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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> driver dumps car after deadly hit-and-run, finding the suspect may be harder than they thought. plus, a germantown family startled, oh, boy, did they wake up to something that was really unusual? how about a car into the house? what happened that caused this? straight ahead. >> and, tonight is the night! for the second year in a row, the cavaliers will take on the goal end state warriors. why cleveland may have a better chance at the championships this time around. average toys trans into super wheel, the lucky group who gets to speed off in these little hot rides. how cool is that? >> very cool. good day, it is thursday, june 2nd, 2016. good morning! >> i'm just looking for make up. >> you need some tips? >> sale going on, avenue cue pope here.
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>> oh, that's for me. >> i just saw it sitting here and going through it. >> but i have to tell you, we can talk shop little later if you wantment the hello flawless, i highly recommend it. >> and cue pope for three-point ooh on the back there. >> oh, good. i need it. >> i've been here for four hours. >> somebody has to take control here, give you the number of the day. >> thank you, sue. >> because it is much anticipated polo shirt should be all you needed to, high temperature that will be in the 80s, pretty comfy at the bus stop, temps in the 60s right now, we have pretty nice start to the day, sun, already up, and our temperature right now, is, there go, 62 degrees. 6-mile per hour breeze, humidity up there, 50's to the north of us, mostly mid 60s throughout the region, plan on high of 84 degrees, little
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cooler than yesterday we did make it to 09 degrees yesterday for the first time this month. but not the first time this season. we will get you through the weaken g all of the ups, downs, drips and drops, bob kelly, what's coming with our wetter. >> drips and drops? saw some haze, there, lingering out there, no delays at the airport, good news, good morning, everybody, 6:02, live look westbound on the schuylkill there is disable, right off to the shoulder, right before you get to the exit for montgomery drive, curbside, bellmawr, new jersey, live look, at the freeway starting to see some volume work in toward downtown. otherwise, we're in the 50's rolling through south philadelphia. watch for new traffic pattern here along i95 and the 42 freeway, paving the kelly drive, later on today, getting ready for the dragon boat rag glad a, this weekend, so right after the rush hour paving, lane restrictions there on the drive, and headed down and up
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and over that delaware memorial bridge, construction on the span itself. the left lane is block, otherwise, the rest of the bridges look fine, and mass transit running with no delays. chris, alex back to you. >> thank you, 6:03, developing now in hunting park, authority trying to track down the driver of a stolen car who ran down a teenager. >> driver took off leaving the 18 year old to die in the street. dave kinchen live at the scene with the latest on the search for the person, dave, good morning. >> police always say, if you would just stop in a situation so much bet r for them if they just stop the reason they think this driver didn't stop, this car was stolen and has been stolen for several months. the good news is heff ' got this car but now looking for the driver, the hunt is on, victim 18 year old man who was walking along the 3900 block of old york road when struck by the 2010 prius, victim's body flew 30 feet in the air
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and then crashed into park mini-van, victim with major head trauma pronounced dead at temple university hospital. investigators say the driver then dumped the striking prius here on the 1300 block every west pike and ran off. now cops looking for the driver, getting big leads from neighbors. >> people who work in businesses in the area say they see that vehicle on regular basis and they know who normally drivers the screening. they describe female as the person who normally drives that vehicle. we don't know who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. >> zone police believe if they find her they can get to the person who was driving at the same time. detective are also looking at surveillance video, that they say, shows the crash and shows the vehicle driving away from the scene, but they say the video does not clearly show the driver, as we come back live here, police sources say, again, that vehicle was
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stolen, told, from east lansdowne, has been stolen for several months, so a lot of different angles to this investigation here. you can see a lovers err looking, likely on this case, of course, so vehicles been here all this time, now two police cars working on the scene. back to you. >> dave, thank you. >> police are also investigating a hit-and-run in south philadelphia. it happened around 3:30 this morning front and oregon. police say man taken to jefferson hospital in stable condition. police do not have description of the car or driver right now. >> family in plymouth meeting gets loud awakening in the middle of the night. driver loses control. >> what did that sound like if if you are the family inside this home it, crashed right into what the living room, sabina? that's right, was strong enough of a force to go through bricks and the wall of this home, and right into this family's living room. now, we can show you, the aftermath of this crash crews is have boarded up the window with the wall surrounding it,
