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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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mother tried to do to save her life. and it is the same drug officials say ended the life of prince but governor tom wolf is doing right new to manage opioid crisis in pennsylvania. good day is heading to west philadelphia, head out with alex and bob at cedar park on baltimore avenue from 7:00 to 10:00. good day, it is friday, june 3rd, 2016. it is a wet one already outside. >> yeah. >> well, at least we have prepared you for it. >> yes. >> there is nothing we can do about it, except work around it. >> yes, get umbrellas and glushesy said wrap yourself in siran wrap and you will be all set to go to take. actually, it is going to be a six out of ten today, it is not going to rain all the time but we have rain around this morning. buddy is ready with the rain coat and umbrellas. temperatures are in the 60's, every where, except mountains as we look at ultimate doppler radar, we will zoom into the
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philadelphia area do you see heaviest rain it has been all morning out in lancaster county, kind of dissipates by the time it moves further east ward but it is around and we are seeing umbrellas in olde city. we have a temperature in the city of 66 degrees. watch out for fog traveling around, showers as well, mostly cloudy skies throughout the day, even when it is in the raining and a high temperature of 78 degrees. so, yeah, less than perfect, out there, in cedar park, west philadelphia, but that will not stop us from having a good time, right bob kelly? >> you know that right, sueby. you know what things just got better. we started off with drizzle but look what just showed up, dunkin' donuts truck, wow. we're ready to go. they brought us some fox 29 doughnuts, we are right here at corner of 50th and baltimore. we are getting things set up here, just take them off me, take the whole box, right there we have interns here. we have steve, setting up the
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tent, all right. don't worry about the drizzle. we have a bid hair day but we are all, in the same both bet ape here in west philadelphia a lets check the jam cams. we have a disabled vehicle, north on i9 five it the is southbound right at allegheny avenue. so that is causing some delays for folks out of northeast philadelphia lets go to the maps. we have a car fire northbound lanes of 295 at florence columbus interchange, two right lanes are blocked there lets get to september, we have had earlier problems on the broad street subway, everything is back to normal, train service, running again, both north and southbound and it will be a busy weekend in philadelphia, we have the kelly drive closed, with the dragon boat regatta and then the big international cycling championship, takes over the kelly drive in manayunk on sunday. but we will be here all morning long, 50th and baltimore and cedar park, for more on what is going on, and
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we will see new ten minutes. chris and lauren, back to you. >> thanks very much. developing out of northeast philadelphia mother's frantic attempt to pull her young daughter from their burning home. >> emergency crews stepping into rescue and air lifting them to the hospital. dave kinchen outside st. christopher's hospital with more on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. a lot of people are praying for this little girl, a five-year old here at st. christopher's hospital for children, in critical condition, after a daring rescue, the mother is also, in critical condition and as you said victim had to be air lifted to medical care. rescuers rushed out to the 3700 block of south hereford lane for a house on fire. mother was desperately trying to save her daughter from the top floor bedroom going in and out of the house several times and we up have some of the chilling dispatch call that was made. >> we have a report of a child trapped in the year second
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floor. >> i called 191 right away. they were screaming that the daughter was upstairs. their baby was trapped upstairs. little girls mom kept running back in and running back out just black head to toe, and she could not even breathe. >> reporter: fire officials tell us off duty i paramedic and off-duty philadelphia police officer also ran inside to get the little girl but they could not get through thick smoke and the flames as well. it was president until fire fighters arrived minutes later that the rescue was made, and off-duty officer was injured during the rescue attempt and then is in stable condition at this time. the cause of the fire is not yet cleared, at this time, back to you. >> dave, thanks. people who live at a germantown apartment complex, are concerned, now that they necessity someone has been intentionally setting fires there. the bureau of chill tobacco and firearms is enjoying the philadelphia fire department
