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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 3, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock prayers for a little girl trapped in the fire what neighbors say the mother tried to do to save her before rescuers arrived. from whitney houston to the latest on prince, opioid death now on the rise and pennsylvania's governor is stepping in with a possible solution. and water problems in philadelphia a, new group that says yes, and is now suing the city. good day, it is friday june 3rd, 2016, guess what, good day drives you to west philadelphia, today. so we will talk bit all week, right. >> yes. >> today is day we will head there, we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at cedar park in baltimore avenue between forty-ninth and 50th street. >> every friday through july between the second we are taking over a local town, the
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party, you can sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9. >> just go to our web site at fox, click on the contest page on our home page on the right. we will pick a finalist once a week and on our final show we will have a big give away. today there will be one lucky finalist. >> and before we give that cara away here's where we will be, taking a look at the map and you can see, july 22nd is the finally at dell music center in fairmount park. win that brand new mazda cx9. >> sue, big question, will it rain all over because it is starting to sprinkle outside. >> yeah, well, you know, good day drives you with the windshield wipers on, yeah, there is some rain as predicted yesterday that we knew there would be some but hopefully that prepares you, all you need is an umbrella it is not a real heavy rain zooming in. remnant of bonnie is not factoring in the forecast as we told you yesterday so through can see some rain moving in the city, some steadier rain out in berks county and lancaster county a
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and heavy downpour there in lancaster county we will zoom in even closer, around wilmington delaware, rain is very light, little heavier in caln township in chester county and tredyffrin as well, so we will keep an eye on this with you throughout the morning. little wet in our neighborhood 66 degrees in philadelphia, with a 6-mile an hour wind. 87 percent, relative humidity, sunrise happening at 5:34 but we will not see sunshine to start the day-to-day. already cloudy, 58, up in the mountains. sixty-eight in reading. sixty-five in trenton. we will go down to millville where it is 65 and upper 60's in dover delaware. part of the problem is this on shore flow, we will talk about this yesterday bringing in the moisture, from the atlantic ocean, so that will keep us cloudy even when it is in the raining, 6-mile an hour breeze there. high temperature in the upper 70's, on and off showers, not raining every minute, every where but you need to be prepared as this cold front comes through at 65 degrees
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and the rain end by tonight, and talk about the weekend, coming up in a few abe three minutes after 4:00 bob kelly will be along in a little bit. look who is here right now, dave warren. >> misting and interest myth tenth is what you need this morning, light rain coming down. take some extra time here 422 westbound near 29, all lanes are block because of an accident there, so, watch that area. again, 422 heading westbound. clear ben franklin bridge this morning, no major issues out there to talk b we have that vine street expressway, it is closed between schuylkill and broad street, take spring garden street, closed until 5:00 so just another hour but lets go around that one. this weekend roots picnic at festival pier so make some added volume around penns landing. we will look at that with more issues there coming up later but right now back to chris and lauren. now, developing out of northeast philadelphia a mother a's frantic attempt to pull her young daughter from
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their burning home. >> emergency crews stepping in there, air lifting them to the hospital, dave kinchen live outside st. christopher's hospital with more on this story, dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris and lauren, good morning to you. that little girl is here at st. christopher's hospital, in stable condition after a daring rescue, in northeast philadelphia, the mother is also, in critical condition. the victims had to be air lifted to medical care, after rescuers rushed out to the 3700 block of south hereford lane for a house on fire. we are told mother was desperate thely trying to save her daughter from the top floor bedroom. we have some of the chilling dispatcher calls that were made. >> we have a report of a child trapped in a rear second floor. >> i called nine is 11, they were screaming that the daughter was upstairs. i said their baby is trapped upstairs and house is on fire. little girls mom kept running back in and just kept running back out black and she could
