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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 9, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. good morning, at 4:00 waking to up tragedy in point breeze. right now fire officials are work ago deadly house fire. we have a crew on scene, we'll have a live report for you soon. >> traffic stop picks a drastic turn when driver slams right into police cruiser, why police say they know who they are looking for. >> bigger fight and lots of protests but the controversial soda tax is closer to becoming law in philadelphia. the changes that will affect more people. >> good day, it is thursday, june 89th, 2016. >> bitter fight over a sweet drink. >> i know. >> right? so much controversy over that. >> so much. >> a guest in studio little later, but first we have to get to weather. >> before we get to weather, or is it after? before? eight annual stop hunger at your station drive is now
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underway. and the philabundance will be out front of our studios this morning from 6:00 until 10:00 to except donations. >> come on over and drop off some canned non-perishable item. i was so excited to get to sue because sue is back, welcome back. >> thanks, yes. yesterday i was at wildwood watching you guys at this time. so how weird is that? watching your work when you're off. couple every nice mental health days, hopefully you are doing okay after all of those storms yesterday. and all of the drama with 70-mile per hour winds in some places. today's much calmer, and much cooler. we will gave you a nine out of ten, because actually down right chill any some spots this morning. we'll show you what we're talking about. here we start off with the airport, and the temperature of 54 degrees, 9-mile per hour winds, 59% relative humidity. so that humidity is down, and it is lovely outside. sunrise, 5:32, longest days of the year as we lead up to the
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first day of summer. chilly what i am talking about in mount pocono, 41 degrees, 53 trenton, pottstown has 51, we go to write town, 55, 56 in millville. 61 degrees in wildwood right now. so, that's where we are at the moment. we've got some breezes making it feel even cooler specially up to the north with 10-mile an hour winds coming out of the northwest, and 9-mile an hour winds in the city, millville, little breezier down in wildwood with 15-mile an hour winds, that's how you're start interesting. a look at radar, so calm compared to yesterday. when all of those strong storms came through. so nothing to worry about with precipitation today, just sun, sun, sun, all day long, high temperatures, 75 degrees, look at your sunset time, 8:29. so, this is a day, i might bump the nine up to a ten, bob kelly, what do you think? >> sure. because scotty was good last couple of days. great to have you back, you know, but scotty, he did a ten, then he did the nine, and
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a nine. the teacher's always -- you never know, because ten casino of then, if you give us a nine, there is always room for improvement. >> you're right. >> that's what sister laverne used to say. >> and chilly out there. nine and a half, we have adjust that scale. good morning, everybody, hello bensalem. we got some road work still out here, southbound 959 what we are looking at here, but the on and off ramps to and from street road all blocked, they are paving the on and off ramps. so it is a straight through. you can't exit for street road. you have to go down to woodhaven road, also, shutdown on the vine street expressway between broad and spring garden between broad and the schuylkill. you can exit at spring garden south or 30th street. no problems at the moment on the schuylkill, looking good on 476, we do have accident, though, on the new jersey turnpike, it is southbound on the new jersey turnpike, right at exit number 7a. the exit for great adventure, also involves a fuel spill in the outer drive.
