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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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what happened when good smart tans rush in. plus, prince's pain, medical examiners confirm that the music legend died from an accidental overdose of a powerful painkiller, what you need to know about these dangerous drugs. and hillary is not a talented person. in fact she's a person with absolutely no natural talents. >> war of words heating up on the campaign trail, harsh word from hillary clinton that prompted that response from donald trump. it is birthplace of the fresh prince, and all of pride and culture, this morning, good day drives to you west philadelphia. good morning, everyone. this is good day drives you. we are here, in west philadelphia, if you are in the here you better get here. i'm so excited to be here in cedar park right off baltimore avenue, but i'm not by myself,
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bob kelly is supposed to be here. >> yes. >> and are you guys having fun. >> yes. >> i got here at 6:00, there was drizzle and rain, it is okay. as soon as we get tent up, it stopped raining. >> we don't need rain. we are not worried about rain. here's the thing. whenever you come to west philadelphia or you hear west philadelphia, you know what we have to do. we know what we have to do. so let me get my, let me get this right. let me do this right. >> yes. >> is this how we are supposed to do it. >> yes, we will start it off, on the count of three, ready, one, two, three. >> in. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow. >> this is all i wanted to do, and step up here and do that. >> west philadelphia players here we are good to go. >> i love it. >> sue, you can't top that. >> i will smell you later. yes. we have got weather by the numbers today, and i wish i could give you a ten but we will go with a six because there is some rain out there this morning and in some places not so much. buddy is ready for any eventuality with the clouds and showers that are here, with us this morning. we are watching this area of green and yellow here which is moving from west to east, through chester county, there is philadelphia county, and there is upper darby, in the too far from where alex, and bob are this morning, and here comes the rain, moving into delco right now.
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so i think within the hour, maybe within the half an hour, they will have to duck under those tents for a little bit but they are prepared, and that is the thing. you just have to be ready for it. 66 degrees. quite cloudy, here in the city, with easterly wind at 6 miles an hour, and then a a lot of clouds and a high temperature of 78 degrees. it is seasonal for june the third. 8:25 your sunset time. we will have the weekend forecast for the entire region, including the beyonce cast, it is all coming up, so bob kelly, are you having some fun right now. >> get ready for a couple of rain drops. >> you know we are having fun. we have coffee, doughnuts, it is national doughnut day. free doughnuts for everybody here at the corn are of 50th and baltimore. let's go out to one of our jam cams here. we have a sinkhole in mall boulevard in king of prussia when we have a sinkhole you know we have a jammo.
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in south philadelphia a, ben franklin bridge running smooth right now coming into philadelphia but again some roads are seeing heavy rain, so it is a little bit of everything depending upon where you step outside the front door. as we go to the maps westbound 422, off ramp to 724, we have a big old rock in the roadway. it looks like one of the landscapers actually trooped a rock, out of the back of his pickup truck. as we check the travel times i-95, 202 looking good. once we have the sign work coming later today west on the schuylkill from belmont out towards 202. coming back here live at the corner of 50th and baltimore, look at all of the folks out here this morning. this is off the hook. >> you know what we are having a great, fun time but we have to get to the headlines. the lets get to lauren and chris in the studio. >> developing right now out of northeast philadelphia, a mother's frantic attempt to pull her young daughter from their burning home. >> emergency crews stepping in for the rescue and air lifting them both to the hospital.
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let's bring in dave kinchen outside st. christopher's hospital with the story, dave? >> reporter: yeah, lot of people praying for that five-year old girl in critical condition here at st. christopher's hospital for children after a very daring rescue in northeast philadelphia. the mother is also in critical condition at aria torresdale hospital. the victims had to be air lifted for medical care after rescuers rushed out to the 3700 block of south hereford lane, to a house fire. we're told that the mother desperately tried to save her daughter, and we have some chilling, dispatcher call, we have a little bit of that call, here it is. >> i called 911 right away they were screaming that their daughter is upstairs. i said their baby is trapped upstairs and the house is on fire. little girls mom kept running back in and trying to get her. she kept running back out black covered head to toe in soot. she could not breathe. >> reporter: an off-duty paramedic ape off-duty philadelphia police officer
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ran inside to assist are the rescue but could not make it through heavy flames and smoke. it wasn't until fire fighters that the rescue was made. the daughter was rescued and is in stable condition. the cause of the fire is not known. lets get to our other top stories. >> authorities say someone has been intentionally setting fires in a germantown apartment complex. bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is joining the philadelphia fire department to find whom ever set four fires, in the past two months, at the hamill mill apartments, two of those fires happened wednesday, one in the the lucky, another in the elevator. no one has been injured and fires have not left significant damage. we know the name of the women found dead in the local careening, weighed down by a cinder block. police have identified her as 24 year-old ryan steven benjamin. her last known address was in pos town. she was a graduate of juniata college, and was working, excuse me as a prek teacher. >> fisherman found benjamin's body in pigeon creek monday morning in east could have
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even industry. investigators are trying to figure out how she died and who dumped her body. police found the van belonging to the 78 year-old man murdered in southwest philadelphia on memorial day. officers responded to the the home on theodore street after someone heard screams coming from inside. joseph daily was found strangled and beaten to death. joseph's van was missing but waits recovered yesterday near griscom street and oxford avenue. there is a $20,000 reward being offered for information, leading to the killer. 7:07. five soldiers are dead, and four others are missing after officials say their truck washed away, while crossing a flooded careening, in fort hood. we will take to you florida, and you can see the video for yourself. fort hood spokesmen says that the vehicle was carried 12 soldiers, went overturned, and in the currents. three solders were found alive, and hospitalized in stable condition. crews are still searching for the four missing soldiers in texas, at least six other people have been killed, and in the past week. as texas deals with record flooding. authorities identified blue angel pilot killed when
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his jet crashed during a practice flight near nashville. marine captain jeff had crashed shortly after take off. instead of ejecting from the jet and hitting nearby homes he did the heroic thing, sacrificing himself, and it appears that pilot stayed in the jet, and directed it to a safe area, in word on why or how the plane crash. separate incident yesterday thunderbird pilot ejected from his plane after performing a fly over at air force academy graduation in colorado springs. president obama had just spoken at that ceremony. the pilot is okay and in fact, met the president after the crash. well, according to a minnesota medical examiner prince died of an accidental drug overdose of fentanyl. >> this report comes more than a month after the star was found dead inside of his paisley park mansion. fentanyl is a powerful painkiller, so powerful, that it is 50 times more potent, then heroin. whether prince had a prescription isn't yet clear
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and right now it is up clear where he got the powerful painkiller, according to the autopsy report, prince administered the drug to himself. here at home a number of people becoming addicted to powerful pain medication is climbing at an alarming rate. >> just like prince, overdosing, and they are dying. now, pennsylvania state leaders are stepping in, and let's talk to sabina kuriakose, right now about what governor tom wolf in particular is doing. he has a new strategy, sabina. >> reporter: that is right, chris. he unveiled it here at temple's katz school of medicine yesterday. governor says the abuse of heroin and painkillers is a statewide epidemic and says there is not enough resource toes fight the problem. now he is calling on the legislature to approve 34 million-dollar, in funding, to expand treatment services, in this state, wolf says that the money would fill 50 treatment center for patients battling opioid addiction. he says there is not enough beds to take everyone in. >> those 50 homes will cost about 50 million-dollar, and
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34 from the state, and 50, about 16 from the federal level, and that 50 million-dollar is a start. it will answer the question to where are we go to go get beds for treatment. when someone comes to an emergency room and says i'm at rock bottom i really need to help with this medical problem that i have, where am i going to go? right now we don't have enough beds in pennsylvania. these 50 homes will treat and allow to us treat 11,000 people each year, in pennsylvania. >> reporter: and, timing is key right now. the governor's call for millions of state fund comes with just weeks left, for the state legislature to pass a budget, before the next fiscal year begins, and that is on july 1st, just a couple weeks. chris and lauren, back to you. from state politics to national politics. >> that is right, race for the white house is getting ugly as the attacks between hillary clinton and donald trump seem to be ram pink up. hillary clinton says putting trump in the white house would
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be a historic mistake. >> he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility. this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear code because it noise the hard to imagine donald trump leading news to a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> trump responded by saying clinton has, no talent. and then that she was one of the worst secretaries of state in the u.s. history. trump got a big endorsement yesterday, house speaker paul ryan announced he will vote for donald trump this november. outside of the donald trump rally last night in san jose things turned violent when protesters and supporters crash in the streets of california. some protesters started fires, they threw eggs, broke car windows of those trump supporters that were there, others were punched.
