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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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have some other clues that could identify her g evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police are trying to figure out how the woman died and of course who killed her. then dumped her body. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in north coventry. chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. investigators here at chester county trying to find out who dumped the body of a lifeless woman into a chester county creek. they also need your help in trying to find the identity of that victim. >> in the water right in front of the middle drain pipe. >> reporter: day after he moved into the rural east coventry neighborhood, a grizzly find for jason rudder. >> i was just silently sobbed. >> reporter: discovered the lifeless body of a woman bobbing in pigeon creek. chester county detectives arrived monday afternoon and new immediately something was wrong. >> as they go to retrieve the body from the water and start to pull the body up, they realize it won't come up much it's a damaged to something. somebody feels down and realizes
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that the water's body is actually attached to a center block. >> reporter: investigators have not been able to identify the woman but they say sometime between sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock and 11:00 o'clock yesterday morning someone dumped the body of the african-american woman between 25 and 35 years old. the woman was found in about 3 feet of water. >> it kind of hit me like what is really happening to an area where me and my children just moved to. >> reporter: the description of the victim the police are trying to identify an african-american woman in her late 20 early 30s. 5-foot six, 130 pounds with short hair. she was wearing distinctive jewelry. bracelets on both wrists and rings on her fingers. rings of a horse and an anchor shown here. the woman also had this tattoo on her left shoulder. investigators say the first priority is to identify the victim and then find the person who left her here. >> this is still a young woman. she was thrown away like she was
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a piece of trash. you cannot treat people like that. >> reporter: investigators say there was no gunshot wound. no signs of strangulation or blunt force trauma. they also believe the woman died before she was dumb into that creek, possibly an overdose they're saying is one theory. of course chester county investigatoinvestigators want tn from anyone who may have any information on this case. call chester county decks. iain. >> chris, thank you. more heat as we look ahead to changes in your fox 29 weather authority. live look at reading to night with these temperatures may be hard to believe summer still has not officially started but things are about to feel little more seasonal. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right certainly right, iain. we're starting with lower humidity across the area for today. yesterday we were dealing with a warm and muggy conditions. showers. pretty much the entire day down the shore. right now live look in old city. beautiful blue skies. some puffy cumulus clouds
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dottindotting the map and we're looking pretty g look at the temperature still warm. 86 degrees. the high made it up to 88 degrees today. but look at the difference. the humidity only at 28%. so definitely more comfortable than the same time yesterday. still a little muggy. we have dew points right around 70 in dover. 67 millville and atlantic city 66. look at philadelphia that dew point dry, 49 right now. low 50 as we moved tour the lehigh valley and those temperatures are comfortable area wide. 86 along the i-95 corridor so the bottom line if you're stepping outdoors this evening, looking pretty good at the ballpark great weather as well. we'll talk about when to expect more rain coming you. all right, scott, thank you. villanova's men's basketball team is in the spotlight again. >> the players were the special guest inside the white house this afternoon recognized by president obama for their national championship. also at the white house our very own sean bell joining us live from d.c., sean, man, this is a
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day these young men will never forget. >> reporter: they will never forget a day like this. many of the guys who are actually from this area josh hart, kris jenkins can never imagine that they would be coming here to meet the president. what a hollywood type of situation this has been winning the biggest game of your life having a parade and then meeting the 44th president of the united states. they presented barack obama with a jersey to commemorate and even though he didn't pick villanova to win it all giving him agers tee to remember villanova by and speaking of hollywood, listen whom would play jay wright in hollywood film. who do you think that president barack obama said. check it out. >> we have the best dressed man in college basketball. (applause). >> the george clooney of
