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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 1, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> bullets didn't just hit the car, but local hospital, well, the bizarre details surrounding this coming up in a live report. >> search is on for the person who killed a 77 year old man in his own home, what neighbors heard coming from the house the day before the victim's body was found. >> arch, ryan arcidiacono, and daniel ochefu. >> the first time you said ryan arcidiacono, i said you
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wimp, you got to be ready for it, it is tough. >> good weather day? >> exciting times. we are watching nothing on ultimate doppler radar, in our area, we're still keeping an eye on the remnants of bonnie, to see if that ever leaves the carolinas, and ever starts to affect us, still up in the air about, that but we can tell that you it is dry, right now, and probably the rest of the day. a tad less than perfect, but we will tell about that, too. 69 degrees getting start in the philadelphia, with calm winds, and it is a little stick toy start, 90% relative humidity, we have little bit after sea breeze going on when we get a breeze, and that's bringing little moisture in off the ocean, sunrise, 5:34 this morning, let's take a look at the other temperatures, 65 degrees in allentown, trenton has 67. six an over in lancaster, 64 atlantic city so a comfortable morning, little cooler, tiny bit than it was yesterday at this time. checking the winds, southerly
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winds or the easterly winds, depends on where you are, there is the easterly winds in wildwood, so, relatively calm, we will watch out for some fog this morning, haven't seen anything much except around cumberland county around millville, reduced visibility there. but again, there is still enough moisture in the air that we could get some fog this morning. we'll see what happens. we're also predicting sunshine. now, with drop in humidity, and the possibility actually, little later in the day, of a pop up shower, very remote, but somebody could get one before the day is through, we'll break it all down for you coming up, and bring you the seven day forecast, already getting you ready for the first weekend in june. bob kelly, it is june, happy, happen. >> i june 1st already, good morning, everybody, 4:02 on a wednesday morning, live look downtown philly, the vine expressway, closed this morning, as we mentioned yesterday, the overnight, from about 10:00 at night until 5:00 the following morning.
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the stretch between the schuylkill and broad street. they are also working here, this is a live look at the ramps from i-95, to northbound 476. now, at least the ramp is open. the past cup old of weeks they've had the ramp totally shutdown, but down to one lanas you head northbound. they are also still working out here in bellmawr, new jersey, south on 295, right at the 42 freeway, that whole bellmawr interchange, there, hot bed of construction, this is left over from last night, sewer repair work along hat ford road, that's blocked right now, between route 38 and hainesport-mt. laurel road. so expect some detours through the morning rush hour. even a school bus will have to go around the block there. for the gang in tongue err ton, down the shore, route nine blocked right at gifford town lane, all due to downed pole from overnight accident. otherwise, mass transit, the trolley, subway, market frankford, using shuttle buses until 5:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> breaking news in north philadelphia. an off-duty officer being
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treated for minor injuries. >> officials say he was involved in a accident, then started shooting his gun at another car. jennifer joyce now live near the scene to explain this there is one is bizarre, jen? >> it is, right now, police work to go determine what happened and why. we can see that the officers personal motorcycle remains here at the scene at broad anti-owing i street, all we know is that an off-duty plane clothes philadelphia police officer was involved in a accident while riding his motorcycle northbound on broad street, around 11:15 last night. the officer's bike came in contact with a car, heading southbound, on broad, and apparently made a left onto tioga. the bike and car collided at the intersection. the officer was thrown from his bike, and at some point discharged his weapon at least five shots were fired. no one was hit, but police tell us, at least one bullet flew into a window at temple's outpatient facility. the car involved took off from the scene and the officer is being treated for minor injuries. he's going to be okay.
