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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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pretty rainy monday. you can see bonnie moving in on the right-hand side of your screen. we are looking at olde city just moments ago it was dumping here. on and off heavy rain, when it comes down. will it abe complete wash out? sue will let you know. also a gruesome case of animal cruelty, two dogs, set on fire and left to die. the reward money that police are now offering for an arrest in this case. and city transit cop who was run down by a hit and run driver last week continues his road to recovery a group of runners is working to lend a hand. good day, it is monday, may 30th, 2016. lauren's off, i'm chris murphy on this memorial day. sue serio, bob kelly is off. sue has weather and traffic. driving was not fun this morning a lot of challenges, indeed and we will give you, i think because it is a holiday weekend. you want perfect weather. it is real. it is three out of ten. i don't think it will
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necessarily rain every minute of the day but you will see rain on and off all day as we look and see we will zoom in closer because we see this cluster of lightening moving through mercer county right now and headed toward parts of the burlington county and northern new jersey. that is strong thunderstorms there. we are watching heavy rain that will be moving into southern delaware and eventually, the jersey shore. so yeah, we're focusing on shore on this holiday weekend. it is not a good weather day, so we have got rain up to the north of us as well to the northwest of us in philadelphia we will zoom into show thaws but we have a flash flood warning for this area, in philadelphia, because of the heavy rain. we have seen about 2 inches have rain so far just this morning here in philadelphia, so undoubted caughting flooding, penny pack creek is a place getting that heavy rain and then we have a flood advisory in effect north and west of us where we saw that
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really strong thunderstorms. we have 71 degrees, very humid. sunrise 5:35. not expecting sunshine but it is a nice long day for you. temperatures in the 60's to the north of us, 70's to the south, very mug think morning and indeed it is memorial day and we're expecting well, rain on and off throughout the rest of the day. we will get close to 80 degrees though even with all of the cloud cover, because of the wind that are coming from the south and warmer temperatures as well. so that takes care of today, we will talk about improvement in the seven day forecast coming up but at 5:02 it is time to check traffic. now moments ago we showed thaw big puddle, on the the schuylkill expressway. new we have an accident right the there. we talked about the possibility of hydroplaning there it looks like somebody got caught in that, and so this is eastbound near the vine street expressway. flooding and an accident, two left lanes are block. you can see folks, the guy
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complete thely spun around in that car and then folks go in slowly through giant puddle and that part of the the schuylkill. ben franklin bridge heading in to philadelphia, very slick roads there, take it easy, luckily not a lot of traffic and shuttle buses will be replacing trains on the media elwyn line, because they have got construction going on, this morning. that is kind of ongoing, chris. >> all right, sue serio, thank you. >> and that rain pouring down, this morning, complete wash out for those heading to the shore hoping the sun will come out, or the not? lets go now to dave kinchen who is down the shore in atlantic city to be exact. all right, dave, it looks like it is getting worse in the last hour. >> reporter: yes, it is expect to, we're expect ago this to continue a little bit here, boardwalk is wet where we are right now, this business just closed up, this new jersey shore, pizza and grill shut down, guys just left here.