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not even breathe. >> reporter: fire officials tell us that off-duty paramedic and off-duty philadelphia police officer also ran inside, to get the little girl out but they could not get through the heavy flames and smoke. it wasn't until fire fighters arrived minutes later that the rescue was made, and the victims were air lifted. we know that the off-duty officer was also injured, during the rescue attempt and he is in stable condition we're told, and the cause of the fire is not yet clear, that is under investigation, at this time. back to you, chris and lauren. >> dave kinchen live for us, thank you. people at a germantown apartment complex very worried this morning, someone has been intentionally setting fires. now the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms joining the philadelphia fire department can find the person who set four fires over the past two months at the apartments. two of those fires broke out wednesday, one in the lobby and another in the elevator. the fires forced more than 20 people, many with disabilities, out of the
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building. >> i'm scared. i'm scared because we had so much smoke in the hallways and your eyes be running you be coughing and you wake up in the middle of the night with fires. >> no one has been injured in the fires have not left significant damage but authority want to make sure they catch that person before they hit again police continue to search for driver of the hit and run in hunting park a community gathered to remember the teen who was killed. family, friend, neighbors held hands tightly as they prayed for a memorial for a teen they say is 18 year-old kevin maldonado, surveillance video shows a white prius coming down the street before hit ting him and taking off wednesday night on old york road. kevin was getting in the car when he was hit this happened in front of the poppies and son auto body, the business
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owned by kevin's girl friend. >> i just wanted to think that it was all a dream and when i wecht up, i would always wake up and good morning message. i wanted to see that but my mom told me it was not a dream. >> police say they found the car that hit kevin left on the 1300 block of west street, two blocks from where he was hit. we now know how prince died, according to a minnesota medical examiner. prince died of an accidental drug overdose. report comes, one week after the star was found dead inside his paisley park mansion. fentanyl is a powerful painkiller 50 times more powerful then heroin. right now, it is unclear where he got that painkiller. according to the autopsy report, prince did administer the drug himself. here at home in pennsylvania pennsylvania governor tom wolf trying to tackle that opioid epidemic. >> while speaking at temple youth wolf urge law make tours fight the find, sabina
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kuriakose now joins us on this plan, and what did he say, a sabina? >> reporter: well, right now he wants 34 million-dollar to fight what he calls pennsylvania's opioid abuse crisis, chris. he spoke here at kenneth school of medicine, they have a center for substance abuse and research here. they do a lot of research in this issue. governor wolf wants the state legislature to approve request and open up funding to create 50 outpatient treatment centers. pennsylvania ranks among the top states for drug overdose death. the top issue for the governor during his administration and wolf said money would be a start intacteling statewide epidemic of opioid abuse but he and other lawmakers are just beginning to wake up to the problem. >> the researchers upstairs have been working on this for now 18 years at temple since 1998. the we in harrisburg are just
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waking up to the problem and that is a problem. because we public policy makers have to figure out how we will take the good research that is going on in places like this and turn it into good public policies that can actually do something about substance abuse disorder epidemics in places like like pennsylvania. >> reporter: wolf called for 34 million-dollar comes as legislature has just weeks until the july 1st deadline for the fiscal year 2016/17 to pass that budget guys, back to you. >> sabina kuriakose, thank you. 4:09. group of philadelphia resident is suing the city that it knowingly constructed construction projects that increased the risk of lead in drinking water. the city failed to warn residents of those risks. it calls for testing to detect lead poisoning and replacement of some waterlines. city is not commenting on the suit. american legion post up in flames on memorial day, sacred day for its members, one fire fighter was rush back inside the burning building to save
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the american flag. what he heard moments before grabbing the stars and stripes. we are looking for good weather over the weekend. it is the roots picnic. dave warren, good morning to you on this friday. >> can't wait for that but we have some issues there the on the roadways this morning, right now 422 westbound, blocked, at 29, because of an accident there. we have an eyes on the rose, sue has a look at the weather, when we come right back.
