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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> breaking overnight, off duty police officer new york off his motorcycle, and then he start shooting, where one of the bullets landed. >> seventy-seven year old man discovered dead in his own home, the unanswered questions this morning, now surrounding the crime. >> and this local boy has been an amazing older brother, while his sister hand been sick but now he is in a spotlight. >> to try his hand at his dream job. >> good day everyone it is june the first, 2016. marilyn monroe would have turned 09 years old today. >> really? >> yes. >> at the age of 32, sue serio. >> hard to imagine. >> yes an elderly woman, but, ya so i think revisiting photos of her probably all
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over the internet. yes, so for the first day of june, almost perfect. we are going with a nine out of ten, because we will have some clouds around, maybe little pop up shower or two, not right now, nothing on radar at the moment. still watching the renmant every bonnie, and cold front, that's out to the west, so no rain to show you, let's get right to the temperature in the sit, 68 degrees, still kind of muggy, with 9% relative humidity, 5:34, your sunrise time. 67 degrees, in allentown, reading has six a, in the upper six off's in trenton, lower 60s in atlantic city and millville, and in millville, we have been seeing a little bit of fog this morning. see it calm there, looking for fog because the ground still pretty wet, from monday's rain, and millville, in urge new jersey, half mile visibility, wilmington, delaware, quarter mile, those are the records we're getting in so far. so just be on the look-out for little fog around, expect mix of sun, clouds, and an ever so
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slight chance after shower today, with a high temperature of 86 degrees, it shouldn't ruin your day at all, but that's why it is a nine instead of a ten, sunset time 8:24, it is hump day and the first day of june bob kelly looking good in the suit. >> than thank you plus the teachers can't be a ten all the time. always room for improvement. >> sister laverne used to say that, good morning, 5:02, live look at route 309. no problems here, we had the accident, northbound, right near the butler pike, hello to the benny. live look at the ben franklin bridge, looking good this morning. as sue mentioned, looking at some fog out there, and right up the middle where the fog situations are reported, philadelphia international airport. so keeping an eye, first couple of flights no problems or delays at all start to see rush hour pop 6:00, 6:30 bulk of the arrivals start to
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stick. hartford road, moorestown-mound laurel, over in moorestown, sewer work underway, still working here along 295 and 42, as the sunrises see some of the traffic pattern shuffles, both the market frankford and broad street subway, trains are running and no delays. back to you. >> breaking news in north philadelphia. off duty officer's being treated for minor injuries this morning. >> officials say he waist knock off his bike moments later he started shooting. good morning. >> good morning, chris, lauren, with a we know this off duty officer being treated for these injuries, car involved took off watch is still here is that overs' bike, at broad and tioga. what we know off duty plane clothes philadelphia police officer was involved in a accident while riding his motorcycle came if contacted the car heading southbound on brought, apparently made left
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onto tie owing a the bike and car collided at the intersection, the officer thrown from his bike and at some point did take his weapon, three shots fired, no one hit, but police tell us at least one bullet flew window at temple outpatient facility. the car involved took off in the scene. the officer is being treated, for minor injuries. gunfire and looking for the vehicle involved in the crash, described as a green two-door older model car possibly a monte carlo, it may have front end damage, according to police there were two males inside the vehicle, at the time of the crash. >> more breaking news out of north philadelphia, woman died after being hit by a car, the accident happened around 1:35 this morning, 2200 block of cecil b. moore. philadelphia police say the woman was hit after walking out into the street. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. the driver who was an uber
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driver did stay on the scene after the accident, officials say this appears just to be tragic mishap. >> this morning, the search is on for killer,. >> evidently that person's responsible for killing 77 year old man, inside his home, dave kinchen now live at police headquarters with more on this, dave? >> horrible case here, and police at headquarters here, they are interviewing witnesses, and family members, after witnesses saw three juveniles leaving the victim's house, one of them with blood on them, investigators trying to figure out just who would harm a 77 year old man, named joseph daily, a retired construction worker, who served as a handyman for his neighbors, according to neighbors, the victim's body found in his theodore street home in southwest philadelphia, where he lived for decades, police say he took his son to work at the airport friday night, then pick him up after his shift and returned back to the theodore street address, that police and fire were then called to the house early monday morning, around 1:00 a.m., after reports of
