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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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people all over morning the death of the icon this morning we will celebrate the life of muhammad ali. >> good day, it is monday morning, june 6th, 2016. >> today is supposed to be a ten, scott told us last hour but you can see from the camera on top of our studios in olde city what it looked like yesterday. time lapse video and that severe weather moved right through our area, scott, just in time for beyonce to take the stage. >> it was fast and furious. >> yes, it was. >> scott, good morning. still humid in the studio. we are getting that remedied. we are getting less humid by lunchtime. >> temperatures warming up rapidly as well but still muggy stepping outdoors this morning. look at the morning drive temperatures near 70 degrees. right around 80 degrees as we move toward lunch. 86 degrees for the high this afternoon. look at ultimate doppler, yesterday, that squall line just rake across our area.
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we saw that bow echo on the radar and that caused wind damage, wind down and power outage as cross the area. look at numerous reports of the the hardest hit areas, just to the east of the i-95 corridor and gloucester county and sections of the camden county. we are drying out. we are looking at sunshine during the day-to-day. the current temperature in philadelphia is 69 degrees. you can see a nice sunrise across the area. 61 degrees right now in allentown. we are looking at 69 in millville. seventy in dover. so know weather worries for your monday morning, back to work and school. lets talk about the tropics, they are heating up, we have tropical storm colin right now in the gulf of mexico, maximum sustain wind at 50 miles an hour, its movement off to the north/north east at 14 miles an hour. we will talk about how this could impact florida and where it will trap next up next with full weather in the seven day forecast but right now lets check red conditions with been
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kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 5:02 and you know it will be a good day when you come in the office and on your desk is a box of sticky buns, with your name on it. >> from mallons in ocean city. we were down in ocean city they send us a box of sticky buns. i pick the ones with the raisin. big question do you like the plane, raisin, walnut or the mixed. >> walnut. >> and shrunk wrapped too so it stayed fresh over the weekend. i'll share, don't worry, i will share with everybody. atlantic city rail lines shuttle busing this week due to track work between 30th and cherry hill. throw a few extra minutes to your trip if you use ac rail line between philly and gambling town. those heavy storms that rolled through last night knocked out power in parts of the wilmington, gloucester, salem county so left overs we are dealing with this morning. road are damp, a lot of traffic lights in the area
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where power went out are either flashing or maybe still out totally so remember it is a four way stop coming to that tark intersection. north on 202, crews did not work last night but they will be out all this week laying some new concrete down on 202 between the bypass and route 401, most of the overnight construction last night just totally washed out but this week i-95 will see work crews during midday right after the rush hour between cottman have avenue and bridge street there in northeast philadelphia market frankford and broad street subway trains starting to roll a few moments ago with no delays, chris and lauren back to you. teenager is taken to the hospital have after overnight shooting in olney, we're told three people were in the car, when two suspects ran up and announce aid robbery. the as the car started to drive away they started shooting at it hitting that 17 year-old victim in the shoulder. he is in stable condition right now. lets talk about the weather. hundreds of homeowners waking up in the dark after severe
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storms knocked out power. >> we sought it coming. sure enough pounding rain and strong wind brought down power lines and a lot have trees all across at year overnight. hardest hit was gloucester county with red such as parkville station block by fallen limbs. the residents tell fox 29 they could hear trouble brewing outside as weather rolled into their neighborhood. >> you could hear everything pop and i heard power surge and everything coming out of the house and i told my nephew to stay away from it. >> reporter: 1500 homes remain without electricity. crews will clear up that debris making repairs by the end of tomorrow power will be restored. south philadelphia saw damage this tree felon to a home on pemberton street. luckily officials a say in one was hurt. >> those wind were strong enough no knock trees down around this area it came crashing down on a house in darby just after 7:00 last night and we're told no one was hurt in that incident as well. ryan howard could have been hurt by this, some idiot,
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at the ballpark takes a beer bottle and throws it at ryan howard on the the field. >> that bottle just narrowly missed first base man and police are investigating this it happened saturday afternoon when he was a pinch hitter. howard notice that had bottle at the his feet walking off the field reported it to the security guard. dave kinchen is at wip a lot of people are talking about this this morning. >> reporter: talking about it on air and off air, they are talking about it on social media you know here at sports radio 94 wip they are just joining in with the outrage of the fans after the game. they are talking about how the classless careless actions of one person can really deliver another black eye for national reputation of philly sports fans. those fans tell us in one including howard deserves this treatment. and that incident has sports radio talking too. >> you know, people, wonder how you can do sports radio every day. because is there another.
