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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 2, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. thanks for waking up with us at 4:00 some scary moments for homeowner after a car crashes into their home. what happened to the driver. plus if anyone inside the home was hurt coming up in a live report. >> promising basketball star to handcuffs. player known on the court as the prince every philadelphia now in a lot of trouble with the law watch police say he did while he dreamed of going pro. >> and we're hearing from the new jersey mom, whose baby was born with a zika related condition, here is what she thought she had before being diagnosed. >> it is thursday, june 2nd, 2016. bit of sticky feeling in the air, right? >> hence, i'm not putting on wool coat in this casino of humidity inside the studio. >> i can't them but my hair looks like nala from the lion
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king. >> good morning, yes, the circle of life actually you can go outside and get lower humidity than what we have in the studio today. so it is a little bit cooler more comfortable out there. but we wanted to show you radar over the last 12 hours, loop about to start again. it was last night at about 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 that we saw some of those, there you go, pop up showers and thunderstorms just as predicted, very isolated, not everybody got one. but if you did, you had like a downpour fast and furious, and that was it. and that's all out of here right now. we continue to watch the renmant of bonnie, still off the carolina coast, see if it will factor into our weekend forecast, cold front out to the west which will factor into our forecast tomorrow. so, obviously, very dark outside. 63 degrees, 7-mile per hour winds out of the east northeast, yes, it is more
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comfortable than yesterday. already close to 70 at this time yesterday. hi, 34 is your sunrise time. very soon. we've got 57 degrees in mount pocono, 60 in trenton, down atlantic city international at six a, and 66 degrees in wilmington, delaware, so nice morning. we do have bit of easterly flow that would be a sea breeze if you are down at the shore, and for us, it gives us a few clouds. so it will be a mix every sunday and clouds today. little cooler to start. but still comfortable. and a nice afternoon with high temperature of 84 degrees, sunset 8:24, we've got a countdown to summer coming up. and a seven day forecast that's got its ups and downs. bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, to you, sue, getting upright now, 4:02, and off to rough start here in northern liberties, right in front of sugarhouse casino. live look at an accident what's left of overturned vehicle at frankford avenue and delaware avenue. the casino would be off to my back here, just to casino of
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give you an idea to local detours in the neighborhood. also, shutdown on the vine st. expressway. vine street expressway closed again this morning, between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:00, 5:15 or so. otherwise, casino of quiet. no problems at all coming in on 202, looking good on the blue route, keep in mind, on the northeast extension, it is nascar, the pocono 400 up there at the speedway, so we'll see a lot of volume up and down the northeast extension over the weekends, pull the parachute cord, go dropping down on to the burlington bristol bridge closed, been closed since last night until about 5:00 this morning, doing some overnight construction, you want to work your way down toward the talcony palmyra as the alternate. also paving along route 70 here, between cropwell road over toward that airport circle. and then they are also working today, the kelly drive all this week during the midday, right after the rush hour, the crews will be out there. the market frankford and the broad street subway, they are
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using shuttle buses until 5:00. chris, lauren? >> we start with breaking news out of plymouth meeting car careens out of control into a house. >> right out to sabina coast out to the scene. good morning. >> good morning, guys, let's take you right to the house here where police say it all happened. you can see, crews just finished up boarding up this home. there is extensive damage to the outside, as well as the inside of this house. let's take a look at some video we gathered for you early this morning, the scene very active. police say it all happened around 12:45 this morning, they say, a car slammed into the home, here along the 1300 block of germantown pike, and plymouth meeting. we're told this is home as well as a business for a chiropractor, call was black sedan, police say it went all the way into the home, full lip into the home, picture window here being took out some bricks as well as entire window. we're told though happily no injuries to anybody inside or the driver.
