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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 31, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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questioning it? should you be concern. for the win, yes. >> on their way to washington where we're with the villanova wildcats this morning as they get ready to celebrate their national championship with the president today. >> it will be cool. we are live on villanova's campus as we board the bus or they board the big bus and jay wright will join us live on good kay. >> perfect. >> big day. >> how was your day yesterday coming back from the shore? how many hours did you spend on the atlantic city expressway. and what are the longest, so far. >> i got six hours. >> no. >> it seems like fistfights at farly interchange. >> i would not be able to do that. >> no, no way. >> pretzel and juice stand along ac expressway water and
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pretzels. >> smart move. >> lets see what weather you are facing as we get back to the reality holiday weekend, eight out of 106789 beats yesterday's three with the humid start we will see things improve but bus stop buddy is showing a sun screen bottle will, temperatures in the 60's and 70's and clouds are slowly starting to clear still hanging on at the new jersey shore and here in philadelphia 70 degrees, see sunburning through, 90 percent relative humidity. sixty's to the north and south of us, high temperature of 87 as the humidity drops during the day and overnight low bob kelly of 65. >> looking good. 7:01. good morning everybody. tuesday morning back at it. here comes sunshine, sun glare with it, this is route 30 bypass, route 30 leaving downingtown heading in toward malvern and king of prussia looking good now on the 42 freeway but yesterday had a
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double whamy, we had the monday, everybody coming back on one day where they had a chance to filtering down over friday and saturday for holiday weekend and when those cloud rolled across the shore, everybody started to jet back at the same time. betsy from girard, delays in both directions on the schuylkill, no accidents, just volume north on the blue route disabled truck right in the macdade boulevard interchange and we will zoom into some repaving, pain before the gain, start reand crop well road. you made the best choice stay an extra night and come right back from the beach in the cubicle, no problems on the parkway or expressway, coming back from the shore at least at the moment. back to you. is there unconfirmed word that flyers legend rick macleish has passed away. former flyer reggie leach, made the announcement on his
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facebook page overnight. he wrote it is a sad day my about friend ricky macleish has passed away, great, great hack i player and wonderful family man and husband. i will miss him a lot. we both turned pro together in 1970, my condolences go out to his family. >> he was one of the original members of the broad street bull hoist scored game winning goal that gave flyers their first stanley cup in 1974, and first flier to score 50 goals in the the season. his doubt's announce that had his father was dealing with several medical problems and hospitalized for six weeks. he was just 66 years old. >> more when we get it in the news room. and a manhunt is on this morning. >> for person who sexually assault aid 13 year-old girl and beat her mother. >> that woman is in critical condition. her teeth were knocked out. in fact police were saying, jenny, it was such a bloody scene they thought she had been shot. >> reporter: right, they didn't realize she hadn't been
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shot until she was being treated at einstein medical center just a heinous act. police believe that one man is responsible for both crimes and that man is on the run right now. he took off from the 1900 block of pratt street police believe responsible for rape of the 13 year-old girl and brutal physical a salt on the child's mother. police say around 12:30 a call came in for a sex assault of the child. when police arrived no one answered the door. police officers went to a neighboring home and went upstairs to the property. they were able to see inside the home in question. they could see a with man lying in the bed bleating profusely. swat team was called out to clear the property once inside they rescued the adult female. the child had already run to a neighbor's home for help. >> we have a 13 year-old female, who was victim of a sexual assault. she's at st. christopher's hospital. we have a 38 year-old female who may be the mother of the 13 year-old and she's
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suffering from aggravated assault blunt force trauma to her face and head, and missing several teeth, we found her teeth on the bed where she was laying and special victims investigating. >> thirteen year-old victim is being treated at st. christopher's hospital. her mommies listed in critical condition of einstein medical center, because of the serious and sensitive nature of the crime police are not the releasing name of the suspect but they know who he is and they are working to get him in custody. mike and alex. >> 7:07. it end with the home owner injured and late night chase. police say two men broke in the home around 10:00 p.m. on the 200 block of lafayette avenue. when police arrived men jumped in and led officers on a chase on i-95. one suspect was eventually captured. now hunt is on for the second suspect. a community is devastated, i understand why after american legion post is destroyed by a fire yesterday,
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yeah, memorial day. investigators working to find out what happened here. >> dave kinchen has the story on this, this went on for more than two hours, dave. >> that is right, two and a half hours is how long it took fire fighters to income flames down and get them under control. the as you can see from this live video here fire crews are still working on hot spots in the second floor of this american legion post that burned on memorial day. the blaze went to four alarms and went through post 396 at american legion on orthodox street in the brideberg section. we are told that the building served as american legion post for decade but many neighbors come here and gathered for various events and occasions. neighbors say they hosted an event earlier in the day yesterday more than 100 fire fighters battled the blaze and spent evening knocking out hot spots and continuing to do that now. as you can just imagine members say the lost is just
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heart breaking. >> the uniforms from the men and women that served in our armed forces for many, many years and the pictures and medals, and to know that there is things that just can't be replaced and i just thank god none of my friend were in there. >> one fire fighter was treated and released f there is anything good that came out of this, the fire commissioner said they had to evacuate two houses but those houses were not damaged at all. the only thing good coming from this as we come back live, the fire marshall is investigate ago long with the atf. so many people certainly devastated by all of this mike and alex. >> that is for sure, all right dave. 7:07. well, we have word archbishop chaput will introduce a new auxiliary bishop later this morning. vatican announce that had pope francis has named reverend
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monsignor edward deliman as auxiliary bishop for the archdiocese of philadelphia monsignor deliman serves as pastor at saint charles borromeo parish in bensalem, bucks county. archbishop chaput will introduce bishop deliman at a news conference straight up 10:00 o'clock this morning and he is always on time. a four year-old girl is doing fairly well, this morning after police say she was attacked by a dog in north philadelphia. actually more than one dog. it happened just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon at tenth and ontario. the family says they were barbecuing in front of their home with friend when four dogs came running down the street. two charged the little girl and one bit her. police fired several shots at the dogs hitting one of them that dog died. other three were restrained. >> the dogs are from around the block. they knocked my daughter off
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the chair. >> the little girl was treated by medics on the scene and suffered a wound on her face and neck. the family says dogs belong to somebody in the neighborhood and they have not yet determined which home owner, has the dogs. we have to wait longer for kathleen kane to announce results of the investigation into inappropriate e-mails found on state servicer. kane's office cancelled a press conference scheduled for today to go over findings. in december kane ordered review of the sensitive materials shared a monk prosecutors, judges and others in the criminal justice system. maryland attorney hired to carry out the investigation says the report isn't ready and will be out sometime this summer. >> well now... 7:09. many people upset over shooting death of the gorilla at cincinnati zoo over the weekend. >> expert are standing their ground as uproar continues. lauren, they have a vigil for
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harambe yesterday. >> that is right, held last night outside gates to the zoo to remember harambe the 17 year-old lowland gorilla who was shot and killed after a young boy fell 15 feet inside that enclosure. people are calling for zoo, boy's parents or both to face a form of punishment for the death. officials with the zoo say it appears that the child climbed over a 3-foot railing and then walk through bushes before falling into the mote. despite criticism from around the world the zoo director said yesterday if he had to do it all over again he would make the same decisions. >> that child's life was in danger. and people who question that, or are monday morning quarterbacks or second guessers don't understand that you cannot take a risk with a silverback. >> zoo director says review is underway to determine any improvement that can make the zoo safer. ohio state lawmakers are now floating around the idea of harambe's law that would create inn legal consequences when a animal is killed due to
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negligence of visitors. say protesters, outside the, and gorillas are not held in captivity in the first place. >> well, is there a whole other story right there. >> 7:11. we will continue to follow that because there will be more coming out this morning undoubted. in scary moments for presidential candidate bernie sanders during a rally in oakland, california. >> look at the secret service agent. >> those agents jumped in to action right away. protesters rush the stage while bernie sanders was at podium as you you can see, at least two people were tackled and then taken into custody by police. their identities have not been released. vermont senator was not hurt at all, during this incident and continued on with his speech.