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again, it is a southbound accident, and that outer drive. also, some downed wires in west chester along route 926 and new street, otherwise the market frankford and the subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> breaking news this morning, point breeze, scene of tragic house fire. >> started right in the middle of the night, and win person on dead, steve keeley with the latest, steve? >> extremely sad here in philadelphia, because not at the halfway point here for 2016. and we are, can we get the mix out of my ear back there in the studio, at the halfway point in 2016. but we have already surpassed the 2015 year death total for fires here in philadelphia, and we have new fire commission american, just started may 16, not on the job, a month, now the fourth fire death in his reign, commissioner, what can you
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tell us about this fire here south philly taylor street off moore? >> we had fire companies dis batch to 159 this morning for reported dwelling fire, two story rowhouse. they got here three minute late dollars, mounted aggressive interior attack as they always do, search and rescue effort, despite their her cue lee and effort, unfortunately appears we will have elderly male who expired inside the dwelling. >> it is always tough to find out what happened this soon and whether even there are smoke detectors, but a lot of times when somebody doesn't have an early indication that there is smoke in their homes, there are no smoke detectors, and you guys will come out on the street, anywhere in the neighborhood and hand them out like do you for thousands every year. >> too early to know what happened in this fire, but yes, absolutely, smoke alarms save lives, fire suffer one's fight. we really need all of our citizens to get out there, take care of their neighbors, make sure they have a smoke alarm on every floor of their homes, and do all of the other fire safety behaviors we talk
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about. >> let's hope we don't have any more fatal fires for 2016. there you go, in south philly here at taylor and moore, chris, lauren, what a sad start for the new fire commissioner, just on the job since may 16th, and already handling a fourth fatality for fires. again, surpassing last year's total on june 9th. wow, last year it was the lowest total ever, but still you want to keep the totals going down, down, down, down to is her open, that's the aim of this fire department. they do all they can to keep it at zero. as you heard right there, sometimes i am fos as we lock at the family just finding out and then very tough to be around that, too. >> absolutely. all right, steve keeley, live for just point breeze, thank you. >> 4:06. covering more breaking news out of south philadelphia where traffic stop took a very violent turn. car crashes right into a police car on purpose. police tell fox 29 that officer stopped a car on south 21 and carpenter streets,
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around 1:00 this morning, when the officers got out of their vehicle, that's when police say the driver after nissan altima put the car in reverse and backed into the officer's cruiser, the officers were not injured but the driver of the altima was able to get away. police have the license plate of that car a they know who they are looking for. >> major step forwards for the controversial soda tax in philadelphia. >> oh, it is controversial tan got heated within the city council chambers. the sit can i now become the biggest city in the country to have a soda tax after all said and done. dave kinchen, from one of the place that is may be affected by this the most, which would be a wawa, right, dave? >> reporter: yes, that's right, a wawa in center city. now of course, this supposedly includes attacks on diet drinks, as well, so if you are tacking about coke, i don't know about a smile for a lot of people who are opposed to to this whole thing, city council giving preliminary approval for soda increase, but changes by the initial
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proposal, anti-soda tax protesters rallied outside city hall were likely extra opposed when they finds out what happened inside at the meeting. instead of 3 cents per ounce, the plan that passed through committee last night would tax 1.5 on sugary drinks, now diet drinks, too, but the big bombshell came when it when it was revealed some. raised tax revenues will pad out the city general fund in addition to helping cover quality pre k, community schools and parks and rec centers as originally proposed. and opponent say it adds insult to injury. >> it was abate and switch, actually being used to plug a budget hole. we don't think that was not mentioned at any point during this debate. >> when the price of soda goes up, sales go down. and when sales go down, we lose jobs. we lose positions out of this. >> this will still raise taxes on, you know, thousands of items that a family shops for every week. so no, i mean, a tax at any
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level is regressive, hurt philadelphia families and small businesses. >> reporter: well, meanwhile, those who support the tax actually rallied outside of city hall. they say that this tax simply gives them the revenue they need to funds critical services. now there is move will go to another vote and could become final next week f soap, as you said, chris there is will be the largest city in america to have attacks on soda. keep in mind, this failed in new york and in san francisco. >> dave, thank you. >> another day of clean up after a fast moving storm blew right through our area yesterday. >> some pretty bad weather right in the middle of the day sending people ducking for cover. take a look for yourself. work hers to really deal with close call when they got call in these torrential rains at the riverton country club in cinnaminson. winds up to 70 miles per hour whipping through yesterday afternoon bringing down large trees, and buildings, trees