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though we do know that the driver was taken to einstein for evaluation. back here live again, you can see, crews have finished boarding up this home. you can see the police around the perimeter here. we do know the home was occupied at the time that all of this happened. coming up in just a half hour, much more on exactly what police say happened, back to you. >> sabina, thank you so much. now, to developing story in hunting park where authorities are trying to find the driver behind a deadly hit-and-run there. >> this one killed a teenager as he was walking along old york road. dave kinchen live at the scene of this story. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris, lauren, here at 13th and pike, where you can see this is the white prius that police say struck that 18 year old man and killed him and police car here holding this scene right now. they found the vehicle, they are looking for the driver, that hunt is underway, the victim, 18 year old man, was walking along the 3900 block of old york road, when he was hit by a stolen white 2010
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toyota prius, what you saw there, victim's body flew 30 feet in the air and then crashed into parked mini-van and had major head trauma a he was pronounced dead at temple university hospital. investigators say the driver then dumped the striking prius where we are now, the 1300 block of west pike, and ran away. police have recovered the car, now, comes are look for the driver, and they are getting some pretty big leads from neighbors. >> people who work in businesses in the area say that they see that vehicle on a regular basis, and they know who normally drivings the vehicle. they described a female as the person who normally drives that vehicle. we don't know who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. >> again, as you just heard, there we want to enforce there is police don't know if that woman was driving the prius at the time of the crash, but they believe if they find her, they can get to the person who was driving at the time. and also, they are dealing
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with a stolen vehicle situation, so that's another part of the case. detective are looking at surveillance video that they say shows the crash, but it does not show the driver specifically, so they are trying to find out more information there. police sources telling fox 29, as we come back live here, the stolen vehicle is from east lansdowne, actually has been stolen for month now. so perhaps police have been looking for that car for quite some time. as you can see, they have the prius here, perhaps aid will be out here to investigate, at some point, this morning, back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thank you so much. another hit-and-run. >> yes, unbelievable. 4:07 the time. camden father accused of killing his three year old little boy and then denying that it happened. he is set to be back in court today. investigators say david creato killed his son, brandon creato because his girlfriends didn't like kids, then dumped the boy's body. atlantic month a judge denied to toss the case out, david
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creato, defense argued, that the medical examiner misled the grand jury. well there is afternoon, creato's attorney now asking for some of the evidence in that case to now be tossed out. >> a local basketball stand out once dubbed the principals of north philly stands accused of attempted murder. police arrested 21 year old jordan after wild chase on temple campus in the early morning hours yesterday. authority say he was one of several man in a jaguar who opened fire on another car wounding one man. according to investigators, it all started with a robbery after cell phone, on 24th street. this past season jordan played for the nba developmental league in delaware. he was also a former player for saint john's college. >> don't get me wrong, you you know, i think he was a good person, i do think he was one of the best in fill. >> i officers say they caught up with jordan after he jumped out of the jaguar start today run away and tried to toss the gun.
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>> take a look, a look at the man accused of breaking into ace mr. officer's northeast philadelphia home. investigators say the off duty officer walked into his mayfair tuesday, noticed his tv was gone, heard voices in the bales. when he went to investigate, ricky motionly charged up the fires, fire fired his gun but missed mostly. the two ran off, caught short time later. off the err right now on administrative duty as the investigation continues. >> another philadelphia police officer on desk duty after he was involved in a shooting while off duty. story you saw right here on fox 29 yesterday morning there is happened late tuesday night, near brought and tioga streets in north philly. authority say as an officer was leaving work, a car hit his motorcycle, throwing him on to the street. the officer opened fire on someone in that car after he says he thought that person was reaching for a weapon. >> the officer believed he saw a weapon, right now we have not recovered one. they have not indicate that there was one. but what they have said, did