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police are still trying to determine the circumstances of the gunfire, and they are looking for the vehicle involved in this crash. described as green two-door older model car, possibly a monte carlo, and it may have front end damage there. were two males inside that car, at the time of the crash. chris, lauren? >> so, we don't know what started this, jen, i mean, possibly the collision sparked some sort after road rage thing, we have no idea yet. so investigators on scene right now, are they going to say they'll give us any information little later this morning? >> that's all the information that investigators have for us right now, i talk to chief inspector small short time ago. there was the latest that he had. it happened at 11:15 last night. so i think because the officer was sent to the hospital, they are still waiting to talk to him. he is going to be okay, just minor injuries. but they have a lot of questions for him, and i don't think they want to make too many statements before talking to him to figure out why this happened since they don't have
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the other vehicle that was involved in this. >> that was shots fired like that, for sure, all right, jen, thanks so much. meantime, this is the second case after officer using his gun in less than 24 hours. >> the other happening at police officer's home in northeast philadelphia, three guys broke into the officer's home, on 39300 block every wellington street right around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, that off duty officer came home with his wife from shopping, surprising, and a confrontation did break out. >> fired one shot at the male. was not hit. a lengthy foot pursuit, went through the neighborhood. >> that off duty officer chased one guy, off duty detective, and third in a van park nearby, police reviewing surveillance video to try to catch the last suspect. >> following more breaking news for this morning, at 4:07. woman has died after being hit by a car in north philly. the accident happened around 1:35 this morning, on 29200 block of cecil b. moore.
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philadelphia police say the woman was hit after walking out into the street. now, she was taken to the hospital where she later died. the driver who was an uber driver stayed on the scene after the accident, officials say, this appears to be just tragic accident. and this morning, the search is on for a killer. >> the person responsible, killed a 77 year old man, inside his own home. dave kinchen live at police headquarters with more on the store, hi, dave. >> lauren, chris, good morning to you, investigators have been interviewing family members and witnesses here at police headquarters after witnesses saw three juveniles leaving the victim's house, one of them covered in blood, we're told, now, investigators are trying to figure out just who would want to harm 77 year old joseph daily, a retired construction worker, who served as a handyman for his neighbors. the victim's body was found in his theodore street home in south philadelphia where he lived for decades. police say daily took his son to work at the air port friday night, then pick him up after
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his shift and returned to the theodore street home. now, days later police and fire were called to the house early monday morning after report of someone screaming inside, and his son had not heard from his father in a couple of days. >> on the first living room found 77 year old homeowner laying on the floor with blunt trauma to his head. medics responded to the scene. >> to hear that he is dead, like, so sad. i mean, i don't know why they had to do that. >> tragic, tragic incident, man who really has reached the golden years of his life, unfortunately his life taken away through a violent act like this. >> well, police say there was no sign of forced entry but a window broken out every his side in the side, in addition, the victim's van is missing and back gate left open. police are asking anyone with information to call the tip line at 215686 tips. back to you, chris, lauren? dave kinchen live for us, thank you. >> 4:08 this morning. fisherman finds a man's body
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tied to east coventry township, detective say african-american's woman body possibly late 20's, early 30's, found attached to cinder block in the shallow waters of pigeon creek on monday morning. she was found wearing a gray shirt, wearing unique jewelry, and had a discontinuing tatoo. jason rutter discovered the body just a day after moving into that neighborhood, with his wife and three daughters. >> casino of hit me, an area where me and my children just moved to. >> no matter what happened here, still a young woman, she was thrown away like she was a piece of trash. can you not treat people like that. >> if you have any information, you are asked to call police. >> search continues foreman who police say sexually assaulted young girl and critically injured her mother. the 13 year old girl had been sexually assaulted by 39 year old mal evening bailey, family member, who came into her
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bedroom while she slept. the child reportedly called for her mother's help not knowing that beforehand bailey had brutally beaten her. investigators say, he forced her to the basement, where the attack continued before she was able to escape to a neighbor's house. >> she was crying and she was scared. she was scared. so, i mean, you know, who wouldn't be? i was just praying that her mother wasn't dead. that's what i was praying. i was present that they catch him and hopefully they will. >> well, to that ends, police are reviewing surveillance and searching diligently for malik bailey, and encourage being him to turn himself in. >> 4:10 the time, let's get now to the race for the white house, new pole just out shows hillary clinton edging out donald trump in the state of new jersey. okay, according to the pole, from monmouth university, even though clinton is beating trump voters are still seeking alternatives to each major party candidate. if today, clinton would beat tom p to by four percentage
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points, the pole also contains bad news for the guy right over trump's right shoulder, chris christie, the governor of new jersey, 42% of voters there in new jersey said if trump added christie to the ticket, it would actually be worse for the pair. meanwhile, president clinton will be in new jersey campaigning for his wife on june the seventh, we should say former president bill clinton, of course, can you believe that finally is here, next tuesday is the primary. >> 4:11, two men storm popular local restaurant ordering everyone to the floor at gunpoint. they did to the stop there. more on the holdup after the break. >> some local kids get the chance to feel like stars tonight in montgomery county, how rolling out the red carpet is helping these kids deal with lost. >> bob kelly, good morning to you. >> great story there, kind of quiet right now, a lot of construction, like out here on the northeast extension, but we will get craze think weekends, nascar coming to the poconos, we'll check the jam cams, sue has the forecast,
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stay there, coming right back.