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animal rights group claimed responsibility for the interest ruption. vice-president joe by men new castle delaware yesterday for a special memorial day services. long with serving as delaware's attorney general his son beau biden was also a major in the delaware national guard and so now the organization is renaming one of the headquarters to honor the vice-president's son, to honor beau. after enlisting in the national guard at 35 he was awarded bronze star and legion of merit for services in iraq. the last year at 46 year-old his life was cut short by a brain cancer. friend who served with beau say there is in better way to memorialize him. >> he just loved being a solder, he just loved it. he liked being here, relaxing, being one of us. >> compassionate, patient, understanding, forgiving, i can go on and on and on. >> headquarters is now called
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major joseph r beau biden the third national guard reserve center. >> that is nice touching his son's plaque there. 7:13. >> phillies back home last night honoring those who gave their lives for this country and first responders. this is trever new house throwing out, we will show it, but trever was on our show. >> they is. >> yes, trever newhouse, with the first responders, who saved his life when he collapsed on the soccer field. first responders there catching. >> of course, he practiced that here on "good day philadelphia" live on market street and he fired a fast ball, it paid off, that practice, nailed it last night. >> it looks really good. >> as for action on the field, there wasn't any, lets just for old trever's pitch because it was better than the game. jeremy hellickson did his part, throwing seven innings of one run ball. good game for him. way to go. but it all fell apart in the eighth because hector nearest,
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he comes in with one run lead but could not hold it. he gave up, well, he walk three people. maybe we should take him out. he walk three. they didn't take him out. phillies scored one in the ninth off of jonathan papelbon, but they lose the game, phillies lose four-three. lets get back to the highlights, trever newhouse ladies and gentlemen. >> before the game. >> sign him up. >> thank you so much. >> that guy john right there, saved his life. >> sure did. >> a lot of military in the stand last evening. jay wright and national championville 'nova wildcats are going to d.c. >> i love to say that, mr. jenkins goes to washington. >> for sure. >> they will visit president obama at the white house celebrating their win over north carolina and celebrating the national title. we will air the event right here on fox 29, starting around 4:00 this afternoon. catch it screaming on our web site at fox exciting dayy will be watching that for sure.
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it will be a rematch of the nba finals from last year after steph curry and his friends, the golden state warriors beat the thunder of oklahoma city last night in game seven but it was close. >> you were watching. >> i stayed up into the third quarter and then i fell asleep on my couch, not realizing. >> it is late for us. >> or for a lot of us clay thompson splash brothers and step h and his budd write too much in the third quarter especially. >> hitting a big number of three. >> huge. >> steph had 36 points and set a record for number of three pointers, in a playoff series, with 32 over the seven games. warriors were down three -one in the series but over came double digit deficits, in both games six and seven to set up the rematch with lebron james and the cleveland cavilers. as you know, cavilers lost last year to the warriors but
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cavilers were very injured. their players are all back. it will be a good series. >> here's interesting thing, because i felt bad for kevin durant because this is his contract year, he is a free agent now but i have a suggestion, he might have a shot of philly. >> look what joel embiid tweeted out, time to recruit kd to the sixers. please, please, please. >> that would be great. >> do you think wow come. >> we are getting number one pick. >> no. >> we can dream. >> you know what, it is not totally out of the question. >> i'll take that. >> you are telling me there is a chance. >> there is a chance, million to one is there a chance. >> there is always hope. >> anyway, we hope phillies do better tonight then they did last night against the nationals. weather will be better, in fact, it feels sticky but by end of the day it will not be as humid and we are expecting
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a lovely sunset so no jacket the required. we are starting off in the 80's at 7:05. excuse me. we have moisture from yesterday, that all moved off shore and slowly we will see the sun taking over from the clouds. at least no more precipitation to show you on ultimate doppler radar. temperatures are already warmed, 70 in wilmington, philadelphia and trenton right along i-95 there and then cooler on either side in the burbs, in the 60's, we are starting off with wind, mostly out of the south, but we will start to see a change, once you see northwesterly wind is when dryer air starts to move in and we will get lower humidity and more comfortable outside. we have our first heat wave of the season in case you missed it because of the holiday weekend it was thursday, friday, saturday, 90, 90, 90. seventy-nine yesterday. eighty-seven our high today. lower 80's tomorrow.
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79 degrees on thursday, low humidity as we begin the first two months of june and then gets iffy as we head into the weekend and it doesn't look like a wash out either. that is a look at your seven day forecast, our folks going nuts getting back to reality, bob kelly. >> everything is craze bye something going on here. this is a live look at south street bridge leaving university city, head ago cross the river. here's the schuylkill and center city behind you. we have police activity on the bridge here it self. it the looks like folks are coming across, not sure if it is an accident or what is going on but avoid the south street bridge and use market street, walnut or chestnut to get across the schuylkill river. southbound i-95 jammed up from cottman to girard. blue route, schuylkill, i-95, no accidents, just a lot of
7:19 am
volume, just that first day back after a holiday is always crazy but two accidents in new jersey northbound 295 just north of the commodore barry bridge and an accident on 42 freeway, right here near black horse pike causing delays for folks coming back toward the city. mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back to you. bob will be out there, on friday broadcasting live from 7:00 to 10:00. cedar park in west philadelphia is bait basically baltimore avenue between forty-ninth and 50th. all week long 24 hours a day on the web site we are giving away a car. >> sign up to win this brand new mazda cx9, not just any car, mike. >> well. >> go to fox click on the contest and click on that red banner. >> drop the lower third in the second fellows in the control room, because the red banner is the key, that little red strip. >> enter to win here. >> you have to click that. >> yes. >> just like that. >> yes. >> and then that appears. >> yes.
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>> put in your information. do that once every 24 hours. >> pretty easy. >> there we go. >> lets throw up the list of the places we will be, the rest of the spring and summer. >> we will go to jenkintown, northeast philadelphia, quakertown, wildwood, wilmington, and then haddonfield and finish it up july 22nd at the dell. >> at the dell. >> okay. >> what? >> you knew this was coming. we have talked this for years. this thing up against your head, your brain a dull long. a new study has come out linking cell phones to brain cancer. but is the study valid? some organizationness america say no, this is too fast. doctor mike has an opinion. and consumer reports releases its top cars of 2016 is yours on the list. >> you know, i will go out on a limb, i bet honda is in there. >> you think so. >> i want an american car that is good it is on the list.
