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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow. >> let's get back. you cannot do that enough, bob. >> yes. >> look at all of the kids. they are doing some dancing. speaking of dancing. >> we will come back through, come on back through, jammo. >> coming through, coming through, party train. >> ♪
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>> hi, how are you. >> tell me your name. >> darnell richardson. >> yes, dance forever dancer. >> you have been dancing forever. >> we are located right here in west philadelphia a. >> sixty-third and vine. >> modern ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and... unaudible. >> she is dancing here. >> yes. >> can anybody come and learn how to do these dance. >> yes. >> unaudible.
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>> look at him, he is so cute. west philadelphia has such a diverse community. >> yes, not just here but, everybody. we have two locations in philadelphia we are celebrating five years. so we're so excited. >> congratulations on five years. keep on dancing. >> yes. >> i need to take some classes. >> keep on dancing. >> you got it, bob. >> i see you out here. >> hey. let's go. here we go. here we go. >> okay. this is a great thing. we have all these businesses lined up here, our sponsor dunkin' donuts. we are here at free ceramics. >> you were one of the first
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people here setting up. >> i make hand made pottery, my studio is one block south of here, and everything you see here i make by hand and all of the surface decoration i hand carve. >> what are these deice. >> thinks a process called when you paint on the color surface and carve away. >> why treat. >> that is my last name. >> is it on your necklace as well. >> beautiful. >> great designs. >> you know, before we get any further down the street here i want to come over here and talk to the police department. i necessity we talked to the mountain policed. >> your name good sergeant ryans. >> a big part of the neighborhood here. the police officers. tell us about west philadelphia a. what is it like to patrol. >> we're looking for great people want to be police officers. call 215-68-2677. we have a new recruitment drive, june 20th and we are looking for the best good what
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are the requirements if i want to be a police officer. >> right now we're going to be making some changes to the requirement. high school diploma, or 20 years or older of age. >> so you can apply right here in west fill throughout the day. >> yes. >> if you are interested in becoming a police officer. you are looking for any particular skills other than high school diploma, and 20 years of age. >> we want people interested in making a difference in their community, serve and protect. if they never thought about a job in policing before, come talk to us and sign up. >> what is great you are hiring. folks looking for a job, want to make a difference, philadelphia police department. >> yes. >> thank you for your service. >> free doughnuts next to you. >> i didn't mean to say it. >> that is all right. >> who do we have here. >> we will go down to the emporium. i'm here with emily what part of the west philadelphia are you in. >> we are at 5009 baltimore. >> what do you sell. >> we have gifts, cards, jewelry, all made by small
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independent businesses mostly in the philadelphia region. >> what i love with these cards if you want to write where you are from they all say west philadelphia is best philly. all kind of things that she how beautiful and pride that west philadelphia has. >> for sure. >> even t-shirts. >> yes. >> tattoos. >> temporary tattoos. that is how you know it is real there. >> what is that. >> that is a local candle maker. these are scented candle holders. >> can you open up one for me. >> we have fresh cut grass. >> that is a good one. >> yes. >> we have rosewood, spices. >> we have a good one. >> we have more philadelphia stuff. even west philadelphia apron with the crown here. i love this. and birds nest hearings. we're nesting here. >> yes, emily makes these, makes the birds nest, and then i would like to point out we have, like local west
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philadelphia a theme nail polish here in the city. >> how is nail polish west philadelphia scheme. >> thinks cobbs creek cobalt, and et cetera, et cetera. >> i love this. >> i also love the bottle. you see liberty bell there with the the heart on it. >> yes. >> one woman philly based business. very cool. what a way to representative philadelphia and west philadelphia thank you so much. >> i'm always hungry, bob. >> what do you have here for us. >> we have some food for you to sample. >> where are you located. >> we are at 5037 baltimore avenue. >> what exactly is this. >> this is shrimp and just a sample. >> yes. >> so this is first. then we will go have dessert. come over here, we will bring the camera over, take a look at the cakes. it looks like somebody already started. >> i'm going to tell you pound cake pam do you like that. >> yes. >> how long have you been making pound cake.