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someone screaming inside the home, and the son had not heard from him in a couple of days. >> now, on the first floor living room, found 77 year old homeowner, laying on the floor, with blunt trauma to his head. medics responded, pronounced him on the scene. >> to hear he is dead, so sad. i mean, like, i don't know why they had to do that. >> tragic incident, man who really reached the goal end years of his life, and unfortunately his life taken. >> police say there was no sign of forced entry, but window was broken out of the side of the house. detective also say that the victim's van is missing and that the back gate lift open. if anyone has information please call the philadelphia tip line. that's request from police that we're passing along. >> dave, thanks. trial start today for a philadelphia woman who is charged with trying to join isis, 30 year old kianna
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thomas knowingly and intentionally attempted to provide material support and resources including herself to a foreign terrorist organization, the fbi arrested thomas back in april of 2015. and investigators say, she showed her allegiance to the terror group, on line post, and had a ticket to fly to spain, they believe her final destination was syria. faces maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. >> fisherman finds a woman's body in a creek, tied to a cynder block, in east coventry township chester county detective say an african-american woman's body possibly in her late 20's, early 30's, was found in the shallow waters of pigeon creek, monday morning. she was discovered wearing a gray shirt, unique jewelry, discontinuing tatoo. found the body just day after moving into that neighborhood with his wife and three daughters. >> kind of hit me like really happening to an area where me and my children just moved to. >> no matter what happened here, this is still a young woman.
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she was thrown away like she was a piece of trash. you cannot treat people like that. >> detectives say the lady had no gunshot wounds, no signs of strangulation or blunt force trauma. if you have any information about this, please call police. >> the search continues for a man who police say sexually assault add young girl and critically injured her mother. police say the 13 year old had been sexually assaulted by 39 year old malik bailey, family member who came into her bedroom while she slept. the child reportedly called for her mother's help but her mother was unable because bailey had brutally beaten her. investigators say he forced the young girl to the basement where the attack continued. before she was able to escape to a neighbor's home. >> she was crying and she was scared. she was scared. so who wouldn't be? i was just praying that her mother wasn't dead, that's what i was praying, i was praying that they catch him and hopefully they will. >> police are reviewing surveillance and searching diligently for malik bailey,
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and are encouraging him to turn himself in. >> group of burglars has police officers' house in northeast philly, three guys broke into this home on the 3300 block of wellington street right around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. that off duty officer came home with his wife from shopping, surprising the thieves, at a confrontation began then. >> did fire one shot at the males, but he was not hit. a lengthy foot pursuit went through the neighborhood. >> the officer's chased one guy and offer duty detective chased another. the third got away in a van park nearby. police are reviewing surveillance video in the area to try and catch that last suspect. >> controversy ahead of philly's pride parade and organization of lgbt law enforcement officers say they will not serve as grand marshals. the greater philadelphia gay officer action league or goal, was asked to leave the parade. but after hundreds signed a petition opposing their role, the group declined the offer. the opposition says the pride parade started because of the
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stone wall riots, also believe police had negative relationship with the lgbt, but honoring the officers would have been a sign of progress. idea every discrimination, because of your gender, your sexuality, your job, your race, it is all oppression. >> they say they will still attend the parade scheduled for june 12th. >> new twist in the death after guerrilla at the cincinnati zoo. what authorities are now looking into, when it comes to the little boy who got trapped inside the enclosure. >> coming up on 5:11, little boy, now has a big new responsibility. he's now a deputy marshall charged with protecting his little sister. her story stole our hearts
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>> salem county, or not g fog. we can't be everywhere, thank you. we are watching post tropical bonnie, and the path projected
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path that far storm, which takes it through the outer banks of north carolina, and eventually off the coast of virginia, we think, but not until friday morning. this storm is moving very, very slowly. we will see if it ends up having an impact on our weather. regardless of bonnie, though, we have cold front coming through on friday. today asks just a little bit of instability around, little bit of shower chance later on in the afternoon, now, we are watching friday morning, very carefully, we think we will be cloudy for sure. and maybe a stray shower, or two, and it looks like any heavier rain wouldn't arrive until the afternoon on friday, so we are trying to think positively for our live broadcast from west philadelphia, on friday morning. reports of fog in wilmington, delaware, and millville, new jersey, this morning, as well as carney's point. thank you for that. 69 degrees, in philadelphia, at the moment. sixty-four in lancaster, still little sticky, and muggy out there this morning, not as dry as we hoped it would be. thanks to some flow offer the