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all right. let's get right to it. we're talking about the weekend and the fact that is
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there rain in the forecast. we have a 60 percent chance of rain to today, 20 percent tomorrow, 80 percent on sunday. the as we have been saying all week saturday out of the two weekend daises your better day, it is a 50/50 forecast with 84 tomorrow and 79 and chance of showers and possibly, some decent thunderstorms on sunday during the day, showers and a rumble of thunder here and there, gusty winds, possible severe storms, again, this is sunday, with a chance, depending where you are of one to 2 inches of rain. i wanted to show you gap, from texas, not a lot have rain at the moment but more in the forecast in places where they have been having so much flooding. here is the remnants of what used to be tropical storm bonnie that will not factor into the forecast anymore heading out to sea. cold front we have been talking about is here and it is moving very slowly and very light rain so far in the city but north and west of us or
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mostly west where we have been seeing heavier, steadier rain. out here around lancaster there is two little isolated downpours there around chester heights the rain is very light in delaware county, as far as future cast is concern we will stay cloud which on and off showers, probably not a lot of heavy rain this morning. we could see some more pop up in the afternoon. the saturday is still looking pretty dry, clouds around, maybe a sprinkle or two in the afternoon, sunday is the day we mention a possibility of heavy downpour with the thunderstorm and possible high wind as well, before cold front number two comes through. today is number one, sunday is number two and saturday is your day in between. it is comfortable but a lot more muggy out there this morning. 66 degrees here in philadelphia. fifty-eight in mount pocono. sixty-seven in dover. sixty-five in millville. we are around 60'sish mark around the mountains. we should be at 79. we have been well above average except for monday
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every day and yesterday, including, yesterday certainly was worthy of a zero, that we gave it with that high of 84 degrees and plenty of sunshine throughout the day. today we have pictures and numbers and working on the words. 78 degrees today with the showers on and off. with the sunshine, however we get it, 85 degrees tomorrow. sunday in the so great, with that possibility of showers and thunderstorms, but you may be able to squeeze some activities in there. monday we will clear up nicely with a high of 83 and then we will stay in the upper 70's around 80's throughout the middle of the next week. the that is your seven day forecast, little less than perfect, dave but aren't we all. >> say the same thing about the traffic, sue, and traffic reporter this morning. 422, westbound, the accident there all lanes are blocked, and this is right at 29, it looks like they are trying to clear it up here but might have have to go around this here at 422.
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ninety-five the at cottman is all cleared this morning, picking up a little light volume but nothing major this morning, doing fine, we have 676, vine street then closed between 76 and broad, and you have to tore around that, maybe spring garden street will get you around that with in problems this morning. also, devon horse show at lancaster avenue route 30, that continues today, so likely some added volume, in that a area. always a great event, hopefully the weather improves a little for that, chris and lauren, over to you. colossal miscommunication, that is what a lawyer suing amtrak blames for death of two rail workers struck in delaware county. lawyer represents the family of one of the victims 61 year-old joe carter, junior of wilmington, delaware. carter and peter adamwitch died on the tracks just outside chester on the morning of april 3rd when an amtrak train collided in the backhoe they were working on. the ntsb is still looking into what went wrong. >> and we intend to seek
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justice for his two children, mantia and brandon who are left behind and who had a warm, loving relationship with a father who was devoted to nothing more than his family, his community, his church, and his employer. >> amtrak says it cannot comment on the pending lawsuits. in new jersey police want to talk to the man who they say walk up to some kids outside of school. this is the sketch of the guy. evesham police say he started to ask those children and parent, questions about how they got to and from school. they were all outside an elementary school on conestoga drive when this happened. he was wearing a villanova t-shirt, if you recognize him, call the police. it has been ten years since murder of the south jersey woman and police are still looking for your help to solve the case. someone found 27 year-old desiree mcgraw shot dead behind the jericho fire company in deptford.
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on june 6th, of 2006. a decade later the gloucester county prosecutor's office and deptford police are still trying to find her killer. mother of two died of a single gunshot. police don't think it was premeditated murder. if you have any information at all you are asked to call the police. pack house kick off education month in center city. movement for change was the at william way center, yesterday afternoon this years theme, black trans lives matter and focus on the black trans people working in philadelphia yesterday a panel of activist shared personal stories of discrimination they have faced in the city. this month a series of free events will take place across philadelphia continue on crease hiv and aid awareness. this is a popular community this morning, staffed during a heroic moment at a memorial day fire scene. american legion post in bridesberg went up in flames five days ago. >> many of the things burned but a pair of flags did survive, our bruce gordon has their story of survival.