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that was some of the light we got here on the boardwalk but taking a look downey can make out a little bit more of the tropicana but not by much. it is just really wet, breezy at this time and we keep watching the radar and all that moisture all of that rain coming up from the south, the remnant of the tropical depression, bonnie making their way up this way. everybody is dressed in the rain gear and over weekend, of course, businesses, did likely very well with the people coming through for vacation, some people leaving home, early, and people were talking about it was foggy yesterday and of course they dealt with that but now it is the fog and rain coming so question is how will that impact vacationers looking to leave, perhaps at the last minute before they return to work tomorrow. how will that impact businesses. the that is something we will find out throughout the day but that is the big question here in atlantic city. back to you. >> not the only question on
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this memorial day when it comes to weather and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country. jennifer joyce is on her way to marple will township checking conditions there we understand some parade are still on, is that right. >> reporter: yeah, i have been checking various web sites and facebook pages, furiously trying to figure out is what still on and is what still happening given the current conditions outside. driving right now in delaware county in the area of media but we are heading to marple township, the roads are extremely wet and we have been dealing with some heavy downpours periodically right now, it is some lighter rainfall but regardless, there are some pretty serious puddles on the ground right now. just getting an update here cherry hill is saying their parade will go on rain or shine. lansdale, also rain or shine. cancelled newtown, bucks county has cancelled their parade and bensalem has also
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cancelled their parade. however they have a rain date scheduled for june 5th, sunday. over the weekend we were able to get out to a couple of memorial day ceremonies, and parade, one was in deptford, new jersey. we also shot one in humeville, bucks county, and great to see some of those parades were scheduled over the weekend when it was 90 degrees and sunny day to day is not the day for an outdoor event. right now, cruising in the media delaware county area which is supposed to still have a 10:00 o'clock parade happening, this morning, we have in the heard otherwise so the game plan, it the is for several local marching band, veterans groups to take part in the parade and they are asking newtown to come out and show their support for those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom this year marks 150th memorial day a big year for celebrating. so again a couple events that are going on rain or shine
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right now. we know lansdale and we know cherry hill, again i'm looking and i'm trying to check area townships so if you have something in mind in particular or if you want to know fur parade is still happening tweet me, facebook me and if you know for certain that a parade has been cancelled let me know that for well and i will be sure to broadcast that. >> a lot to take in, jen, great work. thanks very much. 5:07. search is on for a person behind an astonishing case of animal cruelty. manhunt began after authorities found burned bodies 206 dogs in chester. two dogs, officials say were found burned alive, in the front of the garage, and back alley along the 28 hundred block of west sixth street. the animals were found inside of a plastic bag. melted by the flames. officials say that it is unclear where the dogs came from or who was responsible for killing those dogs. neighbors say they don't necessity how someone could have done this. >> i'm a dog lover myself and i wouldn't even imagine how
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anybody would have the audacity or even come to their heart to do something like that. it is just disgusting. >> somebody knows something, somebody knows where these animals came from and it is not okay that this animal abuse just takes place. >> non-profit group justice rescue is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and convictions in this case. a local group of runners taking to the streets in the the get well relay to support a septa transit cop, who was run down by a hit and run driver last week the last sunday, officer gary miller was running along rowland avenue when a driver hit him from behind. the support group ran 4 miles from the spot where miller was hit to a park in the hospital where he is recovering. runners warning others that they need to be careful on the roads and broad cheer to overs gary miller and his family. >> one is one too many and it is really a shame that this happened at all. >> it is what can possibly happen and you have to be aware of everything around you
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and people are on their phones, driving, not paying attention these days you never know what will happen. >> transit police say officers in plymouth township have a suspect in custody in connection with officer miller's hit and run. in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood police are looking for two men who stabbed another man in the back. it happened early yesterday morning in the intersection of the front and clear field streets. officials say that the men stabbed the 39 year-old victim several times. he was taken to temple university hospital and authority expect him to recover. that is good news. the as for two men accused in this they took off on foot in, word on a motive. one person is dead after shooting in kingsessing, police were called to the 5200 block of wood land for a reported shooting just after 5:00 yesterday morning. when they got there they found a man dead in the passenger seat of a minivan. officers have not release that had victim's name. if you have any information call the police. in new jersey a young man has died after getting buck off a broncho in the rodeo.