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eha every day this guy is just an idiot that comes n i don't know if it is another in the leg i of philadelphia sport or anything like that, it is just a guy who i'm assuming got hammered, had too much to drink. if it were me i would just stand together as a city with the teams and say he can't buy ticket to another game. >> nobody deserves that. you don't need me to tell you that. nobody should have bottles thrown at them. >> reporter: now i will paraphrase ryan howard here but he said essentially he has been in the city too long and done too many good things to the city to deserve something like that. he said if he went after this fan that baseball would go after him. he wants high standard held for this person whoever did this. philadelphia police are reviewing video tape of the incident and trying to figure out who this person is and they will take from it there with possible charges. >> some stadiums have a policy where beer is poured in the plastic cup so something like this wouldn't happen but that
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is not the case. >> exactly. >> dave, thank you. police tell us they are investigating a report, meanwhile ryan howard sat out of yesterday's win with the brewers. after the game fans were talking about this bottle throwing incident and how the thought less actions of one person plays in the national reputation of the philly sports fans. despite his lousy season so far, no one including howard deserves that treatment as you heard from big daddy graham as well. a and that fan should face charges. >> you can boo, jeer, whatever you want to call it but shouldn't be throwing things at people. we like to see great players go out on a high note verses being tormented and just disrespected. if he dit, he would be held to a different standard. the people who attack him should be held to the same standard. >> that person should face charges. >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: investigators reviewing video trying to identify the person that threw this bottle. coming up at 5:08. peel all around the world are still dealing with the death
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of the great muhammad ali on friday. >> inter faith memorial service to honor boxing great muhammad ali was held in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. speakers remember amount li and his commitment to his faith. >> muhammad ali said it doesn't matter what religion you are if you are a good person you will receive god lessons. muslims, christians and jews all serve the same god, we just serve god in different ways. >> ali died of septic shock after spending five days in the hospital in phoenix arizona family spokesmen says ali had been dealing with respiratory problems that had gotten worse. he died surrounded by his wife and children. ali was seven 46789 his funeral will be held on friday in his hometown. philadelphia's own will smith remembering muhammad ali sharing this touching moment on social media, actor who once played ali said you shook up my world my mentor and my friend. you have change my life, rest
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in peace. >> so many people were posting tributes like that. i heard similar. one thing you learn from him was confidence. >> absolutely. >> is there a great documentary you can find on netflix and other places of the preparation for the fight between larry holmes and muhammad ali and they train for it right here in pennsylvania. >> really. >> outside i believe york. it is fascinate to go see him trying to get in shape. as we all know, we see too many times which caused him to have that parkinson's disease. it is a shame we have lost a vocal leader for not just sports but hugh you man rights. >> yes good 5:09. woman is recovering in the hospital after three men broke in the her house on elmwooded in 2600 block of south 66th street. police say men broke in through front door one arm with the handgun, all the is ad would the man and then got away with a safe with $3,500 inside, and lots of prescription drugs. right now, detectives are doing everything they can to
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identify a badly decomposed body pulled from the delaware river saturday night. >> they could not be immediately determine. police say body has been turned over to the medical examiner's office to determine a cause of death. time right now is 5:10. septa will kick off its annual stop hunger at your station food drive today. >> i have donated, we will stock the shovels of philabundance. drop off cans and red barrels at 43 septa locations alled around use from now until june . bridally philabundance bus will fill it up during morning and afternoon rush hour to collect food and monetary donations. fruits, peanut butter, just a few items they are searching for. >> that is so easy. throw a can in your briefcase or purse on the way to the septa station, drop it off, get in the train you are helping someone. >> absolutely. difficult extreme fire fight in southern california, a at points 50-foot flames, latest on the effort to stop these flames for you this morning straight ahead.