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to find the person who set four fires in the ham ill mill apartments. two broke out yesterday forcing more than 20 people out of the building. lets get your top stories on this friday morning. according to minnesota medical examiner, prince died of an accidental drug overdose, the report was issued, more than a month after the music superstar was found dead at the age of 57, at his paisley park mansion. prince gave himself fentanyl which is a synthetic opioid, 50 times more potent than heroin. back here at home is there a growing number of pennsylvanians finding themselves hooked on powerful pain medicines just like fentanyl. >> just like prince they are overdosing and dying. state leaders are stepping in hoping to prevent more people to die. let's get to sabina kuriakose at temple where governor wolf unveiled this new strategy what does this strategy involve. >> reporter: right now, chris, he wants 34 million-dollar, to open up new treatment center, despite what he calls a
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state's opioid, epidemic. he spoke here at temple's katz school of medicine yesterday. he wants the state legislature to approve his request and open up funding to create those 50 outpatient treatment center. pennsylvania ranks among top in the country for drug overdose deaths and it has been a top issue for the governor. wolf says money would be just a start intacteling the statewide epidemic of opioid abuse and he and other lawmakers are just beginning to wake up to the problem. >> the researchers, upstairs, you know, they have been working on this for now 18 years at temple since 1998. we in harrisburg are just waking up to the problem. that is a problem. because we public policy makers have to figure out how we will take the good research that is going on in places like this and turn tonight to good public policies that can actually do something about substance abuse disorder epidemic in places like pennsylvania. >> reporter: wolf called for money comes out of the state
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legislature, has just weeks left, to pass a budget before the start of the next fiscal year and that deadline july 1st. chris and lauren. >> is a bean, thank you. lawmakers have delayed voting on legislation to increase the sales of so-called smart guns. >> the idea to make it impossible for anyone expect a gun's own ter fire a weapon. bill requires firearms deal tours keep an inventory of one offer more types of personalized handguns on the premises. fingerprints, hand grip identification or a ring center are ways to establish a right person is trying to shoot that weapon. wall street analyst is predicting four atlantic city casinos could shut down if new jersey voters expand casino gambling to the northern part of the state. trump taj mahal, resorts, and golden nugget would be vulnerable to the in state competition with bally's susceptible to a possible shut down. staying in new jersey where voters will head to the poles, for the primary on tuesday, and whether to authorize two new casinos in
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the northern part of the state near new york city. >> later on good day a woman accusing bill cosby of sexually violating her, plan to confront the comedian after the alleged attack, the emotional reason it took andrea constand more than a year to come forward. >> we don't know why, lord, we will justin to love you. >> coming up heart broken community members gathered to remember a 18 year-old died after being hit by a car. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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police continue to search for a driver in a hit and run a community gathered to remember the teen that was kill. >> family friend and neighbors held hand tightly as they prayed near a memorial for 18 year-old kevin maldonado. surveillance shows stolen car involved in this. you can see a white 2010 prius coming down the streets, seen here before hitting kevin on old york road. this was wednesday night. this happened in front of the poppies and son auto body, the business owned by his girlfriend's father. >> i just wanted to think it was all a dream and when i woke up, it would be a dream. would i wake up a and see a good morning message from him. i wanted to see that. my mom told me it was not a dream. >> that car was found abandoned just a few blocks from the scene. investigators have a impounded and combing it for clues. so sad. >> yes, absolutely.
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6:11. a woman accusing bill cosby of sexually violating her planned to confront the comedian after the alleged attack but she didn't? why she waited more than a year. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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we're going to west philadelphia alex and the gang will be live until 7:00 to 10:00. >> we saw you a few minutes ago, look at you with the
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phillies cap on. a true fan. >> they just dropped seven straight. you have to be a true fan, don't be a fair weather fan. >> we have no fair weather in the the forecast. are you ready to get wet out there in west philadelphia. >> i'm ready to get wet. don't i look like i'm ready. come on, now. we are ready to show up, yeah, i did wake up like this we have been ready to show up in their best 90's gear, fresh prince, dj jazzy jeff, we will do a fresh prince sing along but real excited to go to cedar park, off of baltimore avenue. it will be a great time. we are having all kind of people coming out. we will have a dj, food, we will show people how great west philadelphia, and, come out, and, if i can be outside in the rain you can too, trust me. >> we know everyone is asking where is your guy, mike's not in the guy with you, who are you hanging out with you.