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into buildings. it didn't bring down any buildings. the trees were into the buildings and cars. luckily, no one was hurt. >> unbelievable amount of wind. and we just all took cover. it was just unbelievable. i've been here for 11 years. i've never seen anything this bad. >> man, it was even worse than that on the golf course, my five iron. no one was injured when powerful gust ripped apart the top after apartment building in atlantic city. tenant looking for new place to live. some resident in cherry hill are also out of their homes when trees came crashing through their roofs. >> thanks to the viewers, video of the aftermath of yesterday's storm came into the news room pretty quickly. delaware county strong winds caused power lines to snap and fall into an s.u.v. that was driving in lansdowne. firefighters had to wait for peco to turnoff the power to fight that fire. the driver was okay. no one was hurt. >> strong winds also topple trees in for the philadelphia there is huge one came crashing down, around noon yesterday, along the 100 block
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of levick street. luckily no one was hurt there. no homes or cars were hit when that tree topple over. >> lauren, not done there. going to new castle county, delaware, on silver side road in wilmington. you can see part of a huge tree, just snapped in half. several leaves, branches, left all over the place. and remember, stay ahead of the weather with the fox 29 weather app. see live radar, alert sent to your home, search in the apple and google play stores. >> 4:11, injured after falling off of his ladder. local community coming together to support a local firefighter. >> and it looks like a chocolate drink. but investigators at the airport new better. what the feds say a local woman tried to sneak through in her luggage. bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, 4:11 on this thursday morning, we've got an accident on the new jersey turnpike that's causing delays on the southbound side. big golf event coming to ft. washington. chris, you know this one? >> no, what do we have? >> i'll give you all of the
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detail. sue-be is back with the forecast when we come right back. ♪
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>> every friday we're taking over a local town. jenkins town you can we're coming, right in the heart of the city, 7:00 to 10:00. >> let's hope it looks more exciting than. that will oh, we will take it over. it will be a crowd. you know why? here is the dealment you can signed up to win a brand new
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mazda cx9. head to our website click on the home page, we'll pick a finalist once a week. the final show we'll have a big give away. >> here's where we will be headed over the next several weeks, big fib ali, did he del music center in fairmount park. come on out and join us, join the whole team you. >> sound so excited about it, lauren. >> i'm thrilled. >> soup, now, you have to be rested, what did you have like 17 days off straight? >> new york i took three days off, monday, tuesday, wednesday, you know? >> but it felt like 17, didn't it? you missed us? >> oh, terribly, why do you think i came back? >> because get paid every two weeks? >> oh, that pesky mortgage, yes. >> well off shore right now, high pressure building in today, now, starting out pretty cold. here is a really good thing. low humidity. so, maybe a good hair day, and high of 75 degrees today. some of the storm damage from
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last night, a tree fell on a house in drexel hill, we had a wind gust of 72 miles an hour, reported in upper deerfield, in new jersey, and quarter inch hail in sicklerville, new jersey, and that's just couple of ex examples of storm damage from yesterday, it was crazy and isolated as a lot of storms came through, a storm in atlantic city, 10 miles down the road in margate, nothing going on as much, but the winds were very high. we'll check the winds for you coming up. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now, that's all we got for you, 41 mount pocono, 50 in lancaster, 57 in dover, it is 61 degrees in wildwood. and tonight, kathy orr is going to be in cape may. it is or down the shore, it is thursday, so you can meet satisfy i -- kathy, on the way to cape may. restaurant week there. so perhaps she will be sampling some of the local fare, 72 degrees, sunny, windy, it will be very breezy,
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do you have hold on to your hair, for that. >> now, as we look back, we had temperatures that were well above the average of 81, until yesterday when we only managed 73 degrees, i think we will get up to 75 today, and 79 tomorrow. we will go with the ten for tomorrow. how is that? and then a chance of a little pop up in the forecast for saturday. but that would be pop up thunderstorm, of covers, and as we head into sunday looking at warm temperatures, perhaps, in the upper 80s, then we cool off as we head toward the middle of next week to more seasonable temperatures, so we'll work on that saturday forecast for you, but should be nice for jenkintown tomorrow. bob? >> off to pretty good start this morning, except construction crews still out here. here is the deal. they've been repaving the on and off ramp here, street road to and from 9a so there is no access to the street road ramp. you will have to go down to