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police tape still around the lawn, and scariest part here in this aftermath you can see the skidmarks from the car on the lawn as clear as day, we can see it just how much, how much force this car had as it went into this home. let's take a look at some video that we've got for you guys overnight right when all of this happened. police and fire responded it happened about 12:45, last night, police say, the car slammed into this home along the 1300 block of germantown pike. slammed into the living room of this home, miraculously, no one hurt, no injuries, though, the driver in this case was also not injured, the driver was taken to einstein for evaluation not told whether police determine the cause of this accident, but again, family out of their home last
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night this morning because of all of this damage, i think i told you guys little earlier i had actually walked around the back of this home, as the crews were burning this home up. all you could see, from the outside, into the home, was rubble inside that far home, guys, back to you. >> golf for tom wolf will hold press conference to discuss pennsylvania's opioid crisis, wolf will also talk about the $34 million request he made in the upcoming budget to fight the epidemic. that will meeting scheduled for 10:00 this morning at temple university's lewis katz school of medicine. could take as long as two years, make medical marijuana available to eligible patient in pennsylvania. >> says agency writing regulations and fielding calls from people interested in becoming growers or processers. governor tom wolf med legislation, the law sets standards for tracking plans, certifying physicians and licensing growers, dispensaries, and physicians.
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>> time, 6:08. new jersey high school principal on leave this morning, after rapper recorded music video in that building. why, what started as an inspiration to student, could mean unemployment for one educator. >> i don't see why they would complain, or have to say they really bothered mere for that 30 seconds. >> the pots grover high school community at odds over a graduation tradition. why some people are pushing for taking player out of the school graduation ceremony.
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>> as high school seniors gear up for their big day, out of graduation ceremony montgomery county, specifically over the prayer given at the opening and closing of commencement at pottsgrove high school. the inch vaux cakes and ben diction prayer has been zoo school tradition for 20 years now, but officials will decide whether it will come to an end at a meeting next week, according to the superintendent, the district started receiving complaints last year focused too much on one face excluding other, prayer specifically written to celebrate the student's accomplishments, and encourage them to lead virtuous lives. >> sharing few faith, saying a prayer. >> law does not allow the school to provide a program attic prayer in school related
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ceremonies in right now, school leaders are looking over the law, when it comes to prayer during public school graduation ceremonies, that meeting will be held tuesday night, at the high school. >> okay, 6:12, new jersey high school principal is on leave this morning, after rapper feddy recorded music video in the building, what started as inspiration for students could mean unemployment for educator >> good morning, 6:12, first of all disable westbound, on the turnpike, right in the construction zone at willow grove. and who is hungry? >> starving. >> oh, we got good breakfast spot for you. sue has good forecast. stay there, we'll grab a coffee and come right back. (man) wow. (male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win $100,000 home makeover, with top prizes of a hundred grand? (man) whoa. it's amazing.
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>> you hear that music, that means, west philadelphia we are coming to you, so excited about this, okay, so this is what i need to you do, get your best fresh benz gear, best 90s outfit, come tonight, make this epp nick west philly. we will de it this right at the top of 7:00 so please get there at 6:45, we'll viral, all right? >> also going to cedar park between 49th and 50th street, and how about that? now, jazzy jeff, is he going
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to show up? you never know. >> by the way, you can sign up to win this. isn't that sharp looking car? that's mazda cx the, and here is what you have to do, go to our website click on the contest page, right at our home page, we will pick finalist, once a week, and then, for the big show on the 27th of july, big give away. >> we are going to jen continue counsel, all of these places but you're right, july 22 the big give away, will be at the del music center in fairmount park. so, come on out, see us, and you could also win the brand new mazda cx9. >> good looking rig, sue serio, good morning to you. >> okay, now, here i am with the bad news, but you know what? as long as you're prepared.