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not know he was a police officer. so when they saw the gun, they did leave the scene. >> police say three of the four people inside that car turned themselves in. they say they didn't realize it was an officer. no one was hurt. >> this morning, we are hearing from the mother of the baby born with the zika related condition over in new jersey, doctors work to go help the mom and her newborn, woman diagnosed with zika in her native honduras, one of four dozen countries and territories after transmission of the mosquito born virus taken place, ultrasound and pregnancy -- tall sounds was normal, but later showed birth defect. >> in december i thought i had an allergy or rash, i spoke to my gynecologist, told him i had a allergy, he asked if i had a fever and i said maybe just for an hour and i forgot all about it, you the gynecologist said everything is going to be fine. >> according to the cdc this isn't the first case of zika related microcephaly in the united states and other babies suffering from the same condition born earlier this
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year in hawaii. >> almost 4:11, pennsylvania governor has sign off on medical marijuana. don't expect to see green any time soon watch we learned about a complicated process. >> one local community at odds this morning, over graduation tradition, some are asking to be taken out of the ceremonies. bob kelly looking at the roads with us this thursday morning. >> 4:11, quiet, paving coming our way this week on the kelly drive. also, working on the vine expressway, that's closed this morning, and an early morning bridge closure, i'll have all of the details, sue with the forecast, when we come right back. ♪
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>> ♪ >> so every friday through july 22, we are taking over a local town. get ready, west philly. >> we're going to be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at cedar park right there along baltimore avenue between 49th and 50th street. >> and the best part you can win a car, sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9. all do you have do is head to then click on the contest page on our home page, we will pick a finalist once a week, on our final show we will have a big giant huge give away. >> okay, so here's where we are headed over the next several weeks. >> finale is friday july 22 at the del music center in fairmount park. come on out and see us, sign to up win a brand new merchandise did a cx9. >> cool stuff. okay, sue serio. so everyone's already thinking
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about the weekend. what's the weather going to be like for friday? >> i thought i would divert your attention to june, started yesterday, and starting off with a little tropical climatology, where storms will develop during the month of june. gulf of mexico western caribbean, and eastern caribbean which is where bonnie developed. we've already had two named storms, and the season just started yesterday. and, yes, those caribbean storms tend to move up toward the east coast. we have used up alex and bonnie, the next name on the list would be colin. but we don't look to see any more tropical development. predicting ten to 16 named storms this year, according to national oceanic and atmospheric administration. all of these numbers above little above average, some could be major hurricanes, so we'll catch it down to summer with easy math, because june
4:16 am
started yesterday, the first day of summer monday, june 20th, 18 days away, 6:34, so we'll all be together when the season begins. and that will hopefully and good thing. quick look at post tropical bonnie, and a look at the direction projected direction of the storm, which is further out to sea than we originally thought which means it may not have impact on the weekend forecast, right now dry, but we go down to texas where there have been so many problems with flooding, and more rain in southern text us, corpus christie getting it but more headed toward the austin, houston areas, which are soak already. no fog to show you at the moment. but we are keeping an eye. could see some develop like we did yesterday. 63 degrees in philadelphia, little cooler than yesterday, all of these temperatures are and humidity down little bit as well, 57 degrees in the mountains, bit of northeasterly flow, giving us
4:17 am
moisture in the air, look where we ended up yesterday. we hit 09 degrees, wednesday afternoon, today, not so much. 84 degrees, very comfortable mix of sun and clouds, so we go back to ten for today. tomorrow, those thunderstorms, we are hoping will pop up in the afternoon, and not in the morning. when you check some of the computer models just to get you the morning forecast, now the weekend still looks like saturday may be the better weather day of the weekend, pop up thunderstorm, hoping they wait until the afternoon sunday, and then nice stretch of weather starting monday, tuesday, wednesday, of next week. isn't that just typical, bob kelly? >> isn't that special? good morning, 4:17. on this thursday morning. here is another look at the accident, right at frankford, and delaware, in northern liberties. we have the, what's that new venue, there the fairmount, right there. that will what it is? >> the philmore.