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>> reporter: the it is a routine night for fire fighter kevin walter, i think he deserves one after saving symbol of our nation on one of the most sacred days and one of the most sacred places. >> if i didn't do it one of my other fire fighters in philadelphia would have done it, no doubt in my mind. i was just in the right spot at the right time. >> reporter: scene was a memorial day inferno that gutted the american legion post 396, walter had just been ordered out of the building and simply too dangerous but as he left he ran into the post have afterwards, with patrick love, senior. >> he asked me can i at least get my flag. i looked at him with, you know, with a look like i cannot let you do. that however, i asked my captain if i could retrieve his flag and he gave me permission and i went and got his flag. >> reporter: swiped both flags from the holders on either side of the front door. as he carried home from the burning building someone snapped this photo which quickly went viral on social media. >> i took the flag in front of
4:20 am
the building i didn't know it was an american legion post. i just did it the because i would do it any day. once you realize it, it meant more. >> reporter: when fire fighter grab those flags and gave them to you what did it mean. >> on lot. >> reporter: now they are in the safe happened 60 ed clark lives down the block. >> these are them. >> just the way he handed them to me. >> reporter: why not, a a fire fighter risked his life to save them. >> what we do is we save lives and we preserve properties, you know what i mean? it is a rewarding career, that is why i do it. >> reporter: kevin walter comes from a long line of fire fighters. his father and two brothers fight fires in feasterville, bucks county where he got the his start. as for this post it is a loss, it will have to be demolished down to the foundation but patrick love promises it will
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be rebuilt right here and those two rescue flags will be flying on either side of the front door n bridesberg i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> this is good way to start time for us. game one of the nba championship lebron james verse steph curry. what did you say. >> drum line. >> okay. who came out on top, the answer is next. >> but first, the winning lottery numbers
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good morning i'm howard eskin. not much new to say about the phillies, codey asche back from the injury and tommy injury on first base in place of the ryan howard but he can't score. citizens bank park phillies down two to nothing, that is miguel franco he swings for home runs every swing but gets one here, ninth of year, two-one. ninth inning, it is close. gomez in and jonathanville air puts it out, four-one. phillies had five hits. they lose four-one. that is seven straight losses for phillies. eagles came to citizens bank yesterday to step in the batting cage. doug pederson took his swings and watch his players. some guys are just not baseball players, take bennie logan. good on defense. my gosh about a hitter, please. player that did the best job in the batting cage would be eagles tightened zach ertz.
4:25 am
nobody hit it out but he hit it to the wall. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. with that there too, that was impressive. >> yes, it was. >> nba finals is all about steph curry and lebron. game one was nothing like that. super stars were not ones that made big plays. >> let's run video. cavilers/warriors playing in oakland. steph curry and clay thompson combined to score 20 points for golden state but they were helped out by sean livingston who scored 20-point, former sixers andre iguodala scored 12. warriors bench out played cleveland's bench 45-ten helping warriors pick up a game one win but final was a blow out, 104-89. game two is sunday night in oakland, california. >> all right. >> in trouble, again, what rapper meek mill that may extend his house arrest.
4:26 am
>> oh, no. a a record set for sale of the glamorous philadelphia penthouse, big mystery about the 17 million-dollar offer.
