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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 31, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ happening right now, a massive fire tears through american legion post on memorial day. >> on memorial day, it's just devastating. >> now investigators are looking into what might started it. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. american legion post 396 more than just a place for veterans to gather it is a cornerstone of the community ton night it is in ruins. fox 29's brad sattin in bridesburg where firefighters it took them hours to get this thing under control. brad? >> reporter: it did, lucy. a lot of tears shed here tonight on the 2300 block of orthodox. fire breaking out a little after 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. we have been here ever since along with about 100 firefighters and initially called to battle this blaze. some of them as you see are still here on the scene. a cause of the fire at this american legion post on memorial day still undetermined tonight.
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>> we're supposed to be here this afternoon. >> reporter: mary ellen foley overcome with emotion upon arriving to see her beloved american legion post 396 destroyed. shed been coming here for 25 years even planning a surprise party here next month. >> the uniforms of the men and women who served in our armed forces for many, many years, and the pictures and the medals, things that can't be replaced. >> reporter: eyebrows raised, of course, as an american legion post goes up in flames on memorial day. the fire marshal, atf and police all here now looking for a cause but won't speculate. >> fire cause is still under investigation. it will be awhile before we can even get inside that building. >> reporter: jones was driving by and recorded this video from her cell phone as firefighters had just arrived. >> the smoke was so black and thick with the flames you could feel the heat actually. >> smoke first and then as soon as we made the right to come
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into this part, all you seen was flames. >> reporter: despite battling the fire in very humid weather, firefighters were able to save the two houses directly behind the american legion. >> that heavy aggressive response really great work of our firefighte firefighters allr partners saved those two buildings. >> reporter: there had been a memorial day event inside the building earl. >> some kind of gathering they have there every year on memorial dane it started out fine and they said it was smoking and it just caught on fire. >> reporter: everyone got out but the focus now is on what did not like the medals earned and the uniform worn by this woman's grandfather who has since passed away. worried valuable keep sakes may not have survived. >> he's plaque is on the wall. his uniform is here. my mom she's upset. we wish we can go in there and get his plaque. so many memories memorial day since we were little. it's a sad day. >> reporter: it is a sad day. still too hot to actually go inside to see what might
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actually be salvaged. one firefighter was taken to the hospital expected to be released he's okay. expected to be released any time, and firefighters are expected to be on the scene here through the night tonight. iain and lucy. >> thank you, brad. the changing of where you spent this memorial you got to enjoy pretty nice day out or it was a washout. for these folks in center city it was pretty nice. what's the rest of the week have in store. chief meteorologist scott williams has that answer. >> well, we'll finally see some lower humidity, lucy, by tomorrow but look at 3d satellite. a lot of that tropical moisture just hanging tough right now down the shore. in fact, look at atlantic city. avalon, wildwood, cape may, rehoboth beach still looking at light rain. far north and west, diamin machining thunderstorms moving into berks county and lancaster county. that will not make it toward the philadelphia area. that frontal boundary off to the north and west will push all of that tropical moisture out of the here so as we go hour by hour, we're looking at some fog
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developing by sunrise tomorrow morning. drier air will work its way in. during the day and temperatures tomorrow will be in the 80s. right now look at those numbers. upper 60s atlantic city. 72 in philadelphia. and 72 right now in pottstown. so here's the deal for tonight. it's mostly cloudy. patchy fog out there. but look at the temperatures. pretty mild. 60s in the suburbs and in the city. we'll talk about changing temperatures for the remainder of the week plus when rain might enter the picture again coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott. you never know when severe weather may strike stay prepared with our fox 29 news app. you can get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone. search for it in the apple and google play stores. a tragic story out of the city's fox chase section. that is where authorities say a man died after trying to rescue his dog from the pennypack creek. police say around 10:00 this morning someone called 911 reporting a body floating in the creek. investigators say the sketch-year-old man jumped into