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today, nothing on radar right now, so we look at the future cast, and here is the reason we are no longer going to call this day a ten. but it is not a big deal, okay? here we go, about 4:00 this afternoon, see just little bit of shower activity popping up. it is a possibility, it is a real possibility, with very weak instability around, so, that, because that far possibility, we will go with a nine, and almost perfect day today. i think you'll enjoy the day. there is a little fog right here cumberland county around millville, new jersey, three quarters after mile visibility, every place else, not seeing fog, there is enough moisture in the air it could develop. so we will keep an eye on it for you. 69 degrees in philadelphia, 65 in lancaster, 66 in reading, dover, delaware, has 69 degrees. sixty-three in pottstown right now. so it is a pretty comfortable morning, and there is not too much of a breeze, but we still have some southerly winds, which means, it is still a little bit on the muggy side as we get started this morning. well, we had our heatwave. that's becoming more and more of distant memory. we did get pretty close to
4:17 am
09 degrees yesterday. high was 88. and we think that today will be in the mid 80s, as well. almost perfect today, just that slight chance of a shower, pleasant breeze tomorrow, and in the lower 80s, chance of showers and thunderstorms, on friday. >> look like saturday your better day of the weekend weather wise, and we have dry weather, monday, tuesday. so, yes, not perfect. >> listening upstairs, good day better drive the tent to our friday location. good morning, everybody. 4:17. live look, hello north philadelphia, bridesburg, no problems, they got the bathrooms down, work zone between bridge street and cottman avenue, yes, the
4:18 am
construction is still. >> out there shutdown between broad and the schuylkill, between 5:00, 5:15 or so. so coming into the city on the schuylkill jump off at 30th, spring garth end, look out, too, right in front of the cathedral by the parkway, franklin institute, doing some work dug big old trench just through some black-top in there which casino of kicks up on your car. so, just be careful of that as you come through one of those detours, hello to q-town, northeast extension, southbound, doing some work out at the quakertown interchange. and then, heads up, nascar, coming to the speedway, it is the pocono 400 up at the raceway this weekend, doing paving work all this week on the kelly drive, trying to knock that out before the and then repaving also along route 70 here between pennsauken road and cropwell. and mass transit, so far, so
4:19 am
good. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. court date set for teenager charged in the assault and death of delaware teenager. a judge will be deciding if the girl will be tried in court as an adult in connection with the death of amy joyner francis. >> inside howard high school of technology in wilmington, delaware, amy later died at a hospital. the coroner determined cause every death was preexist is g heart condition, but ruled stress from the assault was a factor. >> last august, police responds today author hascar's home in plumbstead where his wife was stabbed to death in the driveway, stand-off followed. >> remains in the ocean county jail, if convicted co-could face 30 years to life in prison. >> starting today, it will be
4:20 am
easier to get the drugs that can save someone's life during heroin overdose, health department says, it is three health centers, will have narcan nasal spray kit available, sent nerves norristown, pottstown, and willow grove. >> ordering everyone, to get on the floor, now the search on for those suspect, it happened at toku bethlehem check, chestnut hill saturday. police say the two armed men were able to get away with money before running off. from any information, you are asked to call police. >> children dealing with a loss of a loved one, got to celebrate the progress, they made in healing. >> yes, 23 children, part of abington hospital, safe harbor program, took part in red carpet and awards night. safe harbor helps young children and teenagers cope with the loss after parent or sibling. throughout the year they've participate in the support activities that use music, dance, art, also attended week
4:21 am
long camp in february, where they made a video that they unveiled last night, kelly willis says the program has been a great help to her seven year old daughter riley who lost her father to cancer last year. >> she loves it. she loves being around the other kids going through the same things she's going through. >> safe harbor has been around for 15 years. children are usually referred by pool officials, doctors, or hospice workers. >> great organization, does great work. >> back to cincinnati, a investigation now underway, in connection to a gorilla. looking if criminal charges are warranted for the four year old who got into the gorilla enclosure. officials say they were fors today shoot and kill the gore ill a some say the zoo is at fault. others blame the parent saying they should have had closer eye on the young boy. >> officials at the philadelphia zoo, say visitors can feel safe when visiting it
4:22 am
exhibit. they are constantly looking at ways to not only improve the experience for guests but also what new security measures they can take. they say no matter what the issue the zoo has a plan in place. >> we could have severe weather, we could have some sort of animal issue, we do have protocols and procedures around casino of any event eventulaity, including those who get in with a animal, and we have staff who have practice dealing with all of those kinds of situation. >> so if you are wondering the philadelphia zoo cares for five western lowland gorillas, the youngest, in 2002. >> villanova goes to dc, the wildcats met the president, but it seems the president missed some fact in their white house visit. in particular, one really big one. howard will explain next in sports. >> but first, your winning lottery numbers.