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a little girl is fighting for her life after being pulled from her home. >> we have details from one of the bill cosby's accusers what she wanted to do to the comedian but changed her mind at the last minute. a lot of good music happening this weekend along festival pier but we have to hope weather helds out for roots campus . sue and dave has your weather and traffic up next. >> it is june 3rd, 2016. >> finally friday. >> i will ask sue this question. welcome dave. he is doing traffic. good to see you dave. >> good morning. >> have you ever been to the roots picnic. >> i have to go, because it is only footsteps from where i live. have you ever been to west philadelphia. >> yes. >> just checking because today we're heading there to take over the town. lets get ready, we are coming to you, live 7:00 to 10:00 along baltimore avenue between forty-ninth and 50th street. >> you can win a new car, just sign up to win a brand new,
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mazda cx9. >> so go to our web site fox, click on the contest page, home page, pick a finalist once a week. today one lucky finalist and then on our last show a big give away, for one winner. >> well, lauren you mentioned last she but lets not get too far ahead, we have a long way to go, and here's calendar of events, if you will, our big finally friday july 22nd at east fairmount park. come out and see us and win that brand new mazda cx9, sue serio, i dare say today is not a good daze for a convertible. >> well, it depends. if you need to wash out the interior, yeah but it is just a little umbrella day and here's a look at the rain, that is affecting us right now and probably will for the next couple of hours, as we see more out to the west, leading edge of a cold front coming through. most of it around our area, around this i-95 area isn't too heavy, just a few little
4:31 am
heavy downpours in lancaster county and berks county as we look closer, yeah, in northeast philadelphia we're seeing a little bit of rain up toward chester, montgomery, a little bit in delco, so yeah, it is drippy out there. 66 degrees with 6 miles an hour breezes 567:89:34 is your sunrise time. other temperatures pretty much in the mid to upper 60's every where, mount pocono 58. sixty-four the atlantic city international. wind coming from the east and south east, keeping us, humid, and we might be seeing and we will check visibility next time might see some fog especially along the shore points. so we have got 78 for a high today, cooler then yesterday and average for this time of the year. it is not raining every minute but showers on and off throughout the day especially early part of the day. 65 degrees as sky clear out. tonight we will tell you, we have the roots cast and
4:32 am
beyonce cast, coming up the two big musical events happening outdoors this weekend. here's dave's traffic cast, good morning, dave. >> i want to see a forecast when we talk about that roots and beyonce. but we have to talk about the conditions out there this morning. right now we have the vine street expressway, eastbound closed until 6:00 o'clock because of construction, eastbound, between the schuylkill, and broad street because that is until 5:00 o'clock here along with seeing that opening up here at spring garden street and kelly drive, dragon boat regatta is this saturday, we will see that closure and work your way around that heading to that way. ab wear of. that elsewhere things are looking good on the roadways but i'll have any updates here until bob joins us at 6:00, chris and lauren. >> now developing in northeast philadelphia a mother and her daughter, hospitalized fight forgo their lives. >> a girl was trapped inside of their burning home, mom suffered injuries after running back inside to save the daughteres life.
4:33 am
lets get to dave kinchen outside st. christopher's hospital with more on this, dave, good morning. >> good morning, chris and lauren, that little five-year old girl is in critical condition at st. christopher's and this was after a daring rescue, in northeast philadelphia, the mother is also in critical condition, the victims had to be air lifted to medical care, after rescuers rush out to the 3700 block of south hereford lane to a house fire. now we're told the mother was desperately trying to save her daughter from the top floor bedroom and then rush in the house, several times. we even have the chilling advertise patcher calls that were made. >> we got reports of a child trapped in a rear second floor. >> it was horrifying. she was the sweetest little girl. just terrifying. so sad. >> this incident is a great reminder for all of us to ensure we have working smoke alarms in every level of our homes. if you don't have one you can
4:34 am