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wet and waiting, extreme weather in our area could not stop a beehive turning out in big numbers y fans have of beyonce say nothing was going to hold up a conser. >> it is starting to cool downey can put my coat back on.
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perfect song for this. >> we got this tweet in cute baby said i have a crush on
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lauren dawn. you know i'm crushing back. >> young. >> very young, and old, very old, all above you. >> that baby has a same tayoun as you do. >> that is true. >> but lets see that babe if i we can they because that baby wears it much better. i will try to dot hand pose. ready, let's see. right-hand is like this left hand, how are you doing. >> stupid. >> how was your weekend, you didn't go see beyonce. >> no, no. >> so many people did. >> alex d she's recovering. probably sleeping as we speak. you will do all six hours this morning. >> that is true. >> mike is coming in. every friday through july 22nd we are looking at, different towns. we are coming to you live, in jenkintown in town square in the heart of the city. >> you know what the best parties. >> what. >> you can win a new car. sign up to win a new mazda cx9. go to fox and click on the contest page, we will pick a finalist once a week and final she we will have a big give away. >> here's where we are headed
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over next few weeks. big finally friday july 22nd, come on out and see us to sign up and win the car. >> 5:15. lets take a look at california. >> fire fighters battling massive brush fires in southern california. >> weather and terrain making their fire fight really difficult. 500 fire fighters are on the scene of the welcome communities in areas have of california. hot dry windy conditions combined with steep canyons are hindering their efforts. cruits are digging trenches and dumping what ther from hell cooperators in hoping of stopping these flames 56,789,000 residents have been forced to evacuate as fire rages closer to their million-dollar home. >> way worse then i anticipated. it is a touchy situation but we have family and we have pets, and i want to get highland and i'm uncomfortable. >> six months of the fire is creating unhealthy air, people have been told to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activity as much as possible. the cause of the fire is under investigation. this area just north of los
5:16 am
angeles. >> wow. >> scary stuff. >> yes. >> scott williams, back here at home with our weather looking like for today, on this monday. >> well, we have had scary stuff across our area yesterday afternoon and evening with that severe weather but thankfully as we look at your monday planner on a mild start out there, and then look at temperatures by lunchtime, near 80 degrees. lower humidity. 86 degrees is the high temperature by this afternoon. the as we look at the national radar you can see that frontal boundary that is kind of going across the area out to sea. tropical moisture from colin in the gulf of mexico and it is still tender dry in sections of california where we are dealing with the fire situation. as we zoom in closer, there is the activity that brought the severe weather, zooming in, look at the storm reports across the area trees down in the lehigh valley and then right along the i-95 corridor moving in parts of the south jersey, gloucester county camden county, trees down wire down and power out but
5:17 am
thankfully we are drying out. it will be a sunny day. beautiful sunrise across the area. 69 degrees right now. humidity down by 3 percent. earlier this morning it was at 90 percent. now it is 87. it will continue to drop during the day. cool spot 59 in the pocono mountains. we are looking at upper 60's atlantic city and millville. here's latest on colin max sustain wind at 50 miles an hour, bringing torrential downpours, to the sunshine state before it weakens over parts of the tampa, late tonight. now as far as what is happening with the seven day forecast. 86 degrees today. eighty-four on tuesday. cooler maybe a then are storm still on wednesday but we will keep 70's wednesday, thursday into friday bob kelly. how are conditions on the road out there. >> well, scottie we will be in good shape. 5:17. we are starting to see sunrise and ben franklin bridge looking good coming into downtown. again, still south jersey looking out for those areas
5:18 am
that got hit hard with the power outages last night. we could have traffic signals totally out at the intersection or on flash. here's a live cool shot at 422 with those cloud moving out by heading west out toward the sea and we are seeing sunrise popping up here on 422, right here near collegeville and king of prussia. in problems up and down the blue route, looking good on the schuylkill, looking good through south philadelphia. we will come into kipping sessing at 53rd and wood land in the neighborhood. also one in cheltenham central ape tookany creek parkway. watch for delays there. up in princeton new jersey a down tree and wires blocking route 206 right at ewing, all just north of the trenton, north of ewing up toward princeton area right by the college. new jersey transit head up the atlantic city river line, using shuttle buses all this week 24/7 between 30th street station up and over the river to cherry hill new jersey.