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coaches. (laughter). >> jay wright. adrenal come true for all of us in the nova nation to be here today and to meet the president and all of his staff who have been amazing people. >> george clooney i definitely know jay wright would take that. later on, in sports, president barack obama had something to say about charles barkley in his speech. check out the wise crack he had for sir charles in a little bit. back to you. >> thank you very much, sean. breaking right now in south west philadelphia. homicide investigators are on the scene of 6300 block of theodore street. sources tell fox 29 police found a 77-year-old man dead. he had a head injury. police initially went to the scene for a welfare check a at that address and investigators are trying to piece together what happened. we do have a crew on the scene. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. police are looking for two men who robbed a tie restaurant in chestnut hill this happened on bethlehem pike on saturday. one of the robbers ordered
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everyone on the floor. the other went -- took cash from the register. then the first guy stole from a couple of employees grabbing money an cell phone. both men ran off. if you recognize them, please call police. developing to it in a horrific crime out of the city's frankford section. police are searching for the man they say sexual assaulted a young girl and critically injured her mother. calls for help escalated into what they thought could be a barricade situation. police say the man behind it all had already run off. dawn timmeney is live tonight at the special victims unit in hunting park. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, the man police are searching for a 39-year-old malik bailey. they say they have no idea what set him off or where he is, but they want him caught. so does the neighbor who helped the man who allegedly assaulted the teen who kim knocking at her door in the middle of the night. >> she was crying and she was scared. she was scared. >> reporter: theresa dobb knee says it was around 12:30 this morning when a teenaged neighbor
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started pounding on the door of her pratt street home pleading for help. the girl telling her she had been sexually assaulted by a family member. >> it is heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking that it happened to any child. like, i'm just in shock. >> reporter: she called 911 and could haved the girl until officers arrived. police are looking for 39-year-old malik bailey. investigators say bailey also brutally beat the teenager's mother. knocking her teeth out. leaving her bleeding from the head and unconscious in a second floor bedroom. >> can't be more how severe she was was beaten around her head. if he used a weapon we're not sure. the injuries are severe. >> dobb knee has known the teen since she was a little girl and her mom who she says is a good later. >> i just praying her mother wasn't dead. i was praying they catch him and hopefully they will. >> reporter: violence has left the neighborhood shattered. >> when i heard the news i just
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saw -- i told my mom i started crying. >> anger. anger. because you know what i mean i got mom. i got daughters, you know. don't nobody want to hear nothing like that. >> reporter: lots and lots of people are upset over this. the teen was check out at saint christopher's hospital for children and staying with family members. her mother is in extremely critical condition at einstein. police are asking if anyone has information on bail toll contact them immediately. iain. >> dawn, thank you. an organization of lgbt law enforcement officers will no longer serve as grand marshals for philly's annual pride parade the greater philadelphia gay officer action league was asked to serve as parade grand marshals but after hundreds signed a petition against the move, the group decided to decline the offer. the opposition says the pride parade grew out of the stone wall riots against police brutality and believe police had a negative relationship with the lgbt community and should not be
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honored but supporters say honoring the officers would have been a sign of progress. >> the idea that of discrimination whether it is because of your gender identity, your sexual will the, your job, your race is all oppression. and that's where,, what we really need to be rallying around is coming together to end that type of oppression. members of the gay officers action league say they'll still a 10 the parade scheduled for june 12th. new at 6:00, little dominic has just been given very big responsibility. he's a new deputy marshall charged with protecting his little sister. her story stole our hearts during the papal visit. his story will make you smile once again. >> are you feeling angry? i'm talk to go. new report says he you probably are and philadelphia yaps are the angry yesterday americans. why we just got the unfortunate distinct.
