big states and small states for example argued over how much representation each should get in the new congress. so they compromised with population based representation in the house and equal representation in the senate. slavery of course was a hugely contentious issue and the subject of a compromise of its own. the most notorious, counting slaves as three-tenths of a human being. sounds barbaric and in a way it
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was. put this in context. slave holding states wanted slaves counsele counseled a as e person for purposes of representation in congress. the more slaves, the more people, the more people, the more their political power would grow. so the push by anti slavery forces to reduce slaves from whole person to 35ths reduced the population of slave states and thus their political power. in the end delegates to the constitutional convention produced a document that has survived even thrived for well over 200 years. of course it's got its critics and many of their criticisms are valid. but the whole enterprise reminds me of a line a tributed perhaps inaccurately to winston churchill. democracy he said is the worst form of government except for all the others. where did it all begin? only in philly. ♪ we already told you about dr. heimlich using the maneuver he invented to save woman's live. tonight that woman is talking
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and revealing a life lesson she just learned. >> a research team found what they were looking for. a rare glimpse of an animal that's really hard to find and how this could reach an important goal.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ 800 people are out of their
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flood prone homes tonight in eastern texas after torrential rain yet again. a mandatory evacuation order is now in place for the town of simon ton. sits on the brass river which could rise very very quickly. 20-inches of rain has fallen in the past 24 hours. >> the people that live across the street from me around 10:30 theirs front yard was totally dry. and it's just -- whole front yard is underwater. >> i've been here 20 years, and this is -- i never been under a flood yet much this is the worst i've seen it. >> authorities in central texas found two more bodies today bring the death toll from flooding in the state to six in this latest round of severe weather. >> while many people out enjoying another gorgeous day on this holiday weekend people in the carolinas staying in because of tropical depression bonnie. many people in the beach in south carolina packed up their vacations early and headed home. those that did stay were warned
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of strong rip currents. >> i feel like as soon as you get in the water your feet almost get swept out from under you. every once in awhile you take a glance behind you and look at the buildings to see where you are. get out wack down and do it all over again. >> many beaches had extra lifeguards on duty. they recommend staying out of the water. we're getting ready for the rnc in cleveland and dnc right here in philadelphia. >> however today orlando florida libertarian party chose its presidential nominee convention time. former new jersey -- new mexico governor, oops, wrong state gary johnson now the party's official candidate. little different there, right? 63-year-old was also nominee in 2012. libertarians are hoping for a strong showing in november to nab votes from democrats and republicans who don't like pre system tiff nominee donald trump and frontrunner hillary clinton. >> i think that millions of people are going to be trying to understand what it is to be a libertarian and it is going to
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be my voice describing that to the best of my ability. >> johnson got about 1% of the popular vote when he ran on the libertarian ticket in 2012. research team in china sets up cameras in hopes of spotting something amazing but they even they didn't expect to see what they saw. take a look. cameras caught video of a snow leopard which is rare in fact the team had been hoping to catch images like this since 2014. they want the to determine the species behavioral pattern and identify habits. snow leopards are solitary and unsocialable animals believed to be about 5,000 of them still in the wild. >> snow leopard and her kittens it has been hot around here. imagine what it must be like in the southwest. imagine what it would be like to be trapped in that heat for three days. well one man did survive that very ordeal in his car. the lucky twist of that fate that led to his rescue. thousands of bikers converge on the nation's capitol. this is the 29t 29th time they'e
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done it. their special mission that's about lot more than honoring our veterans. >> mike. >> it's pouring across town right now. everybody seeing heavy rain. look at the rains in burlington county towards salem county, two to 3is and newly issued flood advisories across the delaware valley. i'm mike masco. we have a lot of weather to talk about. that's coming up after this.