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>> for 12 years. >> yes, yes. >> where are you located in west philadelphia 5029 baltimore avenue right up the street. >> what kind do you have here they all look delicious. >> we have gluten free, sugar free, we have lemon on lemon and what we like to present you today is lemon blueberry. >> lemon blueberry. >> one of our top sellers. >> that sounds amazing what a way to celebrate. >> the thing is, it has to be moist. people at home how can you make that good pound cake and keep it going. >> don't get rid of the butter. >> lots of butter. >> calories, i love calories you know what goes good with a nice dry pound cake is a big glad of milk. >> yes, come down and visit us. >> pound cake pam, is what the name of your place. >> pound cake heaven. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we're going down here now. look the at all of these, people, it is great everybody that is coming down here. so tell me the name of your
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place. >> hair by studio. >> yes. >> how long have you been doing rain. >> for 24 years, i have been doing hair but i have been on baltimore avenue, two years and ten months to the date. >> do you like it. >> i do, i love it what is special about baltimore avenue. >> baltimore avenue, the diversity of the people, friendliness, families and everybody who has come around and definitely gives me love. >> what is the name of your place. >> how many haircuts have you given out here so far today. >> four. >> this lady right right now. >> it looks good. >> what are you doing right here. >> i'm just finishing up a haircut. you know texture rising it, going through it, and i'll be done in just a few. >> wonderful. >> is there a line of people that want their haircut. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate it. >> bob, i was like what is going on. >> we are playing baseball in
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the neighborhood. would you like to move to the neighborhood. reality crews are here. what is the house available here in west philadelphia. >> it is pretty intense. there is a lot going on. all over the city, definitely here in west philadelphia, great place to be, a lot of nice businesses. you can rent, buy. rent, buy, sell, manage we do it all. >> what is the name. >> new age reality group. >> let's throw them out. >> catch, catch, catch. >> wow. >> hey bob, those things hurt, i will throw back one your way, over there we are here with west philly produce. >> we are west philadelphia produce, biproduct of a and w solutions. we are at 62nd and market street where most of the items we are teaching the youth in our communities how to grow the stuff from seed to kitchen. then we will teach them how to make their own products with it. we are community based
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organizations. this is simon, one of our -- >> hi there. >> so did you make this juice. >> no. >> what do you make. >> sometimes i make pretzels, i make water ice. i also help in the community garden. most of our stuff in our community garden was actually grown by people may age. >> how old are you. >> nine. >> nine. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> working at west philly produce. >> for three years since i was six. >> you opened up your own produce place when you get older. >> yes, i want to have a whole bunch of jobs when i grow up. i want to be a entrepreneur like my mother. >> i love that, you go girl. >> how many kids do you work with. >> well, so far, thousands. we have been doing this for 30 years now. we used to work inside the prison system, juvenile prison system. for the last 15 years we have been doing it privately in the community teaching the youth in the community, giving back to practical and that they have taken out of the school
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district. we will do chest clubs and west philadelphia produce and we are also shutting down drugs and taking back our community. >> i love this, giving the kid and the community, positive things to do, really from the ground up, if someone sees this and say i want my child to be involved what can they do. >> they can reach out to arnet woodall at west philadelphia produce at 18 south 62nd street in west philadelphia a produce. it is for you. >> thank you very much. >> still come down, yes. >> you are so cute. tell me your name again. >> simone. >> keep on, simone. i will be going to your shop one day for sure. >> how are you. >> okay. quincy? i missed you, i haven't seen you. what are you doing now. >> we're having so much fun, in west philadelphia. west philadelphia, make some noise.
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we have the band. we have dj active here. i'm with the west philadelphia football team. you have been the coach. you went seven-three last year. tell me about these guys. >> hard workers. they love the game. they do what they are supposed to do. they go to class. i love them. >> how long have you been here. >> i have been here for three years. >> you will do a number for us. >> they will do a number right now. west philadelphia, right now, i'm going to have the west philadelphia a cheerleaders, perform right now.