5:19 am
throw some extra time into your trip on the rail line. once you make it to cherry hill it will take to you atlantic city and vice versa busing between the stretch of philadelphia and cherry hill n problems at the moment at philly international but we had four hour delays last night during the storm. if you are flying this morning would i just check on the airline and make sure that flight came in last night so that it is here for that turn around for you to leave later on this morning. chris and lauren back over to you. septa is back to normal after officials on the norristown transportation station center. package delivered in the bus parking garage yesterday a afternoon. bomb squad was called into check out the package but it was determine to be safe. today jury selection begins in the trial the of the man accused of stabbing a co work tore death in montgomery county. peter adam charged with the first and third degree murder in the death of the 25 year-old danny vast questions. back in february of last year vasquez tried to pull a chair out from under adam as a prank. at the plant in fran tone use
5:20 am
where they work. the next day authorities say they got in the fight and that led to a stabbing. prosecutors say that they will not seek the death penalty if adam is quick of first debris murder. we should find out if investigators plan to file charges against the parents of the boy who fell this to that gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. prosecutors are reviewing the family's actions surrounding this incident. the gorilla is seen on video dragging the three-year eld boy through the water. zoo keepers were forced to shoot and kill the 17 year-old harambe because they were worried about the boy's safety, of course. well, tomorrow the exhibit is reopening, with a reenforced and higher barrier. extreme weather in the area could not stop the beehive from turning out, big numbers to see queen bee, in action, and why fans of the beyonce say nothing could hold up the concert. and from one superstar to another, taylor swift surprised a local couple on their big day, what the groom's sister sent the super star that convinced her, to make the trip, to the wedding.
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♪ >> you know who that is, don't you. >> yes, that is beyonce knowles. >> that is true, rain or shine, nothing could stop her from taking the stage killing
5:24 am
it for fans in the rain last night. daddy's lessons and fan favorite like one plus one. >> rain left night last the seats damp but everyone was standing up. it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. it didn't drive many people from the show. at lincoln financial field. skies opened up as fans started to pour in, they were forced to stay in the concourse and out of their seats as thunder and lightening moved through the area. but the show went on as scheduled. most people opt to go buy over priced punchos to stay dry. >> a guy had a sign for a dollar but he sold it for five bucks a piece because it was pouring torrential rain. >> that is supply and demand. die manned was there with that rain, the rain moved out just in time to keep beyonce and her fans dry throughout the show. >> well, that is good. show must go on. >> newlyweds got a surprise over the big day over the weekend. taylor swift in the only crash the party but ended up performing. >> ♪
5:25 am
>> you can sing along. >> it is surreal for handful of people there group's sister wrote take already swift a letter what a huge fan her brother is. she decided to show up. super star performed her big hit, a song, blank sprays and max singer and kenya smith's reception in long beach township. >> she posted pictures of the bride, groom and other family members on her own instagram page and groom has a special kegs to the song. he and his ailing mother danced to that hit song in her hospital room, shortly before she died. >> a day they will never forget. >> very true. >> yes. >> all right. lets toss things out to dave kinchen hoist covering a pretty heated debate this morning over at wip. >> yeah, we are trying to figure out who this classless person was who threw this beer bottle a at ryan howard and we now know that the guys on air at wip they are pretty fired up, we will hear from them after the break.