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this happened in front of the thousands of spectators including the parents of the rider. this was at the cow town rodeo in pilesgrove salem county. authorities say the horse that buck off 19 year-old coy lutes, then stepped on him several times during yesterday's event. he died at the hospital. he recently completed his fresh nan season at university of tennessee at martin rodeo team. at the new jersey shore good smart tans jumped in to action saving a man who nearly drowned, this happened in wildwood crest in the aztech motel swimming pool some one who worked there with a guest jumped in to save a 34 year-old unconscious in the water and remains in critical condition this morning. so far police are not sure why that man ended up in the pool. still ahead a warning bye a dangerous new type of heroin where officials say it is coming from and what they are doing to stop the export of that drug. plus storms continue to rip through the state of texas, number of people that are being forced to leave their homes after the latest
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state of texas gets pounded with strong storms. take a look at this video. 800 people being forced to leave their homes in eastern texas after torrential rain and dangerous flooding. mandatory evacuation is in order for town of simon machines son on the river which officials believe, could rise very quickly. 20 inches have rape has now fallen in that area people living there are told to get out of town. >> people living across the street from me, around 10:30
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their front yard was totally dry and then it is just exploded. their whole front yard is under water. >> i have been here 20 years and i have neff been in a flood yet and thinks worst i have seen it. >> authority in central texas found two more bodies, bringing the death toll from the flooding in that state of texas to six. we have weather of our own, 5:15 is the time, the boys of c low green, who is 42 years old. weather here is crazy. sue, we've got as much as 2 inches of rain overnight all right. >> just since last night. rain rolled in last night and these localized heavier downpours and yes, we have already measured 2 inches in some spots this morning. all thanks to this tropical depression bonnie, and we were together on friday, we were talking about possible tropical formation. it has already been a tropical storm downgraded to a depression. 5:00 o'clock update has it
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moving north east at a rate about 20 miles an hour, just expected to inch into north carolina and eventually move out to sea and we will see, continued rain from that but it won't be continuous if you know what i mean. it will be around but not every minute. so you will see dry spots here in delaware, but look at this heavy downpour moving in the eastern shore of maryland and eventually heading in to southern delaware we will see if it holds together and hits jersey shore. we have watched earlier some downpours up in the lehigh valley and now up around upper mount bethel we are getting heavy rain there and lower mount bethel as well. we will move down into new jersey, upper freehold, very heavy rain there chesterfield, in burlington county. then we will move over to delco and montgomery county, glenside, steady rain here, haverford as well as marple township, some steady rain, and then very light rain along the jersey shore, which is, of
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course, our focus on this holiday weekend. we have a flood advisory until 7:30 for parts of the bucks and mercer counties as we lot at average high we were so above average every day of the weekend including yesterday. we broke heat wave with 87 degrees but still pretty hot before the rain rolled in. we will expect to get to around 80 today and back in the upper 80's tomorrow but best news about tomorrow is, we dry out, and we should have some pretty nice day, the best two weather days of the week it looks like wednesday are thursday and then we will role in the chance of rain on friday, saturday, and sunday, but we also have time to work on that forecast, that is your seven day for the weather authority, checking traffic for you this morning at 5:17. we have an incident where a car spun out probably hit that big puddle on the schuylkill expressway eastbound just past the vine. police have arrived on the scene and the accident has been moved to the shoulder, and you can see that police
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car stationary there, to warn follow becomes that giant puddle in the right lane, so you have to take caution through that area i-95 at cottman avenue very light traffic this morning you can tell it is a holiday in, delays, wet roads but folks seemed to be traveling at a reasonable speed there. we have patco on a holiday schedule. new jersey transit the buses on a holiday schedule and dart buses, suspended, today, chris? >> sue, thanks very much. a fire breaks out inside a row home in north philadelphia overnight. crews called to the 1800 block of north take already street around 1:45. fire fighters work to put those flames out. it took about ten minutes. fortunately officials say no one was hurt. is there a growing number of options for pennsylvanians can pick up a six pack. the state has one of the nation's mow restricted beer sale laws. restrict is one word for it. pennsylvania liquor control board licensed, nine more convenient stores that sell gas, that carry take out six
5:19 am
packs despite a penning state supreme court case that could invalid date those beer licenses. good luck putting that toothpaste back in the tube. currently state law prohibits business from his selling both, beer and gas, for decade officials say beers and larger quantity beer distributors control take out beer sales. 5:19. warning about a dangerous new type of heroin mixed with the powerful new synthetic substance. according to the wilkes barre times leader at least ten people have died this year from drugs that contain the material fentanyl, and officials say that the substance is made in labs and in where else, china and significantly more powerful then heroin. senator patrick toomey has asked the obama administration to pressure chinese officials to stop the export of that drug. investigators are trying to determine a motive after a shoot-out in the houston texas neighborhood. bullets went hitting eight people and even responding a striking police helicopter. as fox's kelly wright the
5:20 am
shooting sparked a fire at a nearby gas station. >> reporter: wild and deadly is how police in houston texas are describing a shooting rampage on the city's west side, on sunday ending with two people killed and six others wounded, including two police officer. >> look and seeing me across the street and shot at me. >> reporter: it all started around 10:15 a.m. with reports of the gunman firing at random in and around an auto shop with heavy duty ar15 weapons. >> they were shooting randomly not only, just like at whoever, happened to be on the scene. >> reporter: customer at auto shop a man in his 50's was fatally shot when a man walk in and began shooting there. police say that gunman was later killed by police and another suspect was shot and wounded. meantime nearby residents were ordered to shelter in place, as swat officers were called
5:21 am
in. >> they walked through that door and then went through that seat, and then that seat. >> reporter: one point a bullet hit a nearby gas station triggering a fire. at least three police vehicles sustained damage as well including one struck, 21 times, and a responding police helicopter was even shot, five times. one police officer was shot in the head and a second officer was also injured but saved by his bullet-proof vest. both officers have been released from the hospital. in the meantime three victims shot while inside their cars in the area are hospitalized. but with non-life threatening injuries. so far there is in word on any potential motive. in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". 5:21. still ahead, series of e-mails that led to the resignations and firing when pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will have preliminary results
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surrounding the co called porn gate scandal. growing controversy a little boy falls into a gorilla enclosure and end in the death of that gorilla, what people are airing a ewing the zoo should have done much differently. here's your winning lottery numbers good luck.