7:21 am
>> okay. >> we will go over them. >> how long were you stuck in traffic on the the way back from the shore. >> all my friend were stuck in traffic for seven hours yesterday. >> my goodness. >> while i was stuck in philly. >> seven hours in the car, inching down the ac expressway. wow.
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the best list, look at the best cars,. >> for this year. >> okay. >> and it is actually 2016. lauren simoneti, let's start with what is the best mid sized. >> by the way i went car shopping this weekend but difficult get free hot talk from the dealership. best mid sized carries toyota camry. >> every year, toyota camry. >> let me tell you, what they say should carry weight the because they go out and they independently buy about 70 cars a year, and they have their staff, test drive them for thousands and thousands of miles. very cool job. that is why this list gets
7:25 am
added weight. they call toyota camry a near perfect sedan. >> yes, anybody buy a camry this weekend. >> what did you look for. i best you look like an audi person. >> i have an audi now. >> see. >> really good, you guessed it. >> did you know. >> i did not know. >> what is the best luxury suv. >> that goes to the lexus rx. >> toyota again. >> tasteful, smooth, set you back about $52,000. >> sound like something you eat. >> that is high for my budget right now. >> sports car. >> the miata to be specific the ms 5miata from mazda. best selling ever. $29,000, that ace nice price point and 34 maybe, pretty good. >> what about pickup trucks. >> this is a in brainer.
7:26 am
>> f150. >> i love ford f150. >> bang, bang. >> there are only two american cars on this big list of ten cars, of 2015, ford was one and the other one was just a chevy impala. >> if i would have a truck it would be a f150. >> they are so big. >> yes. >> climb up in it. >> wear your cowboy hat. >> you know, i don't agree, what do you think might be the best suv out there, right now. >> no brainer, the cx9 from mazda. >> really, the cx9 from mazda. >> we're giving one away. the just go to our web site at fox >> click on the red tab. >> sorry, lauren you are not eligible. >> none of us are. >> by the way how was the hot dog. >> amazing. i haven't it in an age and a hamburger do you believe a hot
7:27 am
doggies a sandwich. >> that is kind of technical. >> as opposed to what, what is my other option. >> it is not a sandwich it is a hot dog. >> a lot of people agree with you. >> thank you, lauren. i'm going to and get there a lot faster. >> thanks, lauren. >> okay. >> i was going to go ask lauren about she goes to soul cycle in manhattan. if you don't live in new york, other cities in america, you don't know what soul cycle is but philadelphia is getting a soul cycle. >> we are very excited about this. find your soul, jen. >> we are not half as excited as people are here. the most awake non-drinking people i have ever hung out with how is soul cycle different? this is it.
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1:30. frankford section of the city police trying to track down the man they say sexually assaulted a 13 year-old girl who beat up her mother severely. woman was rush to the hospital in critical condition, and the suspects say, that is believed to be, a family member, they know who it is, they ran naked from the home at 1:00 o'clock in the morning. we have also got word that a flyers legend passed away overnight, former flyer,
7:31 am
reggie leach made the announcement on facebook, it is sad day my good friend rick macleish has died. he is one of the original members of the broad street bull hoist scored game winning goal to give flyers their first starrily cup in 1974. that was against the bruins. >> bob kelly just sent us a message to our bob kelly that yes, it happened about 9:00 o'clock last night. only 66 years old. my goodness. here comes sue at 7:31. >> back from the holiday weekend and back at the bus stop with buddy. he has sun screen. so cloudy for so many yesterday, you have to remember, to apply that sun screen for outdoor recess purposes, 60's and 70's. our temperatures, cloud still hanging on for eastern part of the new jersey, this morning but at least precipitation is gone and we are seeing quite a few clouds here in the city, but sun coming through 70 degrees, still sticky with 90 percent relative humidity but things will be improving throughout the day, 66 in
7:32 am
allentown. millville is 67. we will only have 71 in wilmington. but as we get warmer during the day, unusually enough, humidity will drop, sunset time at 8:23 and that is your forecast for tuesday which feels like a monday on account we have a holiday yesterday, rest of the seven day forecast is coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly is here with a look at back to reality traffic and is there quite a bit. >> looks like, feels like 7:32. it is tuesday morning, coming back at is, back to school, a live look sun glare every where on the the blue route, 476, smack dab in the middle of route one in delaware county. jammo i-95 from cottman in through girard avenue. in big accidents on the pennsylvania side but however, freeway northbound in towards philadelphia a crash at route 523 and then that delay continues all the way in toward the walt whitman
7:33 am
bridge. another accident north on 295, in paulsboro, that is north of the commodore barry bridge interchange. the schuylkill, we have sun glare at the curve, conshohocken curve, westbound delays from the boulevard out to belmont and southbound i-95 from the betsy in through girard. mass transit, looking good, mike anal oaks, back to you. >> we have all had this discussion among ourself, is that cell phone up to our ear, up to our brain, up to our skull going to cause brain cancer down the road. well, a new study was conducted on rats and has some people wondering if there is renewed worry about potential of the health risk as cell phone use as it relates to brain cancer. >> so doctor mike is here. >> he looks like that all day long. >> if he is talking on his cell phone maybe it is in the so bad. >> makes you feel better. >> yeah if a doctor is doing it. >> don't do what i do, do as i
7:34 am
say, yeah. bottom line is there was a large study looking at rats. they took rats and they exposed them to high levels of cell phone radio frequency waves, even when they were in the womb. they found interesting things. they found that two types of tumors were more prevalent by only two or 3 percent. one was a glioma which is a bad brain tumor and other benign tumor of the heart. strikingly folks, it was only in male rats. >> what? >> in the one female rat got or had a problem. there air lot of people weighing in on this from the national institutes of health, very smart people saying hey, one they gave these rats tremendous amounts of radio frequency, energy that you you would not see in use by the public, that is number one and
7:35 am
number two, how do you make sense of the the fact that it was only in male rats and not female rats. so the take home message i wouldn't worry about it, but like everything else in life, try to minimize the amount of radio frequency waves that you have. >> what will happen. >> hands free, get ate way from your head. >> or we can text. >> you can do that too. >> a lot of things, you don't want them close down to your other parts because it can affect fertility. mike, remember that. >> i know. >> you always have your phone in your pocket. >> little late for me anyway. >> who are these rats talking to. >> they were talking to other rats. >> okay. >> must be little bit i phones. >> even before they were born they were texting. >> hey doctor mike do you have time to hang around a bit because there was another study that came over the weekend, and it says, it talked about breast-feeding.
7:36 am
my daughters have been pumping, you know, with their own breast milk for years. our co-workers pump breast milk. supposedly the milk from the breast itself is better than the machine milk can you hang around and talk about that later. >> yes, i will be here for you i have love you right back. >> love you michael. >> see, i love you too alex. >> okay. >> afterthought. >> just kidding. >> 7:36. one man goes to extreme to show his displeasure over a fine he got for a speeding ticket. >> how he paid and how the court, um, how he paid to have the court for hours. >> i know what he did.