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>> good morning, i'm howard eskin, it may be a thump -- slump or ... nine of 11, just can't score, ryan howard, well, we got an update. to citizens bank park, obviously, the second inning he loses his bat, doesn't make much difference, he was zero for four, last night, now hitting 154 daniel murphy hitting a lot, hits homerun with score tide one-one in the
4:26 am
sixth. washington goes onto win three-more in the ninth, five-one over the phillies, villanova got another perk from winning the championship, got visit to the white house, would have been nice if president obama got the name of the nova player who set up their winning play. >> and then there is ryan arcidiacono. now, i just sped through that in casey didn't say it right. (laughter), barack obama is tough, but ... ryan arcidiacono, man, that's a lot of values in there. so, we're just going to call him arch. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. we all struck billion dollars that, how good the team was, we all need to practice, practice, practice. >> really work on it,. >> villanova team did not stop
4:27 am
there. why the players say they had ended the running man challenge, oh, that's coming up later in the show.
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>> braking overnight, shots fighter in north philadelphia, this time the person behind the gun an off-duty offerser.
4:30 am
>> woman is dead this morning after being hit by a car, the connection the driver has to uber next. >> common birth defect from the vie just, new warning this morning, for anyone hoping to have a child. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, the first day of june, 2016. >> yes was a scorcher, luckily it will sort of cool off for the rest of the week. >> sue, the temperatures we've had are well above the normal for this time of year? >> right, normal supper 70s, we were upper 80s, 10 degrees above average. >> at had 4:30 in the morning, still watching remnants of bonnie down off the north carolina coast, watching cold front out to the west, that is expected to visit us unfortunately on friday. talk about more about that coming up. but not a cloud, well, few clouds in the sky, but it is really nice morning.
4:31 am
not a drop of rain around, 69 degrees, calm winds, dough have 09 press relative humidity, so it is a little sticky out there. 5:34 is your sunrise time. we get started on this wednesday morning, first day of june, i keep thinking of the hammerstein musical carousel, june is bussing out all over, ya, it will be on my facebook page, in case you miss that movie. 67 degrees, in trenton, six an in lancaster, 69 degrees in dover, and not much after breeze out there this morning, so let's get right to the planner for the day. ever so stray chance after shower this afternoon, you may see one, you may not, i promise you, not a big deal, but because that far it won't be perfect ten, it will be an almost perfect nine today. sunset time 8:24 wet for cast at 43:00; so bob kelly, happy june. >> bamm, back at you. wednesday hump day, and flip
4:32 am
that calendar over. we got brand new month for you and brand new accident. this is northbound lanes of 309. between susquehanna and the butler park, casino of right around the curve but you can see the police lights, kind of bouncing off of the sign here, so north 309 near the butler pike, still shut down on the vine street expressway, until about 5:15, 5:00 or so. the stretch from the schuylkill into broad street. so coming in off of 95, you will be pushed off at broad, and you can use the vine st. local, if you are coming offer the schuylkill, you can jump off at 30th or south work your way over on the thunder street, still working over here in bellmawr, new jersey, southbound lanes of 295 everybody naturally pushed off heading in toward philly, that's not the way you want to go, do you have do that u-turn laverne at the next interchange repaving in cherry hill along route 70, the stretch from pennsauken road, over to cropwell road. otherwise, the bridges looking good, and no problems at the
4:33 am
airport, chris, lauren, back to you. >> this one is bizarre, police right now trying to figure out what caused a accident involving an off-duty officer they know the officer thrown from his bike and started shooting. jennifer joyce in north philadelphia with more on what we do know, hi, jenny. >> good morning, lauren, chris, the officer currently being treated for minor injuries, he will be okay, and his personal motorcycle remains at the scene, police continue to investigate and try to figure out what happened overnight here at broad and tioga. what we know is that an off-duty plane clothes philadelphia police officer was involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle northbound broad street around 11:15, the officer's bike came in contact with a car headed southbound on broad, the bike and carp collided at the intersection. the officer was thrown from his bike, at some point discharged his weapon at least three shots were fired, no one was hit, at least one bullet flew window at temple
4:34 am