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at least four people have been arrested. and, series head line by lebron and steph curry. it was all about the other guys, mainly other guys on the warriors bench. >> bench players out scored cleveland's bench 45-ten. they were lead by sean livingston who scored 20 points that is as much as steph curry and clay thompson combine. this is a huge win though. warriors win this game, 104-89. game two sunday night in oakland. >> you have to win at home with that home court advantage. >> that is right. >> alex holley in west philadelphia where rain is holding off so you can continue to have a block party. >> of course, we are, lauren. for me i feel like today, i'm acting like i was worn and raised here. i'm learning from west philadelphia here's someone born and raised in west philadelphia i'm here with senator anthony williams g morning. >> thank you for being here. >> we love to come here. people have been asking to us come here. why do you think this area since you have been born and
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raised here is so special. >> because of the people. the people, right. >> yeah. >> we have all a faiths, all types, latinos, asian, african-american, polish, irish, jewish, all living in an area in west philadelphia that shows all types of people and all types of americans can live together in peace. so it is the people. >> i love you say in peace. i have been out here riding my bike. wonderful day. here in the park, cedar park, people coming together, sitting down, playing games and it is so good to see that sense of community. >> we have over, within this section of west philadelphia which is cedar park you have 50 eateries of vegans, cedar park cafe, the greatest gold standard, pizzeria, number one water ice, all of that is here, we have clark park, tribal park, all of these in the same area. we have the brown bag with the professor from the university of penn. everybody is here doing
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extraordinary things in a section of philadelphia that is sometimes overlooked. that is why we're excited you are here. >> we have to be here. our goal, it is to make sure we showcase everything that is special about this place. when i'm just walking dunn streets here seeing beautiful hems and the trees. >> yes. >> it has some of the greatest architecture still left in west philadelphia will smith still comes to this hood, to his family, to visit us on a regular occasion. >> i can see him walking around here. >> he comes to see us, i'm in the sure about you. >> i'm not special enough. >> we have the history of wilt chamberlain before michael jordan. we have had every combination of history in west philadelphia, that sometimes people do not know about, and it is not only rebound, it is one of the hottest places in philadelphia, pennsylvania in terms of development and architecture. >> this all sound so, so great. i will give you a hard question. if you had to pick one thing, just one thing that is so special about this area, what would it be. >> the parks.
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in particular, cobbs creek park. >> you were there as you were younger. >> yes, i did. >> you still go there. >> i did a lot of things i can't talk about on camera. >> come on now, senator. >> it has an ice skating rink, pool, environmental basketball center, open space and trail. it is one of the largest parts of the fairmount park and so for me the secret thing is outside of philadelphia, environment is protected and it is a beautiful park. it is one of our great secrets that people do not know about. >> now secret is out. >> yes, it is. >> thanks for being here. >> will you hang out a little bit. >> absolutely. >> he is here to stay. >> thank you so much. >> so sue, i know it will be raining about good to know that the parks are so wonderful here. i will be becoming out here a lot this summer. >> sure, we will water flowers and grass at those parks and make sure they stay nice. the all right. we are watching some rain that is moving from west to east and leading edge of a cold front that will be coming through our area, later on in
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the the day. it looks like chester county is the bull's eye right now for the heavy rain and as we look the to the north of us, it is lighter up toward allentown, around bucks, and montgomery counties but we are watching heavy rain, kind of marching through, chester county, around new london, heavy downpour, you're getting one in west marlboro, west goshen, it is raining heavily right now. so far it is light if you are seeing anything in philadelphia, but you can see everything is moving from west to east. so we will keep an eye on cedar park, this morning. but would i prepare for some more rain drops today. tropical depression bonnie is really reform as a tropical depression, storm that won't go away but will bother us. cold front number one followed by cold front number two which is expected to visit us on sunday this one could be more intense then the first one today, for cedar park, just be prepared for those showers, and temperatures, in the mid to upper 60's throughout the rest of the morning. hopefully you will say hi, no matter what the weather.
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weekend preview, this is pretty much holds for everybody, and a decent day on saturday, and a rainy day on sunday, with a possibility of some thunderstorms, here's your beyonce cast, with 80 degrees at 5:00 o'clock i understand that is when gates opened up at lincoln financial field. pop up thunderstorm is not out of the question. just be prepared for. that showers lingering through midnight, maybe even through 2:00 in the morning. touring the day on this unsettled sunday showers and thunderstorms, gusty wind are possible, one to 2 inches of possible. we put that all together and see just in time for weekend to be over things clear up nicely. that is your seven day forecast, luckily man who doesn't have to worry about a bad hair day because his hair is perfect every day here's bob kelly. >> hey, sue, put some dipty do, i'm with rocky from septa. rocky, one of the main trolley lines, oldest line, come right through the neighborhood here, tell us bit.
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>> we have four lines that get through neighborhood and in the tunnel and takes them in center city, traffic free. >> this trolley is the route. >> thirty-four. >> thirty-four. lets go on, come on. good morning, everybody. good morning, everybody. >> hey. >> how is the trolley ride so far. >> great. >> rocky from septa will give everybody a free doughnut because it is national doughnut day. >> yeah. >> free doughnuts for everybody, on just this septa a trolley by the way. good job everybody. come on lets get trolley moving so we can get traffic moving. speaking of traffic, lets check jam cams. the schuylkill expressway, traffic is heading up and down towards downtown and also westbound, you'll see delays as well, i-95, as we take a live look at delaware, traffic moving smoothly there, but fridays are upside down. take the snow globe and shake it up. we have a water main break as we go to the maps and a sinkhole along mall boulevard
7:19 am
right by the king of prussia mall, i hope that it is not going to impede my shopping trip later today going to that king of prussia mall. and then this weekend, the devon horse show is out there, in devon. i will be hosting the big event tomorrow night out there but back here live, at the 50th and baltimore intersection here, we've got route 34 trolley, ring the bell, here we go, ding, ding, ding, continuing, and that is what we're doing. come on by west philadelphia, cedar park cafe. you cannot do that. >> quincy, how are things down the park at cedar park calf fey. >> it is so crazy out here, bob. we are having so much fun. >> i think i will bring monte g with me. >> yes. >> yeah. >> west philadelphia.
