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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 30, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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sake mistake i did just walk outside literally it is dumping. i think heaviest rain i have seen, in a long, long time here. bonnie, yes, is moving in remnant at least. we are looking live right now in olde city on the right-hand side of the screen, left-hand side you can see remnants of the bonnie where will it be a complete wash out. we will let you know. also a gruesome case of animal cruelty two dogs set on fire and left to die. reward police are offering for an arrest in the case. city transit cop run down by hit and run driver last week continues his road to recovery how a group of runners is now working to lend a hand. good day, everyone it is monday, may 30th, 2016, i'm chris murphy on this memorial
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day. lauren johnson has a day weekend. lets get to sue. they say put the lights on. >> finally the lighting i requested. >> yes. >> because i look best in lighting. >> we will call you, yes, for the rest of the the day. >> we will take a lot at radar as we await, okay, well, eventually you'll see this, but, the part of this is remnants of the tropical storm bonnie, which is now tropical depression bonnie, and still meandering off the south carolina coast where we're seeing a lot of that moisture moving to the north, and we're getting some pockets of heavier rain, many of us drove through unbelievably heavy rain to get here this morning. so would i say for the next couple hours, up in allentown. here's bucks county, montgomery county, we've got those heaviest downpours there. we will zoom in closer to show you this is just unbelievable
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right here along i-95 to the north of us, and headed towards, northern parts of the pennsylvania, northern new jersey, as well, a lot of this very heavy rain and then it is spotty here and there otherwise but once this heavy rain moves through don't think you are finish because we have more on the way, as this is a very very slow moving system. flood advisory in this area just until 4:30 for heavy rain that we're experiencing right the now but once we're finish with the heavy rain it doesn't mean we we're finish with rain. very muggy this morning. temperature around 07 degrees in philadelphia 93 percent relative humidity. not much wind with this storm and sunrise, 5:35, and so, other temperatures are in the 60's, and we will see 72 in wrightstown, millville and atlantic city and your memorial day forecast is 60's and 70's with heavy rain and flooding this morning. we have heard some thunder and
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seen some lightening as well with those heavy downpours. seventy-two by lunchtime and probably topping off as it the stays humid with a high of 77. so that is a look at your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, wisely took a three day weekend, so we will take a look at traffic this morning and hope that we don't see too many problems with this weather. we will start off with the blue route, and it is at ridge pike where we're showing some very wet road, so use caution, i ran into a little bit of hydroplaning myself on i-95. scary when that happens if you are in one of the far lanes. so, now we head to new jersey, and route 42 at creek road, and we're also showing wet red ways there, expect heavier volume as people head down to the the shore knowing this will not be the best weather day and for mass transit patco is on a holiday schedule, so is new jersey transit bus, and dart buses, in delaware, they are suspended. right now. chris? >> all right, sue, thanks very
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much. thanks for pulling double duty. 4:03. shore is getting hammered with all that rain as sue mentioned and people honor those who served our country on this memorial day. lets get to dave kinchen in ac with the very latest. dave, first of all, the rain are you getting hammered right now with this wet weather. >> not yet but we are were looking in the radar and it is on its way up from the the south, but, i can tell thaw we're getting a little bit of not even hammered but misting elements, some rain, very light rain but we're on the boardwalk here in atlantic city. nothing but mist and fog as far as you can see down here. there is a couple folks, just stralling around, probably been partying all night and all through the weekend. obviously businesses are closed down. question is how have these businesses done over the weekend. undoubted very well, i would think, friday, and into saturday and sunday but today, hopefully these businesses
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don't take too much loss because of the rain that is expect to slam this area, really, over the next couple of hours. we're just looking at it coming up, on the radar right there. but overall, people are still, at least embracing, the people who are out here are embracing the temperature, if nothing else, chris? >> absolutely. dave kinchen we will check back. meantime parade around the area some cancelled but others still going on despite messy conditions as we honor those who lost their lives while fighting for our nation. jennifer joyce is in route to media, pennsylvania checking out conditions this morning. hi there, jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we are in route to media and we have been traveling through heavy rain, throughout most of our trip taking a look outside. right now it is not raining as hard as it was, coming down, in center city, massive puddles that we were trek go through, and again, in route to media and we do know that the parade in media as of right now is still on. it is set to examine at
