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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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that is the problem. she's parked herself over south carolina and man, folks in the delaware valley, it is humid. the it feels like, well, savanna, georgia that kind of humid. we have a flash flood warning in effect right now, for philadelphia. it is coming down. they burned two dogs alive, police are still trying to find whoever is responsible for horrific case of animal cruelty in chester. this has the country, no, world talking they had to kill that gorilla. did zoo officials make right call when they killed the gorilla that was dragging a young boy who had fallen into the enclosure. how did he get in the even close another? they will make changes at cincinnati zoo for sure. >> good day it is may the third, 2016, memorial day, we
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want to have to put up some picks tires of your loved ones that served the country. use the #. >> fox 29 good day. >> we will share them throughout the morning. we want to thank everyone for sacrifices that they have made. >> yes, that is what this day is all about. >> yes. >> okay. when i walk in about an hour ago i cannot see in the tv station. so i took a picture and here's the picture of what you could see. it is so foggy, you cannot see in the building. >> you can't. >> how did you know you were in the right place. >> well, i have been doing this for a few years you know your way around. >> i made it to fourth and market this morning. some daisy don't. here's sue. >> by this time tomorrow we could have fog on the outside because of all of the moisture that is around, thanks to today. paw it is a disappointment to have rain on the memorial day we will go with a three out of ten. buddy is pool side, he is
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hoping that he can get, we can get grill on and get some burgers and dogs at least. you might be able to run out and grill on the grill and it might rain after that so be prepared for rain on and off all day long. having said that there will be off times when it is just cloudy, there you can see the rain stretching up and down the east coast and more little pockets of heavy downpours just popping up, there are a few in western part of the cumberland county, new jersey right now as we zoom in on philadelphia, we are seeing just a few showers here and there at the moment but look at those clouds they will hang around all day it looks like. 71 degrees right now with 5 miles an hour wind and 90 percent relative humidity. sixty's to the north of us. sixty-seven in trenton and reading. zero seven in wilmington. south of millville it is 72 and just so muggy, out there this morning. your forecast is for cloudy skies and maybe a thunderstorm before the day is through, otherwise on and off rain and
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high of 80 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast. bob took the holiday off. lets see what is going on the roads, roosevelt boulevard near schuylkill roads are wet but no delays, hardly any cars on the road at all. i-95 northbound we have flooding in the left lane there. we will see folks on the left side, northbound folks, and if you get caught, puddle i hit this morning about 2:30 in the morning, yikes, hydro making on. in new jersey we have an accident on route 42 southbound approaching route 534, so use caution, in that area on this rainy morning, mike and alex. lets see if anybody is up, people are out. >> people are out with their umbrella and rain. >> lets see what dave has on. i bet he has a hat on. >> reporter: we have the hat on and rain proof glasses. i'm kidding. and rain coat here.
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rain is coming in later. here's the ocean right now. all of the people were on the beach yesterday, all of the vacationers, many of them probably getting out of town early because they were dealing with fog yesterday and now they will be dealing with rain and fogginess down the boardwalk right there, a lot more foggy this morning when we were doing our live hits for four or 5:00 o'clock newscast but still a little bit misty out that way. of course, only people really on the boardwalk are some people stragglers probably doing some late night partying and people would never want to put on tv to be quite honest with you. people coming up on the truck having a party all night. we weren't doing that. the question though is what will be the business impact? without a doubt, they did well, friday, saturday sunday. maybe today a wash but people will head back early a lot of times anyway, now back to you.
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hang in there, man. 6:05. busy week here in pennsylvania. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says that she will have a preliminary result of that investigation to inappropriate e-mails found on state servicer. she's going to announce that tomorrow. in december as you know kathleen kane ordered the review of those offensive materials shared among judges, prosecutors, and others in the criminal just advertise system. the maryland attorney hired to carry out the investigation, supposed to be impartial has said it is unlikely the probe will result in criminal charges to the relief of many. the e-mail scandal has led to resignationings, firings disciplinary action and retirement of two state supreme court justices, and ethic charge is a begins one of them. kathleen kane faces an all trial on charge that he is she leaked secret grand jury material, allegations that she vehemently denied. coming up at 6:06.