7:20 am
>> yes. >> that was perfect.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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people are showing their pride all over their face, and shirts. i want to apologize because inappropriate word was said earlier, but thinks a live show but we will keep it clean and keeping it all positive. we want to she good of west philadelphia we are sorry about that. i asked people to show up, their best fresh prince. look at me here. >> i love this. >> he is showing up. let's show this little had and little juddas. >> how old are you. >> four. >> he looks happy to be here. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it.
7:24 am
>> love this. >> quincy, this is great. >> we are in west philadelphia. i know one of the spots i visited a couple weeks ago was cedar park cafe. that is where quincy is right now, cedar park. >> yes. >> listen, this place, people love this place, my goodness we have nina the owner here, how are you doing. how long have have you been here. >> we have been here a year. >> yeah. >> bob kelly was here. what is some of your specialties here. >> one of our most popular is chicken and waffle, and then we also sell a lot of veggie, home fries, vegetarian specials, eggs bendik, you know. >> good stuff. >> i'm looking at mr. banks over there, he is about to dig into the waffles and chicken. how are you doing. >> i have been fine. i watch y'all every morning and every day. >> we appreciate it. >> this is your granddaughter. >> this is mr. banks granddaughter. she doesn't want to be a
7:25 am
celebrity. >> i will come back and see how that was. >> how are you doing. >> how are you doing. >> well, are you guys married. >> married. >> how long have you been married. >> thirty-five. >> wow, we have a debate. >> hold on. >> he says 35. you say 34. >> thirty-four. >> thirty-five in february. >> has it been a good 35. >> it has been ups and downs but in mostly good. >> do you like coming here. >> we come here all the time. >> nice meeting you guys. >> thank you. >> thirty-four years. >> he doesn't know. >> how are you doing. >> is what your name. >> will. >> what are you ordering here. >> chicken and waffles, picking it up. >> is it good. >> yes. >> it is my fourth time here in two weeks. >> yes. >> nina, we have to get some chicken and waffles. >> how is everybody doing back here. >> they are hard at work, i'm going to need some chicken and
7:26 am
waffles right now. i will sit down right here. alex, back to you. i'm with the banks family, having some fun. >> chicken and waffles does sound good. >> i could go for chick ebb and waffles platter right now i'm hungry. >> we will take a serious turn. yesterday we got big information on prince and what exactly caused his death. we will talk to doctor mike about what drug he was taken and how serious it is, we will be right back.
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we had big breaking news about prince and his death. we have talking about what they found in the elevator. tests came back saying he died of a opioid overdose and taking the drug fentanyl. please explain what fentanyl is. >> it is a nature the cot i can, pain medication, that is used to control pain. patient was cancer pain, patient was severe pain. they use something like fentanyl. i use it from time to time. >> what struck me about this people are talking about it, it is 50 times stronger than heroin. >> fifty times stronger then
7:30 am
heroin, 100 times stronger than morphine and when you take a drug like that, it can cause you to stop breathing. i don't know where he was getting it whether prince was getting from it his doctor or when was getting it illegally, no one knows. but the bottom line is it is in the a drug that you want to play with. if he did get it from a health care professional a doctor there will be some questions that have to be answered. >> we know he was dealing with some pain issues, chronic issues with pain with his hipps and doing performances, and he had fallen a couple weeks earlier. that is possibly why he may have been taken it then. >> from what i heard and ready was a jehovah witness he had hip pain and needed surgery. he didn't want to do it because of the risk of blood transfusions. because of that he developed chronic pain. now this this is a major problem in this country. we are treating people with narcotics, prescription pain pills, and we're killing thousands and thousands of people. i'm telling you, this is
7:31 am
another example, where michael jackson and prince, how many of these wonderful and amazing talented people are we go to go lose because of inappropriate treatment, and if that is what he was doing. if he was getting it elicitly that is a big problem and we're seeing surgeness overdosees when they mix witt heroin. >> is what the percentage increase of people ever dosing. >> 500 percent increase. >> wow. >> in overdoses. we as a society need to learn how you to deal with our pain in better ways. >> when it comes to 500 percent that is an alarming number do you think it is at a point where it is necessary to start prescribing these. they do have positive when used in the right way or just too easy to a boost. >> people abuse them because they get high of them, but if you are a cancer patient, if you have severe pain i want to be treated. i will take migrant nal but it a has to be under a supervised situation. you don't want people to be
7:32 am
taking than on the a airplane and they have to stop and give him narcan which is the medicine, that is the drug that they reverse opiate overdose. so, that happened, the plane landed, he had an emergency visit, and then this happens in an elevator in his home. it is a tragedy. >> you are talking about prince, michael jackson and superstars but you there are people in our area our governor tom wolf says they want to spend millions of dollars to help stop this problem. >> it is killing thousands of people, like 28,000 people, die, in 2013 or 2014 in this country. it is a nightmare. we have to get it under control. people like me that prescribe narcotics, we need to take this seriously. >> when you prescribe it what do you say, hey you need to be careful. this is something you can get accost toppled too. how do you stop that from the beginning. >> one, you have to have a contract and an agreement and you need to communicate with your patient, and say look
7:33 am
this is a a temporary thing. you will not be on percocet until the cows come home. you will use it, and we will monitor it, and make sure that you are not taking too much and getting addicted to it, and try other things. like acupuncture, mindful meditation, all kind of ways, physical therapy, chiropractic, all kind of ways to get rid of the use of narcotic pain pills so we can deal with pain, get patients treated, and get them on their way. >> thank you so much doctor mike, we appreciate it. >> love you alex. >> i love you too. >> but it is heart break to go see there were reports of an overdose, but to see it, and have tests come bake and knowing it for sure that is something else. >> we will go to you, sue. >> we're starting to look at bus stop budd which rain gear this morning, we have clouds, showers in the area. we are seeing heavy rain where we see yellow and orange moving through chester county and delaware county. so around marple, concord
7:34 am
township, we are seeing that steady toy heavy rain and that could slow you down for a while here this morning. yes, it is all moving west to east. it is eventually heading toward west philadelphia, you saw they were under the tent there and here in the city where we're about to see umbrellas go up again. 66 degrees in philadelphia we are heading to a high of 78, and, showers driving at anytime not stopping the spirits of the folks out in west philadelphia, including our very own, bob kelly. having fun so far, bob? >> okay. >> more fun then you can imagine. >> okay. >> good morning, everybody. we are having some fun here. what is the matter. >> i have to interrupt this programming, bob, we are in the heart of west philadelphia a. i have some pictures here. >> yes. >> i think, you have to dress the part, bob. >> do i look like will smithish west philly in the house. >> you are ready. >> yes. >> jam cams, we have a jammo.
7:35 am
>> we have jammoness west philadelphia here at the corn are of 50th and baltimore, cedar park and rest of the folks trying to get to work. vine street expressway coming into downtown, backup and over the bend any to eighth and vine, i-95, north east philadelphia, backed up at cottman avenue heading in to center city. lets check maps, we are down to 10 miles an hour on the schuylkill expressway near bala cynwyd and start your engines it is nascar weekend up there at the pocono speed way, and a jammo here in southwest philadelphia, on one side, west philadelphia on the other but we are at cedar park, alex, start the band. >> it is already started, bob, can't you hear it. we are here with the west philadelphia orchestra. we will stop them in a bit and we will hear the music.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families.
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no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. and, we are here, just so much love, under the love, this is and lean, this is so cute whacker school do you go to. >> penn alexander.