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10:00 o'clock beginning at state street to edmond to orange and courthouse, and in center city again the rain was really heavy and based on than forecast that we heard sue serio say, the rain will persist, throughout the afternoon. so you will wonder how most of these parade will go on. over the weekend, we did get some footage of memorial day parade, one was in deptford, new jersey. we shot one in humeville, bucks county. it the is nice that some of these parade were over the weekend when it was 90 and sunny but because today is not the day for an outdoor event. so, in media, the plan is to have several band, marching bands, veterans groups, take part in the parade, and they are asking the town to come out and show their support to those who have made that ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. and this is also the 150th memorial day, big year to be celebrating. so we do expect to get
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additional information on cancellations unfortunately as of right now we know memorial day parade have been cancelled in west deptford, new jersey, west windsor, burlington it is i, middletown ship, new jersey and avalon but avalon will still have a ceremony, indoors, at the community hall. another parade that is going to be on rain or shinies lansdale. if you happen to live in the lansdale area just know that parade will still be happening, so if we're looking for something local to do that is your best bet. >> all right. stay safe, driving through media, jen, we will check back. in the meantime search is on for a person behind a astonishing case of animal cruelty. manhunt began after authorities found burned bodies of two dogs in chester. two dogs officials say were found burned alive from the garage and back alley way on the 2800 block of west sixth street. the animals were found inside of a plastic bag, and melted, by the flames, and heat. officials say that it is unclear where dogs came from or who is responsible for
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killing those dogs. neighbors say they don't know how someone could have done this. >> i'm a dog lover myself and i wouldn't even imagine how anybody would have the audacity or come to their heart to do something like that. it is just a tragedy. >> somebody knows something, somebody knows where these animals came from and it is not okay that this animal abuse takes place. >> reporter: nonprofit organization justice rescue is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and convictions for the person responsible. a local group of runners have taken the to the streets in the get well relay to support a septa transit cop run down and hit by a hit and run driver last week. the last sunday officer gary miller was running along wellen avenue when a driver hit him from behind. the support group ran 4 miles from the spot where miller was hit to a park near the hospital where he is recovering. runners warn others they need to be careful on the road and brought cheer to officer gary miller and his family.
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>> one hit is one too much and it is really a shame that this happened at all. >> it is what can possibly happen, and you have to be aware of everything around you. people are on their phones, driving, not paying attention these days you never know what can happen. >> transit police say officers in plymouth township have a suspect in custody in connection with officer miller's hit and run. 4:09. in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood police are looking for two men who stabbed another man in the back this happened early yesterday morning near intersection of the front and clear field street. officials say the men stabbed the 39 year-old victim several times and was taken to temple university hospital and authorities expect him to recover. the two men accused of attacking the victim got the away on foot but no word on a motive. one person is dead after a shooting in kingsessing. police were called to the 5200 block of wood land for a reported shooting just after 5:00 yesterday afternoon. yesterday morning i should say. when police got there they found the man, dead, in the passenger seat of the minivan.
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officers have not released the victim's name. if you know anything, give police a call. coming up on 4:10. in new jersey, a young man has died after getting buck off a broncho in the rodeo. this happened in front of the thousands of spectators including his parents at cow town rodeo in pilesgrove salem county. horse bucked off 19 year-old corry lutes, then stepped on him several times during yesterday's event and he died at the hospital. he recently completed his freshman season at university of tennessee in the martin rodeo team. how sad is that. his coach released this statement on the cool's web said saying coy was an outstanding kid who had a real bright future. he was a good student and he came from a great family. even though he was only here for one year, his impact will be always felt here at ut martin. he was a super human being who had always taken care of business. it is hard to imagine why something like this had to
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happen but we have good faith that god is in control as the new jersey shore americans jump in to action to save a man who nearly drowned this happened in wildwood dress at aztech motel swimming pool. someone who worked there along with the guest jumped in to save the 34 year-old who was unconscious in the the water. remains in the hospital this morning in critical condition. so far police are not sure why that man ended up in the pool. still ahead, series of e-mails alleged that the resignations and firings of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will have preliminary results surrounding the so-called, porn gate scandal. growing controversy on a little boy falling in the the gorilla enclosure end with the death of that gorilla. what people are arguing, the cincinnati zoo should have done differently. sue good morning to you. well, three out of four ain't bad. we had three dry days during the holiday weekend to day will not be so dry. i will tell what you to expect as thunderstorms rumble through the area right now,
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forecast when we come right back.
