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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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demanded just moments before pulling the trigger. according to the news we are on the brink of a historic, historic unprecedented moment. >> hillary clinton says she's got a lot on celebrate, big news coming out of her campaign just hours before the polls opened in new jersey and a few other states today. >> interesting that timing do you see arrow pointing right but she's left. >> hi. >> there you go. >> not heading towards the g.o.p. left. >> you have to think outside box. >> sue serio is off for another day or two. >> yes. >> you had to get up 1:30. >> just one more, that would be tomorrow morning. >> you hang in there. >> i am, lets talk about the numbers, because yesterday, we had a ten to day in the a ten but a nine on this new jersey
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primary day. there is a slight chance for a pop up shower in the afternoon. lets take a look at that forecast for new jersey. temperatures this morning are in the mid 70's by noon, already 80. 85 degrees at 5:00 o'clock. high temperature on average right around 86 degrees. there is a slight chance for pop up shower during the heat of the day. 71 degrees in philadelphia, humidity up there at 84 percent. temperatures north and west 63 . sixty-six in pottstown. sixty-seven in lancaster. seventy-one popular number on i-95 corridor. we have 70 millville. seventy-three atlantic city. seventy-two in wildwood. thicker cloud down the shore associated with some of the tropical moisture from colin well to our south. thin ribbon of some showers trying to weaken before they make it in the pocono mountains. as we expand the volute this slug of moisture associated with tropical storm colin that made land fall around big ben area of florida.
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right now moving outside jacksonville. it will pick up speed as it races out toward the opened waters of the atlantic basin. we have you cover, center city warm today, isolated thunderstorm. 86 degrees. i think most of us stay dry. partly sunny breezy down shore 81. 76 degrees in the poconos mountains with a few thunderstorms possible. we will talk about better chance for rainfall this week and latest on tropical storm colin coming up. how are the roads on this tuesday, bob kelly. >> scottie, we are looking better and better. we have hit the magic hour of 5:00 o'clock where most of the overnight construction starts packing up, putting cones this is back of the truck and we are ready to go. live lot a the blue route as sun begins to rise there in norristown. no problems from mid county down to i-95. we are looking good there. we're also good to go downtown, vine street expressway opened for business, overnight closure, complete, and we are ready coming into and out of the downtown, on the vine street expressway. the south injuries any problems working your way 55
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or 42 but we have a fully involved house fire here in deptford, new jersey. this is along wood land avenue 600 block of wood land just off of peach avenue just to give you a location here. we have a news van on the way to the scene. we will take through the minute they arrive and hopefully everybody is okay there in deptford. if you use the atlantic city rail line this week they will be using shuttle buses between 30th street station here in philadelphia over bridge into cherry hill. just allow some extra time to make that bus trip because you'll have to encounter the traffic on the ben franklin, if you dough so. market frankford and broad street subway bet just started rolling trains again so we are ready for a morning rush hour and lucky you if you are getting out of town, no problems this morning but as scott talk about nasty weather may be on the way later and check with the airline before you head down there but otherwise we are off to a good start, chris and lauren, back to you. we are covering breaking news out of king session. >> where pizza delivery driver
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was shot during a robbery, steve keeley with the latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: this happened at 10:00 o'clock news. you see this surveillance sign. once again police are hoping private surveillance does the public a big help today because perhaps these two would be killers walk under this camera on this nice sidewalk at 57th street where they neatly parallel parked this pizza delivery man's car in the now empty space. lets get to the video. we have seen plenty of past crimes where stolen cars are a abandoned just a short walk from the where criminals lived. they don't want to walk far after committing a crime and in this case two guys that parked the delivery man's old beat up toyota, near springfield just three blocks from where they set him up with the order and will be him of all he haddon him just 60 bucks but that wasn't enough. they ordered him to his knees and shot him point blank
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security style in the back of his head before driving off, and parking here on 57th. >> they eventually get back in his car and they get back and he hears one shot gets hit one time, with a we're not sure what the caliber is at this point. he gets up, runs. we think he comes to cobbs creek and runs north bound on 59th near cobbs creek and yelling for help and then finally collapses. police arrived on the scene, they place him in the back and he transferred to penn presbyterian hospital where he is in critical condition. still alive and still critical at last check and not many people survived being shot point blank in the back of the head when on their knees. police in the only hope to trace through surveillance but trace the phone that the original order was called into chris and lauren. this guy after he shows up at his delivery of the food calls that phone and says i'm here come out and get it or meet me at the car. if it wasn't a burn are phone