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>> philmore. >> philmore, exactly, october 1st, chris was down there, but gave you a idea, it is right there, got the sugarhouse casino in the background, looks like somebody just took the curve little too fast, flipped over. so a loft police activity in the neighborhood. ben franklin bridge, not bad at all, working your way in toward downtown philly. the market frankford broad street subway both using shuttle buses until 5:00 after that we roll the trains for the rest of the rush hour. burlington bristol bridge closed until 5:00 this morning. they've been doing some work on the overnight, so until then, the talcony palmyra or that turnpike connector bridge would be your two best bets. we mention where we are going tomorrow, west philly, cedar park, right across from the cedar park cafe, one of my breakfast spots i went to couple of weeks ago, great food, great corner, right there, along baltimore avenue. so cool is baltimore avenue, the dividing line, okay? we're on the west philly side of baltimore. the other side of the street, the gang calls it, southwest
4:19 am
philly. so we're going to have a little back and forth on that but we are going right up the middle the cedar parkside of baltimore avenue where we will be set up between 49th and 50th, tomorrow morning, the blue route, north and southbound, no problems or delays there. turnpike looking good, just watch for some construction there between the philly been cell many and delaware valley interchanges. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. manhunt for the attack near brutal sexual assault now over. everything coming to an end in a store parking lot in south philadelphia. police arrested malik bailey near marshall's at mckean and water streets. it was just past 5:00 last night. they say he sexually assault add 13 year old girl inside frankford home, happened early tuesday morning, police say he pulled her from her bed, dragged her to the basement. she managed to get away, ran to neighbor's house for help. bailey also savagely beat the girl's mother who now remains in critical condition at a local hospital. >> he had taken away family business from her and was
4:20 am
living with another woman. that's why prosecutors say montgomery county killed her ex-husband last month. shoe shin lee will stand tried after shooting her ex while he was inside their home at a preliminary hearing, shin lynn's attorney said that she snapped under the strain of emotional and physical abuse. she had suffered at his hand. >> a lehigh county judge says pro wrestling star jimmy super fly snuka incompetent to stand trial in the death of his girlfriend, that ruling came yesterday after four day hearing to determine whether snuka could fashion trial. the 73 year old wrestler took the stands and often seemed confused as questioned by the judge. the judge said she does not believe he is capable of faking symptoms of dementia. he was charged last year in the death of 23 year old nancy argentineo. >> could take as long as two years to write regulations making medical marijuana eligible to patient here in pennsylvania. secretary of health, karen
4:21 am
murphy, says her agency is writing regulations and fielding calls from people interested in becoming growers or processers. governor wolf signed legislation league womanizing medical marijuana, for tracking plants, certifying physicians, licensing growers, dispensaries, physicians, a lot of work to be done. >> stadium used by several high schools across the wilmington, delaware area now has a lot fewer places for people to fit the delaware department of natural resources, environmental control, has closed the bleachers. the department sales the seats are not structurally sounds, officials tell us they are hoping to bring in some tell tore area bleachers by the start of football season. >> seniors gear up for their big day, push to take prayer out of the graduation ceremony at montgomery county high school. >> it is specifically over the prayer given at the opening and closing commencement at pottsgrove high. the innovation and ben diction prayer has been a school tradition for 20 years, but officials will decide whether it will become an end at the
4:22 am
meeting next week, according to the superintendent, the district started receiving complaints last year that it focused too much on one fate annex included other. the prayer specifically written to celebrate the student as accomplishments, encourage them to lead virtuous lives. >> about sharing my fate with my students, and getting to say a prayer over my class, and everything like. that will the law does not allow the school to provide a programatic prayer, in school related ceremonies. >> so, right now, school leaders are looking over the law, when it comes to prayer during graduation ceremonies, the public meeting will be held tuesday night at the high school. all right, the phillies make a decision on their future of ryan howard, where and when you might see ryan again, that's next in sports. >> but first: lottery numbers.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> i'm tom shred end beck, game 1,000 for the citizens, trying to snap five game losing streak, final game in the series with the nash washington nationals. didn't go well for the phils, in the sixth inning, wilson ramos, phillies losing streak at six, below 500, seven and two nationals last night, ryan howard was used as pinch hitter in the ninth inning before the game, manager pete
4:26 am
mccann on said ryan howard won't start the next three, four games. seven for 69 in may, neighbor should be longer than 30 he did it so howard could start from scratch so he could quote clear his head. >> ryan is fine. so, you know, like i said, it is just one of those things, i get it, do you have perform, you have to put up. you know, time to get out there, and go play, i'm be out there, i'll support, support the rest of my teammates. >> that's sports in a minutement i'm tom sredenschek. >> 4:26 this morning, bass nude fos former phillies player, what he was just caught doing for the second time, that now has him kicked off the diamond. >> and, the hurricane season is now officially underway, the government says it is ready to responds. but are you what you can do to prepare for the worse. >> that video is hard to watch. for dog hair and dirt
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i use resolve pet foam. spray it on evenly. rub it in. and then i vacuum. it's like i have a brand new carpet. and, rigby is enjoying it as well. when i have a pet stain, i use resolve pet expert carpet spray. it just takes a couple of sprays. and then you dab it up. smells nice, stains gone! >> car crash into a home while people are sleeping inside. we'll tell you what happened to the driver coming up in a live report. >> we now know how elderly man, a father, and beloved neighbor, died in southwest philadelphia. now, a big manhunt continues for that killer. >> a new jersey high school principal, on leave, why it is all over a video by rapper.