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>> he is in the trunk, what do you mean. >> do you hear that beating noise? what is that? i may in the let him out. >> all right. so we will see if he comes out but quincy will be there, and also bob kelly, and it will be a great time. >> that sound like fun good r kelly we understand. no, just bob kelly, in the r kelly. >> no, not r kelly but lauren, it will be fun. if you'd like to come out you sure can. i know, we can get our hair wet together. >> yes. >> it could be a bonding experience. >> yes. >> you guys, be safe. we will check with you in a few minutes. >> so sue. >> how about the weather. >> alex may be the only one with shade on because you sure don't need them today. cold front number one, cold front number two, low pressure system reformed as tropical depression bonnie but we don't to have worry about bonnie,
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just about cold front number one, and that is today bringing up some showers, through the morning, and it will be on and off, not necessarily, continuous, but by 10:00 o'clock we should be at 70 degrees. here's your bay cast, for beyonce, yeah, kind of a lemon not lemonade, with 80 degrees at 5:00 when gates opened. around 8:00 we will see pop up thunderstorms possibly, included and a shower even through midnight as we are's in the upper 60's by then. so jacket and then that rain gear. here's current ultimate doppler radar. we are seeing heavy rain moving into chester county. the as we look at lancaster county quite a bit of heavy rain around little britain and east nottingham, west sadsbury as well with some rain and heavier rain looking to the north of us. it is light here in the city, 78 degrees our high today. it will stay largely dry tomorrow with a high of, and, showers and storms for
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everybody, 82 degrees, and nice by middle of next week and that is your seven day forecast. we are ready, we will have a good time, bob kill any west philadelphia checking traffic and so much more. >> hey, good morning sue. good morning everybody. you know what rain has actually stopped right now, in drizzle, only drizzle is on that doughnut i will have as soon as we get off the air here. lets check the jam cams. we have a problem on the blue route and schuylkill expressway taking a live look at the blue route 476 north bound on the ramp to the schuylkill westbound an overturn vehicle. let that be an example that the roads are slippery. you may not have heavy rain, it is a mixed bag depending pneumonia where you begin and end your trip as sue just showed us. the lets go to i-95 and cottman avenue we are starting to see traffic build. roads are wet this morning. wipers on, headlights are on as we go to the maps, septa broad street line, back to normal, everything running with no delays as we had early
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morning power problems. we mentioned a busy weekend in ill i. we have beyonce and baseball in south philadelphia on sunday and then, of course, dragon boat regatta on the river tomorrow. we have cycling championship in manayunk on sunday. all eyes will be on the forecast but right the now, back here at 50th ape baltimore we're getting things set up, for a big live broadcast here, with me is my man, john, john is what the name of your business up the street. >> the pound cake cabinet. >> yes. >> you are not the making chairs or tables. >> no. >> pound cake. >> pound cake heaven. >> we will be in heaven. >> yes. >> come on john. >> yes, sir. >> bring those pound cakes out. >> the neighbors come on by we are here live at 50th and baltimore cedar park all morning long, chris and lauren back to you. >> thanks. coming up at 6:20. getting ready for your top
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stories. we know name of the woman found dead in the local creek weighed down by that cinder block. police identified her as ryan steven benjamin, her last known address was in pottstown. she's a graduate of juniata college. most recently working as a prek teacher. fisherman found benning man's body in the pigeon creek monday morning in east coventry. investigators are trying to figure out how she died and who dumped her body. bill cosby's accuser planned to confront the comedian just weeks after the encounter but she back off when he got too close to her. andrea constand told police she wanted to confront him and ask him some questions. it would be a year before she decided to tell anyone about what she said happened and that includes police. bruce castor the montgomery county district attorney at the time said that he did not have enough evidence to charge cosby. comedian remains free, on one million-dollar, bond, and jet has yet to set a trial date. closal miscommunication, that is what a lawyer suing amtrak blames for the deaths
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of two railroad workers struck in delaware county. >> the lawyer represents the family of one of the victims 61 year-old joe carter junior of wilmington delaware. carter and peter adamwitch died in the crash outside of chester on the morning of april 3rd when an amtrak train hit the backhoe they were working on. ntsb is still looking into what went wrong. right now amtrak cannot comment on the pending lawsuit. all right. coming up, it is so fitting that the nba season has come down to , lebron verse steph curry. who came out on top in game one, that and much more coming up in sports. and first lets look at your winning lottery numbers.