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the water to try and get his dog when he was swept away by the current. the man was pronounced dead at the scene investigators later found the dog uninjured at the man's car. police have not released the man's identity. >> so sad. a pennsylvania girl is fighting for her live tonight after getting shocked in a backyard pool. authorities mechanicsburg say the eight-year-old girl and seven others were swimming in the outdoor pool when something went horribly wrong a child flipped a switch to turn on the pool light and electrical current shocked all of the children. but the eight-year-old went into cardiac arrest. she is in critical condition. the other children are okay. in our nation's capital white house went on lock down after a woman through a package over the fence this afternoon. president obama had just arrived back after his visit to arlington national cemetery. hazmat crew responded and eventually determine the package contained nothing dangerous. police did arrest the woman without incident. the vice-president was on hand for special memorial day service in delaware today. new castle the delaware national
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guard renaming one of its head quarters to hahn are in his son beau biden along with serving as delaware's attorney general beau was a major in the delaware national guard. >> today fox 29's chris o'connell was in new castle for the emotional tribute. (applause). >> reporter: it's bittersweet day for vice-president joe biden and the ref of the biden family in new castle, delaware, to see his son's name memorialized at a place that was dear to his hea heart. >> they'll see beau's name and look to his example how to live life, the life of purpose, service and inspiration. >> reporter: biden a graduate of arch mear academy and the university of pennsylvania was a member of the delaware national guard, assign to the 261 theater tactical signal brigade after enlisting at age 35 he was awarded the bronze star and legion of merit for his service in iraq. last year at age 46 the life of
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the rising political star was snuffed out by brain cancer. >> it was all about service for beau. he joined the military at 35. he didn't need to do that. he wanted to do that. he wanted to serve his country. he wanted to serve his state. >> reporter: friends who served with him say there's no better way to memorialize him. >> he just loved being a soldi soldier. he just loved it. liked coming here, relaxing, being one of us. being one of us. >> reporter: $48 million solar powered building is now the major joseph r. beau biden the third national guard reserve center. the dedication included his widow and daughter in the front row and many who served with h him. >> compassionate, patient, understanding, for giving, i can go on and on and on. >> reporter: many who knew him although he carry the politically powerful biden name, he never used it to his advantage. >> he was beloved for all he d did. but more importantly he was
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beloved for who he was. >> reporter: earlier in the day the family also held a private grave side service at the wilmington church where beau biden is buried before air force two flu bidens back to washington, d.c. in new castle county, chris o'connell fox 29 news. ♪ that is the penn crest high school marching band going down straight street media, delaware county scene. the rain stopped today just in time for the annual memorial day parade. little ones lined the streets flags at hand of course to honor the men and women who gave all to protect our nation. >> rain held off in south philadelphia tonight for the phillies to get in game against the nationals but there was more than a baseball game taking place at citizens bank park. on this memorial day the team took time to honor those who gave all to protect our nation. sabina kuriakose was there as the crowd remembered all of them. ♪
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>> reporter: celebrating the fallen. ♪ >> reporter: honoring the courage of those who continue to serve. it was a special night at citizens bank park as the phillies joined in giving thanks to our men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifices. on the field sergeant gale snell combat veteran who fought in afghanistan. she says she humbled to remember her brothers and sisters in arms who never came home. along with those who remain deployed. >> i'm one out of many and very thankful to have made it home and i hope that we all honor and welcome all of our veterans when thecoma back from war. >> reporter: under secretary of the army patrick murphy through the ceremonial first pitch. inside fans able to reach out to active duty military with a personal touch. tj and his dad among many
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phillies fans writing post cards for troops overseas with special messages. >> we stopped in to see -- store and saw -- help out the troops, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: ballgame on a warm evening. overflowing with food and fun. all around reminders of the true reason we take this day to honor our heroes. those who lost and those still standing strong. >> ♪ >> reporter: the phillies send post cards to deployed troops and care packages over the holidays. at citizens bank park, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. passengers on united flight just had to do something no one ever wants to do, that is evacuate the plane. what had some on that plane panicking. this dog's owner thought her pooch was safe in the backyard until she was tacked by something she never saw coming.