4:18 am
woodhaven road. they should be out of here by about 5:00 or so. looking good on the freeway. common where is everybody? headlights working your way slowly into philadelphia, on this thursday morning. there is still working on the vine street expressway, the vine street expressway closed here both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. again, until about 5:00. you know the drill. use vine st. local or exit for spring garden, 30th or south to get you into anyone of the number street, and of course all of the construction around the art museum, the cathedral area there, that's the overpasses that they're working above and below there all part of the vine expressway road work. now we have some downed wires in westtown, chester county, street road blocked, that's also 926 there cutting through chester county between new and the wilmington pike. so watch for detours there, probably going to see some debris, if it was trash collection day yesterday, all of that rain and wind kicked around some boxes and couple
4:19 am
of trash can lids. new jersey turnpike, southbound, an accident, the outer drive at exit 7a. not only is there an accident, but also, a fuel spill. so that's all southbound at exit 7a. and get ready, it is thursday it, you ready for breakfast? >> where are we going? >> we go to the runway cafe. stacey haines road over in lumberton, new jersey, another one of those really cool airports where they have the cafe set upright on the runway where you can take the kids for some great food, and also, watch the planes come in and take off over there at the runway cafe, bring the kids, i'll be there beginning at 9:00 with the tv cameras, and we'll have some fun. back to you. >> bensalem firefighter improving after falling off his ladder nearly three weeks ago responding to a house fire. the community has really rallied behind the local hero, nick weaver is recovering at home after being released from the hospital. he slipped and fell 35 feet to the ground suffering multiple fractures in his back, weaver
4:20 am
receiving hundreds of cards from local school children and letters from as far away as hawaii, wishing him to get well. his battalion chief tells fox 29, lifting his spirits. >> it has brought the community together, a lot of people have supported him, it truly is amazing the smile on his face is unbelievable. there are tears of joy, and we hope this helps him get better quicker. >> we have is her expected to fully recover and be back on the job as a fire fight nervous a few month. >> 4:20 the time. bill cosby lawyers are challenging hearsay evidence used at the comedian's preliminary hearing. they want the charges against their client dropped. attorneys for the 78 year old say that cosby's accuser, andrea constand, should have been called to testify at that hearing, instead, prosecutors red her police statement in front of the judge. that judge later sent the case to trial. defense lawyers want the charges dropped or another preliminary hearing scheduled. >> philadelphia police looking for a guy they say flashed a
4:21 am
gun at people in four separate incident in olney. one man said he was approached while at the bus stop on june 1st, forced to walk to an atm withdraw cash. two days later 15 year old says he was stopped, his money and cell phone were stolen, on that same day, another teen says his watch and i.d. card were taken, then third teenage victim said he also had his money stolen after being confront wad gun. each time a man threat toned call them if they called for help. >> people along one kensington street, police hope they can find who ever smashed their car windows, tuesday night along the 2200 block of memphis street. neighbor shared this surveillance video with fox 29. you will see car drive by. once it does, the window of that parked vehicle is shattered. people say it is not clear what exactly was used to break the glass. despite the mess, one man we talked to is not getting himself too worked up. >> yes, it is annoying, bully mean it is almost impossible it to get too angry. there is that could really be
4:22 am
done about it outside from having an officer on every corner 24 hours a day, which is unfeasible. >> reporter: well, authorities have not shared any information yet about who they might be looking for. >> you have customs agents say these cans you see right here were used to smug nel cocaine at the philadelphia airport. an upper darby woman was arrested last month after they say the drugs were discovered concealed in the milk cans packed in her luggage. ten cars were found in all, to wanda white pennington facing various drug-related charges. >> in the words of allen iverson, we're talking about practice. >> yes, we are. howard has what's going on right and wrong in the eagles pre-season. >> it is not a game. it is practice. >> plus, they don't call him king james for nothing. down two games to nil, could king james rule in his home
4:23 am
territory? >> ♪
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good morning, i'm howards eskin. we're already into june, phillies still can't hit. into june and the manager being forced to play ryan howard, he is still on the team, and he is hitting 150. yesterday the phillies may have lost a starting pitcher. going to citizens bank park, that was vince val he is quest, two pitches in the
4:26 am