7:39 am
>> what grade are you in. >> fourth. >> and lean awe are doing a presentation in front of the class, civil rights presentation. >> yep. >> who will you be today. >> amelia boykin. >> who is she. >> she was the first black woman to run for congress. >> i love it. i love it. what do you want to be, do you want to go in politics. >> i want to be an artist? watch out, guys, angelina from west philadelphia, soon to be painting. >> yes. >> we will be buying her paintings. >> don't talk to me too much. >> i will get a discount. just kidding i will pay full price. >> go to school, i can't write a hall pass. she was adorable. i'm here with the west philadelphia orchestra. hello everyone. >> hello. >> you guys are celebrating ten years. >> pretty close, to that, band started in october 2006. so we are very close. right over here at forty-fifth and electric us. we started on the porch playing, and greg over here was basically the founder of the band and he put it all
7:40 am
together and we have been going to get stronger ever since. >> so if you started on a porch were your neighbors upset were you loud. >> they didn't complain. >> no, we had to stop. we had to respect our neighbors. >> looking at you now ten years later and everyone wants to hear you play. >> we're very busy. >> people want to hear you, you will be playing, if they want to hear you where can they find you. >> we play at frankie bradley's in center city. we are doing lots of parks, we will play next week, and then penn museum the following week and kahn park. >> do you have a web site. >> we do, yes, west philadelphia >> i know it is not tuesday night, it is friday but you will set us off right. what will you play. >> okay. >> what is that. >> it is great. >> let's take it away. >> ♪
7:41 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm sure you can hear this music from where you are in center city. >> absolutely. okay. it is here, ladies, it is here, dry bar has landed. this is genius who founded it all. we will talk about what this is, how you can utilize it, and bottom line, head line is, dry bar is here.
7:42 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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7:44 am
live from west philadelphia here, a couple of tables, part of what we set up here is all of the businesses, local businesses, coming out, and passing it on, westerly cool bar a tool library. >> yes, library for tools. we have about 3,000 tools, 600 members, for a nominal fee
7:45 am
every year you can come in and pick them out. >> you don't have the tools at home, come bureau the tools here. >> love it. >> perfect. >> tool library. is what your group. >> we are the a co-op grocery store started in baltimore. we have local produce, fresh, healthy groceries. >> right up the street a block away forty-ninth and baltimore. only in philadelphia is beer week more than seven days, is that right. >> beer week is year round here but officially kicking off today. i'm here with the brewery from allentown, pennsylvania. we are doing beer, hard cider and sewed a we are partnering with clarkville forty-third and baltimore, pizza, restaurants, beer wine, cider. >> i haven't had my yum bow coffee yet. you hang tight, we will check back with you later on. >> folks getting ready to head to work on a friday. some roads are wet depending upon where you begin and end your trip as we look live at 422, we will see headlights on, wipers on, road are wet.
7:46 am
we have had a couple subsequent on on the on and off ramps. roosevelt boulevard is starting to crawl working what you are i down to the schuylkill. we have some of the travel times on the schuylkill expressway, blue route, turnpike, even 95 and half an hour delay in bound right now, on the schuylkill expressway, again, the broad street subway having some trouble as well down there, near oregon. earlier, we see some power problems that we had, but otherwise rest of the the mass transit is looking good. i know, that it is starting to drizzle here, i'm hoping sue will move some of this rain out. she has at answer in 15 seconds. all right. yeah, we have some rain moving toward west philadelphia. so you see there is west,
7:47 am
east, everything is moving west to east. we will look closer, through see an area of yellow moving from chester county, into delaware county, and you know what is next on the list? west philadelphia. west goshen getting moderate to heavy rain right now, so is marple township in delco, and there is springfield, rain starting to get heavier there and as we zoom in closer, there is yeadon and eventually about friends in west philadelphia and cedar park. so that is the tiehl, but looking ahead to the weekend 78 degrees today, cloud, showers on and off all day long and then tomorrow it looks like we will be largely dry, 84 degrees, certainly better weather day of the weekend because you we have showers and thunderstorms for sunday, and then alex, things clear up well just in time for weekend to be over. we have rain gear for your beyonce concert on sun day, all right, i know she is.
7:48 am
>> okay, sue, we are here with the mazda folks. i'm here ready to go. we are here with vincent has been here every week for good day drives you even in the rain. >> even in the nice sunshiney weather. >> you know why, we have a chaps to win a car. >> my gosh, every single week mazda will pick somebody personally and then they will be a finalist and very last week somebody will win a mazda cx9. >> do you see how they said that, cx9. >> yes. >> here's the thing, so many pier people are excited about this can you tell how many people have signed up. >> oh, no. >> it is bob kelly, okay. >> it smells like a brand new car. >> it does. >> cx9 is here good how many people have signed up. >> so far over 40,000 people. >> that is a lot of people. >> don't let those numbers scar you away you can sign up once every 24 hours increase
7:49 am
your chances and we will announce finalist for this week later in the show, so it could be you. we will be back. thank you so much. jen, it is raining here. i'm concern about my hair. you are dry. more than dry. you are at a dry bar. >> this is best thing ever and this is the best person ever. allie web, good morning. >> good morning? a lot of people have been waiting for to you come here. you have been in l.a., new york. >> we are so excited. this has been one of our most requested cities. so excited to be in philadelphia women are going crazy they are so happy we are here. >> it is, the original dry bar blow out location many we will show people back here a little bit. it looks like a bar which you love. everything is in the bar theme so they are named after our drinks ape you can see a representation of our looks, manhattan, my tie, everything down the bar. >> when you look up is there a
7:50 am
chick flick. >> that is what we want to see. aim he not shy to say it. >> when we were coming up with the idea, i just wanted women to have an escape and not sit in front of the mirror and stare at themselves with wet hair for 45 minutes. you can zone out and watch a chick flick or bring your lab top and charge your iphone. it is a great experience for women to get out of their routine for an hour and recharge and feel great and then look amazing. that is the thing. we have found and you know this as a women when your hair looks great you feel great. we feel like we are not really selling blow outs but just happiness and confidence you get from great hair. >> we have some magazine covers because you are a cover star my dear. forty under 40, cosmo has recognized you, everyone loves the idea and the idea we were just talking off camera, you are a mom, former hair stylal list you went tour pal's house toes dry their hair. >> i started with my mobile
7:51 am
blow-dry business and there was a big hole, no place like dry bar. no place for women to go for a great blow out and beautiful, surrounding and place where people are nice to you. customer service is so huge for us. we want women to come in here look great, feel great and they are really wasn't anything out there like dry bar so i felt like i had to bring this to women every where. it resonated. it hads been excited. >> you call that at home because what you were doing was straightening women with curly hair. >> i thought we all had naturally really curly hair and thought this would be a business more for women with curly hair and wanted it straight. it turns out women that want straight hair want it curly. >> right here, girlfriend. >> so other thing is we talk about this when we go to a full service salon you feel pressured you want to cut my hair, cut the my hair. you took all of the pressure out. >> dry bar there is not the a stylist telling you you need a haircut or trying to change your color. it business making you feel
7:52 am
good or whatever you have going on with your hair look the best it can look. >> now that we are best friends, how do i know when i go in the dry bar every single stylist is good. you walk in the new place. are they good. >> i think that we have, now we have 61 locations, start to go day and we have a really robust training program. every single one of our locations has a trainer, on the ground that is training new stylists, existing stylist on the floor constantly watching and make your sure everyone is happy. there is so much emphasis put into training. we didn't always have that. over last six years we have developed that programming, and continue to develop it and make sure it is as good as it can be because you have a great blow whether you are in l.a., new york, philly you will get that same great experience. that is what we pride ourselves on and big part of our success. >> i want to say how do i know i will be l.a. fabulous here in philly. basically you said it. you don't mind hanging out for a couple hours. >> no. >> guys, you know this i have to ask her what are we doing
7:53 am
wrong at home, we will find that out, congratulations and thank you for bringing this to philly. back to you guys. >> thanks, jen. we are kicking off weekend here live in west philadelphia. but we are also kicking off something special beer week. >> only in philly does beer week run for more than seven days. >> yes. >> so, we will kick off beer week and tell you about it the when we come right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
okay. it is time to talk beer. let's just talk about all week filled with beer. >> it is beer week. >> everybody ready for beer week. >> yes. >> only in philly, you take a week, seven day, no, it is ten day event. >> that is right. >> philly beer week is ten
7:57 am
days. >> yes, it is we are set up in front of the dock street, right at 50th and baltimore, what is your name. >> marilyn. >> hi, marilyn. >> who doesn't want beer at 8:00 in the morning. >> exactly. >> it depend upon what time your day starts. >> exactly. >> do you want to do it right now. >> come on, bob. >> all right, all right. >> a little sip. >> so what is beer week. >> how long has it been going on for a while here. >> our ninth year good what is special about this week. >> where do i begin. it is all local this year it feels like. we have a lot of local beer and brewery involvement. philadelphia puts on their best show. >> opportunities to try some of the locally brought beer, beers that i have not tried ever. >> you know, and exactly. >> yes, especially here, dock street, tell us about dock street. >> dock instrument bree brewery, we have been here for ten years. he is our brewer and marketer.