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what had this plate full pup fighting for life. last year shoplifting caused retailers more than $30 billion. what new higher prices for you. how researchers at one university are working to
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>> in old philadelphia police shot at four dogs on street after one dog attacked a little girl and one of those dogs has died. >> three other dogs had to be taken away by police. our shawnette wilson is live at 25th district police headquarters tonight. shawnette, how is the little girl doing. >> reporter: i tell you she is very lucky. the injuries sound worse than what they are, but this was
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still very traumatic incident. imagine the little girl was check out and treated on the scene by medics. she was back outside playing when we saw her about three hours after it happened. >> rosario is still shocked at what happened to her 484 old daughter. >> the dog chased her around the block and knocked my daughter off the chair. >> the family was sitting in front of their home at tenth and ontario the mom says several dogs came down the block two charged at her daughter. one bit her. >> the girl's father told us off camera he hit the dog with a chair and they ran off. when police arrived and saw the dogs running up the block they fired several shots. one of the dogs died. police say they were able to restrain the other three. >> they tried to jump at the cops and the cop shot him. >> reporter: back here live the family says the dogs are pitbulls. the police say that preliminary they have not confirmed that. they have also not said whether they've identified who those
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dogs belong to. back to you. >> ♪ president obama place add reath at the too many of the unknown soldier in arlington national cemetery. remains of fallen soldiers from world wars one and two and korea are interred in. thousands veterans and their families join the president today. >> those who rest be 19 this silence not only here at arlington but at veterans seminaries across our country and around the world and all who still remain missing, they didn't speak the loudest about their patriotism. they let their actions do that. whether they stood up in times of war, signed up in times of peace or were called up by a draft board they embodied the best of america. >> all u.s. flags at federal buildings nationwide through at half staff on this memorial day
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to honor those who have given their lives for the country. >> over 4,000 navy sailors, marines and coast guards man invade the big apple for fleet weekend. the event gives civilians up close look at our military might and a chance to say thanks members of the us navy, u.s. coast guard and the marines the ships will leave manhattan tomorrow. memorial day very special naturalization ceremony right on the battleship new jersey 38 people became u.s. citizens and two of them serve in our military. after america's newest citizens took an oath of allegiance they remembered those who have given the ultimate sacrifice by letting memorial wreaths float into the river. in a few years a new veterans memorial may welcome visitors in washington, d.c. >> it would honor those loft in world war one. fox's mike tobin reports on why many people feel it's been a long time coming.
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>> reporter: it is said that a national memorial to the americans who served in world war one is century too late. a man designing it has been a alive for a quarter century. saying he had nothing to lose chicago architect joe, entered a contest to design a memorial just a stones throw away from the white house and he had never been to d.c. now his work will need to measure up to memorials from other wars part of the washington landscape each those designs stood up to its tradition of critical, aesthetic and political agenda. >> he's 25 years old. do you think you've developed thick enough skin to handle national scrutiny. >> probably not. but, you know, i'll deal with it the best i can. >> reporter: critics have already weighed in his design would disregard the existing but neglected memorial through general john blackjack pershing who lead allied forces in world war one. called the weight of sacrifice the memorial is a series of
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walls and gathering areas with sculptures telling stories from the war. he intends it to be built around the existing flow and usage of the park. >> it has bone structure and, yes, it needs renewal, but at the end date, we believe we said from the very beginning that the park can exist with memorial. >> cup tore designing the release is old school. he comes molds by hand and pours the moult in bronze. he recruits models off craig list and puts them in authentic uniforms and poses them in scenes. >> i feel very strongly about what i do. and i feel like what i have done up to this point is training 30 years of training. and now i'm really ready to take on the challenge like this. >> reporter: he knows the finish product will follow him the rest of his career. however, what intimidates him is knowing that the memorial will be part of the national landscape long after his young career has ended.
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>> that one is the harder part, and something that, you know, i haven't fully wrapped my mind around the fact that it's going to be such a permanent fixture. >> it will be at least nine months before ground can be broken on the memorial. organizations like the nationals parks commission, the commission on fine art which is review and criticize the design. it can rather literally send him back to the drawing board. in chicago, mike tobin, fox ne news. a beach packed with people for the holiday weekend. suddenly everyone rushes out of the water aft woman is bitten. what officials think might have done it. by the looks of this video, it doesn't look good for the driver of this tractor trailer at all. why right? how he was able to mack us willy just walk away from that. and many people spent this memorial day visiting our nation's monuments and national parks. the disturbing reason part of one civil war battlefield was shut down for visitors today.