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ocean, bringing us mogilyansky tour, eventually out to the northwest winds, look at the difference in temperatures, viewing our area today, center city probably up to 86 degrees, down the shore because of the clouds, and the sea breeze, probably high of only 68 degrees, and in the pocono mountains, sunny, nice, high of 79. so, big differences depending on where you are today. almost perfect weather, 86 degrees. and that aforementioned slight chance of a shower. very pleasant breeze on thursday, with a high in the lower 80s, by friday, we'll have little bit of sun and a scattered thunderstorm in the afternoon, saturday, the best weather day of the weekend, pop up storm late in the day possible things should dry out monday, tuesday of next week. that's a look at your seven day forecast, so bob, we are hoping to hold it down to just a stray shower on friday morning. >> ready for this shot? ready? this is the ooh-aah shot of
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the morning. ready, one, two, three: ooh-aah. take a look at that. that's postcard style. we could probably get what 25 cents for a postcards, with a picture like this? probably not? no? even the interns are looking at me like what's he talking about? >> just tweet it, you'll get a lot of shares. >> oh, duh. i'll do that. good morning, everybody, 5:16. getting up, waking up, hello northeast philadelphia. this is i59 right near girard avenue. no problems or delays at all yet through the construction zone. hello to delco. live look here, starting to see little haze, now this is of course on the pennsylvania side of the river. here is millville, new jersey, where sue spotted some fog on the radar. so a combination every millville, new jersey, wilmington, delaware, and right up the middle there we got the delaware river which of course leads to up philadelphia international airport. i wouldn't be surprised if we see some fog delays this morning. hartford road, blocked this morning over in mt. laurel, new jersey, between route 38
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and union mill road. they just picked up the cones. everything ready for rush hour here on the 42 freeway, look at it, coming in toward the city, you know, they shuffled the lane patterns around, we came back from the shore here, on friday, what a hot mess, rolling through here specially no traffic and going 45, 50 miles an hour, casino of tough to keep track of the signs and traffic barriers, route nine down in tuckerton still blocked at gifford town lane, due to overnight accident and pole. cherry hill new jersey repaving that began yesterday along route 70, from pretty much cropwell all the way in to pennsauken new jersey remember, nascar coming to the speedway, the pocono 400, rolls into town, later on tomorrow. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> got to get up there and see that. >> bob, happening today, montgomery county, it will be little icier to get the drawing can save someone's
5:18 am
life during heroin overdosement county health department says it is three health centers will have narcan nasal sprays available. norristown, pottstown, and willow grove. you can already buy narcan at some pharmacist. the health centers will over the kits to people without insurance, or people who can't afford the co-pay for insurance at the pharmacy. a judge will be deciding it that girl will be tried in court as an adult, in connection with the death of amy joyner francis. the 16 year old girl, will be in court on july 11, according to the state attorney general's office. threw girls are accused of assaulting amy back in april inside the bathroom, the coroner determined the cause every death was pre-existing heart condition, but also, ruled stress, from the assault, was a factor. >> the judge who refused to toss out bill cosby's criminal sexual assault case is staying on through the trial. montgomery county common pleas judge, steven t oh, kneel
5:19 am
rejected efforts to throw out the case over an agreement between cosby and former prosecutor, in 2005. cosby says, he agreed testify at depositions then in the civil case, in exchange for immunity from criminal prosecution. lawyers who know judge o'neil say it is early decisions in this case do not necessarily point out how he might rule during the trial. cosby faces charges of sexually assaulting a former temple employee, in 2004. >> an investigation right now underway in connection to the death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. police are working to determine if criminal charges are warranted in the case after four year old boy who got into that gorilla enclosure. zoo officials say they were forced to shoot and kill the 17 year old gorilla name harambe. critics say the zoo is at fault. others blame the parent say they should have had a closer ion that young man. >> closer to home, officials at the philadelphia zoo say visitors can feel safe when visiting its exhibits. officials say they're constantly looking at ways to not only improve the
5:20 am
experience for guests but also what new security measures they can take. they say no matter what the issue, the zoo has a plan in place. >> we could have severe weather, we could have some sort of animal issue, so we do have protocols, procedures around kind of any event ooh al at this, including an individual who accidentally gets in with a animal. we've got staff who are trained to deal with that situation, and who practice dealing with that with all of those kind of situations. >> in case were you wondering the philadelphia zoo cares for five western low-lying gorillas, the youngest born in 2002. >> still ahead: we continue to follow breaking news this morning, off duty officer fires multiple shots at a fleeing suspect, but one of the bullets flies right through a hospital. >> and, a new jersey baby, born with a zika related birth defect. what doctors are now saying about sexual transmission, of this highly contagious virus. >> ♪ >> guess what? >> what? >> you know we're taking the
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>> this little boy, five years olds, hon orders for helping his sister we met first during the pope's visit when the pontiff kissed the little girl's head. now, bruce gordon explains more. >> dominick gets his last minute instruction frost philadelphia's us marshall, his family, friends and federal lawmen packed the is her moan yam courtroom with the federal building, not every day a five year old becomes an honorary deputy us marshall. >> say i, and your name real loud. what's your name?