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>> big sigh of relief foreman in arizona after he was rescued from his jeep. he was trapped in for three da days. authorities say the fife-year-old guy was stuck after he crashed on wednesday. his vehicle was spotted friday afternoon by a couple who had pulled over to take some sightseeing pictures. so they immediately called nip 11 when they saw there was a man inside the wreckage it took multiple police and fire agencies oh get the guy out. the rescues took about an hour and the victim will make a full recovery. >> the doctor who created the heimlich maneuver just performed the procedure for the first time to actually save a life himself. listen to this one. 96-year-old dr. henry heimlich was sit tag table in a restaurant in cincinnati when the person next to him started
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choking oh so he sprang into a act. >> and i turned her around so that her back would be exposed to me, put my arms around her and then pressed where i described it on the abdomen below the ribcage and after few compressions a piece of meat came out and she just started breathing. >> i wrote him a note -- i wrote to the doctor, dr. heimlich, i said, god put me in the seat next to you because i order add hamburger, and the next thing i know i couldn't breathe. i was choking so hard. >> heimlich introduced the maneuver in 1974. but says that he had never actually used it in a life or
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death situation until that very moment. one baby in florida has become an athlete before she can even walk. she's already breaking records. six month old exceed astounding 686 feet that's 10 times further than the previous record holder. her talent look at her runs in the family. her parents are both world class water skiers. >> no way. >> at first i was kind of freak out wow she's still going. i was watching. she looks solid. she looks good. >> thrilling to see your child be extraordinary in that way. >> oh, my gosh. >> her parents say it was a controlled environment. so you don't freaked out. it was planned and several safety precautions were taken. she's just fine much she's go got it in her he is genes and dna. >> washington, d.c. national mall turned into a sea of chrome this memorial day week and with rolling thunder revving up 29th annual ride for freedom. the event drew thousands of bikers and spectators. >> all of them coming together
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to honor america's veterans. kristin fisher has that story from washington, d.c. >> reporter: rolling thunder riders have been taking over the national mall every memorial day weekend since 1988. but this year's rider received even more attention than usual. thanks to appearance by the nominee trump. this turned out to be a little more subdued an event than what we've grown accustomed at most trump ales. no protesters the crowd was quieter than usual. he focused on the issues that really resonant with most rolling thunder riders. he talked about how he would rebuild the military, pro deck the second amendment and take care of veterans. >> our vets most cherish of people. thousands of people are dying waiting online to see a doctor. that is not going to happen any more. and if there's a wait, we'll give the right for those people to go to a private doctor or a public doctor and get themselves taken care of and we'll pay the bill. that should have happened a long time.
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>> taking care of our veterans what rolling thunder is all about. it started as way to raise awareness about american prisoners of war and those missing in action after the vietnam war but become about honoring all veterans much hundreds of thousands of bikers made their way from the tent gone to the vietnam memorial. at times it feels like parade but organizers don't like that word. it's not a par raged it's a demonstration designed to bring awareness and remind all americans of the many sacrifices our met advance make on this yell daal why he could. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. >> somber weekend of course memorial day. also very very wet weekend. excite form out there mike. >> we'll be puddle jumper out of here tonight. look at this. this is what we have going on last three hours talking about moderate to heavy rains across town. trade off it's very very warm out there. 72 degrees right now. look at that due point value a lot of moisture out there feeling like miami.
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southwest of the wind coming in at six. pressure now starting to fall an indication of stormier times ahead. we got lucky now our luck has run out. look at this rain it's right along 95, 295 to the ac expressway. we are getting hammered with rain. we'll take a closer ultimate doppler showing us the roads in here. that is an indication right along the turnpike right around exit four we're looking at rain rates around two to 3-inches per hour. and this stuff is not moving very quickly. we'll go how the towards new castle county, newark, as you get over the delaware memorial bridge heavier rain through 495. nasty night. not fit foreman or beast tonight. take look at this. advisory flood advisory from the national weather service this is up until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning right into good day. we'll be talking about rain, possible flooding across the region. as high resolution future cast showing the waves of rain coming from southwest to northeast. that is going to be the theme to your weather all day. got to 87 today.
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a thing of the past we'll be addresses temperatures tomorrow barely getting out of the 70s. i think this is going to be a common number right now at 10:00 o'clock a common number at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning with a dew points running well into the 70s. here's your planner. moderate rain, 68 degrees. heavy rains through tomorrow morning and we'll continue that trend through the afternoon. downpours all over the place because of tropical once tropical storm bonnie now tropical depression bonnie and she really just slingshotting all the miss cher off the atlantic we'll eventually dry out as it pushes from canada as we get into tuesday. we'll talk future cast. waves of rain all day long tomorrow. pop showers and thunderstorms could become gusty and out of here -- get out of this rain situation as we get into tuesday. so we're looking at two to 3-inches and it's an ugly afternoon the best bet the further north and west you go over the lehigh valley and poconos we may -- may get some sunshine but it will be brief and few and far between 77
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tomorrow going for a boating trip, probably not going to advise that because of the showers and gusty thunderstorms out there. let's look at the seven day forecast. well, if you go up towards say the poconos tomorrow, guys, that's the best bet. all right. 87 degrees. goes to 80 degrees the sun returns on tuesday. look at that wednesday june gem we'll call that perfect 10 by thursday. we got lucky. we squeezed without out of three. >> yeah. >> that's pretty good. >> absolutely. not bad. >> then got soaked. >> all right. >> thank you very much,. >> that will do it for us tonight on the fox 29 news. >> keep it right here for sports sunday. >> ♪ i don't know about you but i'm still hyped over the golden state warriors game. steph curry with the shot. thompson going ham.
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unbelievable basketball but that also reminded me how bad the philadelphia 76ers are. tonight on sports sunday we talk about the future of the sixers plus the phil phillies get their tails ended to them by the cubs. the best team in the league makes light work out of phils. that's coming up next on sports sunday.


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