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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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head coach jay wright is there as well and so is our crew. we'll bring you a live report in just a few minutes. but first we're following several other developing stories tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's go ahead and begin with developing story out of the of the citi' frankford searching. searching for the man who sexually assaulted a young every young girl and injured her mother. >> dawn timmeney is live tonight at the special victims unit in hunting park. dawn. >> reporter: the manhunt is on for 39-year-old malik bailey police say they have no idea what set hip off or where he is but they want him caught. as does the neighbor who helped desperate teenager who showed up on her doorstep in the middle of the night. >> banging on the door. >> reporter: theresa dobb knee says it was around 12:30 this morning when a young teenaged neighbor ran to her home on pratt street for help. >> she was crying and she was scared. she was scared. so i mean you know who wouldn't be.
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>> reporter: dobb knee immediately called 911. police say the girl had been sexually assaulted by 39 year old malik bailey. a family member who came into her bedroom while she slept. investigators say he forced her to the basement where the attack continued before she was able to escape. >> she said she was yelling for her mother during the assault and got no response at all. i would have to imagine the mother would respond. >> reporter: police say the mom couldn't answer her daughter's cry for help. bailey first brutally beat the 38-year-old woman in her second floor bedroom. >> how severe she was beaten on her head. >> reporter: police were able to get into the home initially. they crawled on to neighbor's roof that's when they spotted the mom bleeding from her head through a window. squat was called in for fear bailey was still in the house. but he had already made a run for it. >> i was just praying that her mother wasn't dead. that's what i was praying. i was praying they catch him and hopefully they will. >> reporter: police are reviewing surveillance.
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they're searching the city and beyond for bailey and are encouraging the 39-year-old to turn himself in. >> you want to feel secure in your own house. to be assault beside a family member that's pretty devastati devastating. >> reporter: now the teenager was treated at saint christopher's hospital for children and is now staying with family members. her mother is in extremely critical condition at albert einstein hospital fighting for her life. police are asking anyone who has seen bailey or has any information to give them a call immediately. iain. >> dawn, thank you. at least seven people are hurt including several students after a car accident in new castle county, delaware. it happened just before 8:00 this morning along rout route 141 near route 13 in new castle. six students in forward for escape under the age of 18 as well as one adult were involved in the two-car wreck. the colonial school district says five of those students are in fair condition. one was already released from the hospital. police say the teen driver was charged for a list of driving
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violations. mayfair burglars chose the wrong house to target. two guys hit the house of a police officer today on the 33 hun doctor block of welling ton street around 1:00 this afternoon. that off duty officer came home surprising the thieves. he fired his gun but nobody is injured. one of the guys got away. other is in jail. the rain is out of here. the heat is back in your fox 29 weather authority. if you broke a sweat when you returned to work today you were not alone. it was another scorcher out there but relief is in sight. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr. hey, kathy. >> humidity pretty low. the temperatures still high. take a look at these numbers. philadelphia 87. 88 degrees the high in wilmington today. 85 in reading. 86 degrees in allentown the poconos it is 71 degrees. ultimate doppler, we are looking at the remnants of bonnie still hanging out off the mid atlantic. we have a back door front producing a few spotty showers in this daytime heating southern delaware moving into maryland. for the rest of us it will be mostly sunny and dry. you see the dew point the amount
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of moisture in the atmosphere in the 50s and 40s that is very comfortable. but look at this wrightstown in the 60s millville 68. dover 73. this is oppressive humidity and that will be moving eastward. it will be getting more comfortable even through south jersey and the shore little bit later on tonight. temperatures will be falling through the 70's skies staying mainly clear into the evening but still looking at temperatures in the 70s. during the next couple of days, we'll see some spotty showers during the day with a few disturbances moving through. back to the 70s turning cooler in our seven day forecast. all eyes on the weekend. could rain provide a little bit of a spoiler? it could. we'll talk more about that coming up with the seven day later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thank you. a judge will decide whether one of three girls charged in the assault of amy yao they are francis will be charged an adult. the 16 year old girl will be in court on july 11th according to a state attorney general's office. three girls in total cued of assaulting amy back in april inside the howard high school of