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codey asche back from the injury and tommy joseph at the first base in place of ryan howard but they cannot score. citizens bank park to the fourth inning, phillies down two to nothing. that is miguel franco. he swings for home runs every swing. he gets one here. his ninth of the year. it is close. ninth inning, two-one. gomez in and jonathanville air makes hit-one. phillies had had five hits. they lose four-one. that is seven straight losses for phillies. eagles came to citizens bank park, to step in that
6:25 am
batting cage. the head coach doug pederson took his swings and watched his players. some of the guys are just not baseball players. take bennie logan. good on defense. but as a hitter, please. player that did the best job in the batting cage, that would be eagles tightened and that would be zach ertz. nobody hit it out but he hit it to the wall. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. zach ertz in the phillies uniform. >> we could. >> dion did it, bow jackson dit. >> we could do it. >> yes, somebody else in the nba currently could play baseball, but opted for basketball. >> michael jordan dabbled in it, never made it to the big leagues. >> true. >> lets talk about basketball. >> supposed to be steph curry, lebron in game one but wasn't all about that. >> it was the supporting cast, right, cast of characters. cavilers and warriors player,
6:26 am
steph curry and clay thompson they only combined for 20 points but they were helped out by sean livingston scored, 20 points. former sixers andre iguodala scored 12. barriers bench players out scored cleveland's beach 45-ten. that was the big difference in game one. it was a blow out. warriors winning 104-89. game two sunday, same venue, in oakland. i can't believe it started off with such a big score gap. >> big build up. >> yes. >> did i say that. >> yes. >> my p's are popping. 6:26. lets toss things out to sabina, good morning to you. >> lets go to dave first. >> a mother and daughter are in critical condition after the mother tries to save her child from the fire, we will tell you who ultimately made the rescue up next, sabina? good morning, dave. governor tom wolf says pennsylvania is in the middle
6:27 am
of an opioid abuse crisis and says does not have enough resource toes get out of it, what he is asking state lawmakers to do after the break.
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welcome back at 6:29. prayers for a little girl trapped in the fire what neighbors say her mother tried to do to save her life. plus same drug officials say ended the life of prince, what governor tom wolf is
6:30 am
doing right now to manage the opioid crisis in pennsylvania. donald trump's ideas, i'm just different, they are dangerously incoherent. just a series of bizarre rants. >> this is getting ugly already, why don't old trump says his democratic rival should go to jail. wow. good day is heading to west philadelphia this morning. we're already there. you can see exciting fans hanging out there, alex, bob, quincy will be there at cedar park on baltimore avenue between 7:00 and 10:00 o'clock this morning. good day, it is friday, june 3rd, 2016. >> let's hope weather cooperates for three and a half hours, sue serio. >> well... we are keeping a close eye on ultimate doppler radar. we are watching this area of orange and red moving through lancaster county and chester county. first we will zoom into philadelphia county, and, of
6:31 am
course, west philadelphia, it is try right now as we just saw but we will see how much of this heavier rain in east nottingham will be holding together as it marches, the direction from west to east. so have the umbrella just in case and keep a smile on your face just like bus stop buddy. temperatures in the 60's this morning. the plenty of clouds around. you will see showers if you will not right now you will before the end of the day for sure. 7 miles an hour wind out of the east, to keep it cloudy, those easterly wind when it is not raining so if you see a peak of sunshine you're lucky today 71 degrees by lunchtime and a high of 78 with sunset time at 8:25. so that is your slightly less than perfect friday, forecast, we will check the weekend for you coming up and what a busy weekend it will be, great way to kick it off bob kelly in west philadelphia. >> west philadelphia. you got it, sue. busy weekend but joint's jumping. look who is with me.