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let the clean up begins. trees down, power lines down, we will take a look at the worst hit area. >> a fan at citizens bank park threw a we are bands at philadelphia first base man ryan hour. why police are not taking this incident lightly. round five, round five. i am through talking. >> man, muhammad ali could knock out an opponent with his hands and his mouth as we celebrate his legendary life. we will take a listen to some of his best trash talking moments. >> good day, everybody it is monday morning, june the fifth, 2016. people are still at home sleeping, recovering, they are ears are still ringing from the beyonce concert. >> is that a loud show would you say. >> you know it is. >> really. >> it is call sensory overload. >> what do you think, we provide that every morning right here on fox 29. >> sue serio is off for a few
5:30 am
days, and i have to tell you, that scott, who is a gentlemen, to set an alarm, what time. >> i got up at 2:00 a.m. >> shock to the system. >> we will have a beautiful day on this monday. >> we deserve it after that nasty weather, chris and dawn as we saw, yesterday evening. severe weather some folks are in the dark but on a scale of one to ten, look at the meter. it is a perfect ten for your monday. beautiful weather. get outside and enjoy it n problems for that morning commute, it is still mild, muggy out. 69 degrees. seventy-nine by lunchtime. we are looking at 86 degrees for the afternoon high. quiet across the country right now you that severe weather out to sea, however, look at is what churning in the gulf of mexico. we will talk about that in a little bit. look at that line of showers and thunderstorms that brought all of the severe weather reports across the area, trees down, power outage and also some wind damage. we saw winds, gusting up to 74 .
5:31 am
that is hurricane status. so drying out, clearing out, as well, and look a beautiful sunrise happening across the area, 69 degrees currently. humidity is still up there, 59 in the poconos, mid 60's in pottstown. we are looking at 68 in wilmington. 69 degrees in millville. most areas are clear but a little bit of patchy fog, showing up in the lehigh valley down to a quarter mile, and, looking good, and delaware, 86 degrees, how about that for a high temperature this have afternoon. that is well above the average for this time of the year. with you look at the gulf of mexico a 50-mile an hour tropical storm colin, it is movement to the north/north east at 4 miles an hour. that will write torrential downpours to the sunshine state. we will talk about tropical storm colin, as win and where it will head next. how are conditions on the road this machine morning, bob kelly. >> scottie, good morning. 5:31 on this monday morning. we're waking seven to sunrise
5:32 am
in northeast philadelphia there are the clouds moving out and heading west out to sea giving us a perfect ten today the on the leader board. no problems at all oncoming out of northeast philadelphia everything is wet, damp. we are drying out from that rain last night. here we will come in toward philadelphia on the 42 freeway, headlights working their way in toward the walt whitman. all of the construction gone or washed out. but, the storms knocked out power, therefore knocked out traffic lights. so wilmington, south jersey, salem, gloucester county, areas that got hit hard with those thunder boomers last night could have the flashing traffic signals this morning until we get out there and hit that reset button. we will drop down to philly international, where last night we had upward of three hour delays object arrivals. now with those big delays last night, would i just check with the airline, if you have an early morning flight, you see, you want to make sure that airline and that plane came in last night, because then it was ready for you to take off this morning.
