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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> oh, no, it has happened again, this time in point breeze. >> tax on sugary drinks ... >> contested primary: >> prime obama weighing in on the democratic primary. publicly for the very first time since hillary clinton declared victory on tuesday. oh, my gosh. oh, my. >> wild. >> vicious storm tears up local neighborhoods, and rips
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through a golf course, sending workers diving for cover. what happens minute later at the very same place where they took shelter. >> good day, wednesday, june -- thursday, june the ninth, 2016. >> what do you have there? >> i'm trying to drink as many sugary drinks as i can before the tax goes into effect. >> one down, oh, that's good stuff. >> and i like the grape crush. >> ya? >> ya. >> i like mountain dew. >> yahoo. >> do the due. >> all bubble in your tummy now? >> oh, ya. >> you'll be off the wall. >> that will sound good behind the desk here soon. >> it will be a gas today. sue, welcome back. >> how was wildwood? >> it was great. you know there is time of year before school lets out entirely, you go on a monday or tuesday, ya. >> boardwalk to yourself? >> yes. >> thanks to sue and her husband, pictured, sitting on the bench, checking cell phones. >> what's the number? >> we have nine out of ten
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today in your weather by the numbers, chilly outside, especially north of the city where we have temperatures, that are in the 40's, pottstown, out west, in lancaster, it is 48 degrees. we have 40 in mount pocono. very chilly there. this morning, 49 in wilmington, and millville. but wildwood, at 61 degrees, and the sun is up everywhere. it is looking good at the airport. there you see the blue skies, 53 degrees, nine pile per hour breeze out of the west, bus stop buddy says off to cool start with the temperatures in the 50's. we put him in long slows today, 75 for high. fifty-five for a low. that is your thursday, bob kelly, weekend forecast just ahead. >> ann heard bus stop buddy arguing with you back, there i don't want to which long sleeves today. everybody else won't wear long sleeves. >> live like at 202. we got sun glare for you but it is chill any philly opening up the front door, ben franklin bridge, looking good now, sun splash, no complaint, open up that sun roof this morning. starting to see some delays, 422, coming in toward
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collegeville, zooming on in, north on 202, a disable, right near paoli, north on 95, a disable up near street road. and speaking of gas, we hit the gas began for a ride. the platt bridge, we will see some construction today. so you want to stick with the girard point double decker bridge between the airport and center city a.m. some low hanging wires, along street road between new street and the wilmington pike. mass transit though looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:03 on this thursday. >> now developing in point breeze, flames ignite in the middle of the night. >> one man is dead when his house catches fire, steve is on the scene, steve? >> reporter: yes, every firefighter now gone from the scene here. we gave you a closer look, at one thing you will see, that i am pointing out for you is a burned up wheelchair. and we can now reveal little bit more that we know about the victim that we know that his family knows, a man in his 90s there is man lived nearly a full century, and trapped up on the second floor when the
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call came in, the firemen got it at 1:59 a.m. they got here at 2:00 a.m., very close, real fast, and these guys risk their lives to save lives. they did all they could to get through the fire and smoke and get to this man. but they just couldn't get to him in time. when you are in your 90s, smoke will kill awe lot faster than it will at any other age likely. and he was dead on the scene here. they could not even save him and get him to a hospital. that's how bad this fire was. so, here it is, just like you said, mike, we've already surpassed last year's total for murders, when i got here, met the new fire commissioner for the first time, add al, he just started on the job may 16. he was telling me this is his fourth fatal foyer already in less than four weeks on the job here in philadelphia. >> unreal. >> terrible. >> and you got get knows smoke detectors, they're free, fire department will bring them by for you.