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all right. a lot happened over the weekend we have an official heat wave as of saturday. we have a tropical storm named bonnie which has been downgraded to tropical depression bonnie with 30 miles an hour wind. just off the coast here of south carolina act aisle made land fall, already i should say but we are expecting this northeasterly turn but we're getting rain from that, believe it or not even as far north as we are. the plus we were going to have a cold front coming through
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anyway but everything has slowed down which means we can expect rain on and off throughout the rest of the day even though this heaviest rain and the strongest thunderstorms of the morning are moving through, right now. things will slow down but it will still be pretty drippy. if you are up around allentown, up around the lehigh valley, very heavy rain there right now, around topton, upper milford as well. thunderstorm around bensalem as we speak around florence, willingboro, new jersey, and cinnaminson, you just had that heavy rain. northampton, up there also is experiencing very heavy downpours. now it is a little lighter down the shore the rain but it is still raining and because this is a coastal storm we expect it to the continue to be a rainy day. as we look at the future cast you see plenty of cloud cover, on and off rain throughout the rest of the morning after this heavy rain, we will see more moving through around noon time, and continuing along the coast, so if you live in lehigh valley and pocono
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mountains we have a chance of seeing a little bit of sunshine but not much as the rest of that cold front and last gasp of that system moves through. later on this evening. so, we could get to 80 degrees today, it is very warm, very humid, 87 tomorrow and we do expect the sunshine to return, 83 on wednesday. so yes, we have the pictures now we are working on the words. as we look at the towards the end of the week it is upper 70's for thursday and friday. eighty again for the weekend and hopefully drying out for the first full weekend of june. that is your weather, traffic now and there is an accident on roosevelt boulevard northbound, just past ridge avenue, blocking three lanes there, so that is going to really slow you down this morning. probably the weather involved in that. police are on the scene. fire department as well, more information on that, backup on roosevelt boulevard, of course, from the accident side avoid that area if at all
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possible. you can see what a mess it is and there is some flooding, we have report in new jersey of 295 just past route 168, and that is blocking the left lane. chris? >> all right, sue, thank you. 4:17. fire breaks out inside a row home in north philadelphia overnight. crew where is called to the 1800 block of north taylor street around 1:45. fire fighters worked to put those flames not ten minutes. the fortunately no one was hurt. the state still has one of the nation ease most restrict beer sale laws. pennsylvania liquor control board licensed nine more convenient stores that sell gas, to carry take out, six packs, despite a state supreme court case that could invalidate those beer licenses. right now state law prohibits business from his selling both beer and gasoline. for decade officials say bars and larger quantity beer distributors controlled, take out beer sales. a washing about a dangerous new type of heroin
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mixed with a powerful new synthetic substance according to the wilkes barre times mirror, at least ten people have died this year from the drug that contained the material fentanyl, i'm messing up that, officials say substance is made in labs in china and significantly more powerful then heroin. senator patrick toomey has asked the obama administration to pressure chinese officials to stop the export of that drug fentanyl. there is it is. holiday weekend in the cincinnati zoo turns tragic for two reasons. the young boy wound up in the gorilla enclosure and the gorilla was killed. fox's jane mets letter has the controversy resulting in the aftermath of this event in cincinnati. >> reporter: horrifying moments at the cincinnati zoo, after a four year-old boy, wound up in the gorilla enclosure. >> mommy is right here. >> 400-pound gorilla, dragged
4:19 am
the boy around for ten minutes and dozens of families looked on. >> he has fallen in the gorilla cage and the grill ace slamming the child in the wall and in the water. >> reporter: zoo officials say the boy crawled through a barrier and fell in the mote. >> he was being dragged from the gorilla and the gorilla took him to one end of the habitat and little boy started screaming again and he grabbed him back again. >> reporter: zoo president says 17 year-old gorilla was not attacking the boy but could have easily killed him so a decision was made shoot to kill the gorilla. the zoo says it had to be done to save the boy's life. >> the decision was not made lightly. they are very endangered animals there aren't many in captivity but it has the proper ending. >> reporter: team chose to kill instead of the tranquilizing the gorilla because dart would have taken too long to kick in and the zoo keepers were worried about
4:20 am
the gorilla having an aggressive reaction while holding the boy. >> the team did a good job and they made the right choice but tough choice because they saved that little boys life. it could have been bad. >> reporter: boy was injured but has been since released from the hospital. zoo now back opened to the public, but the gorilla exhibit will be closed until further notice. jane mets lar "fox news". outrage has followed the zoo's decision to kill the grill a peta said quote, this tragedy is exactly why peta urges families to stay away from any facilities that display animals as side shows for humans to gawk at, end quote. next up in sports, phillies close out their series against the best team in the league. how cubs made looking winning against the phillies so easy. cubs are great this year. we will have some fun on
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i'm sean bell, phillies are back to the old phillies. they have lost three straight and seven out of their last ten after the great start their lack of hitting is starting to catch up abe the best team in the league just exploited them in every way this weekend. the cubs, they have been on fired against phillies.