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they will have a phone number they will trace to somebody but chances are it could be a disposable phone known as a burn are phone and untraceable. we will wait and see. >> steve keeley live, thank you. we are also following breaking news out of chester. a five-year oldies in the hospital after he was shot, he was inside of his home. >> police say someone opened fire outside his family's house when little kit was hit by a bullet. dave kinchen standing by live at the police department, dave, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> it is clear, even the police are shock by these details that came from the victims in this case. a specifically five-year old boy shot inside his house with his parents very close by. it happened around 10:00 o'clock last night on the 400 block of winnington place. police say five-year old was inside inches from his parents as his mother was cooking a late dinner when shots were hurt from outside the home. mother offer four told police she grabbed her two young children down to the floor and father got right on top of
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them covering them with his body. mother also says that the police also saw the shots rip her curtains and knocked them off the wall. five-year old victim told his parents he could not breathe. upon checking his body he found blood and a wound. he wases taken to crozer-chester medical center. they told him to keep in mind his upcoming birthday party. they kept telling him about a party for him. bullet entered under the victim's left arm and remains lodged near his right shoulder. police do not have a suspect or a wep than recovered. they are looking for all of those things, fortunately we're told that the boy is expected to survive, the boy is expect to survive but a horrible, horrible, night obviously a family just having i late dinner and obviously incredible fear and panic setting in. back to you chris and lauren. >> dave, thank you. new to a developing story out of delaware county where a three alarm fire ripped through a family dollar store.
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flames break go on nut folcroft, it took crews more than two hours to get it under control. investigators are trying to figure out how that fire started. >> another fire in brewerytown, fire fighter actually taken to the hospital after fighting this. warehouse went up in flames just before 10:00 and we're told building had multiple propane tanks inside so the philadelphia bomb squad had to be called in. fire fighter taken to the hospital was treated at hahnemann hospital for smoke inhalation, in other injuries were reported. crews working to get this fire under control in the frankford section of the city last night. the flames broke out in the building along folksrod street just before the. that fire was under control just after 9:30. no injuries reported there. a man is behind bars after a woman was attacked and assaulted behind a shopping center in torresdale. police say the 29 year-old woman was outside the wawa at state road, waiting to arrive when a man came up, grabbed her and forced her across the parking lot in the wooded area near september train tracks. officials say he then tried to
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sexually assault her but luckily she was able to break free and call police. >> the male grabbed her by her arm forced her to walk behind businesses into a wooded area where this male had a planning it, and forced her on the blanket and then tried to forcibly remove her clothing and then began to fond will her, touch her in a prep eighthly, and asked her to remove clothing a and that is when she for the back and was able to getaway. >> woman did get bruces on her arms in fighting him off. investigators believe the man may have planned the attack while that explains the blanket there in the woods. police are searching for other victims. let's talk politics. of course, we're talking about the race for the white house and hillary clinton announcing she's about to make his there i. >> it is in the an overstatement for me to say that we have a really
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important election now and we will come out of the primary even stronger, to take on donald trump. >> presidential candidate clinton react to go news that it makes her democratic presumptive many in minute knee before the polls even opened in new jersey and california. >> bernie sanders says race isn't over just yet he is vowing to take his campaign all the way to a block from here in philadelphia, nominating convention, next month in july. >> the point that we are going to make to all of the delegate is that every poll out there that i have seen, including recent polls right here in california make it clear that bernie sanders is a much stronger candidate against donald trump. we have got to defeat trump. >> sanders says he hopes all of the people who believe that it is time for real change will come out and vote today, when asked if he would concede if he loses california, said there is nothing to concede.