first inning, right biceps strain. whatever you might call it. well, in the sixth, with score one-nothing, chris bryant with a homerun. and the phillies lose to the cubs the score there eight to one. >> all right, the quarterback spoke yesterday. head coach doug pederson was asked about carson wentz throwing the deep balls at practice maybe too many times, sofas sam bradford, he likes the fact ex make more play calls. >> i think that's what every quarterback want, who you want the ability to get in and out every plays you want the ability to make things right. obviously it puts more pressure on to you study, to know what the opponent will do, to be ready for certain looks, and take advantage every those looks. >> that's sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> all right, so if you are the cavs, you won't go down without a fight, right? >> is this another blow snout what happened to close games? after being down two games to nil, last night, game three
4:27 am
was another blow out. let's roll the video, calves took the commander lead right from the start from jump shots to baseline drives to three's, the warriors could not stop labron james. even saw some poster size dunk moments, steve kerry, had a bat night. calves pull this on, 120 to 90. if you're keeping score at home, and you're doing higher math, that's 30-point blow out. >> 4:27 this morning, making bank, seems retirement, bad seasons, injuries, couldn't keep some of the country's top athletes from brinking in lots of money. now forbes has released it highest paid athletes including three right from our area. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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>> tragedy in point breeze, officials are work ago ted did i house fire, we'll have a live report coming up. >> a developing story playing out at city hall. that may soon impact your pocketbook, yep there is morning we will talk about the soda tax. this has everyone fired up. good day everyone it is thursday, june 9, 2016. and look who is back. sue serio, we'll get to sue in just a second, first, we want to tell but something we're doing to stop hunger. >> septa's eighth annual stop
4:31 am
hunger station drive is under way, philabundance septa bus, will be out front of our studio from 6:00 until 10:00 this morning, to except donation. >> so bring cans, non-perishable items. >> you might bumm noop chris murphy out front. will you be outside? >> today, no. >> i'll go doing different. >> where are you going? >> i can't tell you yet. but sue serio will be here. >> bob kelly will be here. >> mike jerrick will be here. >> bob was handing out jelly donuts yesterday. we this sometimes, today is a perfect day to be outside, sue serio. >> just sweater weather to start the day though. really is on the cool side out there. so be prepared, which is the only reason we go with a nine out of ten. it will be a gorgeous day today, though, now that all of those pesky thunderstorms are out of here. philadelphia international airport, the temperature is 54 degrees. see the camera wobble just a smidge. because of those 9-mile per hour breezes, out of the west southwest right now, 59%
4:32 am
relative humidity, that's good thing in june, sunrise time 5:32. we've got 41 degrees, in mount pocono, i told you it was cool, 52 in reading, 50 in lancaster, 51 in pottstown, we go down to wilmington, it is also 51, we have 61 degrees in wildwood, at atlantic city international, it is 52. that's where we are with the temperature. factoring in the wind, as we get around to getting a northwesterly winds in here, it is westerly, southwesterly, in some places this morning, nine, 10 miles an hour, your average wind speed, no precipitation showing up, maybe just little clutter there on the radar, with some cloud cover around. that's the deal with that. thursday, planner, is really nice, with plenty of sunshine, but very cool to start in the 50's here in the city. but, closer to the 40's in some of the suburbs, by the end of the day, though, we should be at 75 degrees, and lot of time to enjoy this day, because sun doesn't set until
4:33 am
8:29. so, this is a thursday, that you should enjoy weather wise, but how long can we keep this going? we'll let you know, in the seven day forecast, just ahead. hey, bob kelly? >> hey, welcome back, sue, good to see you back in town, and last night you say the sunrise not until 8:29. putting the bed to austin about 8:00. he says dad it is not dark yet, how come i'm going to bed when it is not dark. >> look, time for bed, pull the shade down. live look at 202, still out here, they are loving the overnight temperatures, although tad bit chill think morning when we woke up. they are loving it out here. this is 202 northbound, between boot road and 401, doing that paving, all part of the reconstruction, the benny, good morning, no problems at all coming in and up and over the ben franklin, walt whitman, the betsy ross, all looking good, still working on the vine street expressway, still shut down between the schuylkill and broad street, again, until about 5:00. that's when they pick up the construction, and we are good
4:34 am
to go. blue route, schuylkill, casino of quiet for a thursday morning. south philadelphia, we will go to steve in a second. overnight fire location at taylor and morris, and in westtown, chester county, street road, left over from yesterday, the high winds, that sipped across our area, with that heavy rain, pulled down some power lines, so street road still block here, between new street and the wilmington pike, and an accident south on the new jersey turnpike, outer drive at exit number 7a. not only an accident, but also a fuel spill. and we have both the broad street subway and the market frankford line running shuttle buses until 5:00 and big golf tournament that opens up today with the pga crown coming into town with the contradict club, gates open up at 7:00. that will will put extra volume over in the ft. washington flourtown area just off of route 309. no problems yet at the airport, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. breaking news out of point breeze, scene of tragic house fire. >> started in the middle of the night. now one person is dead.