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more on that in just a little bit. 6:05, right now detective are looking for a driver they say floored a police cruiser on purpose in south philadelphia. the incident happened after officers stopped the car on south 21st and car pen per streets around 1:00 this morning, when the cops moved toward the nissan al team, a they say the driver back up causing the crash, that driver able to get away, but police they have the license plate number. >> philadelphia police are on the hunt for that guy right there. they say he flashed a gun at four separate people in olney, one man says he was forced to walk to an atm and withdraw cash, from his account, within days later three teens in three other instances reported being robbed of their cash, a watch, and an i.d., matter of fact, and a phone. each victim says the man threatened to kill them, if they called for help. >> police have released new video connect today deadly shooting investigation in camden. the video was enhanced, so,
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hope that someone might more easily recognize the men involved here. police are not calling them suspect but want to speak to the men about the death of stanley brown. brown was found lying on the ground on south 30th street on may 23rd, when police were responding to shooting call. >> 6:06. the proposed tax on sugary drinks moves closer to becoming a reality in philadelphia. but, with a few changes. >> yes. city council clearing the way. despite heated protests. dave? looks like this is going to map -- happen, man? >> reporter: really does, specially if it takes place next week, that's when the final approval is expected. we talk about poke ago smile, a lot of people aren't really smiling right now. philadelphia, sit council, giving preliminary approval, with changes to the initial proposal by mayor kenney, anti-soda tax protesters rallied outside city hallment likely extra opposed to what they found out about inside, instead of three sent per ounce, the plan that passed the committee last night would
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tax 1.5 sent per ounce on sugary drinks, now diet drinks, too, which is why they are holding this diet coke. now, the big bombshell was the fact that the raised tax revenues would actually help pad up the city's general funds, in addition to covering quality pre k education, community school, and parks and rec centers, as originally opposed, and opponents say it adds insult to injury. >> there was bathe and switch, actually used to plug holes, that wasn't mentioned at any point during this debate. >> when the price of soda goes up, sales go down. and when sales go down, we lose jobs. we lose positions out of this. >> this will still raise taxes, on, you know, thousands of items that, you know, a family shops for every week. so no, i mean, attacks at any level is regressive and hurt philadelphia families and small businesses. >> however supporters of the tax rallied inside city hall. they say this tax would give
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them the critical funding they need for critical services, final approval is likely to take place next week. keep in mind there is didn't work in new york when they tried it, it didn't work in san francisco when when they tried to get it through there. mike anal next. >> we'll have city council come in and talk about there is if you have questions for her get on twitter. >> what are your thought about this? are you going, to you know, buy up soda then ahead of time? i guess what can you do about it? >> adjust your behavior. will you just drink -- by the way, in this country right now for the first time this week, we are drinking more bottled water than we are sugary drinks. >> we'll talk about that more later err on. >> vicious storm rips up local neighborhoods, and even this golf course. look at this. sending workers diving for cover, and golfers. what happened minutes later at the very same place, they took shelter, the wrong place.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> another day, storms causing damage to our area. >> where were you yesterday, bad weather hitting in the middle of the day sending people ducking for cover. >> some work hers close call when they got caught in a torrential downpours at the riverton golf club in cinnaminson. they huddled together to escape flying debris. winds up to 70 miles an hour, were whipping through yesterday afternoon, bringing down large trees, and buildings, and cars. luckily, no one was hurt. >> unbelievable amount of winds. and we just all took cover.
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it was just unbelievable. i've been here for 11 years, and i've never seen anything this bad. >> and it was fast, too. it came, didn't stay too long. >> and then went bye bye. look at that damage, no one injured when powerful gust ripped away the top of the apartment building in atlantic city. the tenant now looking for new place to live, some residents, in cherry hill, are also out of their homes when trees came crashing through their roofs. man, all right, 6:12. >> former u.s. attorney general is weighing in on the debate over whether background checks for uber drivers in new jersey should include fingerprinting. why officials against the idea say it could cause more trouble than you think. >> bob kelly? >> good morning, 6:11, 6:12 we call it. we have some sun glare, don't tailgate that guy. going for a ride here past our studios in center city, good morning to wilmington. as the sun begins to rise, sue is back, and she has got your forecast when we come right back, after a quick cup of
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>> background checks for rail drivers in new jersey should include fingerprinting. argues in a recent letter to new jersey law make that's fingerprint checks can prevent qualified people from getting jobs. and can be discriminative against minorities. the limousine association of new jersey says fingerprinting
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should be required, though, for ride hailing service. >> i have to give you kudos for being able say the word test crimina tiff. the state's fiscal monitor for atlantic city there he is, says he's stepping down. he says he has helped the city manage it finances for more than five years, he says, the new challenges related to the state take-over bill require monitor, who can work more than part-time. he says his last day on the job will be june 30th. >> well, septa's eighth and aoun stop hincker after station drive, and starting right now, see mike looking out there, because there is a bus out there. >> it is a big bus. >> so head down to our station right here at fourth and market, or anyone of the 43 septa locations and donate some non-perishable foods. they are encouraged. the station drive has collected 214,000 meals since 2009.