4:25 am
third inning, he hits a 369-foot bomb, to right field. vincent velasquez usually great, not yesterday. he went four and one-third inning, giving up seven earned runs, phillies lost seven- two. they have lost nine out of their last 13 hoping to rebound against the nationals. and indy series 100 indianapolis 500, we kick things off at lap 64. the defending champ juan montoya spinning out of control. he would be done for the day. final lap, alexander rodman, separated himself from the rest, first rookie since 2001 to, win the indy 500, that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. the dodgers taking on the met in new york over the weekend, chase has a big night saturday. excitement started in the third inning. the mets pitcher noah
4:26 am
sandguard, throws behind him. he met thely was tossed by the umpire. he later defied it was in retaliation by the slide in the playoffs last season where utley slid into second base. few innings later, all right. >> infield push es backup. >> utley with his bat with the solo home run. in the seventh, bases loaded, chase unloads, that is a grand slam right there. dodgers took two out of three. >> almost as good to watch this as phillies fans, but we could use his bat, my goodness. the way phillies have been hitting lately. chase and dodgers come to philadelphia in mid-august. still ahead doctor heimlich uses the maneuver he invent todd save the woman's life. that woman is speaking out and revealing the life affirming lesson that she learned straight ahead. sue serio has been tracking remnants of bonnie. >> yeah, it looks like the
4:27 am
storm will be with us probably on and off, all day, the question is, will you see any sunshine for memorial day? we will let you know in the forecast coming up.
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good morning, waking up to a very wet medical yam day. we are looking live at
4:30 am
trenton. how long will wet weather stick around on a day when many people are planning to barbecue. will this ruin your plans? we will let you know. the as hot weather ramps up so do fears about the zika virus and mosquitoes that could car that i disease. what one local county is doing to consider fining people. it is monday, may 30th, 2016, i'm chris murphy. lauren dawn johnson is out of town right now on this memorial day, sue serio. we mentioned with all this rain dumping toward fourth and market will ruin everybody's outdoor plans. >> not necessarily for the barbecue. i think because we have rain coming through right now we will see breaks in the action. it will not be a good beach day we will be honest about that but you may be able to run out, grill your dogs and burgers and then come on back in. i would just have a plan b for your cook out today, hopefully, you'll be able to do what you want to do it is not going to rain every single minute but we will have rain around all day long. so, you will see cloud cover, and the areas where you see
4:31 am
red, orange, that is where rain is heaviest and you can see how downpours pop up looking at this loop over the last hour. there is a downpour in central flaws ter county. we have been watching thunderstorms roll up i-95 and bensalem. we will take a closer look at. that it is steadily raining in the city and 17 degrees. 93 percent relative humidity 567:89:35 is your sunrise time. temperatures in the 60's to the north and 70's to the south of us and it is extremely muggy this morning. so, it is memorial day, and, of course, we remember the reason for the holiday today, we are looking at the a high of 80 degrees but warm, humid with on and off rain all day long. that is your weather authority forecast. time is 4:31. glad you are with us early this holiday morning. better to be outside, because the roads are very wet out there and we have a big accident we told but last time blocking all lanes on the
4:32 am
roosevelt boulevard, the northbound side between ridge and fox street. police and fire department on the scene. we have to assume weather had something to do with that and there is a huge backup, on the boulevard, from that accident. you can see even at this hour of the morning, just solid traffic on the northbound boulevard, approaching ridge avenue, so avoid that area at all cost this is morning. the flooding reported in new jersey, 295 northbound past 168, blocking the left lane, chris. >> back to the weather, a lot of people heading down the shore for the memorial day weekend, it is the unofficial start of the summer and dave kinchen is in atlantic city toy see how things are shaping up there, hi there, dave. >> reporter: i have got rain gear on getting ready for any kind of rain that will be coming through. we certainly is saw that on the radar here. we will step out of the way. it is like a spooky ghost town as our a iron. editor jackie was telling us looking at the shot from the
4:33 am