7:58 am
we have lots of fun here good what is it like to be vice-president in charge of the brewing. >> would i ask her she's the vice-president. >> my gosh. >> i just take care have the beer and some of the marketing. >> yes. >> so for philly beer week, we close it out on sunday june 12th. we have a free musikfest and we do local music. we bring in, we put our best showcase of beer on tap. >> are there beer specials then. >> we do a 5k scavenger rent in west philadelphia. >> if i come here to eat. >> you will get something you have never had before. >> i like it. >> yes. >> you have heard of the torch for olympics but i have this. >> what is the deal with the ham are. >> the hammer makes its way, all through the city of philadelphia a it starts up in the north east and it makes its way all the way back down, and makes a route around the city and owned up at opening tap tonight at 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. at fillmore. >> oh, yeah. >> bobbies lifting weights in
7:59 am
the morning. >> no, no, one, two, three. >> what is special about this is, it is passing the torch. we have pass our friend to wmmr. >> we will drive around in the hammer mobile, right. >> yes. >> mc hammer, let's do it. >> many different routes. one time it was sky diving, a few years ago. so philly puts out their best show for how this camera gets done. >> you don't to have worry about this thing going out. >> yes, it is solid. >> do you want to have some beer. >> i want bob kill toy keep going. >> thanks. >> more beer on good day philadelphia, live from west philadelphia. new details in the tragic death of a music legend. what we are learning about the powerful painkiller linked to
8:00 am
prince's death. >> a rainy start to the weekend, will the wet weather, stick around for the roots picnic and beyonce concert? what you should know on this big weekend in philadelphia. the evening is a perfect blow out, ladies, what are you doing wrong. hair mistake you may be making and hot shop that is now opened up in philly. good day hits the road from west philadelphia, to hollywood, local dj now working with everyone from janet jackson to miley cyrus. ♪ >> you come here. >> we are here, in the 8:00 o'clock hour having so much fun in west philadelphia it is raining but we don't mine. are you going to play something for us. >> we're the big uncle.
8:01 am
>> let's hear it, play something. >> two, three, four. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we like jamming. sue, are you jamming with us here in west philadelphia. >> i love jamming with you. it is fun. rain isn't stopping anybody from having fun even they we have a six out of ten, weather by the numbers, buddy is always smiling. the cloud and showers are out there right now so just like folks in west philadelphia a have your umbrella with you, watching this green and yellow moving through from west to east. is there heavy downpour in delaware county, right now and the steady to heavy rain is heading toward west philadelphia a, and here in our neighborhood in olde city, as well and eventually across the river into new jersey. you get ready. 66 degrees right the now with 90 percent relative humidity.
8:02 am
seventy-eight is our high to daze with mostly cloudy skies and on and off showers, so, this is the case for today, but what about the rest of the weekend and those sunday storms, we will break it down for you coming up but right now lets check back in west philadelphia back with bob kelly, hi. >> hi, sue, i'm coming to you from the back of the brand new mazda that we will be giving away here, during our good day drive. but first of all make sure your wipers are working as we get ready to check jam cams as we head out the front door, northbound i-95, we have a disabled vehicle, and, roosevelt boulevard, a jammo in the city. we are starting to see the rain, moving in different parts of the area. it is dry when you start. we have a down tree in delaware. chain road at smith bridge
8:03 am
road, and hen kelly drive will be jumping this weekend. we have dragon boat regatta too many and in town the philadelphia cycling championship on sunday, which will take over kelly drive and all of manayunk. if you come on by you have a chance to win brand new mazda. process is easy. >> it is so simple. the just come over to our lovely great ambassadors who will have an ipad and we will do a couple of, basic information about mazda, two minutes and then you have yourself either a free mazda bag or a pair of free pass day sunglasses. >> i know sunglasses, we don't need this morning, but again, you can register, once a day, every day, you can do it here live, at the corner of 50th and baltimore or do it on line on our web site the at fox someone, somewhere, during all of our trip is going to win a
8:04 am
brand new car. it is 8:03. we will get a look at your head lines this morning, chris. five-year old girl is in critical condition after a fire ignites inside their northeast philadelphia home. >> flames gutted their house in the 3700 block of south hereford lane last night. trapped inside the young girl in a bedroom on the third floor. neighbors tell fox 29 her mother frantically tried to get her out but could not fight the heat and thick smoke. emergency crews managed to rescue the girl, air lifting both she and her mother to the hospital. and investigators are trying to determine what started that fire. we now know what killed music legend, prince, according to a minnesota medical examiner he died of a accidental drug overdose. he was found dead inside his paisley park mansion. fentanyl is a powerful painkiller 50 times more potent then heroin but prince had a prescription for it, its you not yet clear.