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of course, be sure to watch fox 29 tonight, california and new jersey, voters in machine tan a, new mexico, and south dakota will hit poles today. we will bring you results live touring the fox nine news at 10:00. still ahead a local arrests escalate, internal affairs investigation underway after a septa officer threw a guy to the ground. a three-year battle over sand dunes may be coming to an end soon, plans now in place to protect sit of margate following super storm sandy.
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prince would have turn 58 years old today this song kiss interestingly enough was redone by tom jones, tom jones has a birth the day as well today. he is 76. allen iverson 41. i never saw tom play in person. >> i haven't either. >> i want to talk about this or will we go to scott now? let get to scott. how are you today. >> how are you all. yesterday was a ten to day will be a nine. we have a slight chance for pop up showers during the afternoon but better chance for rainfall this week on wednesday. we will bump that up to 50 percent. only 10 percent chances for thursday and friday. pretty quiet week. great weather if you are heading to the polls.
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new jersey primary temperatures in the 70's this morning by noon. eighty. 86 degrees will be the high temperature and once again a slight chance for a spotty pop up shower but most of us will stay dry, a beautiful sunrise across the area again today. 71 degrees in center city. humidity 84 percent. humidity will be high ter day then yesterday because we will have some more moisture heading in our direction during the day but 07 in millville. seventy-three atlantic city. we have 63 in allentown. fifty-nine currently in the pocono mountains. so wilmington your forecast for today by noon 81. eighty-seven by 5c this afternoon with the stray shower or thunderstorm. temperatures in philadelphia in the 70's. 80 degrees for lunch. 86 degrees is the afternoon high temperature. all and all looks like a decent day. we have tropical moisture out to sea with colin, a thin ribbon of showers diminishing just to the north and west of the pocono mountains but look
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at this tropical moisture associated with colin, it made land fall in florida. flood concerns there as well. look at our forecast, once again a couple of spotty showers popping up during the heat of the day. mostly staying dry but a better chance for rainfall once again comes into play with the disturbance that will move through, mid to late morning on your wednesday. better coverage for showers and thunderstorms across the area for tomorrow, and then, cooler temperatures as you'll note. in that weather authority seven day forecast 86 degrees today but high temperatures only 71 degrees. some folks stuck in the mid to upper 60's for latter part of the weekend. weekend looks nice, temperatures around 8o maybe a spotty storm saturday night into sunday. bob, how are you looking at road. >> not that bad at all. 5:16. coming up at 5:17 on this tuesday morning. hello to spring garden.
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live lot at schuylkill expressway right here near spring garden interchange. we have schuylkill river, water work there in the background, sky line setting it up, in problems or delays. we are ready for morning rush hour. opening up on the vine they had closed overnight. they will do it again tonight, heading home from the phillies game, you want to get out of there through center city by 10:00. they will shut it down at ten through 5:00 tomorrow morning but we are opened and good to go for this morning. coming from south jersey no problems on the major roadways, they will be doing construction overnight, bobby our floor director, 42 freeway at 295, you will notice signs blinking of an overnight close another right here in bellmawr. we have a fire location in department for, wood land avenue, right off of peach street there. there is a lot of fire crews heading to the scene, driving through that area and crack your window a little bit so you can hear sirens and during midday get ready if you are going shopping in king of
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prussia, lauren, head up, northbound 202 watch for construction delays at chesterbrook through chester county heading north bound into kop. they are also working on the turnpike between delaware valley and philly interchange. mass transit looking good. chris and lauren over to you. internal affairs investigation underway after a septa officer makes an arrest. >> and the moments leading up to it all capture on cell phone video. >> unaudible. >> video posted on video started with exchange of word between septa officer and man is handcuffed. man refuses to comply with the command to sit down. within moments the situation escalates and officer takes a more aggressive approach. he uses his leg and body weight to take man to the ground. video making round on social media and drawing a lot of comments from the public. >> he didn't to have do him in that type of condition when he was arrested. in the cool at all.