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>> thanks, quincy. it is raining. when it is raining you want to be inside. lets get a movie round up of the great movies round up, with kevin mccarrot and teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> it is kevin mccart which this weeks murphy review. there are three debuts, ninja turtles sequel, me before you start amelia clark from game of thrones and pop star never stop, never stopping, first off is ninja turtles sequel out of the shadows, first film made over 493 million-dollar, so clearly they are making a a producer this is produced by michael bay and starring megan fox, and it has a huge cast.
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the four turtles by the way are played by actual actors, in performance captures suits. they have major suits on with actual shells behind them that have dots all over their bodies, two cameras facing their faces. very similar to how andy circus did caesar. it feels very realistic as realistic as it possibly can, with a turtle over 6 feet tall. very, fun film obviously these two characters here. bee bob and rock study, the famous wrestler. it is a very, very fun film. axis great. great sequence where casey jones whom you see here played by steven amel is skating between these two cars and they are exploding to the left and right of them. that scene is incredible, to watch. here's the thing. the script is not that great, the story telling issues. but overall it is a very fun time at the film. it is slightly better than first one. i gave first one a three.
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i gave this three and a half out of five. it is fun for the adults and screen. the action and the score are great. moving on next is me before you. one of the most beautiful, devastating movies i have even in a long time. this sound weird to put them together but this film has so many charming moments, but very, very sad story, at the same time. amelia clark who you know from game of thrones looks different. you know her as the mother of dragon from game of thrones. she's playing a character hired to take care of sam clapin's character hoist paralyzed. gorgeous love story. beautiful cinema quality to it. i loved this shot in the movie in the wedding and camera spinning around them during a dance scene. the shot is incredible. it spins around on the dance floor, beautiful shot to watch. i gave it four out of five. i have issues with the ending which i won't say, as a spoiler but it is a very well made movie, four out of five. finally pop star, never stop, never stopping, i'm seeing
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this film, ape review will be on my page, twitter page, at kevin mccarthey tv and mccarthey. andy sandberg stars in the movie created by loan eye island and andy sandberg character is a former boy band artist who comes out with a solo album. it does not do well. he tries to maintain his celebrity status. i'm kevin mccarthey, "fox news". >> i like to go to the movies, i like to eat. this looks so good. >> yes. >> what, what? >> it is a candle. >> it is a candle. >> it looks like food. >> it is just amazing pie. >> yes you cannot eat it. >> lemon pie. >> tell us bit. >> so these are all hand made soy candles. they are all mine. they are made with soy wax and candles. they all look and smell like real food. >> is that real blueberry. >> it is not. it looks and smells like one but it is not.
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>> check that out. >> it has everything from bacon, strawberry short cake, you name it you better tell the kids, that this is not good to eat. >> yes good they range from 17 to $22. so, they burn for a while. >> that is the way to get everybody. this is good thing when you go over somebody ease house and smell food cooking and then you get to eat. >> kid pretend i i'm making their kid pie and totally freak them out. >> yes. >> or you decide to do this. >> i love food and candles and i wanted to do something super creative and something i have not seen before. i combined them both and went for it. >> where are you located. >> i don't have brick and mortar yet but i'm on line at gourmet >> take a look, strawberry short cake it looks like strawberries in the candle. >> yes, it does. >> there is lavender. >> my gosh, this is great. lets get down the line, go ahead, alex. >> is what your name. >> sunny. >> tell me what is this, all natural hair care.