5:25 am
>> dominick. >> okay, dominick. >> course, dominick is not your typical five year old. >> always look out for my sister and protect her for as long as i will. say ill. >> ill. >> dominick's sister is 19 month olds gianna. you may remember her from a poinent moment during the visit of pope francis last september. a friend of the family had arranged with law enforcement connection to get a choice curbside spot, and hopes the little girl with inoperable brain tumor would attract the attention for the pontiff for a brief kiss and a blessing, us marshals, secret service, made it happen. >> oh, my god. , in the weeks that followed that brain tumor began to sling. >> we don't think the pope healed our daughter, you know, she still in chemo now t gave us hope. it gave us strength. >> there you go. >> congratulations. >> as for her big brother dominick, now us marshall, dominick her little protector? >> that's absolutely right. >> his job as marshall.
5:26 am
>> we've been having that conversation for a long time, that he is the big brother, and he always has to protect his sister, and he does a great job that far. >> now limb dominick has a badge to go along with that responsibility. >> dominick, can you tell you how excited you are to be an us marshall? >> very. >> very. what's it feel like? >> better. >> better. >> the federal agent presented mom and dad with a photo of gianna and the pope, autographed by francis himself. >> reminder after tender, once in a lifetime, moment. casino of moment a big brother with a shiny badge and a big heart can appreciate. gianna is doing better but she not out of the woods just yet. she is scheduled for her 14th chemotherapy session wednesday with several more on the way. she appears to be in good hands these days with doctors at chop, and now, deputy marshall in the house. in the news room, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". still ahead: we have breaking news from overnight, north philadelphia woman
5:27 am
killed in a tragic accident, what she was doing when she was hit by an uber driver. >> that off duty officer fired multiple shots at a fleeing suspect. we'll have a live report on what caused him to pull the trigger.
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>> offer duty officer, shots he landed, may have landed too close for comfort. >> seventy-seven year old man discovered inside his own home. what neighbors saw and heard the day before the victim's body was found. good day everybody it is wednesday, june 1st, 12016. >> sue serio, good morning, i love how you waiver at us. now, listen, here is the thing, just saw in sue's shot she will dot number of the the day, i think she is so excited for a good number. where is buddy, sue serio? >> he will be here. >> is it just that he -- >> i know, avenue special outfit for him today. and i'm going to be debuting that at 6:00. >> not a phillies cap he's wearing either? >> no. >> would love our phillies but a little slump right now. >> co-see little pop up shower later in the day, only thing preventing us from having a ten out of ten.