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>> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. bob kelly will return when most everybody is returning back to reality tomorrow morning. in the meantime i'm surveillance sr. yo to tell you about overnight construction on rout route 422 between 1st avenue and trooper road. it's reduced to one lane. it's in effect until 6am every night through thursday of this week. in the meantime we hope awed good holiday. we'll see you in the morning at
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ ♪ in texas at least six people are dead after the flooding over the holiday weekend mandatory evacuations are now in effect for some people living along the river and it's not just texas rescue crews in kansas have been keeping up their search for a missing 11-year-old boy who they say fell into some fast-moving flood waters friday night. meantime on the east coast, a tropical depression is now causing flooding in south carolina as parts of the state have been hit with 8-inches of rain enough to close part of interstate 95 yesterday. in california a day at the beach holiday weekend turns scary. >> lifeguard pulled a woman out of the water. she had clearly been bitten by something very large it happened in newport beach south of los
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angeles. officials think a shark attacked the long distance swimmer. she had bites on her arm and torso. the attack forced hundreds of people out of the water and officials closed off miles of the corona delmar state beach. >> warned everyone to get out of the water for their own safety. they were really letting us know what was happening. at that point everybody started coming out of the water with speculation of a shark out there. the woman is expected to survive. officials are still investigating if a shark did indeed attack her. back on the east coast official were able to confirm it was definitely a shark that bit a 13-year-old boy in florida. it happened on neptune beach near jacksonville just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. officials say the boy and his stepfather were swimming in when the shark took bite behind his right knee. the shark was five or sick feet long.
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the boy expected to make a complete recovery. safety and shopping. how the cover of something could -- color of something could effect how much it costs you at the register. thousands and thousands spent this holiday weekend on the beach at the jersey shore. one community is not happy about the mess left behind. scott? >> iain, it's been a warm and muggy memorial day. coming up we'll talk about fog developing in some locations. how timing lower humidity values and warm temps later this week. we'll see you after the break.
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>> for some this memorial day was wash out of the take a look at ultimate doppler radar. you can see some of that rain is still hanging over the jersey shore in delaware. chief meteorologist scott williams will tell us when all of this is moving out. in newark, delaware overturned tractor trailer closed street this afternoon. this accident happened on east main street in library avenue. the driver says while rounding a
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corner the truck flipped fortunate until driver was not injured the view of the delaware river from new hope has a new addition tonight. fireworks barge broke loose overnight and is stuck on the rocks in the middle of the river right near the wing dam. no word oh when it may be removed. this memorial day weekend those beaches in wild woods were anything but pristine this video on the page watch the tram car show the littered with trash. residents say those who were partying this weekend did not respect the beaches. >> they're calling for action. fox 29's bill anderson has the story from wildwood, new jersey. >> reporter: viral facebook video post beside watch the tram car has both short and long-term residents of the wild woods wondering what's wrong with visitors to their beach community. >> it's a shame, because we got up. we to clean up a mess for 20 other kids that didn't even care. just got up and walked away. >> reporter: video shows a
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beach covered in cups, food wrappers and cans and sparked angry responses. it also reignited the debate over weather wildwood beaches should remain free to the publ public. >> look at the towns that do beach fees. avalon, stone harbor, margate, sea isle, their beaches are beautiful. they're clean. unfortunate part when we have a weekend like this the city has to clean up what these people have done to our beautiful beaches. >> reporter: free beaches long been a wildwood a traction but the behavior of what residents describe as mostly young day trippers has made residents consider the possible benefits of paid beach access. >> i think if people actually respect themselves and each other i don't think it's necessary to have beach tags right now. however, it would help with the local tax base. >> reporter: it's unlikely any changes to fees would take place this summer, but the complete disregard for their community shown in the video has created a debate that's unlike toll end
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quicklquickly. isn't they feel it's the beach, it's a party. i can do whatever i want. unfortunately it's not. this is our home. report roar this was just the first beach weekend. so the season is just getting started. that video is spreading so the debate will continue,ing fees to use the while wood beaches improve people's behavior? we want to know what you think. sweet us at fox 29 philly or leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> all right. here's live look at the ben franklin parkway right now cold front pushing into the area. feeling pretty nice out there with temperatures in the low 70s. ♪ >> it's a hot spot here in the fox 29 studios. >> our higher barometers are off the chart. >> yes. >> humidity has been up there through the entire area today. right now outside 87% is the current humidity. so definitely very humid. the high temperature made it up to 79 degrees. right now checking in at 72.