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>> yes, future impressions. >> how long have you been here. >> we have been here since 2013. >> wonderful, wonderfully see you are selling what is this serum. >> oil, yes. >> what kind of oil. >> our rose marie, oil, so it is a blend of just natural oils that we use for our hair care and body and anything thaw need it for. >> dread locks or anybody with their natural hair. >> anybody with natural hair, body oil. >> okay. here's the thing, i get confused sometime, they have all kind of oil. olive oil what is so special and special about this. >> our oil is all natural. it doesn't have any additives. it is better for skin and better for the body. >> yes. >> you can understand. >> yes. >> that is big. >> you reading those bottles and like i don't know what that is. >> yes, how much is a bottle. >> $8. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks for being out here. >> sue, i'm learning so much about west philadelphia i will start walking in and going in
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all of the businesses. >> i had no idea there was much going on it is fascinating. you know what nobody seems to be bothered by, well, it is rain we are looking at on radar but we have lots to show you. not every where, you can see berks county and parts of the lehigh valley in the getting any rain. southern delaware, jersey shore getting a break at the moment but here chester county has been raining there all morning, moving over, of course, west and east and into delco and west philadelphia, born and raised. but that will be the case until this cold front first one of the weekend comes through. so we have the rain on and off today. high of 78 degrees. eighty-four tomorrow. and it looks like we will have a lot of clouds, with partly sunny skies, it will be very humid tomorrow, and then thunderstorms, some of them strong to severe, could roll in by sunday but as we look into the middle of next week, it is looking pretty good. that is your seven day forecast. alex, back to you.
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thanks, sue. well, also this weekend is roots picnic and beyonce concert. i know what you are talking about, we're getting this all together. we will show you all of the great fashion to look good this weekend because everybody will be out and having a cook out, too bob. >> yes.
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good morning, everybody. it is early but how about some breakfast, are you ready. >> yes. >> take a look at this here, is what on the grill. >> chicken kabobs. >> is what the name of you place. >> what is on the grill. >> that is the name of your joint. will cool. what do we have here, chicken kabobs. >> yes. >> chicken kabob and skewers, chicken wings, sausages. >> yes. >> where is your place located. >> seventh first street. >> right here in the neighborhood. >> yes. >> who is hungry are you readied for some kabobs. >> yes.
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>> alex, we will eat, come on back over to you. >> let's eat. >> we're add cedar park, of course, we have great people to help make cedar park so amazing. tell me your names. >> chris. >> you're with. >> university city district. we wanted to welcome you. you are all members of the west philadelphia, as of today. >> i love it. >> thank you for the shirty will wear this, what do you do to help make it so great. >> we put on big events, this is the guy from neighbor park neighbors that maintain the park and bring neighbors in. >> you do the dirty work then. >> i'm david with cedar park neighbors. we feel that west philly is the best philly here.. >> they agree. >> starting tonight is beginning of the jazz in the park. it goes all the way, free jazz, all the way through summer every friday at 6:00 o'clock, here through july. >> who doesn't love jazz and free events. >> yes.
9:25 am
>> we want everyone to shop locally. this is baltimore avenue businesses, west philadelphia, come and shop locally. >> i have me some baba. >> it is baltimore avenue. >> that is what it is. >> we have gotten the taste of the great businesses here, under the tent. it is a great thing. thank you so much for all that you do here with cedar park. all of the people coming together. we are eating, dancing, having a great time. jen, i know you are missing out right now and i know you are jealous. >> i'm a little jelly, you are probably jelly of me though because we have allie web here, founder of dry bar, making it all happen, after the break we will show you the style and we will show you how to get them, if you come here. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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okay. we're back here in west philadelphia i'm playing a game here, he is eight years old. jen, we will get to you n a few minutes we will announce finalist who is eligible to get that mazda cx9. >> yes. >> yes, that is awesome. one of the things they do here, by the way this is allie web, founder of new try bar here in philadelphia, 17th and market. >> yes. >> you can make an appointment on your app. >> it takes like 15 seconds. >> every hair style is like a cringe has a name of the drink. >> this is our cosmo, lots of loose curls. you can see it as well. but, you can see lots of loose
9:30 am