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technology in wilmington. amy later died at a hospital. the coroner determined the cause of death was a pre-existing heart condition but also ruled stress from the assault was a factor. i-95 at columbus boulevard in washington avenue was shut down this morning. after a fatal accident. police say a man fell from the overpass on to the interstate around 9:30. that victim fell into the southbound lane and was pronounced dead at the scene. in montgomery county, it's about to become easier to get a drug that can save someone's life during a heroin overdose. as of tomorrow, the county health department says three health centers will have narcan nasal spray kits available. the center oars norristown, pottstown and willow grove. you can already buy narcan at some pharmacies. the health centers will offer the kits to people without insurance or people ooh who cannot afford to pay insurance co's pay at a farm so. >> two islamic holidays will be added to the philadelphia school district's official calendar those holidays are celebrated
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after month long observance of am ma don. mayor jim kenney and city council curtis jones, jr. and superintendent dr. william hite announced the evident today. mayor kenney says the goal to promote diversity and inclusion. to a misery now in chester county. at the center a woman found dead in this creek in east coventry. police just released pictures of what she was wearing hoping someone knows her and that's just one of many questions tonight. >> investigators are also trying to figure out how that woman died and how she wound up in the creek. this is off sailor road in east coventry township. here's chris o'connell. >> reporter: it was a grizzly find for a man here in rural east coventry township. finding the body of a woman in pigeon creek and chester county detectives say that woman was tether to do a cinder block. right now detectives have no idea who she is.
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they're trying to identify the woman who is between 25 and 35 years old and african-american woman. she was found sometime yesterd yesterday. she was between 3:00 o'clock sunday and 11:00 o'clock yesterday someone dumped the body of that woman into that popular local fishing hole that woman was found in about 3 feet of water off a zebra road by a man fishing. when detectives got there, they had realized this was no accident. >> as they go do retrieve the body from the water and start to pull the body up they realize it won't come up it's attached to something. somebody feels down and realizes that the woman's body is actua actually attached to a cinder block. >> reporter: now, the description of the victim police are trying to identify african-american woman in her late 20s, early 30s. 5-foot six. 130 pounds. short hair. she was wearing some distinctive jewelry bracelets on both of her
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wrists and rings on her fingers. rings of a horse and anchor shown here. now the woman also had a tattoo on her left shoulder showing i was picture of that tattoo. now, the district attorney says the body has no signs of a gunshot. no signs of strangulation. no signs of blunt force trauma, and they do believe that the woman's body was thrown there after she had died because there were no water in her lungs. so a lot to be identified here. that is the first priority from chester county detectives. we'll have more on this at 6:00 o'clock as this investigation continues. we're live in east coven tow township tonight, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> welcome to the white house and i guess it is the blue and white house today because we're giving it up for the 2016ncaa champion villanova wildcats. (applause). >> blue and white house. wildcats on the national stage
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again. they met president barack obama of course inside the white house. >> fox 29's sean bell was there for the big moment. let's get right out to sean whose live in washington, d.c. tonight. sean, what a day for these guys. >> reporter: what a day iain. a perfect way to end a season. a hollywood season at that. to come to the white house and meet president obama. it was amazing. the players had all the feelings that you can possibly have. excited, nervous, daniel ochefu even said, hey, i just want to stay away from secret service make sure nothing happens, okay jay wright came in. president obama talked. made some jokes even called jay wright the george clooney of coaches. hilarious. everything was fun. but president obama still had a little trouble pronouncing one of our players names. >> arf. now, i just sped through that in case i didn't say it right. (laughter).