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♪ there's a new marshall in town. well deputy marshall. >> he's five years old. bruce gordon is just back from the federal courthouse where an emotional story that stole our hearts during the papal visit. >> reporter: it's been called the miracle op market street. the gentle kiss on the head from pope francis that some believe healed a very sick little girl. today that little girl's big brother symbo symbolically joine federal law enforcement agents who helped make that special day happen. dominic against his last minute instructions from philadelphia's us martial family friends and federal law men pack the courtroom at the federal building. not every day a five-year-old becomes an honorary deputy u.s. marshall. >> i and say your name real loud. >> what's your name. >> dominic! >> okay. okay, dominic. >> dominic is not your typical five year old. >> always look out for my sister
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and protect her for as long as i live. >> say i will. >> i will. >> dominic's sister is 19 month old gianna. you may remember her from poignant moment during the visit of pope francis last september. friend of the family had a ranged with law enforcement connection to get a choice curb side spot. hopes the little girl with inoperable brain tumor would attract the attention of the pontiff for a brief kiss an blessing. fb. i, u.s. marshals and secret service made it happen. >> oh, my gosh! >> the weeks that followed that brain tumor began to shrink. >> we don't think the pope healed our daughter. she's still in chemo now. it gave us hope. it gave us strength. >> here you go. >> congratulations. >> as for her big brother dominic, now u.s. marshall, dominic is her protector. >> yeah. >> new job as marshall. >> absolutely. we've been having that conversation for a long time that he's the big brother and he always has to pro tuck his sister and he does a great job.
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>> little dominic has a badge to go along with that responsibility. >> dominic, can you tell us how excited you are to be a u.s. marshall? >> very. >> very. what's it feel like? >> better. >> better. >> federal agents presented mom and dad with a photo of gianna and the pope autographed by francis himself. a reminder of a tender once in a lifetime moment. kind of moment a big brother with a shiny badge an big heart can appreciate. >> gianna is doing bet but not out of the woods. she's scheduled for her 14th chemotherapy session tomorrow with several more on the way. but she's in good hands with the doctors at chop and deputy marshall in the house. lucy, iain. >> praying for her. thank you so much, bruce. philadelphia city of brotherly love, right? >> well, not touring according to one travel publication. which just ranked philly the angry yesterday city in the nation. thrill list listed the 11 angry
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yesterday cities they ranked based on quote err rationale will the. >> what's the model? >> i tell you one among the reasons philly top the list, sports fans. they can be a little tough. we know that. chip kelly found that out. also thrill list says we're insecure when we compare ourselves to new york city and that manifests itself with over the top bravado. i never heard that in philly. (laughter). >> i never heard of thrill list. >> we move on to real news. >> we're authentic. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. >> we love our weather, too. we love our chief meteorologist scott williams. >> i'm not angry about the weather. >> no complaints in the weather department today. yesterday we had all of that heat and humidity. today we have the heat but we don't have the humidity. so a lot of smiling faces across the delaware valley. as we look at ultimate doppler right now we're dry and quiet. more comfortable. still looking at that tropical moisture what's left over from bonnie around parts of the carolinas some of this will sneak back into our area by the
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latter part of the week. closing the books on the month of may, take a look. wilmington you're fourth wettest on record. atlantic city the fourth wet testify. the fifth wettest may on record for reading the philadelphia the 10 many wettest for the month of may. almost 7-inches of rainfall in philadelphia this month. 86 degrees right now popular number along the i-95 corridor. a little cooler once we move down the shore atlantic city 79. 71 in beach haven moving farther inland 84 reading. 84 right now in pottstown along with doylestown. so very comfortable if you're getting outdoors maybe walking the dog in the garden this evening. dry and certainly more comfortable. as we move toward tomorrow, high pressure in control for much of the day. there might be a spotty shower that pops up during the afternoon and evening heat of the day. but 82 degrees will be the high temperature and once again the best chance for rainfall will arrive by friday as we watch some of that tropical moisture