outpatient facility. the car involved took off from the scene, and the officer is being treated again for minor injuries, he's going to be okay, police are still trying to determine the circumstances of the gunfire, and they are looking for the vehicle involved in the crash, described as a green two-door older model car, possibly a monte carlo, and it may have front end damage, there were two males, who are inside the car at the time of the accident, lauren, chris? >> jen, thanks so. meantime 4:34, doctors in new jersey see baby girl born with microcephaly, linked to zika virus. doctors believe the mother contracted the the virus while in honduras, now says sexual transmission of the zika virus now more common than initially thought, released yesterday recommending those returns from a ziak @ expected area practice safe sex or absonance for at least eight weeks, men showing signs of zika the recommended wait time before trying to conceive a child is even longer.
4:35 am
>> if the male, talking symptomatic people, the period of safe sex or sex absonance should be extend today six months. >> health officials expect mosquitos caring the virus is spread to the u.s. mainland, and right now, funding to combat the virus remains stalled in washington, d.c., doctors have reported nearly 600 travel related zika cases in the u.s. >> judge who refused to toss out bill cosby's sexual assault case is staying on through this trial. montgomery county common pleas judge, steven t o'neil, rejected defense efforts to throw out the case over an agreement between cosby and former prosecutor, in 2005. cosby says, he agreed testify at a deposition, in the civil case, in exchange for immunity from criminal prosecution. lawyers who know judge o'neil say his early decisions in this case do not necessarily point to how he might rule during the trial. cosby faces charges of sexually assaulting former
4:36 am
temple employee back in 2004. >> all right, let's get out to dave kinchen covering a story every a grissly discovery inside a home. >> let me step out of the way, fire department here at police headquarters only answering a call of alarm, we just had to point that out for you here, because you see it, also, police investigating here, at headquarters, just who killed a 77 year old man, in southwest philadelphia, we'll tell you more about that after the break. bob? >> you got it, a lot going on there at police headquarters. good morning, everybody, if you are coming to or from the airport today, you will find some construction on the platt bridge. sue will check that wednesday june 1st forecast, we will grab cup of coffee and come right back.
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4:39 am
>> p 77 year old man found dead in his home in west philadelphia. >> person responsible is still on the loose, dave kinchen live with more on this story. dave, comings behind you, but this is unrelated? >> right. this is completely unrelated, i'll step out of the way, fire fighters this unit tell me they were responding to alarm that went off here at police headquarters, that's all we know, right now. they are dealing with that situation completely unrelated but also what's happening, inside police headquarters here, detective, homicide detective, who i actually just spoke with not too long ago, continuing to try to figure how the would harm a 77 year old man killing him, and they were interviewing witnesses and family members here after three juveniles seen leaving
4:40 am
the victim's house one with blood on them, investigators trying to figure out who killed 77 year old joseph daily served as handyman, victim's body found in his theodore street home in southwest philadelphia, where he lived for decades, police say he took his son to work at the airport friday night. then pick him up and after his shift, returned home to the theodore street address, now, police and fire were then called to the home couple of days early, monday, after reports of someone screaming inside, and the son had not heard from his dad, in a couple of days. >> now, resides, levels hereby himself, has been by himself for many years here, apparently has good relationship with the neighbors out here, just sad tragic incident, and someone has to -- life has to be ended on just like this at the age of 77. >> i don't know why they had to do that. so sad. >> he does a lot of work for
4:41 am
people in the neighborhood, does a lot of right things for people, people need to dot right thing for him at this point, at this time of need, bring them to justice. >> victim suffered from some casino every blunt force trauma to the head. police say no signs of forced entry but window was broken out of the side of the house, detective also say the victim's van is missing and the back gate left open. as you heard from officers there, if you have any information, call the tip line at 215-686-tips. back to you, chris, lauren? >> so sad. >> yes, horrible, dave, thank you. controversy over this year's philadelphia gay pride festival, heating up before the party even start, the backlash is over having lgbt officer serve as the grand marshall. how about problems, now been solved. >> are you feeling angry? new report says, you probably are. and that philadelphians are the angriest americans. >> what are you talking about? >> welshing we just got this unfortunate distinction. >> oh, that's ridiculous.