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welcome back at 5:25. a wet, soggy and flooded memorial day week men parts of the south carolina this is jasper county, heavier rains pounded the area over the weekend as thanks to tropical depression bonnie, which we are seeing here. portions of i-95 was even shut down because of flooding. official says no one was hurt but a 21 year-old man went missing while swimming and has not been found. outrage from animal activist over shooting death of a gorilla at a zoo in cincinnati. zoo officials say that a four year-old boy, crawled through a barrier at the gorilla habitat and fell in the mote. workers say that a 400-pound gorilla dragged that boy, around, for ten minutes, as dozens of families looked on in horror.
5:26 am
the 17 year-old gorilla was not attacking the boy but could have easily killed him according to zoo officials so decision was made to shoot to kill. something that they say they had to be done to save that boys life. >> decision was not made likely lowland gorillas are very endangered animals there aren't that many in captivity but it has the proper ending. >> zoo keepers were worried about the gorillas having an aggressive reacting to tranquilized while holding the boy. peta release aid statement saying this tragedy is exactly why peta urges families to stay away from any facilities that displays animals as side shows for humans to gawk ought. 5:36. still ahead another person throwing his race in the white house details on the candidate, libertarians officially chose down in orlando, sue serio,. >> we are still seeing showers in the area, in some cases,
5:27 am
heavy downpours. will you be able to run out and grill that burger? we will let you know coming up. ♪ hey!
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. 5:30 is the time. we are waking up to a wet memorial day. how long will wet weather stick around? will it ruin your barbecue
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plans? we will let you know. so do fears about the zika virus as mosquitoes that care the disease. what one local county is now considering, fining for something thaw might be doing or not doing. good day, it is monday, may 30th 2016. i'm chris murphy. lauren johnson has this day off. bus stop buddy, he is not at school today. if were to head out today what would buddy wear. >> he is pool side because that is where buddy is on a holiday but rainy and humid. we see him with the umbrella it is not raining every minute and it won't every minute of the day. i want to emphasize. that you will be able to run out and throw a few burgers on the grill but staying outside could be a challenge. it might be in and out, and with the possibility of thunderstorms you have to keep an eye on the skies as far as swimming in your pool or at the shore. so here's what we have got. we have more rain rolling from the tropical storm, former tropical storm now a depression way down to the
5:31 am
south of us but this is a plume of moisture as they call it streaming up and you can see more showers moving from dover, delaware, across the bay, through into new jersey. we have this scattered all around, heavy downpour moving into sussex county in delaware, about to impact the delaware beaches. so here in the city we have seen on and off rain all morning and we had a strong thunderstorms about an hour and a half ago with thunder and lightening and heavy downpours which is why we have a flash flood warning in effect for part of the philadelphia county especially the penny pack creek which has flooded this morning. but now that the rain has calmed down we expect that to recede and then flood advisory until 7:30 to the north of us around mercer county and part of the bucks county as well. here we are with 71 damp degrees with 93 percent relative humidity. not much wind. 5:35 is your sunrise time. sixty's to the north of us,
5:32 am
muggy 70's to the south as we start your memorial day and we are looking ahead to a high of around 80 degrees because of the southerly wind but also on and off rain pretty much all day long. if you see any sunshine at all you'll be in the pocono mountains and lehigh valley, further north and when is the greater chance of seeing sun today. that is your weather 5:32. we had three dry days out of four today. here's a vacant row weighed. where are we? 422 at trooper road. it is all clear. we are seeing some dry roads because rain becomes more on and off variety. i-95 approaching airport, no traffic delays there you can barely count cars on the road and there is still pretty damp. new jersey, union mill road between heart for round and briggs road is closed for flooding. take hainesport road in that your nail in that part of the new jersey. all that rain across the
5:33 am
area putting a damper on people plans down the shore. dave kinchen is now seeing how things shaping up or not along the boardwalk in atlantic city, hi there, dave. >> reporter: hi chris. we are getting more rain, coming through if you will. some people here on the boardwalk, you can see down the way there. really foggy, but some of it is lifting and then comes back a little bit the more. again, the boardwalk is soaked as you can see right there. as we look at the other side of the boardwalk we have seen police, coming up and down, just checking everything out like they usually do but nothing out of the ordinary other than just the mist and the rain and just a lot of vacationers, kind of leery about whether they should try to enjoy a little bit more of actual memorial day or just head back and call it an abbreviated holiday weekend.