5:19 am
>> sit down have a seat and then you can work things out better. >> what would i like to see an officer could have used another method. in addition to that the officer tells young manny need you to sit down. maybe young man should have complied. >> septa officials received the tape saturday afternoon in the frankford terminal. internal investigation should be finished in two weeks. names of the both men have not been released. 5:19. billing break in the murder that happened nearly a year ago. authorities say that they know who shot and killed the delivery driver, from aston, and so now, an arrest warrant out for rodney shelton of north carolina prosecutors have charged him with a fatal shooting of thomas childs they say shelton shot the six three-year old during a robbery outside a loading dock of ridgeway industries in yeadon. >> he rummaged through his pockets, we know that his picket was turn inside out, his phone was missing, a small amount of money was missing. this was all over a few dollars, he was killed for
5:20 am
probably less than $20. >> $20,000 reward now stand for shelton's arrest, authorities say that the he visits north carolina, georgia and philadelphia area. it appears three-year fight over oceanfront property at the shore is coming to an even. current of ventnor, margate and longport said city commissioners greed to end their fight to stop dunes from being built in the town. they have been fight ago this statees plan to use i am meant domain to build protective dunes along the new jersey coast since hurricane sandy. the mayor will work with the army core of engineers to come up with a plan to address drainage and beach access issues. still ahead phillies slugger ryan howard speaking out against guy threw a beer bottle as him as the search continues for the guy who threw it. we continue to follow breaking news out of chester, shots fly through a house overnight hitting a five-year old boy inside, how mothers quick reaction may have saved a second child from being hit.
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and good day drives you, wild, so we are going to jenkintown, pennsylvania. we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at town square in the heart of the city. >> the best part you can win a car, this brand new mazda cx9, all you have to do is head to fox and click on the contest page right on our home page. we will pick a final list once a week. on our final show we will have a big give away. >> here's where we will be over next few weeks, big show friday 22nd at dell music center in fairmount park. come out and see us and sign up to win, that means a car. >> speaking of winning, lottery numbers.
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philadelphia phillies first base man ryan howard is calling out the fan threw the beer at him during saturday's game. >> he says he does not want same thing to happen to anyone else. the incident happened at end of the weekend game when howard was walking to the dug out. police reviewed video to identify person threw aluminum beer bottle and say a man matching description luckily howard was not hit, nobody was injured but phillies player says he does take the incident personally. >> everybody in whatever field it is that they do whether you change oil or work at a frozery store or whatever if
5:25 am
somebody threw a beer bottle at you, you would be upset. i definitely do take it personal. >> howard also said in one deserves to be treated like that. have been can learn a valuable lesson from unfortunate incident. police are still searching for that man responsible. 5:25 is the time. the gorilla exhibit, at cincinnati zoo reopens today, with a higher reenforced barrier. reopening comes a week after a young boy fell in the even close another there. prosecutors announced yesterday no charges would be filed against the boy's mother. prosecutors say they have found no evidence that the women acted in anyway, that would harm her child. zoo officials shot ape kill the 17 year-old gorilla harambe to get that boy to safety. prosecutors say the mother was watching her, three other children and tending to them when the boy wandered off. >> had she been in the bathroom smoking crack and let her kid running around the zoo that within a different story but that is not what was happening here. she was being a tentative to
5:26 am
her children by all witness accounts and the three-year old just scampered off. >> interesting way to put it, bathroom smoking crack. the event set off outrage around the globe, some angry at the way that the zoo handled this by shooting the gorilla to death. others are blaming the parents. hours before the polls open in new jersey, hillary clinton is soon to be the democratic party's presumptive nominee and how her rival bernie sanders is react to go that. still ahead breaking news out of kingsessing, a pizza delivery driver fighting for his life what two suspects are accused of doing moments before they shot him in the head.