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people from texas can be all crack i. we have learned that over the years. >> have we? >> this guy in texas thought his fine for only going 9 miles over the speed limit was excessive. so he decided to pay the $212
7:40 am
ticket in the fine, in pennies. >> and he posted video of him doing it. >> of course, did he. >> brett sanders went to the bank and got 22,000 pennies and recorded himself smashing the rolls over with a hammer and loading them into buckets. he went to the courthouse and said wow like to pay. then dumped the buckets on the counter and left, saying, no receipt, okay. court had to go to coin star, spent three hours counting those pennies, and he over paid. now county owes him, over $7 in change. >> so now, they will hand them back in bills or pennies. >> they will be in the bucket the of pennies. >> isn't that almost, illegal, disruption of the courts. >> because they had to spend three hours handling this that and other things. >> i guess is there no law against being a jerk. i can understand, why don't you give me a ticket. >> 9 miles, one more is 10 miles. >> two more would be 11.
7:41 am
>> typically a dallas cowboys fans. >> he says it was written all over his face. >> houston texans. >> there are other teams. >> it could be corpus christie, mid land. >> talking with the football team. >> true. >> listen to this. a real show stopper at one of adele's recent, and why she stopped to scold a band, how embarrassing is that. speaking of embarrassing, i don't know if i can do this it is intense man. >> it is intense, and they are all a little bit too happy. they say it is real deal work out but i think it is a happy time, come back, she will tell us why this place is so different, why it has a cult following. work it, work out.
7:42 am
people are weighing in on how long it took them to get back from the jersey shore yesterday in the rain. maryann works here and we left at 4:00 p.m. and got home at 6:30. we took the back roads. that is the key. i think everyone left early because of the rain, i agree with that. back roads, work a lot of times. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners.
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and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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i'm up here in yardley and all of the fourth grade students from quarry hillel meantry want to say something to you at home. >> good morning. everybody. >> how about a jammo. >> jammo. >> what a great day on thursday, look, where is bob? i'm in there somewhere. i'm in there, can you find me, boom, there i am with the entire fourth grade class, it was their pennsylvania day, all of the kids, learned something different about a different pennsylvania person, they even had all pennsylvania treats like, tastykake, pretzels, and bob kelly, out there a great time quarry hillel meantry up there in yardley pennsylvania on thursday, having some fun. thanks for watching us each and every day to the parents and teachers and live look
7:46 am
here, west on the schuylkill expressway, jammo, from pretty much the boulevard all the way out towards belmont avenue. that reverse commute, take the sun, put the sun roof down and take convertible to work day. southbound i-95 backup from cottman. and only one lane leaving university city heading toward the city, with police activity, so just watch for delays there and on the 42 freeway north bound, watch for delays, accident route 534 and your normal morning crawl heading in towards the whitman and north on 295 an accident just north of the commodore barry bridge. mass transit looking good, how long will this sun around around? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
7:47 am
great convertible kind of day, you know why, in the middle of the ocean, and in longer bothering us, like it did for so many on memorial day. if you live around allentown, we did get some sunshine in the afternoon, here's what is going on with bonnie, it is post tropical bonnie, 29 miles away from myrtle beach south carolina yesterday, it was in charleston south caroline, it hasn't moved much at all, and the movement is continuing to be slow, the projections are that it will only be in north carolina by thursday, but then we have to watch remnants of that storm as we get closer to the weekend, right now it is a beautiful start, we will see more and more sunshine as time goes by. seventy-one in wilmington and philadelphia it is muggy still but we expect northerly breeze toes take over as high pressure buildness and it will be lower humidity as sun returning today. 87 degrees today, a little
7:48 am
cooler tomorrow and then thursday we are giving you ten's both days because humidity will stay low as we look ahead to, see perhaps remnants of the bonnie, working in to the picture. we will see about that. saturday looks good, maybe late day showers on sunday, that is your forecast, not bad. >> the question this morning is you may have soul but do you soul cycle. they are now in the philadelphia area. if you do not know soul ike will is exercise trend that celebrities well, they are obsessed. demi lovato, sophia bush, oprah, vanessa hugeness, and bradley cooper does it. so jen, it is finally in philadelphia. you are explaining what the hype is all about. show thus soul cycle. >> i cannot figure out if they are this excited all the time or they are just excited because we are here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> while they are going, we will go, first of all they say
7:49 am
soul ike will is different because it makes you happy. >> well, everything, it is endorphins, working out, music, it is a vibe. >> it is all nice, you are grooving. >> now celebrities love it because it makes them happy because they do say nice things to people, while they are sweating, right. >> we definitely love to put that positive vibe out there. >> it is also a place to be seen. people will wear their stuff and they want to look their best looking cool. >> our riders go out and they go on social media and they talk about it and they bring the whole experience out there
7:50 am
with us. >> yes. >> but it is like if you are in, you are in. >> yes. >> so the women says first of all you have to be invited to audition. >> right. >> how do you get an invitation. >> you know what it is about being a good riders. and a lot of us just have a good community feeling. you are either a rider before or just loving that feel so they will invite you back. >> and then apparently it is eight weeks of learning how to do this. >> yes. >> a lot of training. >> was was the hardest part for you. >> just the speed. there is a difference between being a good rider and putting yourself out there and being an instructor. >> we talk about this off camera you say when you come in here you are a different person kind of like beyonce. >> yes, totallying. >> the personally am and in this room, i'm really quiet reserved person but in here
7:51 am
i'm able a to be myself. >> were you nervous first time you saw it. >> 100 percent. >> yes. >> there is no wait, none of that but you can see where you can work every muscle in your body doing this. >> everything. we have a weight segment but the entire cast is your up are body, core, your legs. >> you came here from new york city to be here in philly. >> yes. >> you have to be excited. you committed to philly. >> yes you are not leaving. >> yes. >> should we do some moves. >> let's go. >> here we go. >> this is how you wake up people. >> you guys are allowed to get crazy now. >> i like it. >> yes, they are. >> look at jen, let's just stay on this for five minutes.
7:52 am
>> here's the thing when i thought soul cycle i thought i would be hearing james brown playing. >> you know, it started in westville, new york. >> sound of philly or something. >> it is everybody's taste in music. >> it is true. >> still looks great. >> yes. >> here's the big question, could the way you give your baby's breast milk cause certain health problems, you just can't win, find out which feeding method one study suggest could lead to ear infections in your baby. and a couple who said i do, on our show good day ten years ago, look the at this beautiful, well, they are back, we will check in with the happy couple, as they celebrate their big, well, is it them? >> i guess so. >> i know what you are saying.
7:53 am
this looks too elaborate for "good day philadelphia". but i believe that was us ten years ago. >> wow. >> well, wow. >> wow. >> this was the great presentation. are they still together. >> i think so yes. >> i know they are because they are live in our studio.
7:54 am
you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania.