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don't come from bonnie, cold front out taught west that we have to where burks so go through it with the weaken, we've got by 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, few showers around the area. by noon raining, and left over showers in the evening, on friday. saturday, looks like it will be a dry day, but we will see some clouds mix in the with sunshine. sunday, here comes some light showers around 10:00 in the morning. there is 7:00 p.m. that's when beyonce concert starting? little green on the map. there got to be honest, maybe stray shower in the morning for cedar park, walking out the door, 62 degrees. fifty-five mount pocono, 67 in dover. i'm going to get it by the end of this forecast, 84 degrees today. ten, tomorrow, six, scattered showers around, by saturday,
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not bad. by sunday, storms in the forecast. monday, tuesday, wednesday, looks forecast, do you think beyonce can delay her trip for a day? it will be great on monday. i don't think so. pretty tight schedule, bob kelly. >> yes, b? can we reschedule? >> you have beyonce's phone number? i'm so upset with you. >> are you on the phone with jay-z or b? >> who is this? oops! >> hey, you agree it? it will be nice out today. guess what today is in national leave the offers early day. >> yahoo. >> so perfect opportunity looking for best excuse, the first with chris murphy did not work so far, we head south on 20 down to the construction zone route 40; jammo, 95 southbound, not sure this guy wacked into the guardrail
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south 59 right at the girard avenue off ramp. here is a live look at center city philadelphia, the vine expressway, and if you are hungry, we got good spot for you, you know it is thursday, so we pick different spot going to high died in bensalem. we got big dock, located right there on the river. we will be out there live, from 9:00 to 10:00. you bring your appetite i'll bring the tv cameras. >> manhunt for attack err in brutal sexual assault end in the store parking lot in south philadelphia. police arrested malik bailey near marshals at mckean and water streets just past 5:00 last night, he sexually assaulted 13 year old girl inside a frankford home early tuesday, police say, he pulled her from her bed, dragged her down to the basement she managed to get away. police say bailey also savagely beat the girls mother who now remains in critical
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condition. i had taken away a business from her, and that's why this woman killed her husband last month, will stand trial on fist degree murder charges after shooting her ex while he was inside their home at a preliminary hearing, her attorney said that she snapped under the strain of emotional and physical abuse, she had suffered at his hands. >> classes are expected to resume today after authority say student upset about a grade killed himself and a mechanical engineering professor at ucla. the murder suicide caused the campus to go on lockdown yesterday. the bodies of professor bill clog and another man were found in a office inside an engineering building, investigators say, they also found a gun and what appears to be a suicide note. tactical teams went through the build to go make sure everyone safe. >> principal of new jersey high school, where rapper fed i whop recorded music video has been placed on leave.
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>> so, feddy whop from patterson, the goal to show student how someone who walked the same hallways has now become successful. east side school district looking in how the rapper was even allowed to record the video that included drug reference cents, and a pole dancer, inside his old high school. >> the phillies, making a decision on the future of ryan howard. what's he batting about, 150 now? when you might see him again coming up next in sports. first your winning lottery numbers analyst toning a pretty cool song. the drummer, just yesterday, he played, turned 69.
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>> good morning, game 1,000 for the phillies at sit benz bank park, phillies trying to snap five game losing streak, as they host the final game in a series with the washington nationals. and it didn't go well for the phils, adam morgan on the mound sixth inning, wilson ramos, the three run homer, he had 4lbi's on the night, phillies losing streak is at six. they are below 500, seven and two nationals last night. ryan howard was used as a pinch hitter in the ninth inning, before the game, manager pete mccann on said that ryan howard won't start the next three, four games.
6:25 am
go seven for 69 in may, maybe that should be longer than 30 to four games. said he did it so howard could start from scratch so he could quote clear his head. >> my head is fine, so, you know, like i said, it is just one of those things, i get it, i get it. you got to go, perform, and i'm going to be out there and i'll sport tomorrow i and my teammates. >> sports in a minute, i'm tom sredenschek. >> let's talk tonight. tonight will be big match up. >> huge match up, rematch. golden state war yes, sir, cleveland cavaliers, all eyes on steve kerry and labron james. >> who is the better player. >> big debate. >> like you said, rematch of the 2016 championship series, warriors won last time. so, last year though the calves led the warriors two games to one, when irving hurt
6:26 am
his knee, this time around, both sides are healthy as the cavalier try to bring cleft lands first professional championship since the mid 19 60s. so, who are you rooting for? the cavaliers or the warriors? >> who would you rather watch. the power of labron driving the net or just curry past the line? ski. >> i do like set kerry, maybe, because the barriers won last time? i don't know. but you know he has his own emojis now. >> we should see some of those >> should and loft fun. game one tonight and then sunday game two, in oakland, as well, starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern, only problem, especially on the morning show, sue, getting up that early. >> today the remnants every bonnie.