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search is on for person behind an astonishing case of animal cruelty in chester after police find bodies of burned two dogs. dogs were bound alive in the back alley way on the west sixth street. animals were found inside of the plastic bag that was melted by the flames. it is unclear if the police, and where dogs came from but who is responsible for killing them. the organization justice rescue is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and convictions of the person responsible. in new jersey, a young man has died after getting buck off a broncho in the rodeo saturday night. it happened in front of the thousands of spectators including his own parents at cow town rodeo in pilesgrove, salem county. authorities say that the horse buck off 19 year-old coy lutes, and then stepped on him several times during the event yesterday. the lutes died at a hospital. back to a story that is being talk about around the world. the controversy in the state of ohio this morning after the
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cincinnati zoo shot and killed an endangered gorilla, to protect a young boy that was in his clutches. >> the boy was four year-old. he fell ten to 12 feet in the mote in the gorilla exhibit. is there video there 400-pound gorilla raced over, began dragging him around the enclosure. >> you can see it there. zoo dangerous animal response unit was called and since the boy was in the life threatening situations they decided to shoot and kill the 17 year-old grill a they said that the tranquilizer would have taken too long and could have made situation more dangerous. family of boy released a statement saying child is at home and doing fine. >> people are upset with that family as well. bullets, filled the air during the deadly shoot-out in houston texas, this went on for an hour and a half, wild scene, even a helicopter is caught in the cross fire, how police were finally able to end this rampage. wait until you see bullet holes in the police cars.
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city transit cop who was run down by a hit and run driver last week continues on his road to recovery how a group of runners are working to lend him a hand.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ we have pulled out our mobile unit riding around looking for rain in marple township, new jersey not coming down right the now but we have to use wipers a little bit. we will keep an eye on the
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area. do you want us to come to you? hit us up on twitter. 6:11. a local group of runners taking to the streets in a get well, well, relay in a sense, to support a septa transit cop who was run down by ate hit and run driver last week. >> officer gary million what he is running along rowland avenue when a driver hit him from behind. they ran 4 miles from the spot the where miller was hit to the the hospital where he is recovering. participants warned others that they need to be careful on the roads and paid a personal visit to officer miller and his family. >> one incident is one too many. it is really a shame that this happened at all. >> it is what can possibly happen, to be aware of everything around you, and people are on their phones, driving, not paying attention you never know what will happen. >> true. transit police say that officers in plymouth township have a suspect in custody in connection with that hit and run.
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6:11. lets get back to bonnie. blame it or bonnie. >> millions of people, memorial day plans are just washed out, find out which major u.s. highway was shut down because of the rain, from bonnie. >> people were sitting in their cars for 12 hours. plus hundreds of bullets fly in the deadly shoot-out in texas, hear from one man who said he was one of the many targets chosen by this random shooter ♪ hey!
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big breaking news this day is i have moved marple township from delaware county over to new jersey. so we're moving it back now. >> thank youy will put it in the trunk of my convertible here. >> okay. >> we're giving away a car here. in conjunction with that we want to come out and see you have friday in west philadelphia, we will get exact address. there it is. >> mazda cx9, it is a beauty, click on the banner that says enter to win, it is in red and sign up once every 24 hours, we are picking finalist every week and then final show we will have a big, give away, and that will be july 22nd. >> and the parking lot of the dell music venue in fairmount park. >> here's the thing, this week in west philadelphia get ready, we are coming to you. >> caesar park, that is around forty-ninth and belmont, sue. >> you said it right.