7:55 am
senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:56 am
here we go, a new study find infants who are fed directly from the breast, you know, breast milk may be less likely to develop ear infections. >> what? >> so doctor mike is joining us with this. >> is it the milk or mechanics. >> it is the mechanics, the milk is fantastic. breast milk is way to go if you can. if you can't, then you use formula. but what this study showed was a dramatic increase in ear infections in those kids, who have moms breast milk in a
7:57 am
bottle, and researchers think it might be due to the negative pressure exerted by little baby sucking from a bottle, causing problems with the inner ear. >> is that because it is a different kind of sucking. >> plastic over flesh. >> that is right. >> probably difference in pressures and the way the mechanics work and so look, if you can, you can. if you can't, bottle breast milk, go for it, i don't want anyone out there to think it is not a good thing. beautiful, wonderful thing, to do it, if you can and then go from there but breast milk from the breast, way to go. >> it is way to go. >> it is way to go. >> easy for me to say but when i first heard study, it is just fresher milk from the breast itself as opposed to in storage but that is not true, it is mechanics. >> mechanics. >> something with the milk too. >> we went through all this with my wife and breast milk
7:58 am
and we put tonight a refrigerator. but let me tell you something about breast milk, it is the most amazing thing for your child's immune system and everything else. it is the perfect nutrition for a child. if you can't, you can't. then you use formula. it is okay. everybody is going to survive, it is all right. >> i have in the past, but not so much anymore was called a work a holik because i would be. >> i still think you are kind of a work a holik. >> probably so. >> this is in the the good the study i have been told work a holiksed more psychiatric problems. >> is that because of just working too much doctor mike. >> listen, i'm guilty as charged, okay. they found that people that have work a holik type personality have a higher incidents of psychiatric disorders. no surprise there. if i was well adjusted i wouldn't be getting up this
7:59 am
early, i would be hanging out and go somewhere and meditate, have my salmon, get a massage, the problem is i have to work for a living just like everybody else so we all have to work. >> but you want to. >> well, i love it. the key is balance. we're all struggling to find balance. i'm looking for balance, peace, tranquility you but what kind of disorder are we talking about here. >> anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, all of those. >> but thing is at the end of the day, folks bottom line is where your family is, how you spend time with your family that is what matters not the maserati, forget the maserati. >> you have a maserati. >> no but i don't care because what i want, i have been on the death beds before and bottom line is where is my family, what kind of world did i make this place, that is the key, folks. >> what you are saying is, work less, maybe a little bit more healthy for you.
8:00 am
>> exactly i'm going home. >> i knew that is where he was going. >> really. >> tell the news director i don't want to be sick. >> better for your mental health. >> he's really leaving the studio, walking out. >> all right, well, there is that. >> do you want to be my new co host. >> sure, slide on over. >> he is not the first one to leave when i showed up. good day, to you, it is tuesday may 31st, 2016. >> hello. >> do you want to say that. >> yes, 2016. >> there we go. a scary night in frankford i mean and her doubt's tacked in their home, how they were able to get help, and who police says they are looking for a name man. killing of harambe. >> we cannot take a risk with the silver back.
8:01 am
>> officials are staying strong despite uproar why director say critics just don't understand. wildcats to washington d.c. >> nova. >> nation. >> nova. >> nation. >> villanova's basketball champs will hang out with the president of the united states today. we will take you their life to nova nation on the campus of villanova university as the team gets on the big bus. and adele show stopper. >> unaudible. >> why the singer put her concert on hold to scold a fan. hey, villanova fancy think we will talk to jay wright fans in a little bit. >> great they are going to the the white house. >> are they staying for dinner. >> it seems like they would have snacks at least. >> yes, then you do a toast. >> happy hour. >> that would be good.
8:02 am
>> do you want to see a picture of me. real quickly, can we get a shot, somebody, i go out to the park, yesterday and they got, they snapped a shot of me. >> really. >> you know, you think though would ask permission from me but do you see there i am. >> yeah, that is you, all right. >> yeah. >> i'm the guy in the back passed out. >> yes. >> staying hydrated. >> he is hydrated. >> put some sun tan lotion on there. >> where is that. >> what park. >> as we give number of the day. >> the number is eight out of ten today. it is starting off pretty humid but things will be improving. we have stubborn clouds in a few spots but bus stop buddy is reminding you about the sun screen because it was cloudy for most yesterday and you'll need that today, temperatures in the 60's and 70's and then even here in philadelphia,
8:03 am
71 degrees with the 6-mile an hour wind, relative humidity at 87 percent, still mug which 71 in pottstown and trenton. sixty-nine in dover. sixty-eight the atlantic city international. high temperature of 87 degrees and our favorite word, lowering humidity, with a mix of sun and clouds, it is looking like a good day, we will talk about how long this streak of weather will last coming up in just a few. >> is that your new word. >> our favorite two new word, lowering humidity. >> yes. difficult count that wrong. >> it is okay, first day back after the holiday, good morning, everybody 8:03. getting up and a live look, hello fishtown live look at i-95 southbound near allegheny avenue. everybody heading back to work and school after the weekend. the there is i-95 from cottman. problems on septa a this morning, overcrowded conditions on both trenton line and wilmington line, there is fewer cars on each of
8:04 am
the trains. they have pulled these cars out, randomly to make some repairs and we are getting reports of the trenton and wilmington line. and wear your deodorant. south street bridge only has one lane opened leaving university city, heading in towards center city. so just keep that in mind this morning and we're back at it, kelly drive paving operation kicks in again today, all the way through to friday, otherwise, we're looking good up and over the bridge, mike and alex, back over to you. lets continue this manhunt, underway right now for person who sexually assaulted a 13 year-old girl and beat up her mother. >> would the man is in the hospital. police say it took place 12:30 this morning in the cities frankford ex-is. >> just a heinous act and police believe that one man is responsible for both crimes. that man is on the run right now. he apparently took off from a home from the 1900 block of pratt street, police believe again, responsible for both rape of the 13 year-old girl and brutal physical assault,
8:05 am
on the child's mother. police say around 12:30 a call came in from the sex assault of the child. when police arrived no one answered the door. police officers went to the neighboring home and went upstairs to the property and they were able to see inside the home in question. they could see a woman lying in the bed bleeding profusely. the team was called out to clear the president, once inside they arrested the adult female. child had run to the neighbor's home for help. >> we have a 13 year-old female who was victim of sexual assault. we have a 38 year-old female who may be the mother of the 13 year-old and she is suffering there aggravated assault, blunt force trauma to her face and head, missing several teeth. we found her teeth on the bed where she was laying. special victims is investigating. >> thirteen year-old victim is being treated at st. christopher's hospital and her mommies listed in critical condition at einstein medical center.