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we'll break down the weekend forecast. >> here in hunting park where police have found a vehicle they say was involved in a deadly hit-and-run. but, now they're looking for the driver after the break we'll tell but a big lead police say, they have. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> driver dumps a car after a deadly hit-and-run, live look right here, finding the suspect, may be harder than they thought.
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>> germantown families startled, oh, boy, were they, after a car went right into the living room. we'll have a live report. >> and a warning for parent with teen drivers. why triple a says the summer months are the worse for crashes among young people. average toys, turned into super things, who gets to speed off in those hot rides. neat. >> good day everyone, it is thursday, or friday eve, june 2nd, 2016. >> less than ideal, but still going to have fun, nothing will stop us, right? yes, bus stop buddy ready for today with no umbrella. and, in fact, the sun already up, and it is in the 60s this morning. we expect to maintain our comfortable morning, so all you need is a short sleeve shirt. 6-mile per hour breezes out
6:31 am
there at the airport, we have 55 degrees in mount pocono, 59 in pottstown, and in millville, 64, and six an in wilmington, so pretty nice morning, and pretty nice rest of the day. if only we could keep this going every day. high of 84 degrees, sunset at 8:24, but there are few raindrops in our forecast, and we will break it all down for you coming up in the seven day. so, bob kelly, busy directions smear. >> okay, so what happens is i say i'll buy coffee, okay, you buy today, i'll i'll buy tomorr. realize i won't be here tomorrow. all right, i'll buy coffee today. so we take yours, look what he has! he's got breakfast sandwiches, he's got orange juice, what do you get? >> on your dime? >> yes! >> i said coffee, i would buy you coffee. >> just for the record, i didn't get anything. >> alex didn't get anything?
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>> he used up my at localment here. 6:31, schuylkill expressway, jammo with sun glare from the boulevard out toward belmont avenue. rush hour, underway, little hazy shot here but look at the sun trying to pop out, burn some of the haze, fog, whatever you want to call it, casino of off this morning. starting to see delays east on 422, into kop. delays north on 202 as well working your way up out of west chester head in the toward king of prussia. and then, get ready, it is pocono weekends nascar coming to the speedway, volume headed up into the speedway pocono interchange over the next couple of days beginning today, the cars and all of the equipment arrives, and for the gang in the neighborhood, the nuns asked me to pass this along, mother devine grace italian festival, chris, good food over there. >> you buying? >> no. >> he learned his lennon, i think. >> at thompson and came bee, a devon horse show, extra volume
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along route 30, paving project along route 70 with bumpy ride through cherry hill. all of the bridges look fine, and mass transit running with no delays. chris, alex, back over to you. >> thank you, bob, 6:33, "fox 29 news" is following a developing story in hunting park where authorities are trying to find the driver behind a deadly hit-and-run. >> this one involving a stolen car, and it killed a teenager, as he walked along old york road. dave can i chen live at the scene with the search. good morning. >> 2010 prius, see the damage, my left, this is the vehicle that they say is involved in this case, they say the driver dumped it, now on the hunt for the driver, the victim, 18 year old man, who was walking along the 3900 block of old york road, last night, when he was hit by this prius police say the victim's body was tossed 30 feet in the air then
6:34 am
crashed, victim pronounced dead, that's when investigators say the driver dumped the vehicle, at 13th and west pike, where we are now, and ran off. now, police say, neighbors toll them they saw the same man driving the prius in recent weeks, cops do not know if she was the one driving at the time of the crash. still, police think, that if they can find her they can find the driver, now, detective are also looking at surveillance video showing the crash, and the driver leaving the scene in the vehicle, but police say the video doesn't give them clear picture of the driver, so they're continuing the search there. and we can also tell you, that our police sources are telling us, that the vehicle was stolen from east lansdowne, and was stolen several months ago. so, adding unique angle to this case, but again, police continue to investigate. they're talking to neighbors, and they are looking for more surveillance video that may be in the area. we've seen some cameras that may have caught the suspect running off depending on
6:35 am
direction, though, so a loft angle we're trying to tying up for you at this hour, back to you. >> looking for red hyundai suv, but do not have description of the driver right now. >> plymouth meeting, wild morning, car slams into their home. >> this is wild. take a look at this emergency crews, rush to go this scene, at the 1300 block of germantown pike shortly after 1:00 in the morning, police say the driver of the car, lost control then slammed right into their home, the driver taken to einstein medical center, montgomery, no one inside the house was hurt. went into the living room. thank goodness didn't go into one of the bedroom. car pulled out of the home, structural engineering team called to determine whether the building is in fact safe. we no how elderly man died in