4:35 am
going to steve keeley with the latest, steve, good morning. >> reporter: call came in at 2:00 a.m., the fire department got here within second essentially, but by the time they got here this nan was killed was trapped up on the second floor, why they don't know for sure that there were no working smoke detectors in this house, it is obvious that probably weren't any, because there was no warning either from the guy trying to get out or from any of the neighbors who would have heard any alarms and called the fire department long before this house was fully engulfed in smoke and flames. sadly, this gentleman's death here, overnight here in south philadelphia, is the 13th fire death already in this new year before we even hit the halfway mark on july 1st, and that surpasses last year's complete total for 2015 of just 12 fire deaths, and we talked to the new fire commissioner, adam feel, just started may 16, already dealing this morning with the fourth fire fatality,
4:36 am
in his short reign, not even completely on the job. >> thank you steve keeley. covering more breaking news out of south philadelphia where traffic stop took violent turn, a car crashes right into a police car on purpose. >> police tell fox 29 officers stopped the car in south 21st and carpenter street around 1:00 this morning, when the officers got out of their vehicle, that's when police say the driver of the nissan altima put the car in reverse, and then back right into the officer's cruiser. the officers were not hurt, thankfully, but the driver of the at tim a was able to get away. police have the license plate of the car, and they know who that driver s of course they are searching for him right now. >> five year old chest per boy home from the hospital after taking a bullet from a drive by shooter. he's telling his story exclusively to fox 29. meet mark anthony junior, his family was preparing for late night meal in their kitchen monday when someone opened fire on their apartment. one of the bullets shattering the window, hitting mark, the youngster describing his
4:37 am
ordeal to bruce gordon. >> what did it feel like when you got shot? what did it feel flying. >> it feel like a shock. >> like a shock, like an electrical shock? >> yes. >> when you saw the look on your mommy eights face i bet she was pretty scared? >> she was crying, and all the rest of my family. >> how about you, were you crying at all. >> yes, i was in pain. >> mark will undergo at least one more surge troy remove that bullet. he says he want to be a police officer when he grows up. authorities have not made any arrests in that shooting. >> what a precious kid. >> all right, let's toss things out to dave where philadelphia could soon be making history, right, dave? >> yes, that's right. philadelphia could be the first major city in the united states to put attacks on soda. we'll tell you where that's going coming up. bob? >> dave, good morning, everybody, we got some construction coming our way today on the i-95 girard point double decker. let's get behind the septa bus here and go across the bridge, of course the northbound side is the lower deck as you head in toward the stadium area.
4:38 am
sue-be is back and has that weekend forecast when we come right back.
4:39 am
4:40 am
the proposed tax on sugary drinks moves closer to becoming reality in philadelphia, but with a few change. >> well, the city council giving preliminary approval despite heated protests, dave kinchen now at a wawa, which will be hit hard by this, some say. >> yes, because of sodas like
4:41 am
this, you know, coca-cola, and funny there is one says this is how we do it, i think like the popular song, now you can put a question mark. this is how we do it, question mark taxing soda and also diet soda, part of the new issue here, giving preliminary approval for tax increase but with changes to the initial proposal. the anti-soda tax protesters rallied outside of city hall, and likely extra opposed when they found out about what happened inside instead of three sent per ounce, the plan that passed through committee last night would tax 1.5 sent on shoeing already drinks, now diet drinks, too, but the big bombshell came when it was revealed that some of the raised tax revenue will pad out the city general funds in addition to helping cover quality pre k education, community school, parks, rec, originally promised, so a lot of people not happy about that this could all be official by next week, back to you. >> coming soon, all right,
4:42 am
thank you so much, dave. >> 4:42, public memorial will be held friday for boxing great muhammad ali, why is his family outraged people banding to attend? the answer straight ahead.