6:32 am
who is with me. >> what did you do to make that shirt. >> no, i didn't. >> where are you from. >> from north philadelphia, born and raised. >> and you self. >> i live right around the corner, 50th and cedar. >> she doesn't even know where she lives. >> yes, i do. >> so excited. >> after party at her house. we have some cake all right. >> we have some pound cake from pound cake heaven and we will have fun all morning long. lets get out the front door. we have an overturn vehicle on the blue route, 476 on the ramp to the westbound schuylkill expressway. again, roosevelt boulevard, we had an earlier accident but traffic is picking up as we get ready for the morning rush hour. well get to the maps, schuylkill expressway, little slow as you work your way through bala cynwyd and gentlemen, start your engines it is nascar weekend, coming to pocono speed way, up there we will see extra volume up and down 476, as i mentioned.
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we also have the dragon boat regatta shutting down, and, and we also have the cycling, championship along, kelly drive, and in manayunk. back here live west philadelphia where it is going down on the corner of 50th and baltimore, cedar park, the rain has stopped. do you hear that, breaking news the rain has stopped. there is no excuse not to come out and join to us day. the chris and lauren, back to you in the studio. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >> now developing in northeast philadelphia, a mother and her daughter both hospitalized this morning fighting for their lives. >> a young girl was trapped inside of a burning home, the mom suffered injuries after she ran back inside, to save her daughter's life. dave kinchen is live outside the hospital with more on this, dave? >> reporter: chris and lauren good morning to you, neighbors are praying for this little girl, five-year old in critical condition, and here at st. christopher's hospital for children after a daring rescue, is in northeast
6:34 am
philadelphia. the mother also in critical condition. victim's air lifted to medical care after rescuers rushed out to the 3700 block of south hereford lane for a house on fire, we're told the mother desperately tried several times to save her daughter from the top floor bedroom. we have some of the chilling dispatcher call, that was made. >> we have a report of a child trapped in the rear second floor. >> it was horrifying. she is sweetest little girl, just terrifying. so sad. >> this incident is a great reminder for all of us to ensure we have working smoke alarms in every level of our home, if you don't have one you can call 311 and we will be out the next day and install that smoke alarm. >> reporter: fire commissioner also saying that an off-duty paramedic and off-duty philadelphia police officer ran inside to get the little girl but could not get them, the heavy flames and smoke. it was not until fire fighters
6:35 am
arrived minutes later that the rescue was made that off-duty officer making that initial attempt was also injured, and he is in stable condition, we're told, the cause of the fire is not yet clear, at this time. back to you. okay, dave kinchen, thanks for that update. i should say 6:35. police say they have found the van blank to go a 78 year-old man murdered in southwest philadelphia, on memorial day, officers fled the home on theodore street after someone heard screams coming from inside, joseph daily, was found strangled and beaten to death. $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case. according to minnesota medical examiner prince died of an accidental drug overdose, the report, more than a month after the music superstar was found dead at age 57 at his paisley park mansion. prince gave himself fentanyl which is a synthetic opioid, 50 times more potent then heroin. governor tom wolf is strike to tackle the epidemic. >> while speaking at temple
6:36 am
university wolf urged law make tours find more funds to fight this problem. >> reporter: governor is asking for an influx of cash that he says even if the state, even if people come out, for a house, they don't have enough beds in the state or outpatient treatment centers. opioid, including heroin as well as painkillers. governor of pennsylvania is in the grips of one of the worst rates of overdose deaths in the country. here at temple's katz school of medicine, wolf met with researchers and he said he needs 34 million-dollar to begin fighting this epidemic, the monday would i help build outpatient treatment centers for addicts, and critics say is there just not enough beds to treat pennsylvanians battling opioid addiction but wolf says 34 million-dollar is just a start. >> this medical epidemic, one person in the round tables called it a plaque. there are people dying in pennsylvania, as we speak of this disease and we need to address it forthrightly and head on as the medical problem that it is.