6:36 am
south philadelphia. seventy-eight year old joseph daily beaten and stranged when his home was broke mean over the weekends. according to his son, he was jumped by his gate, few days earlier. police are investigating it there is any connection to his death, big clue may be what the robbers sold his distinctive van. reward leading to information lead to go after. >> police officer on desk duty, involved in a shooting while off duty. it happened near broad and tioga streets in north philly. authorities say the officer who was not in uniform, was leaving work when a car hit his motorcycle, throwing him off the bike, on to the street. that officer then started shooting at that car, hitting nearby hospital, with one of the bullets. the cop says he was in the position where he wanted to start shooting because he thought the person in the car was reaching for a weapon. >> the officer believed he saw weapon, right now, weaver not
6:37 am
recovered one. they've not indicate that there was one. but they have said they did not know he was a police officer. three of the people inside the car turned themselves in. they say that he didn't realize that he was an officer, and no one was hurt, thankfully. 6:37. dover police officer will not be criminally charged after shooting 21 year old man in the leg last year during a foot chase. investigation found they could not proof beyond a reasonable doubt that dover patrolman first class ryan schmidt commit add crime, when he used deadly force against terrence fletcher, on august 28th, flesh here survived the shooting at mid today police he was arm at the time of the chase. >> farms racing concerns over cost of rate payers, environment list praised $275 million plan staying will
6:38 am
add more rue knee recall energy to the grid. pse&g application includes guaranteed profit of more than 10%, and that expense would result in higher utility fees to rate payers. today lawyers for many fayly of one of the those killed are demanding answers, two workers killed this april when amtrak passenger train slammed into a back hoe and derailed. one of the questions the families want answered, how a schedule train traveling at 106 miles per hour, was not notified of work being performed on the tracks. the lawyers are planning to hold news conference at 11:00 this morning. the federal judge in a class action lawsuit against trump university has ordered some records that had been released to be yank from the public view. he says, some records had mistakenly been released friday, when he ordered some document made public. trump university is the target of two lawsuits in san diego, one in new york accusing business of obtaining great deal of money from student with un fulfilled promises to teach secret of success in real estate. that's look at your top stories, chris, alex?
6:39 am
>> coming up, federal regulator significant clamp down, and other providers of high interest loans. they say borrowers need to be protected from practices, that wind up turning into dent traps for many. consumer officials want lenders to proof potential bo or ers are able to repay money owed without having to renew the loan repeatedly causing even more deaths. >> the fda issuing voluntary guidelines to lower the sodium content in hundreds of foods. agency setting both two year and ten year goals for lower sodium contested and prepared meats. average salt intake is about 3400 milligrams a day. nearly ooh% more than what experts recommend. >> a warning for parent with teen drivers, the summer months are the worse for crashes, with young drivers. triple a says, most were somehow distracted and the most common reasons? the teen behind the wheel talking to other people in the car. and then, the second reason,
6:40 am
no surprise here, texting, expert say another common cause something outside of the car, that is catching the teens eye. >> probably also, first get your license, they say don't have any other people in the car, don't drive at certain times, because people can get distracted and you already new at driving. >> things like the radio even, i remember,. >> did you mess up the car. >> oh, it wasn't good. >> did you get in trouble? >> that wasn't good, too. >> but specially with the texting these days, put the phones away. 40:00. this morning hearing from the mother born with the baby born with zika related condition in new jersey. >> doctors work to go help the mom and the newborn. woman diagnosed when zika in her native honduras, one of four dozen countries and territories where active transmissions and mosquito born virus is taking place,
6:41 am
ultrasound, early pregnancy was normal, but another last week showed birth defect. >> in december i thought i had an allergy or rash, i spoke it my gynecologist, i toll him i had a allergy, he asked if i had a fever, i said maybe just for an hour, and i forgot all about it, the gynecologist said everything will be fine. >> not the first case of seek a related, another baby suffered from the condition, born earlier this year, that was in hawaii. in the next hour, pottsgrove community at odds over graduation tradition. why some people are pushing for taking prayer out of the school's graduation ceremony, altogether. >> and that's average toys transformed in some super wheels for some special kids. the lucky group who gets to speed off in these hot rides.