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>> wow. >> if you can't donate today, okay, you have until june 20th to get what you can. guck to the website for more details, of course that's >> did you say give what you can? >> you got it. >> nice. >> so we'll see the same kind of set up at all of these different septa stops around filly? >> may not be the bus but certainly a bucket or a big sign. >> big tub. hi, sue, welcome back. >> thanks, you have time to grab something on your way out the door, maybe shop your pantry little bit. cold front came through yesterday, and boy was it noisy, in spots, where we had a lot of thunder, lightning, and the very high winds, along with the thunderstorms, well, luckily that front is well off shore. high pressure is building in today. it looks like it is going to be beautiful day. even though starting offer kinds of chill any spots this morning, we should reach the mid 70s. this is all of our local storm reports from yesterday. that includes the winds, including this wind gust, at philadelphia international
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airport, 59 miles a hour when the storms came you there, quarter inch hill in sicklerville, in urge new jersey, and bridgeton, new jersey, thunderstorm wind gust in brigantine of 64 miles an hour. so it was a little crazy yesterday, but things sure have calm down today. except for the breezes, we got some gusty breezes out there. 53 degrees in philadelphia. forty in mount pocono. sixty-one in wildwood. so big temperature differences, as we get out the door throughout the region. but we top off mid 70s today. then upper 70s tomorrow. two gorgeous days with low humidity, and then it starts to warm up little bit on saturday. just before cold front comes through. so we could have some pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon on saturday. this week, sunday is your better weather day of the weekend. with high in the mid eight's, plenty of sunshine, and should stay dry through the middle of next week. so bob kelly sun glare is the big issue. >> no complaint, we didn't have it yesterday during the second half of the afternoon. this is live look, at i-95, up
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in bucks county, here, to gave you a idea, look like it is 95 up near academy road. some wick sun glare this morning, ben franklin, sun splashed, but open for business this morning. you hungry? >> yes. >> let's eat. >> come on, here is a way to get a chance to sit right up against the runway. the runway cafe. put your trace in the up-right position. good spot for the kids. lumberton, new jersey, we are out there 9:00 to 10:00. 422, we got sun glare, coming around the saint gabrielle's curve, delays also on 202, with sun glare, from west chester, all the way up into kop. north on 95, we had disable, near street road. that's pretty much out of there. the platt bridge, some road work today. you want to stick with the i95 girard point double decker, northbound, come on, duck, northbound is on the lower deck there, as you head in toward south philly, chester county, we got the downed wires there along street road. good to go with philadelphia international airport. and there is a golf tournament that opens up today, at the contradict club, right outside
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of ft. washington, a lot of pig pga guys, will bring a lot of volume with us throughout the day. >> very quiet the cricket club, did you ever hear that. >> you can hear the crickets. >> 20:00. >> president barack obama will bring tribute to earn benny sanders washings oval office meeting later this morning. if that's how you want to call it. some say it will go little differently. after the report, the president expected to formally endorse hillary clinton. >> last night the president weighed in, he was in mid town manhattan up in new york city for the first time since hillary clinton declared victory on tuesday night, at the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. >> on pre taped interview on the tonight show with jimmy fallon he was asked about sanders' vow to keep campaigning? >> i thought that bernie sanders brought enormous energy, and new idea, and he pushed the party, and challenged them. i thought it made hillary a better candidate. my hope is that over the next