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beautyrest black. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. good good morning at 5:30. a five-year old boy shot inside his own home. what his parents told him to keep him calm and his mind off his wound. a pizza delivery driver is in critical condition after being robbed and shot in the head, what the two men responsible demanded moments before pulling the trigger. good day, everybody it is tuesday, june 7th, 2016. >> bus stop buddy, typically would wear something i guess this time of the year that the phillies would have on but they lost so we didn't put
5:30 am
phillies hat on him. but what a game. they almost pulled this thing out. they lost six-four, scoring four runs in the bottom of the ninth. too little too late though. lets talk about weather. we have more good baseball weather today begins the cubs yet again, scottie. >> there is still hope, keep hope alive, right, chris? bus stop buddy is dressed for summer, because it is a mild, muggy start, temperatures are already in the 70's by this afternoon. we are looking at high temperatures around 86 degrees. a slight chance for some afternoon thunderstorms, we will put that at 20 percent, better chance for middle of the week at 50 percent. we have mixture of sun's cloud, live look right now in olde city 71 degrees. look at that humidity at 48 percent. wind west southwest at 5 miles an hour. we are looking at 73 degrees currently in atlantic city. seventy-one is popular number along i-95 corridor. 63 degrees in allentown. once again a mixture of sun
5:31 am
and clouds today, temperatures warming rapidly 80 degrees by lunch and then that stray thunderstorm chance later this afternoon. 86 degrees is the high temperature. hey, heading to the ballpark later on this afternoon and evening? we are looking at 78 degrees by first pitch, wind west at 10 miles an hour, it will be a great one at the ballpark, those short sleeves definitely wear. that bob kelly, how are roads on this tuesday morning. >> did you say i can wear my shorts tonight? short sleeves. >> short sleeves. >> i have this new pair of jeans cut off at pockets. >> your daisy dukes. >> exactly. >> good morning everybody. it is tuesday, up and adam, hello valley forge, in problems here on 422. i came through this way over the weekend as buses held through and it is tough when you go over that bridge that takes you over schuylkill river there, with the
5:32 am
construction zone but we are starting to see volume pop. somebody is going somewhere look at all of the tour buses, look at 2457 or eight in a row heading in toward king of prussia, it that is time class trip week here. we have seen a lot of folks coming in center city. eighth grade class trips going to the different places. live look at 42 freeway toward philadelphia, in problems there we have a fire location in deptford a long the 600 block of wood land avenue right flaw of peach street. watch for local detours. pennsy turnpike, crews are still working delaware valley over to philadelphia but otherwise good to go heading over toward will valley forge. if you use new jersey transit mainly atlantic city river line, the rail line, the shuttle buses this week are running between 30th and cherry hill. during the morning rush hour you're okay leaving philly and going to cherry hill. it that is reverse commute because those buses to have sit with the rest of the traffic on the benny.