curls. i was telling you before we use a bender which is super easy to use with a rotating barrel which makes curling a breeze. >> what if you don't have the bender. >> you got to get the bender you can use any curling iron. the key, obviously this is great because you get that perfect curl but a key to a great curl is working in small sections and not over doing it. with blowing dry too work in small sections. you can see i'm only doing an inch to 2 inches of hair. that is within of the big secrets. you try to do too much at once you won't get all your hair and it won't take it as well. >> you can do that with short hair, long hair, all kind of hair. >> yes. >> that is one of your big popular ones. >> yes. >> muay thai is also one. >> this is so cute. >> this is a muay thai, so thinks more of a relaxed wave, beachy wave. this is our chaser, our shine crime, which is a great
9:31 am
product. when you have those messy beachy waves you just twist it, and it is more mess the better. it is a great rain style too. >> i have seen you do this move. you put something in and then smoothing it in. >> just twisting it around the hair so all of the hair gets a expected and all of the hair gets a little bit of shine, movement good we all have fingers we can do that. >> hopefully, yes. >> so last thing i have to say, this is my wow personally. because i saw what she looked like before. so you see her right here in the book. it is the straight up. it is straight but not boring. >> right. >> that is part of the reason why we made this book, because straight can be interpreted ten different ways. her hair is obviously straight, pretty but doesn't mean it has to be flat. her hair is bouncey and straight and pretty. this this is a popular style. our straight up. just beautiful, bunsy hair. we have manhattan which is
9:32 am
super, super straight, and very sleek look, which is very pretty but this is more basic, bouncey blow out. >> yes. >> how long do we speakable out to last. >> it depend on your hair stipe and texture and all of those things. i necessity woman who don't wash their hair anymore they only come to dry bar and they won't wash their hair for three or four days. i can go two or three days. everyone is different. that is why we built, a blow out category with our dry chapel pew and the shower cap and all these things that extend your blow out. >> we were on facebook live a few minutes ago. people are asking questions. >> yes. >> i asked you there about the celebrities. we have not talk about it. >> yes. >> i said to you can you kiss and tell. >> you said basically everybody has been in. >> it has been really interesting to us too. we didn't expect to have a huge celebrity following. we figure celebrities have access to big fancy stylist,
9:33 am
money but just like everybody loves the experience, they do too. they love sitting at the bar. you can see how much fun it is, relaxing, watching a great chick flick, with subtitles. so it is just a great experience. that is what it is about for everybody is that experience. >> and, delco loves tina fey and she's a big fan. >> she comes in all the time. it is fun if we have one of her movies on which we pay for and make sure we are paying all of their rights on but she's a customer too in new york too. >> you have to come in here. i know you love your hair. they can -- do you do guys hair. >> occasionally. >> it is getting all wet out here today. >> we have umbrellas up. earlier i said put needle on the record. the here's a record. where did you find this one out. >> the original dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince, rocked the house. you have a bag on that one. hold on to that. here are some of the other
9:34 am
businesses, a savvy business solutions, what do you do with the neighbors. >> we work with would be small business owners to help maximize your business. >> marketing, branding, and public relations, anything that they need we help them with. we give back to the community, we have ayuk lady, that what they do on the martin luther king day of service they make cards. we work with the 360 global citizens various veterans administrations. >> one of the other businesses is games and alex is over here playing games. >> yes. >> that is what i'm playing right now. everybody put your card in. do you got it? >> okay. >> we will pass it around. >> well, tell me about your business here. >> we are red cats corner in west fill just down the street. we sell board games and role playing games. just a place to hang out and play fun games good this game is cool because we're basically making sushi here
9:35 am
with different card. >> do you like playing this game. >> yes. >> how old are you. >> eight. >> where do you go to school. >> paterson. >> very nice. thanks for playing. appreciate it. thanks so much. we will play more later. and then i'm also here at a museum. >> we're from the penn museum at the university of pennsylvania campus. >> what do we have here, what is this. >> we teach kid all about mummies and how anxious egyptians made mummies. >> is that a mummy arm there. >> yes. >> we show people how they remove the brains. we should try it yourself. >> scrambled yellow brains. >> and let it drip out the nose. >> also, come check that out definitely for the kid. >> it is almost time to announce mazda finalist for this week. we will do that when we come right back.