4:43 am
4:44 am
>> taking a look at the forecast for tomorrow. because, good day drives you to jenkintown, pennsylvania, and as that sign tells us, the welcome to jenkintown sign, it
4:45 am
was named after an early welsh settler, so a little preview of the history, we will give you every jenkintown tomorrow. that's not the forecast, i'm update it for you, working on. that will we had cold front that came through yesterday, rather loudly in a lot of places and rather violently with the thunderstorms that moved through. high pressure is in control today will improve things so much, although, we are off to chilly start this morning, with these clear skies, not a cloud in the sky. 75 degrees, should be our high temperature today. a tree fell on a house yesterday, in drexel hill, some of the major storm damage that we had, and a 72-mile an hour wind gust was reported in upper deerfield, in new jersey, that is almost hurricane force. 74 miles an hour, hurricane force. also report of quarter inch hail in sicklerville. all of the rain, all of the
4:46 am
storms from yesterday have clear out. as we said we don't have cloudy skies, we do have 54 degrees in philadelphia, look throughout the region temperatures are little warmer in nashville, 70 degrees, to start in st. louis, eventually, we will warm up. but for today, if you are in center city expect mid 70s, and some breezes around very refreshing day, things will be windier there thank to the sea breeze, and sunny and cool in the pocono mountain, high of 65 degrees today, that will be sweater weather for sure. so 75 today. then 78 tomorrow for high temperature. we do have thunderstorms rolling through with another cold front on saturday, so probably start out sunny during the day saturday, then see the clouds increase, and eventually, some rain and some storms popping up by sunday bitter weather day of the weekend, warmest day of the week with a high of 86 degrees. we cool off on monday,
4:47 am
tuesday, and wednesday, with dry weather, moving back in. little storm activity, pretty decent weekend ahead. >> welcome back, definitely little chilly stepping out the front door this morning, live look at the ben franklin bridge, no problems at all working your way in toward philadelphia. we're still shut down on the vine street expressway, the eastbound side, heading in toward center city, off the schuylkill, is what is still closed. just opened up the lanes on the flip side there. so we're getting there, by 5:00. should have everything open back up. problem on 95, at the toll plaza, in delaware, an accident right at the toll plaza, sounds like box truck, hit the toll plaza, so, one of the lanes heading southbound is blocked, and there is some police actively to go along with that as you head through delaware, police active tip, but this is all construction related, this is live look, at route 202, right at route 30. the 30 bypass, all part of
4:48 am
that widening of 202, and putting down some brand new concrete there, left over from last night, but again, light volume at least at the moment. so down to only one lane, they should be out of there by 5:00, 5:30 or soy, now later today work coming to the platt bridge, so, you want to use the girard point double decker, had he not. head northbound the airport into center city, quick short cut, steak with 95, avoid the platt bridge, passyunk avenue bridge also going to see some work crews between 9:00 and 3:00 so work on two of the south philly, southwest philly bridges, again, stick with 95, and the girard point double decker. phillies not playing the afternoon game like they did yesterday, so i think you will be in good shape. philadelphia international airport had some big delays last night as a result of the storms that rolled through during the day, looks like we will be okay today, we reset the button there, and there is no delays on the tote board, at least at the moment, coming in from new jersey looking good, a and no problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, chris, lauren, back to you.