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couple of weeks we're able to pull things together. >> when asked if he thought the republicans are happy with their choice, donald trump, president obama jokingly said, well, here's what he said, what did he say? >> what? the democrats -- >> democrats are happy, the full interview will air tonight on the tonight show if you want to watch that stupid show. 62:00 # one. >> bill cosby's lawyers are challenging hearsay evidence, used at the comedian's preliminary hearing. they want the charges against their client dropped. attorneys for the 78 year old say that cosby's accuser andrea constand should have been called to testify at that hearing. instead prosecutors red her police statements in front after judge. that judge of course later sent the case to trial. defense lawyers want the charges dropped or another preliminary hearing scheduled with her testifying. >> almost 22:00, closing argument set to begin next
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week in the corruption trial of pennsylvania congressman, chaka fattah. the defense has rested its case after having former governor ed rendell testify in defense after lobbiest on trial with fattah. co-defendant, herbert vettor man, is accused of bribing fattah in exchange for health seeking and ambassador ship. but former governor ed rendell says i thinks the prosecutor twisted the friendship between the two men. >> quick update, because tomorrow, it is finally here. because we are going to jenkintown, oh, look, already have the signs up for us. i love it. so we will take over, so we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at the town square, you want to know exactly where it; people have been asking me, you know where the west ave. grill is? go right behind it. >> we'll be behind a restaurant like by the dumpsters or something? >> no. >> maybe. >> we will be behind it, we have nice area set up.
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>> not an alley or anything it? >> no, not an alleyment come, finds out. meet us there and we'll show you. >> plus we'll tell you how you can win that car. >> sure can. you simply go to our website click on this red tabatha is covered up by the lower third, and you click on that. it will tell you -- just put your information in there. it is that certainly. just give us your name and how to get a hole of you. we will name a finalist tomorrow.
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>> good morning, already into june, the phillies still can't hit. we are into june and the manager is being forced to play ryan howard because he is still on the team and he is hitting 150. yesterday the phillies may have lost a starting pitcher. let's go to citizens bank park, that was vince, two pitches in the first inning, right biceps strain. whatever you might call it. well, in the sixth, with score one-nothing, chris bryant, with a homerun. and the phillies lose to the cubs, the score there, eight to one. all right, the quarterback spoke yesterday. the head coach doug pederson was asked about carson wentz, throwing the deep balls at practice, maybe too many times, has talk to wentz about making better decisions, so far as sam bradford, he likes the fact he can make more play calls at the -- >> i think that's what every quarterback want, who you want the ability to get in and out every plays you want the ability to make things right, obviously it, puts more pressure on you during the week to study, to know what the opponent will do, to be ready for certain looks, you know, and to take advantage
6:27 am
every this is looks when -- >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> the philadelphia city tax proposed tax on soda, just took big step further to becoming a reality, but with major changes, a lot of people don't like. we'll tell but that after the break. steve? >> reporter: awful reality for 2016, fire deaths already surpassed all of 2015 with the latest here in south philly. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices.