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>> barack obama is tough but arcidiacono, man, that's a lot of vowels in there. so we'll call him arch. >> i couldn't have written a better script for myself and my senior class. the way we came in to school struggling and continued to fight and topped it off at the white house unbelievable. >> arcidiacono is happy the president said his name at all. no matter how he said it. presented him with the 44 jersey to commemorate the 44th president, of course, and later today we'll talk more about those guys. this big experience and jay wright excited to be here at the white house. we're in d.c., can you believe it? a champion. we may not see one of these in a long time. iain, back to you. >> i'll take it. it was great. man, it was so cool watching that whole thing unfold. controversy over this year's philadelphia gay pride festival heating up before the partapp starts.
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backlash over having lgbt offices serve as grand marshals. that problem is resolved. >> elderly woman has major issues with her home. she racked up thousands of dollars in fines. now someone is helping her for free but all the problems still may not be solved. all the rage for a lot of people who are trying to get in or stay in shape should you worry about all the data those fit trackers are gathering? how some experts say it could -- >> coming up at 6:00 local boy has been amazing older brother while his sister has been sick but tonight he's in the spotlight. the special surprise that just allowed him to try his dream job.
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>> controversy over this year' lgbt pride parade. philly's goal or gay officer action league won't serve as grand marshals in the parade. >> this all happened hundreds of community members signed a petition saying they did not want police involved. bill anderson got both sides of the debate. we are not going allow any type of honor whatsoever towards the police with extremely violent not only lgbt community but also to the black and brown community as well. >> annual philly pride parade is scheduled for june 12th. last week we told you about a petition to block a group of l lgbt police officers from serving as the parade grand marshals in spite of their desire to support a community they say they're a part of. >> but i'm an lgbt community member first much that's who i am. i've been to the parade not as cop or not working or not marge
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but i've been with the parades for years. it's my people. it's my community. >> reporter: after the petition gained over 300 signatures, goal the great philadelphia gay officer action league withdrew from the grand marshal position and some active visits are glad they did. >> i think you can open the door for more dialogue but at that -- at this present time there was no way we could stand by and justify goal being honored at any pride parade. >> reporter: opposition says that pride parade grew out of the stone wall riots against police brutality and it's too soon for police to be honored but supporters say that type of logic stops growth and slows healing. >> the idea of discrimination whether it is because of your gender identity, your sexuality, your job, your race, it's all oppression, and that's where,, what we really need to be rallying around is coming together to end that type of oppression. >> reporter: meanwhile many i spoke to in the lgbt community
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hope in the future they can overcome this divide and continue what they say is years of progress in police community relations. >> i think we've done a great job in trying to build respect and mutual respect between the police and our community. >> reporter: in response to the petition to block goal's participation a new friends of goal facebook page is now gaining support. goal reps say they'll still attend the parade as they calls have and they hope the focus will be on unity and not recent controversy and decision. we'll stay on top of it. >> i know you will, thank you bill. philadelphia archdiocese just received word from vatican city pope francis has named the archdiocese auction sill larry bishop. chose mean soar edward della minute. he became a priest in 1973 and since then he has served at self parishes. as an oks siller bishop he'll help archbishop charles chaput.