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>> good day, it is thursday, june 2nd, 2016. if you joined us in the last half hour when we opened the show, lauren dawn johnson said it is such a humid day that you will have one of those hair days that look like a character out of the lion king? >> yes, nala. >> but nala is the bald one, flight. >> apparently so, so maybe i meant simba? >> so you have having a simba hair day see the hair, in your face, ya, like that. for some reason i thought nala had few fly aways, and some like fuzz, but our producer said i'm confused, nala is bald. >> you are having like this area right here, can i touch it? >> go ahead. >> can i touch? little bit like x-ray -- cracr a on this side. >> so either day that is a bad hair day? >> that analysis of different
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sides of lauren dawn johnson's head. >> in a lot of other animals, as well, they get the plume and, the peacock, ya, what's up with that? anyway, we've got a look at radar this morning, no rain to show in you our area, watching, tropical, what used to be, tropical storm bonnie, kind of swirling off the carolina coast, bringing lots of rain to the outer banks, and then cold front, we will be starting to talk about, starting tonight, with some rain from that. but it is dry right now, and it is actually more comfortable, 63 degrees, 7-mile per hour is winds, not extremely sticky, 5:34 your sunrise time, we have 57 degrees in mount pocono, 06 in trenton, we go down to atlantic city at six a. sixty-six in wilmington, delaware, and lancaster, 64, so everybody mid 60s. winds are coming out of the east, that gives us a little
4:32 am
moisture in the air, so it is not-not humid, but little cooler today, because yesterday we made it to 90 degrees. eighty-four is our high today, not as hot, mix of sun and clouds, after midnight tonight we start watching for some showers of course big question is will those showers fall on cedar park in west philadelphia tomorrow morning. we'll have the answer to that question coming up being bob kelly. do you have an umbrella. >> yes, i do, but can you imagine going into a salon vanity and chris is there, hi, my name is chris, welcome, your little cracr a on this side, hey, sit down, we'll take care of you. >> i would love that job, like warren beaty in the movie chef crust, going way back. >> getting un, getting out, hello chester county, live look at route 202, right near 401, they got the big construction lights on here, and an example of one of the many construction zones, they are loving this kind of weather on the overnight. loving it downtown here too. the vine expressway, still
4:33 am
closed, between the schuylkill and broad street. again, until about 5:00. so you have the detours, you can use south street, spring garden, watch it right there, in front of the cathedral there, if you take that spring garden street exit. they got all kind of cones and arrows, all over the place there with that overnight work, again, everybody's usually out of thereby about 5:00. we're going to drop on down to the northeast extension, eastbound, watch for some debris, right near norristown, otherwise your good to go headed over to bensalem, broad street subway use being shuttle buses, 5:00, the magic hour, burlington bristol bridge is closed with some work until 5:00 a.m. so you want to use that talcony palmyra as the alternate. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so, bob. to story out of plymouth meeting where driver had real wild ride. >> he loses control of his car and crashes into a house, sabina kuriakose live at the scene, how is the house doing behind you?