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look at the humidity across the area. 93% millville. 93% in atlantic city. 100% in dover saturated there. none% in pottstown and 90% in the pocono mountains. so we're talking about some clouds to start as we take look at the forecast tomorrow. patchy fog in spots. temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s. here's what's happening right now. that tropical moisture getting absorbed along and out ahead of this cold front. right now most of the rain still lingering down the shore where it was much of the day kind of a wash out there but we'll zoom in a little closer and you can see what's happening. here's that frontal boundary off to the north and west. that will sweep all of the humidity out to sea. so lowering humidity during the day tomorrow. but it's going stay pretty warm. temperatures right now 72 philadelphia. 72 in trenton. we're looking at low 60s right now in the pocono mountains upper 60s in millville and atlantic city. we'll zoom in a little closer
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avalon 69 right now. 65 degrees in cape may. so we'll take you hour by hour. overnight tonight, some lingering clouds and showers down the shore. tomorrow morning, we're watching out for some fog in spots. that frontal boundary pushes out to sea along with it that tropical moisture and off to the north and west high pressure. that will build in and we're looking at sunshine tomorrow but temperatures are going to heat up pretty rapidly look at the high temperature tomorrow in philadelphia 86 degrees. well above the average for this time of year which is in the upper 70s. for tonight it's mostly cloudy patchy fog especially south and east. overnight low temperatures in the suburbs right around 63 degrees. 67 in the city. so patchy fog to start for your tuesday but otherwise, we're looking at sunshine moving in, lowering humidity with winds out of the north and west 86 degrees will be the high temperature once again the average for this time of year is only 79 degrees.
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temperatures for your wednesday, right around 82 degrees as we kick off the month of june. hard to believe we're closing the books on may. perfect 10 for thursday and look at what happens for friday. scattered showers and thunderstorms back and then it looks like pop-up activity for the upcoming weekend but seasonal temperatures and it doesn't look like a second heat wave as we move into early june. but you know another one will be coming. >> oh, yeah. we got long season in front of us. >> and hurricane season begins on wednesday, too. >> that is right. any long-term forecasts for -- >> it should be about an average forecast this year. >> all right. thank you, scott of the. two enjoying an evening at home. suddenly the front of their house was on fire. what these vandals used to ignite the flames. >> passengers on a united flight had to do something no one ever wanted to evacuate the plane what had some on the plane panicking. many people spent this memorial day visiting our
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nations' monuments and parks. very disturbing reason one battlefield had to shut down today.1 underline
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♪ check out this terrifying scene in new york city. semi truck dangling from the side of the highway the happened in the bronx late this afternoon police say the truck and a vehicle collided but they haven't figured out what caused the truck to go over the edge you see two people had to be taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries incredibly the truck driver managed to climb down from the cab of the truck and walked away unharmed. in florida nervous moments to passengers on board united airline flights departing tampa national airport. a tire code exploded and caught fire. it took awhile but united did get all the passengers on other nights. tonight in your money back
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to work fourths sand verizon workers. 40,000 union employees that walk off the job last month will be back on the job on wednesday. the two sides announced today a tentative deal has been agreed to in principal. the strike was one of the largest in the us in recent years. the new four-year deal subject to union approval includes 1300 new call center jobs on the east coast and nearly 11% wage increase over four years. next time you are buying something that gives i was choice of colors you might want to stay away from one in particular. researchers say the color pink can cost you as much as 15% more the firm boomerang looked at 50 popular products, all major retailers. in each case the items came in different colors including pink. and every single time the pink version was more expensive. it wasn't that interesting? some experts say human nature plays into all of this. psychology has been around
3:39 am
for awhile and markets are just getting smarter and more sophisticated. easier to do consumer testing. and so they're investing in products they know they can charge a little bit more for because of how people's minds process information. there you go. of course the price difference depend on the store. the study look at six online retailers. this dog's owner thought her pooch was safe in the backyard until she was attacked by something she never saw coming. what had this playful pup fighting for her life. >> last year shoplifting cost retailers more than $30 billion in means higher prices for you. how researchers at one university are working to curb