8:05 am
it is unclear where he got the powerful painkiller a cording to the autopsy reports, prince administered the drug himself. and 8:05. five soldiers are dead, four other are missing after officials say, that their drug washed away near a crossing, in a flooded creek at fort hood in texas. fort hood spokesmen says vehicle was carrying 12 soldiers when it overturned. three were found alive and hospitalized in stable condition. crew are are still searching for four missing soldiers. at least six other people have been killed in the past week, since texas, deals with record flooding. and, authorities identified blue angel pilot killed when his jet crashed during a practice flight in nashville he had yesterday. marine carpet jeff had trouble and crashed shortly after take off. instead of ejecting from i jet hitting nearby homes it appears that the pilot stayed in the jet and directed it to a safe area. no word on why or how that plane may have crashed. a thunderbird pilot ejected from his plane after performing a fly over at the
8:06 am
air force academy graduation in colorado springs. president obama had just spoken a at that ceremony. pie the lot is okay and, in fact, met the president, after the crash. 8:06. new to oakland where cleveland cavilers took on the golden state warriors last night in game one of the nba final. >> steph curry and clay thompson combined to score 20 points together for golden state but they were helped out by the bench. sean livingston scored 20 points. former sixers andreing dal an added 12. they out scored cleveland's bench 45-ten helping warriors with the big win for game one. that score, 104-89. game two is sunday night in, oakland. lynn minder ace leaving hamilton. >> it seems he has other plans for the summer, according to the hollywood reporter. miranda will leave the show july 9th to work on other projects. he reportedly told friend he has, seen an idea for a new miracle. it is unclear if miranda will perform in the show
8:07 am
periodically. producers declined to comment on his status. >> hopefully next show you won't to have wait six to eight months for tickets. >> or spend $1,500 per seat is that the going rate for hamilton on broadway. >> i know something you can do today go see alex and bob in west philadelphia. >> and get a free doughnut, right. >> we have a lot of free stuff. you cannot put a price on this. >> we're having fun. all of the local businesses are set autopsy long baltimore avenue giving out, free, fit is free, it is for me. >> yes, exactly. >> but we're in the park which is free. aim with the commissioner for parks here in the area good morning. >> good morning, how are you guys. thanks for being in west philly the best fill. >> west philly, the best philly. >> this is special to you because you spend time here. >> yes, all of the parks and recreation center but i have a special love for cedar park. we have live right down the street on forty-ninth street. we come here every day with my daughter, jill and lucy, who
8:08 am
go to st. francis desales just around the corner. incredible park. it really represent is a amazing diversity and community spirit of this neighborhood. >> when it comes to philadelphia, we love the parks and green space that we have but you are saying in west philadelphia it is special. >> i'm biased, i'll admit but it is special. i think people in west philadelphia, just love their parks. they love it so much. it the is owe obvious. there is such a community spirit, such a sense of pride. people really take care of their park in special ways especially the friends of cedar park and clark park. they are extraordinary, you know, community members, and they love their park. >> i have to admit i have been riding my bike around here. i said it earlier. it was a warm sunny day this park was pack. there were kids, there were older folks. people hanging out. you could see the community. >> oh, yeah. >> i notice too you have slide, you have things for the kid to play work the swings, it is in the just grass. >> that is right, macing programs. there is something for everybody. it is friends group that don't get the credit they deserve. volunteers out here every day
8:09 am
making sure these parks are safe, clean. doing it would, that we cannot do all the time. programming, a park, and movie nights, and dances, and music, and all volunteers. >> they are all volunteers. you know, especially the friend of cedar park. friend of clark park. we are just so grateful for them for their support. >> wonderful. >> and i think a lot of times we use these parks and we have fun but we don't know all of the work that gets put into them. >> tremendous. philadelphia is one of the largest urban parks in the country. we have 120 neighborhood parks, 150 rec centers, it is a massive system. it is so fortunate. >> i think kids should have the day off from school to play in the parks, does that sound good. >> yes. >> i love it. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for being here in west philadelphia. >> we will be hanging out here, in the cedar park. thinks a special dj that is here. he has been with the city, he has been with janet jackson and now with us in west philadelphia.
8:10 am
>> put the needle on the record.
8:11 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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8:13 am
sometimes you don't want to be right but we have been watching this area of rain, moving out of delco into west philadelphia, and it is here, it is raining steadily right now in cedar park, but it is not stopping the fun, so if you are in the neighborhood stop on by they are having a great time. here's is what happening. we are watching leading edge of the cold front that will take all day to get through. we will see rain like this on and off throughout the day. it is not raining every where. hardly anything at the jersey shore or southern delaware but here in chester county, in delaware county, those areas of yellow where the heavier rain is around chester, marple, and, media, and here in philadelphia, the heavier rain starting to cross the boarder from delco, into west philadelphia, and then there you see a heavy downpour in
8:14 am
yeadon right now, so that is what is going on at the moment. we have got bonnie, which has reformed into a tropical depression but not going to affect our weather, it is off the north carolina coast. we are dealing with this cold front, that is number one and here comes number two, at the end of the weekend, on sunday. so that could make for a equally maybe even worse weather day, i know, on sunday, but here's your shore forecast. temperatures will stay in the 70's during the day, friday, saturday, and sunday. a cool one today with mostly cloudy skies, maybe a peak of sunshine, saturday, 73 with clouds and sun and then thunderstorms rolling in on sunday just like they will in the pocono mountains. for nascar weekend or just going out for the weekend, saturday definitely your better weather day because those thunderstorms are in store for sunday. we have been watching some fog, along the shore, and the atlantic city international, only 2 miles visibility right now. temperatures in the 60's at the moment topping off at 78 degrees, and it should stay
8:15 am
dry most of the the day saturday high of 84. sunday thunderstorms rolling in. we will clear out in time for weekend to be over on monday. the that is your forecast. bob kelly is dodging rain drops and having some fun in west philadelphia. thank goodness we put up the tentestimony the at 50th and forecast. the rain stopped but now starting to rain again. we are all having a bad hair day, right. >> that is right. >> come on, lets check the jam cams, let's go outside to a live look at the blue route 476 right here near mid county. you know is what happening right now on the blue route. >> jammo. >> jam on. >> southbound from mid county down to the schuylkill. we have some problems in horsham wittmer road and county line road. one lane blocked there also down in delaware, smith bridge road down tree and some wires a lot have of outdoor events
8:16 am
this weekend. the big one, baseball, and beyonce in south philadelphia. >> yes. >> on sunday. alex, i know you are going to that one. outdoors. lincoln financial field. will you be taking a hat what do you think. >> hat, puncho, and siran wrap, all. that i will be covered up. >> it is all good. >> outdoors, fun, just like it is here, 15th and baltimore. we have the tent. we have the whole crowd here. >> yes, we are all nice and comfortable. >> quincy is here too. >> yes, baby. >> my gosh. >> yes. >> i'm having a good time. this is my new friend. she's seven months old. and this is her mother. >> what is your name. >> my name is alycia. this is my daughter. >> now, we have just become friend. quincy will have another baby. i said no, i just have experience. i just have experience with
8:17 am
having a baby. >> having a great time. >> how is everybody doing. >> hey. >> wow. i don't know if i was supposed to say this but... unaudible. >> my name is. >> my name is renee and i work for water ice, best water ice in west philly. >> out out to fox 29. >> where is mike at. >> i don't know. >> but, we're having so much fun in west philadelphia. >> unaudible. >> alex, bob, back to you guys in the stood ohio. >> it is off the hook here, off the hook. >> yes. >> quincy got the crowd wild
8:18 am
up. we're excited over here too. >> yeah. >> what is your name and where are you from. >> derek, from west philadelphia. >> forty-ninth and... >> unaudible. >> i love you alex. >> i love you too. thank you so much. >> all right. >> here we go. what is your name. >> hey, 52nd and wood land. >> this guy is going to school, you will be late today, is what your name. >> you are going to be late today, right.