5:34 am
the good news though is from the looks of social media and everything over the last couple days weekend was great, businesses have likely done very well. they may consider today to be somewhat of a wash? it depend. we will take a look. all and all, somewhat of a decent weekend. if anything people just calling it the a break a little bit early and getting out of town earlier then expect due to the weather, now back to you. >> expressway might be a mess with all of the cars and weather, trying to get out of town. why stick around down the shore if you don't need to and enjoy the outdoors. >> reporter: exactly, right. >> all right, dave, thanks. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says that we will have the preliminary results of an investigation in inappropriate e-mails found on state servicer tomorrow. in december kane ordered review of offensive sometimes rhawn chicago and pornographic materials, shared among judges, prosecutors and others in the criminal justice system. maryland attorney hired to
5:35 am
carry out the investigation has said it the is unlikely the probe will result in criminal charges. e-mail scandal has led to resignations, firings disciplinary actions and retirement of the two state supreme court justices and ethics charges against one of them. kane faces an august trial on charge that he is she leak grand jury material allegation that is she has vehemently denied. property owners in new castle county delaware could face fines for having standing water. this is because of concerns over mosquitoes. county council is reportedly considering giving the government the ability to penalize property owners $50 for having a mosquito breeding habitat in their yards f this legislation passes standing water and artificial containers such as old tires, buckets, fountains, bird baths would have to be emptied out as a regular basis this comes as fears grow the mosquito born zika virus could grow. most people who contract virus have mild or no symptoms but
5:36 am
it is suspected of causing miscarriages and serious birth defects most nettably very small heads of new borns. next up in sports phillies close out their series, against the cubs, thank goodness they are getting out of chicago. they got swept but they are looking a head to a nice ten game home stand starting tonight. lets take a live look at the radar will phillies good it that game in? sue will let you know. ♪
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good morning aim sean bell, phillies are struggling in a major way right now. they have lost nine out of their last 13, three in a row and this weekend's showdown with the cubs exploited every weekness that the phillies had, including a pitching staff that has no longer looking so great. the cubs ben z obrings has so brings, hit it to right feel. vince velasquez usually great not today. he went four rain one-third inning, giving up seven earned runs. phillies lose seven-two. they have lost nine out of 13. just awful. hoping to rebound with the nationals today. in the french open fourth round andy murray, first set murray puts it in the corner. isnor hits it back but, lit tool long. right there, murray gets it
5:40 am
back. now, we will go to match point murray with the great serve, look at this, perfect, spot, he goes on to win and advance to the next round. that is sports in one minute. i'm sean bell. all right. let's head to indianapolis an exciting finish in the 100 running of the indy 500, more than 350,000 people on hand to see this race, first time it has been sold out. we will pick it up on lap 64, last year winner juan pablo montoya gets loose and crashes in the wall. that would be the end of his day. final lap, rookie alexander rossi, who? alexander rossi, he wins, a gutsy call not to pull over for a pit stop, he companies is a cross the line for the win and rossi is first rookie to win, the indy 500 since 2001. still ahead big changes are coming to the reading
5:41 am
terminal market. new serve that is will aim to help visiting customers, sue. service we are trying to provide this morning is warning you about where the rain is and where it isn't. you see there are some dry spots and some heavy rain rolling into delaware and eventually for you in the jersey shore, we will break it down coming up.