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and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> row home goes up in flames. live look at that home. steve keeley is there with a live report. >> plus, well, it was a bitter fight, should i say bittersweet? and lot of protests, but the controversial soda tax is closer to becoming law in philadelphia, we were the biggest city in america to have this. the changes that will affect more people in our area. >> we were not afraid to speak his mind. and when a lot of african-americans really wouldn't give him that opportunity. >> discussed and amazed. the family of muhammad ali after report of some are trying to profit by selling tickets to his upcoming memorial ciarrocchi advice. >> oh, no. come on down to fourth and mark, that's liver shot right there. there is the big tub, and all
6:31 am
of the non-perish recall, trying to fill that bus up with food for hungry people in our area. stop hunger at your station drive, what it is called, at 43 septa locations, you'll see this all over the city today. good day everybody it is thursday, june the ninth, 2016. >> or friday eve. sorry. >> what? what happened? >> i'm okay. >> you all right? >> i'm okay. >> what did you say, friday threer. >> friday eve. here is the thing, i was walking out and around town, it was cold, i mean, -- >> plus breezy, so the cooler temperatures feel even cooler than that. >> thanks to the breezes, yes. temperatures in the 50's, still arguing about friday eve over there, plenty of sunshine, so we put some shades on bus stop buddy, long sleeve chitter, though, for this morning, it is indeed sweater weather, in many places, look at pottstown, only 49 degrees, it is 40 in mount pocono, 48 lancaster, 49 in wilmington and in
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millville, new jersey, 49 degrees. so you're right, alex, it is a chim i start to the morning in some places but beautiful day at the airport 53 degrees, mine mine her hour winds, relative humidity 64%ment plan on plenty of sunshine, very cool start. but sunny, breezy throughout the afternoon. could see breezes gust to up 25 miles an hour at times. and sunset time not until 8:29. so on beautiful day like there is want to enjoy every minute, outside, that you can, unless go to bed as early as we do, bob kelly. >> thanks, sue, important reminding. he was giving me hard time last night at 8:00. but it is still light out, dad. hole on, pull down the shades, tomorrow, it is dark. tax get your butt in bed. 32:00, live look at i95, get your butt out every bed now, let's do it, nobody won the powerball. all got to head to work this morning, northbound some sun glare, coming up out of delaware county, in toward the commodore barry bridge, downtown we go.
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the spotty with a gig out jelly donut yesterday at eighth and vine, no problems coming in off of the vine. but coming off of the benny starting to see the beginning of a morning rush hour. we got some backlash yacht masses lined up today. mike will be the alter boy for the little flower mass, we also have bonner, and neumann-goretti all lined up today. it is graduation week around the city. and an accident on 95 south, right at the toll plaza there, in delaware, otherwise, mass transit, looking good, with no -- >> nice. >> thank you. no delays. mike and alex, back to you. >> you've your own stylist. >> he is right here. >> the city philadelphia moves closer to passing historic tax on sugary drinks. >> the council has made a few changes to the mayor's plan. so dave kinchen, you are telling us what those changes are? >> they call it a soda tax. some call it pop depending where you are from. a lot of people people are popping off about this, no pun intended thereby the way.
6:34 am
now the city council gave preliminary approval by the senate tax increase, but came with some changes to the proposal that originally came from mayor kenney's offers, anti-soda tax protesters rallied outside of city hall. they were likely extra opposed to what happened on the inside. many say it happened at this 11th hour. instead of three sent per ounce the plan that passed through the committee last night would tax 1.5 cents per ounce on sugary drinks and now diet drinks, too, and the big bombshell what i am two revealed the raised tax revenues would actually pad out the city general funds in addition to helping cover quality pre k, community schools, parks and rec, opponents say that insult to injury. >> will still raise taxes on thousands every items, that, you know, a family shops for every week. so no, i mean, tax at any level is regressive and hurt philadelphia families and small businesses. >> when the price of soda goes up, sales go down.
6:35 am
when sales go down, we lose jobs, we lose positions out of this. >> this was abate and switch. actually being used to plug a budget hole. we don't think that, you know, that wasn't mentioned at any point during this debate. >> there are people who like this idea of senate tax, rallied inside city hall. they say this tax will help them pay for critical services with major funding gaps, final approval is set to take place next week, keep in mind, new york and san francisco tried this but it did not work out in their pro pot -- proposals. >> tai every talking about liquid in the state of pennsylvania, from that to this. >> tell us your thoughts about this. tweet us. how is this going to affect what you buy watch do you think how this ising. >> the soda tax. >> nicely done, tal ex. >> use the #fox29goodday. >> don't give me that look. you now have some more options when it comes to buying liquid. bottle of wine in pennsylvania. governor tomorrow wolf as
6:36 am
predicted yesterday afternoon signed lens lakes allowing licensed grocery stores and restaurant and delis to sell wine. that bill also gives state stores more flexibility on what hours they can operate. the union however for those stores that represent state stores is opposed to the bill sailing staying will cost jobs. we shall see. >> we were told this would happen yesterday, right? is it are it loose like it will happen. >> probably not until november. >> in time for the holidays,. >> that's right. you might be abling into a state store on a sunday, a holiday, and buy wine, or whatever you need. plus the hard liquor i think you still have to go to the liquor store to get that, the state stores. developing in point breeze, this is tragic. a house catches fire in the middle of the night leaving elderly man dead. >> it is a sad reminder for all every us to check our smoke detectors there is year seeing a loft fire deaths.