6:37 am
>> reporter: democratic governor needs g.o.p. led state legislature to approve the funding. there are just weeks left, before the start of the next fiscal year on july 1st. he is asking legislature... >> sabina, thank you. crewness fort hood found bodies of two more soldiers in a truck that was overtake by a flooded creek on a army post. that brings the death toll to five. in a statement late last night officials said that the teams will continue searching for the four soldiers that are still missing. all right. georgia teen driver accused of causing a high speed car crash because she was, allegedly using snap chat, is now charged with a felony. collision caused the driver of another car to suffer brain injuries. the charges including causing serious injuries by vehicle will which is a felony. she was charged with three misdemeanors including reckless driving. a spokesmen for boxing legend mohammed ali says the former heavyweight champion is in the hospital. the spokesmen says doctors are treating ali for a respiratory
6:38 am
issue. he says that the 74 year-old is in fair condition and doctors are keeping him in the hospital, as a precaution. he says that ali's stay should be a brief one. donald trump is calling hillary clinton's foreign policy speech, a hit job against him. >> this is getting so ugly, all right. so, he says that the, in the 30 minute talk that she delivered in california, unfolded as a slam session attracting trump the presumptive republican nominee is not taking the jabs lightly, either. >> i watched hillary today, it was pathetic. she does not look presidential, that i can tell you. this is not a president. four more years of this stuff and i'll tell you we will not have a country left, believe me. >> policy discussion there. trump is railing against clinton's use of a home grown e-mail server which is a subject of the federal probe. he said quote hillary clinton has to go to jail, end quote.
6:39 am
>> house speaker paul ryan says he will vote for donald trump. wisconsin republican declared his support in the newspaper column, first public backing ryan has given presumptive presidential nominee. all right. >> noteably, interesting back story there, paul ryan has not come to trump's support up until this point. he kind of not leaked it but gave it to a very small newspaper in his home state. he didn't go on cnn or anything like that during the day and dit right at 3:00 p.m. when hillary clinton was speaking. he tried to go under the radar which i thought was interesting. good day hitting the road making the take trip to west philadelphia alex and the gang will be live from 7:00 o'clock. we check in a few minutes ago. she was on south street. alex, where are you right now. >> we are about to pull up. i'm in west philadelphia, baby. i'm here, ready to go. we want to give you a on the sign kind of look.
6:40 am
i'm at forty-ninth street. we're on baltimore avenue between forty-ninth and 50th street. she won't look. >> but you will notice she has than umbrella, it is all closed up, it is not that bad out here, guys. don't be concerned, about this weather because it is in the a big deal. we will bring the sunshine, okay. we're here, we have tents set up, it will be a great time. we're expecting i great crowd. i'm seeing people walking around. i have my 90's gear on. let's make this count. and, mike greenwich who has been a lovely photographer here, driving and he has been getting us here. we have had a big debate. we know this is west philadelphia we necessity we will do fresh prince. here we are, pulling up, can you see it. >> yes, we can. >> pulling up, and all of the tents and everything. hey they are waving, people are waving hi. i love this. i love this outfit. how are you.
6:41 am
>> north philadelphia born and raised. >> she said north philadelphia. >> let's see, maybe you can help me out. so, we are having a debate. hi bob kelly. >> do you know fresh prince introduction accounts when will smith goes up to the camera and he does this. >> yes. >> what part is that. >> what is he doing. >> that is where he is at uncle house. >> he didn't believe me. mike greenwich didn't believe me. you know your fresh prince. ready to sing it with me. >> yes. >> west fill flavor. >> yes. >> i love it. i love it. i love your style. >> let's work it. >> i'll be right back. >> see you, flavor, bob kelly is over there we are getting a big tent. we're so excited. she got me really excited. >> i know, we talked to her earlier on the way with bob. she's wide awake at this hour. >> really. that is how we need to be, we
6:42 am
want to wake you up. flavor says it is time to get up and get over here to west philadelphia cedar park. >> you guys, have fun. >> she needs a big clock like flavor flav. >> we are learning how prince tied an accidental drug overdose. in the next hour doctor mike talks about the danger of the opioid crisis and why the epidemic is closer then you think. but first after a long battle of self acceptance, alycia keys no longer need to cover up. why singer says she's happy to go outside name.