5:33 am
chris and lauren, back over to you. breaking news out of chester where a five-year oldies in the hospital after he was shot inside his home. >> five-year old boy inside his house when someone opened fire outside hitting the boy, dave kinchen stopping by light with the latest on this, this poor kid, dave. >> reporter: my gosh, just awful. not only that but what his parent had to do we will tell but that in a second here. a five-year old boy shot inside his house, his parents were just inches from him very close by and it happened around 10:00 o'clock last night on the four hundred block of winnington place. police say that the child was standing right next to his mother as she was cooking a late din are when shots were heard outside the house. moth over four said she grabbed her two young children down to the floor instantly as their father got right on top of them covering them with his body. mother told cops she saw shots rip through her curtains and knock them off the wall. five-year old then told his parents he could not breathe
5:34 am
and was checking his body and found blood and a wound and was taken to crozer-chester medical center alert and conscious. both parents kept him calm, relaxed as he could be by keeping him focused on his upcoming birthday party. a bullet entered under the victim's left arm and remains lodged inner his right shoulder. police are trying to put this together. they don't have a suspect or weapon at this time. they don't necessity who did this or why this was done but we are told fortunately this boy will survive, back to you. >> that is good news, dave, thank you so much. more breaking news, this time out of kingsessing where a pizza delivery driver was shot in the head execution style during a robbery. it was just after 10:30 a man was dropping off food on the 5700 block of beaumont have avenue. two men walk up, demanded money. suspect drove the vehicle, where they shot the delivery man in the back of the head after taking only $60. luckily he managed to get up
5:35 am
run and yell for help. police arrived a short time later. took him to penn presbyterian where he is in critical condition. driver's car was found three blocks away and police are still searching for those suspects. you decide 2016, voters in six states head to the polls including new jersey and california where most delegates are up for grabs. >> big news coming out just hours before the polls even opened. hillary clinton will likely become first woman to be at the top of the presidential ticket in the united states. the associated press say the latest delegate count already makes the former secretary of state the democrats presumptive nominee. clinton reached that 2,383 delegates that she need but isn't prepared to claim victory just yet. >> i got to tell you according to the news we are on a brink of a historic, historic unprecedented, moment but we
5:36 am
still have work to do don't we and we will fight hard, for every single vote especially right here in california. >> clinton's rival bernie sanders vowed to take his campaign to the nominating convention in philadelphia next month. he says that he refused to concede. of course, watch latest tonight on fox 29, in california and new jersey, voters in monday tan, new mexico and south dakota will head to the poles today. we will bring you results live during fox 29 news at 10:00 o'clock. still ahead if golden state warriors steph curry was on the quest for gold. he says he will in the compete in the upcoming olympic games. >> any reason why. >> after the break. ...clear for take off.
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good morning. beautiful shot of the sunrising over the platt bridge at 5:39. it is tuesday morning. thanks so much for waking up with us. >> that is really pretty. >> um-hmm. here's sports in one minute. good morning, i'm howard eskin. reality sometimes really a harsh reminder of things. fans had some hope in the beginning of the the season when phillies were winning games but it was against bad
5:40 am
baseball teams. last night phillies started with the cubs, to citizens bank park phillies down one to nothing. adam morgan and jason hayward, two run home run. cubs were up six to nothing. phillies scored four on two home runs are within by galvis one by joseph. ryan howard, pinch hitter, man on, tying run, phillies lose, the score six-four. two eagles players not attended eagles volume will try camps were back yesterday for their physicals, mandatory camp start today. fletcher cox who is reported still no new contract, he has a year left, darren sproles is back. he says he has in problems with his contract. game four san jose/pittsburgh. pittsburgh up one to nothing. malkin, shot and score. pittsburgh wins the game three-one. they lead three-one. ryan howard by the way will start tonight. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
5:41 am
next game between cavilers and golden state warriors will be tomorrow night. >> that is right. >> speaking of that, right, the nba mvp steph curry will not be a gold medalist. >> he announced he is not taking part in the rio olympics. he blames his recent ankle and knee injuries. he sprained knee during first run of the playoffs and says he need to rest. he culled have been biggest star on the team as lebron james and kobe bryant have still not committed to play. not all bad news he and his warriors are up two to nothing over cleveland, again, next game is tomorrow night. they will take to it cleveland down two games to nothing are cavilers. >> lets see if that changes the things. still ahead nation and world get ready to say their final good bye to muhammad ali, philadelphia native, who will step in as pallbearer at his funeral.