4:00 o'clock top of the hour. it is a mixture of mist, also some fog and we are looking at what you can make out of the tropicana lights there. so, you can see some of it but it is still kind of the spooky situation too. look at this new jersey shore pizza and grill, operation, really only business that we can see that is opened up at this hour and there is a couple people coming in possibly just after a night of celebration, just good times, beginning to get a bite to eat before they helped out to where they are going but the big question is what impact will weather have on businesses likely washing out profits for the day. hopefully not but we can certainly assume that friday, saturday and sunday have been pretty good for business but the big question is how that will impact everything today. we will see if that rain will move through. back to you. >> dave kinchen live in atlantic city, thank you. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says that we will have a preliminary results of the
4:34 am
investigation into the inappropriate e-mail, on state servicer tomorrow. in december kane ordered the review of offensive, sometimes pornographic materials shared by prosecutors judges and others in the criminal justice system. the maryland attorney hired to carry out the investigation said it is unlikely it will result in criminal charges. it has had resignations, firings, disciplinary actions and retirements of two state supreme court justices, ethics charges against one of them. kane faces an august trial on charge that he is she leaked grand jury materials allegations she vehemently denies. property owners could face fines for having standing water because of concerns over yes, mosquitoes, of course. county council is reportedly giving the government the ability to penalize property owners 50 bucks for having a mosquito breeding habitat in their yard. if the legislation passes,
4:35 am
standing water in artificial containers such as old tires, fountains, bird baths, flower pots, they have to be regularly emptied of water this comes as fear grows that the zika virus could come here and cause a big problem. most people who contacted the virus are contracted either as mild or no symptoms but it is suspect of causing miscarriages and serious birth defects. big story, of course, the weather, jennifer joyce is roaming right now, where are you right now, jen? >> we are driving along baltimore pike in the area of springfield, delaware county heading to the media area we are hearing that the media parade is still on, it is set for 10:00 o'clock this morning. will that be the case a few hours? i'm not so sure because it is wet out there. we will have an update on the parades that are still hang coming up.
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4:39 am
memorial day and we're just driving around right now in delaware county, getting in the springfield area on baltimore pike. as you can see wipers have been going all morning long at just a light rain right now. i'm not sure if we can get a good sense of the puddles on the ground though because it has been raining pretty hard all night long and as we hear sue serio talk about the rain will likely persist as day goes on, and in the media area we are hearing that the 10:00 o'clock parade is still hang. that is in the center of the town at state street and edmond ton. in center city earlier this morning the rain was really coming down, but based on the forecast you wonder how many places will get cancelled, over the weekend, we were out, at a couple memorial day parade, one in deptford, new jersey and one in humeville, bucks county and it was nice that some of these parade were scheduled over weekend.
4:40 am
it was 90, sunny and today was certainly not the best day for an outdoor event. in media the plan is to have several local band, marching band and veterans groups take part in the parade. they are also asking the town to show their support for those who have made their ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom and again, this year marks 150th memorial day parade so it is a big year to be celebrating. we expect more cancellations as of right now parade have been cancelled in west deptford, new jersey, west windsor, new jersey, burlington city, middletown ship new jersey, and avalon. avalon is still going to have a ceremony happening indoors at the community hall. one parade in particular in lansdale is happening rain or shine. if you are looking no matter weather if you want to participate in something local lansdale parade is still set for later today, chris.
4:41 am
>> jennifer joyce, thank you. shooters take aim at a auto shop and police helicopter during a deadly rampage in texas. what investigators are working to figure out this morning. shake up in the race for white house while marco rubio says he will support donald trump but what he won't do, straight ahead, hi sue. we are looking at, pockets of heavier rain moving through the area right now a lot of the heavier rain and thunderstorms are in bucks county and mercer county right now, so you are probably hearing it if that is where you live. how long will this last? we will let you know in your memorial day forecast coming up.