8:06 am
because of the serious and sensitive nature of these crimes police are not releasing the name of the suspects but they do reaffirm they know who he is and they are working to get him in custody. mike and alex. >> horrible scene. fans are mourning lows of the original broad street bullies. >> rick macleish has died. former flyer bob kelly confirmed the news to us here at fox. former flyer reggie leach first made the announcement on his facebook page, overnight, it is a sad day, my good friend ricky macleish has passed. great, great hockey player and a wonderful family man and husband. i'm going to miss him a lot. we both turned pro together in 1970. my condolence go out to his family. >> he was one of the original members of the broad street bullies. he scored game winning goal that gave flyers their first stanley cup in 1974. he was also the first fly tore
8:07 am
score 50 goals in a season. his doubt's announced last month that her father was dealing with hospitalized for six weeks. rick macleish was 66 years old. >> he died about 9:00 o'clock last night. we have an announcement to make, do you see that man right there, arch charles chaput will introduce him as new auxiliary bishop later this morning the vatican just announce that had pope francis himself has named reverend monsignor edward deliman as auxiliary bishop for archdiocese of philadelphia congratulations. that announcement will be made official at ten low. clock this morning. we will have a camera there. uproar continues, over the death of the beloved gorilla at cincinnati zoo. we're talking about harambe. >> yep. >> experts say they are upset with how this was handle. >> the zoo officials, a vigil was held outside gates of the zoo, yesterday afternoon to
8:08 am
remember this gorilla, the 17 year-old lowland gorilla was shot and killed after a young boy four years old, fell about 10 feet into the gorillas enclosure. many are calling for either the and boy's parents, to face some sort of punishment for gorilla's death. officials with the zoo says it appears that the child climbed over a 3-foot railing and then walked through an area of bushes, before falling into the mote. despite criticism from around the world the zoo's director has taken a lot have heat that he would make the same decision again. here he is. >> that child's life was in danger and people who questioned that, who are monday morning quarterbacks or second guessers, don't understand thaw can't take a wrist being with a silverback. >> maynard said a review is underway to determine any improvements the zoo can make
8:09 am
to make safer. >> one of our attorneys here amy feldman is here. >> good to see you again. >> apparently one of the barriers was made of wire and wood. >> wire and wood. >> he got through wire, the little boy. >> anybody who dealt with the four year-old boy knows if there is mischief to be had it will be had by a four year-old boy. this is the question that is going to be did the zoo take proper precaution toss make sure that what you would expect to happen which fist there is a hole in the fence a boy will find it. that didn't happen here. were there proper precautions did the zoo do enough to ensure where you have wild beasts, abe also a silver back gorilla, that you are being sure to keep. >> there is another shot. apparently there are bushes and you can see the fence but somehow he got through it and fell, but he survived ten to 15-foot fall. >> yeah, i mean look, bottom line you know you are inviting people hoff small children into a proper and the zoo has
8:10 am
obviously taking precautions that it thought were possible. the fact is they have thousands of visitors every day of every year and thinks first time it has ever happened. >> they will to have make changes to that mote. but the gorilla isn't going too sue. >> toss it owe the tooth i to the people that are there? the answer is yes. the zoo has done a excellent job of walking the line here, in making sure it did its best to keep children safe. you know there are tragic accidents that happened that sometimes are no one's fault. it just happens. you cannot sue just because of an accident. >> people were upset with the mother. you are responsible for your child. is there 180,000 signatures. they want her investigated. >> what would be the charge. >> we know a parent has a duty to keep her own child safe.
8:11 am
anyone with a four year-old boy, you simply cannot keep rack of a child. this is not a parent who has locked her kid in the car in the parking lot of a casino while she went out gambling, but this is the zoo. >> if you had are looking at a gorilla don't you keep your hand on your kid. >> of course, do you. >> how many kid do you have? how long was the time she was spent. it was she buying him a comb far away would you argue he is right there. we have all been in department stores where you look back, look backup, the child is gone. >> if there was an investigation would it be child neglect, child protective services. >> that is the question, was she neglecting the child. it was she taking a nap in the corner while her child was doing that? if that turns out to be the case then absolutely there could be a charge. >> who would go after her. >> the state would. >> yes, she called it an accident. she said accidents happen.
8:12 am
but god protect my child and authorities were able to get to him. but at the end of the day she says it was an accident. >> the fact is i was on the very station several years ago talking about a case where a woman had gone over to her friend's house and friend kept the gorilla if you will recall and the gorilla ripped that woman's face off. that was a gorilla that they thought was a pet. this is a wild gorilla who is, within striking distance of a four year-old child. >> i remember that story, connecticut she slept in the same bed with the gorilla. >> yes, and when she knew that her gorilla was out of control she called a friend over. but that happened. >> do you think the mom will be held liable. >> that is not the likely that the mom will be held. there would be an outcry. try to fix the fence. man i can sure in one gets near it. unfortunately that is tragic end to this story. >> not a legal one. >> we shall see if you are right, amy feldman you normally are. >> it will go on for a while. >> can you really afford to live on your own? how much you need to earn to
8:13 am
rent an apartment in each state? we can't do all 50 but the once around us we will tell but. and now we will check with quincy. >> do my job. >> habitat for humanity, i will help, demo this house in pottstown, pa, lets see if i can do the work of the demo worker coming up.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ 8:16. weather will be much better tonight for phillies game than last night. very muggy. it didn't rain. not as humid tonight. let's hope the outcome is better. 82 degrees. no jacket required. it is a comfortable night thanks to all of the rain that moved off shore and a cold front that is bringing it in the process of bringing in dryer air. we don't have any rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. we are heading to a high, of 87, as the sun returns but that is a lower hugh mid, 87
8:17 am
by the time we get there. still sticky. things are improving. perfect for june, yeah, first day of june is tomorrow, but we are giving you a ten, second day is thursday, we are giving you a ten where we're on either side of 80 degrees, chance of showers, on friday though, we will see what happened on the weekend. so far not too bad for weekend but can't see those ten's next couple days. >> i like the slot machine at sugar house, give me a ten. give me a ten. live look at the bypass, for the gang out of chester county, some sun glare, every where, no complaints, this morning, crank up the ac, take convertible to work day. it is next camera shows us 95. not bad right here. quick hit of the morning rush hour things are looking good there at girard, but an accident on the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike, at delaware valley interchange it
8:18 am
is right there in your construction zone involving a tractor trailer, but we are bumper to bumper from philadelphia heading east towards that turnpike connection bridge, alex, back over to you. >> quincy is doing job of the construction demo worker and helping our friend at the habitat for humanity this morning. so q, what are you demolishing. >> well, we're going to demolish this whole house, okay. i have an apprentice with maria here, you will show us everything. you are part of the american core. >> yes. >> what happens with that because they are connect with habitat for humanity. >> i'm volunteer a year of my life to service working with americancore and i have been assembling homes, rebuilding homes, working for families in need and trying to get people in a safe living condition. >> for the last year of your life you have been doing this. >> yes. >> literally hand on. >> yes. >> you are looking for people as well. >> my term is almost finish.
8:19 am
we are looking for new recipient. we are doing a lot of growing. we're expanding our company, and our corporation, so we would like a couple more to come on board with us. >> that means you. >> this house has great structure. >> beautiful. >> we need to start to do some demo. >> we will break down some walls today. >> follow me, right through here. >> all right. we are breaking down walls. >> breaking down this walls, but how long does it take for this to be completed. >> we have been working on it, down the line... >> i think somebody broke the camera. >> speaking of breaking down good we will get that fixed because we want to see him put a sledge hammer through that wall. >> really cool,. >> giving up a year of your life for service. >> that is great, i love her. >> by the way, is your significant other netflix cheating. >> inn to steady of netflix and chilling. >> that is right.