call 311 and ask and we will be out the next day to install that smoke alarm. >> reporter: fire commissioner also telling us an off-duty paramedic and off-duty philadelphia police officer ran inside to get the little girl but could not get to the heaviest flames and smoke. it wasn't until will fire fighters arrived that the rest were made. we know that investigators are still trying to find out the cause of the fire but it is not yet known. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thanks so much. >> police say they have found a van belonging to a 78 year-old man murdered in southwest philadelphia memorial day. officers respond had to the home on theodore street after someone heard screams coming from inside. joseph daily was found strangled and beaten to death. joseph's van was missing but recovered yesterday near griscom street and oxford avenue. is there a $20,000 reward being offered for information
4:35 am
leading to an arrest and convictions in the case. newly released court documents show bill cosby's accuser planned to confront the comedian weeks after 2004 encounter but said she back off when he once again got too physically close to her. andrea constand told police she wanted to confront him about it a and ask him some questions. it would be a year before she would tell anyone about what she says happened and that includes police. bruce castor, montgomery county district attorney at that time said he didn't have enough evidence to charge cosby. the comedian remains freon one million-dollar bond, judge ruled cosby will get to trial on those sexual assault charges but a trial date has not yet been set. we now know name of the woman found dead weighed down by a cinder block. police identified the woman as 24 year-old ryan steven benjamin, benjamin's last men address is in pottstown. the she's graduate of juniata college and working as a prekindergarten teacher. fisherman found her body in
4:36 am
pigeon creek monday morning in east coventry. she had no signs of obvious trauma investigators are trying to decide how she died and who dumped her body. is a bean ace covering a story of governor wolf trying to fight opioid problem. >> reporter: governor wolf need 34 million-dollar to fight the state opioid abuse crisis and we will tell you what he plans to do with that money, how is traffic. >> we have a problem at king of prussia mall, mall boulevard closed because of a sinkhole, water main break. we are watching this area closely and sue is watching radar we will have an update with the traffic and weather coming up next.
4:37 am
4:38 am
4:39 am
pennsylvania state leaders stepping up their game to prevent overdose death. >> growing number of people are finding themselves hooked and governor has a new way to fight that problem. a sabina kuriakose is live with more on this, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. governor need a huge influx of cash to do this. opioids we know include heroin and painkillers. governor of pennsylvania is in the worse overdose death. here at cats cat school of medicine wolf needed 34 million-dollar, to begin fighting this epidemic. the monday would i help build outpatient treatment centers for addicts, and he says there is just not enough beds to treat pennsylvanians battling a dixon to opioids. wolf says 34 million-dollar would change that, but it is
4:40 am
just a start. >> this is a medical epidemic, one person on round table is calling it a plaque, is there people dying in pennsylvania as we speak of this disease. we need to address it, head on, and as a medical problem that it is. >> democratic governor need g.o.p. lead state legislature to approve funding there are just weeks left, before the legislature has to pass the budget for fiscal year 2016. so they have until july 1st, guys, back to you. >> sabina, thanks for the update. 4:40. gorilla exhibit at cincinnati zoo is about to reopen, of course, after a boy fell into it. what the zoo is doing to make sure that kind of thing never happens again. >> it has been a deadly day for our military, here at home. from floodings to plane crashes, several soldiers died in the last 24 hours. more are missing. we will explain coming up after the break
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grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house!
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or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. a lot of people in this building going to beyonce concert on sunday. would i say just wrap yourself in plastic like a mummy because there is going to be rain and potentially lots of it at lincoln financial field. we have 80 degrees at 5:00 when gates opened, and concert is supposed to start at 7:00. it will start around 8:00 with the pop up then are storm, clouds and a shower even at
4:44 am
midnight, and then, beyond, when you might be leaving, sorry. here's your weekend forecast, better on saturday, possibility of sunshine but quite a few cloud around 84 degrees and it will be stormy. let's get to cedar park where folks will be there this morning, alex holley, bob kelly, quincy, going out there as well, and it won't be quite as dramatic perhaps as sunday but there will be a need for umbrella every once in a while with the temperatures mountain mid 60's to start, 70 degrees by 10:00. just don't think it will rain every minute. looking at that rain in texas another day of rain with all of the catastrophic flooding down there. so for us, real flooding danger at the the moment, pretty light rain unless you look in lancaster county where we see heavier showers there right around lancaster itself. for us it is intermittent rain and it is tends to be on the light site right now. as far as rest of the day socked with clouds when it is