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>> yes. >> that is how we all say it down there, hon. look for gray skies, nationals are in town, this is first day of the ten day home stand and hope their fortunes turn around. bring the rain gear but they will get the game in. there could be just be a rain delay. seventy-five at first pitch which is not until 7:05. you you would think there would be a day game on a holiday but that is the way it rolls. tropical depression bonnie still hanging around in south carolina just east northeast of charleston or moving slowly at the rate of 3 miles an hour, eventually heading up in the north carolina area and then eventually moving off shore. we do expect to be rid of this rain by tomorrow, probably tapers off tonight but in between now and then, what you'll see is what you see on the map a few areas where it is dry right now but cloudy. a few areas where we are seeing heavy downpours, moving from southern delaware and a
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few areas where it is raining lightly. around bethlehem is your heavy town pour there, frenchtown it is raining as well in the least high valley. we will go down here into chester feel parts of the burlington county, some of the new jersey pine barons raining heavily, raining in philadelphia right now but not a heavy downpour at the moment. then we will go down to the beach, it looks like delaware beach getting hit with heavy rain and that is moving into cape may county, wildwood, stone harbor, you are about to get heavier rain. needless to say not the best beach day. flood warning continues for parts of the philadelphia until 6:30 this morning. around penny pack creek we have had reports of flooding earlier, that will start to recede soon, and this is a flood advisory north and west, very strong thunderstorm moving through. when all is said and done we will have totals of two to 3 inches, much of which has
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fallen. if you get a sure late in the day it could be rain in a very short period of time very heavy downpours probably spotty. in case you missed it over the weekend on the saturday it was official we had first heat wave of 2015. ninety, 90, 90. 87 degrees, and today we may hit 80, some places north and west of the city, but if you are in philadelphia south and east, it will be cloudy when it is an tuesday, wednesday, thursday. wednesday and thursday looks like low humidity days. then there is a chance of rain for friday, saturday and sunday but as we are's trying to be optimistic a chance of sunshine as well. we will keep an eye on that forecast as well, just had rain gear nearby for your memorial day to day. now we will check traffic at 6:18 starting off with a look at the here we are, northeast
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extension of the pennsylvania turnpike that is what this map is showing and there is an accident there between quakertown and lansdale, reports here of an overturned vehicle in the left lane is block, so that will definitely slow you down. blue route approaching conshohocken is all clear, there is one car on the blue route right now. vine street expressway has pet roads, flooding, and just use caution, mike anal oaks, this morning. >> sue, reporting on individual cars now. >> counting cars on the road because that is how few is there. there is five along the vine. >> yeah. >> thanks, sue. >> okay. >> 6:19. parts of the carolinas under water as tropical depression bonnie makes its way up the coast, so this is video from i-95 in south the carolina as flood waters forced parts of the highway to be closed down. >> is that i-95. >> yeah. >> several inches of rain, rip currents and surf is possible in coastal areas as bonnie heads into north carolina
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there. i-95 is shut down. >> i saw a report last night that said some people were in their cars, ten or 11 hours on i-95, stopped, running out of the gasoline, getting hungry having to go to the bathroom. >> big weekend too for south carolina and tourism, memorial day weekend. >> 6:20. meanwhile more flooding in the state of texas. they have had a wild spring. it climbed six lives. two bodies were found yesterday along streams overflowing in the central part of the state a lot of this is in between austin and houston. several storms brought 12 inches of rain, to some parts of that state in a matter of hours. let's stay in texas investigators in houston working to determine a mote if i have there is anyone, after a shoot-out in a neighborhood kills two people and leaves six others hurt, including two police officers. >> this started 10:15 a.m.
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when gunman started firing in and around auto shop with heavy duty weapons. people were ordered to shelter in place as stray bullets flew across the neighborhood. police helicopter were hit five times. police vehicle on the scene had 29 bullet holes. fire started at a gas station after a bullet hit a pump there. dude looked and seen me across the street and shot at me. >> it went through that seat and then came back to that seat. >> this went on for quite a while, the suspect was shot and killed by police, both injured police officer have been released from the hospital. >> so far there is no word on any mow tension motive. staying on that. >> he is no longer wearing a phillies uniform but still haunting the mets. you will throw at me? we will throw you out of the game. then how chase utley responded
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to the mets fans and being thrown out. since it is memorial day we are asking to you send pictures of your loved ones in the services this holiday. this is from kathy. u.s. navy world war two keep sending your pictures using #fox 29 good day.
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phillies are back to the old phillies, they lost three straight and seven out of their last ten at a great start their lack of hitting is starting to catch up to them in the best team in the league just exploited them in every way, this weekend. cubs, ben has been on fire, against the phillies, third inning, two on, he hits a 369-foot bomb, to right field, vince velasquez, great not yet but he went four and one-thirds inning giving up seven earned runs. they have lost nine out of their last 13, hopefully they cannery bound today against the nationals. and in the indy series 100 interest yams 500 we will kick off, at lap 646789 juan pablo man toia spins out of control a huge crash right there he would be done for the day.