8:20 am
>> if they are binge watching your favorite show without you, here it is. >> it never works because then you have to pretend how you never seen it how your relationship can stay together. but first can you really afford to live on your own or do you need roommates still? how much you need to earn to rent an apartment in each state in our area. >> testing.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
here's the thing, alex holley, you do not want to spend more than 25 or 30 percent of your annual income on housing, right. >> true. >> but you have to divide it all up. >> because you have to get your car, your food and all that other stuff. >> and spending. >> and night life for you. >> yes. >> night life for me, you are the one out all the time. >> what the hay. >> yes. >> even with the increase of minimum wages in some states around the country, finding an affordable place to rent is a
8:24 am
struggle. >> so report called out of reach from the national low-income housing coalition, is highlighting the mismatch between wages and housing costs. >> lets start with pennsylvania where or minimum wage in pennsylvania is $7.25. >> so average employee must make $18.27 per hour. >> so, $11 more than what we are getting right now for a two bedroom apartment. >> okay. >> paying more than 30 percent of their income. >> new jersey the minimum wage is $8.38. >> so in new jersey workers to have make $26.52 per hour for a two bedroom. >> oops, delaware the minimum wage is 8.25. >> and in delaware you have to make $21.70 an hour. >> those are mismatches right there. >> they are. >> what a difference. >> it is also a two bedroom. >> true. >> but i guess if you have kids and that kind of thing. >> right. >> you need that. >> get it down one bedroom.
8:25 am
>> a studio. >> studio is way to go. >> do you have a studio. >> no, you are living on top of your self. you feel like you need another room to go into. >> there is no room, there is no walls, nothing connected. >> that was my point, you are living on top of yourself, you want to get away from yourself by having another room. >> they have the ones where wall doesn't go all the way to the ceiling so you think you have some rooms. >> on line shopping continues to gain, popularity, experts say that one group of consumers could be causing the price of goods to rise for everybody else, thanks. >> new study revealing that there is a surge of serial returners, on line shop their load up their cart with size toes send them right back. >> researchers say two thirds of customers who bought women's clothes in the last six months they return at least one thing, the reason the return policies in some stores they offer. the businesses say they are forced to raise price toes make up for cost of hundreds
8:26 am
of thousands of returns this surprises me. i find it very difficult. i still have not found a way to return on line, maybe me being lazy do you take same box that you got, the gift in and then go to the post office and mail it back or do i have to pay for it myself. >> i never figure it out but i never tried to figure it out. >> i used to date a with man back in the day. lorna. she had a real habit of going and shopping for clothing, bringing them home, and never wearing it, and then taking them back. do you ever buy something. >> do you ever buy something wear it to an event and return it. >> no, that is bad, you can't do that. >> you don't know people that have done that. >> do people do that. >> i know people, i know jen fred. >> as long as you don't dry clean it and stink it up. >> jen is at soul cycle.
8:27 am
>> here's the question what does the philly fanatic, swoop, this guy and soul cycle have in common? we will tell you in just a minute. what could all of you guys have in common. one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) and now in delicious chocolate.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
and, dj jazzy jeff is back in philly. what he has to say about his tour in will smith. we are so ready for you. >> raising money for a spin class. >> that is why we are glad soul cycle is coming to philly. one of the first groups to benefit here in philly is simon's fund. >> jen knows all about them.
8:31 am
>> i do. this is simon's dad, good morning to you. >> people don't know what simon's funnies by now what is it. >> it is an organization that raise's wearness about sudden cardiac arrest and death in kids. >> they will do a charity ride for you guys next wednesday, but, you guys have a a really cool video, i got the to take part in it. it is raise ago wearness. lets let people see video and talk about why we dit. here's the video. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:32 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> the first part, i'm able to to say. >> yes. >> so the three girls that are the heart savers, all of them impacted by sudden cardiac arrest. >> two of them had a heart condition, and had to give up things that were important to them like sports and one of them lost a brother to cardiac arrest. >> my goodness. >> little boy in the classroom with me, he suffered sudden cardiac arrest on the soccer field. >> he collapsed and hard a heart condition and been treated, yes. >> it is amazing. you are saying people necessity adults needy fib lators but you want people to know just like a smoke detector school should have life saving devices. >> sudden cardiac arrest is not just adults, it impacting thousands of kid, number one cause of death in student athletes. only way to save someone from this cardiac arrest is to have
8:33 am
this aed device. we need them every where, including schools. >> you want people to know how easy they are. it was fanatic doing it on swoop. it is easy for anyone to use. >> if you can turn it on you know he how to save a life. >> kid are playing soccer. they are outside on the feel. you want moms and dads looking for their kids and looking for one important thing and that is. >> warning signs, fainting during exercise, real important warning sign that should not be blown off. it could suggest an underlying heart condition. >> their kid passes out. it was so hot this weekend. no matter temperature or condition if they pass out is what next thing they should do. >> they should talk to their pediatrician and maybe be pushing and ask for an ekg exam. >> ride will happen next week. that will help you do these screenings. >> next wednesday, 10:30 a.m. >> i'll be there. >> thanks so much. >> and then thanks for making me a video star. >> i'm glad that someone saw you you and you got the this
8:34 am
gig this work out well for you. >> thank you. >> and i'll probably get more job. >> bottom line your kid passes out you the take them to the doctor. >> and demand an ekg. >> yes. >> good idea. >> well, adele she did a show stopper. >> sue listens to adele. >> i love me some adele, love me some bus stop buddy, starting the show with his sunglasses, they are back, and make sure you have your sun screen honest specially your little pumpkin head there for outdoor recess or whatever. temperatures in the 60's and 70's, a few stubborn clouds around this morning but sunnies taking over, it is 71 degrees, still sticky outside, heading to a high of 87 by end of the day. humidity, dropping, throughout the day, so even though it is humid right now, things will be improving and sunset is not
8:35 am
until 8:23. how about that. >> a lot of extra plates, 8:35 exactly here on a tuesday morning, first day back to work and school. live look at 422, they will be out cutting glass out there on 422 in collegeville back to a delay, south on i-95 from cottman to girard. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike this is eastbound right at that delaware valley interchange. that rough stretch in that construction zone and we're bumper to bumper from philadelphia to bensalem all the way over in towards that connection bridge, this is right in that area where we have that tractor trailer fire a couple weeks ago, and some overcrowding conditions on septa's a regional rails both trenton and wilmington line as there are fewer cars on each one of the trains due to maintenance work today, mike and alex, back over to you. this adele woman, great singer, show stopper. why adele put her concert on hold for a few second to scold fans. what do you think fan did to
8:36 am
make her so mad. >> she said something bad. >> all right. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families.
8:37 am
no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:38 am
8:39 am
well, that is popping. >> so, finally addressing those miley cyrus engagement rumors. in gq a australia. while actor doesn't come out and say that the wedding planning is back on he does say quote, people will figure it out, they already have, they are not dumb. >> yeah. you know in january someone close to the couple made the announcement that their engagement was back on, baby. >> and then we saw pictures in the u-haul moving back into his house. i doubt they are just roommates. >> you think miley cyrus moves
8:40 am
herself in the u-haul. >> she was in the u-haul. >> true. >> is there another way to go. >> you hire somebody if you are a multi millionaire. >> they possibly use a multi millionaire. >> when i was living in another building around seventh and walnut, she was staying there making a movie or he was making a movie and they stayed there. they got engaged in philly. >> do you think they got engaged for the first time. >> wonder if he proposed in philly. >> clothes opinion. >> good idea for twitter question, where is west place to get engaged in philadelphia where is best place to get engagement photos. >> where is best place to break up in philly. >> i know all those. >> adele wants everyone to have a good time, while at her concerts, of course but please listen to her when singing. >> she called out a woman in italy for recording her singing at her concert.