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>> ♪ >> that's a song that he's done, but not this song. anyway, so going to west philadelphia tomorrow, chris murphy, i'll make sure he learns it by the time that we get there. and i love like his -- outside of bellaire. like your accent. anyway, so west philly get ready. we want you to dress up like you're the fresh prince, oarages i jeff. bring out your 90s gear. we'll definitely do this song. we have to when we go to west philly. we want you to meet part of it, let's get together, liver, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. where? cedar park on baltimore avenue. time 49th and 50th streets, see you there. >> then what's the best part, chris? you can win a car, sign to up win brand new x9. head to look on the contest right there on the home page, we will pick a finalist once a week final show july 22, have the big give away. so here's where we're going over the next several weeks. >> take a look at the screen here, you can see, the next one, is tomorrow, west philly, joke kin town, we go to northeast philly the home of
6:46 am
bob kelly, quakertown, wildwood, going back down the shore, wilmington, delaware, haddonfield new jersey then we end on july 22 there in east fairmount park. determine music sent earl, come out, bran new cx9, great looking ride. >> too bad we can't participate or be eligible. >> you know what's so cool about tomorrow? we're in the neighborhood, bamm, right there. i'll be giving out excuse notes to the principal if you're late for school. cedar park, between 49th annie. live look, 422, jammo, time to make the donuts as you head collegeville in toward kop. south bun heavy cottman in through girard, morning rush hour underway there, delays on the schuylkill expressway, that uneven, or i should say, unlucky 13 miles per hour as you head out of the town.
6:47 am
later today who is hungry? going it high tide in bensalem, hot spot, yep, you can drive there, or you can drive your boat right up to their new dock, right there on the delaware river, so bring the kids by, bring the appetite, i'll be out there live from 9:00 to 10:00 this morning, cherry hill, little bumpy ride along route 70, paving project continues pretty much cropwell road all the way in through the airport circle. looking good for the shaders, up and over the delaware memorial bridge, left lane block working your way out of new jersey and into delaware, chris, alec being back over to you.
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>> i present to say sue's coming up in 152nd. so that's up and here we r looking at bonnie remnants of bonnie still raining on the outer banks of north carolina but we are really concerned about this cold front, that's what's going to affect our weather really doesn't look like bonnie will factor into our weaken weather as we thought it might. projecting this as one of the models, north american model has bonnie moving out to sea by noon could get little active around here with some thunderstorms, i think it will just be showers in the morning, then we jump ahead to saturday. saturday looks pretty guide. some clouds around, but, it doesn't look like it will rain until sunday! ya, by 10:00 we have some light showers around, by later on in the day, some of the rain could be little heavier. so back to tomorrow. cedar park, west philadelphia. be prepared for a stray shower or two, and a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. but temperatures comfortable mid 60s, by 10:00 it will be
6:49 am
around 70 degrees. right now, temperatures, 62, in philadelphia, little cooler than yesterday. mid 50's in the mountains, upper 60s, in dover, delaware. that's where we are right now, we expect to be in the mid 80s by the ends of the day, had 90 yesterday. won't be quite as hot. this is ten, tomorrow, not so much high of 79, mid 80s saturday, and back to some thunderstorms in the forecast by sunday. nice weather pattern after that, but we should have a beautiful night, guys, for the phillies game tonight, we have new opponent maybe this time we'll win. >> yes, taking on the brewers, who aren't too good. let's hope we can get back to our winning ways. >> developing stories you need to know this morning fawn stolen toyota pre us to run over the teen, now looking for the driver. >> police investigating hit-and-run in south philly happened around 3:30 this morning front and oregon.