6:26 am
final lap alexander rodney, separated himself from the rest, first rookie since 2001 to win the indy 500. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> it is saturday night, so good we want to play it again. i just still like chase utley. >> as long as he is tormenting the mets. >> it is even better against the mets. >> dodgers taking on the mets over weekend, chase with the big night saturday. the excitement started in the third inning when mets pitcher throws behind him. you know, he was tossed out by umpire, that was a over reaction. manager goes nuts. he later denies he threw at chase in retaliation for playoffs last season when chase slid into ruben to had a. you can see how he respond the with the solo home run. in the seventh bases loaded and chase rips a grand slam home run. come on. and he doesn't even crack a
6:27 am
smile. >> he is like, he acts like he has done that before. >> you noticed he got rid of his soul patch did you notice that, sue. >> it makes him look younger. >> he got his haircut real short. >> so weird to see him in the different uniform, it takes a lieutenant to get used to. >> yes, bus stop buddy is with us this morning, he has got the umbrella, he is hoping to grill, will you be able to grill a dog or burger on the kohl's. we will let you know coming up. hey, jenny. as you have been talking about all morning long, the rain, the rain, the rain and still we have cloudy skies, we are driving in the area of delaware county what this weather means for many outdoor events happening today.
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6:30. a live look at wilmington where the rain is falling. will holiday being the complete wash. sue serio has the answer. >> horrible story, a gruesome case of animal cruelty, two dogs, set on fire, left for dead. the reward police are offering, just really bad. a series of e-mails that led to resignations and firing on pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane we will have results surrounding the so-called porn gate scandal.
6:31 am
good day, everybody. memorial day. you're about to see something. it is raining, it is really drippy, and humid and then make the turn your car gets towed. >> what a start to the day. >> have a lovely day. >> doh. >> that is not good. >> i hate when that happens. >> what is the day, may 30th. >> yes, it is, mike. >> so accepted us pictures of your loved ones who served, using the #fox 29 good day but sue serio we have talk about this all the time, that is veterans day we want to thank those who paid the ultimate price your loved ones and family members. so for example this one, this is a picture, from the pretty rick show. >> keep them coming all morning long we have plenty of time here. the kathy just send this one, from world war two, 6:31. here's sue. >> as you so wisely mentioned
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sure, you can put your burgers on the the grill or dogs on the grill, but they may get wet, so close the lid, and this is the kind of day where you can run out, do your cook out but might to have eat in the house and hang out in the house, because it will rain on and off during the day but not every minute of the day. bus stop buddy has your rain gear. he is hoping to be pool side at least at some point today. right now in the 60's and 70's with the temperatures and see rain up and down east coast. as far as our area is concerned when we do get a shower, it could be a heavy one up there in gloucester and camden county this morning and part of the salem county as well. that one cell, so when you get the rain it could be intense for a short period of time, lot of rain in southern delaware, delaware beach getting soaked right now, sorry about that. flash flood warning has been lifted, but we will still see the possibility of flooding if you get another heavy downpour today. 71 degrees right the now.