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♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ welcome back. while many people are outside enjoying another gorgeous day on this holiday weekend people in the carolinas were staying indoors because of this, tropical depression bonnie that sue has been talking about. a rot of beach goers pack up their vacations early, heading home, and that is the thing, take a listen to what they are saying. >> you know, as soon as you get in the water your feet almost lifted out from under you but once on the board you don't feel it. you take a glance just to see where you are at, you know, and eventually go out, walk down and do it all over again. >> talking about the rip currents, of course. many beaches had extra life guard all weekend long but they recommended staying out of the the water. change in the storm's strength over the next 48 hours. bonnie will continue to produce rain, elevated surf
4:45 am
and rip currents like we're seeing this morning, sue, what a mess driving in a couple hours ago. >> yes, bonnie is out of south carolina but we are still seeing effects of it the here. tropical depression with 30 miles an hour wind, 5 miles west of charleston, south carolina only moving at a rate of 1 mile an hour. would i call that a stationary storm at this point but we expectly expect to slowly move northward which gives us a chance of more rain. we are getting a cold front from the west. we have a couple systems coming at us this morning which is giving us, the rain this morning. the rain extending down through north carolina and those areas of orange and red that we told but and lightening that pops up, that is where the storms are at their worst. so we will check once again around the allentown area where we're seeing heavy rain, up north towards easton so parts of the lehigh valley and poconos, and then, a strong thunderstorm, up around trenton, it looks like mercer county is just covered with lightening there.
4:46 am
so undoubted pretty loud there, very spotty showers, at the shore this morning, and we are continuing to see cloud cover and on and off rain it is not an ideal beach day, let's be honest about that. flood advisory until 7:30 for parts of the bucks and mercer county as we saw heavy rain there and future cast shows on and off rain continuing, rest of the day, and we're socked in with cloud, for the rest of the morning but you can see up to the west and north of us, they have been out a little bit. only chance we really have of sunshine is north and west of the city. more rain rolling in the shore points this afternoon. it is on and off, pop up thunderstorms possible the rest of the the day. i think here in the city south and east is where we will be socked in with included and then we will get that cold front coming through tonight that should be the last gasp of our rain and it start, to clear out tomorrow. so just in time to go back to work, school, and it will look great on tuesday. past seven days we will look at the official heat wave the first one of the year,
4:47 am
thursday, friday, saturday we will reach 90 degrees. we should have been at 78. well above average there we will be today with a high around 80 degrees and we will give it three out of ten. seven tomorrow, and then a nine on wednesday because we do expect lower humidity, on wednesday and thursday, big difference, a chance have of showers, friday, saturday and sunday but as you see there with the pictures a chance of sunshine, phillies home the whole time, lets hope their fortunes turn around. they will face nationals. we will talk about that coming up. we will check traffic, bob kelly is off today. we will have the schuylkill approaching the vine street expressway, you can see it the right there, if you are in that right-hand lane you are definitely going to hydro plane. watch out, lots of caution on that part of the schuylkill and that accident on roosevelt boulevard at ridge pike well, they have finally moved it to the shoulder so now traffic backup has cleared, a huge backup for 4:00 in the morning but don't worry about that anymore but do use caution out
4:48 am
there. norwood township is there an accident, south avenue, at chester pike, avoid the area in that part of the delaware county this morning, chris. >> 4:48. a chopper riddled with bullets, five police cars shot up, two people dead, eight others injured. this is in houston, texas. swat descending on the scene in the well to do part of the city as at least one gunman took over an auto shop, with high powered weapons. this is not the right video. let's get off this video if we can and tell you about what is going on in houston. swat officer killed one suspect whom witnesses say seemed to be firing randomly at anything that moved including people and cars, a second possible suspect, in the hospital, as police try to figure out a motive in this terrible situation here in houston texas. lets get ready now for rnc and dnc. of course, that is all over philadelphia. dnc at least but in a round of four in the libertarian party
4:49 am
chose presidential nominee already. former new mexico governor gary johnson is parties official candidate, the six three-year old was also nominee in 2012. they are hoping for a strong showing in november to take votes from democrats and republicans don't like trump or clinton. i think that millions of people are going to be trying to understand what it is to be a libertarian an it will be my voice describing that to the best of my ability. >> johnson got the about 1 percent of the popular vote when he ran on the libertarian ticket in 2012. florida senator marco rubio says he will support donald trump for president but he won't campaign for him. instead the florida senator will campaign with republican candidates in the house and senate. rubio dropped out of the g.o.p. presidential race after losing his home state to trump. rubio says his policy differences with trump but won't attack him because that