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♪ part of civil war battlefield had to close on this memorial day after authorities say thieves looted it. national park service says looters dug up parts of the petersburg national battlefield in virginia. authorities think the thieves used metal detector find relic from the balance field where more than thousand union and couldn't federal troops side fighfighting in the siege of
3:43 am
petersburg. >> people collectors interested in that kind of a thing. they'll look for that. >> i think this is sacred ground and to did he say is he brought it in that way is appalling really. part of the balance field remains an active crime scene right now. looting is a federal crime. if the long arm of the law catches who did this, they would face fines as high as $25,000, two years in prison or both. uproar is continuing over the death of a bee love gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> the zoo held a vigil and memorial service for the beloved 17-year-old gorilla shot and killed by zoo officials over the weekend. after a four-year-old boy wandered into the enclosure and fell into the moat. the death spark outrage. now some are calling for discipline for either the zoo or the child's parents. the zoo standing behind these actions saying the gorilla was in an age at any timed situation and could could have caused serious damage to the child. >> that child's life was in danger and people who question
3:44 am
that or monday morning quarterbacks are second gassiers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back. >> hundreds of thousands signed online petition calling for the boy's parents to be held legally responsible for the gorilla' death n maryland a rude awakening and serious damage at a home after someone set off an explosion on the porch. surveillance camera caught the whole thing and now riverdale police are hoping the video can help track down these two guys. it was 2:00 in the morning saturday when the homeowner heard the explosion. bomb squad responded and determined that those explosions were from fireworks. m80s pobb exact. >> we are facing what if we came down here opened the door and that could have exploded and killed someone. >> the blast was so strong they even damaged the inside of the home but no one is hur. >> in california dog luck tee to be alive after she stunk by more than 100 bees.
3:45 am
seven month old elli was outside when 155 bees attacacked her. her owner says they ran into the backyard to rescue the chocolate lab but was overcome bite bees as well. elli's family rushed her to the animal hospital where the vet took out the stingers. the pup's health went downhill fast. >> what they said her kidneys started to fail and then they stunk her in her eyes. and her eyes were pretty much swollen shut. had there been little kids back there it could have been much worse. i mean we love her like a member of the family. >> local bee keeper believes that with the number of stinks they were most likely african honey bees which are extremely aggressive. the good news elli is recoveri recovering. national association for shoplifting prevention says authorities busted more than 10 million people for shoplifting nationwide over the past five years. but that is just a small fraction of the real number of thefts from stores in america last your. researchers in florida
3:46 am
coming new ways to stores to snag shoplifters. lloyd sours shows us how. >> reporter: they see you as you arrive. >> with this camera over here we'll get license plate. >> reporter: walk up to the door. >> we've got things that do feature matching or facial recognition. >> reporter: step right in. >> these sensors also are going to detect met daal. >> reporter: welcome to read haze laboratory where he studies stealing. with hundreds of thieves on video. >> you see how quickly he can get probably about $8,000 in handbags. so it's one quick move, one working in the bag, bam. >> reporter: haze is a university of florida research scientist. and head of the loss prevention research council has lab mini store statistically most stolen items. >> spirits is a high theft item. vodka the number one spirits. shoes are extremely high loss. tide. >> tied. >> but the goal making it more difficult to steal or little riskier to steal. >> hayes started 30 years ago as
3:47 am
a store detective. but realized something was lacking. >> i realized there was not only not very much but maybe not even any science to what we did. >> but the science of stealing and how to stop it is reached a whole new level. make it part of their data from enter viewing actual shoplifte shoplifters. >> it's hard for nem to get out. they make noise. make too much noise. >> thieves have been caught are offered a gift card to tell the researchers how to stop them from stealing. >> how does that go about preventing theft? >> researchers test new anti theft packaging and displays. >> everybody in the store knows i'm over here taking a bunch of razor blades. make it more difficult to steal or make it little more riskier to steal more likely you're caught they're on the shelf or on the peg but it's in this
3:48 am