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very happy birthday to actress idina menzel she played in wicked and rent, and she's most famous for this, of course, though, elsa, disney frozen let it go. menzel turns 45. >> doesn't she look fantastic. >> right. >> yeah. so, so talented. we have got a look at what is happening with our weather, now, there is the direction that bonnie has taken and still a tropical depression. lots of humidity and southeasterly wind and a cold front, that we would have had even if bonnie had never formed. we would have been forecasting some wet weather, as dry weather comes, but not until tomorrow, unless you are far north and west of the city. we will talk about that in a second. bonnie is down here, along the south carolina coast right around charleston south caroline, center of the storm
5:45 am
still soaking these south carolina, north carolina beaches as it continues to move, moisture from the storm extend as far north and we are still seeing heavy downpours as we look in the eastern shore, some heavy rain heading in to delaware and eventually the jersey shore. for rest of the day think on and off rain, north and west of the city where we will get some sunshine there before the day is through probably not here and probably in the south and east. it is raining in the poconos mountains right now in upper freehold and chesterfield and new hanover. browns mills and pemberton, new jersey you're seeing heavy rain right now. downpours keep popping up. here's one in cherry hill and across the river in montgomery county around glenside just one pocket of pretty heavy rain there and it the is spotty at jersey shore right now but we are forecasting that cell to move to the north. flash flood warning continues for philadelphia area around
5:46 am
penny pack creek which has seen flooding this morning and there was a heavy downpour and lightening and thunder that moved through mercer county, not too long ago. residual flooding from that as well as in bucks county. so by tuesday morning, by tomorrow morning, we will be talking about two to 3 inches of rain philadelphia, the suburbs, south and east. we have already seen 2 inches just since last night in some places but much less with the rainfall totals to the north of us, 78 is our average high. we went well above that last week. we had our official heat wave as of saturday. thursday, friday, saturday, nine on nine on 90, 87 yesterday, 80 today because of the clouds and rain. it won't rain every minute. if you art home, want to grill outside you will be able to run outside and do that. as far as staying outside you will have to be prepared for some showers. 88 degrees for tomorrow, fog in the morning with that left over moisture, we could even get a dense fog advisory
5:47 am
tomorrow morning but then sunshine in the after noon and then really nice day on wednesday and thursday. friday, saturday, sunday we have a chance of rain in the forecast each day but also a chance of some sunshine. we will work on that coming up. but first we have to get through memorial day and all of the puddles, all over the place, look at i-95 northbound as the philadelphia airport now there are not too many cars but look at that flooding in the left lane in the northbound lanes is he use caution there. in pottstown there is a down tree, blocking the roadway, unionville at evans road and in new jersey, route 42 at creek road very wet there and caution is necessary as folks head home from the shore undoubted chris, a little bit early today. >> in doubt. >> still taking forever to get home. 5:47 is the time. let's turn to you due side 2016. donald trump's campaign ising on offensive and hillary
5:48 am
clinton insisting she will be democratic nominee. all this as third party candidate is officially named. "fox news" correspondent will carr has latest race for white house. >> memorial day so important, it is our day and we have to be very proud of it. >> reporter: america celebrate the unofficial start of the summer candidates for president are looking toward the fall and general election. donald trump's camp on the offensive addressing reports that the campaign is under funded, disorganized and lacks muscle it needed to go autopsy begins hillary clinton. >> they think bigger is better the mine set they will take to the federal government. you juxtaposition that with the trump mind set which is smaller, leaner, more efficient and better results. >> reporter: clinton supporters stressing she will be democratic nominee despite sanders making a strong push in california. >> she needs 73 more delegates. she will have that after the election in new jersey before the polls close in california. >> reporter: sanders pushing
5:49 am
back though stress ago this he is best person to take on trump in the general election. >> right the now in every major poll, national poll and statewide poll done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating trump often by big numbers. >> reporter: in the middle of all this libertarian party held its convention in florida nominating former new mexico governor gary johnson to make a stand against democrats and republicans in the fall. johnson is polling at 10 percent in the most recent "fox news" poll but will need 15 percent nationally to be included in presidential debates this fall. >> at a minimum i think we are in the presidential debates. there is a real possibility that we can achieve major party status in this country. >> reporter: last big primary contest is june 7th with 6 states heading to the poles, including california, which is rich with delegates. the in los angeles, will carr, "fox news". >> all right. lets stay with politics for a minute because florida senator rubio says he will support donald trump for president but
5:50 am
he won't campaign for him. instead the florida senator will campaign with republican candidates in the house and the senate. rubio dropped out of the g.o.p. presidential race after losing his home state to trump. rubio says he has policy differences with trump but won't attack him because that will only lead to helping hillary clinton. for your money new changes to help customers shopping at reading terminal market. a concierge storage service unavailable to temporarily store their purchases and store them in the refrigerator or dry shelves and keep walking around and buying more stuff. on the weekend for free customers can put their bags in the designated a year near the back of the market in the coming weeks reading terminal set to roll out a valet service to allow people to pay for their things, temporarily park and have bags brought to them from their concierge storage space. coe there is making changes. nasa is trying to add breathing room on the international space station.