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well philadelphia is prepared, when you list ten sue's forecast you know showers are likely so everyone said you know what just to be safe we will get tents, so we can still have our party. like a big block party. >> within of those tents is dunkin' donuts tents. not only are they a sponsor but it is national doughnut day. there they are. >> i wish i was there. >> yes.
6:46 am
>> coffee, doesn't that look good. >> alex holley just drove up, bob kelly has been in position for some time, quincy harris will be there, jen fred, the gang, yes. >> so alex took a quick peak of west philadelphia, before she went out there, and she has more, check this out. >> ♪ >> west philadelphia. from the schuylkill river to cobbs creek it is a community that continues to thrive. overbrook, wynfield, university city, cedar park and mantua they are a few neighborhoods that help make up a population of more than two 36,000 people, and it is a very diverse area, more than 9 g here were originally born in other parts of the world, among many things west philadelphia has is numerous restaurants serving up various type of cuisine, churches,
6:47 am
universities, the philadelphia zoo, the police touch museum and yes, of course, the belmont plateau where everybody goes, including well smith and jazzy jeff. >> all right. >> bob kelly, are you there, eating doughnuts. >> i'm here. >> i had a doughnut, and i got my little will sample coffee cup here. we will to have work on the size of that coffee. you know me i like a yum bow coffee to get ming the in the morning. what is your name. >> hakeem. >> your other guide. >> juddas. >> are you ready to hang out all day. >> yes. >> guess what today is national doughnut day and we will have some free doughnuts for you how does that sound. >> i have school tomorrow. >> you mean today. you have school today. could we give him the day off. >> he can get a couple hours
6:48 am
off. >> a day to a couple hours. >> i hear you you daddy like your new sneak, they are cool. you have your batman socks on. i have a pair of these batman socks. you are looking good. lets check jam cams as we get ready to get you started on a friday morning, coming here to west philadelphia. fiftieth and baltimore. rain has stopped. i don't want to hear any excuses for anybody coming out here today, no problems at all, we have an overturn vehicle though, they are getting ready to toe it out of the schuylkill expressway at the blue route. so a little bit of the delay there in conshohocken. the lets go to the next camera, route 42 we are seeing traffic build as you work your way in towards philadelphia our travel times as we go to the maps you'll find delays on the turnpike, also some delays on i-95, and then this weekend, busy, outdoor events, one big one, the roots concert at festival pier tomorrow, down there at penns landing, back here live at 50th and baltimore, lets have a hand,
6:49 am
they are putting up their tents, it is going up, just in time because they are probably not going to need it because rain has stopped, sueby, she pulled it off and she will give us that entire weekend forecast coming up in 15 seconds so we have two cold front heading your way, starting to day and over the weekend. plus bonnie has redeveloped as a tropical deprecious but that bill not a folk our weather. we are worried about cold front number one and then cold front number two which comes through on sunday and that second one has chillier air behind it, and that one could cause some thunderstorms. you are in west philadelphia, we will be in a dry slot right now but we do expect some
6:50 am
showers to continue, probably picking up again, within let's say an hour and a half, so good thing they are putting up those tents. down the shore this weekend it will be a cool one, we could see a little bit of sunshine today but mostly cloudy skies and a shower isn't out of the question. mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, thunderstorm possible with the high of 75. ocean water between 63 and 67 degrees. the heading to the poconos, whether or not you're going to nascar, this is the pocono forecast, and a little more sunny on saturday then it will be on sunday when we are expecting some thunderstorms, so nobody is going go to escape those storms on sunday, so we have covered the whole region lets go past, and show you how nice it will be next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunshine, comfortable temperatures, but just not in time for a perfect weekend forecast, chris and lauren. >> that is horrible timing. >> it is. >> we've got to turn to your
6:51 am