8:19 am
>> yes. >> free doughnut for your day, national doughnut day. >> bob will write you a hall pass for you. >> hi, how are you. >> good, i'm good. >> what is your name, are you from west philadelphia. >> yes good what part. >> southwest philadelphia. >> yes. >> i love it. >> what about you are you from west philly too. >> yes, i am yes. >> everybody say hi to mom. >> hi mom. >> i love you mom. >> for some reason i am really interested in this taylor swift and calvin harris break up. they seem so much in love. who broke up with who. >> yes. >> we need to know. >> exactly. >> maybe we will get good songs.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
8:23 am
we're back here. i want this cx9. >> just come out really quick ape do a survey or go to fox >> all you have to do is what they are doggies taking everybody information on the ipads. your name, your info, bam you are registered you are not eligible. >> yes. >> you are over here, putting fake names, but you guys are, why don't you win the car. we have so many people doing this, once every 24 hours, it is a nasdaq cx9. this looks good. but this is cx5. >> it will look better than this. >> cx9 is bigger, better, it is a macing. >> the reason we are not showing it is not even here yet. you know it is new if they are still putting it together. >> yes. >> put the new car smell in the new car.
8:24 am
>> that is right. >> new, new smell. >> yes. >> the new smell. >> thank you so much. make sure that you sign up and also in a little bit we will announce finalist for this week. remember, every week we have finalist and then on july 221st of those finalist they will be, driving away in a beautiful cx9. >> thank you, vincent. >> all these people want to sign up. >> in west philadelphia. >> come on out here. >> it is hilarious. they take celebrities and they sit there and they get to see all of the stuff, some of it is bad but fun to see people receipt tweets. >> they read the tweets live that are sent to them. >> see their reaction, i love it. >> so everyone is talking about the finals, nba finals, and steph curry and lebron james going up a begins each other. why not have a nba theme mean tweets. >> magic johnson looks like a ball, black, john travolta. >> does anyone know what blake
8:25 am
griffin is, morgan freeman car on the top an amazon or what happened. >> have you ever been down loading something on line and halfway through it just froze and could not go anywhere. think steph curry's puberty. >> my gosh. it is so funny at the same time. >> we should try that one day good we do that every day. we read tweets thaw send us, make sure you tweet us. people are talking about all of the fun we are having in west philadelphia you can come out here and see us. >> fiftieth and baltimore. trolleys are going by. gang is all here. we have plenty of tents to keep you dry. >> speaking of dry, jen is at a new dry bar in center city. she's getting fabulous.
8:26 am
>> we will talk about that and you're doing it wrong when it comes tour dry shampoo. what the genius says, you you are the genius says we should do with our dry chapel -- shampoo.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we are here in west philadelphia, some of the best of west philadelphia all these businesses that are lined up here, and, i want to make a special mention for our sponsors dunkin' donuts. bob, you know what today is. >> it is a national holiday for me i should get a comp day for this, it is national doughnut day. >> here they are. >> don't they look beautiful. >> how nice, our sponsor, dunkin' donuts to make a
8:30 am
special fox 29 doughnuts. where bob, you know you are really special because on top of the fact that we have fox 29 doughnuts, you have some special what are those called. >> jelly doughnuts. >> my goodness. >> look at this, who wants a jelly doughnut. >> i do. >> i love when you take a bite and it all squirts out. >> can you ever have too many jelly toe nuts. >> never. >> we have great samples. what are you sampling. >> we have almond joyized coffee and our sweet teeth lemonade. >> i want to try that. >> you have to drink it with your pinky extended. >> cheers. >> sue, we're drinking with our pinky out. >> and then when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. >> temperatures in the 60's with bus stop buddy and making sure you have have your rain gear this morning. just look outside your window and you can see what is going on. heavier rain here in philadelphia, we can see it
8:31 am
outside our window. there will be a little break in the action and then some more on the way for folks that are down in west philadelphia, there is market street there, and this is right around the area where alex and bob and quincy are this morning. so we have in philadelphia, right now 66 degrees. we have plenty of cloud cover when not raining and a high of 78 with on and off showers, but making the best of the situation, lets get back to west philadelphia and cedar park in particular, here's bob kelly. >> hey, sue bye, good morning. the rain should president stop anybody from coming by but it will cause delays out there this morning. let's check jam cams as we get ready to get you off on a friday morning. the eastbound 422, accident off to the shoulder at route 29. i-95 as you are heading in to cottman avenue. no longer a jammo but there is still a big delay as you head down into girard avenue. watch out in all of the work zones, that get some big old puddles there. up in horsham, wittmer road at
8:32 am
county line road, a two car crash with one lane getting by there. and then later on tomorrow, look out, westbound schuylkill expressway, down to one lane, between belmont avenue and 202, and that is going to happen tomorrow, so keep that in mind if you are heading out with, out toward kop. back here live in west philadelphia, we've got bonus galore, it is national doughnut day. where is alex? what are you doing? >> okay. >> trying a doughnut. >> do you want to do it again. >> sister from another mister. >> jen? >> i went to florida state. >> are they talking to us. >> yes. >> hello. >> hi, good morning, now we're definitely showing. allie web, inventor, founder, genius behind try baron a
8:33 am
rainy day people want to give up. >> no, you would be surprised how many women come out. we have places to go, people to see. you need good hair. we give away these umbrellas. totally free. if it is raining we will give you an umbrella. i love the slogan, rain blows. >> because, whatever. >> okay. we are at this amazing new blow-dry bar, and talk to me -- we will be right back in a few minutes. >> this is a shower cap. it is one of the most fantastic shower caps ever, because, this is how you keep a blow-dry fresh. >> yes, i love thaw are wearing it right now. way to represent. because basically, you know, when you take a shower you don't want to get your hair wet, you can still get humidity from the shower. so, here i will help you, you are good.
8:34 am
>> it didn't wreck your hair. >> so basically when you take a shower and you have humidity in the shower, it is a lining that protects your hair. you have your hair, protect in the shower. it is like, within of my favorite products. it is first product we ever came out with. it is nice and big so fit lots of hair. must have when you take your shore and you want your blow out to last longer. >> if i'm going to the gym, i go for maybe a 30 minute runnish, and then i get sweaty, funky but i still want to see my friends. you say we're using dry shampoo. >> yes, we are. >> they are putting it back. >> they are very on top of things. >> detox which is one of the best selling products as well as our shower cap. it is the perfect product to put in your hair, on your second day of your blow out or before you work out, it is great thing to spray in your hair. >> you just said it, before i work out.
8:35 am
>> before you work out. >> you spray it in your hair and then put your hair back in the loose pony. never a tight ones. it will actually preserve your blow out while working out because it absorbs the sweat while you are working out and then touch it up afterward too but it is great to do before. >> last tip what are we doing wrong with shampooing. >> you are probably shampooing too much. you want to let natural oils of your hair kind of get into your hair. if you you are washing your hair every day you are depleting it of the natural oil. wash your hair, as infrequently as you can. that is why we have things like dry chapel pew. we have built out an entire category for extending your blow out because longer you go in between blow outs, better it is for your hair and you cannery style your hair so many different ways to have a great blow out last. >> you said style? coming up at 9:00 i want to see what you are made of, i want to see cosmopolitan, and i want to see it all.
8:36 am
>> we are having too much fun so don't minus. by the way so far alcohol free this morning. >> you can get a glass of champagne right now but we have in the had any yet today. >> alex, you will love this place. >> good you are having fun. sound like i need to go over there. once i get out of the rain. >> it is such a big weekend, in philly. we have the roots picnic. then we have beyonce, so the question is what will you wear. we have to get in formation when we come right back.