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he says he will also be a voice for the hispanic catholic community. >> he's an ordinary priest but does he have a special blessing of being immersed in the needs latino community here in the archdiocese of philadelphia and other parts of the country. he's aware of that important part of the church's live. >> archbishop chaput will ordain him on 18th cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> there's a lot of talk to fund initiatives for younger philadelphians but he focused on a different demographic. he spent the day in west philadelphia at the ralston center for old adults. center had kick off event unveiling new new initiatives to help the aging population in west philadelphia they hope to connect older adults with buddies helping them navigate social services to promote overall well-being. >> seniors express great desire to remain in their homes as they
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age staying in a familiar viewer many they have the same access to circumstances. it's a way to bring together in the west philadelphia area that can promote these goals. >> there are more than 450,000 philadelphians over the age of 50. you decide tonight voters in california will hit the polls on this day week and while hillary clinton still holds the league in the golden state bernie sanders narrowed the gap to single digits. donald trump is talking about other digits the amount of money he raised for veterans groups. fox's joel waldman is in washington with the very latest on the campaign trail. >> i raised close to $6 million. it will probably be over that amount when it's all said and done. >> reporter: donald trump revealing his campaign handed out more than $5.5 million to various veterans groups. the businessman who raised most of the money at a charity event back in january instead of attending a fox news debate
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explaining it took awhile to release all the figures because all the organizations had to be vetted first. >> donald trump also taking the attorney to blast media who peppered the presumptive republican nominee with questions about the money trail. >> i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. some veterans taking exception to trauma pops donations. >> what donald trump doesn't understand is that teaching not by the votes of that saturday have the veterans of this country. >> that slammed his handout out. some began floating the idea of teagueing trauma out with a third party candidate. said majority leader mitch mcconnell suggesting the move would doom the entire party. >> that could only elect hillary clinton. aft eight years of barack obama the last thing the country needs is four more years like the last eight. >> hillary clinton is heading back to california earlier than planned. democratic frontrunner lead over bernie sanders shrinking to single digits as vermont senator
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spent the day pushing his health care plan. >> we have a dysfunctional system and we'll change that system. >> reporter: bernie sanders is not the only one giving hillary clinton problems when it comes to polls. new survey shows trump two points behind clinton in a hypothetical november matchup. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> escalator in china a man stuck inside. how the man got there in the first place and how he's really lucky. >> outrage over the killing of a gorilla at the since cincinnati zoo is only ramping up. thousands of people across the country want one thing in particular to had a. >> flight goes wrong before the plane gets off the ground. what happened on the ground that would turn passengers to the airport lot sooner than they planned.
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thred cross putting out the all call for more help after flooding in text tuck. hundreds to get out of their homes yet another river could crest another historic levels today. forecasters are predicting the bravos river will breach its banks. four days of torrential rain along the bravos killed at least six people. i can see water in the pasture behind my house the bravos. i've never seen that before. >> probably be out for at least a month or so. >> with widespread damage across the state relief agencies are stepping up their efforts. red cross volunteers from utah are rushing to the lone star state to help displaced famili families. in southern california thousands of people on the beach had to stay out of the water. >> authorities had to search miles of shore line looking for large animal that attacked a woman. officials do believe it was a shark seriously injured a swimmer newport beach. the woman's injuries are
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consistent with a large mouth and teeth belonging to a shark. the woman was bleeding heavily when she was saved by a rescue boat in the area at the time of her attack. those on board say they noticed swim swimmer in distress and quickly pulled her to safety. she was rushed to a trauma center. >> they went over and rescued her from the water and notice wad appeared to be some sort of animal bite. >> really makes me think twice about going back into the water even in the future. >> we'll keep -- until we feel there's no complete to the public in this area. >> doctors expect the 52-year-old victim who is a long distance swimmer to survive but they say it's too early to know whether she'll regain full use of her arm. >> poland is appealing a polish judge's decision against extraditing american in many maker roman pull land ski to the us. he faces a sex child conviction from 19 seventy seven. u.s. requested the extradition after he made a high profile appearance in 2014 and the polish government backs that
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extradition request. the oscar winning film maker was in paris but has an important in krakow. polish court reject the the request in october of last year. he plead guilty in 1977 to sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. he served 42 days in jail but then left the us to avoid a long prison sentence. a different kind of traffic trouble on this interstate. crazy turn of events that led to this plane coming in for landing on a highway. and an elderly woman has major issues with her home and she's racked up thousand of dollars in fines. someone is now stepping up to hurt her for free but it still doesn't solve her problems with the city. kathy? >> in weather we're tracking some sun, some clouds and some showers after popping up after the daytime heating plus rain for part of the weekend. details coming up when we come back.