4:34 am
>> reporter: well, let's take a look, the family can't stay here tonight. crews just finished up boarding this home a short time ago. you can see they had to completely board up the picture window there. that's where this driver came bursting in to the home, just around 12:45, tonight, let's take a look at video we got for you earlier this evening, as police and fire department were responding to the scene, there is extensive damage to the home, as police say a car slammed into the home here, on the 1300 block of germantown pike, plymouth meeting. this is home as well as a business for a chiropractor. and we do know that at least one person was home at the time. when all of this happened, it was a black sedan, that burst all the way into the home, completely inside the home through this window. it took out some bricks, as well as the window there. but luckily, police tell us, nobody was hurt, and incredibly no injuries, though the driver was taken to einstein just for evaluation, we are told, but again, nobody
4:35 am
was hurt, despite this really severe crash into this home. again, the family, as we mention there, chris, cannot stay here tonight. crews boarded up the home, back here live, tape along the perimeter here, again, police still investigating exactly why and how this driver skidded down the road, over the lawn here, right into that home. back to you. >> amazing scene, sabina, thank you. $20,000 reward being offered for information in the death of a southwest philadelphia man, police say, 78 year old joseph daily was beaten and strangled when his home was broken into over the weekend. police are investigating if there is any connection between his death, and an attack he suffered few days earlier. >> all right, remember this guy? marlon byrd, played for the phillies, he's in trouble. suspended, for 162 games. if you are counting at home, that's an entire baseball season, 162 games. he was suspended for using
4:36 am
performance enhancing substance, marlon has saidel not appeal this decision, now, this is not the first time marlon byrd has got mean trouble, same offense about four years ago in the 2012 season. >> new jersey high school principal on leave this morning after rapper fed i recorded music video at his high school. the the patterson native released the video for wake up last week, the goal to show student that someone who walked in those same hallways as they have has become sung zest full. east side school district looking into how the rapper was allowed to record the video that includes some drug references, and a pole dancer, inside his old high school. >> 4:36. right to dave kinchen, covering developing story for just hunting park, dave? >> that's right, police have found this white prius that was wanted in a fatal hit-and-run, now they are looking for the driver, the latest on the investigation, after the break. but first, here's bob. >> 4:36, getting up, getting out, it will be a busy
4:37 am
weekends up at the speedway. the pocono 400 taking over the pocono speedway, nascar, coming to town. sue has the nascar forecast, when we come right back.
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4:39 am
>> to a developing stories,. >> one teenager killed, walking along old york road, dave kinchen live at the
4:40 am
scene, in the latest on the search. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris, lauren, police have made one big step in this case, they've found the vehicle they say struck and killed a 18 year old man walking along old york road, that's the vehicle right there, dumped couple of blocks off old york road, police seizing that and guarding it, now on the hunt for the driver, victim 18 year old man was walking along the 3900 block of old york road, when he was hit by what police are saying is stolen white 2010 prius that you saw right there. victim's body flew 30 feet, flew 30 feet in the air and crashed into a parked van. that victim had major head trauma, we're told he was pronounced dead at temple university hospital. the driver then dumps the striking prius, where we are now, at the 1300 block of west pike street. and ran away, police have recovered the car, as you just heard there, now, police say, neighbors told them that they've seen the same woman, driving that prius, in recent
4:41 am
weeks, they have seen this person multiple times, but cops don't know if the person they saw is the same person who was driving at the time of the crash. still, police say that if they find that woman, they can find the driver, detective are looking at surveillance video showing the crash, showing the driver leaving the scene, but it doesn't show the driver clearly. can't make out who it is, going back live here, police sources telling fox 29 the vehicle was stole friend east lansdowne, had been stolen for month, we come back over here, we send it back to you, continue to follow this this morning. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. overnight released, frantic mother's call to 911 to save her son from the gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> my son fell in the zoo. my son fell in with the gorilla. male gorilla. >> the moment that mom says she had to look away. straight ahead.