6:37 am
>> for sure. steve keeley on the scene on south taylor street. >> we officially just paid tribute to our veterans and the ones we lost in the great wars on memorial day, but every day is veterans day to a loft us. sadly this was a 93 year old world war ii veteran, and his family is here, and they found out, as we it, around 2:00 a.m., benjamin boone, just a great man, and all of the neighbors loved him, his best friend, another world war ii veteran, just died last year across the street, that's his wife over there talking to media now, he lived to be 959. but benjamin trapped on the second floor, we showed you the wheelchair in our last state. gave you a look again for you people watching us, one of the ways he got around, answered the door in a walker, got up to the second floor if a escalator that would carry you up your steps. that will was probably why he didn't survive this fire, because, he couldn't get around as well as did he obviously when he was a
6:38 am
younger man, 93 years old, he becomes the 13th fatal fire victim in philadelphia, already, in this early season of 2016 because we're not even halfway through the year and already surpassed all of the fire deaths of 2015. twelve last year, already 13 now, this one very sad. right locking at the basement window. right before this fire, fire department told me they saved another guy, at another fire on franklin street who was trapped in the basement. they were able to get him out. you can see bars on this basement window. always hard to fight through the bars but the fire department they risk their lives they don't care about their own lives, will try to get any other body's life out of danger and out of harms way when there is a fire. they did all they could to get the ben franklin up on the second floor, but they sadly couldn't get him in time. >> how fast they did get there, minute. >> and i can't believe his wife is right there. >> 6:38. right now detective are looking for a driver, they
6:39 am
say, crashed into a police cruiser, on purpose, in south philadelphia, the incident happened after officers stopped the car on south 21st. this is right around carpenter street. pretty close to the intersection. at 1:00 this morning, when the cops moved toward this car, they say the driver back up, causing the crash. that driver was able to get away, matter of fact, but bliss have the license plate number. won't be long now. >> israeli military will deploy two additional troops to west bank in response to the tel-aviv shooting after two palestine stance started firing shots at popular restaurant in tell after ear last night, killing four people injuring five other. suspect cam eude are from the same family. >> chris if your tip, what else is going on? >> if you live in philadelphia, water bill is about to go up. beginning in july pay average of $3 more per month than next year expect to pay another three bucks on top of. that will adds up to overall
6:40 am
increase of 10%. the sit says the hike to make up for projected shortfalls. people in new jersey are cleaning up after severe weather ripped through the area. take a liberty video. storms knowledged out power to tens of thousands in new jersey, no injuries reported but the symptom knocked of of the roof off camden county college building and caused partial collapse. storm was so powerful rides at great adventure lost power nearly all customers should have their service restored by nowment people living along one kensington street coat finds who ever smacker their car windows, who does this? happened tuesday night along 29200 block every memphis street. neighbor shared this surveillance video with fox 29. see car drive by, once it does the window of the park vehicle is shattered. resident say it is not clear what exactly was used to break the glass despite the mess. one person we talk to, well, eggs not getting himself too work up about this. >> yes, it is a nothing. but, i mean, it is almost
6:41 am
impossible to get too angry. because there is nothing that could really be done about it, i mean, aside from having an officer, 24 hours a day, wiseness fees on recall. >> manny wish i could be that liked. authorities have not shared any information yet about who they might be looking for. who does that, though, just smashes war kin ghost for no reason? >> do you have us cents, jerks, totally, tools. 6:41, possible medical breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's, tan comes from researchers at row ran university school of osteopathic medicine. >> over there in glassboro. >> blood test used to detect early alzheimer's disease, and detected early stage of the disease with one run hers ac rays. >> i the discovery crucial of corpse, because researchers say treatment is more effective when the nil themes is discovered very early. way to go over there in glassboro. >> 4:00; lawmakers appear to try to work together to fight
6:42 am
this seek a virus, senate has vote today move forward with negotiations with the house to add funding to the research. the senate approved a bill, for just over $1 billion while the house, well, they only approved 620 million. but close. discussed and amazed, those are the. are the words used yesterday afternoon by the family of muhammad ali, where people are trying to profit by selling tickets to tomorrow's funeral and memorial next week. >> in the hoax you are, the voters have spoken, there is philly icon that pennsylvanians think is more presidential than donald trump. and he's never held political office. >> well, neither has donald trump. >> that's what some people thought. find out who was voted out in.