4:50 am
will only help hillary clinton. this is pretty fascinating at four credit 50. a doctor who created the heimlich maneuver said he performed the procedure for the very first time to actually safe a life. ninety-six year-old doctor memberry heimlich was sitting at a table and restaurant in cincinnati when a person started choking. what did he do? he sprang into action. >> i turned her around so her back would be exposed to me, put my arms around her and i performed the heimlich man newer and started compressions. a piece of meat came out and she started breathing. >> i wrote to the doctor, doctor heimlich, i said god
4:51 am
put me in this seat next to you because i ordered a hamburger and the next thing i know i could not breathe i was checking. >> heimlich introduce that had maneuver in 1974 but said he had never actually used tonight a life and death situation, until right now. isn't that fascinating. still ahead more than 4,000 sailors, marines, coastguardsmen have descended on the big apple. annual celebration they are taking part into honor the u.s. military services. that is a live look the at ben franklin parkway. for dog hair and dirt
4:52 am
i use resolve pet foam. spray it on evenly. rub it in. and then i vacuum. it's like i have a brand new carpet. and, rigby is enjoying it as well. when i have a pet stain, i use resolve pet expert carpet spray. it just takes a couple of sprays. and then you dab it up. smells nice, stains gone!
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a little eric clapton for you, let it rain in reading, pennsylvania. a smooth song, a classic, i love the clapton still releasing music. 4:54 is the time. that is theme song for today, let it rain. 4,000 may have i sailors marine and coastguardsmen invade the big apple for fleet week. annual celebration began in 1982 honored u.s. military sea services giving civilians an up close look at our military might and a chance to say thank you. fox's breen yenis is in new jersey with more.
4:55 am
>> reporter: spectacular views and incredible day here at liberty state park overlooking the new york city sky line as 20th annual fleet week continues honoring u.s. navy, coastguard and u.s. marines. a team of a let parachuters known as leap frogs jumped from the sea dragon on sunday as it hovered aboard 5,000 feet overhead. parachuters, many active navy seals using smoke grenades so they can take in the spec tack lar falls. one attaching an american flag in honor of those who served and continued to serve in the nation's military. m860's, flying past the new york city sky line, incredible sight as they propelled by one world trade center. they rammed in front of the crowd as marines broke down in full gear, navy seal parachuters tell us what fleet week is all about. never had an opportunity to interact with the navy as well as the military in general. fleet week gives us an opportunity to come, talk
4:56 am
about the citizens of new york and tell them about our jobs, what we do as well as the rest of the navy. it gives us that opportunity to shed some light in our jobs. >> reporter: u.s. navy showing off their gadgets to kid and families like this sub z a new light weight wait remote control robot with high definition cameras used for bomb detection and risky missions. others played with navy, deep sea drivers capable of staying under water for six hours at a time. then there are marines. i tried on their gear as i held the m4 rifle, marines are expected to fight, with about 115 pounds worth of gear. all of those events highlighting memorial day weekend a chance for to us remember these who died, serving our country, in our military, while honoring those who continue to do so n new jersey, brian yenis, "fox news". and do you have someone you want to honor this memorial kay? send us pictures of the military members in your family. use the #fox 29 good day,
4:57 am
coming up on 4:57, still ahead a tragic ending in a new jersey rodeo, how a university is now remembering a young man who died after getting buck off a broncho. last look at radar very active, sue is tracking what this means for your memorial day plans. good day.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
pretty rainy monday. you can see bonnie moving in on the right-hand side of your screen. we are looking at olde city just moments ago it was dumping here. on and off heavy rain, when it comes down. will it abe complete wash out? sue will let you know. also a gruesome case of animal cruelty, two dogs, set on fire and left to die. the reward money that police are now offering for an arrest in this case. and city transit cop who was run down by a hit and run driver last week continues his road to recovery a group of runners is working to lend a hand. good day, it is monday, may 30th, 2016. lauren's off, i'm chris murphy on this memorial day. sue serio, bob kelly is off. sue has weather and traffic. driving was not fun this morning a lot of challenges, indeed and we will give you, i think because it is a holiday weekend. you want perfect weather. it is real. it is three out of ten. i don't


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