4:49 am
>> thank you, saying good-bye to legend controversy surrounding the public memorial for muhammad ali, died at the age of 74 on friday, now the world set to say it final good-bye the first public islamic service will be held later today. then on friday a large public interfaith service will take place, but it, now appears some people are looking to profit from that memorial service, trying sell a limited number of free ticket to the service on line. amie's family saying they are discussed and amaze that anyone would profit from the death of their loved ones. dramatic surveillance video from tel-aviv, two gunmen opened fire killing at least four people, customers sitting around tables boded when the shots rang out. you can see two gunmen try to reload before taking off, two palestinian men captured, investigators say they're related. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the motive is unclear this morning, five other people were hurt. >> a woman accused of killing her twin sister has been released from jail after a
4:50 am
judge decides there is no probable cause for murder charge. prosecutors had accused alexandria duval of intentionally driving off a cliff to kill her sister and stays ya. witnesses saw the sisters fight before the crash. investigators say evidence from the car's airbag system shows the driver never hit the brakes. and we have now learned about the judge's decision to release duval. her attorney argued she never tried to harm herself or her sister. what a case that is. 4:50 is the time. a possible medical breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's. >> and it comes from researchers at rowan university school of osteopathic medicine. blood test is used to detect early stage every altzheimer's disease in the study the test detected early stage of the disease with 100% accuracy. the discovery is crucial because researchers say treatment is more effective when the illness is discovered early. forbes is out with their list of the highest paid athletes. >> this may make your blood
4:51 am
boil. three philadelphia athletes are on this list. and this is why your blood will boil. one is not going to make a single pitch this season, yes, the highest paid philadelphia athlete to make the cut was former philadelphia pitcher cliff lee. despite spending all of last year on the disable list, and then retiring before the start of this season, he brought in $29.3 million last year, putting him 38th on this list, phillies first baseman ryan howard takes the 53rd spot, making cool 25.6 million. and the eagles starting quarterback, sam bradford, remember, the eagles were seven and nine last year. he makes 24.3 million. he's in 60th place. just in case you're wondering, soccer star took the top spot, $88 million a year. >> wow. >> that is what he made last year, $88 million to kick a ball around. >> is he sing snell. >> well, let me google that. i'd marry him. all right, we all remember the
4:52 am
first, rapper 50-cent? another rapper joining him in the list of terrible pitches. let's just say this peaches have gone to the dogs.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> gook at that, welcoming us already, 7:00 to 10:00 live
4:55 am
time square in the heart of the sit. >> i we'll live then town up and rocket. here is the deal. you can win a car, just win a brand new mazda cx9. the website click on the contest, right on the home page. fox 29. com. >> we pick a finalist once a week, big show, we will will a big give away. here is where we are going the next several weeks, bower big finale friday july 22, east fairmount park. >> big donation will now help protect philadelphia's k9 officers. >> so the philadelphia police foundation gave the department new protective vests, and those vest razz both bulletproof and puncture proof. that donation will help outfit all 23 dogs on the k9 unit, it is a much needed donation, since the foundation says the armor was not part of the city's budget. this will be the first time in years, each dog will have it own body armor.
4:56 am
speaking of dogs, chris, seems one had really hard time at a baseball game yesterday. >> they let a dog into a baseball game? >> they did. >> soup dog. snoop dog? we all know, throwing the first pitch is supposed to be a great honor. but for some, let's just go to the video. before san diego padres game yesterday afternoon, rapper snoop dog threw out throughout e ceremonial pitch. (laughing). >> watch 50-cent, remember? this went way -- >> oh, dang. >> to the right. >> unlike most fishes pitches, he had a little sing on this one. i think he's trying to throw too hard is the problem? >> so does it go into the worse pitch ever conversation? >> got to be. i think 50-cent is the worse. his was awful. >> mike jerrick always says you should never do that, never throw out the first
4:57 am
pitch. >> never sing the national anthem, and never take a naked selfie. >> so true. all of those things can come back to bite you. 4:57. small win and big fight to fund pre k programs, and aver sean of the soda tax proposal moves ahead, how it will impact your next purchase. >> and a traffic stop takes violent turn overnight. how police say the driver after vehicle tried to intentionally harm them.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> tragedy in point breeze, on the scene after deadly house fire, what we are learning now about the person pulled out from inside. >> the controversial tax, that sparked protests across the city of philadelphia. >> the soda tax is one step closer to becoming law, the changes, you may soon see. >> going down to number two. >> violent storms rips through local country club, where workers caught in the torrential rains, were forced to escape to. >> all right, good day everyone, it is june 9th, 2016. hey, today is casino of special day right out in front of our studio. >> and we are look for your help, stop hung is her now underway, and specially wrapped big philabundance bus will be out front, from 6:00 in the 10:00 to except donations right here at fourth and market. >> so easy, running out the


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