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>> the us. says it is ready and wants to make sure you are. predicting a near normal hurricane season with ten to 16 name storms t predict as many as eight could become hurricanes, president obama says, fema is ready to respond, but he's worried that americans are becoming too complacent when it comes to weather threats. he's encouraging families, make sure you have an evacuation plan, readiness kit, follow all evacuation
4:45 am
orders. >> as you know, it is no joke. >> absolutely, of course they go alphabetically, and we just had the renmant every bonnie, so early in the season, sue. >> yes, we are actually, we had alex and bonnie before june 1st. so, before the season even started. >> makes a difference if they make landfall. see, kathy orr, i don't think she flies down the shore when she gets there. you know what? she might have her own private plane. point is she will be there today. in atlantic city on the board walk near the tropicana, and it will be a sea breeze going on there, 07 degrees, so, or down the shore, it is today for the 5:00 and 6:00 news live, here on fox 29. right now, we have no rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar, lot of rain to show in you southern texas, where we've had so many problems with flooding, and you see, some showers popping up in the houston area, already soaked, exactly where they don't need it. for us, we have got some rain, exactly when we don't need it,
4:46 am
just when we're planning a nice broadcast, out of doors tomorrow. but i'm going to show you what's going on with the cold front. about 6:00 tomorrow morning, we do have some showers around, now, really are going to be hit or miss showers. so i would have the umbrella, but it may not rain every minute for you if you are going to be out tomorrow morning, hopefully joining us in west philadelphia. and that rain continues on and off. unfortunately, throughout the morning. on and off throughout the day with possibility of some pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon. saturday looks like dry, plan on cloudy skies, and stray shower here and there, from 6:00 until 10:00 a.m., bob kelly will get started at 6:00, and then everybody else joins at 7:00. so visibility not an issue this morning, right now, our temperatures low to mid 60s, 68 degrees in dover, as we check the humidity, it is still up there. but it is just a little cooler than yesterday. so it feels a little more
4:47 am
comfortable outside. but we have 90% relative humidity, in philadelphia, right now, that's thanks to the northeasterly easterly winds, bringing some moisture in off the ocean, so keeping us a little bit sticky, and we went to 90, went back to 90, because we had had the heatwave last week, 79 is the normal high temperature, we will be little closer to that today, with 84, and we aren't give you the that ten out every town. now tomorrow, showers possible, and maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon so not ideal weather. we have another cold front scheduled to run on through on sunday, possibly, touching off some thunderstorms, again, in the afternoon. and then, great weather by the time we get to monday and tuesday and wednesday of next week, but the kids are still in school. so what good does that do, bob kelly? >> thank goodness. what do we have, couple of more weeks of school? good morning, everybody. chris just realizing that.
4:48 am
lauren, you're neices out in at lan tax already out of school? >> they're done. >> done, but they go back earlier probably? >> true, before labor day. >> 4:48. good morning on a thursday, live look at the vine expressway, still closed help owe bellmawr, new jersey, headlights starting to work your way in toward city. traffic shuffle here, along 295 be aware this early morning hours, gang, rolling out of the dry way here, without any overhead street lamps. and then on the pa turn peak eastbound, some debris right near the norristown interchange, market frankford, subway, using buses until 5:00. you know what thursday means? breakfast. now, we normally driver to the breakfast spots. >> yes. >> today we're taking the boat, high tide located right on the river in bensalem. i hear it is a hang out for
4:49 am
megan p our producer upstairs. but we will be up there from 9:00 to 10:00 live, great breakfast, brink the kids, we will bring the tv cast are if i can't join us live we'll do it on good day philadelphia up there in bensalem. otherwise, until the 50's on the schuylkill, no problems on the blue route. and again, burlington bristol bridge, they just reopened it to vehicle traffic, that's good news for the start of the morning rush hour. >> this story has happy ending, dogs that could have been killed and used for their math overseas, now need homes. these three dogs, all rescued from dog meat farm in south korea adorable dogs now ready for adoption at the camden county animal shelter in gloucester township. pups were rescued as part of the international effort to redirect korean farm tears pursue other activities other than farming dogs for meat. >> since fatty police released frantic 911 call showing the tear when little boy fell right into gorilla enclosure.