4:45 am
not raining and then another chance of thunderstorms moving through maybe six or 7:00 o'clock tonight, some staying north and west of the city but chance is there later on. for saturday we will have quite a few clouds, slight chance of a shower late in the day, probably not happening, sunday when we will get soaking rains with the cold front number two. today's cold front not as intense with the possibility of pop up thunderstorms later on in the day, it does look like it will clear out by monday. right now as we walk out the door temperatures in the 60's. not too much different then it has been every morning this week. 58 degrees mount pocono, we do have some a lot of humidity, lieutenant of moisture in the air today, so not the best hair day along with the rain. 84 degrees is the high with all that sunshine. today 78. back to the mid 80's tomorrow, with more sunshine, and mixed with clouds but at least it is better weather day of the weekend, so many plans, so many things going on this weekend, so, best we can do is
4:46 am
prepare you for those showers and thunderstorms, on sunday, and some clearing out, actually start of the really nice weather pattern, dave warren starting on monday when weekend is over. >> great timing there, sue. you have got to plan around some detour is here this morning. mall boulevard, this is right off of 202, there the roads are closed, mall boulevard is closed, this is 202 near king of prussia mall. that wall goes between the plaza and court because they had a water main break there burlington bristol bridge looks like it is opened right now, so we have to wait a whale for that, scheduled opening, and we have construction on the vine street expressway, you just have to go around this. maybe spring garden street only until 5:00. just another 15 minutes of that. it is shut down eastbound between schuylkill and broad street. look at the jammo here in south philadelphia, we've got concert that sue just talked about, at 1:35 the concert 7:30 all this weather permitting so we will see what happens there but plan for a
4:47 am
lot of jammed traffic there, around south philadelphia a, this weekend, chris and lauren. >> dave, thanks very much. north philadelphia man faces charges of killing his own grandmother, police say on march 9th they responded to a call for a person screaming on the 2900 block of judgeson street. officers found 86 year-old jamie dawson name and unable to get up. she died of blunt force trauma at penn presbyterian. on wednesday police arrested her grandson 25 year-old nathanal mcfadden who is now connect to her death. philadelphia police are looking for a man accused of robbing a super market. this happened at an acme store in chestnut hill last friday night. police say man walk in the acme on the 7700 block, just before midnight. man placed several items in a cart. when it was time to check out he pulled his gun on the cashier. he got a way with an unknown amount of cash from that register. if you recognize him from this surveillance video give chestnut hill police a call. more bad news to the death
4:48 am
toll linked to the catastrophic flooding in texas is rising much like waters, as you can see. five soldiers dead, four others missing after officials say their truck simply washed away, a spokesmen says vehicle was carrying 12 soldiers when it overturn in the currents. american half of the state is dealing with flood watches and warnings including counties near fort hood, six people were previously killed in the floods last week. a u.s. navy blew angel pilot is called a hero this morning after his jet crash during practice, killing that pilot. the crash happened yesterday, with six blue angel jets had been flying over nashville, which is about 50 miles from the crash site. the pilot marine captain jeff, had some trouble with his fa18, that crashed shortly after take off and hit the ground 2 miles away from the runway. >> there were no other injuries, no civilian injuries, we currently have, the crash scene, sealed off,
4:49 am
pending an investigation by the united states military and the faa. >> officials say instead of ejecting and possibly hitting homes it appears that the pilot stayed in the jet and directed it to a safe area. in word why or how that plane crash. outside colorado springs a u.s. air force pilot ejected before his fighter jet crash to the ground. this happened after a fly over at a graduation ceremony for air force academy cadets yesterday. president obama had just spoken a at that ceremony. the pilot is okay and, in fact met with the president, after the crash lauren. prosecutors connected to the shooting death of the gorilla at cincinnati zoo says he will announce his decision on machine about whether the mother in the case will be charged. that prosecutor has been reviewing the case after the boy fell 15 feet into that gorilla even close another. his parents actions now under investigation, after their son managed to get around a barrier and inside that exhibit.