polly carbon box. >> pilot test new displays in stores to see if enough theft is prevented to justify the cost. even surveillance camera rah systems in each aisle look progress missing if it will be seeing more of these. >> i think so. you're seeing major changes around the country right now. that came from the university of florida. >> hayes knows you can stop all crime but if stores can make harder to steal -- >> so we prefer to use science. >> the science of stealing and stopping it. >> with the help of thieves. >> these will be mine. >> new kind of crime lab make it harder for them to get away wi with. >> lloyd sours, fox 13 news. don cherry i mean how war eskin in the house. >> remember don't remember don cher reach his sports coats were really crazy. >> i like that. >> phillies manager put ryan
3:49 am
howard in the starting lineup but the strikeouts keep oncomi oncoming. memorial day and historic day in the phillies past history. but the fans let the phillies down. blew a lead in the eighth but more problems on offense much
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♪ the phillies back home tonight after losing five of six on the road trip. phillies opening series again the first place washington nationals ryan howard back in the lineup. let's go to citizens bank park. yes. this was the night for armed services this memorial day. second inning still scoreless. now ryan howard doesn't do much of this. goodie fenn that's a shock but scoreless game. saved a run there the in the second. bottom of the second. they have to score runs. the pitcher bunts to score a man from third and one to nothing phillies. bottom of the fourth, it's one-one and ryan howard up. he's late on that pitch. he struck out twice tonight. although one for four. the eighth upping galvis homered to give the phillies a lead. werth tied it up in the eighth.
3:53 am
with the bases loaded he walk three. daniel murphy who homer earlier scores two. jayson werth scores. washington is up four-two. ninth inning a jonathan papelb l bum comes in. gives up a run. gets the last out. washington wins it, four-three. the problems for the phillies are simple. >> bottom line we need -- we're starving for offense. we got to string three or four hits together. we're not doing it. that helps you win a lot of games. >> they're not doing that. mets worried about their pitcher matt harvey. opening day start has been getting shelved but not after today. that's a strikeout. he struck out six in seven innings. if you swing before you get hit it's a strike and that was strike three. he had six strike out outs on the day. seven shut out innings the only run of the game neal walker the homerun in the seventh. mets beat the white sox one to nothing. game seven of the nba western conference finals.
3:54 am
golden state and oklahoma city trying to move on to the finals to lose to cleveland. let's go to oakland. >> stop. >> that's what's going to happ happen. that's what's going to happen. oklahoma city leading most of the first half. the block by bocc on steph curry the score by westbrook and one golden state leads in the fourth 71-60. like i said the winner goes own to close to cleveland. 27 years ago on memorial day. 1989, mike schmidt suddenly call eight career when he knew he couldn't play at the major league level. ryan howard, are you listenin l he knew what the deal was. knew he was done op that memorial day shock to almost everybody but schmidt. >> someone eight years ago i left dayton, ohio, with two very bat knees and a dream to become a major league baseball player.
3:55 am
i thank god that dream came tr true. >> i remember talking to him that morning before the news conference and i said why? he says i can get the balls and i can hit any more and i'm not going to play at that level and he knew it and he said that's it. he was the highest paid player in baseball at that time. >> so tough for so many professional athletes to walk away definitively. >> yeah. >> so tough. >> but he had pride. he knew when he couldn't play any more. >> you can't play at that level not going to do it any more. >> by the way pittsburgh penguins win game one of the stanley cup finals. those games are -- >> i love this time of year. what are you watching there? >> warriors. >> play by play. we all -- >> you're on facebook he's watching the games. >> i'm on social media.
3:56 am
i might say -- >> more entertainment news coming up next tmz followed by dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. >> back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox morning news and "good day
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well, good morning, breaking news, a horrific night the for mother and 13 year-old daughter both rushed to the hospital after an attempted rape and barricade situation inside their home. and an inn invasion the latest on the home owner and if the suspects were caught. american legion post up in flames, on memorial will day, the major impact thinks having on more than just vet the rance in that community. good day it is tuesday may 31st, 2016. last day of the month. >> yes, absolutely. >> it has flown by. >> welshing you have been flying all over the country so time flies when you are having fun. >> i did have fun over the weekend. >> we were holding down the fort, we had fun nonetheless for all of the weather. >> for those who joined us on the holiday early in the morning now it is really early in the morning and


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