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here's live look absecon tonight work week began for a lot of you today the rain is out of here but it's hot out there and already tracking our next chance for rain. meteorologist kathy orr will have those details coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> investigator trying to identify the body of a woman found in a creek tied to a cinder block. a man fishing found her body yesterday in east coventry township right off zebra road. police think someone dumped the body there sometime sunday night or early monday morning. they released these photos of
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rings she was wearing as well as a picture of a tattoo that she had on her left shoulder. in ocean county, new jersey, a grand jury has decided to indict arthur has core for the murder of his wife last august. police responded to his home in plumstead where his wife was stabbed to death in the driveway. a barricade situation followed and swat teams ultimately found him inside the home self inflicted injuries. he remains in the ocean county jail. elderly florida woman is fighting to keep her home. she owes thousands of dollars in fines for code violations. >> thanks to the help of a neighbor many issues are fixed. now they're begging for a fresh start. here's fox's haley heinz. >> inside this little pink house lives little woman 90-year-old marie -- >> my husband and i came down when our daughter first started the first grade. >> reporter: after losing her husband veteran the repair list piled up. siding, broken siding debris
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covering the yard. the city sarasota began fining her $500 a day. >> in steps miles her neighbor's son. he didn't know marie. he wanted to help. >> i thought it would be a small task. satisfy the city and move forward. it's been quite a journey over the past two and a half months. >> i just done mostly cleaning up and like taking down a fence. just little handyman stuff. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they can see the progress. miles admits he's not a licensed contractor something the city takes issue with. despite hearings the fines still stand. as a last resort miles made this very public plea for help. >> i need to get the community involved and let them know about her story because really secretly and quietly the city has been charging her $500 a day and i think it would have been probably very likely that they would have just taken the house quickly and quietly no one would have known the story.
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>> reporter: the city tells fox 13 this has on-going issue for two years. they got involved because zero yes health safety and well care concerns and complaints but the city has no husband in taking anyone's home. >> it's been a blessing to be able to help her. >> reporter: marie is just thankful for the support. since the sign went up she's gotten donations to offers from contractors. >> it's wonderful to meet different people. >> city spokesperson says this has on-going issue for a couple of years and they say if there's financial hardship the city will probably wave the fines. >> would that be big of sarasota to do that for the 90-year-old who has lived there for 70 years and her husband was a veteran but we'll move on. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> it makes me so mad. oh, my goodness. >> all right. all right. >> i'm happy about the weather. >> i am, too. >> everyone is outside in shorts and shirts. we have this beautiful view and this is what the weather map looks like you can see over the carolinas the remnants of bonnie still staying down through the
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sow south and eventually that moisture is going to make its way northward and there's a good chance by friday this will finally be caught up with a front and be squeezed up the coastal plane not something we want to talk about especially if folks will be heading down the shore but friday looks like the day that this would be pushing northward. some showers and some thunderstorms. for the time being, we're staying high and dry. high pressure really controlling our weather. right now we're looking at a beautiful day in philadelphia with temperatures rising through the 80s. 87 the high temperature so far. the humidity low. little bit heavier and a little bit higher in south jersey and in delaware. the high so far for the day right now up to 88 degrees. i went through the record books because of course today is the last day of may. tomorrow we begin june and many locations have made it into the top 10 wettest mays of all time. are you shocked? >> no. >> iain says no. not surprised at all. not lot of rain one storm at a time but several days with rain.
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wilmington the fourth wettest ever. atlantic city the fourth wettest tying for the fourth wettest he had reading tying for the fifth wettest. philadelphia made the top 10 with over 6-inches of rain. that's 3-inches above normal for the month. that's a lot of rain and it is the tenth wettest may of all time since records began back in the late 1800's. hopefully we'll put that to to bed and look at the month of june. >> 86 in trenton. 87 in philadelphia. on the boardwalk cooler. beach haven 70 very humid down the shore high dew points. avalon 78. cape may .72. wildwood it is 78 degrees. pretty comfortable if you're heading to the ballpark tonight for the phils looks like it's going to be very pleasant with winds out of the north no problem weather wise with a temperature of 85 degrees. what a nice day indeed. high pressure building in.