6:33 am
we have 60's to the north of us and muggy 70's to the south. that is other thing about today, very humid out there. we will get to a high later on of 80 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast. checking traffic, to get you started going out right now we have to watch out for this incident, on the schuylkill expressway eastbound near montgomery drive, a car was right up the embankment and it looks like it turned around on the road there. so that is a mess. police are on the scene. good news, it is off the road, but every everybody will be slowing down to take a look undoubted. overturn vehicle in the northeast extension of the turnpike, southbound between quakertown and lansdale, right lane is blocked there, slick roads on the ben franklin bridge just watch it where ever you are going. we have seen nasty accidents, not very much but a few where we have had cars turning over, mike and alex and flipping around just doing a 180 on the
6:34 am
roadway. take it easy. you live in media. >> do i. >> is the parade still on. >> we're hearing that it is lets check with jenny joyce, is that what you are hearing as well, jenny? >> reporter: yes, as far as we know this parade is still on. it was supposed to kick off in this area of media, orange street, state street, it is happening at 10:00 o'clock this morning. again as far as we know it is still happening. several events today are cancelled. we are hearing because of that heavy rain as we see fallen overnight. a live look outside the rain has temporarily stopped at least, it is pretty clear out here, over the weekend, we did get footage of memorial day parade, one in deptford new jersey, one in humeville bucks county, nice to see these parade that were scheduled over weekend when it was 90 and sunny day to day is not the most ideal day. here in media the plan is to
6:35 am
have several local band, marching bands, veterans group take part in the parade asking people in this area to come out and show their support for those given the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom and this year marks 150th memorial day a big year, to be honoring those who have fallen, and while we expect to get a number of cancellations we do know memorial day parade have already been cancelled in the area of west deptford, new jersey, west win or, burlington city, middletown ship new jersey and avalon. avalon is still planning to have a ceremony inside and i know number of towns are planning to do that as well. maybe parade was cancelled that they might still have that indoor ceremony. we do know rain or shine lansdale parade is still in the works, cherry hill, also, rain or shine, so, obviously just keep an eye on your local events and also tweet us,
6:36 am
facebook us, let us know what you are hearing or if you have any questions and we will look into that as well. >> can i say this you look really nice for being such a miserable day. >> she does. >> oh, thank you, so much. >> it is this lighting and this roof over my head and hat protecting my hair. >> well, it works for you. >> i wand fur they will make a call later or if it will just fall. >> it is not a hurricane. we have umbrellas. >> the search is on for the person behind disturbing case of animal cruelty down in chester. >> we will get to chris murphy. >> disturbing is one word for it, right. two dogs were found burned alive in the alley way over the weekend, now reward is offered for information leading to their abuser. officials say bodies of the dog were found in front of the garage in the 2800 block of west sixth street. animals were found inside a plastic bag melted by flames. it is hard to even talk about this. officials say it is unclear
6:37 am
whether the dogs came from or who is responsible for their deaths. neighbors are shock, of course by the nature of their crime. >> i'm a dog lover myself and i can't not even imagine how they might even come to their heart to do something like that. it is just disgusting. >> somebody knows something. it is not okay that this animal abuse takes place. >> non-profit justice rescue is offering $1,000 reward for information leading tooth rest of the person responsible. in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood police are looking for two men who stabbed another man in the back this happened early yesterday morning through intersection of front and clear field streets, officials say men stabbed a 39 year-old victim several times, he was taken to temple university hospital, and authorities do expect to recover. the two men ran off but no word why they stab him. one person is dead after shooting in kingsessing, police were called to the 5200 block of wood land for a
6:38 am
reported shooting just after 5:00 yesterday morning, when they got there they found the man dead in the passenger seat in the minivan. officers have not release aid victim's name. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane said she will have preliminary results of the investigation into inappropriate e-mails found on state servicer tomorrow. in december, kane order the review of offensive materials shared among judges, prosecutors and others in the criminal justice system. the maryland attorney hired to carry out the investigation, says it is unlikely probe will result in criminal charges. e-mail scandal led to resignationing, firings and disciplinary actions and retirement of the two state supreme court justices and ethics charges against one of them. kane faces august trial on charge that he is she leaked secret grand jury material, allegation that is she vehemently denies. back to you. 6:38 right now. at jersey shore good smart tans jump into action saving a man from nearly drowning.
6:39 am
this happened at a place you probably know down the shore at wildwood crest, at aztech motel's swimming pool. motel employee and guest jumped in to save the 34 year-old man unconscious in the water. rehe mains in the hospital in critical condition, so far, police are in the sure how he ended up in the pool in the first place. new castle county delaware is considering imposing a fine on people who leave standing water on their property because of concerns over mosquitoes. county council reportedly is considering a 50-dollar fine for having a mosquito breeding happen tall in the yard that would include stand being water in artificial containers such as old tires, buckets, fountains and bird baths and flower pots this comes as fears grow about the seek a virus. most people who contract the virus have mild or no symptoms but it is expect to cause serious birth defects. >> serious birth the defects. >> do you want to hear about a good idea, this is my opinion. >> darn good idea.