5:33 am
just to double-check with an early flight neighborhood. at 53rd and wood land we have an accident. one at cheltenham at central and tookwhy i creek parkway. otherwise, mass transit is looking good. we are following breaking news. police investigating a a deadly shooting that happened 3:30 in kensington. man was taken inside to temple hospital where he was later pronounced dead. so far no arrests have been made and we will keep you updated as details come in the news room. a teenager was taken to the hospital after an overnight shooting, in olney. we're told that three people were in the car near forty-fourth street when two suspects ran up and announced a robbery. as the car sped off the men started to shoot at him hitting the 17 year-old right in the shoulder. that teenager is in stable condition right now. hundreds of homeowners are waking up this morning to some severe storms, that knock out power. >> pounding rain, strong wind, bringing down trees and power lines all across our area overnight. among the hardest hit, gloucester county where roads
5:34 am
are are blocked by fallen limbs. people say they could hear trouble brewing outside as the weather system rolled right through the neighborhood. >> you can hear everything pop. i heard power surge and everything when i was coming out of the house. i told my nephew to stay away from it. >> 1500 homes remain without electricity. crews will continue to career debris making repairs throughout the day. they expect to have power restored to everyone by the end of tomorrow. ryan howard is already disease on took an ugly turn saturday at the phillies game. someone decided to throw a beer bottle at first businessman and narrowly missed him. >> head line this morning, howard seeks the fan that threw the brew. he is not happy. he shouldn't be. let's roll this for you this happened over the week than. ryan howard was pinch hitter. notice the bottle at his feet when he walk up to the plate. right away he told a security guard. dave kinchen in old city with more on this people calling wip radio all night really
5:35 am
upset with this fan. >> reporter: you know they are lighting up the phone lines. they are fed up. people are just saying it is not great for overall image of the fans and all of the talk after the game. they are talking about how the careless action of just one person really delivers another black eye for the national reputation of philly sports fans. those fans say no one including ryan howard deserves treatment like this despite his bad season. of course, incident has philadelphia sports radio talking. >> if it was up to me they wouldn't even sell beer at games. i don't see the need for it. lou at one of the greatest sporting events in this country which is march madness they are not allowed to sell beer at any game or venue you across the country. it doesn't seem to stop people from enjoying it or going. did you hear anybody say other thanville know of game was greatest game i was ever at my life and there was no drinking. you weren't allowed to drink. you want to have drinks in the parking lot, go right ahead, i
5:36 am
have had it, i'm done. i have been annoyed by too many drunks at too many games and i'm done. >> reporter: no doubt bit. ryan howard, and i'm paraphrasing, he said he has done too much for the city of philadelphia to be enduring something like. that he want this person held responsible. philadelphia police, they are looking at video tape of the incident and they are trying to get an id on this person and charges could certainly follow, after that. back inside to you, chris and lauren. >> dave kinchen, thanks very much. by the way there was a game on the field. phillies broke through last night an eight-one win over the brewers. sports in one minute straight ahead. but first, winning lottery numbers. check these out. you wanna see something intense?
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unless, you never get there! so save time by shopping for everything you need at rite aid. like tide, pantene, bounty and crest. save big at your local rite aid today and save more time for sunshine. ♪ >> beautiful song by creed, sunshine your love. 5:39. lot at sunrise over the platt bridge. >> let's look at sports in one minute. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies need aid win yesterday or suffer embarrassment of losing three
5:40 am
to four to milwaukee. phillies got offense. they split with the milwaukee. cubs are coming in today to citizens bank park. aaron necessity lah good game, nine strike outs, two on, two out, strike out in the first inning. the bottom of the fifth, phillies up four to nothing. jamie parades, playing right field now, hits a three run home run. phillies over milwaukee by the score of eight-one. most recognizable athlete in the world passed away early saturday morning, the greatest, muhammad ali was 74 years old but gave us great moments in and out of the ring. >> come out smoking and i ain't going to be joking. i will be picking and poking, and this might shock and amaze you but i will destroy joe frazier he is the best. golden state is the best right now, 33-point win over cleveland. the nba is a joke. that is sports in one minute. i'm howard eskin. so, you saw that sound bite there. do you know the dayton that
5:41 am
1971. that is a conspicuous day because for four years, he was kept from boxing because he was a conscientious objector to the vietnam war and refused to go fight. >> right. >> he was sent to jail basically, sent his case all the way to the u.s. supreme court which overturn this so then he was basically free, and then free to box again but for four years in his prime he was ant lud to box. that is why he came out swinging verbally and with the gloves on in the ring. >> he was a legend inside and his clever, playful and forceful presence out zoo ring was accomplishment when it came to trash talking his opponent. >> i don't want to talk too much. >> it is i'm the world's greatest. he can talk about me i will cut to it three. >> anyone watching this show to come to the fight, and be ready to fight, because i'm coming to get you. i'm coming to london to get you. after i'm done beating him he
5:42 am
will to have join beatles. >> i'm joe frazier and greatest fight of all time, someone still has doubt. and one night and i will have. >> i'm the best fighter mountain ring today. that is my label. >> and standing up for black rights, or speaking out begins vietnam war as we have said, ali certainly had a gift, of talk. >> yes, did he. >> his opponent were fairly red sent. they didn't say much. think of joe frazier didn't speak much, george foreman. people don't remember george foreman was stoic. then later, after his career he had foreman grill and became george foreman we know but all quiet and ali was vocal ones all after these years. dozens of walks, around the country hoping to raise millions to help close to
5:43 am
1,000 kid coming together bringing awareness to congenital heart disease.