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head back in our direction. but for tonight it's mostly clear, mild and quiet, 60 in the burbs. 65 in the city. planning your day for tomorrow, a mild start in the mid 60s. warming rapidly by noon, 77. 82 degrees by 5:00 o'clock and once again there could be a spotty pop-up storm. hey, tomorrow june 1st, begins hurricane season. and the latest 2016 predictions are in. from the national hurricane center predicting anywhere from 10 to 16 named storms of those becoming hurricanes four to eight. potentially major category three or higher in the range of one to four. so the average for a given year is about 12. so this upcoming season should be slightly above average as far as those storms and some of the storms could linger into the latter part of the year thanks to those water temperatures being a little warmer and also la nina coming back suppressing some of that wind shear. temperatures for tomorrow,
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82 degrees. a pair of sevens for your thursday. looking pretty good with a pleasant breeze. then by friday a better chance for some scattered showers and storms. it looks like we'll get a dry break on saturday but then by sunday a better chance for some scattered showers and storms so right now planning your weekend saturday look like the better of the two weekend days. scatter the storms linger into monday and then back to the mid 70s as we move toward tuesday. but no heat wave for the first full week of june. >> all right. thank you, scott. >> howard eskin in his summer attire. >> that's right. memorial day the unofficial start of summer. >> nice. >> i kind of like it. >> that's what i do. they think jay wright dresses well. come on. >> exactly. >> come on. >> all right. i'm not george clooney but -- >> i won't go that far. george has got to catch up to me. more from sean bell at the white house with the champion villanova wildcats and eagles
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quarterback spoke today at mini camp talked about what it's like working together at practice. that's coming up.
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♪ we know villanova won the national -- ncaa basketball championship with george clooney and jay wright but there are a lot of perks that come with it. one is the visit to the white house today.
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sean bell live at the white house with the president and the champs. sean. >> reporter: howard, this is the best perk. you can actually have. go to the white house with -- few people have chance to and get to meet president barack obama. but we can't forget what got them here. the huge 30-foot game winning shot by big shot big smooth kris jenkins and everyone's reaction was crazy, yelling, screaming, but there's one reaction in particular that had president barack obama talking about. >> that was a good shot. (laughter). >> it was like a christian shot, it was like a jimmy dee running up and down the court shot. charles barkley apparently jumped out of his seat which -- (laughter). >> , he doesn't do very often these days. (laughter). >> reporter: oh, killing chuck. we love him in philly but hey he's right. chuck, got to lose little
6:25 pm
weight. got to do better but, again, unbelievable day. unbelievable for the players to come here. they are nervous but very excited to meet the president and take a tour of the white house. it was a beautiful thing and a great way to finish this whole thing off. howard, back to you. >> sean, chuck's daughter went toville move have a. i'm sure that's one of the reasons he leapt. and he's friends with jay. eagles ota's open to the media. despite made up irresponsible reportreports on the internet concerning sam bradford and the quarterback competition. he's far advanced among the quarterbacks. >> it's a process that i'm familiar with. it's something that i've done before. um, you know, i think the biggest thing is, you know, reps but also just terminology. you know, learning to speak this language. >> he's doing a good job. sad news for the flyers family again.
6:26 pm
one member of the foss 74-'75 stanley cup champions ricking leash passed away early this morning. the first 50 goal scorer for the flyers in the stanley cup finals member of the flyers hall of fame. mcleash had been ill. he was 66 years old. >> too bad he was lost in the shuffle over the years but very important player back then. >> all right. be sure join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. how closely do you look at your bills each month credit card statements all that stuff. one company says it can trim the fat for free. how it promises to save you money every month tonight at 10:00. that does it for us tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here tonight at 10:00. inside edition is up next.
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mom under siege. >> exclusive video. the mother of the boy who wondered into the gorilla enclosure. >> happy birthday to you. >> how she is coming under fire. even donald trump has an opinion. >> the way he held that child, it was almost like a mother holding a baby. >> and how this witness tried to stop the kid from entering gorilla world. >> i reached for him and i wasn't fast enough. >> then, defending johnny depp. >> his daughter speaks out. >> and depp's wife. >> are you okay, amber. >> look at her now, laughing all the way to the bank? >> and, worst senior prank ever? riding a dirt bike in


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