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>> soy excited, can't wait to see you tomorrow, town square, jenkintown, west ave. grill, people know where that is, right? >> ya? >> google t you will be until the parking lot behind west ave. grill. that's where we are hanging out. >> behind, again? >> next to the dumpster. >> not alley, is it? >> no, but there is a dumpster there. just kiddingment it is a nice area, don't worry, it will be fun, we want people to stop by and say hell glow now, also word that we are giving away a car. >> that joke i get. >> go to the website, click on that red banner there. it is. enter to win here. give us basic information. >> you guys know we are doing this every friday, after jenkins ton, northeast philly, i know, i know, i am getting a
6:47 am
lot of tweets, where in northeast filly? >> i'm working on getting a specific location, meantime these are save the dates, people. recognize when we are coming to see you, just hold on, we'll tell you where, just clear your schedule. that's the important stop. >> al next. >> ya? >> we got it. >> here's bob. >> always trying to cut me off, bob. >> cutting you off, we will get the ppa it get over him. live look, the schuylkill expressway, slow going, working your way into downtown. sun glare eastbound, and stack there, at montgomery, starting see volume pop on the freeway many could being in toward. if you are hungry we have brick fast for you today put your tray in the up-right position, wheels up, runway cafe over in lumberton, new jersey forget the normal breakfast spots, this has big glass window to watch the planes and helicopters come in. i'll try to get a visit from
6:48 am
skyfox, thank you, from skyfox, our personal stylist on scene here making shore we are all look good this morning. philadelphia international airport, speaking of skyfox, will try to lan over there and say hi to us during our breakfast segment. we had big delays yesterday in the airment good to go so far at philly international. golf tournament, chris murphy, we signed you up, the cricket club. gates open up 7:00 today. and expect big delays coming off of 309, out of ft. washington. mass transit at the moment, looking good. after those thunder boomers yesterday, any more in the forecast for today? she's back. with the forecast, you know who i am talking about. sue is up in 152nd.