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okay a lot of people have been waiting for this moment, time to announce our mazda finalist for this week. >> drum roll. >> dan butler of mount laurel you are a finalist to win a mazda cx9. you can sign up every 24 hours, to get your chance to be a finalist and we will announce them every single week. >> now lets get to quincy because he is with dj active. >> yes. >> okay, guys. >> all right. >> we will do active. and then, guys, we are in west philadelphia, dj active is here, world renowned dj. we have a big group here.
9:40 am
this is a world renowned dj. he does amazing things. check it out. >> i come in this house here, grandfather, i love it. my father was a dj. one of my cousins, a dj, he we learn right up in this house. i have been overseas a few times, amsterdam, japan, australia, paris. africa. l.a., little domestic. it has been a bless to go travel the world coming from where i come from. it is a blessing. >> we're in west philadelphia. this is where i get a haircut at for the past 13 or 14 years. >> i first started with music soul child. and then i started working with, puff daddy, mr. sean combs, right now currently and
9:41 am
janet jackson. that is amazing. she's great. very nice person, man. just a bless to go get that gig. i never thought would i work with janet. i always looked up with michael jackson. i never thought i would be on the stage with his sister. queen latifah, common, kanye west, he is great. >> you talk about him but he is great. >> i'm a stand up guy, true to myself, and i'm proud to be from west philadelphia. >> this guy, man, world renowned, are you ready to perform for the people. >> yes. >> are you ready for dj active >> yes. >> nothing can stop me. >> the energy out here.
9:42 am
it has been taken to another level. world renowned dj active, phil moody is here. hey alex, hey bob, we're having a party over here. what are you doing over there. >> mix master q over there with the dj's. we have seen different kind of fashions on this friday in west philadelphia speaking of fashion, big fashion this weekend. >> a lot of people will be getting information for that beyonce concert which is high fashion, and also roots picnic you have to get ready for that. >> weekend is upon us.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
a lot of people will be getting in formation this weekend, queen b will be in town, she's coming to the link. it will be epic. a lot of people are so excited. we will dress up for that. we also have the roots picnic and that is tomorrow. it will be at festival pier. it is an all day thing a lot of people will be there. huge music event. so, we will show you is what going on this weekend. we have our fashion specialist here. you will show us how to stand out when it comes to see the events that are happening this
9:46 am
weekend. >> absolutely. >> first we will start with the roots picnic. maybe we can come down, and the roots picnic, tell me what the inspiration is for this. >> it is sporty but you can dress it up, dress it down. thinks i just a top with jogger shorts but you can dress it down or dress it up, when you go out later on and put heels on with it. this is a long shirt, with the jeans, and fringe in it, and the shoes and hat. you have to style it up. this right here is a sporty dress. it is dressed up but still very comfortable, stretchy dress and you have to be comfortable and have fun. >> i love this gold, is that part of the dress or necklace. >> that is part of the dress. >> very fancy. >> if you can wear heels to the routes route picnic. i'm going to be wearing combat boots boots. it is sand but qued owe to you because if you can wear heels you are styling. >> thanks very much.