8:41 am
>> no recordings and she caught somebody. >> i want to say stop filming with your video camera... >> unaudible. >> she was somewhat respectful even though you can tell she was irritated. >> yes, good for her. >> it must annoy them when they are performers and singing on stage and you have people in the front row, you want them excited but they have their phones out. anytime you see concert video everybody just have their phones up, snap chatting and tweeting. >> you are missing the event because you are looking in your cell phone. >> beyonce has done that, we have shown video, on the stairs and look at all of the fans and one person doing it. >> look at the picture in the inquirer of beyonce.
8:42 am
>> or even, look at that, bey's boom. >> what about this. >> this i got people talking about this on twitter and instagram. >> that is what the daily news says, juggernaut that is lemonade will be remembered as her own purple rain. >> that could be overstated. >> beyonce fans, prince fans, any kind of fans do you think this will be purple rain. >> when is concert. >> this sunday. >> yeah, this coming sunday. >> yes. >> no, this coming sunday new that it is tuesday. >> here's chris murphy, chris,ville know of, here we go. >> we're in the parking lot. why is parking lot excited. the here's the thing thinks within of the players from villanova arriving they are heading downstairs to get ready to meet the president today and guy that didn't even score a point, yes, the reverend rob hagan we will talk about how exciting it will be to be down at the white house. >> we will be right back.
8:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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8:46 am
testing. seventy-nine on thursday. 80 degrees with the commons of showers on friday. little iffy towards the weekend but we have time to work on that. that alex is yours seven day forecast. >> thank you so much, sue. >> jay wright and national champion wildcats are heading to d.c. today. they will sit and visit with the president and celebrate all together. they were invited of course after their win in north carolina to take home that
8:47 am
national title. >> great game because it wasn't like north caroline gave it the away. congratulate all of them and tell jenkins that he looked pretty cool out there, taking that shot. i'm looking forward to welcoming you guys to the white house. >> thanks for calling, very nice of you. >> congratulations, coach, bye-bye. >> take care. >> now chris the president can tell mr. jenkins himself, can't he? they are ready to head out. >> i just saw chris jenkins in the parking lot coming in all excited, shook my hand. i said you get to meet the president to today. he has a big smile. they can't wait. they are getting dressed in their suits. one of the equipment managers, brand new crest shoes to meet the president. we have the father rob hagan to talk to us. you were on the floor when they won it on april 4th. this has to be so exciting. >> beyond words. we're so proud of them. after that shot went in, it is just an incredible celebration of team, and friendship, and
8:48 am
country. >> what do you tell the kids, you were here in 1985, in 1958 when they won it all to put it in perspective. how do you keep kid grounded and they getting to inside the white house. this is quite a privilege. >> the historical significance is not lost on them. we talk often about martin luther king. >> the day he died in 1968 on april 4th the same day they won championship. >> they are very excited to have this opportunity and to be really meet and the leader of this great country. >> absolutely. >> we will see some prepares when they board the bus. they plan to leave around 9:15. we hepp to grab a couple before they helped out on the bus and head on down to see the president at the white house. how much fun. >> very exciting we will send it back to you. we will check back in. >> we will air this right here on fox 29 at the 4:00 this afternoon. you can watch it on line at fox exciting moment. good thing that president
8:49 am
obama says the word work a lot on the job because he has work, wok, work, working. >> work. >> learn. >> learn. >> learn. >> yes. >> so, delivered this and with the president's word and rihanna's song work. what do you think? here's the thing though, it is hard to tell what she's saying in the song period so i wonder how they knew what word to cut out to put in there. that is what she's kind of like work, work, work, work. monkey little bit. that is a good one. >> 8:49. gordon ramsey has a baby that is attract ago lot of attention because he looks just like the chef, pretty amazing, we will show you when we come back.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
8:53 am
ding, 8:53. good morning everybody. speedometer readings right here blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95, only accident really is eastbound on the pa turnpike, tractor trailer accident, at the delaware valley interchange, that is right there in the construction zone and remember a couple weeks ago, it is where we had that big tractor trailer fire in the actual, toll plaza there. so leaving the philadelphia bensalem interchange heading ease trying to get over that connection bridge, watch for jammed traffic, best bet maybe using the burlington bristol bridge if you have to get into new jersey. watch for overcrowding on both trenton and wilmington regional rail lines, due to
8:54 am
maintenance on the actual cars, back to you. 8:50. >> i believe that bob kelly's dopleganger. >> it is somebody who looks pretty much like you. >> yes. >> gordon ramsey has one but he is a little smaller. >> that is funny. people are wondering if gordon ram soy is his the dad. >> claire tweeted a picture of her little will one to gordon ramsey. this is our baby, our baby. have you been in whales around ten months ago. >> yes, about 11 months ago. >> um-hmm, well. >> i love it. >> lets see side by side. >> okay, here we go. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> getting there..
8:55 am
>> i want my milk right now this moment. get back in the kitchen. >> if you want people to enjoy your company. you need to put down your phone. we have heard that for years. it is a big turn off, there is no question about it. >> that is not only thing, there are five things do you that make you less likable to people. >> and i do them all. oh , manny can smell it. >> love is in the air, a couple who said i do on our show two years ago, well, they are back, we will check in with them in a second to celebrate their big anniversary. >> they happy though. >> we will ask them. than playing whapennsylvania millions,ing with top prizes of one million dollars?
8:56 am
winning, ...on the spot. play pennsylvania millions from the pennsylvania lottery, and you could win... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin'
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8:58 am
well, looky there. what am i looking at? >> the flags. >> um-hmm. >> that is beauty of it.
8:59 am
>> the ac. >> that is market street. >> mural there. >> it is just art on an air conditioning. >> open for interpretation. >> some kind of electrical. >> i see 1776 in there. >> that is good enough for me. >> you know what on "good day philadelphia", by the way here's's lauren dawn johnson. as we go to video, love is in the air. >> yes. >> love is in the air. >> every where i look around. >> a couple who said i want to marry you and they did get married ten years ago yesterday, they are back in the studio to renew their vows live. we will spring that on them. we will see if they are up for it. how are they doing ten years later. getting married on "good day philadelphia" a good thing. are they still kissing. >> and dj jazzy jeff is in philly. what he has to say about his tour with will smith, they have been dropping hints but will this happen.
9:00 am
>> huge success if they can do it. >> is your significant other netflix cheating. >> um-hmm. >> if they are binge watching your favorite show, without you, we have help. >> how a pair of rings not your wedding ring can keep your relationship and viewing habits together. >> what kind of rings. >> i'll explain it to you. >> it is new technology. >> i hear you. >> i don't want to get busted. >> is it important that people like to be around you? some people don't care. >> i kind of like to have people support me and like me when i'm in their presence. >> you do, don't you. >> i don't care. >> i can tell. >> i have always had a problem with that. i always get in elevators and make sure people are entertain on the way up and down. >> you are such an entertainer. >> candy man, candy man can. >> you are not doing your voice.


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