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every day, not every day but every friday. >> every day. >> every day. >> you say something that is really crazy. >> that is true. >> every friday, we're on the road, so we will go to jenkintown this week 7:00 to 10:00 at town square in the heart of the jenkintown. >> we will be in jenkintown every day,. >> we are in jenkintown every day on tv but we will be in person. >> you can win a new car, at least someone is, by signing up first though. here's the deal. this is the car we are giving
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away mazda cx9, and how do you win this lauren dawn johnson. >> fox, click on the contest page and you can be a finalist once a week. you can be a big winner at the end of it all, july 22nd. >> so, all right, the final show and the big day, the big give away is on the between the second of july, at the dell music center in fairmount park. come out and see us and win that brand new mazda cx9 but you can't win if you don't sign up. >> hello mr. williams you have to play to win. weather should be great this friday in jenkintown. weather for today not that bad, yesterday's high 86 degrees. we will hit 86 again today. right new as we look at the satellite and radar with the surface features map overhead we have a cold front well to the west but take a look at tropical storm colin now just off shore from charleston south caroline, max sustain wind are at 50 miles an hour.
5:46 am
that system will stay well to our south but it will race on off to the north and east during the day to day. we have big new jersey primary day to day, great voting weather, might want to wear short sleeves because it will warm up rapidly. eighty at noon. eighty-five at 5:00 with the high temperature right around 86 degrees. mixture of sun an included, beautiful sunrise, across the area, it looks like cotton candy right now. 71 degrees. humidity 84 percent. steamy out there this morning. zero seven in millville. seventy-one. good morning in wilmington. we are waking up to trenton at 71. lower 60's in allentown. mild start in wilmington. eighty-one at noon. eighty-seven for the high temperature. there could be a couple spotty stray thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening but otherwise sun, clouds and another warm day. 86 degrees in center city. eighty-one down the shore. seventy-six in the pocono mountains with a few thunderstorms possible.
5:47 am
we are looking at cooler weather for tomorrow and also threat for better chances for showers. 71 degrees for the high tomorrow, some folks could be stuck in the 60's for high temperatures. 76 degrees on thursday. seventy-eight on a fine friday bob kelly and weekend looks good for outdoor events. there could be a spotty storm on sunday. how are the road. >> we are not that bad at all, talking about cotton candy. >> yes. >> gets me thinks of stuff. guess what today? is. >> what. >> national check late ice cream day. >> what? >> how about ice cream for breakfast, kid. we're allowed to do it on nationalize cream day. do you want jimmies, no problem. what is your favorite flavor? chocolate, vanilla. >> cocky dough. >> i like orange ice or cream sickle. that is why they make all those flavors. good morning, everybody. live look the a the schuylkill expressway, we have you coming and going here, first of all
5:48 am
eastbound something going on here off to the shoulder right the here near gulph mills and westbound side this fellow has been sitting here all morning and just kind of hugging that right lane or shoulder as you come around the curve. so look out. sometimes you hear the guys hit that rumble strip. if you hit the rump strip right here you will be in an accident. be careful coming off the curve westbound near gulph mills. live look at ben franklin bridge, in problems coming into philadelphia, the sun begins to rise, giving us that cotton candy kind of scene that scott just showed us. northbound 495 coming up to wilmington left over construction here near edgemore road, that is exit number four there, and then work today on the passyunk avenue bridge, out there between 9:00 and 3:00 all this week. pick one of the other ones either platt bridge or girard point double deck error through neighborhood just expect to delays as part of the construction project on
5:49 am
the bridgette self. this fire location here in deptford along wood land avenue in the 600 block just after of peach street. we had a news crew on the way there we will get you more information, coming up next, chris and lauren back to you. fire fighters in gloucester county investigating the cause of the house fire. flames quickly gutting the building leaving behind a charred shell. fire started around 4:00 on wood land avenue as bob said in westville. extra crews were called into help put this out. no word if anyone was inside or how this fire started. bob will keep an eye on how it might affect traffic. kimbo slice has and, and he died in florida, and, he died. and, his real name is kevin ferguson. and, he is being posted all over you tube. he had been a bouncer at a strip club and body guard. he signed a professional contract with the mma. he was 42 years old.