developing stories on this friday morning, including a mother and young daughter fighting for their lives. a fire, inside of their northeast philadelphia home, a five-year old was trapped in a bedroom on the third floor until emergency crews could rescue her. both were air lifted to area torresdale hospital. governor tom wolf said request for funding to combat pennsylvania's opioid abuse epidemic is only a start. if approved by state legislature funding could create 50 outpatient treatment centers, that could serve up to 11,000 people annually all across the state. in new jersey police want to talk to a man they say walk up to some children outside of a school, evesham police say he started asking those children, and the parents, questions about how they got the to and from will school. they were all outside of a elementary school on conn stowing drive when this happened. sarkar left behind a trail of evidence that led police investigators to another victory, ashley was found dead in the suburb of
6:52 am
minneapolis. according to officials, she was sarkar's wife. after a long battle toward self acceptance alycia keys no longer needs to cover up, why the singer says she's happy to go outside and bear her soul. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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grover cleveland here. yes, the handsome gent on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could invest it, or save it for a rainy day. or you could buy a new car! and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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our show in west philadelphia, everyone traveling around the dunkin' donuts. >> we will be joining them for national doughnut day.
6:55 am
>> maybe someone will bring you one back. >> yes, chocolate frosting. >> okay. >> i'm just saying. >> if you are still home you still have time because this party goes from 7:00 to 10:00. >> that party getting started in less than five minutes from now. >> so she's bearing her soul for her new album plus alycia keys is showing a bear face for the cover artwork. >> grammy award winning artist is inspiring others to be honest and real about themselves ditching their make up. keys launching make up movement, i don't want to cover up anymore. thirty-five year-old says it has been a long road toward self acceptance. she writes about it in a empowering letter. music industry forced her to be a never really neglect who she was but constantly changing to be accepted. before her new album she started start list all of the things she was sick off which included the idea of beauty standard. i get that. someone posted on the facebook page i would love to see you, off camera on the weekends. i said, oh, it the is no make
6:56 am
up, pony tail, wet sweat pants, t-shirt. you want to let it all go. >> still smoking. >> one note about that, alycia keys did all that and then became famous, it is easier now for her to step back and take it all off. she might not have gotten noticed if she hadn't complied with society. >> it is true. >> she's gorgeous either way. >> stunning. >> how much make up do you really need. >> then wear your hair in different styles and still look great. >> alex is concerned about a hair day, with all of the rain in west philadelphia for our big outside event. look at her. she's ready to rock. >> do you see this? do you see west philadelphia say hello, say good morning everybody. do you feel this energy. i'm so excited. i think we're ready to do this good day drives you. we're here in west philadelphia a if you are not at cedar park you better get here because the party is right here.
6:57 am
we will have so much fun, we will talk to you in a few minutes and we are about to turn this out, aren't we. yes, we are. we will show you why we love west philadelphia and i'm telling y'all i will do it like i'm born and raised. what do you say. nuts, chocolate, pretzel. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol!
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it's snack justice. snack patrol! prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm,
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crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. ♪ everything. a devastating fire, a young girl and her mother pulled from their burning home
7:00 am
what happened when good smart tans rush in. plus, prince's pain, medical examiners confirm that the music legend died from an accidental overdose of a powerful painkiller, what you need to know about these dangerous drugs. and hillary is not a talented person. in fact she's a person with absolutely no natural talents. >> war of words heating up on the campaign trail, harsh word from hillary clinton that prompted that response from donald trump. it is birthplace of the fresh prince, and all of pride and culture, this morning, good day drives to you west philadelphia. good morning, everyone. this is good day drives you. we are here, in west philadelphia, if you are in the here you better get here. i'm so excited to be here in cedar park right off baltimore avenue, but i'm not by


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