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looking really good. nice day tomorrow starting off with plenty of sunshine watching this front to the south. but during the day tomorrow, with daytime heating we can see a few showers bubbling up on the radar. some hit and miss afternoon temperatures rising into the 80s and you can see a few spotty showers maybe heavy downpours especially from philadelphia to the south and west. we'll keep an eye on that with another front moving through the delaware valley. overnight tonight, 65 in the city. 60 in the suburbs. mainly clear. a light and variable wind. after midnight becoming northerly. during the day tomorrow, sun and clouds, spotty shower in the afternoon. temperatures staying in the 80s. as you look at the exclusive seven day forecast from your weather authority, cooler for the late week period. thursday 77 degrees. so not quite as warm. little bit breezy very comfortable. friday there's the scattered showers and storms. get caught up a in a front with the remnants of bonnie. you knew we couldn't escape. saturday the chance of pop-up
5:36 pm
storm and sunday scattered showers possibly late in the day another chance next monday and then tuesday a mix of sun and clouds with a temperature of 75. normally around this time of year we could really get into a hot streak. >> yeah. >> like we did last year. that is not the case. i think we'll be really limping along beginning this summer season. i don't think it's going to be heat wave kind of thing coming up. >> great. >> it's good for us gardeners, though. everything in moderation. >> i knew you were very scientific how got to the wettest month of may. >> unscientific one. i played golf once in may. >> definitely top 10. >> we had a lot of rain. >> it was a wash. in it was a wash. >> they are all the rage for lot of people who are trying to get in or stay in shape but should you be worried about all that data. those fitness trackers are gathering. how some experts say it could come back to bite you. >> rescue crews had to pry apart an escalate in china to rescue a
5:37 pm
man who was stuck inside. how he got there in the first place and why he's actually very lucky. >> coming up it's a 6:00 are you feeling angry? now report says you probably are and philadelphians are angry yesterday americans. why we just got the unfortunate distinction.
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♪ a dramatic rescue in china. let me tell you what's going on here. this video shows firefighters dismantling an escalator after man swallowed -- was swallowed up by the thing over the weekend. he's a technician working on the escalator when it suddenly started moving again. it sucked him under the steps. the outdoor escalator stopped just in time though and the man mack us willy avoided getting crushed to death under all of that machinery. horrified shoppers looked on as firefighters did manage to pry the man out and rush him to the hospital. a truck driver in new york city somehow walk away very
5:41 pm
serious crash. >> incredible. his tractor trailer was left dangling from an overpass on major expressway. check it out. it happened yesterday on the cross bronx expressway. the driver lost control hitting several cars before crashing into the guardrail. the cab of the truck was left dang lynn over the edge on to the sheraton expressway. the truck was suspended over the highway for hours before crews were able to remove it. >> he climbed down on to the sheraton expressway. >> from that cab. >> from his cab. >> the dangling cab. >> that's correct. from the tapping link cab he climbed down and walk to the side. we're lucky the truck wasn't carrying any cargo in it. that might have helped from flipping down on to the sherat sheraton. >> the truck driver was taken to nearby hospital with only minor injuries. outrage over the killing of gorilla over at the cincinnati zoo and it's only ramping up. thousands of people over the country want one thing to happ
5:42 pm
happen. >> what happened to the ground that returned passengers to the airport much sooner than they planned.