5:51 am
this is second attempt at inflating the big low expandable activity module or beam. fully expanded it will be 13 feet by 10 feet about the size of the coast bid room. beam was developed by hotel magnate robert big low who hopes he can use this as a test inflatable for habitats for space tourists, fascinating stuff. one of the main reasons i cannot go in space, i'm suffering from claustrophobia. so if a roomies big enough. >> big in big le. >> there i go big in big low. >> build big or go home. >> you are talking sports my man. >> kind of. >> i have three stories. there is, did you watch, everybody watched the indianapolis 500. there were 350,000 people at that event. >> what did i say. >> 350. >> 350,000. >> anyway then i was watching nascar last night because
5:52 am
martin true youx junior won that coca cola 600. they is, he fridays our area born in trenton. grew up in the stafford township area his wife has been battling ovarian cancer. first time he has won since she announced that. very emotional moment. we will play that for you you. we got to go back as philly fans we have to go back to what happened in new york city as part of those mets fans when chase utley they throw at him. then he hits two home runs one a grand slam. let's replay that. right. >> yes. >> what a moment. >> it is bitter sweet. >> we need a bat for the phillies. >> here's the other thing, have you given up. have they come back down to earth. will you go to the game tonight? >> they are a couple games over 500. >> they lost five out of six. >> they come home for nine or ten games. >> ten game home stand against really good teams though.
5:53 am
>> and this being memorial day. >> that is cool. >> the game tonight, for the phillies is at 7:00. not a day game that you would normally think on memorial day but it is tonight at 7:30. >> that might have been fortuitous with the weather,. >> good to see you. >> i will see new seven minutes on good day fail. >> alex is here. >> yes. >> there is alex. >> hi alex. >> hi. >> 5:53. >> it blends. >> this is coolest thing ever, chris. >> this ace death defying moment that mike is referring to but it was all plan, looking inside a stunt base jumper performed at the great wall of china he is going 1020 . >> it looks like 119. >> you have better eyes.
5:54 am
nuts, chocolate, pretzel. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix.
5:55 am
snack patrol! it's snack justice.
5:56 am
all right. you've got to see this death defying moment, it was all plan, here it is, american base jumper jeb cordless performing a stunt yesterday at great wall of china he dropped from the helicopter at 6,000 feet, flew through the air at 120 miles an hour and hit a target that was suspended over the great wall. >> the stunt is known as human arrow.
5:57 am
previously he jumped from paris eiffel tower, the seattle space needle, yes, and christ redeemer statue, in rio di janeiro. this guy is crazy. next up on good day gruesome case of animal cruelty two dogs set a fire and left to die, reward police are offering for an arrest in the case. live lot the radar very wet memorial day, how long will this rain stick around? sue will let you know straight ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
that is the problem. she's parked herself over south carolina and man, folks in the delaware valley, it is humid. the it feels like, well, savanna, georgia that kind of humid. we have a flash flood warning in effect right now, for philadelphia. it is coming down. they burned two dogs alive, police are still trying to find whoever is responsible for horrific case of animal cruelty in chester. this has the country, no, world talking they had to kill that gorilla. did zoo officials make right call when they killed the gorilla that was dragging a young boy who had fallen into the enclosure. how did he get in the even close another? they will make changes at cincinnati zoo for sure. >> good day it is may the third, 2016, memorial


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