4:50 am
>> you mentioned terror. listen to the panic in the mom's voice as she begs the dispatcher for help. >> cincinnati 911, what is the -- >> my son fell at the zoo with the gore ill a my son fell in the zoo with the gorilla. >> okay, okay. >> cincinnati police release that call yesterday, the mom's four year old son as you know fell into that enclosure sunday, zoo officials chose to shoot and kill the 17 year old gorilla to protect that child, at one point, you hear the little boy's mom calling out to him. >> be calm. be calm. be calm. be calm. he is dragging my s i can't watch this. i cannot. i can't watch. >> the case has spark outrage around the world, police confirm they have opened an investigation into those parents. the zoo says the enclosure is safe but is considering changes after this whole incident.
4:51 am
>> that's a good idea. classes expected to resume today at ucla after murder suicide on campus, police say a student upset over his grades shot and killed his engineering professor, forcing campus to go on lockdown, officers found the bodies of professor bill and another man inside an office in a engineering building. investigators say they found a gun and what appears to be a suicide note, they've not yet identified that shooter. >> 4:51. now the school's almost out for the summer, thousands of children across the area, will not get the free reduced cost meals they get at school. that's why septa is launching it eighth annual stop hunger at your station food drive. the transit agency working alongside philabundance to collect food at septa stations and transportation centers from june the sixth, which is this coming monday through the 20th of june. >> south jersey community came up with a way to get the word out fast when beloved pet gets lost, officials unveiled it
4:52 am
yesterday in gloucester township. once you download it you will get notifications about missing pets, they'll include photo of the animal, details about it, and the map of where its family reported it missing. also, get contact information for the owner, and to top it all off, that app can be downloaded for free. >> a special graduation for clowns. why their mission includes more than just making people laugh.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> we are taking over a local town get ready west philadelphia here we come. >> coming tomorrow, we will be right there, at cedar park, between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning, along baltimore avenue between 49th and 50th street. >> so the best part of all of this, now not only meet the team but win a car. sign to up win a brand new mazda cx9. >> go to our website fox 29. click on the contest page right on our home page. we will pick finalist once a week, on our final show big give away. >> okay, so here's where we will be headed over the next several weeks. take a look at the list to see where you can make your way. >> now, take a look at the last one there, that's july 22, right? we will be at the del music center in fairmount park. come out and see us, sign up to win the brand new mazda cx9. >> lot of clowning orthopedics at one part of the hospital. two new clowns have joined the ranks of capitol health
4:56 am
therapeutic clowns, to bring happiness to those patients in hopewell, new jersey, as the clowns tell it, therapeutic clowning is in fact a powerful tool in promoting the healing process. >> we visit rooms, and those that want to talk, and just try to bring some smiles to people's faces. >> it is a roll volunteer pro that many, and to find out how to get involved go, to our website >> philadelphia police officer on his way to becoming an internet star. >> has people really talking this morning, he was caught on camera playing football with a group of kids in germantown. their odds, shot this video, put it on the facebook, the video shared more than 2,000 times, says the officer also talk to the kids about doing well in school, you know, staying out of trouble, all of those things that an officer
4:57 am
does when he goes out and meets the kids. >> very cool. 4:57 this morning. we are continuing to follow breaking news, some scary moments for a family after a car crashes right into their home while they are sleeping. what happened to the driver. coming up in a live report.
4:58 am
4:59 am
developing overnight scary moment for homeowners when a car cops crashing inside, the condition of the driver that
5:00 am
far vehicle straight ahead. plus, the search for suspect continues after another deadly hit-and-run, where a teenager was tragically kill while walking along a roadway, and, promising athlete throw his entire future away? how basketball player known on the court aspirins of philadelphia is now in a lot of trouble with the law. good day the second day of june, a thursday, thank you for waking up with us, i'm chris murphy. >> seemed like this week is going by pretty slow. >> ly. >> ly. >> it is creeping along. >> creeping being the verb, slowly the ad verb. >> thank you. my english teach they are morning. >> speaking of that, i'll post real cute picture on facebook right now, chris murphy fox 29 about a poetry, not competition, but sort of a, what is it? >> slam? >> exactly what they call it, poetry plan, boy, you've had a caught that has gone through these things, i've never been to a poetry slam, but to hear little eight year old doing this was really


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