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♪ here's wild sight in texas. horses so desperate to get out of rising flood waters find dry spot on the front porch of this home. this is in the town of simon ton about an hour west of houston. the bravos river overflowed in surrounding towns and none of these horses thank if were hurt. heads up for bakers and foodies. general mills recalling about 10 millions pounds of flour. officials are worried about a possible link to e. coli. 38 people have already gotten
5:46 pm
sick in 20 states. the recall is for several varieties of gold medal and signature kitchen flour sold at various supermarkets including acme and save way. >> pluto tonight snapped by the new horizons sprays probe. these are the highest resolution photos snapped during its fly by of the dwarf planet last july. pluto is real hasn't net i think. it's the best opportunity for experts to study pluto's terra terrain. it varies from mountains and crater toss frozen nitrogen a wealth of information. so cool. nor new horizons the space probe to visit pluto and its five moons. new concerns tonight for people had use those popular fitness trackers like the apple watch or fit bit. >> some experts say the information those devices store could actually come back to bite you. fox's steve takes look how that data is being used in ways that have nothing to do with staying in shape. >> reporter: there's some of the trendy yesterday accessories
5:47 pm
used today. people keeping up with their physical activity by wearing fitness trackers. >> it tracks my steps. it tracks michael reece. it tracks, um, my sleep patterns. i love it. >> reporter: but had you ever thought about all the ways that information can be used? >> someone would like to use that information it could. doesn't really bother me. >> reporter: maybe it should. >> if you're using one of these devices everything you're doing is being hahn toward. >> reporter: information that seems harmless. i mean who want to know how long i sleep? but imagine all this information is like pieces of a big puzzle. you put it altogether and it paints a much bigger picture of what you're doing, where you're going, and who you are. >> that information once it exists is available for the bad guy too if we can find a way to get it report rot not just hackers you need to be aware. this fitness tracker records not only my physical attraction and my heart rate someone could use
5:48 pm
that information to determine how active i am at a specific time. right now it's low. showing i'm not moving all that much. but the reality is, it also records when i'm sleeping when i'm awake, so much information that can be accessed for a miriad of reasons. by police, attorneys, even insurance companies. as an eyewitness that doesn't lie. >> so if it contradicts what you said you may be future claim to damages. here in florida saint pete woman charged with making a false report after she claims she was sexually assaulted in pennsylvania. she said she was asleep most of the night in question. but police believe the steps recorded op her fitness device proved that she was awake and staging the crime scene. also, a canadian attorney is trying to prove a personal injury case by using his client's fitness data. he wants to show her activity level is low for a person her age. but even if you're not involved in a court case, your recorded
5:49 pm
fitness info could be used against you. some companies provide fitness trackers to their employees. with incentives to stay in shape. know what kind of info you're giving. >> i can't potentially see employers use of using information against their employees in terms of saying, you know, whatever you claim you're doing, it's not what you're doing. not really sick, whatever. you're not where you say you were when you took time off. you're giving a lot of information out when you have something on your human body track wagon you're doing all the time. you need to be careful about that. >> steven houck, fox news. outrage continues after the cincinnati zoo's decision to shoot and kill an endangered gorilla to save a boy' live. one expert is talking. zoo officials say the shooting of the 17-year-old gorilla named harambe was the only way to save the four-year-old who fell into the exhibit. some are playing the boy's parents. online petition asking for one thing. for those parents to be charged with child neglect. animal expert jeff corwin says
5:50 pm
it's hard to judge. people need to be response al for their kids. >> whenever we're in public or we're in place where there are wild animals, remember, a zoo, this is not disneyworld anna ma tron 96 these are wild creatures. common sense is very important. we need to be responsible for our children. >> online petition has gather the more than 300,000 supporte supporters. >> national association for shoplifting prevention says authorities busted more than 10 million people for shoplifting nationwide over the past five years. that's just a small tiny fraction of the real number of thefts from stores in america each year. >> now research hers in florida coming up new ways for stores to snag shoplifters. here's how. >> reporter: they see you as you arrive. >> with this camera over here we'll get the license plate. >> reporter: walk up to the door film we've got things that do feature matching or facial rec anything. >> reporter: step right in. >> these sensors also are going
5:51 pm