9:47 am
>> lets get information for beyonce. we will see a lot of yellow. i'm already kind of prepared. >> tell us what we should wear for beyonce. >> you should take on the beyonce feel. i went with the inspiration from the formation video. so, anytime you go to the concert you want to be in the zone and feel like you are a part of the production and feel like you are part of the concert. >> beyonce would say i play. >> you want to playoff the concert. >> we have all black and yellow in the middle, yellow jump suit. >> of course, yellow is because her album is called lemonade. >> we will see lots of yellow there. >> tons of yellow and black but so awesome. they look amazing. this is a look you want to do to stand out at beyonce concert. >> what about this the formation video as well. >> sea through. >> it is definitely sea through but still classy, you are not showing too much leg. you are showing just right amount of skin. >> i think we are ready to get in formation. we have all of the styles
9:48 am
here. you guys, i will be out there if you see me say hello. i will not look as good as this probably my punch o because we know it will be raining. you do it for the brand, social media thanks very much, ladies, thanks sketch forgetting us ready for this huge weekend in philly. bob, are you doing stuff. >> you know it, i have front row beyonce, sunday at lincoln financial field. all this rain is helping our garden. with us the folks from greens grow, tell us about your company. >> we are located in kensington but we have a west philadelphia outlet right across the street at 4912 baltimore avenue. >> what do you have here. >> tomato plants, pepper plants, all of these were grown at our kensington location. >> okay good and we sell them in west philadelphia. >> come right on in. >> not only do you have veggies but we have flowers making the garden nice and fortunate. with all of the outfits we
9:49 am
have been just showing, we have all kind of uniforms. john frazier from the phillies was supposed to come by today but it is receipt tremendous weekend at citizens bank park. >> we are hanson brothers from slap shot, all kind of characters, wonder woman, michael jackson, we're celebrating 1976, at the ballpark, phillies will be wearing their 76 uniform friday through sunday. we have mini kid. it is little guy, that you see on the commercials dressed up as kids. they are performing at the game and after the game at mcfaddens. >> flash back to the hot pants girl. >> i remember this. >> with the white boots. >> yes i remember going to the game and whenever the phillies hit a home run, phil was in the center field. they would move their head. >> yes. >> yes. >> schmidty and bull sunday. >> how about captain and tiehl. >> come on in here. >> can you sing?
9:50 am
>> ♪ >> phillies retro weekend down at the ballpark. where are we going. alex, over to the crowd on the other side of the tent. >> thanks, bob. do you hear this lovely music. it is nice and smooth. you see my rain move. we are getting ready for sports fest. what is philly sports fest. >> it is happening tomorrow. >> what is it. >> do it yourself festival. there is like 35 shows happening all over west philadelphia. there is a map right here, certain locations but in west philadelphia, sports people can find out how to go around the neighborhood and see different shows and music. really represents diversity of music and talent of people living in the neighborhood in west philadelphia a good all
9:51 am
at ones on one day. >> yes. >> hear all of the sound of philly. >> yes, especially west philadelphia. they are in locations at gold standard, brown sugar bakery, and people can pick them up tomorrow from 12:00 to 6:00. >> how many groups of people. >> how many, about 16, many performers. >> wonderful. >> i love it. >> playing at paul robeson house and playing right now. >> thank you very much. >> i love the sound of this. >> i will be walking through west philadelphia. we will jam out. we will be right back in two minutes
9:52 am
♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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9:55 am
♪ >> you don't want to stop the fun. >> do i want to say this beautiful tent kept us dry, so long and we appreciate it, but listen to the kids. >> listen, alex. >> yes. >> ♪ ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move ♪ >> yes. >> this is for the kids. >> yes, i am and they let me come and work with this group and they are singing and they are wonderful. >> bob kelly, are you singing too. >> we've got the groove. >> clap your hand, everybody. >> ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ >> okay.
9:56 am
>> we do like to sing out here, quincy, look at this baby. >> people are just giving me their kids, i love it. i can just give them right back. >> have you had a great time. >> i love the community here. they feel so much love. >> have you had a great time. >> nothing like coming back to the neighborhoods having fun, kicking off the weekend. >> so many people want to come out here to west philadelphia honor to be here. thank you so much for allowing us into the neighborhood from the beautiful people to the food, and businesses, we have had so much fun here at cedar park. have a great weekend. here and all of the fun we have had this morning in west philadelphia. we are here in west philadelphia you are out here you better get here, in west philadelphia, born and
9:57 am
raised... >> ♪ >> why do you think this area since you have been born and raised here is so special. >> because of the people, the people, right. >> yes. >> i said show me your best fresh prince, look at that. i love this. >> yes. >> he is showing it. >> let's see the outfit and little juddas. >> this is what i love about coming out and doing these shows, you get so many love. >> how are you doing. >> i'm fine, i watch y'all every morning, every day. >> ♪ >> eight limbs is really eight weapons. don't miss with anybody with eight limbs academy. >> you are all official members of the west philadelphia as of today. >> i love this.
9:58 am
>> i see you bob.
9:59 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery.
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