4:50 am
zoo officials shot and killed the endangered animal says the boys life was at stake. cincinnati zoo will reopen next week with a higher reenforced barrier. spokesmen for boxing legend maine maine says the former heavyweight champion is in the hospital. doctors are treating ali for a respiratory issue and says the 74 year-old is in fair condition. doctors are keeping him in the hospital as a precaution and he is not expected to be hospitalized for long. headlines, no pardon for meek mill why the wrappers house arrest may have been extended. here's a hypothesis, something he has gotten in trouble for in the past. >> come on now. and, we are taking a live look at our camera atop the united way building looking out to the ben franklin parkway. >> well, you will be. >> maybe.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
developing story involving philadelphia rapper meek mill. so instead of celebrating his freedom meek is still on house arrest. >> it appears that the rapper cannot figure out his probation terms yet again. judge ruled the rap tore serve at least three month of house arrest because of probation violations related to 2009 drug and gun case. that was set to end on wednesday, but tmz is reporting he has been hit with an additional eight days, the reason to give him time to complete the right kind of community service because tmz says he may have volunteered at the wrong places.
4:54 am
instead of volunteering at places like habitat for humanity he spent time at local schools and helping out with the water crisis in flint. now, the d.a.'s office will reevaluate his release date after his volunteer work is complete. okay. let's talk money. residential real estate sale in the city of philadelphia is about to be reality. >> someone is buying penthouse at future 500 walnut ultra luxury tower for nearly 18 million-dollar. nearly 9,000 square foot penthouse features a private elevator, roof terrace overlooking independent mall. rumors were flying beyonce and jay z would buy this. right now owner of the property is not saying who, in fact, is buying this. >> that is nice. >> man. >> 9,000 square feet. you know, you drive down main feet there is 3,000 square foot homes, that is three of them, all spread out. >> yes. >> amazing in one floor.
4:55 am
>> elevator, what kind of parties with you throw there. that would be awesome. >> go up to the roof when weather is nice and go back to the elevator back down to the kitchen. >> you better have an elevator. i don't want to see a single stair. >> why would you leave. >> you wouldn't have to. >> right. >> check this out. >> ♪ >> 2016 roots picnic returned to festival pier tomorrow, at the annual event it includes big names. so usher, of course, will take the stage with the roots backing him. you know future, right. >> i love future. >> future's x. >> that would be beautiful sierra and russell wilson. >> there you go. >> yes. are they together? >> yes, they are. leon bridges. i don't know who that is, do you know who that is. sue knows, who is that.
4:56 am
>> oh, no. >> okay. >> you were saying. >> the producer was talking to me. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> not related to the late beau bridges. >> i don't know who that is. >> well, that is coming up, and dmx, blood orange, rich medina, and willow smith. the concert will take place, rain or shine. >> i love blood orange lining a blood orange margarita. >> off on another tangent. >> story of my life. i cannot keep this guy on track. >> water melon margarita. >> i'm not a big margarita fan. >> blood orange, some of the best. >> still ahead at 4:56. dramatic life saving rescue after a fire rips through a northeast philadelphia home, condition of the mother and daughter as crews pulled him from the flames.
4:57 am
a young teenager remembered as the clues that may link police to the person responsible for a deadly hit and run.
4:58 am
our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! new lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills bacteria on big, soft surfaces. discover a new way to lysol that.
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a devastating fire leaves a little girl fighting for her life the heroic lengths her mother and fire crews went through to save her. opioid deaths on the rise, one of the recent victims the late singer prince. what lawmakers here in
5:00 am
pennsylvania are doing to tackle this problem. she's one of the worst secretaries of state in the history of our country. >> donald trump himself is a fraud. >> the battle continues, trump verse clinton, the personal attacks hillary and donald are launching against each other. >> this is getting ugly, already. june 3rd, 2016. today we're hitting the road. >> we aren't but they are. >> we will hold down the fort while they hit the road. >> and every friday we will take over a local town. today we're heading to west philadelphia, we will be their life from 7:00 to 10:00 cedar park along baltimore avenue between forty-ninth and 50th street. >> sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9 just head to our web site at fox and click on our contest page, and you try to get it. >> it is friday. >> we will pick a finalist once a week and on our final show we will have a big give


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