6:49 am
>> you know how bright and squint i it is outside right now? so brought, beautiful. well, it will be that way tomorrow morning in jenkintown, for our visit. it will be on the cool side. probably lower 50's, at 6:00 when we are are algate erring, getting started, plenty of sunshine throughout the rest of the morning probably inching into the 60s by 10:00. please come out, say hello. we've got cold front that came through yesterday, well off shore, high pressure has built in. and we are in for beautiful day. cooler, and breezier, than it has been. but no thunderstorms. yikes. 75 degrees, our high temperature later on, nothing show you on radar everything has dried up. all of the rain from yesterday, 53 degrees in philadelphia right now, look at wilmington, only 49 of the 48 degrees in lancaster, 61 in wildwood. but up the road into cumberland county millville, new jersey rid thereon 55, 49 degrees. hey kathy orr will be in cape may today. it is or down the shore day, thursday, 72 degrees, and
6:50 am
winnie, big sea breeze, but kathy will be high to say hi. restaurant week in cape may. part of the celebration there, 57 degrees today, 78 tomorrow, mid 80s by saturday. only fly in the ointment possibility of few pop up thunderstorms saturday. by sunday knit 80s, that's the bet he better weather day, cooling off, staying dry through the middle of next week. that mike and alex is your seven day forecast. >> thank you, sue. >> damage attic. >> the worlds getting ready to say final farewell to muhammad ali, people lined up for hours to get the tickets for free. >> the 15,000 tickets were gone in less than an hour. >> and specially muhammad ali trying to dot right thing, right? so spokesman for ali's family
6:51 am
said did i cussed and a maids dollars people would try to profit from the memorial service for the late boxing champ. ali had insisted the ticket for his memorial service be free. some ticketed holders immediately went on line and then put theirs up for sale. they weren't cheap either. hundreds every bucks for single ticketed. others are posting on line saying hey i want to buy ticket. pleads on line for. that will one person wrote he and his mother were driving in from chicago for the service and too long pay $50 for two ticket. >> he was not afraid to speak his minds. when a lot of african-americans wouldn't give him that opportunity, he was like hey, i'll put my neck out on the line. he was not afraid to say what was on his mine. so internationally. >> ticket up for free, service open to the public. the islamic service set to take place today, and tomorrow interfaith service, followed by funeral service through
6:52 am
louisville through cape hill cemetery. among the dignitaries, former president bill clinton, actor will smith, and comedian billy crystal. >> billy crystal of course always did great impression of ali. one of the best. bill clinton will give eulogy. >> he will. spoke shortly after ali passed away, will speak officially again tomorrow. >> it will be televised so people will be able to watch. but i get the people want to be there. >> but here is the thing, people are selling them, but also people are buying them. if they weren't buying, they won't be selling. >> true. >> chris, thank up. 2:52, later this program we call it good day philadelphia a chance to meet your favorite philly's players today. al next. >> the phillies festival happening at citizens bank park. and we introduce to you some of the people that this event is benefitting.
6:53 am
6:54 am
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some people have already come by, the stop hunger at your station drive, talking about septa stations and it is on right now, you'll see tubs all over the area, 43 different stops. >> be a good samaritan, head down, or one of the 43 locations for septa, donate non-perishable food. they want items like canned goods, things in plastic containers, encouraged, stop your hunger station drive collected 214,000 meals since 2009. if you can't donate today you have until june 20th, to give what you can. >> go to our website for more details >> by the way they also take
6:56 am
monday. >> i yes, i said that. >> did you? >> i said t but it is good to say again so people really know. >> just for a second. >> typical. coming up here on this thursday morning, alexi, bittersweet tax on thousands of sugary drinks, why some are calling the proposal to help fund pre k abate and switch, because it is not all going to go to pre k any more. oh, oh. hey, steve? >> reporter: unlike the guy that his neighbors here in south philly known as uncle bb, they loved him, he survived world war ii, but could not survive a fire that rales dollars through his south philly rowhouse overnight. ...clear for take off.
6:58 am
see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
6:59 am
>> judge don't you give me some sugar, but not in my drink. >> the surprise revelation last night, that angered those already opposed to the tax. and, breaking overnight, a deadly fire in point breeze. what we know about the victims so far. know slept. never ate. taking care of me, getting shot is more important than family. >> a little boy shows courage beyond his years. speaking exclusively fox 29 after being shot in his home, the message he has for the
7:00 am
person who pulled the trigger. >> and pennsylvania voters have spoken. the philly icon they think is more qualified to be president than donald trump. and who they want has never spoken a word. >> we'll get to all of that in just a bit. how about yesterday at about, what was it, 1:00 in the afternoon? when the skies open up, 75-mile an hour winds, crazy. >> did you see this footage from this golf course? the guys, these are some of the guys that take care of the grounds, grounds keepers, running for cover, trees falling down. thank goodness nobody got hurt. now, apparently, we have some footage from a different angle. let's roll that now. the lightning. >> oh, goodness.


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