5:44 am
5:45 am
look at that shot, you can see the mountain and a little bit of haze and patchy fog, and in some locations, far north and west but otherwise, we are drying out. it will be a beautiful day.
5:46 am
stepping outdoors. still muggy out there but mile start, look at bus stop buddy, temperatures this morning in the upper 60's. it has been a warm up rapidly. today most of us will stay dry. there is a slight chance for a pop up shower but we have better chances, 30 percent on tuesday and wednesday for some scattered showers and storms. speaking of storms, that nasty line of severe weather is out to sea with that cold front will zoom in closer, it has moved from the west, between hours of 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. but once again it is out to sea. a lot of sunshine out there this morning. look at the storm reports across the area. power outages, trees down, winds gusting to 60 miles an hour in some locations but right now we are looking good on this monday morning. as we go hour by hour, a lot of sunshine, a few passing cloud in the afternoon the heat of the day and then tomorrow a mixture of sun and clouds, but by afternoon we
5:47 am
have pop up scattered showers across area at 30 percent. 69 degrees right now. humidity at 87 percent. we are looking at temperatures in the low to upper 60's out there across the area. once again visibility is reduced in parts of the lehigh valley. be mindful of that. otherwise that seven day forecast shows 80's next couple days, and then cooler bob kelly, high temperature only in the low to mid 70's for wednesday, thursday and friday. cooler by a mile, that is what they say 567:89:47. good morning. here comes the sun bouncing off the trees and hoping to dry everything out. we were soaked, yesterday so damp and wet behind the ears. it is like mother nature took the hose and squirted down the pavement right out front and cleaned up the front porch. live look at bennie as sun begins to rise. we have had power outages overnight. some traffic lights are still, either not working all together or flash, especially in south jersey, salem,
5:48 am
gloucester count that i got hit hard with the power outages and thunder boomers. fifty-five on i-95 heading through wilmington. you have no i like a jelly doughnut now and then. i like two of them. look at little kayla here getting ready to bite into this. look at jelly ready to come on out, and pop all over the floor here, thanks to her mom and dad who send us a picture. this is from friday when it was national doughnut day, out in cheltenham, central and tookany creek parkway an accident. also going to find a crash in kingsessing at 53rd and wood land, and up in princeton, new jersey, route 206, in ewing, we have a down tree with wires block ago this stretch, and the atlantic city rail line they are using shuttle buses this week between philadelphia ace 30th street station and cherry hill, otherwise mass transit looking g chris and lauren, over to you. every friday we're going to a local town this friday it is jenkintown. we will be here live from 7:00 e heart of the jenkintown. >> you can win this carol ex-and mike. no, this car. thinks new mazda cx9.