6:40 am
some new changes over reading terminal market about how you shop. >> it is called a concierge storage service. >> it is a locker. >> yes, but it sound more fancy to say concierge storage services. >> it is a locker. >> do you want to read this? you said you are with this. >> it is a locker it is a concierge storage service, now available for shoppers at the market. you buy your stuff, right, some may need refrigeration, so anyway, you bought it, now your arms are full. you take it over to this locker, and designated. >> storage service. >> sorry. so in the coming weeks reading terminal market is set to roll rel out a valet services as well that will allow people to pay for their things temporarily parked their car and have the bags brought to them from the concierge storage space otherwise known as. >> not a locker. >> not the a locker. >> thank you. >> how much does this cost.
6:41 am
>> it is free, isn't it. >> they will want some money. >> nothing in life is free. there is no such thing as a free lunch. >> not even at reading terminal market. >> i love that place. what do you think about this? i won't say anything... a growing and enclosure in cincinnati, ohio. zoo officials watched this go on for ten minutes. shot and killed a endangered grill, was that their only option, we will talk about it. plus more than 4,000 sailors marks reen and coast guardsmen and women have descended on the big apple. you know the celebration, it is fleet week, we will show it to you.
6:42 am
and we are still asking you to send pictures of your loved ones in the services this memorial day, those who paid ultimate price. tracie says john j heely, world war two u.s. navy. this is from brian, before it any morris my oldest daughter proud dad she's serving in the army. keep sending your photos. use hash to go fox 29 good day. my grand the father petty officer ed barnett, u.s. navy, vietnam.
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well, good day is giving away a car every friday all summer long we are coming to take over a town near you, west philly, get ready we are coming to you baby. we are live from 7:00 to 10:00 w between forty-ninth and 50th street. so be there through 7:00 to 10:00. get to meet us, be on tv, win a car, talking about a mazda cx9 just go to fox click on on the link right there on the home page. sign up once every 24 hours, we will pick a final list every week and then on july 22nd we will have a big
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give away at the dell and here's where we are headed next few weeks, mark your calendars, jenkintown, northeast philadelphia, quakertown, wildwood, wilmington, haddonfield and finishing up at the dell. it will be great, sue. >> it will be fun. we have to make sure weather cooperates because we are two for two for our first two fridays we're working on. but first we will start with 6:46. a look at traffic with the northeast extension southbound, between quakertown and lansdale, we still have that overturn vehicle, blocking the right lane there, so that is going to slow you down for sure this morning along with the wet roadways. and we will go to the schuylkill eastbound near montgomery drive we have cleared the car that had gone up on the embankment earlier, and roads have dried out a little bit but there is still big puddles out there so we have to use caution. this is i-95 around cottman avenue and as you can see there are very few cars this
6:47 am
morning 24 hours from now, that is a completely different scene. we will have your wet memorial day forecast in 15 seconds. so, here's what is happening with the weather. even if there had never been a tropical storm bonnie, we would have had humidity we had now and this cold front that will end up merging with this tropical depression, and to our south. eventually some dry air will roll in but not until the holiday is over, so tonight we have a phillies game at citizens bank park they start a ten day home stand with this game against the nationals and it is bringing the rain gear, you might have pop up shower and escape with no rain but it is cloudy, gray and very stick
6:48 am
which 75 degrees. tropical depression bonnie is still meandering around charleston, south carolina and expected to move slowly northward but as that happens that cold front will come through and clear out our rain tonight. it is just going to be with us on and off all day long and see rain in the poconos mountains and heavier rain you can find right now is down to the south, just a few drips around bedminster this morning and then we will move down to new hanover a little bit of rain there. we have cleared out in philadelphia for the moment but we are watching heavy rain around delaware beaches and now spreading into cape may county wildwood and cape may we are getting heavy rain. lets check that seven day forecast, brighter days ahead. it will stay cloudy. high of 80. upper 80's for tuesday and we will see sunshine. still humid tomorrow but we will clear out, on wednesday and thursday, friday we will work on this chance of showers
6:49 am
for our good day drives you. because we are two for two guys. >> there is a chance of sunshine too. >> it is just a chance. >> it is a chance. so holiday, what a mess they had in cincinnati, ohio. you have heard this story, probably seen video by now a four year-old boy gets if the gorilla enclosure and gorilla had to be kill. >> chris murphy is joining us now with more on what happened at the zoo. >> nothing short of horrifying, right. >> a four year-old boy wound up look right there in the gorilla even close another this happened saturday. >> one end of the habitat and little boy starts screaming again and gorilla dragging him back again. >> cell phone videos shows 400-e boy around, this happened for ten minutes, as dozens of families looked on. zoo officials say boy crawled through a barrier of the pen and then fell in the mote.