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few clouds around this morning, little muggier than we expected, we've had an on-shore flow overnight, of air, which bridges in moisture off the ocean, so little cloudy, at times, little muggy, but still, beautiful sunrise. 69 degrees, in fact, that sunrise happened few minutes at 5:34. enjoy the longest days of the year, the first day of summer, got to look up that, 3-mile per hour winds out of the north-northwest. 67 degrees, in allentown, 56 in reading, and 62 in atlantic city. relatively calm winds, as we mention, and a little bit of fog in a few spots this morning. nothing more north and west of the city but around wilmington, delaware, report of some fog, quarter mile visibility there at the airport, probably going to get to the mid 80s today if we get enough sunshine and very slight chance of a pop up shower for some this
5:32 am
afternoon, it shouldn't ripe your plans. welcome to june, bob kelly. how are you feeling? >> feeling good. can you layout my clothes at night just like do you bus stop buddy? that would save me about 15 minute every night. good morning, you laid the clothes out or not, let's go get. 5:34, an example of the fog, sue is right on the money, this is south jersey, the new jersey turnpike, right before the delaware memorial bridge, delaware river over to millville, then on the delaware riverside all the way in to wilmington, we are dealing with some fog, and it is patchy, comes up quick, and that quickly bamm another mile away. and we are crystal clear. here is a live look, little haze on the boulevard, as you work your way down toward the schuylkill expressway. but no problems out of northeast philly, here's cool shot. 422, right near the king of prussia mall. everybody's favorite destination, right? no problems at all here, though, working your way out of royersford, now over in mt.
5:33 am
laurel, hartford roadblocked between 38th and union mill road. they are making some repairs to the sewage drains there, so, just watch for some local detours, even the school buses will probably have to go through the detour, and thus, be delayed today. get ready, nascar coming to pocono this weekend. doing some work here fear not, will have all of the work complete by the end of today if not early tomorrow. so we are good to go for the race fans head in the there starting tomorrow and through the weekends, kelly drive paving after the rush hour all this week, and mass transit looking good with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> right to the breaking news for this morning, police still trying to figure out what caused a accident involving an off-duty officer. >> so, police say the officer was thrown from his bike and then, he started shooting. jenny joyce live in north philadelphia, with more on exactly what happened. hi, jenny. >> good morning, lauren, chris, the shooting happened behind me here at broad and
5:34 am
tioga street, that's the motorcycle that the off duty officer was riding on. his personal motorcycle last night offer duty police officer was involved in a accident while riding his bike north broad street, the officer's bike came in contact with a car headed southbound on broad. and apparently made a left onto tie owing a the bike and the car collided at the intersection, the officer was thrown from his bike, and at some point discharged his weapon at least three shots were fired, no one was hit. but police tell us, that at least one bullet flew into a window at temple us a outpatient facility, the car involved, took off from the scene, and the officer is being treated for minor injuries. he's going to be okay. police are still trying to determine the circumstances of the gunfire and they are looking for a vehicle that was involved in that crash, described as a green two-door older model car, possibly monte carlo it, may have front ends damage, also told that there were two males inside of
5:35 am
that vehicle, at the time of the accident. lauren, chris? >> what a bizarre case, i'm sure much more to commas the investigation continues, jen, thank you. >> more breaking news out of north philadelphia where a woman died after being hit by a car there is accident happened around 1:35 this morning, on the 2200 block of cecil b. moore. philadelphia police say the woman was hit after walking out into the street. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. the driver, who was an uber driver, stayed on the scene after the accident. officials say this appears to be just an accident. >> 5:35, this morning, investigators are trying to figure out why someone would want to hurt a 77 year old man, who served as a hand i man to his neighbors. police found his body at his home on theodur street in southwest philadelphia, where he lived for decades. they believe the victim took his son to work on friday night, pick him up afterward, then, park his car outside the back of the home. officials were called to the house early monday morning, to report of a person screaming inside.