detect metal. >> reporter: welcome to reid haze laboratory where he studies stealing with hundreds of thieves on video. >> here you see how quickly he can get probably about $8,000 in handbags. so it's just one quick move, one, two in the bag, bam. >> reporter: haze is a university of florida research scientist and head of the loss prevention research council. his lab has a mini store statistically most stolen items. spirits is a high theft item. vodka the number one spirits. shoes are extremely high loss. tied. >> tide? >> but the goal make the more difficult to steal or make it little riskier to steal. >> reporter: haze started their years ago as a store detective. realized something was lacking. >> i realized it was not only not very much but maybe not even any science to what we do. >> reporter: the science of stealing how about to stipulate has reached whole new level. >> they get part of their data
5:52 pm
from interviewing actual shoplifters. >> it's hard for them to get out. it make noise. it makes too much noise. >> thieves who are caught are offered a gift card to tell the researchers what would stop them from stealing. >> how did that go about? >> researchers test new anti theft packaging and displace. >> everybody in the store knows i'm over here taking a bunch of razor blades off. make it tough to steal or riskier to steal the more likely you're caught. they're on the shelf or on the peg but it's in polly carbon night box. >> pilot test displays in stores to see if enough theft is prevented to justify the cost. even surveillance camera systems in each aisle look promising. >> do you think we'll be seeing more of these. >> i think so. you're seeing major chains
5:53 pm
deploy these around the country. that came from the university of florida. >> haze knows he can't stop all crime but stores can make the harder to steal -- >> so we prefer to use science. >> reporter: the science of stealing and stopping it. >> with the help of thieves. >> these would be mine. >> reporter: new kind of crime lab makes it harder for them to get away with. lloyd sours, fox 13 news. different kind of traffic trouble on this interstate. turn of events that led to this plane coming in for landing on highway. >> coming up at 6:00 this five-year-old just been sworn as federal law. his duty to look out for a little girl who stole our hearts during the papal visit. >> are you angry. new report says we probably are that palistineans are are the angry yesterday americans tonight, n makes me angry right there. >> angry. you're hungry and angry.
5:54 pm
>> we'll talk about this some more. stay tuned.
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montgomery county announced the return of the 9/11 heroes run it is back on september 11th in norristown. county partnering with the travis manion foundation which supports our nation's veterans and families of the fallen. funds raised during 5k will go to the montgomery county hero fund dedicated to guaranteeing the acts of the hero will never be forgotten.
5:58 pm
>> bumpy ride for unite airlines passengers. pilots had to abort aft a tire blue. after bumpy and loud taking on the tarmac all 137 passengers and crew sat on the runway all taken back to the terminal to be rebooked on later flight. >> final point lift a big boom. >> just as i made my cross the plane wept down and skidded. >> no one was hurt. crews will expect the plane and make repairs before it gets back into service. >> more trouble on the skies this time over mississippi. >> pilot had emergency landing on enter state. aircraft engine died during the flight. pilot's original plan was to coast into mobile alabama but he had to improvise before it was too late. nobody is injured. still no official word on what went wrong. ♪ tonight at 6:00 two men storm a popular local restaurant
5:59 pm
ordering everyone on the floor at gun point. they helped themselves to the cash register but they didn't stop there. hello, everybody. hello. >> honoring our wildcats. >> coach wright and this team treated us to as memorable a run and as memorable a championship as i can remember. >> the historic road that took theville notify rah men's basketball team to the nc af caa victory takes them to the white house. the recognition they just got from president obama. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. tonight at 6:00 disturbing find unsettling question at a chester county creek. that's where authorities found a woman's body wade down by a cinder block they're hoping someone who knows who she is will recognize the clothing she was wearing investigators also
6:00 pm
have some other clues that could identify her g evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police are trying to figure out how the woman died and of course who killed her. then dumped her body. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in north coventry. chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. investigators here at chester county trying to find out who dumped the body of a lifeless woman into a chester county creek. they also need your help in trying to find the identity of that victim. >> in the water right in front of the middle drain pipe. >> reporter: day after he moved into the rural east coventry neighborhood, a grizzly find for jason rudder. >> i was just silently sobbed. >> reporter: discovered the lifeless body of a woman bobbing in pigeon creek. chester county detectives arrived monday afternoon and new immediately something was wrong. >> as they go to retrieve the body from the water and start to pull the body up, they realize it won't come up much it's a damaged to something. somebody feels down andea


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