6:50 am
zoo president says that 17 year-old gorilla was not attacking the boy but could have ease letter killed him. that is when decision was made to shoot to grill the gorilla. zoo says a it had to be done to save that boy's life. >> the decision was not make liedly. lowland gorillas are very endangered animals, aren't many in captivity but it had the proper ending. >> we seen him being dragged by the gorilla and then gorilla took him to one end of his habitat and then little boy started screaming again and gorilla dragged him back again. >> here's the video of that grill, the team chose to kill instead of the frank light the gorilla because it would have taken just too long for tranquilize tore kick in. zoo keepers were worried about the gorilla having an aggressive reaction while holding the boy can you imagine holding that decision. boy was in the hurt but has been since released from hospital.
6:51 am
he was injured a little bit but not seriously. zoo is back opened but gorilla exhibit will be closed until further notice. a lot of questions about how the boy got in there. >> survive the 10-foot fall and then can you imagine, we don't hear imagine but just every movement that gorilla made. you could see him holding the boy there dragging him by his arm and leg. >> we need your opinion, next time we will do this we will play the audio of his mother. >> i love you, it is okay, stay calm. >> the kid never screamed, never cried. as a parent how do you stand by and not jump in your self. >> oh, man. >> whole time you are watching thinking my goodness what will happen next snow is staring at the boy. >> gorilla seemed protective at first and got agitated and they decided we will to have shoot this 17 year-old endangered grill. there were other gorillas
6:52 am
there but when they made called they walk away but he would not, this one did not. >> next time we will play sound as well. >> 6:52. a chance to say thank you to thousands of servicemen and women we will take you to the big apple next, fleet week. yeah, fleet is in. thousands and thousands of sailors all over new york city and some new equipment we will show off. lets get to more picture for this memorial day, from ana my dad was in world war two and korean conflict. 1918 to 2003. this was from monte g happy memorial day to to my brother ernest anderson we love you so much and miss you brother. >> this one from gene my husband bill, vietnam.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
fleet week, ship's in. >> cow want to continue. >> yes, go ahead. >> fleet week. >> you just go ahead. >> no, you go. >> 4,000 sailors marks reen and coastguard men and women invade new york city, every memorial day weekend, for fleet week. >> keep going. >> a team of elite navy parachuters known as leap frogs, look at them, jumped for about and it was over liberty state park, across from manhattan.
6:56 am
flying past new york sky line they had robots, and by the way they are armed with high definition cameras used for bomb detection, annual celebration honors the u.s. military's sea services. >> fleet week gives us an opportunity to come talk to the citizens of new york, tell them a little bit about our job and what we do and rest of the navy. >> by the way this was the 28th anniversary of... >> fleet week. >> events. >> all right. >> oh, man it has been one year since beau biden passed away and today he is getting a big honor in his home state, what the national guard is doing to make sure he is remembered forever. it is, 6:56. okay, ready?
6:57 am
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now that is the big problem, this storm has parked herself over carolinas and man is it humid outside. by the way we did have a flash warning in effect until 6:30 that has been expired. it is really coming down especially moving into cape may county. >> that is right. >> man, heavy then are storms plus back to senate. >> yes, controversy at the zoo, a grill ace killed because a child's life was in danger but did zoo officials make the right call, such a
7:00 am
big debate this morning. special honor for late bow biden is what being unveiled at national guard headquarters in his home state, i'm sure his dad will be there. straight up 7:00 o'clock on this memorial day. >> yeah, walk in, can i show the picture again. i'm walking at 5:00 he clock. you can barely see in the tv station. that is our lobby. you can see tv's in the dark there head of the. >> dramatic photo. >> that was prize winning i'm sure. >> okay. >> you should. >> yeah. >> less's get to it. >> the way i figure three out of four ain't bad. you talk about friday as a weekend day. >> gorgeous. >> saturday was great. sunday was good until the evening when it started raining. and now we have three out of ten. it is disappointing when rainfalls on a holiday. rainy and humid with


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