6:50 am
police say man was taken to jefferson hospital, in stable condition, police do not have description of the car or the driver at this point. shortly after 1:00 this morning, family sleeping, luckily only the driver though suffered injuries. tom wolf will hold a press conference, to discuss opioid crisis, and the $34 million request he made in the upcoming budget he made to fight this epiderm glike who wouldn't agree a child's laugh isn't con take us? >> oh, my daughter laughs, puts me in a good mood instantly. group of local engineers using their unique set of skills to help bring smiles to the faces of extra special kids. >> and, what is chris o'connell have to do with that? >> well, he was therefore the story but i'll talk about it this morning. >> hi, lauren? hello, so the engineers are
6:51 am
employees, teaming up with the go baby go organization g together transforming ordinary toys into hot wheels, customized just for these extraordinary childrenment the group building custom battery operated cars, for children with disability, that can't get around, like most other kids. and the cars are decorated just for the kids, and their unique themes. they have one goal in mind, to provide mobility to children who have challenge moving on their own. there is no doubt, just how big after deal this is for the youngsters and the adult who care for them. >> something otherwise impossible for them to do. you know, possible. >> it is awesome. >> i know made just for him. we don't have to worry about trying to adapt anything ourselves. >> makes next adjustment just then and, there kids get it take new wheels home for keys. >> show them off to all of the neighborhood kids, look how cool i am. >> isn't that so nice? think they get to drive around, have fun, at the end
6:52 am
of it all, you get to go home with this. >> you get a brand new car. >> exactly. >> mazda bx9. >> neat. >> thanks, lauren. >> 6:52 is the time. sign me up. how you can take advantage every big changes coming to airlines this summer. nuts, chocolate, pretzel. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks
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with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol! it's snack justice.
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>> south jersey community has
6:55 am
come up with a way to get the words out fast, when a beloved pet is lost. so, it is an app called fur alert. unveiled it yesterday in gloucester township. once you download it, get push notifications about missing pets. they'll include photo of the animal, details about it, and a map of where its family reported it missing. you'll also get contact information, for the owner. and to top it all off this app is free. bridges people together, because people used to just put up little flyers all around town there is will really help to find animals. >> thank goodness, right? there is nothing worse than the fear after lost pet. >> specially losing a family member. >> dave kinchen, good morning to you. another hit-and-run we're talking about this morning. >> yes. >> towing away white prius they say was involved in a hit-and-run killed 18 year old man, they say this vehicle was stolen, now trying to find the person who was driving it when
6:56 am
this accident happened. >> still see tie tracks on the lawn when a car came barreling through their front wall. we will tell you what police are saying, coming up in just a bit. pea past .
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> another deadly hit-and-run, why it may be hard to track down the driver, even though police have found, the car
6:59 am
involved. >> my son fell in the zoo with the gorilla. at the zoo, my son fell in with the gorilla ... >> a frantic plea from a scared mother, police release the 911 call from when a young boy fell into the gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo, hear the moment she says she had to look away. >> no more prayers for the future? why the school board president said the student who leads prayers it should be illegal. >> the goal 800 new teachers by the end of the month. are they close? an update on the philadelphia school district's efforts to make big change in the staffing at the city's schools. have doctor hite in here to talk about that. >> well, good morning to you, it is thursday i have to admit, everyone talking about
7:00 am
this weekend and the wetter. >> hearing about the graduation parties, the welds action, so many things going on, yes, roots picnic, that is saturday, right? that's better chance of no rain than sunday does. >> so, phillies home all weekends, and beyonce concert sunday. >> oh, right. >> don't ruin it. >> that's outdoor concert, isn't it? >> yes, at the linc. >> we'll break it all down coming up. let's get to the stuff you need to know right now. like today. six 60s to start with bus stop buddy, polo shirt on, we did put hat on, chris murphy requested it, we don't want his little head to get sunburned, we have that renmant every bonnie down to our south. but we have cold front rolling in from the west what we're watching for tomorrow's weather 63 degrees, 7-mile per hour breeze out of the northeast, keeping us little bit on the humid side. but it is pretty comfortable, 64 reading and lancaster, 65 degrees,


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