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>> along baltimore avenue, between 49th and 50th streets, we will be set up. >> so the best part of all of this, is that you can win a car, very easy to do. just sign up on our website, then click on the contest page right there on the right side.
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>> that is exciting. because, we're going to pick a finalist, once a week, in our final show, big give away. now, take a look at this. you can see, the final show, july 22, there, fairmount park, at the del music center. we will be there from 7:00 to 10:00 typically. this is that new car, new mazda cx9. i would love a new car, i have an old 99. it doesn't have all of of the nw features. >> like the blue tooth. >> i have none that far. >> well, you can't register. you're ineligible, but the rest every do you it every day on our website >> you can register once a day. every day. sue serio, good morning. >> potential impact on us only moving at rate of 8 miles an hour, out of north carolina, right off the coast there, 80 miles south of wilmington,
4:46 am
the other wilmington, one in north carolina, so here projected by friday to be offer the virginia coast that's when it could affect our weather, but still if. nothing on radar, so here's what we will do. first, move ahead to this afternoon, about 4:00. you see, just slight chance of pop up shower or thunderstorm, little convection, because of the sea breeze today, which may keep us little on the humid side. then dry day thursday. now we go ahead to friday morning this is the possibility, of a little pop up shower here and, there yes, during good day drives you brought cast, but it doesn't look like a deluge it, doesn't look like a wash out, maybe stray shower or two, that's the way it looks right now. not perfect, but it could be worse. as we look at the fog situation, we've been expecting some fog to develop, and seeing some around wilmington, and millville, new jersey, so, the ground still very wet from all of the memorial day rain. could see some of that
4:47 am
moisture casino of form that cloud on the ground fog, keep that in mind. 69 degrees in philadelphia, 66 up in reading, allentown has 65, atlantic city international 64 degrees, close to 70 in dover as we get started this morning, not much of a breeze, which is conducive to fog formation. >> average hi, 79 degrees, we've been well above average, except for monday, when we get to 79 degrees, we had all of that rain. but yesterday we zoomed up to 88, thinking about 86 for today, lower 80s and pleasant day tomorrow, so, that should be your ten out of ten. friday possibility after shower, in the morning, and then maybe thunderstorm in the afternoon. so, less than perfect on friday, but it is it still doesn't look like the morning hours will be that bad with rain. saturday looks like good weekends day, sunday if you get a storm, probably won't be until later in the day, and
4:48 am
then we dry out for monday and tuesday of next week. so, welcoming in june with almost perfect weather, today, bob kelly. >> where we will be on friday is right across the street from one of the breakfast spots that i did. cedar park calf april, they had chicken, and watches. >> right. >> that were to die for. so, i'm going to get on the phone, maybe, i think they deliver to across the street? >> grab little take-out container. good morning, everybody, 4:48. here is a live look at route 309. accident northbound, right around the curve here. see the blinking police lights. that's right at but the her pike. good news, open for business. come on down. come on, chris, give it to us, ready? >> come on down. >> there you go. right here. >> number one. >> door two, or door three, or the clicker that's in my pocket. what would you like? >> let's make a deal?