5:49 am
>> yes. >> all you have to do is go to fox, click on the contest page and our home page, we will pick a finalist once and week and on our final show we will have a big give away. before we get to our final show we have other it is is. >> there we are, next several weeks. july between the second, fairmount park dell music center. that is what everyone cares about. >> speaking of a announcements, listen to this ... >> district of columbia. >> twenty-six year-old, she's a army officer. she gave strongest answer of the night during her interview with the question segment. >> she used her position an experience in the military to craft her very careful answer to this. >> as a woman in the military, people are associating beauty,
5:50 am
with greatness and they learn very quickly that i'm extremely strong, and although i'm strong, talented inn, and beautiful being myself and being very happy with who i have become. >> sound like you you have day. >> yes. >> a little bit. >> it does. >> unapology getcally me. >> all joking aside. >> barbara will compete in miss universe and she will win it. >> she looks great. look who is back from the family reunion. >> i'm happy with who she has become. >> good looking women. >> yes. >> and very smart. >> very smart. >> hi everybody. >> this morning, of course, we will be remembering life of muhammad ali. here's we have coming in, bernard hopkins, perfect guest, right. he will join us live in the 7:00 o'clock hour here on good day philadelphia watch for. that also, what a week for music and superstars, beyonce,
5:51 am
the roots, look at beyonce last night. >> did you go. >> i did. >> where were you sitting. >> that would be right in front. >> man it is good to be mike jerrick. >> it was last night. >> how about the routes route picnic, will smith shows up. >> yes. >> did you hear what taylor swift did in new jersey over the weekend. >> that was really cool. >> we will have all of that, all of that, and a also jesse eisenberg, he played mike zuckerberg, he is live on our air today. >> that will be fun. >> i have to run upstairs, run to the little kitchen area because these pretzels. >> yes. >> and an urge to eat a blow pop. >> what? >> give a tight shot of lauren.
5:52 am
>> oh, yeah. >> now listen, lauren. >> are you ready for four hours with this guy. >> yes. >> yes. >> you are the bomb. >> pop. >> see new two minutes. tell you all about beyonce. >> yes. four hours for that. >> i got the nothing. >> nothing. >> a lot of stuff goes down, you have family thaw haven't seen in a long time. >> can he handle it. >> are you married. >> so next, on good day, good day is from 6:00 to 10:00. our show is fox 29 morning news. >> next up on fox 29 morning news, dozen walk around the country hoping to raise millions to fight a problem. chris will tell but it. >> straight ahead. blank
5:53 am
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a ten out of ten, five, 55. close to 1,000 kid and adult came together in delaware county to help fight heart disease. they joined many others around the country looking to raise aware knows and money, the seventh annual congenital heart walk took place at wilson park in wayne. research shows one in 100 people are born with
5:56 am
congenital heart disease, and life long disease. doctors, describe it as number one birth defect in the u.s., organizers saw people with that disease to know that they are not alone. >> it is scary, unnerving. that is why we're here to raise money for research and adult programs so we can go a long way. >> kids who have congenital heart defects need help because of the research, that children foundation has done. i'm better. i don't have any restrictions. >> this walk was one of 30 to raise money for congenital heart disease across the country two. million-dollar is expect to be raised for research, education and he have fast castcy. folks are dealing with the aftermath of sudden storms moving through the area. trees down, power lines down, you name it, we will take a lot at worst hit areas. a fan at citizens bank park threw a beer bottle from the stand, at phillies first base man ryan howard over the
5:57 am
weekend. why police are not taking this lightly straight ahead. nuts, chocolate, pretzel. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol! it's snack justice.
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snack patrol! so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. youyou know, a power surge coming from the house. >> things were popping for sure, weather is clear right now but yesterday's powerful storms, leaving a mess, hundreds without power, and we will take to you some of the hardest hit areas this
6:00 am
morning. and a fan crosses the line, ryan howard are upset after something is thrown at him from the stands. whether was thrown and what police are doing bit this morning. we're remembering the greatest. tributes pour in for me mow who passed away on friday. bernard hopkins joins us live from "good day philadelphia". this is to talk about, muhammad ali's legacy. >> hi everybody. lauren in for alex. scott in for sue. bob is in for bob. >> mike's back for mike. >> how was your reunion. >> it was good. i got time to spend time with my siblings but it was long enough. >> last night, man, i bet they are still leaving the link. it got started late because of the rain but beyonce put on a fantastic show. it was so loud it rattled my spleen. >> are your ears still ringing. >> a little bit. >> and taylor swift with a surprise for new jersey people. look at that she last night. taylor swift with a little surprise


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