8:37 am
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they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. welcome back, hey, west philly, how are you doing. okay, everyone. they are amazed at people
8:40 am
behind us. this is charlie. you are with here in west philadelphia yes. >> eight limbs i don't know if i see eight limbs. what are the eight limbs. >> it is more like eight weapons, hand, elbows, knees and kicks. >> eight weapons. >> did you hear that bob, these are weapons. >> i'm afraid to move because if i movie might get hit. >> how would you you describe muay thai to someone that doesn't know it. >> traditional boxing with kicks, knees and elbows. >> you cannot hit in the groin and you cannot head butt. >> that is two things. >> that sounds good. >> how long have you been training, they look intense. >> we have only been opened in west philadelphia for about a year but you some people have been training longer and come to train with kate and i. >> what is the thing that keeps you to keep going. this seems hard. >> you have have to have a passion for what you do. you have to enjoy working hard and you have to enjoy learning.
8:41 am
>> you guy travel and do competitions. >> yes, all over the place. >> are you winning a lot. >> we do well. >> he is humble, we do well. >> for women and men. >> yes, that is right. >> how long have you been doing it. >> seven years. >> seven years. >> so you have to make sure, are you usually do it with the same partner. >> no, many different partners. >> what will this help? this is a whole body work out. >> the whole body. >> cardio, arms, legs, everything. >> you can jump in at a beginner level class, i don't know if i can jump in, right now. >> we have all different levels. but a lot of beginners, and we modify things and we kind of work people up to a higher level. >> yes. >> so people want to get to that higher level where can they find out but guys do you have a web site. >> it is eight limbs or find us on instagram or facebook.
8:42 am
we're pretty easy to find. >> eight limbs, really eight weapons. don't mess with somebody who goes to eight limbs academy. >> absolutely. >> we're crazy here. >> exactly. >> our photographer mike greenwich does it and nobody messes with you. bill anderson too. >> no wonder. >> yes. >> we're going to talk to tmz in a witt because everybody is talking about calvin harris and taylor swift. they seem to have trouble finding love. real question is who broke up with who. we will break it down when we come back.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
you can see everybody smiling, because they were prepared for the rain. it is not getting them down. they are all so happy. they are family. i love it. for the rest of us, we're dealing with rain. at least they are having some fun. we are seeing more rain from chester county into delaware county.
8:46 am
a break in the action as this batch in delco right now around marple heads towards west fill once again. the lets get to that seven day forecast, preparing for the weekend, on and off rain throughout the day-to-day but generally a dry day, tomorrow but then enough sunshine will get to the mid 80's, lower 80's on sunday and showers and potentially strong thunderstorms, late in the day on sunday clearing up just in time for the weekend to be over through middle of next week. alex, are you having fun no matter what the weather, great to see. we want to get serious here. we have learn new information about prince and what led to his death. there were reports there was a overdose but dax, we will get to you with tmz. we did know that he did die of a opioid overdose. >> yes, that is accurate. so the medical examiner released information yesterday, saying it was an accidental overdose of
8:47 am
fentanyl which if you know anything about fentanyl it is a very, very powerful drug, like 100 more powerful than morphine. people use it when dealing with the pain of cancer and dealing with death. it can be extremely, addictive. either way, they released this report saying he was found fully clothed, weighing about 112-pound at the time of his death but no other significant cause of death, that refutes those stories circulating around that he had other serious medical conditions. those seem to be untree. but this is, you know, a big revelation that people have been waiting for. other than that lets move on to other news, more interesting news out there, as well, calvin harris and taylor swift have broken up. this was after about 15 months of dating. they decided to call it quits. it doesn't sound like any big drama a i don't know if you will get amazing music out of it. it sound like they were moving apart. he wasn't into the hollywood
8:48 am
life. he likes to do music and shows and that is about it. he wasn't into going in to all these award shows and red carpets and things that she likes to dough. they have drifted a part. it doesn't sound like major drama there. little catch up on meek mill. we have talked about that a couple weeks ago. meek mill was supposed to get off house a reason wednesday but that has been extended for eight more days, because he did in the complete the correct community service. apparently the judge specified to him, in documents he needed to go work with the home less, habitat for humanity, work with senior citizens, veterans, and he did not, well, he did a little bit with the home less but did time doing speeches, working with schools and children, and the judge said look i was very specific what i wanted. you will get eight more days to complete the proper community service, and then we cannery assess and get you off
8:49 am
your house arrest. so a lot of drama for meek mill but hopefully he will be wrapping up in the next week and be out before you know it. >> okay, thank you, dax. i'm biased because i'm here in philly but do you like spending time with the kid. at least it is still community service. we get it, eight more days and then we will be free to go. maybe we will get more music. >> now we know it is raining and we know what people like to do. we wanting to to the movies and be inside. lets look at is what going on in the box office, teenage mutant ninja turtles. is it good? we will talk to kevin mccarthey.
8:51 am
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welcome back to west philadelphia. >> you know what the rain has finally stopped. >> i had to bring in the mounted police here. >> look out. >> do you think you can do something about this guy. >> no. >> no. >> no, not me. >> we are here with officer chen and officer lorenzo and this is gary. >> yes. >> do you get to name horses. >> who named the horses. >> the lieutenant. >> the lieutenant. >> yes. >> how long have you been with the mounted police. >> five years. >> have you always loved to work with horses. how do you decide thaw want to be part of the mounted police. >> how do you decide. you have to put your time in on the street, and, you have
8:54 am
to put a transfer in. go through the interview process. go through training. and see if you can make it. >> are you a horse whisperer. >> no, not at all. >> all throughout west philadelphia, what do you love about being here in west philadelphia. >> we are city wide. >> we're here in west philadelphia. >> we're in west philly. >> yes. >> what is cool too is the kids love the horses. you guys have been good allowing the kids to come up, and let them pet them. >> that is what the police department is, to bridge the gap between the community and police department and that is what the horse does. it doesn't matter where you put him, west philadelphia, north philadelphia, whatever, everybody wants to touch the horse and take a picture next to the horse and then, they talk to us. that is what it is all about. >> it starts conversation, that is all you need, to start something. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> officer lorenzo, i wanted to say something, i know we
8:55 am
look awkward here, how lopping have you been with the mounted police. >> 2012. >> what do you love about being with the mounted police. >> i love horses. i used to work with horses when i was 14 and 16. ever since then i loved it. when i came on the job in 2,000 i wanted to be on mounted. i was happen that i they brought it back. >> do you see community when they see you coming at all. >> of course, the kids love it, the adults love it. it is a great day when we are together. >> it is a great tool. >> wonderful. >> so great, thank you so much for being out here. we appreciate you and what you do for the community. >> thank you. >> west philly. >> go west philly. >> that is right. >> so we have been talking about the fact it is such a big music weekend. we have roots picnic. we have beyonce concert. what will you wear? we have you covered when we come back in a little bit we will have a nice little fashion show we will get you all together. >> there he goes. >> giddy up.
8:56 am
>> bye. grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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we are back here at the start of the 9:00 o'clock hour. i have everybody out here. we are about to do something big. we did this earlier in the show. if you are back behind me so we can get everybody here. we are in west philadelphia. it is raining. we are out here showing how amazing this place is. you know what song we have to do, right, guys. >> let me get my sunglasses on. on the count of three. ready, sing it. ready, one, two, three. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow. >> let's get back. you cannot do that enough, bob. >> yes. >> look at all of the kids. they are doing some dancing. speaking of dancing. >> we will come back through, come on back through, jammo. >> coming through, coming through, party train. >> ♪


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