5:36 am
911 report that three young men were seen running from that house. neighbors say the 77 year old, who is hard-working and very friendly. >> shock to hear that he is dead. so sad. i mean, look i don't know why they had to do that. >> we need people to come forward, dot right thing and call the tip line 215686-tips. >> no sign of forced trend i but window at the home was broken and the man's van now missing. >> next in sports, eagles mini camp continues so does the drop of surrounding sam bradford and carson went. what the they have to say about the competition between them. first, your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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>> you can call it a slump but i call it reality, phillies lost five straight, just can't score. ryan howard update, we got. that will let's go to citizens bank park, second inning. he swings and loses his bat obviously misses the ball and he missed for the third strike he, he was zero for four with a strike, hitting 154. sixth inning with the score tide one-one, daniel murphy for washington makes it two-one, washington scored three in the ninth. they win it five-one, phillie news five un. eagles mini camp continues, reports on idiot, bradford struggling, totally untrue, both sam bradford, carson went, both said yesterday the quarterbacks get along
5:40 am
greatment and help each other. concerning sam bradford and the quarterback competition, bradford is far advanced among the quarterbacks. >> a process i'm familiar with, i've done before, i think the biggest thing; you know, reps, but also just terminology, learning to speak this language. >> that's sport in a minute. i'm how howard eskin. >> we had nor sports news yesterday thanks to these guys philadelphia daily news, center fowl here, has the, yes, white and blue, villanova's cover of course, colors i should say, right rid there with president obama you can see they presented the president with his jersey, number 44, the 44th president, ryan arcidiacono, right, and ochefu. pan back out, way back here you have chris jenkins. right? like dude, you should be up
5:41 am
front. you nailed that last minute buzzer beater to send us to the ncaa championships. >> congrats to him. still ahead 5:41, new jersey baby born with a zika related birth defect. the warning now out for anyone hoping to have a child. >> guess what? every friday for the next several weeks we are coming to take over a town near this friday. we are coming to west philadelphia, we will be watching 7:00 to 10:00 along baltimore avenue at cedar park between 49th and 50th street. >> and the best part you can win a car, sign to up win a bran new mazda cx9. go to our website, click on the contest page, home page, we pick a finalist once a week. final show we will have a big give away. >> check out the next few weeks, and our bin finale, july 22, fairmount park del music centerment come on out to see us, don't forget to sign up every day to win the car.
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>> i think your tearing up because you are such a huge fan of the rolling stones. >> no for whatever reason this right eye, nothing else, no allergies. >> not the left eye. >> is it red? >> it looks better than ever. do your sammy davis, jr. impression. >> i can't do it as good as you. >> tiny bubbles. >> the candy man can. >> it is itching, too, is it bad allergies today? >> yes. >> yes, you must be -- the tree pollen has been off the charts lately all about the tan gent, and now back it the phillies, let's hope they win one tonight against the nationals, 82 degrees, when the game begins, it will be a warm evening, short sleeves are fine, we should see decent amount of sunshine, until the sunset after 8:30 tonight. let's talk about bonnie, post tropical some, still watching it because of its potential impact over the weekend, looks
5:46 am
like it is headed out to sea at this point, may not pay as close attention to it any more. what we are paying attention to today the possibility, nothing going on right now, pop up shower, around 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon, very isolated not everything will get one, but less than perfect today. pop up showers possible as we jump ahead to friday morning. sock in with clouds, friday morning, but i think we'll get the broadcast in, friday afternoon, evening, when we could see pop up showers, thunderstorms from a cold front. reduce in the wilmington, delaware, this fog kinds of comes and goes, but around out there this morning, could slow you down. >> in philadelphia, almost 07 degrees, 69 in dover, 62, in atlantic city, warm sunshine, yesterday, and high of 88 degrees, we expect warm sunshine today and high of around 86 or 87, pleasant
5:47 am
breeze tomorrow, some scattered storms in the afternoon, on friday. better weaken weather day, will be saturday symptoms coming in sunday, hoping to hold them off until the evening hours, that is your forecast, here's some fog, bob kelly, you found some. >> bee got some. couple of cameras had some fog in them. live look 29529 at on the new jersey side of the commodore barry bridge, let's go up to the 42 freeway, where again, we are socked in with fog all rolling up here in the last five, ten minute or so, so coming in toward philadelphia, make sure your headlights are on, probably look, maybe seven, eight car lengths there, but then crystal clear, out in king of prussia. live look at route 202, right near the prussia interchange, just checked with the airport, no problems or delays at all at philly international airport. with the fog.