4:49 am
>> i'm not going near your pocket. >> vine expressway open this morning, construction out of there but again, later tonight into this time tomorrow same deal, also still working on the northeast extension, southbound at quakertown, and get ready that is car coming to the speedway this weekend. pocono 400, see volume probably starting tomorrow when the racers and the cars start to arrive out here in warrington, old manies house road, watch for construction, paving the kelly drive during the midday all this week, right after the rush hour set up the cones, bring out the equipment, still working here bellmawr 42 at 295. mass transit looking good, chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you, we have to get to this breaking news at 4:49. woman has died after being hit by a car in north philly. the accident happened around 1:35 this morning on 29200 block every cecil b. moore. philadelphia police say the woman was hit after walking out into the street. she was taken to the hospital
4:50 am
where she later died. the driver who was an uber driver stayed on the scene after this. officials say, this appears to be just a tragic accident. controversy ahead of philly's pride parade, law enforcement officers say they won't serve as grand marshals. greater philadelphia gay action goal was out to lead the parade. the group declined the offer, the opposition says the pride parade started because of the stone wall riot against police brutality. they also believe the police had a negative relationship with the lgbt community. but supporters say honoring the officers would have been a sign of progress. >> idea of discrimination, whether because of your jenner identity, your sexuality, your job, your race, it is all oppression. that's where we need to be rallying around. >> members of the gay officers
4:51 am
action league say they will still attend the parade, scheduled by the way for june 12. >> two islamic holidays will be added to the school district calendar, holidays are celebrated after the monday long observance of ramidan, and the other at the conclusion of the annual pilgrimage. goal to promote diversity and inclusion. >> well, not everyone thinks philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. specially not lifestyle website, just named philly the angriest city in the country. yes, we top the list of 11, which were ranked based on irrational at this. among the reasons philly topped the list, sport fans. welshing listen, when your teams don't play well, you will and little angry. also says we're bit insecure when we compare ourselves yes to new york city, and that manifests itself with over the top bravado they call it, ya. >> really? >> it have one winning team
4:52 am
we're not angry about, we're super happy about. >> villanova. >> wildcats. >> president obama did not hold back whether talking about villanova basketball team, but could he nail ryan arcidiacono's name? straight ahead.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> in the national spotlight. >> i got to meet these guys
4:55 am
before they boards dollars the bus to head to dc yesterday. they were so excited, got new shoes, how to figure out how to tie their tie right. let's say no punches were held back. president obama welcomed the teams to what he said could be called the blue and white house today. the president recognized for their hard work, and their amazing win, making them national champions. >> one moment, or one shot, they had unbelievable defense, they had great clutch shooting, senior class of one more games than any group in wildcats history. they had a stable of talented players who were just happy, hitting the deck for loose ball, as they were cut willing down the net. >> didn't stop there. president obama even joke about jay wright's suit, as women, how well they were made. take a listen to how the president introduced coach wright.
4:56 am
>> we have the best dressed man in college basketball. (cheers). >> the george clooney of coaches. , jay wright. >> before leaving the stage, the team presented the president with a villanova jersey, that was worn at pearl harbor with the number 44 on the back. >> what does that mean? >> the 44th president. >> what does the pearl harbor thing have to do with it? >> they played the game there, that's when they wore the jersey to commemorate the president. >> very good. >> they don't call him big smooth for nothing. posted inch gray gram.
4:57 am
doing it outside the white house along with the video was a caption that reads officially ending this running man challenge. presidential edition. so it is over. no more. >> yes, now they are looking toward the nba draft, some of these guys, ryan arcidiacono hoping to get drafted, talked with daniel ochefu yesterday, he is real excited, and been talking to denver. >> good for him. >> atlanta hawks, as well. following breaking news, shots fired in north philadelphia, one of the bullets flies right into local hospital. who police say pulled the trigger.
4:58 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house!
4:59 am
or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
5:00 am
>> breaking overnight, off duty police officer new york off his motorcycle, and then he start shooting, where one of the bullets landed. >> seventy-seven year old man discovered dead in his own home, the unanswered questions this morning, now surrounding the crime. >> and this local boy has been an amazing older brother, while his sister hand been sick but now he is in a spotlight. >> to try his hand at his dream job. >> good day everyone it is june the first, 2016. marilyn monroe would have turned 09 years old today. >> really? >> yes. >> at the age of 32, sue serio. >> hard to imagine. >> yes an elderly woman, but, ya so i think revisiting photos of her probably all


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