5:50 am
just 42. my goodness. >> the nation and world will say final good bye to boxing legend muhammad ali this friday. boxing great died over the weekend at the age of seven 46789 we have learn philadelphia native will smith and lennox lewis will be two of the pallbearers at that funeral. you might remember smith portrayed the boxer in the movie ali. 5:50. local township appears to be threatening drivers with a zazi sign, to get this to slow down. people living near upper holland road in northampton township are federal up with drivers speeding. township recently put up an electronic message since the street was repaving jokingly telling drivers quote don't speed or we will put the potholes back. bunch of people laughed at the message. one person complained saying this is like bullying. >> i saw it on facebook. it is a riot. >> i do too. >> they want people to go slow or you bet are watch it. >> i think people need to slow down and you know obey speed
5:51 am
limit. it is kind of funny. >> too much correctness, i just don't, you know. >> i don't think it is offensive to me at all. >> great sign. >> original sign was taken down. >> there it is,. >> new message tells drivers to slow down and watch for a left turn. >> we're so p.c., people offend by that. >> original sign just said slow down.. >> we will put those potholes back. >> what is better? have you ever seen someone, i saw somebody yesterday walking down the street wearing crooks. >> really. who is the famous chef, mario vitali. >> yes, no. >> okay. >> get it. they are orange. >> you said orange. >> why are people yelling orange. >> he didn't hear the beginning probably. >> what he to go back there why does he sit there.
5:52 am
>> he is working on the the forecast. >> is it strange that someone is over my shoulder the whole time. >> distracting. >> i guess he is working on the forecast. >> aren't you glad you came in. >> nicely done. >> what word rimes with orange. >> not one word. >> nothing rimes with orange. >> doctor mike is believe it or not, moving way from his practice and tell thaw crocks are a crock. >> really. >> they are not good for your health. >> they are not all crooked up to be. >> through go. thank you. >> what if you had crocks made of alligator. would they be crocodile crooks. anyway this whole bit is a bunch of -- okay. >> moving on you don't have anything else. >> that is it. >> just about crocks. >> i would go out and jog or something.
5:53 am
>> i wouldn't even watch. >> i went even watch. >> you have to watch because alex is back, she has recovered from beyonce, she could in the come in yesterday. >> alex came back today. >> that is worth watching. >> this just in. >> she looks so adorable. >> ridiculous. >> stay tuned for that if nothing else. does she ever take a week off straight one day and she's back. >> boutique ruined their plans to wear their dream dress on the big day warning now to save others from the same heartache.
5:55 am
5:56 am
a wilmington boutique is dark dreams of ladies wearing their perfect dress. jennifer's wedding day is three months away but gown she ordered, and paid for is no where to be found. we found similar complaints posted object line from several upset brides to be. fox 29 stopped by anastasia bridal for comment. signs are posted on the doors, stating it is closed for inventory. we will keep an eye on that. a pizza delivery driver in critical condition after being shot in the head. what the two men responsible demanded moments before pulling the trigger. developing story a
5:57 am
five-year old shot inches from his mother making dinner inside their home, what the boy's father did to protect his son after bullets came through the family's home.
5:58 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
5:59 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a chester family's howard showered in bullets leaving a five-year old boy, shot, yeah, five years old. what the family was doing right before the shooting
6:00 am
began. plus, a delivery man is almost killed during a robbery, while on the job, what the victim did after being shot in the head and then likely saved his life. according to the news we are on a brink of a historic unprecedented moment. >> well, this is it, it looks like it is clinched already. hillary clinton becoming first woman in the 240 year history of this country to lead the presidential ticket for a major political party. >> this is as new jersey voters offer their say in a set of presidential primaries. >> some of the polls opened 30 seconds ago. it is voting day, tuesday, june the seventh, 2016. big, big primary in new jersey, and the state of california. >> some are wondering is it still big since


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