5:48 am
>> we are the blue suit men, not the blue men, but the blue suit men. >> ♪ welcome to philadelphia ♪ >> okay, having some fun, 5:48. on a wednesday morning. no problems on the schuylkill, looking good on i95 as you roll out of northeast philly, and we still just have the hartford road construction today. hartford record shutdown between 38th and union mill but mass transit looking good. chris, lauren? >> two islamic holidays will be added to the philadelphia school district officials calendar, those holidays are celebrated after the month long observance of ramidan, and the other which is celebrated at the conclusion of the annual pilgrimage. mayor jim kenney foreign clues. >> philadelphia school student recognize for making their school a better place. da seth williams hosed his third annual anti-bullying campaign, so important, williams called the six a
5:49 am
student honored champions every change. they were recognized for always encouraging their peers to do the right thing. >> more effective to -- >> speak to go those honorees, right there, you know him. that's quincy harris. he does lock like -- >> that's not -- oh, both quincy and seth encourage add kids to follow their dreams just like they did. >> boy gaming, ooh% steak at borgata at mgm resorts international, $9 million plus any future tax set many, mgm reaches with atlantic city after the deal closes mgm will own all of the borgota, top performing casinos shortly after it opened in 2003. the supreme court has reject add union challenge, hoping to restore health and pension benefits. for more than 1,000 workers,
5:50 am
at the trump taj mahal casino in ac, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014, that's when bankruptcy judge enforced cost savings methods, sought by the company. union says labor law pro him agents employer from abandoning a collective bargaining agreement even in a bankruptcy. >> doctors in new jersey say, a baby girl is born with microcephaly linked to seek a virus, one of the only kids born in the u.s. with zika-linked complications. doctors believe her mother contracted the virus while in hand duras. >> now the world health organization says sexual transmission of the zika virus more common than initially thought t released new advice, it is recommending those returning from a zika affected area practice safe sex or absonance for at least eight weeks, and foremen showing signs, the recommended wait time before trying to conceive a child is even longer. >> if the male preventing pregnancy symptoms, talking symptomatic people, the period of safe sex or sex abstinence
5:51 am
should be extended for six months. >> expect mosquitos spreading to the mainland, fund to go combat the virus remains stalled in washington dc. doctors have reported nearly 600 travel related cents ika cases in the u.s. >> wonder if it will affect the olympics in rio. >> gets scarier by the day. >> i wouldn't go. >> i don't know that i would either. >> see the research chop is doing, children's hospital of philadelphia, they say the report of concussions in our children way under reported. many by as much as 80%. i'm going to tell you, parents are taking their kids to the wrong place when they think their child has had a concussion. i'll tell you where you are supposed to take the kid immediately. >> anarchs new study says there are 80% of cases going unreported. >> hey, the five year old boy has been amazing older brother, while his sister has been sick. you recognize this little guy? he is in the spotlight again.
5:52 am
remember, oh, there is his sister. the pope's kiss, remember? and then her condition improved. well, he got an award for himself yesterday. we were there. >> plus a big night on fox, season seven of master chef gets underway. and we have a local chef who is going to be one of the celebrity just. he's become a celebrity in his own right. you know him, his first name is kevin. i'll tell you his last because he will be in the studio. >> have you ever learned to cook, mike, one thing? >> don't let him call you out. you know what? chris is a one trick pony. only thing he knows how to make is chicken parmesian. >> sorry you won't eat it. >> no, he made me turkey chill. >> i oh, superbowl sunday. >> just the two of just our underwear. >> way to defend your boy. >> good, wasn't it? >> ya, it was good. >> sorry i didn't make cornbread. >> you got to hang out with the boys from villanova yesterday. >> so exciting, bought new
5:53 am
shoes to meet the president, there he is, and he botched ryan arcidiacono's name. >> his dad even blew it.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> ronnie wood's 69 birthday today, the guitarist with the rolling stones. look at that sunrise up over the ben franklin bridge. is that beautiful or what? >> 69 degrees, beautiful wednesday. all right, beloved villanova men's basketball team back in the national spotlight, guests of honor at the white house yesterday, president obama welcomed the team toll what he said could be called the blue and white house. the president recognize the team for their hard work, amazing win making them national champs. they had unbelievable defense, they had great clutch shooting, senior class won more games than any wildcats game in history, staple of talented players that were as happen knit deck for a loose ball as they were cutting down the nets.
5:57 am
>> even made president obama honorary wildcat. they presented him with a pair of jerseys marked with the number 44, the number of course means that president obama is the 44th president of the. s. developing overnight, off duty police officer knock off his motorcycle. much more in a live report. seventy-seven year old man discovered dead in his home. we will be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> police found a man dead in his home. why police went there more than a day before they discovered his body. >> and, on a lighter note: >> these wildcats were about more than just one moment, or one shot. >> yes, the villanova wildcats, in the national spotlight, president alabama, on the team's hard work, and the historic run. and, jay wright's suits. >> later on good day there is local boy has been an amazing older brother while his sister has been sick, now he's the one in the spotlight. the special surprise that allowed him to try out his dream job. >> i like his haircut, too. good day everybody, the first day of june, wednesday, what is it, june the first. hey, so this is beginning of


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